LLK Act IV.Fin - Fin : Do You See What I See?

Description: Weapons shipments are supposed to have weapons. So when a weapon crate holds cheetos instead of firearms, it is up to a famous Shadaloo Doll to motivate some synergy to get rid of those Mondays. No, not Cammy. Marz. However, a certain blind woman by the name of Raoghnailt is wandering the streets, spying on the activities of Shadaloo. Can Marz finish her micromanaging to stop the red-haired cripple from, erm, watching them?

There are times when it's just easier to do things by hand.

Marz may be a Doll, but that doesn't mean that she can sit in home base all day, directing from the telephone. No, sometimes, you need to go verify facts for yourself. There are bound to be minor issues when shipping large quantities of stuff around, and, well, it just so happens that one of those has come up in a small stockpile in the middle of Chinatown. One of the lesser areas that Shadaloo only uses covertly, this place is supposed to be full of weaponry.

Instead, it is full of cheetos.

Marz is not amused by this, and has come down personally to verify the restocking process. A small jeep and several goons are busily swapping crates of cheetos for crates of guns and grenades, and the Doll is overseeing it with the kind of cold, steely gaze that implies that someone, somewhere, is going to be punished for this. Someone was going to take the fall, and it isn't going to be her.

The building itself used to be a herbal remedies shop. Needless to say, it is now empty of all those useful medicinal supplies, and the owners have long since fled. The Doll, however, can't help but be annoyed. These kind of mistakes could not be allowed to continue. If one of Shadaloo's agents had needed access to the weaponry here, and found themselves confronted with a crate full of delicious cheesy snacks, the consequences could have been dire.

Studying one of the acupuncture diagrams, she can't help but wonder... how much -should- she maim the man responsible?

"It feels like it going to rain, Seven!"
Raoghnailt exclaims loudly to the quiet woman that walked behind her. Dressed in a skirt and a white blouse, Seven was trying to keep a low profile. And she was supposed to make sure Raoghnailt kept a low profile. The brunette hisses, "Keep down, this is supposed to be a scouting..." And promptly, she shuts up. Seven knew there were spies all around. This was a dangerous part of town. Of course, she had to be caught imitating Miss Black's stony and somewhat uptight nature. Of course, she would be forced to escort 'The Seer,' in her scouting missions. She didn't even understand why Raoghnailt was used. She was spacey, unfocused, and most of all, stupid.

And who is less dangerous than a blind woman?

Tap tap tap. The red-haired woman sweeps her cane side to side as goes down the street where the building was. Raoghnailt means of stealth lies more in her presence than in keeping herself concealed. She was out on her rounds, tracking potential allies and enemies of G-Project through the use of auras. So far, it has been bunk. Only small flares of life energy concealing themselves up inside buildings or in distant corners. Tiny stars in a sea of aether. No bright pyres or even crackling storms like Kula- Or like Urien. It was why Raoghanilt was unconcerned about the worries of Seven. She was more focused on the sky above. There was a ripple in the chi flow, wave of thin water chi coursing upon great bands of wind. And with the wind, she could feel the slowly building fire in distant horizons. There was something big coming. "And thunder, too! We better hurry!" The girl pipes up in a Scottish tone. As she continued forward, she stopped.

Towards her left side was a collection of flares, grouped together tightly. Tiny flares, of normal people. One was strange though. Unusually weak, like some sort of seagull or maybe a duck. Why was there a duck in the building. "Seven... something is unusual there. Activity with several individual auras... all around something weak. Like a duck!" Raoghnailt mumbles softly as she moved her cane in front of her. Seven takes her by the elbow, and whips out a small piece of stationary.

Quickly, she puts down the address, as she was instructed to do. She wasn't told why. She just was told she had to put down the location of anything unusual Raoghnailt mentioned. Though, in this case, she would leave out the part about the duck. "Did you put down the duck part, Seven?" Raoghnailt cheerfully asks.


Say what you like about Marz, she is very perceptive. It was one of the things that made sure she was still useful, and, though her psycho power was still growing, her senses are... sharp. Especially considering the forbidding silence the Shadaloo goons are helping to maintain. The proverbial quiet before the storm, to match the growing one outside.

