LLK Act I.War - War : Rich NESTS Quik

Description: You know how some youngins bring home a stray cat and beg their parents to keep it? Well.. This isn't really the same thing, but it's an amuseing analogy regardless. Yurika gets a rude awakening when a battle-worn Kurenai drags one of her two 'allies' back to the Seijyun dormitory. A lot happens here, but there's mostly concern for a certain Brian Battler's allegiance. Wrote a song about it, want to hear it here it goes.

The trip back to Seijyun High was a long one. She took a circuitous route, not wanting to be potentially followed. Fortunately, Eclipse seemed to be pretty out of it regardless. Seijyun is not well set-up to take care of injured NESTS Agents, and yet here he is, in an unused dorm room--arrangements made quickly, to avoid problems... well, any /more/ problems.

Kurenai has had her medical treatment--abraded skin patched up, abused muscles soothed, all that sort of thing. In the end she took far less of a beating than Eclipse did, and while that doesn't bother her, she does see the young man as a sort of comrade in arms, at least a temporary one. There's no reason she would have left him behind.

"Yurika-dono, I don't... I don't know what to do. I may have erred in bringing him here, but... I didn't feel as if there wa smuch of a choice... we were... it is almost as if we were set up. That was a fight that was going to be very difficult to win..."

The 'he' in question is very clearly a man of NESTS, if you've ever seen them in their usual battlesuits before. His in particular is sleeveless, to admit the cybernetic bands along the length of his arms, otherwise covered from neck to foot. Dried blood covers much of his face thanks to a serious-looking gash on his forehead, which still drips when he's jostled too roughly.

He is also unconcious, occasional ripples of some kind of black energy flaring up his arms. His left hand is locked in a deathgrip on a short fighting knife, a Gerber Mark II.

Yurika Kirishima had been doing her best to cut down on unexpected surprises. Unfortunatly one has to come to terms that they can't quite prepare for everything and that then causes one to question 'how does one exactly expect the unexpected'?

Yurika didn't expect Kurenai to be bringing anyone back, and especially not a boy so it's been a double-shocker for her. And yet she takes the situation with a neutral expression- It wasn't difficult for a girl of her position to arrange for Eclipse to stay and lay low; because really Seijyun was more or less the safest area in Southtown.

Oh wait, a triple-shocker. Is this person even -human-?? Just what kinds of things are going on besides infusing girls with psycho power anyway! "This is one of those situations where right and wrong are not exactly the issue here. I am concerned that we may not be able to provide the treatment this.. One needs."

Yurika is in rather decent shape herself, with a white bandage over her nose, left to tapping her chin with her pointer finger for a moment. "Set up, you say.. Hmn, perhaps we can talk more about that in a moment. Is there anything you can tell me at all about this man? What is that leaking from his arms?"

"It's chi, I think. He used it to cover our escape..." Kurenai reaches down to rub her back, looking a little sour. Roberto and D! didn't /need/ to hit her.. she was already fleeing. But such things happen. Then she walks over to the bed, looking down at Eclipse, a slight frown on her face.

"I don't know anything about him, Yurika-dono. Where he came from, who he works with... I didn't have any choice but to bring him here. I couldn't just leave him..." Even if he might've done the same? Who can say what he would have done. She does seem genuinely distressed over his situation.

"Do we know who commands the, ah... forces involved.. in this campaign?" A natural question, as more than likely, Eclipse belongs to one of those agencies.

"Or are there resources we can tap to get him some treatment or some aid?"

Eclipse shifts very slightly where he has been placed, and his eyelids twitch.

Then, suddenly, he lurches up, kicking over the nearby table and probably scattering tea and girly things all over the place. Eclipse himself is carried up and back, where he hits a corner roughly, using his right hand to brace himself on the wall while his left holds his knife out. His eyes are narrowed and wild like a surprised animal, darting everywhere and taking in everything around him.

