Neo League 851 - #867: Crimson Viper vs Adon

Description: Intrigued after hearing Cammy's description of her fight with Adon, Crimson Viper decides to test out the Muay Thai Jaguar herself. She doesn't fare any better than the Zero Doll, but having fought two of Shadaloo's finest, Adon's interest may have been piqued... ( Winner: Adon )


Adon screams, circling the locker like a starving lion in his cage. In his hand was a piece of white construction paper, framed in what seemed like gold paint. Upon it, was small certificate, praising someone by the name of Adun for being the champion of the Neo-League. Needless to say, when the Emperor of Muay Thai received the trophy for his epic victory, he expected something far more... dignified.

For a second, the emperor stops his pacing, and in that time, the crew A handmaiden adjusts the Emperor's circlets on his wrists, as two of his Muay Thai warriors struggled to bind their leader's hands. A flunkie, limp armed and short in stature, bows his head low as the orders complete themselves. "Now HURRY UP! Who is this WHORE of a WOMAN who DARES to CHALLENGE the great EMPEROR of MUAY THAI. Neo-League. FEH! WOMEN! All I have faced are WOMEN!"

Yes, he is including Vyle in that mix.

The site of the fight, of course, was the Adon Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally a temple dedicated to Budda, the Emperor had the place gutted and turned into a massive arena, a perfect setting for Muay Thai matches. The stands were filled, stacked high around a single fighting square, lined with thick hemp ropes. On each side were passages underneath the stands, leading to a wide range of locker rooms, offices, and other maintenance sites. As Adon preparations were completed, he began to stride out of the room, jerking hard on the bindings still in his assistants hands. Snapping them free, he personally tucks them in. A sneer spread across his face as he approached out of the locker room and to the main square.

Who was this C.Viper?

Her conversation with Cammy had been so very enlightening. Viper hasn't met Sagat in person, not quite yet; however, what she knows of the former Emperor of Muay Thai suggests that he's not the right kind of crazy insane to really be mixed up with Shadaloo. He is brutal, yes, and phenomenally powerful... but there is, in all the data at her fingertips, a picture of a man who has his own sense of honor. It's got to be all that bushido nonsense that the red-haired secret agent has no truck with herself but recognizes as keeping otherwise power-hungry nutjobs from becoming complete megalomaniacal losers.

Like this jerk.

So she called him out. Maya-san isn't exactly confident she's going to walk away a winner; anyone who's capable of giving the Zero Doll an even fight has to have some degree of real skill and strength. Viper is well aware of the capabilities of Vega's most favored servant. But somehow, Cammy's description of their last fight -- particularly Adon's treatment of innocent women -- really made Viper want to fight him herself. The woman's job as 'tester' of the S.I.N. battlesuit project means that participation in the official fighting circuits is technically her responsibility, after all.

It really helps if you can find a way to enjoy your job, though.

The red-haired bombshell has been in the stands, up until now. When Adon appears, though, she sees this as her cue, standing up and jumping into the squared circle to land with catlike grace, unfolding upwards from the crouch of her landing with the alluring grace of a woman who knows she's terribly sexy and doesn't have a problem with letting other people know, either.

"Ah, wonderful," the woman says, pulling a pair of black gloves with glinting silver across the back onto her hands. The silver leads on the suit's special gloves spark, briefly, with blue-white electricity. "The runner-up has arrived."

ed-headed bombshell? Well, with legs as well toned as that, it is hard to be anything else.

Oh, you meant C.Viper!

Well, the other highly attractive red-haired fighter was a bit distracted, the certificate from Ken Masters still in his hand. Adon's furious charge from the depths of the lockers is met with an eruption of cheers from the stands. Initially blinded by his fury, he glared up, staring right into the ring where a certain middle-aged madam stood, looking down on a little man like the Jaguar. And suddenly, the sneer turns into a pure, toothy grin.

"What is THIS!? I was TOLD I was to battle a FIGHTER, not some CARD GIRL!" The Emperor screams, the award still held tightly in his hand as he swung his arms open, staring at the woman from stem to stern, unraveling her beauty with coarse, greedy eyes. "First Maki, then Cammy, and now -THIS???-" He exclaims as he grips the ropes of the ring, flipping himself over with an effortless push. "Tell me, is the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI not LUCKY? I SAID. IS I, ADON, THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI, NOT LUCKY?!?!"