"Continue your work." The Doll snaps. "I'll return momentarily."

She was in a foul enough mood as it was. The idea that she might be caught off guard by the roaming do-gooders of Southtown was not a pleasant one. She leaves the goons to continue their work, though. Aware that it might, frustratingly, be necessary to remove the whole lot if the covert dump had been found. She could, also, just be paranoid. It could just be a couple of regular folk.

In which case, they are about to have a very unfortunate end.

The door to the old remedies place opens, and Marz finds herself confronted by a blind girl and her guide. The Doll bears the unmistakable uniform of a high ranking Shadaloo operative. Something that the news had made certain people feared, and, straightening up, she considers her options carefully.

"You have stumbled into a restricted area." She states, calmly. "You should leave, or I will be forced to remove you with violence. If you walk away now, then I will ensure no harm comes to you until you are outside the area."

And then, the duck is on the move. The aura which Raoghnailt is convinced is a duck move around along. Raoghnailt tilts her head, pointing at the building. "Oh! It is moving towards us!" Seven turns ashen white, unnoticed of course by Raoghnailt. And like that, Marz erupts outside. As Seven moved to hide behind Raoghnailt, she gave her a sharp poke in the back. "Ow!" Raoghnailt exclaimed, and she promptly dropped her finger from pointing at Marz. And then, Marz gives her warning. Before Seven can respond, her ward exclaims with the innocence and wonderment of a small child.

"Seven! The duck is talking to us!"

The brunette, despite all her discipline, simply facepalms. This was why they used code names. Well, at least Seven did. Mooks needed them for personal safety. She, of course, knew what a Doll uniform. As she pockets the paper in her front breastpocket, she jerks Raoghnailt back. The red-head stumbles back, and tears from her grip. Seven whispers in a panicked manner, trying to avoid provoking the Doll any further. "Lets get out of here, dear, and listen to the Doll." Raoghnailt continues to pipe up. "The duck is is a Doll?" "No, no, -dear-, she is a girl!" "Oh, so she wasn't a duck." The exasperated sigh and tugging at the dress indicates a very subtle yes to Raoghnailt. And like that, nods her head at some point to the left of Marz. "I am so sorry, we will be on our way!" Blushing slightly, pushes her hand from the cane towards Seven. The brunette takes it quickly, and almost pulls Raoghnailt off her feet. They had apparently found a Shadaloo outpost, but lost the element of concealment. Hopefully, Raoghnailt's rambling wouldn't blow their cover like it did.


Meanwhile, Raoghanilt giggles at the thought of a young lady in a duck costume.


The word is spoken so quickly, so sharply, that it cuts the air like a knife. Marz gathers her energy into her hand, a soft purple glow burning into being. She had no idea what was going on here. But. She intended to find out. Marz is not stupid. She realizes that the blind girls babbling meant one of two things. The first, and the markedly more likely one, really, is that the blind girl is insane. Probably driven mad by some sort of horrific accident in Southtown which had claimed her sight.

The second possibility, is that she has some weird senses. Senses which allowed her to pinpoint her position despite her obvious lack of sight. Marz couldn't make the leap all the way to the truth, of course, but she had no intention of letting anyone like that leave the area. Purely because, if she did, she'd be putting the operation at grave risk.

"If you do not explain precisely what is going on here, to my satisfaction, I will kill you both." It's a lie, but, it's delivered with that same clinical cold that she usually used. She wasn't going to kill anyone. She was going to subdue them and force answers out of them in a secure Shadaloo facility.

... A rare case where the truth might actually be more terrifying than the threat.

Raoghnailt bumps into Seven as the G-Project agent follows the order. Stopping in place with her consort, Raoghnailt pursed her lips. The tone was worrisome, and frankly, it bothered the woman greatly. Marz was being quite unpleasant for a duck girl. And when the death threat comes, it seems to hit Raoghnailt somewhere sensitive. Already, she was bristling a bit. Turning her head around a bit, she took note that the other, larger auras were not approaching them. As far as Raoghnailt knew, this duck girl was nothing but hot air. She was weaker than usual, and in that, she would be a perfect individual to begin the great healing. And before Raoghnailt can say a word, Seven steps in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry we've insulted you and Shadaloo, madam. I am here caretaker, Susan. R- Rachel here needs to be taken out once in a while, or e- else she goes stir crazy. She gets very loud, and she complains if she doesn't get taken outside for her walks. A- And it has been stressful, and we couldn't leave with the, uh, situation of her blindness.

