Shadaloo - King of Gedo....DETHRONED

Description: And so the collection of Vega's mental energy-sapping trinkets begins. His first promising harvest comes from a giant sumo boy, who, to his surprise, is actually able to put a dent in the would-be world ruler. Is it Gan's own power, though, or the power of the bauble resting upon his brow? (Winner: Vega)

It's nice to have a quiet day once in a while, isn't it? Most of the Gedo kids seem to be hanging out at the school--not really attending it, but using its classrooms for smoking, chatting, whatever it is punks do nowadays. Maybe they just spent all of their time on the face book or something? Whatever.

Regardless, this is as good a time as any to recover the shiny circlet upon Gan's head. Waiting until the young man is strolling through the streets of his temporary empire, it's late in the morning by the time he spies him. He may get the feeling that he's being watched--what's more is that the dark presence that's been seated at his forehead begins to react. Even the most thick-headed of fools would know something is up; the crown itself grants expanded senses, it can -feel- someone out there, and that feeling it passed directly to the crown's bearer. There's a compulsion to follow, to slip in through the alleyways, off to a less-populated part of the area hidden by high brick walls and fearful residents that tend to stay away from the bars across their windows. A basketball court, old and mostly unused, sits behind the buildings, its metal parts rusted through the crummy paint that once hid the damage.

What's more is that, just in case Gan needs a little push to follow the crown's wishes, a girl pops out from a nearby store. Young, slim, no more than a teenager, dressed in a strange grey leotard with full-length leggings on. Did she expect to see him? Perhaps not. The drill-haired Aprile does her best to feign surprise, then rushes right off into the alleyways between the buildings.

It has been really a change for Gan over the time he has acquired his prized possession. The usual somewhat dim and helpful fellow has become something more on the selfish and mean spirited side. If Daigo weren't so busy he surely would have put a stopped to the sort of behavior the large sumo has shown. Sadly he has been dealing with issues that have kept him away from Gedo and it has allowed Gan to pretty much do whatever. The only person that could really get through to him lately has been Edge and even he has been scarcely seen around Gan which is very strange.

Like it or not the students have learned to keep themselves away from Gan and just let him do what he wants. They are less likely to end up stuffed somewhere uncomfortable if they do afterall. On top of the strange behavior it is almost like Gan is acting even stranger today. That strange feeling as if he should seek out someone. The crown has given him some suggestions in the past and he has come to trust it and just do what it says. He has gotten alot more money and food that way.

That is why he decides it best to sneak about, or at least try to sneak as much as a man his size can, and see what the crown seems to be guiding him towards. He furrows his brow as he ends up at the old basketball court and he looks about. Aprile is spotted and the king of Gedo raises a hand. "Hey! Stop!" he calls out when she dashes away and the large man lumbers after her.

The girl goes indeed come to a stop, apparently stuck at the dead end of the basketball court. She looks up and about as one would expect when trying to find a way out. Is she new to Gedo, perhaps? A student that, somehow, had evaded the king's notice? When Gan arrives, she turns on her heel, facing the (very big) boy directly. Her hair does this bouncy thing where the ringlets extend like slinkies briefly, then tug back into their well-permed shape.

"Tch." She had expected there to be more alleyways, more...something. But no! There are some fire escapes and ladders she might be able to use, but Aprile is nowhere near as limber and light as Juni. She could scale the wall, but then...that would just ruin her fingers something fierce.

It's a moot issue, however, as she glances up and over Gan's shoulder. From behind, he should be able to feel a most familiar sensation. It's as though that presence inside the crown had swollen up to a massive entity, its chill palpable like a mist pouring in from behind. Bootsteps can be heard long before their owner can be seen, as the shadows of the alleyways seem to want to cling to him. By the time the red-suited Vega comes into view, he's already come to a stop, he heels together and grey cloak wrapped fully around him.

"You've taken a liking to your toy, I see." He can feel the psychic energies within, how much negative thought it's fostered and consumed. Likewise, with Vega here, the gem in Gan's crown takes on a fierce darkness. It resonants with the newcomer, filled with desire and power. All that it had been storing now yearns for release, and for the moment, Gan himself is the only conduit...

