LLK Act I.War - War : A Message

Description: Starting with urgency, it seems there are more sides than Gan had thought. Yet, is this man friend or foe? While he is strong, is he the right person at the right time, or the wrong person at the right time? Clearly, only Daigo would know. He also has a hot sister.

No. No longer.

No longer will his sit aside, letting these warriors break their school. Threaten their students. Control this town with fear. Gan had not met any of them personally, but within the depths of Gedo High, he practiced. After all, he could not stop, or help, in the assaults. He could not prevent something that was important to so many. He could not even protect Akira.

Recently, Gan has spent much of his time within the dojo, 'meditating' and training. His mind could wait, in a time when his body was more important to the students. He was one of the respected.. and he could not even live up to that.

When word came out that there was a violent conflict, a Shadaloo force, minute in size, within the area, Gan rose to his feet. Moments later, the giant barged through the busy hallways, a look of grim determination on his face. He lets himself get a bit too riled up, body easily parting the students that don't see him coming. With Gan, that is their own fault.

Soon, he is like a charging mountain, making his way towards the site of the violent culmination, he assumes, between student and Shadaloo. And he would help end it, as well.

Ahead is the source of the assault; the corner of Gedo and some other generic street of no notable importance. Although there are no sounds of conflict, the shout of students, the calm patter of booted feet from the well armed soldiers of Vega's private army. Yet upon having chance to look around, it's apparent why. A good dozen people total lay sprawled in random locations. Each bears the mark of severe trauma; one man, doubled over a trash can, has his dented trauma helmet a good two meters away. Yet there are other injuries; Three of Gedo lay similarly defeated, although still breathing and twitching.
Amidst this chaos, sitting casually on a stool, is Billy Kane. One leg rests atop a knee, foot twitching in a private beat. He wears a black leather jacket over a Metallica tee-shirt, jeans torn in an aesthetic manner with combat boots tightly laced. Perched atop his head, around the British colored bandana, are headphones. An iPod rests on his lap, as he carefully polishes his crimson bo staff upon his lap.
"Hey hey hey." he calls out towards Gan, two fingers raising with the hand holding a bloodied rag. "If it isn't a Gedo student. Aren't you playing hookie?" He shrugs down his headphones then, glancing towards a broken Shadaloo soldier.

For all his speed. For all his anger. It does not change things. The Gedo student looks on at the field of the broken and beaten, the feet hitting the ground, moving away, unheard. They can run. Whatever did this... to the Gedo students as well, needs to be found. He was too late again. He couldn't protect them. Again.

His eyes scan the area.. and only then does he really notice the most obvious thing. There is a man in the middle, legs crossed, foot twitching, and clothing that makes him out to be.. a bad influence, in Gan's eyes. The sight of the crimson staff, probably not only due to the coloring, is just another thing that makes things add slowly up. Even for Gan.

His words don't help either, Billy only managing to taunt the large student. "This is more important." Gan states, glancing at the bloodied rag. There's no doubt now. None. For even how slow Gan is, this man isn't trying to hide anything.

"I came here to protect the students... but I'm too late again." He laments. Yet his voice is not one full of sorrow, but instead, purpose. "You seem to know." Gan prompts from Billy, as the headphones are put down. "Tell me what happened." He would say please.. but this man is no friend. He looks like a thug. Even if he's an expensive one.

"I need to find them."

"Well, wouldn't it beat all, I was takin' a nice little walk down Gedo, and I saw a bit of a conflict. You know me; I'm Billy Kane. I can't be havin' scuffles on the streets of the city I love. But I had a bit of trouble figurin' out just who was who. You know, they all seemed like enemies to me, and I guess in the excitement..." He flicks his staff away, a small splatter of blood hitting the sidewalk. "I guess they all were." So the legendary fighter admits to hurting not only Gan's enemies, but also his friends. He leans forward, the slightly muted sounds from his headphones obviously the hard rock of his shirt. He places his chin into a palm, tapping the fingers upon his chin as he smirks towards Gan. Looking at him from feet to hair. It's not surprising that he's unintimidated. "I was hopin' to meet one of you kiddies. Ya know well that me and mine don't care for this war. But Gedo's never cared for us either, have they? All Daigo would offer is don't mess with me, I don't mess with you..."

The small splatter of blood. Gan listens, but he doesn't like what he hears. He doesn't like it at all. It just gets worse. "They were trying to protect their school..." Gan says, voice low, despite the seriousness of it. They all seemed like enemies.. in the excitement? ... Gan, even he, can go berserk - but he would never harm someone because they may have been in the way.

