Shadaloo - So it begins

Description: Diesel's first mission for Shadaloo.

Southtown. It has been nearly 8 years since the two legs of this relatively small Japanese woman have touched down on it. Mind you, when you're blind, everywhere you go is a new place until one is familiar with the surroundings. Count everything. Listen to the people. This was Yatefusa Fuji, one of the many monks from China who was ejected as part of China's cleanse on combative arts. Many shrines and temples such as the one she trained at were now just that-- shrines and temples, and used for little else. She had been in Southtown for a scant few hours, and already met some boisterously loud Mexican who's cooking was about as good as the stuff hospitals would serve you the second they found out you're not insured. But at least it was spicy.
Like before, she walked the streets aimlessly. A home was her prime directive. She knew where she could find food-- She could follow her nose for that. She asked someone not too long ago if Gedo was really the way for her. She was told that sometimes they have rooms for rent. She didn't have much, she rolling the few dollars in her pockets, counting her change by dragging her nails upon it. A black cane firmly held in her left hand. A full black suit with a white blouse. A tie. Combine this with the sunglasses she was wearing, all she needed was a tag and she could pass for a government agent-- if only she didn't look so young. The only give away she would even be from China was the flag on her duffle bag. A calm breeze rolled in, and the woman stopped in her movements, her eyes closing, and she inhaling slowly, absorbing the soothing breeze. She could feel the warmth of the sun upon her slowly slipping.

It was going to be night soon.

Target Sighted.

A top the tall and poorly tended buildings of Gedo street, a lone figure silently trailed the blind woman. Unbeknownst to Fuji, she had been followed ever since she stepped out of El Fuerte's restaurant by a Shadoloo operative. Her departure from China had not gone by overlooked by certain people, certain powerful people with interests in that country. It would appear that her sudden return to Southtown had not been as speedy as some of these before mentioned people had hoped and therefore it would be deemed necessary to show her that punctuality was expected of her even if she was naught but a clueless pan of a grand cosmic game. Everyone had their part in this game, and it should not be required for a higher calling to come down to tell them what they must do, if this woman, blind as she were, did not take the hint that China no longer welcomed fighters faster then takes must be taken to ensure such things do not happen in the future.

She must be punished.

It's not surprising that the people of Southtown didn't tell this poor blind woman of Gedo's reputation, they probably would take pleasure in hearing that something befell her. For you see, the students of Gedo are not the only people to be feared her. There are many alleys where a person can take a wrong turn and find themselves in a dead end. Opportunities that can be taken by far more dangerous individuals than some delinquent punks from the local highschool.

As Fuji strolls down one of these said lonely alleys. She'll clearly hear a heavy object fall behind her, a person by the sound of two booted feet landing a few meters away from her. A person who by the tone of her voice wished her ill.

"Yatefusa Fuji?"

The wind grew cold a moment still, and she opened her eyes again. Nope. Still the same image she's seen for the last 7. Pure darkness. Her head creaked in each direction in an effort to crack a persistant annoyance that had been eating at her. Something was odd about this wind. Something was off. Instinct made her choke up on her cane slowly, pulling the instrument closer to herself.

A thud of a heavy landing behind her. Her suspicions had been correct. The mere mention of her name by a woman she had never felt before. Powerful, yet most likely naive and horribly vain. She turned slowly, to face her assailant. The other person was a woman. By the sounds of it, she was a little more animalistic than her. Her cane touched down in front of her, and it was crossed by her other hand, as if resting on an itchy trigger finger. Silence. The dark haired woman's bangs flickered gently in the wind

"You are loud." she mused. "Much louder than you need to be. You have been following me for nearly 3 and a quarter kilometers, since I left Senor Fuerte's restaurant. I can't tell if you simply don't care, or flat out incompetent. My bet is on the latter." Her tone had a very neutral, nearly creepy tone to it. Like it was void of emotion, just simple observation. She had an extremely cold delivery. "I am that name. My question is what you wish with it."