Chi ripples up his arms, and in his weakened state, Eclipse can barely take the pain of it. The knife clatters out of his hand as his knees shiver and fall, staring up through his hair at Yurika and Kurenai as he fumbles at his wrists, fingers not cooperating.

Yurika's dark eyes continue to look over Eclipse, this time hand over her mouth as she's drawn a bit deeper into thought. This is just.. Such an unusual and unexpected situation that she almost.. -Almost- feels helpless. But she has to think of something, there must certainly be something she can do; but the biggest problem seems to be that there is something wrong with one of Shadaloo's alliances.. Who can she ask that isn't Vega? "Not that I'd want to approach, even in this situation. I just.. Need a moment." she replies honestly.

Eclipse? He's not on a girly bed at least, it has white sheets and pillows that are probably stained pretty badly now, but thems the breaks. Yurika cringes a little with his sudden awakening, the table certainly tealess but not quite bookless or cupsless.

That was odd, why didn't she shriek at that moment? Perhaps because she was too overconfident that despite his looks, he wasn't a very big threat at the moment. But at the very least her white brows raise. ".. You're awake, that's a good start." she replies with a small smile to the down man. It'd be best to let Kurenai handle this for now, since he'd likely settle down if he 'recognized' his previous partner. "Kurenai." Yurika is clad in her usual soft-blue and white school uniform, the symbol of Seijyun on her shoulders. She doesn't appear to be very threatening.

Kurenai is wearing her Seijyun uniform; she was wearing a full on 'ninja' outfit, of course, but maybe he recognizes her eyes... if he's recognizing anything at all. She doesn't startle easily, but when Eclipse sits up, she can't help but twitch just a bit. Instinctive reaction. She almost reaches for him, but checks that impulse pretty quickly--if Eclipse isn't thinking, he's reacting, and most trained fighters react badly to someone reaching for them.

"I'm not sure he's seeing anything right now, not really, Yurika-dono." Carefully, Kurenai lowers her head until she can look right into Eclipse's eyes--but then he starts fumbling for his wrists, and she looks confused. Technology is one thing, but this is far beyond what she is familiar with.

Kurenai makes a frown. "I don't even know his /name/, Yurika-dono!"

Still exhausted, Eclipse only manages an "Nnngh," his fancy unstable NESTS chi burning his arms and shoulders as he scrabbles at his wrists. Finally, he gets ahold of something, turns it, and pushes. The bands tighten slightly, and the chi fades away. Sweat mingles with the dried blood, dripping down his face and staining the floor further.

The pain is gone. He hasn't been this unaware in years (or so he thinks). Weakly, he drops against the wall, snatching his knife back up. He swallows air, until he can get out, "Eclipse."

He stays down this time. "Hhhf. Captured. Clumsy..."

"That's rather.. Confusing.." Yurika replies to Kurenai with a slightly disappointed look. She'd really like to know what compelled Kurenai to bring a total stranger here. Did he act like a hero? Did they form some sort of bond when fighting togeather? .. Or is Kurenai so soft she'd bring a knife wielding beast-man-robot-thing home if it had a sprained ankle? She closes her eyes briefly with a sigh; but the man does eventually give his name and take control of his chi. Very unusual. But good that he speaks their language! "You aren't exactly in a 'captured' situation," she says with a small smile. With that smile comes an aura of elegance and gentleness she usually carries about her. "You're currently at Seijyun High school, your partner brought you back here after you had apparently lost consciousness. Unfortunatly we had no idea how to provide medical care for you, I apologize for that.. But perhaps we can work that out now. My name is Yurika, Eclipse. It'd be best if you rested on the bed, you may keep the knife in hand if you wish."

She gives a small nod of her head, and looks to Kurenai once more. ".. How long was he out, do you know?"

"... he looks a little better, at least..." Automatically, Kurenai reaches for a damp towel by the bedside, using it to clean Eclipse's face. As she does so, she studies the man, her brows drawn together, furrowing.