They all were? ... Billy Kane. It's hard not to know him, in a way. He's a legend. The giant is silent, as Billy moves forwards, to speak to him. More words.. more attempts to rile him up. He was angry a moment ago, and this only keeps pushing him.

Like he was trying before.. he has to calm himself. To prevent being lost in the anger they so easily bring. "The Don is right... I will not mess with you... if you agree to not let this happen again." He will go far for his allies. A bit too far, in this case, making a demand of Billy Kane.

But then, Gan was never the smartest.

"I will not let you harm another student.. when they were only trying to protect the school." He does not budge, as Billy moves forth, eyes making just as much a statement as the one he had made. His body tenses, but the large boy refuses to leave without some sort of .. agreement.

"Not to let what happen again?" Billy comments, pushing off the bench and standing up. He stretches, a slow and subtle motion. He's not the largest man around, or the best built. Although the subtle power within, and the weightless ease he moves that giant bo staff, is testament to how dangerous the former King of Fighters is. He rests the shaft against a shoulder, other hand brushing at his thigh absently. "Let big chin and the man in a dress fight? Well damn kid, I'm trying that already. What I don't know is whether Gedo is even important to me." He walks forward, to come to a stop before the significantly taller student. Although with the poise of one who's still looking down his nose. "Tell me why I shouldn't just let Gedo drown... it's already full of mangy rats, ain't it?"

"Letting the students be hurt again.." He explains, perhaps not understanding the gravity of the situation. "Not without a fight." He claims. "They will have to get through me." He is sure to state. Billy is smaller, that is for certain. That he slowly moves forth, after a long time of just moving around, brings a bit of anxiousness in Gan. The man is strong. That he knows.

He cannot be the one to back down now, after what he has done here.

And especially at the last comment. He listens entirely, taking in the words. he must not be angry. He must not be forceful. "... The Don will fight. The students will fight." He claims, looking down at Billy. "And I will fight. They are courageous, and are far better people than you." Gan is not one to make such statements. Often, at least.

Billy has come off more as a hoodlum than many a Gedo student. "There is more to them than you will accept." Gan pushes back, a bit, with his barreled chest, to nudge away Billy. He .. almost got through, without asserting some kind of force.

"So you'll fight back against them even if I help or not? Well, that's gravy. Best case, you gnaw at the heels of my enemies. Worst case... huh. Is there a worst case if Gedo is burned to the ground?" He is bumped, and is forced to give an inch. Although immediately he pokes his finger into the larger student's chest, punctuating the words that come next. "I just wanted to see how the vermin down here were doing. Looks like you are still treading water. Fine by me. You might of noticed that there's none of our people down here, helping keep back the tide. Funny that, ain't it?" Billy just smirks, with a sort of smug complacence that fits a child pinning a moth to a board. "You ain't got any friends in this war. But you just remember, if they manage, either one of them would remove Gedo from the face of the earth. If you are lucky. Daigo burned a lot of bridges. Maybe now, he wishes he didn't. I'll keep his wishes in mind, and leave'm all alone."

"I will do all I can." Gan responds. He goes on to state - the worst case, burning Gedo to the ground. Gan is silent.. but he accepts it can happen. "I will not allow it to come to that." The finger jabbing into his chest is felt, and strong at that, but he does not move. Silent as he listens, Gan listens carefully. The smirk is a terrible one, fitting Gan's sight of Billy. Of who he had thought him to be.

"We will not need your help." Gan believes in Gedo. The students. The Don. That they would need to side with such a person, and his employer, would be a blow deeper felt than to fall with all their strength.

At least to one, it was a fight worth fighting. "We have friends." Gan adds, looking past Billy now. "They may not be from Gedo. They will let us fight alone." He does not smile, or smirk down towards Billy, words, he tries, making them sound like they were from the Don. They're.. all right. He's no speech writer, that's for sure.

"I'd feel better about their help, too."