"Impressive, your deduction is correct." The gruff sounding woman called as Fuji pointed out her observation, and it will probably be the last compliment given by her judging by the sound of her voice. Though Fuji may not be able to see this woman, she can easily sense her, even those who do not sharp keen senses like the blind woman does (eyesight excluded of course) will be able to sense this woman. She was clearly very tall and judging by her aura operated on a permanent state of restrained anger, layers of self control hiding a great desire to destroy buried deep within. Heavy as well if her steps said anything, she was trying to hide her movements by leading with the heel and follow up with the sole of her feet though this was nearly impossible with military boots which she wore. However this would be a moot point considering that the vibrations on the floor were giving her presence away. Still, if Fuji were to notice carefully as she always does, this does reveal that her assailant had some kind of martial skill, though the extent of this was not clear as she had done little actions yet. One thing was certain, stealth was not her forte. Odd would be too much of a small word to describe this one as she contradicted herself too much. Why wear such things if it makes noise and why try to hide when she clearly can't? Even from a blind woman. The most striking thing however will be her smell, something that Fuji excels at discerning.

She smells heavily of car oil.

The cold reception met an equally cold greeting. Fuji's stalker did not heed the thinly veiled insults and ignored them all together, preferring the direct approach as she got down to business "You have failed to act in a way that pleases the Master. For that you must be disciplined." A loud crack of bones is heard as the woman cracks her knuckles, slowly approaching the cane carrying woman. "The wrestler El Fuerte will not be able to assist you if you do try to cry for help. Thus it is recommended you defend yourself."

COMBATSYS: Diesel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Diesel           0/-------/-------|

She lowered her head. Though she couldn't see the woman Fuji's eyes had cast a dark glare. The "Master?" The woman had heard this reference before-- once before in China, but she never understood it. It was then she realized, something was up. Something far bigger than she had wanted. Now she had to wonder. She left her Shrine prematurely to come home. She knew Fighting was outlawed, but didn't think there would be a reference here from there. Not everyone spoke as many languages as Fuji did, so the connection to the two events struck her as ones of curiousity. Why was Martial arts outlawed anyways? And why is this raving lunatic in front of her spouting about "The Master"? Standing tall then, the woman did something-- peculiar.

She popped her collar, revealing her tie to be a full, Double Windsor knot. Her hands befell her blazer then, slowly undoing it, and parting the blazer to the blank white blouse she wore beneath. She slowly began to shuffle ot off her body, but no. She held onto her jacket, putting it onto her right shoulder- opposite her cane hand. A cape.

"You." She murmured, blowing a rogue lock out of her face.

"...-YOU'RE- in the way."

COMBATSYS: Fuji has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Diesel

No mercy shall be spared, not even to those that are ignorant of the going ons of the world. In fact, not paying attention was no excuse to not play the role you are given. We all have our place in the world as this Killer Doll knew and for Fuji to go against the flow, consciously or not, was a blasphemy of the highest order. She could not allow such things to happen, it was her duty, her mission and great honor to correct the blind woman and help her find the path she was given in the best way she knew. By /brute force/

"It is advised against using a cape in this fight. I have no blade to parry." Comments Diesel as she begins to approach the woman, her heavy steps making it obvious that she's advancing.

The blind woman lifted her head then. A trained eye might notice something interesting. This woman was squinting. But why? The grey eyed woman sunk down a bit, bending her knees as if in a defensive stance. As if she was holding a shield-- but it was just a tailored cloth. She could sense the intent. This was no ordinary person. Their mere stench suggested they to be a lower form of person, masked by motor oil. A puppet of some kind. Bumbling. Probably a little slow in the mind. She listened to your comment, and cocked her head.

"No?" She asked? "Then take it!" Without even so much as a second thought, the small distance between you was suddenly bridged by her jacket, she was throwing it at you, an attempt to blind you.

