LLK Act I.War - War : Mixed Signals

Description: You would think that overwhelming force and a desire for shelter against such would send two very clear signals to one Ryuhaku Todoh. You would be wrong. When Daniel, one of his best students, decides he needs his master's help to keep him sheltered against the onslaught that Southtown is suffering... the man of the house decides tourist season is a prime time in which to get himself more students.

Well. Daniel Jack was having an exciting adventure on the way from Gedo Street. See, the detective was on the run. Not from anything in particular, really. Just with the forces of Shadaloo and NESTS raising total hell down in the city, experience told Daniel that you run. Very quickly. Hopefully to the nearest safe house. That was what he should have done when the same thing triggered in Metro City. And no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. Do not join any fights.

The detective was almost crawling to the front yard of the Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. His hat was gone. His clothing was torn to shreds. He still had the fresh cuts and gashes across his body. Over one shoulder he clutched a large, well filled Hello Kitty backpack. He ALMOST made it across town safely. Almost. But then, he had to run into Kyokugen. And now, he was even lucky to be alive. The detective knew that he had to flee to the Todoh-Ryuu Dojo. Any of his rivals would never think to attack him here. Except the Kyokugen ones. But he was sure they had more important things to do. Dragging a limp leg, he slowly worked his way up the short steps to a freshly repaired paper door. The detective raises back a fist, and promptly begins knocking against the door.

Or rather, punching through it.

Daniel isn't really in his most astute mental state at the moment.

Well. Ryuhaku Todoh was having an exciting day. See, some people were paying a visit. Not for any reason, realy. Just with the tourists from Shadaloo and NESTS looking for total thrills here in the city, experience told Todoh that you take advantage. Very quickly. Hopefully to get new students. That was what he always does when things like this happen all over the world. And no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. Do not let Kyokugen win.
The master was peacefully sitting inside the home of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. Most of his clothes are outside. All of them are hanging to dry. He still has fresh tea in his hands. Over one shoulder he is watched by a humble, quiet housewife. He ALMOST had a peaceful sip. Almost. But then, Daniel had run into the dojo. And now, he was irate to be disturbed. The master(?) knows that so many people like to come here that way these days. Any of his so-called rivals would think to come in the same way. Except today he is forgiving. But he was sure they had better things to do than to interrupt his tea. Setting the cup down, he slowly stands from his brand shiny new table. The master(?) crosses his arms, and promptly sizes up the visitor.
Or rather, deigns him not a potential student, because he /is/ one. Already.
"Did you forget the kerosene I asked for or are you planning on bleeding it all over my brand new tatami mats or what?!" Never mind that these tatami mats already have some blood on them. Despite the looks, Ryuhaku has not been unoccupied! Pitching the style to all these suited hooligans is hard work.
Todoh isn't really in his most friendly state at the moment, but, /when has he ever/.

Daniel Jack sort of stands there, continuing to knock as he stared at the ground. He raps his knuckles lightly against the crossed arms of Master Todoh. Gradually, the detective realizes that not only was he hitting his spiritual leader, but he wasn't even knocking a door. Taking a step back, he stands erect. The detective lacks his favorite sunglasses, and he had a small cut over his eyes. But what was once dullness was now replace by a fresh wave of intensity. Around his master, Daniel always had greater strength. With a swift, steady motion, he bows to his sensai. "Master Todoh! I, erm, I have some kerosene. But that's besides the point. I have a desperate request for you!" Daniel stands erect, body still sore from the tank battle he had. Apparently, being run over by a tank does a number on you.

Todoh, a fixture of mobility, obscurity, and eccentricity alike stands statuesque, arms still crossed, eyes narrowed as he regards his faithful disciple and student, one of the brightest stars to light the future of the Todoh way. Yes. He must have some kerosene. It is what he asked for, after all. Obedience to one's master and ignorance of slave labor laws go hand in hand towards self-improvement and growth as a fighter.
"Hm. So you do, for you to interrupt my Whenever-The-Hell-I-Want-It tea. Yes. Do go on." His eyes narrow a teensy bit more, perhaps aware that this would be the moment there would be an awesome panning close-up shot of him doing so, and not because he may be on the verge of crying manly tears for the continued unambiguous success of his student against all odds in his most sacred task.
Never mind that poor Daniel is nearly torn to shreds!!

