LLK Act I.War - War : Finding a Place

Description: Heavy D!'s picked a bad time to visit Southtown. He doesn't even have a safe place to stay! But fate intervenes in the form of a former teammate, on his quest to find a current teammate within the chaos of the siege.

When Roberto heard about the invasion, he stayed back at Taiyo to make sure the students at that particular school were taken care of. Rumors of Ichiro Oe leaving for Gedo eventually got to his ears however it was too late for him to do anything about the information. He had to look out for his school first and foremost.

It was only after the dest settled from the first attack that Roberto could finally be free to head off to see what the underclassman/team mate was up to.

Upon getting to Gedo Street, the soccer star finds that the streets are even worse off than he remembered from the last time he found himself in this area and with the soldiers from both NESTS and Shadaloo around, Roberto finds this invasion reopening wounds that he just wasn't ready to deal with yet.


The soccer star isn't the only one surveying the damage. While he's keeping a good distance from the school itself, not wanting to provoke anything from whoever might be holding the school right now, the boxer known as Heavy D! looks on from one end of the street. Shaking his head, he slowly takes in a step closer. He heard about the problems the school faced from Gan (after having to face the big sumo down on the road in). He didnt' realize it was quite...this bad...

And Roberto while he doesn't hear D!'s expression, he does see the mohawk of the boxer. Roberto moves in quietly not wanting to draw attention to them from the soldiers.

His voice is delivered in a sharp, hissing whisper as he moves next to the boxer. "Long time no see D!." He then steps away. After all, in times like these, people tend to have hair trigger reflexes and he doesn't want to get caught with a hook if he doesn't have to.

Heavy D! isn't aware of the Taiyo star as he surveys things, simply shaking his head as he lugs his dufflebag over his shoulder. He wants to get closer...but no way he wants to get into an incident like that just for curiousity. Suddenly, he hears a sharp whisper to his side, quickly snapping in the direction of the whisper with fists up.

He visibly relaxes, however, when he sees just who it is. "...long time, no see kid."

"You sure picked one hell of a time come back to Southtown, man." The golden goalie of Taiyo University turns towards the beaten down streets and the soldiers and shakes his head.

With a deep breath which in turn leads to a heavy sigh, he takes in all of the chaos before turning back to Heavy D! "And no matter how hard I try to put the war in Thailand behind me, it seems to always find a way to come back to haunt me."

The soccer star unzips his backpack and pops a soccer ball out of it. No point going into a war zone unprepared. "Anyway, what are you doing here?"

Heavy D! sighs, rubbing one bald side of his head in frustration. "The reason I'm here is because of this crap," he says, muttering. "Brian's out here in all of this, I know it," he says, gesturing for Roberto to follow him as he starts walking further away from the school. As a precaution, you know.

"He's out here in this crap...and I gotta face him down. Either talk some sense into him, or if it comes to it, cut ties."

Roberto allows himself to be escorted a bit further away, after all he doesn't prying ears to become part of the conversation. "Wait... Brian? You mean that guy I met when you first introduced me as a member of your team? Never had a chance to meet that other guy, Lucky."

He turns away from the school for a moment. "Trust me. You have my support while you're here. Have a place to crash while you're looking for him?" He pauses and then looks to the school one last time. "Since you've told me why you're here, it's only fair I tell you why I'm here instead of Taiyo. One of my friends went to Gedo to help out and I'm looking for him. Gotta make sure my team mate is ok. Probably would've fit in on your team as well. Fights using Lacrosse."

Heavy D! sighs again. "Yeah, him. He's gotten involved in some crap with one of the syndicates. I don't know which, but...I'm pretty damn sure he's around here.," the boxer insists, shaking his head as he leads Roberto further away. "No, not a steady place. I've avoided the hotels mostly, at least the ones that are daring to keep business up. Paranoia, maybe, but...."

He frowns at Roberto's reason for peeking down on the bad side of town. "...what's he look like?" he asks, making sure he hasn't seen him...and perhaps getting a good idea in case he sees him later.

"If you have no place to crash, I don't think my parents will mind having you stay. In times like these it doesn't hurt to have a couple able bodied fighters in the area to help out. I'm over at the Gorin Heights apartments. Plus I doubt that anyone would hold paranoia against you in times like these."

Roberto then looks towards D! for just a moment. "Ichiro Oe, about my height, maybe a little bit taller, about my build, black hair, dark eyes, gelled up hair, probably carrying a lacrosse stick and traveling by motorcycle."

Heavy D! nods, looking north from where they are. He doesn't remember where the Gorin heights are...but he trust the soccer star enough that accepting the offer is academic. "Sure, man. It's probably a lot better than wandering around, trying to avoid getting sackbeaten by someone at random."

He nods as Roberto describes Ichiro, committing the description to memory. "I'll keep it in mind if I see him around."

"You still have my cell phone number, right?" He glances to the shoulder strap with the cell phone pouch on his backpack before looking at the African-American boxer.

"If you need my help or anything, don't hesitate to call." After all, if not actual fighting support than he'll probably need directions to his crib plus he can probably pass around information on some the people he's going to meet with in Southtown. "But anyway, I have a team mate I need to find. Take it easy, D!"

Heavy D! nods. "Yeah I have it," he says, lifting up his own dufflebag. He's not about to fish into the bag to grab it...but he's sure it's still in there. "No problem kid, take care," he says, giving Roberto a thumbs up, before looking back north again. "...wait...think you could tell me where your place is at least before you take off?"

Yeah... Directions to his place probably would help. With a glance up north he looks down the street as he gives his directions to the boxer. "You head north east from here. Eventually it'll take you to the downtown district..."

Eventually after Roberto gives the directions to his house he's on his way. But of course he has to make sure that the parents know that D! is coming to crash at their place. No reason to have them freak out even if they have fought together on TV before.

Heavy D! commits the directions Roberto lists off to memory, trying to trace out the path on his own as his eyes flit off in the general area Roboerto lays out. "...got it..." he says. He hopes at least. Worries about missing a distinct part of the directions are left unsaid though...

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