LLK Act I.War - War : Party Crasher

Description: Shadaloo and NESTS's combined forces are sweeping the city. The YFCC was taken handily--and now it's been left to Mike Bison to guard the building against the intrusions of would-be do-gooders... like the man named Alex, a man with an axe to grind and... a soft spot for children.

%Hnh. This is...

This is the worst 'honor' Bison could have drawn. "The YFCC is important to our plans, Bison. Do not let any intruders in!" Vega's voice echoes inside the big, black boxer's thick skull. Stand watch? Him??

Only when the big man himself says so. And... that's just what he did. Christ. Bison is bored already and it shows; there's a line of fist-sized dents and cracks in the concrete facing of the YFCC--counting out the number of times Bison's cursed his luck and smacked a fist into the wall.

Judging from the number of holes, he's been at this a while, or he doesn't have much patience. Maybe both. The man, still clad in all black as befits a wartime boxer (?!?), has his fist raised, prepatory to putting yet another dent in the community center's structure... not even thinking about what he's doing.

*thud* And there appears another dent.

The all-American World Warrior, Alex, was sitting in downtown Southtown traffic. Grumbling to himself while settled in the seat of his rental car, barely managing to fit himself in the little foreign thing after finagling the seat controls to their absolute utmost. Suffering a hunched posture while looming over the steering column, fingers tapping the polished rim as he scoots an inch at a time.
Sure. Don't rent a Harley for once. Save himself the paperwork for once. Shouldn't be any traffic. Right.
It was just a quick week-long Neo League stop to Southtown. Having recovered from his most excellent fight with the Justice High Student Counsel Head, Hyo Iwamano, the Titan was on his way back state-side. Just a quick drive to the airport.

That's what it was supposed to be.

The sound of the inscruitable Japanese radio show is overshadowed by the loud sounds of explosions. Telltale shots of gunfire. With some alarm, Alex leans over awkwardly to peer through the passenger window just down the block.
Blinking. Squinting. Utterly unable to believe what he's seeing.

Soldiers.. Dark armored soldiers pouring into the Youth Center. Openning fire on..



The car door -slams- open, knocking the car beside him two feet away. The Titan does not unbuckle, he rips the seat-belt free with a quick gesture and rises tall. Not wasting a moment, not one motion as his cobalt eyes burn holes through the shattered entrance of that urban refuge. His massive frame slides over the hood of that tiny car, lifting it's back wheels completely off the pavement for a full three seconds before the groaning thing bounces back down in his wake.

Kids. Defenseless kids.
Those words the only conscious thought running through the mighty American's mind over and over as the world begins to fade into a haze of red. His overalls slipped lose, flimsey gray shirt is ripped clean from his immensely powerful chest. Combat boots marching the distance with inexorable force.

Alex has no idea who these men are. He has no idea what these men think they are trying to achieve. He has no idea who he's going up against.
None of that matters. These men are endangering the lives of Children.

Alex is going to walk in there and every single one of those goddamned bastards is gunna have to be carted out on stretchers.

By the time Alex manages to get to the Youth Center proper, the immediate fighting seems to have died down proper. All he can hear are the shouts of men, the sporatic gunfire.. And the sound of a wrecking ball crushing concrete.
The wrecking ball, on closer inspection, is a gloved fist.
The owner of said fist?
Mike Bison.
Ex-boxing champ and now Shadaloo's chief muscle.


After Thailand Alex never wanted to hear that name again. Vega is dead. His organization scattered to the four winds and hunted down.. Last he heard. Only a real heavy hitter could have hired a man like Bison for whatever this is.. And what said hitter would want with a kid's center Alex can't even begin to fathom.
All Alex knows is that Bison is going to want an ambulance in exactly ten seconds.

The Titan is not subtle. Even a thug like Bison can hear those boots stomping from many paces out. He walks right up to the source of that wall-pounding ruckus and without so much as a howdy-do the American Titan explains to the mercenary pugilist just what he thinks of him in the only language that punk understands.

Mister right cross says 'hi'.

COMBATSYS: Alex has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alex             0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: M.Bison has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Alex             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          M.Bison

COMBATSYS: Alex successfully hits M.Bison with Fierce Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Alex             0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0          M.Bison

Mister Right Cross /does/ say hi. Bison doesn't even notice Alex until the man's upon him--and then he's getting a faceful of fist. It's a good punch; it twists Bison's head around, cracking his neck, working the jaw. All the moreso for being a sucker punch. Bison, however, does not yet need an ambulance.

The big man turns his head around. And despite the swelling bruise on his chin, he grins. Finally. Someone he can beat on. Soldiers of Shadaloo's come out--having been alerted to the presence of an intruder--but Bison lists a gloved hand. "Leave 'im," the Buffalo spits at the men.

"'e sucker punched me... an' now he's gotta pay for it..." Slamming his fists together, Bison roars, an almost inhuman sound, full of rage and power, as he zeroes in on Alex. He doesn't recognize the man, though he would--Bison /does/ keep up on who's who in fighting--if he weren't enraged. Spittle flies as he roars again, and he comes in with his own right cross--only, it's the leadin for a smashing left hook afterwards.