"Eclipse, is it? That's your name, then... who... did this to you?" Honestly it seems a little horrific, what Eclipse just went through, and it looks as though these were modifications done to him. She can't imagine that they were done with consent!

But that is the wider world that she has yet to see. The young ninja glances back at Yurika, letting her worry and confusion show a bit longer before she turns back to Eclipse, her expression composed. "Eclipse-kun, what do you remember about our mission?" It's as good a place to start as any--probably better than probing into Eclipse's origins.

"I'll stay right here, if it's the same to you." Eclipse regards Yurika and Kurenai with equal paranoia that doesn't give no matter how girly the two of them get - when Kurenai reaches with a towel, he springs up again, scrabbling along the wall to the other corner. There, he drops to a crouch, still gripping his knife. "I remember that I failed. Why did you capture me?" The wound on his forehead has slightly reopened, and he ignores it as blood drips down the side of his head. Judging from the way it's closing, it's very old, and very deep.

(Tran stabbed glass into his head. It went all the way to the skull.)

The young man otherwise remains tight-lipped, looking from Yurika to Kurenai, backed as far as he can be in his new corner. "I'm not talking."

Yurika blinks a few times. That's odd, why didn't Eclipse recognize his own partner? Was he suffering from a concussion perhaps? Though after amoment she recalls Kurenai mentioning she'd be in a particularly disguise-y disguise and she can't help but sigh a bit again. Still, the moment Kurenai gave her the look, Yurika decided she'd try her best to resolve the issues and take care of him best he can. "We'd best take this one step at a time," she murmurs to her servent of sorts, and she reaches to take a chair and sit in it calmly. "We won't be able to take care of him until he settles down and truts us a bit first. Well, hmn, how exactly might we go about this.."

The musician crosses one leg over the other, tapping her chin lightly in thought, but the solution actually comes quickly enough. "Kurenai, instructions of your orders. You still have that on hand, do you not? That should be sufficient proof that we are allies. It's perhaps best we avoid any questions too personal, regardless." ignoring Eclipse's question for now. She answered that already.

"You aren't--" She pauses, then nods to Yurika. "I do." She slips a hand into her pocket and withdraws the orders, opening them carefully, proffering them to Eclipse. "Look, see? We're on your side. I was one of the agents selected for the assault on Taiyo... I was wearing different clothing then." Duh.

"We didn't capture you... we'd failed the mission. Roberto Miura, the soccer player. He seemed to have a major hate-on for you.. I didn't want to leave you with them. No telling what they might have done. So I took you and ran. They still hit me... but you took a lot more hits than I did..."

Trying to put the weight of truth behind her words, Kurenai stands there with her hands out, the sheet of paper in them, held so Eclipse can see. "So, please, tell us how we can help you..."

"I already recognized you." Eclipse's "childhood" was spent staying alive in an unforgiving city, and discerning disguises is an important skill to not die because you didn't realize you knew the guy in the back corner. He continues to keep his distance, clearly trying to edge toward the door.

"This fight is one of multiple agencies working together. I have no idea who you are, or what you really want - I have no reason to trust you, bringing me all the way here." His skin, curiously, is starting to shift - the tan gradually gets marbled with a more natural ruddy skin tone until it's all gone, and his hair darkens to brown along with his facial hair.

Who else would really have someone like this except NESTS? "I don't need help from people I don't know, don't trust--"

Midway through his sentence, his foot brushes up against a very nice table. Still weakened and exhausted, he unceremoniously pitches down into it, making a huge mess. Was there tea on THAT table?!

It is indeed a very nice table. The only reason Yurika didn't replace it with something less quality is because there is, indeed. her tea kettle, cups and saucers upon them. She loves the stuff, what can she say? Well, it was good he recognized her after all and, unfortunatly for Yurika, he did have every reason to be suspicious as well, especially after having heard of the abandonment during the battle.

The mention of Roberto's name causes the musician to look to the pink-haired ninja briefly, but that attention is ripped away when the table is unceremoniously knocked over, the kettle clatters, the saucers and cups of course shatter into pieces and the precious brew spills everywhere oh for goodness sakes!