There is just a bit of a grin as Gan advances on the much smaller girl. "You snooping around my territory? What are you? One of the Seiyun brats?" he asks and he might never get the answer. More because the sensation of being watched by someone else continues to grow. Was it not this girl the entire time? The sumo straightens up fully and he feels goosebumps run over him as he looks away from the girl to turn about. Obviously she has a chance to escape if she so wishes because Gan is more than distracted by the sight of Vega.

The young man may be larger physically than the dictator, but at the same time there is just something that eminates from Vega that makes him feel so much larger than the sumo. Even the crown seems to feel the power coming from Vega and seems drawn to him. "Toy? This is no toy." he replies as he tries to keep up his tough guy image despite feeling actually a bit nervous. Why should a king be nervous? Could this man really be so tough?

"I don't like intruders in my kingdom." Gan comments and he slaps one meaty fist into the palm of the other hand. "I will say it once. Get out of here or you will make the king very angry."

The instant that Vega shows up, Aprile drops any pretense of being chased. She stops looking around and instead walks a wide path around Gan, trying to make her way toward her Lord and Master. She steps so lightly, though, that he may not even be able to hear her until she's almost next to Vega himself. And indeed, his attention should rightly be on the older man! Only a fool would write him off, and the longer Vega stands before him, the longer that the crown feels drawn toward him.

Ah, but its job isn't QUITE done. As but a shard, all it can do is suggest and feed. More so than ever before--empowered by its owner's presence, in fact--it insists upon Gan's psyche the need to dominate and crush. Even just saying the word 'king' delights it, and in turn, it bleeds power. Perhaps enough to even take down the Psycho Master himself.

Little by little, violet streaks of dark light flare up on Gan's hands, but it doesn't burn. In fact, it's rather...liberating. Empowering.

"You are a king of what. This miserable hole of a street? A school?" The very thought makes him laugh, a deep rumbling, awful noise not unlike claws raking down one's soul. "Your ambitions are far too paltry for a king. Allow me to relieve your small mind of its undeserved burden." With one sweep of his arm, his cloak goes flying off. Aprile is already there to catch the garment and stand aside, content enough to observe her master in action. Vega himself spreads his feet with the scrape of soles against filthy asphalt. He even beckones for the boy to come at him with a flick of his wrist.

COMBATSYS: Vega has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Vega

COMBATSYS: Gan wears a sweet metal crown on his head. It menaces with spikes of silver. And malice.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan [E]          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Vega

So the little girl was working for him? Gan spares her a small glance before looking back to Vega. He may feel intimidated, but the crown's desires make it easier for him to overcome that and feel he could perhaps take down this man before him. "Whatever I want to be king of!" he barks back and he rolls those massive shoulders which cause them to pop. This man is going to insult him in his own territory? No way.

The sumo for now focuses more on Vega than Aprile, but he does his best to try and keep an eye on her just in case she gets any ideas to try and join in. If only Edge were around to make sure she wasn't going to try to get involved. He would certainly make her regret doing so. Instead Gan might be facing a two on one. Really that would be karma kicking in for all the times he and Edge would jump people.

With a large grunt the sumo steps forward. His jog turning into a full out run. He is like a bull drawn by the crimson of Vega's outfit as he lowers a shoulder to ram himself right into the dictator.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Vega with Gedo Tackle.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gan [E]          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Vega

Perhaps, just maybe, Gan might actually do it. All the time that the fat boy is waddling along, Vega doesn't even move. His hubris apparent, it's not until the very last moment that he even attempts to get out of the way. A shift in his weight attempts to let him slip past just like a matador, but Gan is fast. Faster than he should be, indeed, and the smash sends the Shadaloo Lord flying back! Aprile still fails to move even as her master smashes into the wall beside her. He doesn't fall, though; he remains on his feet, his teeth clenched and mouth seemingly stuck between a scowl and a smile.