Gan might think Billy is a cruel, almost sadistic and violent man, who lingers upon a pedestal careless of the troubles the common people face. ...And he's pretty much completely right. Few would make the mistake Billy is empathetic, at least to strangers. "Good. I thought I'd come feel the water. See if Daigo's ready to talk yet. But I figured it was the same ole', same ole'. Gedo's independence is pretty legendary, ain't it?" And more then anything, Billy plain doesn't like Daigo. Although he then mentions the other schools, causing Billy to pause. Helping to save the hapless, undefended Gedo would do much to warming over those growing vigilantes to Geese's syndicate. Make them realize his is a neccesary evil that keeps the chaos from spilling into the street. Damn. He rather hoped he could laugh at them as they burn. "How about this." he offers, taking a couple steps backwards. He slips into a casual fighting stance, shifting his bo staff to rest in the nook of an armpit. "Fight me." This seems rather abrupt, really. But he elucidates thereafter. "Both parties have a few people comparable to me in fighting talent. Maybe." He spits to the side at even being forced to admit that much. "And sometime, somewhere, they are gonna come to your school. I'll give you a taste of just how hard you will have to fight."

His gaze is solid as a stone towards the impressive man. Gan gives him such respect, despite his disrespect. But he will not lower himself to his level. The water, according to Billy, has not changed. That it is the 'same ole', same ole'' does not bother Gan. Nor that the independence is legendary. He does not know of the Don's relation with Billy.

Gan does not have the planning mind of Billy. He cannot see the evil behind the offering. He cannot see the harm behind the practice.

Of all things to do, Gan accepts. "If that is how it will be..." Gan cannot see the harm in it. He cannot see why this would be bad.. but overall, he doesn't think it could be. "I gladly accept." He needs to be ready at any cost. So he will do his best.. and his worst. "I will show you Gedo''s strength."

Raising a hefty leg, Gan slams it into the earth, before his eyes focus on Billy.. and then he charges, hands burning to life with energy as he stomps forwards, slamming forth palm strike after palm strike, attempting to beat Billy backwards with each blow. "Hah! Hah! Hah!"

COMBATSYS: Gan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Billy has joined the fight here.

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Billy            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Gan

COMBATSYS: Billy fails to counter Gun Stabbing from Gan with Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Billy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0              Gan

Whether Gan can earn respect of his own has to be earned; Billy's a jerk, but he's not blatantly spiteful. There's something in Gan he almost likes, although he can't put his finger on it. The stamp does give hint that he might be just as strong as he looks, but he remains casual, beckoning forward with a final tightening of his headband. When Gan moves forward, the bo fighter shifts, moving with lightning speed and long honed reflexes. He manages a spiraling flouish of his staff before shifting it forward, well before the first palm blow reaches him. It strikes against the wood. It bows. Billy's eyes widen, bracing his knees. Skidding backwards, he is knocked off balance. "...!!" In that split second of opening, multiple palmstrikes slam into his torso, sending him flying backwards. Twisting, one booted foot catches on the street just prior to sending him sprawling, instead stumbling away. "Hack..." The wind was literally knocked from his chest, and the scalding handprints echo the damage done beneath. "H-hell, kid! I know people in the big leagues who ain't able to stagger me like that! Alright, yer strength's proven. But there's a hell of a lot more to winnin' then THAT..."

The spiraling flourish of a man who knows his abilities. He is not wasteful, from what he had seen. Gan, while unable to grasp ideas, is able to grasp a person a bit easier than others might.

Finishing in his stance, a palm stuck outwards, Gan pulls his hand back in, rising back into his stance as Billy ends up launched away. As he catches himself, Gan looks on to Billy, advancing upon him a bit faster. It is not quite as fast as he would in a .. less friendly match. All the same, Gan's intentions haven't changed. He does this to show him his strength. His promise, to the Don and the students. And for himself.

"I am strong.. I know." Gan responds, "I said I would show you the strength I'll use to protect the students." Gan's gait suddenly becomes a charge. "And I don't intend to stop already!" His voice marks his actions, as the large Gedo Student aims to get a bit closer to Billy, hands spreading wide as he moves in close.. before aiming to clamp around the English fellow.

If this is not prevented, Gan would leave the ground. "HGRAAAAGH!" With Billy, who would be whipped into the air and then brought down, rather hard, in a single swing back against the concrete.