Raoghnailt just frowns, adjusting her blindfold slightly. Seven took over nicely, she thought, though her tone was weak. As far as lies go, she thought it worked out. Of course, those gifted with vision could see the flaws in the assistant's performance. Her skin was clammy, her eyes shifty. She was nervous when she spoke. Of course, it could be fear, but there were proxy evidence flaws in the bluff. The unusual name of Seven. The paper. The pointing of the finger. Of course, it might be the threat of death that was making Seven so nervous.

Or it may be, as Marz suspected, that there was something more powerful hidden here than expected.

And as quickly as that, it's over.

Marz's hand whips forwards, and a little stinging orb of purple psycho power shoots out, bouncing off the ground, it strikes the unfortunate assistant directly in the forehead. The attack wasn't lethal. It was, however, more than enough to render the average person unconscious. Marz simply does not deal well with being lied to, and as skilled as she is in reading people, she knows when she is being lied to.

Her other hand is already glowing. Some small part of her feels sorry for the blind girl. Something weird was going on, here. But. It seemed more likely to her that it was the fault of the lying guide than the cripple.

"Hold still. I'll make it quick for you."

Marz's tone, the more she speaks, is... definitely off. Far too controlled, too measured. Marz is devoid of any real hatred for this poor misguided youth. Any mystery could be uncovered sooner or later... it's just that liar who had really bugged her.

Raoghnailt senses the aura of Seven dim as her form is struck down. She felt the duck move towards her partner, making the connection clear. And like that, she just stood there, her face continuing to remain that flushed red. This time, however, it was darkened. As the attention was directed to her, Raoghnailt knew what this was. Shadaloo at the purest essence. Cruelty. Evil. And in the form of a poor little girl. This girl... was warped into some sort of brat. And somehow, she struck poor Seven down. And now, she was going for her. Dropping her head towards her chest, Raoghnailt just stood there. Even as Marz's tone softened, there was a harsh whisper from the throat of the Scottish woman, like a specter in the dark. With a cold rasp, she replies in a small blast of the rage that was building in her heart.


And like that, there is a flash of light. The woman's frame is engulfed by blue-white energy, flaring like some raging fire. Slowly, Raoghnailt raises her arms upwards, raising her cane as the tendrils of energy begins to tighten more and more around her. As if some invisible hand was guiding the swirling mass of light, it suddenly draws back down, slowing down as it absorbed back into the body of Raoghnailt. Raoghnailt takes a few short steps towards Marz, drawing her cane in front of her body. The light continues to flicker and flare as the energy stretches from her hand to her seeing eye cane, which glows with the same pale chi. Her face completely blank, she finally bares her teeth.

And with a swing, she swipes the seeing eye cane towards the dim aura of the duck girl. The cane itself was little impact in terms of damage, being nothing but plastic enforced with a metallic core. The impact would be akin to being slapped with a rather sturdy branch. No, the true danger was the trail of white light that outlined the tool. Should Marz be struck by the weapon, she would find that the chi would cut to the bone, giving the cane almost a razor-like edge.

A edge swiftly tearing for the Doll's torso.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Raoghnailt       0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Marz has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marz             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0       Raoghnailt

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt successfully hits Marz with Power Strike.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marz             0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0       Raoghnailt

Now that. That was not expected.

The burn of energy is something Marz has learned, to her cost, she simply can not deal with. The slash strikes true, cleaving deep into Marz's side. Despite the dolls best efforts to avoid it, she is simply too slow, and the attack is, in a word, devastating. The blow sends the girl crashing against the wall of the alleyway, and even knocks her hat off. She is not, however, out just yet.

