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LLK I : War - Intro (1/2) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

Southtown, Japan, is a city that has prospered much over its years of existence. A unique slice of Western life in Japan, Southtown has never known much conflict or misery; its citizens enjoy a rich and rather unique life, privy to not only living in the birthplace of the prestigious Saturday Night Fight, but also being able to bear witness to the spectacle of grand martial artists walking amongst them, fighting amongst them -- all without the threat of harm. Talk of a 'Syndicate' has gone largely ignored by Southtown's civilian's as a whole; they have lived in peace enough, in relative prosperity enough, to come to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

But not anymore.

The attacks are sudden, and relentless; all of Southtown is struck almost simultaneously by hordes of soldiers and distinctive fighters, not for spectacle... but for war. Fighters have launched an all-out assault on Southtown, with forces fielded primarily by the imperious Shadaloo and the enigmatic NESTS for purposes unknown. While they may seem out for simple, mindless destruction and domination, the more careful eye would see something else: their attacks are specific and precise, and the manpower fielded -- including the distinctive tanks used by Shadaloo during the Thailand Incident some years prior -- would suggest that they are out for more than to simply mow down a once-peaceful city.

Everywhere is war, but some areas have been hit harder than others. Downtown Southtown has been struck heavily by forces led by Vega himself, with an eye on dominating the Young Fighters' Community Center as a means to establish a foothold in the very heart of Southtown itself. More unusual is the selected targeting of various warehouses throughout Southtown which, to anyone in the know, to anyone not dwelling in blissful ignorance, are known establishments of the Southtown Syndicate. Vendettas have come to Southtown, and they threaten to consume the entire city with it.

Perhaps hardest hit of all, though, is the downtrodden streets of Gedo. The proud, if not delinquent, school and ghetto have come under the attention of NESTS and Shadaloo forces alike, overrun with powerful fighters and soldiers outfitted with the advanced technology of Igniz's 'holy' cartel. The call has been put out to all the schools of Southtown to support their ally in its time of need, with the incentive and implications being obvious:

Once they've conquered Gedo, where do you think they're heading /next/?

War has come to Southtown. So who will come out on top when the stakes are at their highest?

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LLK I : War - Intro (2/2) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

So, welcome to Long Live the King! I hope you enjoyed the long, meandering introduction but if not well then screw you, I'm not a mind reader and I'm not here to cater to your whims and fancies, plus also you can blame GLaDOS. If you want the long and short of it though, here it is: Southtown has become a warzone, courtesy of Shadaloo and NESTS, plus miscellaneous assistance. While the entire city is under siege, certain areas have been getting hit harder than others: namely, areas occupied by Southsynd, and the entire region of Gedo, especially Gedo High.

What does this mean for you? Well, unless you're a /sissy nancy boy/ (i'm looking at you, you know who you are), you're going to be thrust right into the battle. What side you end up on is ultimately up to you, but you will be provided plenty of opportunities to get involved. Long Live the King will be divided into four staff-run 'events' that will be spread out across the next eight weeks. Events will be set up similarly to SNF, with various people matched up around a specific scenario, but how these fights play out are entirely up to you, and are meant to be fluid. You'll have two weeks to finish up your specific staff-event matches unless specified otherwise; please read your section thoroughly to know if your due date is any different.

After your match is done, you can feel free to do any sort of scenes you'd like. RP with friends, RP with enemies, RP with frienemies -- the sky's the limit! The match ups will be posted after this, but first, a few specific details in case you had some questions:

- Staff-run event scenes should be considered extremely fluid and adaptable to a given situation in order to better facilitate completing the scene. IE, if someone can't make it, or is having a hard time showing up when you schedule, they can be replaced, or even simply dropped; they'll have plenty of other opportunities to join in on the fun, whether it be through staff events or otherwise. Similarly, if you feel like you do not want to participate in a particular event, you can just as easily beg out -- as mentioned, there will be plenty of opportunities for other shenanigans.

- Since what was going on in this TP was left intentionally vague for the lead up for this particular sign up period, you can feel free to opt-in/opt-out at your leisure. I'll be providing small previews for the next event sometime after the current event is posted, so people will have a vague idea of what they can expect.