With Gan's strength, used as it is, it clearly wouldn't be a light fall.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Billy with Piledriver.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Billy            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0              Gan

Once more Billy poises himself, surprised that Gan can move so fast. He doesn't have the ponderous assault that he expected, crouching down slightly. The looming man before him has both arms spread wide, left and right. There's nowhere to go but to leap backwards... but Gan has a lot of range, and uses it well. He just barely snatches Billy, but barely is more then enough. "Son of a..." He is then impacted on the ground, the very asphalt shattering beneath, multiple fractures now in the street. These two titanic blows would likely have nearly shattered a normal fighter, even one if Gan's peers. But he still managed to absorb much of the force at the last moment, through a rather masterful contortion. As much skill as long trained resilience allows him to kipup backwards, backflipping to land in a crouch. "Hell..." Blood trails down his lip, quickly wiped away. "You're bloody stronger and faster then I thought. Alright. I admit it. I took you as a halfass bruiser. But ya ain't; Daigo's got himself a good muscle, eh?" He stands up once more, cracking his neck left and right. "But I'm a good deal stronger'n Daigo..."
Finally he moves in a genuine assault. Spiraling his weapon around, the air cracking from the displaced force. Before he twists, slamming one end of his staff into the ground just outside Gan's range. Bending it, and then leaping HIGH into the air. His jacket flutters, superimposing himself over the sun; were Gan to look up, he'd be half blinded, making it difficult to ascertain the descending King of Fighters. "GO TO HELL!!" he roars out, swinging down his weapon with every ounce of force he can -- trying to land a titanic blow to Gan's shoulder, to try and bring him to his knees!!

COMBATSYS: Gan fails to interrupt Flying Assault Cane from Billy with Giant Storm.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Billy            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0              Gan

"... You may be stronger than the Don." Gan responds, as Billy himself uses it as a fact. "But.. I will not let that stop me." And he clearly isn't, as the larger boy doesn't actually falter- he presses onwards, untouched, for now. That will soon change.

A genuine assault of Billy's ends up rather well put, the spiralling weapon, cracking from the force, is brought outside of the giant's reach.

Gan, half blinded, does not let this get to him. Both hands shoot upwards, to catch Billy as he comes down. "I ..will not!" But despite his words, Gan's struck by the heavy blow, and is faltered, staggering backwards as his grip fails to catch Billy.

The man slides right through his grasp, and Gan is forced to kneel, struck rather heavily on his shoulders, as well as on the body. The giant, is momentarily, taken out. ".. So .. you are .. far stronger than I have faced as well lately." Gan notes. "A challenge.. will be good for me. As the Don would want."

You cannot grow without facing challenges, he was told.

This is just another.

"Haha. You know, I like you. Ya ain't a whiny boy who's all talk. You aren't talkin' bout how you are just gonna beat my face in. Nah... instead, you admit it's hard, and you give yer all. Pfft. Maybe Gedo's not completely worthless." He begins to whirl his staff around, showcasing his manual dexterity in the motion. Stance spreading and becoming iron hard, flexing his free hand a moment. Then he rushes forward, rearing back his weapon poised to strike. Yet then he suddenly lashes out with his free hand, attempting to catch Gan by the front of his shirt. And then unleash a violent series of knee strikes to his stomach, hopefully before he can steel his muscles and dampen the blow. Before finally bringing his weapon around in a rather whirlwind motion, to take the massive student's feet out right beneath him with a side blow to the ankles. "But yer still gonna have to fight for your life!!"

COMBATSYS: Billy successfully hits Gan with Armed Combo.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Billy            0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1              Gan

The Giant attempts to take the blow. He attempts to move into the assault as Billy comes. Yet, Billy is far too skilled. Far too strong for even this giant to not be taken down. The assault comes, and the weapon .. does not. Gan is taken unaware, a violent series of knee strikes to his stomach smashing in, one after another, before Gan ends up nearly staggering backwards.

The weapon around is swung, taking his feet out beneath him.. and the Giant collapses down onto the ground, staring upwards.

"... Hah... Your words ... I .. did not expect them." Gan admits, pushes himself up slowly, the large boy tired, it seems. He doesn't let that get to him, still fighting. "But you are right.. I haven't earned them.. just yet." His gaze on Billy. Tired.. wounded.. perhaps Billy would see it coming. That he would lash out with everything he had.

Billy would have to see it.

"HGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The large sumo suddenly shoots forwards, wooden sandals hitting the concrete ground, nearly leaving marks, as the Sumo ducks, aiming to grasp Billy's legs before he can respond, and lift him into the air.

If Billy isn't quite fast enough, Gan would be able to show him just /how/ far he's willing to go when the chips are down.

COMBATSYS: Billy blocks Gan's Concrete Smash.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Billy            1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0              Gan

While Billy may be ready, Gan still lunges for the smaller, but certainly not weak man, grasping for the body and then lifting him upwards, aiming to to swing him against the ground, over and over again, attempting to break him against the ground with every swing.

