LLK Act IV.Fin - Fin : A Celebration of Good Will

Description: In the wake of his victory in the Neo-League, Adon throws a party up in a bathhouse in northern Japan. Fueling his already overinflated ego, the Emperor holds a night of debauchery and self-assured banner waving for him. But then a surprise guest arrives on behalf of Southtown, seeking to teach Adon a lesson in honor. A surprise by the name of Andy Bogard...

Inside the Ou Mountains of the Tohoku region, the chaos of Southtown was but a distant worry. In this part of Japan, there was little concerns of the political warring between NESTaloo and the world. A popular tourist site, it still earned an influx of visitors who wished to turn a blind eye to the chaos of Southtown. More common, though, was from those who did keep both eyes on the Southtown situation from a safe distance. Businessmen, Syndicate gangsters, and a good deal of the middle class took advantage of friends and family in the hilly landscape. Some, however, mingled in with the tourists at the local resorts. After all, when up in the mountains, there were few things better than a nice, quiet spa and hotel.


And with that, Adon throws the bowl back, downing the warm sake as the rest of the crowd erupts in wild cheers. Japan was not Adon's normal stomping grounds, as he was normally situated in Thailand for his Muay Thai duties. Of course, there was little reason the leader of Muay Thai to be in Southtown, or to take part in such a minor competition such as the Neo-League. And yet, Adon pushed himself to do both. Not for glory, nor for honor. It was simply to make him look good while he beat people weaker than him into the ground. Yes, he had won the Neo-League, and proved himself a champion. He had to bribe a judge, and had to pummel quite a few useful warriors in amongst Southtown. But for him, it was worth it. The Emperor even claimed himself as a hero to Southtown. A true hero! After all, of the various people he hammered into the ground for points, some were criminals or villains. A conquering hero, and a champion to boot.

No wonder he was holding this party.

The bathhouse was loaded with a strange blend of Japanese Muay Thai disciples, other residences of nearby hotels, and (most important to Adon) women. Adon essentially forced the owners to give him the bathhouse for his 'celebration,' his return to Rome. Already, the party was well past Midnight, and was continuing to reach a peak. Adon sat in a gold-plated throne, presenting himself in a massive central pool where various women walked around, all dressed in skimpy bikinis or less. Several barrels were floating in the pool, their contents dumped into the water to give it a certain kick. Various plates and bowls were served around couches and tables, the guests of the Emperor engaging in all sorts of debauchery. In the far corner, a small DJ began playing various Thai dance hits, mixing in the occasionally energetic folk song as Adon saw fit. And yet, all stopped as the Emperor rose up to give a toast to himself. And there, Adon stood, tossing the bowl aside, it's contents drained. The lie was so pure, so wonderful, that even he could believe it. This was more than to celebrate his victory over the world.

It was to celebrate his superiority over Sagat.

"There is NO GREATER FIGHTER than I! NO GREATER HERO!" The Emperor screeches, his arms spread wide. And with it, came the applause, more drunken cheers. Nothing could ruin this party for Adon. Of course, with the league won, he would soon leave Japan, and return to Thailand. There, he would began wallowing in his titles, using it to strengthen his position over his Muay Thai empire. And just in time, too. Already, people were beginning to get... bitter about his activities in Southtown. Why wouldn't they be?

Adon cheated.

Adon, the student of Sagat. Andy Bogard was familiar with his name and his face from the World Warrior tournament, though they had never fought one another personally. Andy Bogard has been paying attention to the current developments in Southtown, but silently from the shadows. The time for Andy Bogard to reveal himself has not come yet. However, for someone who deserves a personal visit from Andy Bogard after the reprehensible things he has done Andy is willing to reveal himself.

Andy had had to climb sheer rockfaces, and ninja flip up a waterfall running up along the stream by using his chi to spread his entire weight across the entire surface of the water only to find the 'Emperor of Muai Thai' surrounding himself with opulence, and gross moral decadence. Adon must be punished. The party is going along like a house on fire until Andy strikes. The Hungry Wolf cuts the power to the Bathhouse cutting out the music and casting it into darkness. Using a Shiranui ninja technique, Andy teleports into the bathhouse in an explosion of smoke and reaches to his belt, Andy pulls a series of barbells spinning them around in his fingers before flinging them like stinging discusses, cracking heads as he dispatches the disciples of Adon in rapid succession. Then he rips a curtain down from the wall and draws kunai's ripping the curtain into pieces as he ties the ends through the kunai's making makeshift bikini's that he hurls at the ladies to cover their immodesty. The bikini's lock into place as the kunai's knot around each other around their backs.