- You'll notice certain characters are listed in your match-ups that are listed as open; these guys'll be filled in by plot temps. You'll be told who you need to get in contact with for various temps, but if a temper does not show up on a scheduled day, you can just as easily get any available staffer to fill the role in for you.

- Staff-run events are all due by Friday, February 27th, unless stated otherwise in your particular section. If you haven't finished by then, shame on you for being terrible; also, in all likelihood, the TP will just move on to the next event, in order to keep from stagnating. So get your matches done or GLaDOS will scorn you forever, and probably set you down to ratio 0.5, because she is a cruel and vindictive individual.

- Certain events will require staff configurations; most fights will have a staffer involved anyway, but be sure to ask for said adjustments if they are noted in your match-up.

- Log your scenes! Submit any and all logs related to the TP via that handy dandy log/submit; be sure to have 'LLK' located somewhere in the title so I know that it's a TP log and not some sort of scandalous TS scene that you're submitting to the annual MotM TS Awards* review board.

~*/// LLK I : War MATCH DEADLINE IS: Friday, February 27th \\*~ **

*NOTE: MotM TS Awards do not actually exist, but feel free to send GLaDOS your TS logs anyway
**NOTE: as mentioned like three times before be sure to check if your given section has a different due date, i love repetition repetition repetitititititititititititi

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LLK I : War (1/3) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

The First Theatre: Gedo

SCENARIO 1: 'Divine Providence'
The Players: Igniz/Kula vs Akira/Tenma/Daigo
The Stage: Southtown, Gedo High, Courtyard
- In war, you need footholds. When invading enemy territories, strongholds are required in order to have an effective bastion against your target. It's a simple fact of war. And in all his wisdom, Igniz, leader of the NESTS Cartel, has deigned Gedo to be the chosen holding ground of his and Shadaloo's army. Impovershed, rife with gangs and hooligans... should they not be blessed with the touch of the divine? Yet Gedo High is a proud school, brought up by a proud man; they will not fall easily. So, what happens when the full wrath of a man who would believe himself to be a god comes to punish the wicked for their stubborn refusal? With his trusted agent Kula Diamond at his side, Gedo High will be graced by the deific presence... and its lands will be scorched with his fury.
NOTE: don't die (staff required for code-related gobble-de-goop)

SCENARIO 2: 'Inter Caetera'
The Players: Balrog/Invader VS Hakuya/Kenji/Stasya
The Stage: Southtown, Gedo High Main Hall
- NESTS and Shadaloo infest Gedo High in every corner. What was once a strictly run, if not somewhat delinquent school, has now been reduced to chaos. With the amount of forces being fielded simply to capture Gedo, sometimes it becomes more pragmatic to evacuate rather than to stay and fight. A situation made slightly more complex when troops and clawed psychopaths are roaming the halls of Gedo High looking for ugly children to smite off the earth. Hakuya Suigetsu, Kenji Ashima, and Stasya Voronkova have been tasked with getting those students less able to defend themselves out of Gedo... but can they accomplish it, with the masked lunatic Balrog and his soldiers nipping at their heels...?
NOTE: Balrog will be temped for this scene. Include Jehuty when scheduling. Invader can be played by any staffer available at the time.

SCENARIO 3: 'Imperium'
The Players: Krizalid/Kichiga vs Raizo/Rust
The Stage: Southtown, Gedo High Entrance
- The call has been put out to schools to support Gedo High in its time of need; the streets of Gedo are overrun with the forces of Shadaloo and NESTS alike, and entrance to the high school proper is now heavily guarded, overseen by NESTS' third-in-command, the unstable but powerful Krizalid and an unusual ally in equally deranged Ojike no Oni. To get into Gedo High itself to help save the students within, Raizo Imawano and Howard Rust will have to get past the unhinged gatekeepers... but will their combined strength be enough?
NOTE: Krizalid will be temped for this scene. Include Seishirou when scheduling.

SCENARIO 4: 'Manifest Destiny'
The Players: Yurika/Kurenai vs Shurui/Pás/Ichiro vs Invader2
The Stage: Southtown, Gedo Street
- In war, sometimes invading forces must call on inside agents in order to achieve an absolute victory. Enter the Darkside Student Congress, Shadaloo's men on the inside: Yurika Kirishima and Kurenai Takayanagi. Their assignment? To keep potential resistance out of Gedo under the helpful guise of 'evacuation procedure.' But some individuals just won't take no for an answer. With Shurui Chiang, Pás, and Ichiro Oe knocking at the gates, and with the invading forces eager to strike down anyone who might pose resistance, just how long can Yurika keep things civilized before fighting inevitably breaks loose...?
NOTE: Invader2 can be played by any staffer available at the time.