And she has no intention of staying down for long. Having already gathered her energy, the girl darts backwards, using her speed to the best of her ability to put some ground between herself and the blind girl who had, in a single stroke, hurt her so badly. There's no more words. Marz is trying to gauge her opponent. Blind as she is, any sound she made could only work to the enemies advantage.

And so she simply flings her hand forwards, that same burst of energy whipping out, her most well practiced and reliable move, she prays that it will hit clean... perhaps, if she was lucky, this girl would prove no more durable than her handler.

COMBATSYS: Marz successfully hits Raoghnailt with Psiball.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marz             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0       Raoghnailt

What was the figure of Marz was knocked flying away, stopping short somewhere above ground. Raoghnailt imagined that it was a wall. And then, with a shift in position, the Doll hit the ground. But then, the aura rose again, and began withdrawing. Slowly, Raoghnailt approached her, oblivious to the attack that Marz was unleashing towards her.

Suddenly, she felt something wrong.

The energy ripples through the air, and Raoghnailt visibly does not react to the Psiball. It isn't until the last second, where she seems to freeze up. Right before the Psiball makes contact, Raoghnailt makes a sudden flinch, trying to twist to the side. Her mouth was agape, uncertain to what she was reacting to exactly. When the Psiball hits her in the chest, there is a plume of purple energy as she is sent staggering backwards. She almost falls on the ground... until another flare of her own white light suddenly catches her balance. Holding her arms out gracefully, she tilts her head, and almost softly asks.

"... What was that?"

Raoghnailt has faced Psycho Energy before, though not in the manner this clearly. Nataya had used it through the form of small chi beads. Only through her final attack in that fateful fight was it clear that she had some sort of... alien force. Raoghnailt didn't even notice it until she sensed some sort of... recoil. Like if the world was recoiling from some sort of malicious force. It was when the aether withdrew into a spot of nothingness. Like some great dead spot, it charged her. And in that, Raoghnailt was curious. Very curious at what this Doll could do. And as such, the red haired experiment stood there, planting her cane right in front of her as she faced into space.

The light of her aura began to flare up slightly more aggressively.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt focuses on her next action.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marz             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0       Raoghnailt

Marz pauses for a moment. Taking in the reaction of this strange girl, her brow flickers for a moment. Alright. So. The girl was inexperienced. Still burning from the initial strike, Marz has absolutely no desire to give away her position any more than she needs to. Still not certain quite how her reactions were working, the girl backs off slowly. Carefully. Silently putting more distance between herself and the girl...

And then, suddenly, her hand whips forwards again. If the blind girl had no way of knowing what was coming in at her, she could probably just wear her down over time. It was exhausting, to keep up a constant barrage, but, if it was a choice between that, and taking another of those painful strikes...

This time, however, the orb of Psycho Power acts slightly differently. Trying to determine just how she was able to fight at all without her eyes, the energy comes in low, and ricochets sharply off the floor, coming in with great speed, up, and directly for the girls chin, packed with a tight bundle of painful power behind it.

Marz didn't like this at all. She was going to need to be extremely careful... there weren't many unknown factors in Southtown, but this was one, and Marz -hates- unknowns.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt reflects Psiball from Marz with Mortal Recoil.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Marz             0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0       Raoghnailt

Taking a moment to reflect, Raoghnailt slowly and carefully reads what the figure of Marz was doing. Taking this much effort to focus did leave her vurnable, but as a trade-off, it gave her a chance to better understand this strange new energy. Marz was moving slowly, trying to sneak away from Raoghnailt. The woman did not turn to face the girl, but simply stood there, tracking the position of her aura through the aether. As the agent of Shadaloo kept moving further and further away, however, her aura grew dimmer and dimmer. When Marz finally lashed out her arm again, Raoghnailt could barely notice that she had made a sudden movement. And from that, she learns all too quickly how Psycho exists in a world of chi.