"Adon!" Andy declares, the fierceness of his voice cutting through the chaos that's surely erupted in this blackout. "Your time has come. Put some shorts on, and stand and fight fair and square. Or be forever known as..."

The emergency lights flicker on and Andy Bogard is standing in the back of the room, as he throws off a scarlet bandana off his face and off to the side. The Hungry Wolf narrows his eyes and glares as Adon.

"...the Coward of Muai Thai."

COMBATSYS: Andy has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Andy             0/-------/-------|

The music stops cold. The lights die out. What was once cheers was now panicked chattering, interrupted by a string of screams from the women. Adon himself grimaces, his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. And then, there is the smell of smoke. Adon snarls. A fire? Damn faulty wiring. But before the cry of fire is shouted, there is the sound of metal smashing into bone and flesh. And then, splashes into the water. More screams, and more shouts as there is a mad rush to the doors. The voice that calls out to Adon causes him to snap into focus, much faster than how his mind is reacting. Swiftly adjusting his shorts and circlets, he prepared to face this... ass of an intruder. And then, the lights flicker back on.

And across the pool, Adon stares into the eyes of Andy Bogard.

His mind began to swirl, the booze slowing down the more fine mental processes. There were only three things important to Adon, at the moment. The first was that the ladies were suddenly modest. The second was that most of his guards were immediately subdued. And the third and most important one: This man did all that in the dark. He knew this man. He knew that face, that hair. And with that, Adon screams furiously, his face contorted in rage. "SO! The one JHUN HOON has COME to INTERVENE on my FESTIVES. TELL ME, has KIM gotten TIRED of such a WEAK RIVAL that he must seek to RUIN the INNOCENT PARTIES of a TRUE HERO of SOUTHTOWN? Or PERHAPS you WISH to MOOCH off the SKILLS of a CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTER?! KYAA HEEE HAAAA HAAAAW" Throwing his head back, the Emperor cackles loudly, losing his balance for a moment as he stumbled back in his throne. Standing back up, he swiftly shakes his head. "No, no. I will SEND you back to KOREA in a CEDAR BOX for this insult. YOU! JHUN! Will not leave this BATHHOUSE ALIVE!"

And with that, Adon began to work around the pool, walking with a steady pace towards the invader, a broad grin locked in his face. The occupants were well gone now, short of the unconscious guardians. But Adon wasn't doing this to prove himself and Muay Thai to a crowd. No, this was to spite the face of a man who insulted him. Coward of Muay Thai was a phrase too true for comfort.

And for that, Andy would pay.

COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Andy             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

Andy's face is a picture of absolute focus and purpose, and not even

Adon's tomfoolery can break Andy's resolve in this field of battle that they have entered into. Or Andy has entered them into. However, being mistaken for one of the sons of Kim Kapwhan is a little embarassing. Andy shifts his feet and tightens his fists, the tendons creaking as Andy gets ready to unleash pain on Adon's face.

"Jhun Hoon...?" Andy returns, the look on his face is cold. Andy looks to a nearby bucket of cold water and then back to Adon, his opponent is too drunk to fight properly but Andy knows how to sober drunkards up. "Wake up. Fool."

The left foot of Andy Bogard sweeps low, catching the handle of a bucket of ice cold water, or it'd certainly feel that way after sitting in a bath for so long, and kicking it towards Adon in a concerted attempt to break the wooden bucket against Adon's face and more importantly splash him with the water.

COMBATSYS: Andy successfully hits Adon with Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Andy             0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0             Adon

Well, Adon has certainly woken up.

As the Emperor of Muay Thai approaches Andy, he saw that he had insulted him, calling him... Kim's son? No, no, that was Jae Hoon. No, they aren't related. Yes, Korean names are weird like that. Poor Jhun, nobody actually knows who he is. Anyways, Adon does show signs of being quite drunk, a small swagger as his approaches. When Andy sweeps low, Adon just leaps up, trying to simply avoid what he thought was a low kick. But when the kick goes up with the bucket, it clips the Emperor right in the skull, throwing him off-balance...

And into the pool.

Cracking his head on the bottom, he rises up in a sputter. Coughing loudly, he scrambles back to the edge of the pool. He was well alert now, his mind focused furiously at the invader. Eyes burning, his jaw tightened. "Thank you, FRIEND, for CLEARING my HEAD!" Flipping himself around and over the edge of the pool, he rockets himself forward from the dismount, leg first. "ALLOW ME to return the FAVOR!"