COMBATSYS: Diesel endures Fuji's Blinded Me With Science.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Diesel

The coat connects! Seriously, who throws a coat? The coat wasn't the attack. No. It was the disguise. It was the kick that had come with the jacket, a blanketed foot aimed for the chin of this Dark Amazoness. after the kick connected, her hand found her jacket, the woman springing back a step. "...Don't tell me what I can't wear."

Much of the Killer Doll's movements will be lost to Fuji considering she's blind, unless she can somehow sense very small gestures. The pupils dilating like those of a hawk's spotting prey would be impossible to just sense, though in a way it is perhaps better this way. Fuji may be fearless and skilled, but ultimately it is better to not see the Amazon's violent features as it may turn to intimidation, it is much easier to attack when one has no idea what could possibly be waiting for them behind those violent filled hazel eyes.

The woman furrows her eyebrows very slightly in the faintest show that she may be confused as to what is the woman speaking of. Take what? She thought, though this was quickly answered when the jacket was tossed her way covering her view. In response to this the Amazon warrior...stood perfectly still? Maybe Fuji's assumption that she was sloppy in her martial arts was correct as she made no attempt to evade the jacket and took the kick to her jaw solidly. By the lack of movement on her part after the kicked connected it's safe to assume that she does not have a glass chin, she barely moved at all!

"Target Lost." Murmurs the woman to herself as she can't see Fuji anymore due to the jacket, though her opponent is kind enough to take it away from her face and her eyes widen. Ah, there she is.

"Target Sighted" She drones out and moves forward extending a heavy hand right towards Fuji's head to grasp her painfully by the the face and ram the back of her skull into a nearby wall!

COMBATSYS: Fuji just-defends Diesel's Sammarjana!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Diesel

The grey eyed girl lifted her jacket back to her shoulder, and realized she had a much bigger problem than she initially figured. She could tell by the woman's voice something was off. Robotic, almost. What the hell was this woman? Her brow furrowed as if she wanted to figure out more, but realized there was something more pressing at hand-- like a gigantic freakin' amazon who wants her head on a plate. Uh. Yeah. Focus on this first. Focus on other stuff later.

She snapped back to her senses, then, and the shaded woman perked her head up, listening. Everything you did made noise-- it was at the point where she felt she was like a bat. She could hear the echoes from your body, and it was enough to inform her that there was a HUGE menacing palm coming right at her! A split second thought had her choke up on the her cane, to where she was holding it in the middle. She defensively put it up, hooking the Amazons hand and sharply pulling it aside, avoiding the grab entirely, though she had JUST BARELY caught it. She forced it out of the way, and she did something against the woman's sheer size. A lacrosse maneuver. She pressed her shoulder against the larger woman, and spun, rolling around to the woman's back. She held on to the butt of her cane then, Leaning back with her cane, to try and hook the Amazoness by the neck with her cane, and throwing her, in an attempt to keep space between her and you.

Don't get her wrong. She liked big, strong hands, but -NOT- from anyone THAT big.

COMBATSYS: Diesel endures Fuji's Hooked on a Feeling.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Fuji             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Diesel

Big problems indeed and hopefully, just hopefully, no pun intended.

The android like giant woman's hand was expertly parried and hooked by that cane, her own giant momentum used against her. Used like some sort of paddle ball, the Amazon stumbles forward with a slight grunt as her attacked is pulled only to be pulled back by the same cane when it hooked by her neck. "Missed." She states with a dead pan as she's flung backwards, though doesn't fall. Merely stumbling on her feet slightly to keep her straight stance.

"Reassuming attack." It looks like it hasn't occurred to her that shutting the hell up might be a good idea against a fighter that can guides herself by hearing things. Perhaps she's a slow learner, or maybe, she doesn't have a choice in the matter. All that is known is that Fuji will soon perhaps be feeling those big strong hands again as the Amazon moves towards her raising her arm to swing down right at the clavicle, smashing her collar bone with a hammer fist blow!

