LLK Act I.War - War : Ohnoes!

Description: After recieving her instructions for her next objective, Kurenai approaches Yurika whom, of course, has recieved instructions of her own. Kurenai seems concerned that they won't be working togeather again (amongst other troubles), wheras Yurika believes it'll be good experience for the younger fighter in the end.

In the Student Council office, once again Yurika Kirishima finds herself seated at the desk taking care of some sort of work.. Whatever it is it involves writing on her part. It seems that Seijyun has recieved the least amount of trouble with the War going on, but it doesn't quite mean she can rest easy- While Seijyun has their fair share of tough-girls, there's no telling what'll happen should the Shadaloo/NESTS alliance decide to push onto these grounds.

It seems, though, that her work here is done for the evening, and so the musician, clad in her usual attire, stretches her arms and leans back in her seat with a gentle sigh. Her next assignment would be a troubling one, she could feel it. Not because she doubted her ability to persuade others, but there is that rough and rowdy group, the Pacific Resistance. She wasn't familiar with who was exactly in said group, only that they're known to be anything but pacifists.

For once, Kurenai isn't called to the office. But she's there anyway--on her own. In her hands... she's twiddling a small black card. The girl is distracted, twirling the card between her fingers, held at opposing corners; she shouldered the door open, performing her usual bowed greeting to her boss.

But she's definitely preoccupied. Two guesses as to why. Of course it makes sense--if the opposition sees her and Yurika together again, people will start to piece things together... But she doesn't like it.

No sir, she doesn't like it. She looks up, finally, her green eyes clouded. "I have... my new marchin orders, Yurika-dono. As I think you do, too, don't you...?"

Yurika doesn't feel quite the same way as Kurenai does; as far as she was concerned, they could work togeather anytime they like; but that was neither here nor there. Upon Kurenai's entrance, Yurika sits up and her gaze falls onto the dark card with slightly raised brows. "I most certainly did. A touch more of the same.." the musician replies, with a neutral expression.

Yurika had wondered if she'd find Kentou at Pacific. "It would appear you have as well.. And something appears to be on your mind. Are you troubled, Kurenai?" she asks, and slowly gets to her feet. "Would you like some tea?"

It's true. They'll be working together for quite some time--forever, as far as she's concerned, whatever that may mean for the two of them. At the same time... Kurenai blinks, a few times, her eyes clearing. "Yurika-dono. I--" She frowns a little.

"--I should be serving /you/ tea, not the other way around, right?" To that end she rises, automatically fixing tea. "I suppose I'm a little worried about this objective. I'll have to figure out a good way to disguise myself again. I can't let it be known, who I really am... not yet. I wouldn't be of any use to you if anyone knew."

She does pour herself a cup of tea, after, of course, refreshing Yurika's.

The scent of the tea, a slow sip of hot liquid, -does- do wonders for calming her. "I'll... be okay, Yurika-dono. I suppose I'm worrying needlessly."

And so Kurenai moves to prepare tea. Yurika can't help but smile a bit, as a means to fight back a chuckle and she sits down once more without putting up any sort of resistance. However, she could understand Kurenai's plight. She waits until her cup is set on the table, and takes it in hand before responding, "I don't believe you're worrying needlessly, Kurenai. Judging by your words, it would appear you're taking part in a full-front attack this time. Considering your weapon, disgusing your fighting style would not be a simple one, however.."

Yurika takes a slow sip, "You're not without resources. You're not the only ninja here, after all. I can provide you with both a uniform and something to hide your weapon with, if you wish."

"I'm going to wear a traditional 'ninja outfit'," says the pink-haired girl. She smiles, wryly. The kind of outfit that people /think/ is a ninja outfit. She lifts her tea, sipping again. She does start to see why Yurika likes the stuff so much--she thought it was just Yurika being Japanese.

"Other than that... I won't be carrying this," she says, touching the grip of her usual weapon. "I'll find something else to use. Not live steel, though... I don't think this mission requires that."

She was worried--now she's the one trying to reassure Yurika. Odd how these things work, isn't it? She turns to look at Yurika. "What is your mission, then, Yurika-dono?"

"I see, well that certainly works out, doesn't it, Kurenai? Regardless, do be careful.. I didn't forsee us having to work seperatly so soon and.. Well, it is a war, despite the opposition not appearing to be out to kill at the moment." the musician murmurs. This would also be one of those times where she'd be unable to 'supervise' as it were. Not that she didn't have faith in Kurenai's skill, but she'd very rarely seen the girl at work.

Yurika takes another sip from her cup, and pauses, trying to find a way to word what she needs to do. ".. Well. Basically I'm to convince the students of Pacific to surrender as they're invaded." the young musician smiles a touch, "It may be a touch difficult. But this is a good opportunity to put my money where my mouth is.. I don't like to resort to using techniques to brainwash."

"That is going to be difficult. They are... willful. Headstrong," she says, dryly. Kurenai's tea is done; still she cradles the cup in her hands. She has faith, however, that Yurika can win. Will win. It isn't just manufactured faith, either.

"And--I will be careful. This agenda is not ours, exactly... I will not lay anything on the line that I am not willing to lose, and for this mission, my life--my future--are not on the line... if things go badly, I'll disappear..."

Unspoken are the words, the sentiment, "I'll come back to you." It would just be too odd to say out loud... wouldn't it?

"So I've heard. But that's no reason for me not to try my best. I just need to think things through rationally, and figure out the facts." Yurika replies to her subordinate, she already starting to sound distracted. But she snaps back to earth, again nodding in agreement.

"My sentiments exactly." If Kurenai ends up getting into trouble because somehow things went poorly, Yurika is confident she'd be able to cover for the young student. ".. At least, if I heard what I thought you had said, I may have missed it." Yurika smiles playfully, head tilting just a touch. "Very well, then I'll be looking forward to hearing how it went come your mission's end. You're dismissed, Kurenai." there's a brief pause. And then she notes, "Ah, by the way.. Should you happen to have to face Akira, which I highly doubt will be the scenario at all.. You're not allowed to strike her.. I should probably find out where she is.."

"Of course not. We give our all, don't we? In every situation... to ensure victory." Or at least to come as close to it as they can. Just because their goals are not aligned with the goals of the societal norm...

However... when she mentions Akira. Kurenai frowns, just a touch. "I--" She doesn't /know/ Akira. Except by sight, as a collection of facts. Interesting facts, but just that. Don't strike her? That -could- be interpreted liberally or strictly... that determination will have to wait.

"I understand, Yurika-dono. I doubt I shall see her, but... if I do..."

"That is all I wanted to hear. Thank you, Kurenai.." Yurika replies, offering no other explanation. While unintentional, this could be seen as a test; Yurika knows Kurenai knows little about Akira, and probably knows even less about the relationship between the musician and the tsundere. Regardless, it doesn't appear that it will be a concern that will come to fruitation anyway. That said, Yurika settles back again, it's likely she won't be going anywhere until her cup is finished.

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