Suddenly the camera cuts to the front of the mansion and Jazzy Jeff is thrown face first out of the doorway, "WOAAAAH!"

Yurika walks forward calmly, her eyebrow twitches and her smile is obviously forced at this point as she crosses her arms, ".. Kurenai, restrain him. Forcefully." she replies, "Believe me, if it were up to me, I would certainly throw you out to the dogs. However I don't have the luxury of choosing to do so. I will state the situation clearly. It's clear we don't have the means of helping you recover. However we also cannot risk you -actually- being captured by the enemy. I propose that you get some rest; I'm sure there are headquarters you can reach somewhere in Southtown. We don't have to talk, we don't have to be friends, but what you have to do is cooperate and be in at least seventy-five percent good health before I even consider you capable of getting home on your own do I make myself clear, 'Eclipse'?"

Wince. Oh man. He... he broke the teacups... Kurenai's brow furrows, and she goes to help Eclipse back up. "I don't know that we're going to need to restrain him that forcefully, Yurika-dono," she says, mildly--all the same, she does make sure at least that his knife is secured, lifting back up onto the bed. Oof. She isn't -built- for heavy lifting, what can she say?

All the same, she considers the situation, and kneels down; pulling out a pair of boots she unlaces them, and takes the nylon cording to bind Eclipse's wrists and ankles. Not too tightly--but enough. "I'm not so sure about this, Yurika-dono. This is... he'll probably take this pretty badly. And he -is- an ally... of sorts, at least." But she's not really willing to fight Yurika on this thing, at least. "I'm going to take his knife though, for now. He's likely dangerous without it, but... I'm sure he's more dangerous /with/ it."

Eclipse starts to calm. Well, not calm, but more be resigned. Better to rest now and gather his strength to escape later. He might learn something. Why haven't his handlers radioed him? Is this becoming a test?

Panting heavily, he lies in a pool of tea as Kurenai engages the manbondage, trussing his wrists and ankles. He tries to hold himself just so, getting himself the maximum amount of slack, and glowers the entire time. "Hhmph," is the most Yurika gets out of him in response to her giving him orders. But he stays down, until Kurenai mentions taking the knife.

"NO!" He thrashes, then, somehow getting up to his feet, and throws himself back against the wall. He's still tied up, but standing, holding the knife tightly behind his back and putting himself between it and Kurenai. His jaw is set, his eyes are wide and fierce.

Yurika is then rubbing her temples. There actually aren't many things that drive her crazy; it's amazing that Eclipse had managed to push one of those buttons so soon. It wasn't his fault, of course, but that wasn't really the point here. "Oh believe me, we do. He's a menace to -himself- amongst other things," the musician replies, rubbing in small circles a little more.

He'll take it badly? "He'll get over it.. Oh for god's sake.."

She's only 'captured' someone once. Amusingly, Ayame was a lot more cooperative than this guy, but then again, the Hot Topic thief wasn't a crazed mutand-guy. "Let him keep the knife, I don't need him in any more hysterics."

"One thing you mentioned is particularly correct thing, we all are allies.. At least, two of you three are. If the third one really abandoned you, then there is a serious problem that could question the integrity of Shadaloo's alliances. We'd best have this man identified quickly.. But I want this man to describe him and the situation first; you mental state is less questionable, Kurenai, and I need to calculate just how gone our friend here is at the moment."

"Look, why are you being difficult?" Sheesh... "Fine, fine... I just don't want him trying to stick me," she says, as she steps away from Eclipse and his damn knife. "Just keep it, I'll even untie you, just... god, don't be crazy..." What a day... night... she isn't even sure what time it is, too focused on the dude with the knife and the weird chi and the bodysuit.

"I don't--I don't /know/ that he abandoned us. He's... he did fight, just... he got hurt and then he was..." She shivers. She isn't sure /what/ he saw. "It looked like he got speared by a meathook... it was pretty awful." But still, she has the sense that something wasn't quite right about that...