The screams from the crowd answer Adon's question promptly, the Emperor rotating, basking in the glory. And yet, despite his pride, he kept the tiny, insignificant award. The judges for the Neo-League Match approach the sidelines of the ring, multiple judges being sent after the... unusual circumstances of Adon's last several victories. The Emperor himself didn't seem to care. After taking another juicy glance at the frame of the one C.Viper, he raised the award up eye-level, grinning like a cat.

"So, WOMAN. You are HERE to face the CHAMPION." The Emperor began. Apparently, short of checking her out to insure that she did in fact hold the Ts and the As, Adon neither listened to her nor noticed that glimmer of electrical current. "The CHAMPION, may I remind you, of not only MUAY THAI, but of the KEN MASTERS NEO-LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP, the VERY ONE that you are COMPETING IN NOW. And yet, despite my GLORIOUS victory, I, the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI, was given nothing but a MEAGER TOKEN. That is RIGHT!" Adon continues, turning his back to C.Viper and to the crowd, holding the award up high. "NOTHING but a SCRAP of PAPER as a SYMBOL of our MUAY THAI might. No WEALTH to GIVE to the PEOPLE of THAILAND. No STATUES of HONOR for the PEOPLE of THAILAND. JUST a SIMPLE piece of PAPER... for one ADUN. A-DUUUUUUUN!"

Still facing away from C.Viper, the Emperor tears the paper in half, and then into quarters. "And THIS is what I THINK OF YOU, KEN MASTERS! I REJECT your INSULT! I REJECT IT!" Yes, grandstanding. The crowd eats it up, roaring in a combination of cheers and jeers. The judges roll their eyes, and motion towards C.Viper. Yeah, they are calling the match open. Cheating? Maybe.

But it was the least Adon deserved.

All Maya does, during Adon's grandstanding, is cross her arms over her chest and watch with amused sangfroid. She had wondered if there might be the teensiest bit of a chance that the Muay Thai champion was merely drunk with power or fame when he fought Cammy before, and that he might be slightly less insane in person. Sadly, he is not. In fact, he's even more fun. But she doesn't get emotional, and she doesn't start shouting back. The crowd doesn't find this very fun at all; in fact, a few are jeering the red-haired S.I.N. superstar for not engaging in the same sort of WWE-style grandstanding that seems to be Adon's trademark.

She does, however, mouth the words 'card girl' with a vaguely confused expression... mostly because she does not have even the remotest idea what the hell it means.

Eventually, however, even Viper's detached bemused patience reaches its limit. Thankfully, this happens at roughly the same time that Adon turns his back on her, and the officials give her an exasperated look that signals the start of the match. The sad thing is just how *long* it goes on; Viper has time to uncross her arms, shake them out, and loosen up a bit, dropping into the vaguely boxer-ish stance that she usually adopts, gloved hands balled into fists. An honorable fighter would probably give some warning, throw out a jibe, something.

Maya's not exactly an honorable fighter.

Instead, she kicks off the grounds, a quick burst of white from the jet-powered heels of her suit's boots propelling her quite literally across the ground without her even taking a step. Crackling with electricity, one fist is extended, looking to taserpunch the 'Emperor' of Muay Thai right in the mush. Whether he turns to notice it or not.

"Hey," Viper adds nonchalantly, as all this goes down. "Shut up."

COMBATSYS: C.Viper has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
C.Viper          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
C.Viper          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

COMBATSYS: Adon dodges C.Viper's Thunder Knuckle.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
C.Viper          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

Insanity? No, Adon wasn't exactly insane. He was awfully close, though. Being in the center of attention, getting fame and fortune, beating people to prove himself superior, all were central to the Emperor of Muay Thai. Of course, the title of Emperor was not something he took lightly. Amongst the fame, the fortune, the ego... there was the deep rooted love of Muay Thai. Of course, he didn't care at the moment. He was raising his arms up high, positioning his hands to clutch the worship from the audience. He only drops them slightly... when he senses something behind him.

The crackle was the warning.

Adon glances over his shoulder, eyebrows raised slightly. He only gets a moment to catch the female rocketing towards him. That woman. The one C. Viper... He wondered what the C. stood for. Country Viper? Canadian Viper? At this point, it was most likely COWARDLY Viper. The Emperor snarls a smile, his body drawing inwards. As the punch fires forward, Adon backflips through the air. As he moonsaults, he feels the graze of the current reach for him, trying to singe his skin.

