Kagero - 4P: East Point - The Machine Riot

Description: The covert operation inside the Kagura building is covered by a congealed riot outside. Kagero has deployed one of its most dangerous and unpredictable war machines to generate a diversion for the agents tasked with infiltrating the area. And what a diversion it creates. It's only until the chi sage shows up with a box of one-liners and a lot of guts that the battle can reach its explosive climax..

It's pretty bad out here.

The first thing worth mentioning is, nobody's actually dead. It's hard to believe, but everyone here who's laying around is pretty much beaten down and/or stomped flat into a pancake is actually more or less relatively luckily than the people who are still standing.


A guard lands onto the ground face first some distance away, tumbling to a stop.

Standing, of course, in a manner of speaking.

It's basically just outside the Kagura building that this scene is going down, as a massive mechanical /device/ of some sort is simply throwing a small contingent of brave guards around like so much lint. To be fair, the guards aren't so much brave as well-paid, and are simply trying to keep the thing contained until--pretty much anybody better than them can get in here and stop it. Unfortunately, the machine doesn't seem to be having anything of being contained.

It looks so cute, though.

It's a giant, mechanical, panda. Wearing portions of samurai armor. And, for some reason, a straw hat. While armed with a single sword and a fan tucked into its belt, it doesn't seem terribly intent on using them more than it is about making its way up to the lobby. Of course, this is a mixed blessing, as it's articulated forepaws are larger than some of these guys' torsos. The machine groans ominously, as someone tries to push it over with a heavy ten foot pole.


A guard goes skidding across the way, spinning in place.

How does he get into these messes, exactly?

t had started with a simple discussion with Alma at the YFCC. Or, more accurately, a discussion with Alma that was as 'simple' as any such conversation with the philosophical and talkative Phoenix can be. But then there had just been the teeth-grindingly irritating sense that something was Wrong. Nothing substantive, just... enough to get on his nerves, jangling. And then it got progressively worse, and the precipitated turning on the TV, which led to... well.

Even now as he's running across the alleys and bystreets of the Business District, Frei turns and looks behind him for a moment to realize that Alma's not there anymore. The two HAD been running together, but apparently something waylaid the psychic. Grimacing a little, the chi sage turns and keeps running toward Kagura Enterprises. "Frankly," he murmurs to himself, "anything that wants to kill Alma is welcome to try. Dying has been the only thing he's ever been bad at."

He arrives at the barricade just in time to see a guard go sliding across the ground. There's a pause as Frei blinks, then turns and lets his gaze track over and then upward to find a... large samurai panda. And a lot of unconscious security types. This gets a little bit of a blink because let's face it, this is not normal in any way. Frei even leans forward in an exaggerated way, squinting one eye closed and giving the mecha-panda the once over. Then he realizes the... distinctive resonance of ninja techno-chi techniques, and the squint becomes a hanging of the head in... resignation? Well, that's probably why Alma is off... somewhere else.

There's a silken sound as Frei draws his wooden sword from his back belt loops, bringing it up and letting it fall across his shoulder, making a beckoning gesture with his other hand. "Alright. It's probably good it's just me here, Alma doesn't have enough giant robot show puns for this." Amuro, take off!

The machine pulverizes pavement to powder as gears realign and steam belches from deep underneath its framework, plates twisting and realigning as it locks its foreclaws together, stepping up until it completely engulfs some poor guard with intent to hammer him through a nearby wire fence like a tent peg. The brim of its hat eclipses the young man, who is backing up and trying to melt through a wall with a quickness.

It lurches its upper section to one side and--

Just behind it, a wooden sword slides free of a belt loop.

The machine pauses, as if in mockery of thought. Slowly, with the pop-click of machined latches disengaging, the brass and wood lengths called claws deinterlace in series, as its shoulders reconfigure themselves to bring its arms down. A bell rings, dangling off of the machine's wide brimmed hat as it stands to its full height, rotating slightly at the hip. A giant spotlight pops on at its chest, sweeping the shadows until--it shines on Frei. The machine says nothing, but the ominous creak and groan that the gears elicit as the massive ninkou stands taller sounds a lot like an angry growl.