Hopefully, Alex isn't expecting any good banter from Bison--he's not really capable. He lets his fists do the talking, and they're certainly shouting right now.

Shouting for blood.

COMBATSYS: M.Bison successfully hits Alex with Fierce Punch.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Alex             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0          M.Bison

Banter is not what you do to a man who’s leading a goon squad putting the shakedown on a building full of children.
The fact that Bison willingly works for monsters like Shadaloo puts the thug way high up on Alex’s @#$% list. But now? This bloodthirsty muscle graduated to a whole new level of slime. He has earned himself the almighty beatdown - starting right now.

However, reality comes calling in the form of Bison’s mean left hook. The boxer’s return fire catches Alex upside the head with a colossal impact. Even the Titan is staggered by the blow, stepping a handful of feet back. Shaking his head wildly, the American gives Mike a stern frown - wiping the blood from the corner of his lip with the back of his fist.

This ain’t gunna be easy.

”Kids, man.” Alex’s gravelly voice accuses in a low, even tone. “Kids.”

Alex lunges for Bison, seeking to grip the equally massive man by the head and -SLAM- said skull right into the concrete wall. Potentially adding yet a new dent to the series.

COMBATSYS: M.Bison endures Alex's Power Throw.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Alex             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0          M.Bison

Oh see, now there's a head-sized dent in the wall. The owners of the building aren't going to be happy about that /at all/. But Bison... well... Even though Alex managed to get one ham-sized hand around Bison's face, lift him, and slam him into the wall... and that caused a nasty concussion against the wall, the wet-hollow sound like a bomb going off deep inside the complex...

Bison shoves the hand away, and despite the wet smear of blood that now stains the wall, hardly seems affected in the slightest. That's probably at least fifty percent adrenaline and sixty percent pure, dogged toughness. That's right, Bison is making football coaches across America proud. He's giving one hundred and ten percent. And that shows--as he grabs for Alex, attempting to snag the man while he's still close. And should he manage that, he'll demonstrate his own 'throwing' technique. Here's a hint:

It doesn't involve much throwing. What it does involve is clinching Alex's arms to his sides, slamming Bison's brow into Alex's soft faceparts repeatedly, and then a quick twist to hurl the Titan away. Simple, really. A dangerous light is shining in Bison's eyes...

COMBATSYS: Alex Toughs Out M.Bison's Head Bomber!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Alex             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1          M.Bison

After Alex nearly demolishes an entire wall of the YFCC with Bison's head, he was expecting there to be a little bit of peril in that man's eyes.
Instead, what the Titan sees in that raging fistfighter's eyes is 110% hate.

Damn. He really was the champ wasn't he?

Alex's moment of disbelief proves his weakness as his head is clutched in those massive mits. Immediately yanked into a brutally punishing series of headbutts. As Bison's skull has now been test-proven to powder concrete, it don't feel too comfortable hammering down hard on your own.

Vicious, loud cracks fill the air. Alex's boots literally begin to crack the pavement beneath them with every massive impact from the boxer.

For all the mind-breaking pain being nailed into him, Alex's thoughts circle around only one thing.
Those kids.

Steel eyes flare open after the last massive headbutt. The Titan, his eyes wide, slowly shakes his head to the boxer. Standing tall, adrenaline infusing every fiber of his being.
If Alex was granted his vast might for any purpose, let it be to defend the helpless from monsters like this. Any sane mortal would look into Bison's eyes with mortal terror. Alex's determination in the face of oppressors or tyrants is without limit.

Alex breaks Bison's grip, returning the clinch and attempting to haul the massive man up and off his feet. Flip him upside down and -launch- into the sky. Should he succeed.. Bison will be treated to a heaping portion of Alex's righteous indignation as he is -slammed- into shattering pavement with enough force to blast away the nearby soldiers and bounce parked cars a foot in the air!

COMBATSYS: M.Bison interrupts Powerbomb from Alex with Gigaton Blow+.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Alex             1/=======/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          M.Bison

Oh, Alex'll get his grip. Bison's going on a skyride, for sure. But Alex isn't gonna be too happy with the results. Y'see... Bison's prepared. Smart? That Bison isn't. Tactically sneaky? Hell no. He's a goddamn buffalo, raging across the land. In this case, across Alex's land. But he does have the instinct. The taste for blood. When Alex is just about to land his powerbomb, Bison suddenly--shifts. He's no longer just being slammed--although he's definitely taking a punishing, crushing blow against the pavement. But he's also doing something... that masters of the arts do.

Only, instead of coming by it with skill and training, Bison comes by it through a touch of luck and pure animal rage. At the moment of impact, Bison is... suddenly twisting. His gloved hands gripping Alex's arms. And then Bison is rolling with the impact--and as he gets to his feet, he's spinning, hurling Alex towards the wall, using the big man's momentum against him.

Oh yes. And he's following, too, roaring in pain and anger, full of thunderous fury. Car alarms have been set off already--or the booming impact of Bison's gloved right hand, right into Alex's nose? That might set off more alarms. The impact is... immediate. Severe. It doesn't do Bison's arm any good--in fact, it's so powerful it literally bounces the boxer away from Alex and the wall.