He lands on both legs, brow furrowed, teeth bared in a twisted grin. "So the WOMAN has TRICKS!" Before he can even regain his balance, the Emperor forces himself forward. Like the agent of SIN, he was rocketing forward. Unlike her, he had no need for mechanical assistance. With the ring rattling with each pound of his feet, Adon pounces, screaming at the top of his lungs. "No, TOOLS. I, ADON, the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI, a LIVING GOD of the SACRED MARTIAL ART, am AMUSED!" Driving an arm back, he leaps through the air, attempting to catch Crimson Viper with a punch- No. His arm shoots up, his opposing arm reaching forward. He was angling his arm, preparing to drop not a punch, but an elbow. Should he make contact with the girl, he would simply smash his elbow down upon her beautiful hair, trying to crack her skull open. Adon considered it an act of kindness, really.

The blood wouldn't show up in her hair, after all.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits C.Viper with Strong Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
C.Viper          0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0             Adon

Well, apparently he actually has some skill to back it up after all. Of course, it's not to her own benefit that Viper finds this out. That particular attack left her unfortunately overextended, so that even as she skids to a stop she's too slow on reversing course. Just because you can see it coming doesn't mean you can do much about it, though to her credit the S.I.N. agent slams one foot into the ground and attempts to hurl herself back even as Adon throws out his counterstrike. Unfortunately, she doesn't quite get it in time, and takes an elbow to the top of the head for her trouble. Sadly for Adon, it's going to take a hell of a lot more than that to make her bleed.

The woman smirks as she slides backwards across the ring floor, then straightens up and pulls at the cuffs of her suit jacket, giving Adon a disdainful expression. It's taking everything she has not to roll her eyes and bring up one hand, opening and closing it in the universal sign for 'blah blah blah'. "Do you have some sort of a hearing problem?" she asks, innocently. "I mean, with the shouting. Is it tinitis?" She sounds perfectly conversational, right up to the point that she dives in, looking to grab Adon by, of all things, his bright rainbow-colored armband... well, and his bicep. If she can get a grip, she yanks the Muay Thai fighter forward into her waiting knee, attempting to drive it right into his stomach.

COMBATSYS: Adon endures C.Viper's Combo Grapple.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
C.Viper          0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0             Adon

The impact from a pure Muay Thai elbow IS something the average fighter has trouble standing up against on normal terms. In that sense, Crimson Viper was quite a credit to her organization. Of course, Adon wasn't exactly expecting her to remain standing. As he lands on both feet, he is off-balance. Charging madly, of course, tended to do that. Of course, the woman mocks Adon... for his loud nature. The Emperor cackled a bit to himself. No one every enjoyed his lovely, passionate voice.

Then, his laughter is cut short.

The Viper lashes out, and sinks her fangs into his arm. With a smooth, gentle jerk, he feels her long lovely leg right into his gut. Adon's eyes bug out for a moment, shuddering from the impact.

And then, he lashes out his free arm.

The Crimson Viper doesn't have a great deal of time to get out of the way. Sneering, Adon attempts to grab her from below, snatching her by the joint of the shoulder and the arm. If successful, he will jerk her backward, jarring her off him. If successful, he will return fire, instead of tearing her down on his own knee, he would simply rocket his own knee up... with a little pillow talk to his own opponent.

"-MY- turn."

COMBATSYS: C.Viper blocks Adon's Jaguar Slam.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
C.Viper          0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0             Adon

Fool me once, shame on me, as the saying goes. Her attempt to grab Adon lands a little *too* easily, especially considering the awkward way in which she was grabbing for him in the first place. Instantly, combat scenarios play themselves out in her mind. She might not have the instant calculation abilities of the Dolls, for example; what she does have over such mass-produced tools is experience, however, especially in dealing with certain types of personalities. A fighter like Adon wouldn't think much of her ability to hurt him, and being in very close range would put him in optimal position to really make her pay for it. In short: the probability he walked into that strike is pretty damn high.

So she compensates smoothly; even as her knee retracts her eyes are dropping, expecting the Jaguar to strike from below and her expectation isn't betrayed. She can't do much about the grab, and actually she doesn't much want to, either; Adon throws the Shadaloo double agent off him without much effort. However, he may be dismayed to find his attacking knee blunted; her glove crackling with power as the kinetic force generators spin up, Viper slams her hand down on to the top of Adon's knee. It's not enough to really hurt the Jaguar, but it IS enough to keep him from doing considerably worse damage.