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LLK I : War (2/3) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

The Second Theatre: Young Fighter's Community Center

SCENARIO 1: 'Boss Team Battle'
The Players: Vega/M.Bison/Sagat VS Kyo/Maxima/Marco in 'Boss Team Battle'
The Stage: Southtown, Downtown, Outside the YFCC
- With ambitions of securing a foothold deep in the heart of Southtown, Vega leads a team of his most formidable minions into an all out assault against the Youth Center building. It seems the center has gotten wind of the impending attack and managed to put out a call for help... In a bid to draw out their most powerful guardians to the front, Vega will leading the recently conquered Sagat and fearsome brawler, M. Bison in an attack on the front of the center. Pulling Kyo, Maxima, and Marco to the front to fight them off may risk biting off more than they can handle, but if it makes way for the other teams to secure victory within, it might have been worth it...
NOTE: Sagat will be temped for this scene. Include GLaDOS when scheduling a time for the scene.

SCENARIO 2: 'Keepers of the Gate'
The Players: Zero/Foxy VS Jiro/Kentou/Alma
The Stage: Southtown, YFCC, Lobby
- Coordinating with the head of Shadaloo, Zero will be launching this foray into the lobby of the YFCC iteself. With a troop of NESTS soldiers and one of NESTS' leading fighters at his side, victory seems practically assured. With their strongest fighters drawn out to face Vega and his men, it's up to YFCC director Alma, his friend Jiro, and resident scrappy kid Kentou to hold down the fort!
NOTE: Zero and Foxy will be temped for this scene. Include Starscream and Marisol when scheduling. Assume a certain number of NPC fodder to have come along with Zero and factor that into poses.

SCENARIO 3: 'Sickbay Scuffle'
The Players: C.Jack/Eclipse/Cammy VS Tran/Zach/Vanessa
The Stage: Southtown, YFCC, Infirmary
- Leading a less direct attack, Cammy and her team of Shadaloo's Cracker Jack and Eclipse, on loan from NESTS, will be invading by means of the YFCC Infirmary. Entering via a newly made 'door', smashing in through the windows or skylights, or some other means, the trio finds themselves blocked by YFCC handyman Zach, NESTS experiment subject Vanessa, and Doctor Tran. Being a Real Doctor, Tran is at home in an infirmary, but will that be enough to hold back the invaders!?
NOTE: C.Jack and Cammy will be temped for this scene. Include Igniz and Akira when scheduling.

NOTE #1:
These characters are available to fill in on the Defending Side (Right sides listed above) for the YFCC scenes if the listed players can't make it:

NOTE #2:
The YFCC story sequence is intended to be a two staged event. Based on the out come of the above three battles, a second phase will be arranged by staff. As such, the above scenes should be scheduled ASAP and resolved before next Monday (2/23), at which point a second phase of battle will be arranged!

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LLK I : War (3/3) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

The Third Theatre: Abroad

SCENARIO 1: 'Serendipity'
The Players: Yamazaki/Birdie vs Rugal/Brian vs Leona/Whip
The Stage: Southtown, the Harbor Docks
- Recently, the Ikari Warriors have received some very interesting information regarding the inner workings of the Southtown Syndicate. Whip and Leona have been tasked to stakeout known Syndicate operations in order to find out the truth behind the Syndicate. But what happens when happy accidents leads them to discover not one, but two of the Ikari's targets -- one of which being the most hated of their enemies...? In the midst of their investigations of Southtown's Harbor Docks, Leona and Whip find themselves dragged into a sudden and unexpected conflict between Syndicate enforcers Ryuji Yamazaki and Birdie, and the master of 'R' himself, Rugal Bernstein -- accompanied by the violent enforcer Brian Battler. The reason behind this unexpected encounter might just bring Leona and Whip the clues they need -- but have they been thrust into an encounter they can't handle?