"Eclipse, please calm down. We'll try and get you some help, or at least provide a safe place so you can rest up until you can get back to your people, but if you're going to be crazy about it we'll have to knock you out or something..."

"Just /back off./ Don't touch it," Eclipse growls, showing more real emotion than he has so far. Hopefully the girls stop walking toward him for a moment, and let him get his bearings. He's dimly aware of a blister on his shoulder being raised from his prolonged contact with delicious hot tea. The young man just takes the time to breathe. This is the situation he's in. Getting out of it is just going to burn him out.

He closes his eyes, and when he opens them, he's calm again - though he still keeps the knife between himself and the wall. "Brian Battler. It was Brian Battler, formerly of 'R'." He never encountered the man before today, but reads NESTS's files. "Given the situation, he looked like he was Shadaloo controlled - but why? I can't see any benefit to it."

As Kurenai steps away, Yurika gives a nod of approval, grabbing a seat and .. Well, seats herself. Of course her dark eyes don't leave Eclipse. This was all becoming a real headache way too quickly, the musician had enough things on her mind. Ah well, one step at a time she supposes. After hearing Kurenai's thoughts on the matter, Yurika can't hide the look of surprise on her face when Eclipse then spits out information.. Once he does, she then reaches into her handbag for a notepad and starts writing in it.

So she does have to break eye-contact or a moment.. But at least he's calm again, that's good. "Brian.. Battler. Of the American Sports team." Roberto was on a team like that, if she recaled correctly. "Shadaloo controlled?" the musician blinks rapidly, and then sighs. If that was true.. Well, on the other hand, perhaps there wasn't really an issue at all, it's difficult to tell.

"To be honest, I'm not certain either why he'd be taken by Shadaloo. I suppose there are some similiarities between himself and Mister Bison.. Doesn't seem the type to need to be brainwashed though.." she then looks to Kurenai, "So.. He was taken out early, is what you're saying? Those must have been powerful opponents; who did you have to fight, anyway?"

"Brian Battler, huh. I -have- heard of him..." The pink hair bobs back and forth as Kurenai shakes her head.

"I don't know, though. I don't know why he'd do that, if he really was cutting early. One of his former teammates was there, sure, but..." Another headshake.

"It was going to be a tough battle, anyways... we were mainly up against Roberto Miura and that boxer... Heavy D!." Her eyes practically glow with disgust.

"Some 'heroes' they turned out to be. We'd already lost the fight and I was trying to evacuate Eclipse here, and they decided to take potshots at a fleeing enemy... if they're the future of Japan, Japan is in trouble." Which is why, of course, Yurika Kirishima is the future of Japan. A frilly future.

"It was... I don't know. Taiyo is such a strong school, their numbers of skilled fighters are amongst the highest in Japan... why would only three of us be sent in? Unless we were supposed to be a first wave..." It's a possibility, but somehow Kurenai doesn't think it's quite that simple.

"It was a strategically good move. You eliminate anything that can come back and bite you." Well, at least he isn't the grudge type? "And the extraction... seemed forced. He was picked up by meathook. The blood on the right side of my face would be his."

Eclipse narrows his eyes, and drops into a crouch. Weren't his hands and feet bound a few moments ago? Well, he did have a knife in his hand, it shouldn't be too surprising. He rests his head back against the wall, apparently relaxing. "Maybe a Shadaloo plot to weaken our respective factions - lure us into the fight."

"I'm not very strong when it comes to wide-scale attacks such as this one," Yurika confesses to Kurenai. "The answer is likely something I can't comprehend either.. Though Eclipse's response isn't entirely .. Comforting. The last thing I need is to be more paranoid about my superiors than I already am."

Yurika's lips draw to a frown once Eclipse decides to make himself more comfortable.. But oh well, she felt she didn't have to worry about that at the moment, simply staring at the man for the moment, who looks fairly normal now. That's so -unusual-. The mention of Roberto, of course, causes her brows to raise; though not as much as the mention of D!. "'Former' teammates? Are you certain about that?" she asks.