Spinning back away from him, the redhead just keeps watch on her opponent for now. Information is going to be her ally in this battle, not brute force. Information and tactics... things she doesn't think Adon is strong in right this moment. She may be behind, but she's not out by a long shot. "Sorry," she adds with a shrug. "Not my type."

COMBATSYS: C.Viper focuses on her next action.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
C.Viper          0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0             Adon

Adon was pretty straight forward in his tactics and strategies... at first glance. Muay Thai was fairly simple: Hit Hard, hit fast, and use eight limbs to strike with. Of course, when the Emperor was involved, he found a great deal of creativity in what one can do with the martial art.

Viper was correct in thinking Adon walked into that. He didn't think he could dodge, and he knew he could have blocked. But no. He wanted to feel her strike him; to know how powerful she was. And she passed, to say the least. His abdomen still cringing from the impact, though the Emperor's face doesn't read this. The crackling power was.. interesting. Adon's eyes flared as she drew back, awaiting for his follow up... reading him.

And then, she banters.

"Do not FRET, SEE VIPER." The Emperor counters, stomping towards the standing maiden with eyes flaring. "For ALL women are of the TYPE for the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI. You, however, are MORE FAVORABLE than MOST, with your STRONG HIPS for BIRTHING and how your BOSOM overflows from your CHEST!" Adon licks his lips before tossing his head back, releasing a high-pitched peal of laughter. "KYEE HAA HAA HAAAAA!"

Adon leaps backwards through the air, back flipping in a low towards a corner post. As his aerial tumble leaves him on top of the post, his form snaps down low, telegraphing a pounce. With Viper watching, it seemed that he was showing off, being overly loud with his actions. Leaping from the post, he rockets right straight for the red-haired woman, leading with a single leg. Closing in, the flying kick attempts to sweep her off her feet, bowling her right into the ropes... or the post. And in case she didn't realize she was being attacked, he screams the attack's name at the top of his lungs.


COMBATSYS: C.Viper interrupts Jaguar Tooth from Adon with Seismic Sledge.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
C.Viper          0/-------/----===|=======\==-----\1             Adon

You couldn't call her a feminist, per se. Someone who's knowledgable about such things would call her 'post-feminist', perhaps. But absolutely one of the things that drew Maya to this fight was Adon's treatment of the 'ring girls' in his fight with Cammy. It's not as if the redhead was going to punish him in the name of all women; that's not her style. But Adon's impromptu and lascivious description of her body just cements even more that this part of her job is absolutely a perk. And in her own way, the redhead knows: she's got him right where she wants him.

It's simple to strike a sexy pose, turning her head and body to one side and putting one hand behind her back, gesturing with the other in a come hither sort of way. "Oh, you sweet talker," she says with a smirk, a mocking tone filling her voice. "You want to touch this? Then come on." Of course, what she's REALLY doing behind her back is slowly building up the kinetic force generators in that glove. The technology of the battlesuit is quite unique; it draws on ambient energy and converts it into raw force, both kinetic and electric. In this case, what she's HOPING for is going to take a little build up. In any other situation, it would probably be too noticeable.

Now? Well.

Viper doesn't move as Adon hurtles at her. He even names his attack for her, which is terribly nice of him. However, as that powerful leaping kick drives toward her, Viper goes from unmoving to a sudden flurry of motion, flowing forward with the arm she was hiding behind her back. The gloved fist glows with a faint yellow light... and a glow like heat shimmer. There's a grunt from Viper as the start of Adon's kick strikes her shoulder... and connects, even now, with a force almost equal to the strike she took head-on earlier. However, before the kick can be followed through entirely, Viper literally knocks Adon out of the air, slamming him to the ground with that kinetic-charged fist... before letting the charge dissipate.

The result is a massive explosion, kicking dust into the air in a huge burst and blowing a crater into the ground inside the ring.

When the smoke clears, Viper is standing and straightening her tie.

The term Viper was looking for was 'humanitarian.' Smiting Adon wasn't just an act to benefit the fairer sex, but every man, woman and child. The Emperor did not see the weapon, nor the charging. By the time he closes in, he manages to connect, smashes his foot on contact. But then, there is a funny smell, a strange sound. The crackling and the scent of ozone envelops him. "What THE-"

And the next second or two blacks out from the Emperor's memory.