He didn't actually pounce towards Andy as he hurls himself around towards him. His right limb was trying to smash into his own hips, attempting to bring forth the might of Muay Thai to this offense. Speed and power, unified into one.

The only regret was that Adon lost the element of surprise.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Andy with Medium Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Andy             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0             Adon

Andy Bogard is a master of the Koppou Ken style of Shiranui Ninjitsu; intense hand-to-hand combat. And his sense of honour will not allow him to simply beat the hell out of an inebriated foe, this has to be a fair fight to be a fight worth fighting for one of the Hungry Wolves.

Adon leaps forward, and swings his brutally powerful limb toward Andy, the Shiranui ninja twists his hips and prepares to leap over the attack until he takes a brief, yet sharp breath as his eyes quickly catch something odd about Adon's movement. Andy immediately shifts his tactics bringing his arm around to absorb the blow; Adon's leg crunching into Andy's guard, the power of the attack forcing Andy across the slick tiled ground. Andy hisses in pain, and his ice blue eyes narrow in on Adon and the former student of Sagat gets a taste of the legend of the Hungry Wolves. That unyielding stare, the uncompromising desire for a brutal battle.

"GOOD! Lets see you win a proper fight then!" Andy declares, if Adon was prepared for a fight against a dodgy mcninja then Adon is in for a big surprise. Andy goes immediately on the counter stepping forward and leaping up into the air, Andy Bogard ascends in a deadly flurry of spinning palm strikes.


COMBATSYS: Andy successfully hits Adon with Shouryuu Dan.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Andy             0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             Adon

Adon, unfortunately, did not place himself in the best position with his attack. As the Emperor smashed his leg against Andy's side, he just kept going around. With a twist, he landed on both feet... off-balanced. He righted his position, trying to get his footing again. But Andy's speed was playing to his favor. Already he was diving for the Jaguar, and Adon could only try to block.

Drawing his arms up, he holds strong against the first strike. But the momentum from the leap was putting on too much pressure. The Emperor of Muay Thai took several steps back... and was off-balance again. And like that, he was on the ground, the flurry of palm strikes landing squarely against his body. And his pressure points as well. The talents of a ninja was well noted now.

Adon continues to grin as he rolls aside, picking himself up. He was already significantly rattled by this strange, being on the bad end of defense. Shaking off the bruises and welts forming on his body, the Emperor again leered. "Proper fight? I don't imagine a NINJA dropping in on my FESTIVES to be PROPER! Yes, I KNOW your style, NINJA! I thought this was some STUPID MAGIC TRICK from KOREA. What is this, some ASSASSINATION? Has my VICTORY gained RIVALS?" Paranoia twinged for a moment in Adon's heart, but was quickly consumed by pride. "I WILL find out from you, NINJA! TELL ME!"


Adon shuffles his feet, advancing laterially will little sign of how he would approach. He was trying to close the distance cautiously, less blindly than before. Perking up on one foot for a moment, he stomps down. And like that, he brings his right fist around, attempting to hook it towards Andy's head. As it approached, another telegraph was sent to the ninja. His posture was shifting inwards, constricting as he slipped forward. Adon was shifting his weight around, compressing to swing his left fist up and around to meet the torso of Andy in tandem with the right hook. Two strikes being unleashed together, attempting to confuse and ultimately crush the ninja.

And all with a self-assured smile, directed straight for Andy.

COMBATSYS: Andy dodges Adon's Fierce Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Andy             0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0             Adon

Andy Bogard descends, spinning and flipping to a perfect gymnastic landing even on slick wet tiles, his heel skidding along the ground with Andy spreading his stance out wide, he slides around and stands tall crossing his arms in a defiant show of strength against corruption, "Hmph," the Hungry Wolf flicks his long blonde ponytail back over his shoulder and takes up his fighting stance and glares at Adon.

"Who sent me?" Andy Bogard asks, as Adon comes forward like a cautiously yet filled with antagonistic rage and jealous fear. Andy's eyes narrow as he studies the encroaching Muai Thai fighter, whose lighting fast movements and deadly power Andy has seen first hand many times before in Joe Higashi. Then as Adon struck, Andy twists his body as the punch comes Andy throws himself off the ground, the fist passing where Andy was as he sails over and above Adon, Andy spins around and swings his leg in a vicious axe kick as he attempts to catch Adon in the ribs and flip him over and smash him into the ground.