With the way that the visor of his cap helps to obscure his eyes, it's actually quite creepy.

"So I see..." He pulls himself from the mess of cracked brick, standing upright. Flecks and bits of the wall fall from his back and shoulders, and then he's in motion! Sure, he may be smaller than Gan, but he is faster. SO much faster. The man is little more than a blur of red as he rushes forth, his right arm raised with an elbow flying out, poisted to smash right into the kid's face. There's no mercy considered for his age; simply raw, efficient brutality.

COMBATSYS: Vega successfully hits Gan with Aggressive Strike.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Gan [E]          1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0             Vega

Gan has fought a few fast people in his time. He is no idiot and knows he isn't very quick himself. He certainly makes that up with his pure physical power. Physical power that might not just be enough to help him with this time around. He manages to hit Vega hard, but yet the man doesn't go down. It actually surprises Gan and makes it all that much easier for Vega to easily slam that elbow into the sumo's face despite not really needing the help.

It hits him hard and the surprised sumo's head snaps back and he is taken off his feet as he goes tumbling backwards and rolls across the court. Holy shit that hurt! It certainly seems to have Gan uncertain what to do now. He gets to his feet and he staggers a bit while regaining his senses. He says nothing as he just comes charging right back towards Vega again. There is nothing flashy about his attacks. He just looks to grab Vega at this point and heft him upwards. If bull rushing him doesn't work he will do what he does best. That is just pick Vega up and swing him about to throw him hard into a wall if he manages to get a good grip on the other fighter.

COMBATSYS: Vega interrupts Giant Cyclone from Gan with Head Press.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Gan [E]          1/=======/=======|===----\-------\0             Vega

Astonishingly, it doesn't seem hard to get TO Vega. He's apparently not very light on his feet when not on the offense. In fact, as soon as his love tap send the boy flying, he straightens his posture and brings his feet together again, simply standing in place. His arms cross his on his chest, and though he may be shorter, he makes an impressive, even oppressive figure. Aprile hasn't even moved an inch. She likely had no intention of interfering...and it's quickly becoming apparent that she may not even NEED to.

"What, no witty comeback for that? Where is the sharp, clever tongue you brandished just moments ago?" He looks EVER so pleased with himself, despite the scratches and scrapes on his back. Why, he's so delighted that he doesn't move a muscle to avoid being grabbed! The boy's strength must be greater than he'd expected, however, as when Vega wriggles out of his grasp, he's launched up two or three stories. Such strength!

Gravity, however, is not to be Gan's friend. Once more, the Psycho Master keeps his arms folded and clicks his heels together. Gravity draws him back down. A nudge of Psycho Power sends him rocketing toward earth...or more specifically, toward that dull melon that Gan uses to house his little brain. The collision could very nearly topple him over, if it doesn't just push his head into that fat neck of his!

Gan is really starting to find himself not liking this guy. Not only does he just make him feel so unsettled, but at the same time he just won't shut up and let himself get beaten up. At least Gan thinks he just taught the psycho powered fighter a lesson by tossing him like a rainbow. What he didn't intend to happen is the fact Vega comes down at such a high speed and with such strength he slams hard onto the top of Gan's head and drives him forward to where his face meets the ground HARD.

Concrete actually cracks in places where his face impacted and the face of Gan is a bloody mess when he manages to sit up. He already looks to be worse for wear compared to Vega. Even so it seems like he isn't backing down. This man is on his property and damned if Gan is just going to shrink away from him. As he starts to stand he actually lunges forward. A large meaty hand reaches out to grab at one of Vega's legs and he attempts to yank it out from under him. This could turn out very VERY bad for Vega.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Vega with Concrete Smash.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gan [E]          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0             Vega

Vega might be mocking him, but in a few moments maybe the sumo might have at least somewhat impressed the dictator. If anything the basketball court will soon look even more downtrodden as the concrete gets further damaged by impacts. Those impacts involve Vega being flailed about as Gan slams him from side to side and then raises him high overhead. "Nobody makes fun of the king!" he roars and as he swings Vega about he releases him to send him on a path right towards Aprile.