COMBATSYS: Fuji blocks Diesel's Bhima Parigha.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Fuji             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Diesel

And what an arm it was! Dark strands of hair flake out as the hammer fist flying down towards her are blocked by both hands, the wooden cane bridging them together needed to stop this Amazon's sheer size! Fuji was all of 5 foot 2, so she looked like an ant from all the way up there and was being treated as such! The sheer force of Diesel's Bhima Parigha echoed up Fuji's arms, enough to where after the initial attack, she took a few steps back. Like a computer-- the last time she saw one. Slow to process, but deadly efficient. How do you counter something so big?

Be Fast.
She backed a step again, and her coat slung low, hiding her cane. But that was a ruse. She suddenly darted forwards towards this woman, getting down lown, and jumping into the air with a furious uppercut. She needed to work that jaw. It may be tough, but she can dispose of it with enough harassment. "Chin Music...!"

COMBATSYS: Diesel counters Chin Music for the Blind from Fuji with Sahadeva Krpura.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Fuji             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Diesel

True, the the size difference was considerable, but this also meant that the Killer Doll was at a disadvantage if her target didn't want to stand still. Her hammer fist blow at the very least connected with /something/ this time, but she didn't look satisfied, the Amazon's target was an elusive one and wouldn't make this easy for her. How do you counter something that moves so fast?

You catch them so they can't move.

"Stand down." Demanded the giant warrioress interrupting the savage uppercut sent to her chin by letting Fuji hit another part of her body, namely her elbow. Crashing the strong joint right into Fuji's knuckles, the Killer Doll attempted to injure the blind woman's hand to keep it out of commission to then grasp her by her tie and slug her in the face to send her flying away.

Ow. Or at least, that's what other people would be saying. Fuji didn't feel conventional pain. Guess having a bunch of Chinese dudes beating on her for well over half a decade. She did not expect to collide with something like a huge Elbow, but that could have just as easily been her face-- and lord knows, more damage gets done when you aim for the face. Her furious uppercut was caught this time, and when that hand found her tie, she knew she was in trouble. Once she was flung however, she had a good reason to get back at The Queen of the freakishly large. She hit the ground, and skipped. Twice, before the third bounce saw her to her feet a good distance away from the assailant. Her clothes where dirty. One of her wrists had a scrape. Her hair was a touch tousled. Her hands pressed together. She had range at her opponent. She swallowed her breath. "You're pretty good." She noted. "For a bumbling oaf." Her cane was held high then.

Before she throw it at you. Her cane seemed to have a mind of it's own. It had a curve to it. Like a soccer ball. And it was headed straight for the huge dark woman.

COMBATSYS: Diesel blocks Fuji's Stevie Wonder Record.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Fuji             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Diesel

"Direct Hit." Murmurs the robotic Amazon as Fuji is sent flying, her eyes blinking as if she were trying to focus on her actions, gauging what she needed to do in regards to how the woman reacted. She finds her answer when her prey gets back to her feet and taunts her. "Target is still standing." She is heard saying almost to herself, or perhaps another unseen entity. Almost as if asking for permission the woman hesitates, waiting for something, perhaps the cane that is thrown at her?

Nah, that can't be it. Because as she offers no response to the insult she raises her arm to deflect the blow and smack the stick she still seems to be waiting for orders. "Affirmative, continue the attack."

You heard the creepy violent Amazon, time for another rough round. Stepping towards Fuji to further trap her into the dead ended wall where she was flung, the Amazon warrior breaks into a run to swing a frontal piston kick directly to Fuji's gut and sandwich her between her feet and the wall!