COMBATSYS: Adon interrupts Strong Kick from Andy with Rising Jaguar.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Andy             0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Adon

Andy does manage to catch Adon with his vicious kick. But he should have noticed how Adon seemed to... change. After his strikes missed, he suddenly got his footing, he suddenly seemed to harden. Adon, unlike Joe Higashi, lacked the playful spirit of the Muay Thai expert. No, the student of Sagat bore a warped combination of the Tiger's heartlessness in the arena with a devilish cunning that brought him the crown of Muay Thai.

When Andy spins around, Adon follows suit. His entire body hardened like steel, shifting like a great block of marble. Ducking down slightly, the Emperor leaps upwards and inwards. The inside of Andy's leg smashes into the torso of Adon, which gives them both a taste of the other. Adon feels the power and technique of the Hungry Wolf once again. But Andy feels the impact much like striking a stone wall. Adon's entire body was tensed up, stony in nature. And as he continued to pile forward... he drove his right knee hard into Andy own gut.

Carrying Andy along, Adon grin could be seen up close. And worse, his breath. Reeking of foul meat and cheap sake, he suddenly erupts in a high pitched cackle. "KYA HEE HAAAAAAAAAI!" With that, he unleashed the other knee, firing like a piston engine to separate the two. Hoping to smash Andy into the wall of the bathhouse, Adon landed with a pounce. Getting his footing quickly, he suddenly and almost passively continues his lumbering march towards Andy again.

Grinning like the devil himself.

Adon and Andy crunch one another, both fighters eating a knee or heel in the guts respectively as they flew apart, with Andy slamming into the wall uncontrollably, he safe lands into a roll propelling himself off a wall and into a crouched fighting stance. Andy coughs, Adon winded the Hungry Wolf and he was having difficulty immediately extending himself. But he would recover quickly. Andy Bogard sucked in his gut and made himself stand.

"Did you think nobody would notice your cowardly ways, Adon, what kind of victory is won through deceit?" Andy calls Adon out as his hands go wide and move slowly as Andy gathers his chi focusing it to a point before him it forms a blue ball of chi. Andy thrusts his fist forward in an instant blasting a ball of chi towards Adon.

"Hishou Ken!"

COMBATSYS: Adon blocks Andy's Hishou Ken.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Andy             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0             Adon

Cowardly ways. Adon was a coward. But a smug one. Arrogant to the core, he simply found his own ways to be superior. As Andy stood back up, Adon was almost upon him. He picked up the pace, charging forward with greater and greater speed. But then Andy had to go and unleash a wave of energy.

Smiling wide, Adon once again tensed up his body. Crossing his arms, he continued to move forward. The blue ball impacts the arms of the Muay Thai master, and with his arms formed like steel, he deflects the impact slightly. That hurt, certainly. However, Adon was more focused on closing the gap.

Which looks like he did.

Shrugging the blast aside, Adon ignored the suppressive fire portion of it. The bracing of his body did somewhat slow him down, but he would simply release the tension. And what better way of doing that than right into the face of his opponent. Uncrossing his arms, Adon released the tension inside his body with a single, powerful straight punch towards the jaw with his left arm. Smooth. Simple. But very cunning. Perhaps Adon was less of a fool than so indicated.

COMBATSYS: Andy auto-guards Adon's Medium Punch!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Andy             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0             Adon

Adon leaps forward at Andy, and the Hungry Wolf does not move to either side or even away from Adon. Andy Bogard meets the thrust of the Muai Thai warrior coming forward. Andy's arms move in a kaleidescope of motion, his left arm catches Adon's arm and the right arm completely smacks it away stealing Adon's forward momentum completely, knocking him off balance.

"HAAAAA!" Andy cries out as he defeats Adon's attack completely and launches himself forward, raising his elbow upward and bracing it with his other arm Andy charges forward in a charging-elbow-thrust, his movements blurring as Andy leaves shadows images behind him as he aims his strike towards Adon's gut.


COMBATSYS: Andy successfully hits Adon with Zan'ei Ken.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Andy             1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1             Adon

And like that, Adon's offense is reversed.

Tossed off balance, Andy is giving precious time to set up his next attack. Adon tried to keep moving with the shove, trying to evade the attack. But the Ninja's speed is too much. Adon gets a solid hit in the gut, knocking him into a nearby couch, knocking over it...

And into a frightened woman, huddling behind it.

Opportunity was there, underneath Adon. And with it, he would play it to his advantage. Baring his teeth, Adon gripped the woman by the hair. The lady screams loudly as Adon rising from behind the couch, the poor wench in hand. Haphazardly and almost clumsily, he hurls her towards Andy's feet. It wasn't to harm him physically, no. It was to have a poor, injured woman at his feet. To play off his better nature. To make him soft for when Adon leaps up in the air, dropping his leg.