It would seem the flea has some sort of bite to it after all.

Vega steels his stance, his boot digging in. He's prepared to allow Gan to clutch his leg, but by no means is he going to give him the pleasure of throwing him about like some miserable children's toy. Except, that is EXACTLY what happens. With a far greater might than had been assumed, Vega is lifted from the very ground and held with such a grip that he can't manage to writhe free! Again and again, he's smashed into the abandoned court, his pauldrons bending with impact. His face beats upon the ground, quickly bloodied. Quickly marred.

And he is thus, finally, incensed.

Aprile, the excellent minion that she is, doesn't step out of Vega's path. Her eyes widen and she stiffens up, knowing what's about to happen. She thrusts her arms out to try and catch the dictator, but there's little she can do but find herself smashed between her Lord and the brick wall behind her. Really, she eats the worst of it. The pair end up in a pile on the ground, but it's Vega who moves first, pulling himself up to his feet with a terrible snarl.

"MAGGOT! Miserable, bloated worm!" He's slightly hunched over, his hangs hanging low with claw-curled fingers...and then a realization strikes him. All of a sudden, his rage subsides. Then, he looks pleased! "So, it's even fed to this level..." One hand tries to wipe the blood from his face, heedless of the grit and gravel embedded in shallow cuts and scrapes. His other hand pulls back, and within the half-clenched fist, a spark of bright violet appears. It looks like a blob of oil that churns and bubbles, its dark hue sucking in the light around it. "Perfect. PERFECT! I can hardly wait!" He thrusts his hand forward in an underhanded lob. The tiny blob balloons out as he sails toward Gan, pulled down as if by gravity toward his scruffy head.

The crown had better survive this.

COMBATSYS: Gan fails to interrupt Psycho Shot from Vega with Giant Storm.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Gan can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/=======|

It seems that the sumo has just been driven into a rage at this point. The destruction pleases him because the crown is pleased. It is almost like any bits of worry are fading away and he feels confident once again. He is powerful and strong! He will show this man that he picked a fight with the wrong king. In the end this confidence just might be his downfall. It is highlighted by the fact he is looking to charge right into Vega and Aprile full speed once more. He doesn't seem to care about the blast of energy Vega is gathering to send his way.

His attempt to go right through the blast does not end well. The force of impact when meeting the energy actually knocks the crown off his head and sends it flying one way as Gan is blasted backwards and right into the goalpost of one end of the court. The impact is enough to break it in half and Gan continues rolling off into a pile of debris where he remains unmoving. The king has been defeated and the prize Vega seeks to collect clatters about on the ground, mostly unharmed minus some scuffs from where it hit the ground.

Some seconds after Gan goes flying, Vega waits. And waits. And waits.

"Is that /it/?" The contempt in his voice is clear, even if the boy can't hear him. Aprile is up and wiping the debris off of her as well, but she otherwise stays put. Vega, though... He's finally moving. Slow, heavy steps close the distance between him and the crown. Scooping it up in one hand, he raises it skyward. Despite the fact that the silver is gleaming in the light, the gem set in it is so very, very dark. If it had a color before, it's almost impossible to tell, so great is the vacuum of light now. Now held in its rightful owner's hands, the gem is even more agitated, the little sliver of the Lord's soul trapped within yearning for release.

With a pleased grin, Vega takes the gem between two fingers and plucks it right out of its mounting. It's now this that he holds up to examine. The rest of the crown is useless, unimportant. Like so much trash, the expensive piece of crafted metal is tossed aside onto the court, left to clatter and rest just a few feet from Gan's body. If he wants it, he can keep it, but no longer will the headpiece compel him as it did before. It's just an ordinary bauble now.

After appreciating his prize, the grin wipes itself from Vega's face. Turning toward his Doll, he hands her the gem, exchanging it for his cape. In a smooth swirl of fabric, the thing is once more tugged around him. "We're leaving." is the only thing he says--all he really needs to say--before disappearing from whence he came. The girl follows closely behind, already calling for the pickup.

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