He does not let up.

"I respect those who deserve respect." Billy states, thumbing blood from his nose. He was only hit twice, but he got ratted as much as even his hard spars. Gan's got technique to offset his bulk. Impressive. Yet they are in far different leagues... yet he is more then able to assess lesser talents. But then he knows the juggernaut is about to rush him, and he smirks. Wanting it. He doesn't want to simply smack down the other man. He wants to see what he has, and surpass it. Lunging downwards, he hooks an elbow beneath Gan's armpit, digging his own booted feet into the street. Skidding backwards, before he lets out a mild curse as he's lifted up, as if he weighed nothing. Yet he's still holding Gan; and the first titanic slam, he squirms free with that leverage, landing in a crouch upon the ground instead. He hisses out in pain, crunched down nearly into a ball, but as Gan tries to lift him a second time he kicks away, yanking free. Hell; impacting the ground once, even braced, was more then enough for him.
"Alright. You've seen I can take what you can throw at me. Now... I'll give you something back. You'll see the burning flames of my own drive to win." He holds out his staff, then grasps it in the middle with both hands. Slowly beginning to rotate, building up speed. The air heats. Air warbles away, visible. Sparks crackle and snap as Billy concentrates, before both ends of his bo staff burst into flame. "Haaaa...!!" Soon the trailing napalm becomes a wheel, which the King of Fighter kicks up into a frenzy. More and more thrown into it, charring the very ground beneath him.
He then whirls backwards, smirking towards Gan. "Don't worry... I ain't puttin' enough in to put you in the hospital. Ya gotta war to win, don't ya?!"
And then he snaps both arms forward, throwing out a massive fireball that flares like a second sun, the burst of incredible heat reaching Gan before the spiraling inferno. Larger then he is, and with ungodly speed and force...

COMBATSYS: Billy successfully hits Gan with Blazing Whirlwind Cane.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Billy            0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1              Gan

Billy is able to fight back. This is something Gan wasn't ready for. Billy /fighting back/. He's slammed against the ground, but lands in a crouch. That wasn't supposed to happen - and especially not him breaking free. "... Hmmph.." Gan remarks, about Billy's bid for freedom. "I will accept them as best.. I can." Gan gives, to Billy.

He means he'll try to survive them, really.

But the staff begins to rotate, speed building up. Air burning to life, sparks crackling. All of it, so much force, shooting to life. The visible wheel of napalm suddenly erupts. and Gan isn't capable of dealing with it. Arms do no block massive walls of fire. His body, bracing, can only do so much.

The Gedo Giant wades into the flames of hell, "Ghhhhhh-AAAGHH!" He roars in pain, as it burns over him, washing. Down on one knee again, he slowly gets up, shifting his weight.. barely able to stand.. "I .. am not yet finished.. not until.. every once of my strength.. is taken from me." Gan replies, hands burning to life, once again, as he tries to assault Billy. Slamming forwards with each palm, each strike like a shotgun ... it's far slower than before, but perhaps Gan will be able to accomplish this .. before gravity, and his strength, finally end the battle to keep himself up.

Hint : Gravity is always there.. while Gan's strength, is not.

COMBATSYS: Gan can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Billy            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Billy counters Super Gun Stabbing from Gan with Random Strike.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Billy            0/-------/---====|

Billy can hear the rampaging giant thrumming forward, the flames parting around him. But Billy is not idle, nor surprised. The assault has heart behind it more then desperation, yet this time there's no strength to power through him. Breaking his weapon into three parts, he catches the first attempted palm blow in a loop of chain, sliding aside from the second. Before snapping out one end, cracking a hard blow across Gan's face. And then flipping him forward with a grunt of effort -- he's a big man. But the Gedo mountain would end up upon his back, Billy panting and looking down towards him. "You've got heart and determination. But that ain't always enough. Tell Daigo. We're open to negotiations... and the lesser of three evils, eh?" Adjusting his jacket, Billy then flicks his hand in a dismissive wave before marching off, resting his bo staff against his shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Billy has ended the fight here.

The weapon stops him, catching the first palm.. sliding the second.. and the third blow cracks against him, before the Gedo giant is also tossed towards the ground. On his back, Gan can only listen to the words the man now tells him. While blood was drawn, it seeps from under the cloth, staining it.

"I will.. tell the Don." Gan responds, laying there on his back.

He will eventually get to his feet, but for now, he must first sit up .. a colossal effort, for such a colossal size.

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