His entire body burning, Adon dropped his leg towards Andy in what was the first of many attacks. Should he not be interrupted, Adon would continue with the assault, firing off a rapid series of body blows with arms, legs, elbows, knees, and even heads. As he built up more and more, he would simply ditch all pretenses and jab punches, just keep jabbing punches until he drove Andy back...

Into the pool.

COMBATSYS: Andy blocks Adon's Jaguar Thousand.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Andy             1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0             Adon

And the fight takes a dramatic turn!

The Shiranui Master's elbow strike sends Adon over a couch, the ninja's momentum immediately being transferred over into Adon's body and halting him. Andy's right palm slashes through the air forming an imaginary cross, with Andy exhaling sharply with each karate chop action, Andy's distaste for his opponent being punctuated with a "Hmph!"

Andy's eyes widen as Adon lifts a helpless, and kunai bikini'd woman, up and hurls her at Andy Bogard's feet, "Wait!" Andy calls out but for Adon there is no better nature, but simply the pure unadulterated desire to win at all costs. And Andy Bogard had to save her, and get her out of the way as Adon leaps into the air.

The Youngest Bogard knows he only has a few seconds and Adon will be on top of him, he reaches for his red sash and pulls it free in an instant throwing it at the woman. The red sash wraps around her body with suspicious firmness, as two counter weights spin around her body it becomes clear. Andy weighted the cloth at one end in order for the weight to drag her away and force her to roll over away and clear from Adon's attack. The first heel strike crashes into Andy's guard forcing him backwards as his world is filled with fists and Muai Thai fury.

"Adon!" Andy calls out as the flurry increases with Andy absorbing each painful strike in his arms as Andy is driven back further he evades by leaping backward into the pool...

BUT when his feet hit the water they do not sink, but Andy hits the water as if it were solid ground, ripples pulsing out from his feet he channels the chi visibly through his body and into the alcohol infused pool. Andy bends over as he channels the fullness of his might and the furious power of the chi sends his hari flying.

"This is a real fight! Your cowards tricks won't work on me!" Andy Bogard declares as he lifts his chi filled hands. "This is the end..."

Andy almost seems to disappear as he darts forward, his feet hitting the tiles and sliding as he immediately opens up thrust punch to Adon's ribs, the chi in Andy's hands exploding like lightning with each vicious strike at Adon's ribs as he strikes once, twice, thrice and then he lifts his right hand brimming with chi in a great ball of fury.

"YAAAAAAH! YAAAAAH! YAAAAAH! YAAAAAH!" Andy shouts with each punch, then he punches forward his hand exploding in a chi blast that is in effect a Falcon Punch chi blast. "MEEEEEEETZ!"

COMBATSYS: Adon dodges Andy's Zan'ei Ryuusei Ken.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Andy             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Adon

Adon's heartless trick failed... for the most part. His unstoppable offense is somehow rebuffed. Andy stands tall against the storm of blows, but he can't hold out forever. Already, he is so close to the water, and with that final push-

Oh, you got to be kidding.

The ninja talents almost astound the Emperor of Muay Thai. But Adon couldn't afford to be astounded. Andy was right in thinking that the only thing that Adon cared about was winning. While the offense died down, Adon kept his forward momentum going. The moment Andy comes charging in, the Emperor does not waste any time. He does a short charge, and as the first fist comes, Adon arcs his entire body as he goes into a great leap.

Unlike Andy, he could not walk on water. Instead, he clears the width of the pool, landing on the opposite side. But Andy still trails him. With the second strike, Adon ducks, weaving his body down into a crouch. Upon the third strike, the Emperor is leaping through the air again, bounding towards near wall. And as he landed into a three point landing on the far wall, the final blow is unleashed. Adon leaps from the wall as the chi blast tear through and down the wall of the bathhouse.

The building groans as Adon vaults through the air again. The panther was on the hunt now, nimbly dodging what should have been a killing blow. The Emperor was all about spite, and that was all he did really: spite Andy. As the last of the bright blue energy disappates, the Emperor hits the ceiling of the bathhouse, and leaping down from it. His foot jutting out, he aimed it squarely for the brainpan of his opponent, seeking a quick, painful reversal of fates. "JAAAAAAAGGAAAA TOOOOOTH!" He screamed, giving the ninja all the time he needed to predict how this change of fates should go.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Andy with Strong Kick.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Andy             0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0             Adon

And as Adon asks; so does he receive.

