LLK Act I.War - War : F3

Description: Frilled, Frustrated, and Female. Despite a rather taxing run-in against the trio of Pas, Shurui, and Ichiro, it isn't a time for rest just yet for Seijyuns greatest musician or pink-haired ninjalgebraniac. Neither girl really understand what's in store for their future or Southtown's, but after sharing thoughts, conclude they'll just have to ride the wave of chaos and pick up information along the way.

After their work in Gedo, Yurika decided it'd be best to continue working the evacuation until every last person was out; she wasn't in the condition to chase after the ones that got in and, well, perhaps she could find out later through Akira what had happened..

Yurika Kirishima is indeed in an awkward situation, she knows Akira has problems with Shadaloo, meaning that Daigo and co will likely be fighting against them instead of working togeather to crush Geese. Just what did Vega have planned? How was Yurika going to get through this situation knowing she may end up having to fight Gedo and hurt her future plans?

Though the biggest problem was that she was just out of the loop entirely; while in Seijyun she's certainly one of the larger fish, she's but a tiny one when it comes to this war, and can only just follow orders when asked.. Oh if only Kurow were here to help make sense of things.

But the most important thing she understands, however, is morale.. And she sense that Kurenai was very very upset with the results of the battle not more than 6 hours ago. As it falls toward evening, Yurika is in the Council Office instead of her room, the place nicely lit and windowshades only half-up, relaxing as she sips a cup of tea. She had sent Kurenai off on a rather pointless errand of purchasing first-aid supplies, but she's still trying to get the hang of 'making use' of her servent of sorts.. It's a lot different since while she had planned to make Roberto her servant, it was to make fun of him, not actually -do- helpful work.

Kurenai, similarly, soldiered on--gutting out and hiding a pair of broken ribs. Really, after the fight, the rest of the evac was... pretty calm, pretty quiet. Most of her attention since then has been on getting her ribs wrapped up, making sure they'll heal right. That attended to.... she's been resting a little--trying to put the failure of mission out of her head. She can't be worried about what, ultimately, Vega will think about their failure.

Besides, it burns her on a much more personal level. Even knowing that one 'can't win them all'... it still rankles. Not only because they were fighting a losing battle, but the loss itself... fortunately, Yurika's mission helped her keep her mind off things, and so she makes her way back to the student council room, two big bags of first aid supplies in her hands.

"Yurika-dono," she calls, as she bumps the door open with her hip, looking about.

"Kurenai," Yurika responds with a small smile, she sets her teacup down and gets to her feet, gesturing to the desk. "Set the items here on the desk.. I've decided that, for the time being, we're going to continue to assist those that have escaped Gedo. Unfortunatly, there's just no way I could allow any of them to shelter at Seijyun, it'd cause too much of an uproar but.. I think it'd be best if I do what I can in the public's eye.."

Yurika tone is a little quieter than usual, almost as if she's been rambling. But she's somewhat togeather for the most part and, probably to no one's surprise, isn't very injured herself. Though rather shaken up still by Shurui's power of hers. "How are your injuries? I would recommend you get some rest after this as soon as possible, I haven't recieved word of our next move but I feel it will be coming quite soon."

The bags are set upon the table, and Kurenai actually rests one hand on the surface, leaning into it a touch. Normally she would protest a 'need' for rest, but her ribs are starting to ache, even bound up. "Yes, Yurika-dono. I agree we can't let them enter Seijyun High..." She considers, for a moment.

"I know there are some empty warehouses in the Harbor... perhaps one of them could be rented?" Something to consider, at least; Kurenai bites her lip as a brief wave of pain slides along her nerves, the little girl closing her eyes for a moment. summoning her reserves. "My... injuries? I have two broken ribs. I'll do for them what I can--and I /will/ be ready when our next action comes." She'll have to refer back to her books--even though the Takayanagi were not, traditionally, a warrior clan, they did have some tricks and tools that they picked up along the way... there's no way she can be one hundred percent, but she'll be as close as she can. "And..." She pauses.

"How are you doing, Yurika-dono?"

"Hmn, that's an excellent suggestion.. I suppose I'll have to spend the next day or so looking at the situation.. I'd heard from the girl I was fighting that Miss Futaba is providing shelter as well. I doubt her place can hold so many so that'd be a good opportunity if I can get a hold of it.." Yurika lightly taps her lower lip, her dark eyes looking Kurenai's form over, and doesn't make a secret of it at all, it's quite blatant.