COMBATSYS: Fuji endures Diesel's Light Kick.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Fuji             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Diesel

She had her life on the line here. She was completely outmuscled by this burly woman in front of her, and she couldn't seem to outspeed her because her attacks were hitting her for marginal damage. Everything the small teenager threw at her was just turned against her, deflected, or just forgotten about entirely. Her cane was just as easily blocked as it was thrown, it spinning through the air and back into her hand-- like she had some kind of Psychic connection with it. Her head lifted as she quickly inspected the cane for damage, but she was broadsided by this flying light kick from in front of her! How did she not see--- oh wait. Yeah. >_>

The grey eyed girl was hit against the wall, she flattening out. She sputtered, and a cool chill left from the corner of her mouth. Ah. That. Blood. Huh. It had been a while since she felt it trickle from the corner of her mouth, She slowly climbing to her feet, dusting herself off with her cane. She swallowed hard, trying to regain herself, and looked in the direction where that kick came from. "You're starting to annoy me." She said. "Don't make me have to hurt you for real." Without even a second thought, she charged directly towards the amazon. She could sense her now. Stronger than ever. She felt... stronger? While wounded? Her weapon crowded well over-head. and down came a low, hard vertical smash. "Eat This...!"

COMBATSYS: Diesel dodges Fuji's Deep Strike.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Fuji             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Diesel

The kick collided against the relatively frail target, booted foot met with soft skin as the Killer Doll rammed her target against a wall to literally knock the fight out of her. Fuji's blind eyes would see that which others could not, in her exterior the robotic Amazon was a picture of perfect neutrality, far too stoic to give out any emotion. It would be impossible not to -feel- her true nature however, no eyes were needed for that, how she gleefully attacked the woman and enjoyed causing her pain, those blank hazel eyes getting the slightest sadistic glint to her when her kick connected despite the fact that Fuji seemed stronger after it. Violent as she may be though, she didn't forget her orders.

"Target is proving resilient." Mutters the Amazon when her target strikes back with her cane, though once again as the wooden stick is swung her way she needed naught but give it a bash with her thick scarred forearm to deflect it. "Proceeding with the analysis." Yet more mysterious words uttered by the strange attacker. Who was she talking about? Why was she attacking Fuji? Who was this master that she spoke of? Would Fuji ever find out what are the woman's ulterior motives? Would she even survive this attack???

So many questions, they needed at least a hint to be solved. "Nice stick..." Suddenly the Amazon's demeanor seemed to change as if she had a personality after all. "However, the Master wants to give one that is better."

COMBATSYS: Diesel gains composure.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Fuji             1/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Diesel

Fuji had missed. As the battle seemed to draw on, Fuji noticed something interesting. Since she met the Amazoness, her personality has changed twice. The first one was aggressive, and hotheaded. This one... was. well. Different. Robotic. Slow, but mind bogglingly strong. Even though she missed, her foot stuck out, and she readied herself with a defensive stance, her cane a shield or simply a mere redirection for her to land an attack. She lifted her head, the small girl concealing her torso behind her coat-cape, also hiding most of her cane.

Master? The woman had mentioned this name twice now. Who was he? What business of it with him where he saw it fit to send really tall people after really short people? She held her cane up defensively, readying for an incoming attack...

But it never came. Instead, this Amazoness was back to the way she was when Fuji first met her! ...Something wasn't right. None-the-less, the first order of business for this woman was to hurt and do something to Fuji. And she can't have that! She knew she was starting to hurt. But she had to put this she-devil out before she got taken out herself! She charged then, she set up near perfectly for several armed swings.

COMBATSYS: Diesel counters Armed Combo from Fuji with Sahadeva Krpura.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Fuji             1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0           Diesel

Hot and Cold, Hot and Cold. The Amazon shifted personality like one flicked a switch, which one was the real one? Was she truly a stoic minion that pretended to be hot blooded to intimidate people? Or perhaps she was a common thug playing soldier? The truth may never be known by Fuji, even with her enhanced senses, cryptic personalities are far too hard to figure out on the first minutes of meeting. Particularly more so when you're far too busy fighting for your life!

"No response. Taunt her." Cold nature. "What's the matter? Are you mute too besides being blind?" Hot nature. A ferocious fanged grin flashed from the dark skinned woman otherwise stoic features as she shot out for that cane and held it before it went anywhere. With her superior strength it was easy to then do good on the first attack she intended to do.