The smell of roasted peanuts and pulled pork fill the ring as Adon lies in the crater, sizzling lightly. His senses were knocked for a loop, his nerves fried. In the haze of the smoke, though, he had a single thought.

She struck the God of Muay Thai.

Rising up was difficult, a painful effort with every move. Burns spiderwebbed his body, centered on a single black, red, and brown mark dead on his chest. But there was something driving him, a flash of pure rage consuming him. The Viper bit him, and he wanted blood for that. Through the smoke, he picked up speed, charging before breaking into a leap.

When the smoke clears, Adon is sailing across the ring, aiming a flying knee right between the eyes of the one Crimson Viper.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits C.Viper with Medium Kick.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
C.Viper          0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1             Adon

Oh, dear. It looks like she's made him mad.

Taking him too lightly would be a mistake, and perhaps for a second the woman with the reputation as 'Miss Perfect' slips a tiny bit. It was, she won't deny it, emotionally satisfying to really, really give Adon a whallop of the first order, that much is absolutely true. It's not that she takes her eyes off him, but perhaps the lingering glow of landing that hit makes her less cautious than she would normally be. The *best* thing to do would have been to play it safe; take a defensive stance, be wary of Adon's followup. Sadly, she does not do this; the red-haired agent takes a really, really strong blow to the head that sends her reeling into the ropes.

For a second, the S.I.N. superstar hangs on those ropes, leaning back, before her whole body slumps forward and she steps off them, straightening. That stung. But damned if she's going to let Adon know it, and indeed, the look of disdainful amusement comes back on her face. She doesn't attack; instead, Viper brushes off her suit and smiles faintly. "Feel better?" she asks, all feigned innocence.

COMBATSYS: C.Viper gains composure.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
C.Viper          0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1             Adon

Adon -does- feel better.

Not that it will play in Viper's favor. Adon's flying knee strikes solidly, using the cover of the smoke to ambush her. If he could, he would have latched on, and just tear her ears off. However, there was the little fact of turning into a human easy-bake oven. Dropping down on both legs, he staggers. Almost stumbling to his knees, he digs his heels down... and grins.

"WOMEN." The Emperor begins, a bright aura of orange energy flaring around his body. "All women are WORTHLESS, YOU especially. You don't even FIGHT. You just PLAY with these TOYS, these TOYS that you BRING to battle. TELL ME, who gave you these DEVICES? DADDY dearest?"

"No MATTER." The Emperor asides, stepping towards the Viper, with both arms dangling at his sides. "You... YOU... You will LEARN how the MEN fight HERE in the NEO-LEAGUE. No. How a CHAMPION fights. A TRUE GOD of MUAY THAI!" Adon picks up speed, charging the woman into a blur. "And YOU! YOU! VIPER... YOU will be KNEELING to I, ADON....


The Emperor explodes forward, leading his right arm forward with a straight punch right for her neck...

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits C.Viper with Jaguar Thousand.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
C.Viper          1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0             Adon

And doesn't stop. His arms turn into a manic blur as he unleashes the wrath of the eight limbs. Swinging his legs and arms, he unleashes impacts with shins, elbows, feet, fists, knees, and even the arms themselves. He was driving Viper backwards, smashing her right into the ropes. Once he has her there... He will just lean back, unleashing a simple frenzy of straight punches, all from the right arm.

Of course, smiling the entire time.

Does she take the hits? Sure she does. That attack is quite fast and Adon seems determined to pour on extra speed to make sure it lands. Viper braces herself before it, but there's not a lot she can do about it entirely. The fists are just in too many places at once, and the blistering assault forces her back, and back, and back again, hitting her quite hard enough to finish up this fight. But... kneel?

Death first.

When she rises for one last assault on the Muay Thai Jaguar, Viper is smiling too. One hand comes up, and the gloved fist starts to glow with a blistering aura of electricity. "Interesting," she murmurs, glancing at Adon. "I kind of expected Captain Cyclops' whipping bitch to hit a little harder."

Then she's diving across the distance between them. It's not a massive amount of strikes; in fact, Viper -- slowed by injury, somewhat -- nonetheless lashes out with a punch to Adon's face with incredible speed, two white bursts from her heels indicating the jet boots at work. The first punch is followed up by a second cross with her left hand, and then a rising kick, Charlie and Guile-style, the heel of her boot emitting streamers of orange-red fire. Not that sissy chi stuff, but actual burning flame.