The detective open the Hello Kitty backpack, rummaging through it quietly. He picked up the kerosene from his room. He always knew to keep a small bottle for cleaning and the like. Plus, during the frequent gas malfunctions and electrical outages, it was good for emergency heat, cooking, and lighting. He intended to buy some for Todoh before the attacks. But then the attacks happened. He then intended to 'borrow' some at the mall. But then ROBERT had to show up there. And fight the tanks. And then tell Daniel to run away to safety. Like HELL he would let Kyokugen prove itself better than Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. Then, he was smashed by a tank.

But at least his backpack was safe.

Drawing the small tin bottle up, he frowned. Only half full. Oh well. "Master Todoh, I plead to you... may I... um, jack up at your place for a while?" The detective mutters, looking around. He holds the bottle out to Todoh, unsure of how his master would react. After all, living with Todoh... would be like training. Nonstop. On one hand, it would mean more time with Kasumi. On the other hand, Todoh might treat Daniel like he was a threat to his daughter. And besides, why would Todoh want him in there anyways.

Sweat stung as it brewed above the cut on his forehead.

The narrowed eyes lay upon the small half empty bottle of kerosene. Is that all? Oh, it'll have to do. At least it's kerosene instead of jack! ...Kerosene with Jack? Whatever! Kerosene is worth far more than some crazy American slang indicating lack of what he wants and crazy capitalization-powered name puns.
He snatches the tin bottle about as impolitely as anyone can with a swift arm movement, keeping the item clasped between his hands as though it were about the most precious thing he'll ever lay hands on, lowering it slightly as the detective pleads with all his available MANNERCITE SHARDS within his ETIQUETTE MONSTRANCE, for even his wealth of Pulchritude may not be enough...
"Yeh hah hah... HAH HAH HAAAAH!! I knew this day would come!!" His face lights up like gosh darn Fourth of July, holding the kerosene above him triumphantly along with a fan. Wait, where was the fan pulled from?! "Yes! A student so serious they could not bear to consider their home anywhere but within the hallowed halls of the birthplace of the future of martial arts!"
...A hallowed place with hastily reconstructed walls and perhaps the worst front yard of the entire district, as Ryuhaku nor the rest of the family can be bothered to own a proper lawnmower.
The laughter settles. The euphoria does not. "Yes! I knew you were something different the day we met! Yes. To stay with me as but a fellow Todoh, not just a mere student! Why... why I could just cry tears of joy!" And he already is. Look at him! Those tears could ruin those tatami mats just as much as the little bits of blood here and there have.
His wife continues toiling along quietly, looking for a spare futon. She knows where this is going.
"Hm. Very well! Very well. You may stay!! You will live as a Todoh!" If Daniel even has the slightest idea what it is like in this household-slash-dojo, to live /as/ a Todoh is perhaps one of the most frighteningly dysfunctional things a mortal would ever come to know.

Daniel had to investigate a major counterfeit bull sperm operation back in the states. He has known many dysfunctional things.

However, Ryuhaku Todoh's sudden shift to absolute ecstasy does disarm the detective a bit. Even more so than Todoh understanding his hip young lingo. And then, he starts crying manly tears of joy. The detective was used to Todoh's passionate displays, but to him moving in? It was jarring, to say the least. Looking around Todoh, he noticed the futon being carried out by Todoh's tireless wife. Living as a Todoh. "Wow, sensei. That's sharp. Real sharp. Is there any place I can go to change and clean up? I have my uniform in here, and when is dinner? I haven't eaten in a looong time." The detective realized that he didn't own any pajamas. Well, it wasn't like that was going to be a problem, right? Unless Kasumi was walking around the Dojo while Daniel was outside getting a smoke in his boxers. And then Todoh was in the bushes, and leapt out, demanding a fight for the honor.