Grab Fuji by the hair and proceed to slam her face repeatedly against a wall! "You can make this stop, just accept the Master's offer."

This was all not going well at all. Every single attack that she had thrown out towards this huge Amazoness was stopped or had something come up and just whallop her face into a wall-- much like what was happening now. Her first strike was deflected, And as her head was grabbed by her long hair, she tried to brace for the impact, but being blind didn't give her much options, for her head was slammed repeatedly into a wall. Each blast against it added cracks behind where her head was hitting. 1, 2, 3, Fou--

The woman stopped it, her arm sprung out, and stopped it. No matter how much force Diesel had put towards her, the small japanese girl was not yielding another inch. She swayed her body, swinging her dangling legs out from where you grabbed her, and pushing herself up you. she had used a weak pressure point in your wrist to get you to release her hair. She tumbled when she hit the ground, and stood up slowly, using her cane to help her stand. her arms both hung low, her coat and cane dragging on the ground. She was bleeding from her head now. Her coat found it's way onto her shoulder then, and that now free hand reached up to her glasses. "Go to hell." she spat, spitting out a bit of blood from the impact. "I don't do charity work for sellouts." Her hand slowly removed her glasses. Her eyes were narrowed, but none could mistake that grey, glazed look. She really was Yatefusa Fuji. "My power is mine. Whatever it is your selling, I'm not buying it. Her cane was still gripped in the middle. It now had a strange, dull purple glow to it. Her hand with the glasses suddenly threw them up. A distraction. She suddenly rushed to you, Cane trying to hook just around your neck, and attempting to feed a power hit to your stomach. Windbags are best left popped.

COMBATSYS: Diesel endures Fuji's Sunglasses at Night.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0           Diesel

The Hook connected, her Fist connected, but there was a reason they were together. She had used the hook to pull the woman's head closer, to feed her a blow that was much more devastating. This only worked for the first hit, but the next few hits were all done with the hook still around her neck, so she couldn't get away. Furious rights dotted from the stomach right up to the chin, where she must have hit the woman at least 3 times. She then used the hook and pulled the huge woman towards her, straggling her past, where she built up some speed and kicked her in the back of the head!

She stood back then, and looked up, Sunglasses landing right on her nose-- like she knew they were going to be there. She picked up her coat, then, and readied herself. "Get the hint. Go away."

Endorphins are one hell of a drug. It is not surprising to the Amazon that after taking such devastating blows to the face, her target only became stronger. This was something she was far too familiar with, adrenaline pumping up to fight the pain, ignore the exhaustion and get back to dealing pain. Thus, there was no sign of shock from the Amazoness when the smaller woman wiggled free from her grip and avoided getting her face planted into the cracked and dirty alley wall for the fourth time.

She wasn't slow despite her hulking build and quickly spun on her heel to face her target, hazel eyes locked on Fuji as if they had a laser sight; and considering the robotic way she acted maybe that wasn't far from the truth! "I see..." Said the woman when Fuji took her shades off to toss them off into the air in a sign that she was getting serious, although she had more clear evidence when Fuji's stick began to glow.

As she rushed in, the Amazoness warrior in turn straightened up relaxing her fighting stance. Again she failed to defend herself as if she /wanted/ to be hit, an offer the blind woman seemed far too eager to take. "HMRG!!" This time the Amazon gave a grunt when her neck was pulled and her washboard exposed abs were fed a low hook, that looked like it hurt, and there was more coming! Standing like a tall mountain against the relentless storm, the Killer Doll tensed her body as the rain of strikes smacking her in a straight line all the way to her stout jaw. "That is...." She begins to say after being kicked in the back of the head. "Regrettable..."


"Neutralize target."



Shifting personalities immediately the woman turned around once more and stomped on Fuji's foot having her own methods to keep her from moving. Once she held the small woman in place she went to strike both the sides of Fuji's head simultaneously with her open palms to burst her ear drums inside of her.