It draws its sword, a long, raking hiss emanating from the thing's sheath.

The massive blade sweeps to one side, and gleams in the light.

Then the machine takes one reorienting step. The steam ejected by its ankle joints are cut through with the powerful spotlight it shines, always staying oriented on Frei, though it's hard to tell if the machine is really.. looking at him or not.

Blade raised above its head in a distinct kenjutsu stance, the machine begins to advance.

There's a moment while Frei takes this all in. Part of it is actually really dramatic! Guards are starting to wander off to the sides and to safety, since this nutbar in a Chinese shirt with a wooden sword has decided to take on the giant robot thing. There are spotlights and steam vents and the sound of bells. And Frei, still standing there with the bokken on his shoulder like a Kenka Bancho punk, tilting his head, just lets out a long sigh.

"All that damn ninja technology, and this is what I get? Pandaren Brewmaster Gundam?"

But deep down he knows that this thing is not to be underestimated and, even if things seem a little... uh, stupid... right now, these are real people it's hurting, and a real business it's attacking, and if Taizhou taught him anything it's that innocents mean Jack Squat to Kagero, whose chi fingerprints are all over this nonsense. "Right," Frei says carefully, looking the thing up and down. "Time for a super robot war."

With that, he surges forward, looking to swing that bokken around in a wide horizontal arc, one-handed, the blade suddenly erupting with a wave of scarlet fire mid-swing. He's just going to try hitting the thing really hard and see what happens.

COMBATSYS: Frei has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Frei             0/-------/-------|


[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Frei             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           P4N-D4

COMBATSYS: P4N-D4 equips Fire Wave.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Frei             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

COMBATSYS: P4N-D4 blocks Frei's Fierce Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Frei             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

Be lucky it doesn't have a sake jug with it, too.

As Frei bears down on the machine panda with all of his might, it doesn't stop. It doesn't accelerate. In fact, it shows no real concern at all as to what Frei is actually doing, none of the finely-tuned responses to attack that most fighters exhibit. It just continues on its way, apparently executing a mission to mop the floor with anything and everything breathing in the remote vicinity. It cares little for words, little for exposition--it just--appears to walk right into Frei's eviscerating slash.

At least, until it twists at the last second, and the blade just embeds itself into an armored plate at the side of the machine's hip. It.. doesn't react to Frei's approach, nor the raising of his weapon. It is a dumb machine in all manners of the word--except that it is not -that- dumb. Steam ejecting from the fringes of the woven panel that absorbed the blow, the panda's spotlight cuts off suddenly, as it recognizes it's in proximity, and has been attacked.

Then a gear twists deep inside the machine's fuselage, an engine taking in air inside.

Suddenly, the panda engine drops in height, lowering itself to better approximate Frei's height, before it's legs twist and exert extension forces originating in its jointed ankles. At which point the entire machine seems to jet forward by a foot or two to attempt to shoulder-slam Frei into range. A winding sound is heard, a snap--and all nine feet of that massive katana it carries slices--and pretty much smashes through-- a fire hydrant, gutting it open in a spray of water as it tries to just cohp Frei open. It doesn't react to the nuances of what Frei is doing or saying not because its creators were at the limits of their technology.

It doesn't react because when you can gut an SUV, you don't often need to.

COMBATSYS: Frei dodges P4N-D4's Ninkou Samurai.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Frei             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

If this were true to source material, we'd get a little 'veen!' and a closeup on Frei's forehead right now. As it is, Frei's forehead is usually covered by his dark red bangs and the cut-in would make him look like a shaggy dog, so what we get instead is, in great kung-fu movie tradition, letterbox stills implying lots of action.


Calm-looking Frei, observing the Pan-dam's transformer-like motions complete with graphical SFX

Glinting sword! Cutting the air!

Frei leaning way, WAY back, limbo-style, the blade cutting the air just above him and passing harmlessly by.

"O...toh," the redhead says, standing back up straight, slipping the wooden sword back into his belt loops and dusting off his hands. "Careful there, Junior. Liable to hurt somebody with that thing." With that, he seems to size up where on the panda he could conceivably get a grip, and tries for an arm. Leaping into the air, Frei attempts to drop toward the ground, snagging the panda's arm and heading... well, farther toward the ground. By itself this would have no effect whatsoever on the thing. That said, Frei's falling slam is also accompanied by a crushing wave of chi force, enough to drag a panda mecha and thensome down to the ground in a heap.