Wait, that was completely ridiculous.

Get used to it, this is Ryuhaku Todoh, international man of ridiculousness because Dr. Tran beat him to being an international man of mystery (from America). Even his wife, calm and quiet as she might be over there, sometimes has to wonder. Anybody who doesn't wonder may need to get themselves checked, provided they are grounded enough in reality to be bound by the constraints of space and time.
"That's sharp... of course it's sharp! And I'm sharp!! Sharpest tools in the shed! Why I count for three!!" Nugget of wisdom. Which three tools? Who knows. He relaxes his posture to set the kerosene (rather carelessly, as though it were suddenly of no worth) on the table with the tea, fan still in hand, as he tries to roll off coherent answers to the questions on hand through the rollercoaster of happiness and euphoria and everything.
"Well now, hm, hm, well, I suppose you can... change outside out back," is there any wonder why the neighbors don't like him, "and, ahhh... food, food, hm, dear, what do we have?"
The wife says nothing. She continues out towards the back to some other space in the household, perhaps knowing what it is he may suggest. "Gaaah! Now that you said it I'm hungry! And you know what sounds good?! Soba noodles."
One of the extremely few things Ryuhaku and Takuma share any sort of love for. "Hm, in fact. Maybe I should bring some home. Yes." He gets lost in thought. Sure, it's crazy tourist season and they're all carrying guns and knives around but surely their tastes aren't so refined as to have bought up all the things needed for soba noodles, right?!

Soba Noodles? Was one of Todoh's secret bio information revealed to the world? Or at least Daniel Jack. Perhaps in his tenure here, Daniel would learn many secrets. Hopefully, the result won't shift him into the hero at the end of a Lovecraftian novel. I mean, Kasumi was a Todoh, and she was pretty well adjusted. And There was Miss Todoh. She was so polite and well adjusted, and very helpful. Needless to say, the Todoh family must be well adjusted.

"Yes. Well, Sensei, I wouldn't go out. There has been tanks jacking around. I almost tore one apart with a Kasane Ate! Robert was almost weeping like a twee babe as he watched me almost destroy a tank!" Daniel says, stepping towards the backyard. While the fences were low, Master Todoh did say that it was okay to change. Daniel gives another pass to make sure Kasumi is not around, and promptly begins changing into his uniform.

Daniel returns in shortly afterwards, looking a little less bloody.

There are many things unclean eyes would never get to know. Has Daniel ever wanted to know how Todoh spends his day when he's not instructing? How he (doesn't) maintain(s) the lawn? How Kasumi (doesn't) handle(s) the tea and flower ceremonies? How Mrs. Todoh ever puts up with half the things that go on (or don't)?! What about what's for dinner?!
"Eh, hm? What was that?" He holds out a hand to his ear. It lowers somewhat with his mood. "Tanks?! You're saying pissy little military hardware is going to stop /me/ from going out to get a bite to eat?! Pah!" He swings a hand downward dismissively before setting his hands on his (nearly naked) hips, puffing his chest out with with a disturbing little giggle while waiting for Daniel to stumble back in.
"I won't let those tourists get in the way of dinner!! You made that ponytail prissyface cry? I'll make him go into several years of therapy when I march up to the market and buy out all the noodles they have!" He holds a fan up to his face to obscure the area below his eyes, of which his face is surely taking on a far more sinister, ominous appearance.
"Why, I think I'll go out right now! Yeh hah hah hah!"

Daniel Jack slowly eases down at the table, sitting on his knees. Master Todoh probably could take out a tank. And successfully so. However, there was a problem. While many questions would be answered by the detective's presence, there was something very serious. "Master Todoh. Sensei. The mall... the marketplace is where the tanks were. I am afraid... they trashed the place. You would have to find the noodles elsewhere."

Something occurred to the detective. Why was it that Mrs. Todoh never talked? And where was Kasumi? And how did Todoh get those amazing abs? And what about the fact that the city was being torn apart. Daniel had many questions. But then, something came over him. Eyeing the tea, he nodded furiously. "Sensei, may I have some of that tea there?"