The aether recoils, almost like a school of fish fleeing from the surface of the water. Delicately, Raoghnailt seems to frisk an ethereal flare up from her aura, and pull it from her body. Her fingertips glowing with a condensed version of the bluish energy, she begins to hold it high, uncertain of where it was moving, only that it was moving. And inadvertently, Marz reveals it. The moment the Psiball strikes the earth, there is a shudder through the chi of the earth. The stony force was recoiling, fleeing away from the impact. The aether was fleeing, the whole ocean of energy was recoiling from the path. And for that moment, she could feel it. She could feel the spearhead of chi that followed in front of the Psiball, puncturing the aether.

The chi was almost running to her for protection.

Raoughnailt seems to almost reach out and touch the Psiball that was rushing towards her face. The motion in her wrist was subtle, as if she was drawing something in midair. The ball of Psycho Energy flares for a moment, as if it hit something. But the ball's flare slows down vastly, as if it was fighting against some force. Raoghnailt's own aura was beginning to wane a bit, but there was a building light from behind the Psiball.

Raoghnailt knew what she was doing.

This energy was some sort of 'anti-chi,' a threat to the natural forces of the world. It was something that was part of the sickness that Urien described. It had to be, if it was so... toxic to the life-blood of nature. Using her own aura, she drew from the underlying forces of the ether to freeze the energy in place. Anti-Chi against Chi, not even this dark majick could pierce the seal she drew from her own spirit, from the spirit of the world. Drawing her hand back, Raoghnailt curls her lip in a sneer. "Foul... creature! Sickness of the earth, I cast your poison... back!" And with an explosion of curling, winding light, she smashes her hand against the ball. The Psiball is sent hurtling back towards the Doll, veins of the ethereal light still trailing from it as the Psycho Energy and Chi Force spirals back towards the originator.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt successfully hits Marz with Reflected Psiball.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Marz             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0       Raoghnailt

Marz's eyes go wide. She truly had not seen that coming, the attack comes in too fast for her to do anything about, though she tries to dive back, the burst of energy strikes deep into her shoulder, and she stumbles. Wiping her brow with the back of her hand, the purple haired Doll straightens herself. Strange capabilities, able to pinpoint her despite blindness, and with command over energy sufficient to turn her own most practiced technique against her. There was, really, little doubt in Marz's mind that she was out of her depth.

The tension is forcibly removed from her body as she clears her mind. Falling out of any recognizable stance, she simply stares at the blind girl. She had a duty to perform, now. For Shadaloo, it was up to her to ensure that as much accurate data was collected about this girl as possible before she was no longer able to collect any at all.

"I do not know who you are." She states, her voice that same dead tone it had been when she'd threatened to kill the girl just moments ago. "Or what you are doing here. But. If you share this information, I will allow you to leave."

It was a lie, of course. But one that she hoped would buy her time. Her mind working overdrive, analyzing the way the blind fighter had moved, the way she had struck, how was she going to move next...?

COMBATSYS: Marz focuses on her next action.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Marz             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0       Raoghnailt

Raoghnailt continues to stand in place, not really moving far from the spot she had begun at. In fact, it has been pretty clear that Raoghnailt has not been very mobile. While she somehow clearly can keep track of Marz's position, she hasn't charged her. And finally, Raoghnailt slowly shuffles forward, sweeping her cane in front of her feet. The chi still runs through the cane, giving a strange after-glow with each sweep. When the cane reaches the curb, she taps it slightly, and advances forward by carefully taking a step down. She continues to walk towards Marz, until she is certain to sense her aura with much more clarity. And as the dead tone arrives, Raoghnailt responds with a distant, almost aloof air.

"... I'm an angel. I'm an angel sent upon this world to get rid of the sickness in the world..." Raoghnailt begins, the words seeming to drift deep from her heart. Yes, an angel. An angel of light, brought forth by Urien to save the people of the world. With her free hand, she once again draw from her aura, plucking a single arcing flare of the pale light. The tendril of energy clutched between two fingertips, she begins to weave a pattern in the air. It is a tight, spiraling symbol; a single line winding in itself. "You are part of this sickness... and as such, I will take the first step in saving this world... from you."

With a tap of her palm, a beam of the blue-white energy erupts from the symbol. Unloading the chi from around Raoghnailt, the light around her dims slightly as the purifying light arcs to blast the vile Marz away. She was angry that she hurt a member of the G-Project family. She was angry she was part of the force keeping the people under the boot of Vega... and she was angry that she was part of the reason Urien could not embrace the world in his loving grasp.