SCENARIO 2: 'Through the Looking Glass'
The Players: Raiden/Nagase vs Juli/K9999 vs Blue Mary vs Kain
The Stage: Southtown, a Warehouse in the Business District
- The YFCC and Gedo have been hit hard by the Shadaloo/NESTS alliance, but they're hardly the only targets on the list. Amongst those under assault are many key Syndicate operations, including many strongholds once thought impenetrable. Unfortunately, gang wars of such scale often lead to compromising civilians... a situation the business district of Southtown is about to experience first-hand. With the power house Raiden and nimble ninja Nagase under the combined assault of the incredibly volatile K9999 and the comparatively calmer Juli, what begins as a fight at a Syndicate warehouse quickly spills out into the open streets of Southtown -- right into the lap of intrepid private detective, Blue Mary. Can she quell the rising violence -- or will someone else come to lend an unexpected hand...?
NOTE: Raiden and Juli will be temped for this scene. Please contact Tran and Kenji when scheduling.

SCENARIO 3: 'Hit Lists'
The Players: Duke/Ayame vs Ash/Cody
The Stage: Southtown, the Outskirts
- Sometimes, more powerful an influential players on must be taken out in order to get to the true prize unhindered. It's a basic concept of any strategy; disable the protectors, and aim your straight shot at the King... and it is a role the enigmatic Ash Crimson has been tasked with by those eager to clear the path towards the top. His first target? The self-proclaimed "immortal" enforcer of the Syndicate, Duke; already on the fast track of promotion within the Syndicate, disabling such a powerful man would be a decisive blow to the organization as a whole. With perhaps the odd man out, Cody, brought in as support, Ash Crimson comes knocking on Duke's door -- but what they find might not exactly be as expected...!
NOTE: Duke will be temped for this scene. Please contact Starscream when scheduling.

SCENARIO 4: 'Domestic Disturbance'
The Players: Kraken/Spider vs Aranha/Drake/Kaida/Maki
The Stage: Southtown, Southtown Village
- Fighters may provide a reasonable level of firepower -- and certainly, the upper echelons of NESTS and Shadaloo contain veritable gods of fighting -- but sometimes, things require a less... refined touch. When devastation is required, the Kraken answers the call; accompanied, oddly enough, by the 'R' agent Spider, the Kraken's goal is simple: destruction. It will take a band of people brave enough to face the mechanical beast to save the precious suburbs of Southtown from harm, but can the combined force of Aranha, Drake, Kaida and Maki overcome... or will they find themselves trampled underfoot!?
NOTE: Kraken can be played by any staffer available at the time.

SCENARIO 5: 'Leisure Activities'
The Players: Scylla/Charybdis vs Robert/Daniel vs Marise
The Stage: Southtown, Village Mall
- In order to get a point across, examples must be made. In order to demonstrate the hopelessness of a situation, sometimes domestic points must be struck down -- anything to cause histeria in a civilian setting, to lower morale. When the bizarre 'tanks' Scylla and Charybdis come calling to bring havoc to Southtown's Village Mall, there is only one pair that can stop them -- Robert Garcia of the Kyokugen Dojo... and Daniel "Jack" Little of the Todoh-ryuu Doj?!. An odd couple to be sure, but can they resolve their differences before all is lost...? And, in the background, the 'Devil of Koga' lurks... but will she end up friend, or foe?
NOTE:Scylla and Charybdis can be played by any staffer available at the time.

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Message: 28/8 Posted Author
LLK I : War (Etc) Fri Feb 13 2009 Starscream

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE END there you have it! Remember the deadline and, if you have any questions on OOC or IC information, or requests, or anything at all, feel free to not @mail me and send everything to Seishirou, our new headwiz.

(@mail them to me)

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LLK II : Lockdown (Preview) Sat Feb 14 2009 Starscream

NESTS and Shadaloo continue to swarm Southtown without relent. They have only one goal, but to what lengths are they willing to go to see it accomplished? There is one thing to be certain: when you want to trap a rat, you must be sure they have no chance to escape.

LLK II : Lockdown signups are open; you have until Saturday, February 21st to sign up. NOTE: this part of the TP will leave people who sign up locked into Southtown for the duration, so if you don't want to be stuck in the city for the next couple weeks, don't sign up?! DUN DUN DUN?!


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