COMBATSYS: Frei successfully hits P4N-D4 with Strong Throw.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Frei             0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

A few red strands of hair drift to the earth.

The accompanying groan as the panda's forces level off seem entirely noncommital, but it's hard not to anthropomorphize the machine as slightly aggravated with Frei's shenanigans. As the sage wraps himself around the machine's outstretched arms, his weight is barely noting to it--and the truth is, unless Frei had a lot more than his little body to pull it with him, it probably wasn't going much of anywhere.

The chi wave that falls on it counts!

Crushed into the earth by Frei's blast, the machine doesn't.. really register pain, but the oils and such that spatter the ground seem indicative enough. It ratchets loudly as it curls into a ball, rolling into a sheathing sword position with a thunderous stomp of its (equally articulate) hindpaw on the street. Its wepaon subsequently clicks into its sheath. Though you cannot see its eyes beneath the dip of its straw hat, you can see its jaw working in some idle animation it has been imbued with.

One hand reaches up to its shoulder, where you can see a handle.


The panda has an umbrella.

It would seem very jolly right now. A massive bamboo umbrella, cutting off the nearby streetlight's light sources, and leaving the only view of light underneath it being muted glowing from deep within the machine's inner workings. For a moment it sits there, only the sound of clockwork to accompany it. And then the umbrella begins to spin. At that point, you might notice that it's not actually.. a real bamboo umbrella.. there are .. uh... are those rockets? There's a lot of rockets underneath there.

Panda Circus Attack...?

No less than a hundred tiny rockets come swirling out from underneath the panda's umbrella, curving into the air and in all directions, leaving colorful trails of smoke in their wake as they pepper the ground in explosions as in general, the missile swarm seems to express a disturbing preference in curving towards Frei. Uh oh.

COMBATSYS: Frei overcomes Karakasa Rocketry Array from P4N-D4 with Hatsuyuki.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Frei             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

Now THAT seems to impress Frei! At least, somewhat. He picks himself back up, dusting himself off, and turns to see the panda deploying an umbrella full of missiles. It's all exceptionally Macross, very Anno with pretty firework contrails everywhere. That even gets a low whistle from the red-haired sage, who gets back into fighting stance and grins. "All Missiles, huh... god, you're like a Parodius boss. This is really bizarre."

He doesn't actually seem that bothered by the situation, either, which may be a major contributor to why the security guards he's attempting to defend are looking at him like he is insane.

"Only one counter to All Missiles, by the way," Frei says casually, before bringing his hands up, both glowing blue-white with frost. Motes of icy energy appear in the air around him, forming an erratic pattern. With a grin, Frei winks and adds: "Funnels, naturally." With that, the orbs of ice fly forward, directing bursts of frost into the cloud of missiles at seemingly random intervals... but, wielded by Frei like an expert conductor with a symphony soloist, they steadily whittle down the missile salvo until there's nothing left but smoke trails... and, uh, the remains of his chilly defense looking to take vengeance out on the panda's hide.

Suck it, Amuro.

COMBATSYS: Frei successfully hits P4N-D4 with Hatsuyuki.
- Power hit! -

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Frei             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1       [E] P4N-D4

The machine lifts its upper chassis as the contrails weave around it. This attack was able to wipe out entire battalions of solders in Taizhou during the machine's third deployment, but the clouds of heat and smoke disrupt its sensitive detection seals, making it difficult for it to determine the target's exact location. Therefore, the sanest solution is just to stop moving.

Unfortunately, Frei is no slouch, and his technique is pretty formidable. The machine's attention seems to orient--each in turn--on the nodules of ice chakra as they burst into being into the swarm, systematically drawing their attack and splitting the swarm away from Frei at all angles. The machine only really registers it as an attack when the bolts of ic smash into it hard, buckling the machine and causing massive glacial chunks to form in its joint systems, causing the machine to whirr insistently, a gear inside squealing as it strips, the machine slowly breaking through the ice by disengaging sections of its armor, twisting them, and then relocking them into its chassis.