"I've been keeping busy," she then answers to the final question. "The interesting thing about all of this is that it makes me think.. About my personality.. I wonder if I'm really doing this all for my own benefit. I wonder just how little I care about any one of those students or faculty. Or their lives. When I spoke to Raizo, he said to me that I must view people as people to obtain true strength.. Or something along those lines." ... "Well, I'm just rambling right now, the point is I am quite well, just.. Thinking. Though that reminds me, Kurenai. I understand that you're concerned about my well-being, but you need to learn to control your emotions in battle. You were doing fine, and then you got reckless."

"I was please, envious, and disappointed. I envied you because I know the feeling of wanting to protect someone with all your heart and finding yourself unable to do so. You know, that's the price one pays for being so close to another.." Yurika's eyes drift to the side, and then out the window to the evening sky. "The more friends you have, the more people you have to protect, and the more times your heart will become broken.."

Kurenai... isn't sure what to say to that. It echoes, very much, some of the sentiments taught to her by the Takayanagi clan. And yet... deep down, Kurenai /is/ a friendly girl. She can't help it; that's just how she is. It's one of the traits that will make her useful to Yurika. And one of the traits that is most likely to become a liability. The pink-haired girl moves through the room to another window, gazing out of it at the peaceful campus below.

"I... know. Especially for... for you and me... we have to be careful who our friends are. It's... only prudent." Yet the words sound almost forced. Surely, it's something she'll have to work on--prudency.

The rebuke stings, though, and she bites her lower lip, not wanting to let it show. "You're right. In all ways. I can't let... my attachments take hold of me." Her lips quirk in a wry smile. "I guess it's kind of like I'm a Jedi..." Yes, one of her clanmates was a Star Wars fanatic, and probably showed her the movies quite a bit. "I will do better, Yurika-dono."

Kurenai turns towards her boss, her Mistress, and... bows. Concealing the pain, because it /does/ hurt.

Yurika is quiet for a moment longer, her dark eyes on ocassion shifting to her pink-haired companion, straight faced for a moment.. And then a gentle smile forms, as she nods her head, "I know you will. It's lucky, that we're in a situation where we don't pay gravely for our errors. But it's still best to avoid them when we can. Though do not get the wrong idea, I'm not telling you to change who you are.. But I am warning you that things will get difficult, though you seem to understand that now."

Yurika takes in a small breath, and lets out a long, tired sigh. "I must improve as well. I want to be like my brother, but to do so in my own way.. Yet I find myself slowly falling into his path by decieving others.." the silver-haired girl turns her head, to face her companion. "Unless there is anything else you wish to ask, you're dismissed, Kurenai.. I think I'm going to meditate on this a bit. And try to figure myself out."

Kurenai rises up, and she can't conceal the wince that action produces. Maybe she's more injured than she's really letting on... or letting it get to her more. She's not injured enough to disregard Yurika's words, though, and she manages a smile. "Hai, Yurika-dono. Don't worry. I know... what my mission is and what I am required to do. I will follow any instruction you lay before me, and I will endeavour to aid you in any way possible." Even if it doesn't seem like she is helping, at the time...

"Yurika-dono, if I may make a suggestion..." Kurenai's expression slips for a second. "Please, get some rest, yourself. I know you want to calculate everything out, but you will think better with some rest." That said, the girl feels almost as thoug she's overstepped her bounds, and she bows again, a little less deeply. "Then, I await further word from you, Yurika-dono. Good evening..."

".. I see. Thank you, Kurenai.." Yurika replies, looking toward the window once more. Perhaps sleep wasn't a bad idea.. Though it would be a difficult task, considering the things on her mind. Come to think of it, she wanted to know a little more about that silver-haired woman as well.. Perhaps she'd have to leave that task to Kurenai later on. As it stood, all she really could do was wait and see what happened, she wasn't a fortune teller after all.

Hmn.. How was Kentou doing? Knowing him, he'd probably be with Hotaru as well, and hopefully staying out of trouble. She'd have to have that looked into as well. With that, though, yes, rest was looking like a good idea. Leaving her desk, she following Kurenai out the room, and hits the light switch.

"I'll be joining you for the walk back to the dorms, then."

Pause. "..." Really? She's kind of enrvous about that. But.. Kurenai pauses by the door, holding it open for Yurika. The pink-haired girl wouldn't dream of going first, not in this situation. And while she's normally quite chatty, Yurika's given her a lot to think about and that's going to occupy her mind for the most part. The swordsgirl will have to reevaluate things. Maybe even ask the advice of some elders. It's something she'll have to think about... and she does do a lot of thinking.

She is withdrawn, but still paying attention--habit. She couldn't possibly let her guard down completely, even if she's not paying as full attention as she could, or even should be doing. It's just not in her blood--she's been trained too well.

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