COMBATSYS: Fuji blocks Diesel's Combo Attack.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Fuji             0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0           Diesel

The grey eyed woman's attack had connected, but even then, something was wrong. That was her best attack and the Amazon woman just stood there and took it, and showed no signs of her really being hurt. She was trying to weigh her options here, for the woman she was fighting was still pretty healthy, and Fuji was looking worse for wear. Whatever it was possessing this woman, beit her own self or some kind of mind control, This woman seemed to have a full understanding and harness of it. Even then, though, when she stood ready, she could sense this woman. Her smell was getting stronger. She could feel this woman. It was like she was emitting an aura of some kind. Fuji's bloodied lip. The blood from her head still trailing downwards, but clotting at a respectable speed. She could sense those arms moving in unison, the powerclap. She's been hit like that before.

But when the Amazon pulled forward with it, the woman opened both hands, and blocked Diesel's slap chop by checking her wrists. She could tell by the vibrating in her arms again. Her body was weakening. A sudden back handspring, and the woman took a knee. And took a deep breath.

"Sellout." She breathed.

COMBATSYS: Fuji gains composure.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=======\-------\0           Diesel

Fuji had absolutely no idea how right she was. The Amazon warrior looked as if she was in no control of her body with the way she acted, though in reality she was so aware of everything within her that she was actually using the mind control to her benefit, turning it on whenever a blow came her way to ignore it and then turn it off when she attacked to get clear sight of her target and enjoy it with malicious glee. Such a thing could be see by the way she was looking at Fuji when she went down on one knee, wheezing despite having endure the Amazon's bell clap strike well.

"Am I?" Was this the real Amazon speaking or just the puppeteer? "Or am I someone who is not afraid to do what is right for this world?" Her leg was raised high up in the air showing impossible dexterity, a full split letting her foot point directly up into the sky. "If I'm a sell out, then you madam, are a coward."

So said the Killer Doll as she brought her heavy foot down, aiming to ram her heavy weighted heel directly on Fuji's head with her axe kick and drive her face first into the ground!

COMBATSYS: Fuji just-defends Diesel's Yudhisthira Khagga!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0           Diesel

The Blind woman stared on towards this woman. This Feeling. This Rush. Why did she bother to live if it was the only thing in her life she felt. Become one of them? She'd rather not. Her head turned towards the woman, Fuji's head rocked. The bleeding had stopped. She had the feeling, had this not been like this, there would be a slim chance the two people fighting now would have gotten to know each other in a method that wasn't lethal to one another. This woman was clearly stronger than her, and had the insatiable ability to kick Fuji's heinie all over the place, but Fuji wasn't going to yield. She had spent her entire life being beat on. She always fought back, but never won. She lost her battle with eyesight. She lost her battle with her emotional control. She lost to monks on a daily basis. If she lost to Diesel now, what would change? She would have had her ass kicked again.

"...You are never going to get it." Fuji breathed, looking like she was awaiting the blow to end her right here and now. When the axe-kick fell towards her, the woman's hand sprung up, her crook again hooking the Amazon, but her foot this time. She shoved it over-- leaving a wide open area of mid section for attack, but rather than capitalize on it? She pushed the tall woman away. "You may never get it." She explained. "I wake up every day to the same world. Same life. Wishing this curse that I am stuck with would end. Every day I set out to become something greater than I was when I started, and every day I lose. But at least I know I did it alone." She exhaled then. She was still defensively ready." My pursuit of power is only in the interest of making my curse end-- I have no interest in you, No interest in your Master, and no interest in your goals. My battle is, was, and will never be-- with you."

COMBATSYS: Fuji takes no action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0           Diesel

When that kick connected with the block, the Amazon was sure, absolutely positive in fact, that she would snap right through it like an axe and hit Fuji in the head. Though as her kick was deflected for the first time the warrior woman gave any hint of emotion other than restrained anger by grunting a little, trying to regain her balance as she was shoved away. Also a first, as both feet came back to the ground she dashed back and took a Kalaripayattu fighting stance, shifting from her relaxed poise to show that she was through playing around and was expecting an attack. An attack that never came.