Completely vile.

COMBATSYS: Marz interrupts Starlight Dreamer from Raoghnailt with Psi-Ripper.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Marz             1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1       Raoghnailt


The word is spoken harshly. Marz cares nothing for the insane babbling of this maniac. She is, however, collecting valuable data. The girls hand glows again throughout Raoghnailt's speech. But Marz herself does not look impressed. She does, however, collect valuable data. Primarily, that the blind girl had potent chi abilities. Perhaps reminiscent of the state Frei had been in. The similarities are clear. The beam of light, then, is not entirely unexpected. Indeed, Marz is already moving forwards as the light comes to engulf her.

It is with the sheer force of her Lords will that Marz cleaves through the light. A sharp, focused point of purple clashing against the raw energy that burns forth to engulf and destroy her. Marz's loyalty is unwavering. Her logic, flawless. The girl was good, but, she was obviously insane. Illogical. Part of some cult or other, if her words were to be believed. The pain is carefully put to the side, she could recover from her injuries later. For the moment, there is only advancing through the wash of burning absolution.

And advance she does. The girls palm is a blade of raw psychic energy, an edge sharper than any razor, which guides her through the mere force of nature with all the dominating will she can muster. She forces it to part, and, as she reaches the originator, that edge cleaves on through, slicing deep into the girls side, as Marz carries on past her, and back.

"You." She states. "Are nothing compared to the will of Lord Vega."

And then she sags slightly, the burning catching up to her. "You may best me." She admits, turning around again slowly. "But you and your ilk will never be able to stand against those who wield true power."

How Marz looks matters little to Raoghnailt. What does matter is when she plows through the beam of light. For a moment, she effectively disappears. Her aura is consumed by an even more powerful aura, and in that, she is well hidden. When she finally appears on the other side, she actually takes Raoghnailt by surprise.

The Doll's vicious slash draws a scream of pain as she crumples forward. Her dress is quickly soaked with blood as Raoghnailt simply bleeds. She snaps out her cane, and forces herself upright with it. Staggering upon the weight, Raoghnailt seems winded, injured significantly by that attack. Mouth slack, she sucked in air a she struggled to keep her head. Without turning around, she bites out at the injured Marz, now clearly sensing her location behind her.

"Lord Vega... is a cancer on the world." Raoghnailt angrily sputters, not yet facing Marz. Raoghnailt knew she couldn't defeat Vega. She was told to retreat when confronted by the man. It was the leader of Shadaloo, and a powerful, dangerous man. And yet, this was one of his mindless henchgirls. A Doll. "True power... will be wielded by the forces of good! It will be wielded by us! It will be wielded by the-"

Raoghnailt allows herself to fall backwards, her cane held wide. As she falls to the ground, her aura suddenly erupts in a swirling cascade of pale light. Catching her like it did before, it carries her forward as she spins, whirling herself and her cane around as she glides towards Marz. Should Marz be caught in the path of the attack, she would experience the edge of the cane once again, as well be swept up in the drifting spectacle of chi.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt successfully hits Marz with On Angels Wings.

[                             \  < >  /////////////////             ]
Marz             1/=======/=======|=======\===----\1       Raoghnailt

And in an instant, it is over.

Marz's disgust for the filthy lies of the wretched cripple aside, she is actually quite focused on the assault. But, unlike the blind girl, she is quite reliant on the ability to see in order to know what is coming. The light is a frustration, but, more frustratingly still, she finds herself utterly unable to work her position as much as she would like. The cane strikes home, and she is engulfed in that abhorrent energy. The burning roar courses over her form, and by the time it is done... she knows she has failed.

She refuses to give in entirely, though. With her last, final effort, she flings herself forwards. As a testament to the determination of her Lord, she gives everything she has to one final strike, slicing through the air like a human arrow, and aiming to drive her feet into the blind girls stomach...