But when he lands, it's on his feet. And admiring his handiwork.

Definitely not easy by far.

Though Alex has proven to be nearly unstoppable even in the face of a heavy hitter like Bison, the rampaging monster is capable of dishing out nearly incalculable damage if pressed. Just as Alex recovers from his mighty throw, something seems amiss..
The truth of that bad feeling revealing itself as Bison rolls to his feet and throws a punch that must be banned by the Geneva Convention.

The concrete wall is destroyed.

The entire wall of the YFCC implodes inward as a ton of solid, steel-reinforced rock is shattered by raw force. Alex's frame goes -flying- through in a tidal wave of gray powder and debris in the wake of that incredible blow.

For several moments, dust fills the air as small pieces of building rain down from above. The form of the prone Titan is half-obscured beneath a thin cake of chalky, drab concrete mist. Surely that ended the fi-

The Titan's fist convulses. Fingers reaching skyward before the American begins gathering himself once more. Rising upwards, spitting out a pint of blood over his shoulder. Face plastered in crimson, eye closed and blackened.

"..Kids." The only accusatory word that leaves his red-stained mouth.

The American charges the distance. Boots crunching on the chunks of concrete and rebar as his roar fills the YFCC. Hands reaching out to get ahold of that damned thug one more time...

COMBATSYS: Alex successfully hits M.Bison with Hyper Bomb.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Alex             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1          M.Bison

..And once his grasp firmly attached, Alex inflicts the almighty beatdown he had prophecied. The boxer's hard-headedness is put to the ultimate test. Up and over, Bison is flipped into a hard suplex. The buckling pavement dented even further with the terrible blow. Followed by a -second- suplex as Alex continues the motion. Gaining momentum with each full cycle of earth-breaking throws.

Until at last Shadaloo's strongest thug is treated to the mother of all bombs. Alex -vaults- high into the air yet again. Arcing even higher skywards than he managed before. His rebel yell echoing off the Southtown urban canyon as they briefly hang in the air for a long moment.

And then.. Gravity reasserts itself. Pulling them down faster and faster until near-terminal velocity reaches its conclusion with all the force of a tactical nuclear weapon.

A great plume of powdered concrete stirs once again, erupting into the Heavens in a great billowing mushroom of absolute force. Nearby soldiers, only recently having gotten to their feet in the wake of the fighter's terrific blows, are once again sent sailing away.

Bison is defeated. Truly. The problem is...

He just doesn't know it yet. It's a massive series of attacks--suplex after suplex, thrown into the air... powerbombed right back to the earth. Each impact as severe as the last, each the kind of blow that would kill a lesser man. Truly, this battle is a microcosm of the larger war--vicious, brutal, without mercy.

And so it goes for Bison, as well--he bounces away from Alex once, twice, three times... and then, perhaps to Alex's utter horror... the man rises again. It's said that some fighters--through training, through willpower, through sheer cussedness... can continue fighting long after their consciousness has been turned off.

Perhaps Bison is one of those men--or perhaps it will last only long enough for this. The light in his eyes is fading... but as long as it remains, Bison has this response for Alex.

He charges. That thunderous roar issues from his mouth, again, as he =swings=, again and again--assaulting Alex with alternating straight punches, left-right-left-right-left.

Five in all, and then the light in his eyes will fade... and so will he, the man collapsing to his knees, spent and awaiting his brain's reboot.

COMBATSYS: M.Bison can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Alex             0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Alex blocks M.Bison's Crazy Buffalo.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Alex             0/-------/--=====|

That monsterous son of a bitch is too damned ornery to go down easy.
Even after dishing out the highest punishment Alex can possibly inflict upon another man, Bison rises again to his feet.
Alex, bloodied and punch-drunk, raises his hands slowly. His stance unsteady, but his eyes remain unwaivering in the face of this pugilist dreadnought. Teeth gritted, the Titan braces against the storm of blows. Each thundering against his blocking arms with bone-jarring force. His boots sliding backwards upon the plowed, crumbled pavement with every hit. Only at the end does Alex push back and away.. Breaking the last of that crashing tidal-wave like ocean upon rock.

Only when Bison finally.. Incredibly.. collapses to the broken ground does Alex nearly follow suit. Falling to a knee, the American's fist holds him up barely. Coughing mouthful of blood upon the settling dust, the Titan's mind reels.

Goddamned that Bison. What in the Hell do these bastards want with a Youth Center? And who are they to hire a monster like Bison?

The terrible, nagging thought occurs. No matter how many times he banishes it away, it keeps wiggling its way back into the forefront. Especially now with his mind addled with the savage beating.
..Is Vega still alive?

The boxer ain't gunna be answering any questions for awhile. But maybe.. inside is someone that can. There's still children in trouble in there, Alex can't stop now!

The Titan rises again to his feet slowly. Another soldier has finally gotten to his feet.. But is helped back down as the American backhands to the floor in a gesture bordering on the casual. Staggering over Bison's slumped form, Alex enters into the YFCC proper.
The hell beaten out of him, but unbowed.

COMBATSYS: Alex has ended the fight here.

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