Adon's leaping counter-attack shoots him across the entire room bounding away and above the Shiranui ninjitsu master, he propels himself downward and slams into Andy's cranium, the blow is powerfully dealt and Andy's face smashes down into the tiles crunching down and throwing up dust and bloody mist. Andy's blonde hair is splayed across the wet ground and for a time he doesn't seem to move as Adon appears to have put Andy Bogard down for the count.

Or does he?

With his face firmly planted in the tiles Andy Bogard blinks out the dust and stares into a puddle staring at the reflection of Adon above him, he blinks again and narrows his eyes. With a deadly snarl, Andy springs up catching Adon at the neck, using his powerful legs to vault them both up towards the roof of the ruined bathhouse and plant Adon's head in the roof.

And then as he falls, Andy reaches for Adon's ankle with the simple intention of planting Adon's face into a fresh and unbroken section of tiles and break Adon's face.

COMBATSYS: Adon blocks Andy's Medium Throw.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Andy             0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0             Adon

And for a moment, Adon thought he had won.

The kick landed true, and the blond was turned into a wonderful work of scrape art. Bounding off the man's head, the Emperor of Muay Thai immediately broke into a peal of high pitched laughter. "BWA KYA HAA! FOOL! The GOD of MUAY THAI takes MUCH MORE than such pe- JAGGAAH?!"

In his mocking, the Emperor did not notice that Andy was still in fact conscious. Only through his own reflexes did he manage to snap his arms up, keeping the wolf from clenching down on his throat. Adon's head strikes the ceiling, rattling his brains more than they ought to, but when he is brought back down towards the tiles, he begins to fight. Struggling to break free, he deftly denies Andy his ankle. Rolling into a land, the Emperor bounds down, tiles cracking under his feet. He was beginning to feel the pains of exhaustion, as well as the pains of every part of him suffering an impact of some sort.. except his legs. To his benefit, Andy was beginning to feel the pain of defeat... and was likely only on the ropes.

It was time to play that to his favorite.

The Emperor of Muay Thai doesn't give Andy much time to recover from the fall. He is already pouncing, leaping into a vault. As he positioned himself above the Hungry Wolf, he snapped a heel up high, the foot burning with bright orange chi. Andy wasn't going to block this. He wasn't going to get away from this. With a howl, he slammed the heel downwards, attempting to spike the hero right in the skull... Right where he just kicked before.


COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Andy with Jaguar Kick.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[                           \\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Andy             1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0             Adon

Andy is denied Adon's ankle as he comes down to deal the finishing part of his throw as he manages to plant Adon's face in the roof, Andy hits the ground, panting and his face still bleeding Andy wipes the blood out of his eyes when Adon comes down at him with lightning speed. The chi imbued heel strike plows through Andy's defenses and smashes into the Shiranui warriors face and chest knocking Andy backwards, and back over his feet.

But parting is such sweet sorrow, and Andy has one last surprise for Adon. Who has simply struck harder than Andy has the strength to keep going. Andy gasps but manages to plant his arms down flat below him, groaning with the effort Andy performs a backwards cartwheel...

But this one has one hell of a difference as Andy's boot, his foot imbued with flaming chi as it rises upwards to smash Adon underneath his chin, who is lucky to not have a shirt that can be set on fire, as Andy backflip kicks with a flaming chi foot.

COMBATSYS: Andy can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Adon             0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Andy successfully hits Adon with Yami Abise Geri.

[                                <
Adon             0/-------/=======|

There was no way any world warrior could endure a direct attack to the head. Not from Adon. Not right after a previous smash. He could almost feel the skull giving away. As he lands, he just lets himself stay off balance for a moment. Closely crossing his arms, he began a low chuckle. And coldly, he spoke to rub his victory into the downed body of the younger Bogard. "It is OVER, NINJA. I, the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI, have w-"

Adon is promptly cut short by the rocketing kick to the chin. Adon's chin almost implodes upon impact, the force simply overwhelming him. As Andy goes down, so does Adon. Ironic, considering it was almost a sneak attack. Twisting to the side, he falls to the ground, his jaw slack. His eyes somehow remained open just long enough to stare at the blond ninja... and glare furiously at him. If his jaw wasn't broken, he would have hissed an epitaph for the man. Instead, he closes his eyes, vengeance burning in his black little heart.

He would get his revenge for this insult, Andy

COMBATSYS: Adon takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Adon can no longer fight.

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