"This is starting to get too complex.. Originally I believed that Geese is more hated than I expected and this is a unified cause. It doesn't take a brilliant tactician to see that weakening the other factions so soon is a poor strategy. I think the most sensible scenario is, then, that Brian did not want to deal with D! longer than he had to." she twists her lips, "So I suppose a report will have to be written and sent to Vega to deal with. If we find nothing happens, then.. Well.. Perhaps we may want to look into Eclipse's theory more closely." Which obviously she'd rather not do. Yurika doesn't know exactly what it was Kurow sacrifised, but he gave up a lot to get that alliance in the first place. Heck, he was even in line to be second in command if she remembered correctly. That's a lot of power.

"It still isn't something I'd call heroic," sulks Kurenai. But she can't deny that it is tactically probably a good idea. /If/ it eliminates the target. It didn't eliminate her. It just made her mad. Someday... someday she'll stick her weapon right in Roberto's... grrrh.

But she calms soon enough; a calm mind will be able to analyze the dangers ahead much more clearly. "Why would Shadaloo /want/ to weaken us now? It doesn't make sense..." Yurika's positing about Brian's team status makes her pause.

"I suppose I'm not certain, no. But it seems logical. They're on opposite sides of the coin now--unless you're thinking that maybe Battler's loyalties aren't what they seem to be?" queries Kurenai, of Yurika, the pink haired girl's lips pulling downwards, into a frown.

"Very little of this makes sense..." Eclipse freed himself, and of course Kurenai notices but the cost is all of a pair of shoestrings, it's nothing to worry about. Absently, Kurenai walks over to the desk in the dorm room, pulling open a couple of drawers, withdrawing an emergency tea set, including a small hot plate and a couple bottles of water that she pours into the teapot, setting it to heat.

Eclipse glowers in the corner for a little while longer, then, in a sudden motion, withdraws a folded cloth from a pouch on his battle gear and spreads it on the floor before him - a very compact first aid kit. He starts to daub the dried blood off the left side of his forehead, a wound which has re-opened yet again. "Heroism doesn't have a place here. This is a war."

"Maybe it's an 'R' trick," he says, after some time to clean. "Get us distrusting each other, exactly what we're doing right now. Ideal solution: eliminate Brian Battler and see what falls out."

"Eclipse is correct, Kurenai.." Yurika replies to her servent of sorts, chin pressed into her palm. "The saying holds true to so called 'good' and 'evil' alike: Never turn your back on the enemy. You really can't trust anyone because, in the end, they all have injustice lurking inside them. It's a soiled nature that they claim they don't have.. But they do. But that's another conversation for another day, of course. I'm sorry you were hurt, Kurenai.. But it could have ended so much worse, you should consider yourself lucky that you got the moment to have your eyes opened and live afterward."

It's too bad Hyo was an enemy. She'd like to have heard more about his philosophy. Hmn. She then looks to Eclipse to the mention of taking out Brian. There's a long moment of silence there. "I like the theory, I don't like the idea." she says flat out.

"Eliminating anyone outside of orders is out of the question in a sensitive situation like this. However if you wish to do that on your own, I'm fine with that." Yurika's tea sense tingles. Excellent. Taking note of the medical work, she then asks, "Is there anything we can do to help speed your recovery?"

Sighpout. Okay, okay, she's done. The heated water has tea added to it, the pot swirled gently to allow the work to begin; Kurenai muses. "It couldn't hurt to try and find him, at least. If we can find him at the least we can ask him questions. Surely he wouldn't object to that, would he?" asks Kurenai, her voice not holding the least bit of irony. Not a bit.

"Although he might get violent, I guess. It's kind of his nature to do so. Like a living time bomb." Green eyes flick over to Eclipse, watching him clean himself up, regarding him for a moment.