Odd, why would Fuji not take advantage of this opportunity to strike her? In turn she decided to stay there and start preaching to the stoic soldier. Why would such a thing work now? None of her previous insults seemed to rile her and even direct hits to the face and stomach drew naught but a small hint that she actually felt anything. How would words succeed when even punches couldn't make this Amazon react? "You know.."

There was that shift of personality again. What was this woman!? "Someone once told me something." Explains she placidly, almost as if they had not been seconds earlier fighting each other brutally. "They told me that no matter how hard you tried, eventually you would fall. But there was no shame in such a thing, there is no shame in falling." She crosses her arms then, a gesture Fuji could not see even though the Amazon wished she could. "There was only shame, in not getting back up."

"It's time to get back up Yatefusa Fuji."

Are they still fighting? It's hard to tell, she's not showing any signs of letting her go, but at least she stopped attacking.

COMBATSYS: Diesel focuses on her next action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0           Diesel

Two people of Stoic Nature. Two very different backgrounds. Two Very different styles of personality. Two Very different intents for this world. The sky was beginning to turn. The lights around slowly flaked and flickered to life. Darkness was encroaching the area. Shadows started to creep. It would seem the Fuji's strategems were changing. Obviously, attacking the woman doesn't gain her anything, nor does she lose anything. But talking with someone, it was different. Even though the two were void of emotion, they seemed to be able to have this link between them that made them able to relate to one another. A relation, Fuji figured, that may one day be able to penetrate the defenses of the Freakishly tall Amazon. This was like putting a small child on a violent amusement park ride and expecting them to not throw their lunch up after and be scared of heights for the rest of their life.

"...You would have liked my Master." she mused. "You attacked me and weren't even able to provide me with so much as a name. It's a poor way for any relationship to start." She drew in a slow breath. It was dark now. It was a part of Fuji's plan. She knew she wouldn't be able to beat the woman here, in the daytime. She needed cover. She needed to escape. "You are strong." she mused. "Though I cannot see you, I can bet you are beautiful as well." A... A compliment? Here? Now? Weren't you just trying to cave her skull in?

She flipped backwards, feeding directly into a back handspring, launching herself up onto a nearby wall, facing the School. On her landing, she had already put her coat back on. She was perched on a wall to the school She could feel the last traces of the sun. There would be plenty of shadows on the other side in which to blend, or bound away.

"...Maybe you're right. Maybe I should get back up at some point. Pray that then this battle will be worth something. For both of us."

COMBATSYS: Fuji takes no action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fuji             0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0           Diesel

Two sides of the same coin one could say. Emotionless as she was, there were slight hints to the warrior woman that she had a personality between those fake layers she threw up to confuse people. Behind the soulless soldier, behind the fierce thug, even behind further still than the monk martial artist that she is, there was a woman that had gone through hell and back and she felt this kinship with Fuji, even if it was just naught but a light prod at her otherwise cold exterior.

A frown and maybe, just maybe, the faintest hint of a blush, followed by a scowl. The nerve with this woman to compliment her like that when she was moment earlier trying to pound her flat. It felt odd, though that emotion was quickly pushed away by harsh discipline and concentration.

There is no time to talk, for the nimble blind woman flips away from her grasp and the Amazon warrior makes no attempt to follow, seemingly giving up on her chase. "Diesel..." She can be heard murmuring to herself, having heard that question as Fuji sped away from view and into the darkness of the night, words far too soft for the woman to hear. "My name is Diesel." It is what she is now, her real name and the girl that she was once before everything started was long dead. Only the Killer Doll remained.

"Target Lost. Returning to base." The soldier personality came back and soon she too was jumping to the rooftops, returning to the shadows that spawned her.

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