He might even be able to take two tanks. Possibly even many more, within his imagination. He is Todoh, the ultimate weapon versus pretty much everything that pisses him off, which is to say, a lot of things. Most of which are nonsensical in concept.
Just as Ryuhaku looks ready to go 'yoink' (...without wearing much of /anything/), he halts in his pace. His jaw drops. What?! Where would he find those noodles without the marketplace?! He seethes, fists pointed down as he trembles with boiling anger. Grr! Disrespectful foreigners and their little occasional displays of force! He'll show 'em.
"That does it! I'm going to go out right now... and make a couple new disciples out of 'em as I show them what it means to deny Takuma the opport--" He stops and clears his throat. "Ahem. What it means to deny me. Us! Us! To deny us, yes, the opportunity for soba noodles!"
Then there's one last matter at hand. The tea. /His/ tea, that never got to drink because Daniel there was in such a hurry to come in and let him know he successfully got his kerosene, yes. He sighs. Bah! Concessions, there's no time to waste! "Why... certainly, help yourself," he says through clenched teeth.
"But while I'm gone you'll be in charge!! So if any of those ruffians come knocking, I trust you to knock 'em out!"

Ooooooookay then.

Daniel Jack just stares at what unfolding before him. Sensei's masterful wisdom was too much for even the detective. And now he wanted to recruit people... suddenly, it all made sense. Ryuhaku Todoh was trying to introduce the same martial arts that protected Daniel to the other people of Southtown. In the mostly nude.

Because that's just how he rolled.

Nodding nervously, he reaches for the tea as Todoh prepares to leave. Pouring himself a cup, he looked around, nodding firmly. "Thank you very much, Master Todoh. I am certain I will be a great help to you, and you a great help with my... training." And now, Daniel was in charge of the Dojo. He prayed that no more of the thugs would attack this place. He just didn't have enough power to hold them off.

Imagine that. Daniel comes here for a place to crash from those terrible forces that are claiming property, livelihoods, and lives alike and the very first thing his Master does is tell him he's to watch the household as he goes on some inane quest for his own petty vengeance and maybe dinner. Such is Todoh's whimsy, whether he's aware of these factors or not.
"That's right!! And soon you're gonna have to help these hopeless bums all around town with theirs too!" So Todoh declares with that winning smile as he starts out the Daniel-made entry. In the mostly nude. In fairly chilly weather. Without bothering to go see if his clothes have dried yet so he could, say, put them on.
What is truly under fire here in Southtown, anyway? Their well-being or the (few) virgin eyes of the populace?

Daniel Jack stares into his cup, contemplating. Deep in thought, he lies there, letting the household spirit of Todoh consume him. It was going to be a long siege. He could feel it. And once he fully recovered, he would need to step out and do some more heroics. He had to. He needed to protect Gedo High. Just from a home base that wasn't easily ambushed or BURNED DOWN. But that was for another time. Sipping the tea, he places it back down. Finally, he speaks up, calling out towards the kitchen.

"So, Miss Todoh. Master Ryuhaku is a really snazzy guy, huh? Probably lucky you snagged him before some other dame."

The household spirit of Todoh bears a strange scent of something kind of like gunpowder and maybe some lime. Just saying.
"Hm. Maybe." comes a nondescript female voice that is probably some really famous voice actress who was offered to voice a few lines for this throwaway character to boost sales, but then by the time they had to do the English dub the joke gets lost entirely. Or something. Point is, the voice is the very essence of that. Nondescriptly so. "I'll have something ready for the both of you soon."
...Except one of those 'both of you' sorts just heroically charged out of their home effectively naked.

Daniel Jack nodded, allowing the director's daughter get a foothold in the industry by her brilliant vocal styles of Miss Todoh. And to that, the detective assumed the classic Todoh posture as he sipped his tea. Poised. Grim.

And trying hard not to think of the naked patriarch of the family streaking throughout the city.

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