COMBATSYS: Marz can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Raoghnailt       1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt interrupts Spin Drive Smasher from Marz with Luminiferous Flash.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Raoghnailt       0/-------/----===|

As she tears through Marz, Raoghnailt lands with an awkward stumble. She actually didn't have a good bearing on where the ground was, exactly. Staggering with each step, she finally stops her horizontal momentum. But with little time to react. Already, she feels the duck girl charging for her back. She had to stop her. She had to keep herself safe.

And from the depths of the blindfold, beams of blue light erupt from her eyesockets.

The form of Marz is put together with absolute clarity, the street with absolute clarity. She could, for the briefest moment, feel everything as it was. Turning to meet the oncoming Marz, her aura begins to pool together to meet the girl. As Marz passes through, she could likely feel the strange tingle as a light began to engulf her, slowing her down as she passed through the ethereal wall. When she finally makes contact with the torso of Raoghnailt, she drives her heel directly into the wound of the woman. Biting back the pain, Raoghnailt just reaches her hand out...

And touches Marz.

Marz could finally understand what it felt like to be part of the aether. Upon touching Marz, Raoghnailt brought to surface what little aura she kept inside her. The basic elements of being a living being, subdued by the Psycho Energies. A warm, almost comforting wave of purple light began to bleed from her body as a storm of light held her in place. Frozen for only a second, Raoghnailt drew her hand through the auras, weaving a strange pattern of great loops. As the energy began to wane, Raoghnailt wound back her hand... and once again touched the purple aura.

And like that, the aura explodes, the rift being broken.

Marz is rocketed back towards the building from wence she came, her own aura released in tandem with Raoghnailt's. The Angel of G-Project just holds there, her eyes still blazing with that light as the flaring white aura dies down to a subdued, bluish shell. She wasn't watching to finish the job. She was watching for the other auras... as well as the status of her partner, Seven. Her vision of clarity could not last long. Already, her head began to burn from the beauty of the second sight.

For a moment, there is silence.

Marz is, in her heart of hearts, a cold and analytical person. She didn't have the time or the patience to try and understand any kind of spirituality. Hers is a life devoted to dissection and understanding, if she couldn't factor something in to her calculations, then it was because she wasn't trying hard enough. But for that split second, she had felt ... something.

She didn't like it.

When she raises herself up again, it is obvious there is no fight left in her. Busted and bloodied, she adjusts her headset, and slurs, a single word: 'Retreat'.

She had no idea what had just happened here, but it was, honestly, terrifying. She would have to submit a report... she would have to explain the situation. She did not believe that this being was all that durable. But the power she wielded was impressive... and Marz certainly wouldn't feel confident facing her a second time. She needed to go over what had happened... she needed some point of reference from which to decode precisely what had been done.

Perhaps SIN could be of assistance...

And, with a grunt, she is gone. Flickering away as fast as she can.

As Marz fades away, Raoghnailt's ethereal light all but fades away. Quickly, she rushes over to the fallen body of Seven. With a squeak, she trips on the curb, landing on her knees. She was significantly weakened, and very exhausted. Marz is somewhat accurate in her analysis. Raoghnailt was not experienced, nor was she durable. But she was powerful, yes, and that was something she didn't understand fully. There was only one thing important to her:

Protecting her family.

Raoghnailt crawls over to the brunette, and shakes her rapidly. "Wake up, wake up Seven!" She pleads, pushing the woman's torso rapidly. A pained groan emerges as the woman rises up, an open wound on her forehead. She gives a startled gasp when she spies the severely damaged abdomen of her ward. "Raoghnailt, how could, what..." "Seven, we need to leave. I protected you, but the girl hurt me!" Raoghnailt felt Seven rise up groggily, and take her by the hand, Seven was concerned, all right. The mission was a failure, their stealth failed to protect them. And worse yet, they both got injured in the process. Miss Black would kill them both, if it weren't for the fact that Marz didn't do the same. Pulling Raoghnailt upright, she tugs the girl by the hand as she flees. Letting herself being pulled along, they too flee the scene, rushing to the G-Project safehouse.

Before Shadaloo calls the reinforcements.

COMBATSYS: Raoghnailt has ended the fight here.

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