"Is that something you might be interested in doing? Out of concern for our erstwhile teammate's well-being?" Her tone is mild, the pleasant words hiding the true intent, of course... because you /never know/ who's listening, even in one's own stronghold (of sorts). Besides, plausible deniability is fun.

"Oh... and would you like some tea, Eclipse?"

At some point, people take their eyes off Eclipse. When they look at him again, he is stitching the forehead wound closed again without wincing or using anesthetics. Jesus.

Or, well, KAMI-SAMAAAA. Japs.

"It's ideal - not quite workable. Not something I can do without authorization." Which he was already denied, his handlers already in touch with him once the situation... defused, so to speak. "As for helping my recovery - leave me alone. I just need..." He snips the last stitch off, and peels the back off a patch. "...rest." And a shave but good luck getting him to do that. "And if that's where the mission leads, I'd like to find out what it's all about. But if I get sent away, it's not my decision."

He places the patch over his forehead, and everything else is blunt trauma, nothing he can patch up. His suit is already adjusting hot and cold temperatures as necessary, and his arms... well, his arms always hurt. Tea is offered, and Eclipse stares at the small set for some time. The professional side of Eclipse warns him that this could have all been a trick, and that tea could be evilly poisoned, or perhaps just dosed with enough sedatives to knock him out and move him around. On the other hand...

Eclipse suddenly sags, eyes hooded as he puts the mission on hold and lets himself be himself. His legs drop from the crouch, and now he's sitting on the floor, splayed out. Most notably, he slides his knife into a sheath so low-profile everyone might have missed it completely, and locks it in. "Yeah... sure."

Yurika raises a hand to her mouth and averts her gaze as Eclipse starts to stitch himself up. Ew. Other than that, the musician's look to Kurenai alone is more than enough to tell that she approves of the idea! And then to Eclipse, "Hmn, yes, well that is certainly more convenient for me. And I'm afraid I can't leave your company, boys aren't allowed in the dormitories after all so I can't risk you being seen; I hope that doesn't interfere with your 'leave me alone' clause."

Yurika eagerly awaits her tea, of course, her dark eyes constantly shifting in wait. She's truly obsessed, isn't she? "It sounds to me like you're out of luck, then. However, I feel you deserve an explaination as well so I'm willing to locate you to deliver answers afterward. Of course, again, this will require a bit of trust on your part; as well as the assumption that our schedule's don't clash horribly as sharing phone numbers is likely out of the question. So here's my proposal; that in four days from today, we meet at The Park, 7PM sharp."

Eclipse mumbles, "Dormitor--"

Then his face pales just a bit.

Kurenai smiles faintly at just how much Yurika wants the tea--but she's not withholding it. The liquid is poured, three cups' worth, one for everyone! And she sets out the cream and sugar as well, bringing it all over to replace the spilled tea. "Here you go," she says, placing one cup near Eclipse, handing one to Yurika, and taking the last for herself.

"I'll stand watch over him, Yurika-dono. As long as he doesn't try to sneak out, we should be alright." She turns to Eclipse, studying him for a moment.

"I'll keep an eye out but I won't be standing in front of the door all the time, that would draw a lot of attention itself. We're trying to keep people from being curious. The girl whose room this is is already off-campus, so we're not worried about that. I'll bring food and water, and when you're ready to leave, we'll arrange it. Alright? And then we'll meet at the park." A sip of tea, and Kurenai nods.

"I guess then we'll decide if we should go after Mr. Battler or not. If Shadaloo -is- making some sort of play, we'd better find out as soon as possible... for all our sakes." Mmmm, the tea is perfect. However... Kurenai finishes hers quickly, and rises.

"I should make sure everything is alright on-campus. With permission, Yurika-dono. I'm sure Eclipse won't be a problem now." And if he is, Yurika can handle herself accordingly.

Eclipse dryly comments as the screen totally fades to black and he picks up his teacup (no cream nor sugar), "I'm still right here, you know."

Yurika, in the meantime, is cool wit dat.

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