Noticeably--smoke is beginning to belch from the machine now, and it certainly seems aware, from the way plates slide shut and seal gapped boilers that it is aware that it is no longer in nominal condition. Furthermore, its target seems completely fine. Still sheathed underneath the brim of that parasol, the engine groans slowly, lifting its free arm to point a massive paw perpendicular to the ground at Frei.

The massive brass gauntlet around its arm splits, lifting out in tiered clamshell fashion to reveal rows of blades. Sublayer kunai launchers? There's something strange about those...

You won't be able to tell what until the firing array twists 90 degrees around the engine's arm to clear the kunai's firing arcs. Compressed air ejects from its gauntlets--a series of pops and snaps--and Frei might be wearing quite a few new sharp toys in his torso.

COMBATSYS: Frei blocks P4N-D4's Targetting Kunai.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Frei             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1       [E] P4N-D4

Okay. The one kunai cannon, that seems to jive with the basic concept, but one of Frei's eyebrows goes up anyway. Come on... that's a lot of knives, man. In fact, this is indeed what he says out loud: "Good lord, that's a lot of kni--"

Then it reveals the rest and Frei's OTHER eyebrow goes up. Then both of them go up a little further in tandem. That's like... an Eiji Yamada's worth of knives. That's really a lot, a LOT of knives. The deployment method, however, cracks Frei's confused stare; instead, he scratches the side of his chin and looks away, distracted. "Right, isn't that how they animated all those droids coming out of the tanks in The Phantom Menace..."

And then the world is sharp pointies.

Frei doesn't seem bothered, though. "Quantity over quality... not always the best idea. Also, let it go on record that AT Fields as a giant robot concept: cool, but as a philosophical mumbo jumbo thing: not so much." The sage faces down the wall of incoming steel and, taking a deep breath, draws one hand up... then steps forward, bending both knees, hand chopping out, into a karate horse stance, with a loud shout of "HYAH!" that echoes through the area.

The knives... well. It's like slamming into a sudden wall of force. A lot of them just drop out of the sky point blank. Some have their momentum reduced so much they peter out in sad arcs onto the ground. Sadly, while Frei is capable of generating tremendous force of this nature, that is A LOT of knives; a few get through, peppering the defender with sudden small, sharp, painful wounds. In aggregate, the damage could have been a lot worse. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt, though.

Reaching down, he picks one up and flips it over in his hand, noting the tags wrapped around each. Shrugging, he glances at the panda, says: "Here. Catch," and then throws the single kunai back at it.

COMBATSYS: P4N-D4 fails to interrupt Thrown Object from Frei with Crippling Stomp.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Frei             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0       [E] P4N-D4

The machine lurches towards Frei dangerously, even as its gauntlet whirls back around and closes. You see, those kunai that Frei manages to deflect so neatly, the moment he manages to get ahold of one, are actually part of a sensory jutsu. It's less trying to attack Frei with the hailstorm of knives as it is trying to paint him with a portion of chi. One could presuppose that it's trying to see his movements in better resolution. Fortunately a minimum of blades landed on Frei's body. Luckily the engine doesn't much understand the concept of an AT field. We don't think it watches anime.

To that end, the wisdom of throwing a knife at a tank seems ill-advised at best.

As Frei flips the weapon over, and lobs it at the machine panda, it seems to have fully decided that its had enough of the sage's nonsense, and begins to stride purposefully towards him, holding its umbrella over its head in angry vengeance. Well. We say angry, but it's a panda. It always kind of looks like it's smiling. The ominous growl and violent ejection of steam notwithstanding at all. Nope.

Let's put it this way. The knife embeds itself in a wooden and brass plate, and the engine barely seems to notice. Frei, on the other hand, is going to notice when it lifts one massive paw into the air and tries to smash Frei bodily underneath it.

Luckily for him, it manages to stomp a parking meter that one of the kunai hit flat instead. It's hard to tell just how damaged its targetting capabilities are however, because to be fair, the parking meter wasn't that far from Frei's head, if you look at it from a giant panda samurai engine's viewpoint...