Afterwards, however, she steps backwards toward the edge of the ring, putting a hand on the ropes to steady herself. Lose to Adon? She can handle that. But she'll kneel to him approximately never.

COMBATSYS: C.Viper can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Adon             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Adon blocks C.Viper's Emergency Combination.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Adon             0/-------/------=|

The frantic storm of punches die down, leaving Crimson Viper staggering back. Adon felt it. She was down. Her body was giving in. With a smug look, he turns up his nose. "Jag-GA." The Emperor mulls hotly, a Grinch-like grin warping around his face. But then, she rises up. The grin does not fade when the fist glows with a rich electric storm... but by the time the attack comes, Adon's smile is long gone.

Adon's face turns deathly grim, his eyes flaring with merticulous attention. Her technology, while mocked early, DID make her quite dangerous to Adon's eyes. As Viper rockets in, the Emperor's feet dig in, his body tensing up with a single, strong flex. The first punch is deflected, met with a sweep of his left arm. The left is met with a direct on block, hammering his arm with a solid smash. The most dangerous blow, however, was the backflip kick. Adon steps back, crossing his arms in front of him. Unable to dodge, he simply takes the blast of fire across his arms, burning them terribly. The iron form of Muay Thai, while good against physical blows, are not so sharp against raw fire. Yet Adon stands, unbroken, undefeated once again. For most fights, this would be a time for gloating.

But Adon was distracted.

Captain Cyclops? The name slowly dawns on it in it's meaning. Cammy was Shadaloo. Vyle... Vyle wasn't Shadaloo... or was he? The image of fighting him on the outskirts of the Southtown return to him. And now... this woman. He approaches slowly, gripping his well-burned arm. He stares at Viper, his eyes burning with a strange light... of fear? Paranoia? He stops short, looking down at Crimson Viper. And softly, he speaks, growling in a brief moment of no screams, no arrogant cackles.

"Who are you with...?"

What IS that sound?

It's like a lawnmower, at first. Maybe someone with a riding mower taking care of a lawn outside? Adon only gets to look 'down' at Viper for a very short time; she might not be capable of fighting anymore, but in the end she's not that badly hurt. This fight was valuable data... and it interests her, at least, to see how it is that Cammy lost against him. The Muay Thai Jaguar has certinaly honed his body to a weapon of impressive power, this much is clear. Adon's question, for a moment, is ignored just long enough for Viper's hand to come up, a flip phone mysteriously appearing in it, which she snaps open. "It's me. Time to go."

That is when the sound gets louder... and louder... and finally is a ridiculously sharp *WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH* sound. At least now, the reason why is clear: an unmarked, sleek black helicopter -- very much of military make -- heads down toward the arena, hovering over it, kicking the dirt into a tornado that scours the skin and stings the eyes. Through it, Viper smiles at Adon even as a rescue cable falls out of the helicopter for her to grab on to. Well, now his interest is piqued, so it's time to call it a day.

Gripping the rescue rope, she shrugs. "Oh, I'm just a contractor," she says sweetly. "Take care, 'Temp'eror of Muay Thai."

With that, the helicopter starts to lift up out of range, taking Viper with it.

Adon's eyes lock on Crimson Viper's, the judges of the Neo-League collecting to make their judgement. He does not break away when the audience erupts into cheers at the announcement of the victor. Only when the sound of a rotor reaches his ears does he break away. He knew that sound. Helicopters. More pieces of the puzzle fall into place. He remembered helicopters with the fight with Cammy, helicopters that scooped her up and took her away.

The Emperor looks up, eyes narrowed. Soon, the helicopter drops into sight, bringing a storm of sand and debris. The judges scatter, the audience recoiling. Adon himself forces his eyes shut, the dirt being too much. Blinded for a moment, he turn back around to where Viper once stood. Quickly, with hands balled into fists, he looks up to where Viper was now. He listens to her mockery, her parting shot to the man. As she faded from the distance, the crowd roared, the excitement of the match too much for them. But Adon was not amused. He suspected something quite sinister. Coldly, he muttered to himself, a dark shadow coming over his heart.

"... Shadaloo."

COMBATSYS: Adon has ended the fight here.

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