Frei himself doesn't turn away from the Pan-dam. He does look right at it, stance expressing curiosity more than anything else. He's seen what Kagero's technology is capable of, and somehow this seems... a little under spec. "Maybe it's a distra--"

That sentence is cut off by the panda's giant paw slamming into the ground... nearby? Or something like it. Frei himself doesn't appear to move, even as debris is knocked clear (flowing, interestingly, around him, though a stray manhole cover takes out a rent-a-cop) and the blowback wind of the impact briefly sets his hair and the long hem of his shirt aflutter. "--ction," he finishes, sounding puzzled.


"Okay. If you are a distraction, that means someone somewhere else is probably in danger, so I better not screw around here too much longer." Bringing his arms over his head, Frei lets out a sudden sharp yell, then snaps them down to his sides, hands balled into fists. The air around him explodes to life as he gathers ambient chi around him, preparing to deliver one final strike to this... bizarre karakuri panda.

"I just want you to know," he says to the thing, being totally serious, "you're endangered and I think it's reckless to assault human beings instead of submitting to a breeding program."

COMBATSYS: Frei gathers his will.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frei             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1       [E] P4N-D4


The machine turns slightly. It's actually, if you look at it in a bizarre Picasso-esque kind of a way, standing in a rough mockup of the monk's iron horse stance, its positioning supported by unfolding struts on the insides of its knees. One thing to realize is--it's close. Really really close. Another idea to become in-sync with is the idea that it's big. Really really big. It can stomp a parking meter and still be close by, even though you might not necessarily not even be standing near one. Think about that for a second.

The spotlight in its chest flashes on momentarily, shining on Frei as the machine closes its parasol and puts it away with a mechanized groan and several clunks that sound as if something is loose inside the machine, or someone threw a brick into a washing machine. It seems to sense Frei's chi. It draws the steel-edged folding fan at its hip, which was crossed with the sheath to its single sword. Understand that this thing looks a little small in the hands of a giant mechanized panda, as if it wasn't really 'built' for it, but would be a somewhat large fan for anyone else. A small adapter clamp mechanism has been added to the fan, presumably to allow the panda engine to manipulate it. When engaged, the clockwork mechanism unfurls the fan, covering the engine of destruction's friendly panda face and...

You could swear it looks rather coquetteish in that exact moment.

A moment later, it waves the fan in a bright flash.

The fan, adorned with pretty magatama designs, seems to react when swung, seals along its edges lighting up, and suddenly the panda engine is not just waving a fan, it is waving full-fledged arcs of deadly fire at Frei, trailing off of the damn fan. Between the rockets, the knives, the giant sword, and now flame throwers, it does assert the notion that if nothing else, the panda engine is one hell of a distraction.

COMBATSYS: Frei endures P4N-D4's Blazing Wave.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Frei             1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1       [E] P4N-D4

Fire. Hmmm. And it comes from a fan. "This is very Daitarn-3," the chi sage says conversationally, bracing himself for what's to come. He has an idea. Frankly, this has even been somewhat fun, though he's worried that taking a cavalier attitude toward it all at this point is going to get someone killed. "Focus, right, focus..." he mutters to himself. A hand comes down to his side, gripping tightly the carved 'hilt' of the bokken he wears across his back, belt loops an impromptu scabbard.

He pauses. "I'm in a universe were I *think* a ninja-made clockwork chi-powered panda just winked at me, over a fan," Frei says out loud.

In such a universe, caution is pointless.

He walks *into the fire*.

And calmly out the other side. Singed, sure, but it's going to take a lot, lot worse than that to put down the notoriously resilient Frei. He looks up at the panda, assuming a battoujutsu pose. Light of purest white and darkest purple-black swirl around the blade, before Frei shouts "Ittou ryoudan!" and appears to draw the sword in one lightning-fast flash...

COMBATSYS: Frei successfully hits P4N-D4 with Ashura Ressenjin EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Frei             0/-------/-------|=======\======-\1       [E] P4N-D4

...and nothing happens. You're left with Frei holding the glowing wooden blade with both hands, having apparently slashed SOMETHING even if it was too fast to be seen with the eye.

He suddenly stands up, bringing the blade up.

"Article 1 of the Gundam Fight International Regulations," he says, perfectly calmly, as if this made sense to everyone listening. "A unit whose head section has been destroyed..."

He then turns around, AWAY from the panda, and slips the bokken back into place. Once he finishes doing so, a slash wave of epic proportions cuts through the air around the giant karakuri panda's neck region. To finish the quote, Frei says, evenly, "...is disqualified."


The panda engine steps back a moment, apparently shocked as Frei attacks too quickly for its sensory seals to track. What follows is the closest approximation to confusion a machine that does not think can acheive: The panda enginer performs a self-test.

Ablative actuators twist. Armor intact.

Limbs rotate. Joints intact.

Seals charge. Array OK.

Boilers filling...

Steam escapes from the rubber mesh at the seams of the engine's neck. Splitting its chestplates open to expose its large (oil?) bag, it gives one mighty pound in an attempt to right the wayward system. Clamps engage at the edges of the machine's neck in an attempt to reinforce already-severed strutwork. Its chestplates shut again as the machine steps away from Frei, its jaw slacking open, despite emergency clamping. Dropping its fan somewhat absentmindedly, the machien attempts to manually shut its mouth... only to find its hat tumbles off. Then the rest of its head, held in the machine's massive paw by its jaw. It groans, moving slightly as it drops the thing, which settles to eerily stare at Frei.

Dropping its head, the machine's plating reconfigures into a linking system as it goes to one knee, crackling... and then it folds into a ball, slowly tumbling away, driven more by 'whichever way is downhill' than any actual locomotion on its part. It leaves its fan and--somewhat gorily--its head on the field, energy crackling off of the pool of lubricants drizzling out from its neck. The jaw, no longer secured by anything, is hanging open.

Yeah, funny thing about that mouth. A large, highly polished, gunmetal grey sphere tumbles out of it, slowly coming to a stop at Frei's feet.

There's a seal in the back of the panda's throat.


The surface of the sphere?


The bear's head unleashes a //HUGE// conflagration of flame across the street, charring the concrete black and setting cars and oil puddles, and fountains and parking meters and probably even the water on fire. A curtain of fire extends across the way.

And /then/ the bomb explodes.

COMBATSYS: P4N-D4 has suffered catastrophic damage and fallen offline.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Frei             0/-------/-------|

P4N-D4 drops Fire Wave.

COMBATSYS: P4N-D4 successfully hits Frei with Katon - Goukakyuu 2010.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Frei             0/-------/-======|

Right. It's Japanese but it's not exactly common everyday household Japanese. Frei squints at the Couldn't Be Anything But A Bomb and skims the kanji. 'Bakudan' is easy. It's a bomb. That's what 'bakudan' means. It's a bomb. "Well," he says aloud. "'ka' is fire and 'ton' is rele--"

BOOM. Twice.

The onlookers are certain that Frei is dead. A few even get a little teary-eyed; the man was a total stranger (in every sense of the word) but he stepped in to defend them against something that made even less sense, and at the last second when it appeared he had won their safety, a cataclysmic hell of flame was loosed on Earth, incinerating him so fully that there didn't even appear to be remains left.

Long moments pass. In the cinematic mind's eye, sad slow music plays over a slow-motion montage of the security people slowly getting up and getting things back tog--

From the apartment building across the street, there is the very loud sound of someone stomping down a stairwell at high speed. At the bottom of the building, a highly scorched door just barely hanging on is suddenly thrown open, before the hinge gives up and it clatters to the ground.

Half of one pants leg is totally gone and there are obvious torn or charred patches missing in his shirt. His eyebrows are going to take a while to grow back. The wooden sword is *totally unharmed*. And with an imperious look, Frei glances at the carnage that has ensued, and says "Oh _yeah_? What _else_ you got?!"

There's a brief moment of silence before a fire hydrant across the street explodes from pressure building underground thanks to sudden boiling, and the area is doused in a gentle rain.

The sage stares down the inactive panda mech for a moment.

"Eats, shoots, and leaves," Frei says, with a stupid grin. "Heh."

COMBATSYS: Frei has ended the fight here.

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