LLK Act I.War - War : Communications Breakdown

Description: Having heard about Adon's presence in Southtown, Urien decides to drop in and reaffirm their 'friendship'. Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to pander to Adon's ego, and so he has to approach the situation with more brute force than he would usually like. By smashing his way into Adon's temporary home, and terrifying everyone involved. Needless to say, Adon doesn't take well to this, and the two egos clash spectacularly. What happens, in the end, when the Emperor runs afoul of a God?

"Yeah, hey Adon, that was pretty cool, ya know?"

Joe Sanchez reviewed his footage on the digital video camera in the cubicle he was spending the night at. Joe was a former film student, now Blockbuster desk jockey with a love of three things. Documentaries, Street Fighting, and Muay Thai. Not to practice, but only to watch. His few trashy documentaries on Muay Thai were forgettable, and were widely panned for ignorance on what Sagat provided to the sport. However, one critic did not pan it. And when the time came when he needed a cameraman, Adon knew who to call.

Adon was here in Southtown for one reason: Neo-League. In the chaos of the invading forces, many potential (and easily defeated) members of the league were trapped in the city. The Emperor of Muay Thai, afraid that any losses against stronger or better-prepared opponents, saw an opportunity here in the invasion. By hunting down and fighting with confused members of the Neo-League, he might score some very easy victories. And better yet, the stronger members of the League would avoid him, too busy with either side of the siege. With a bribed judge, a small team of Muay Thai warriors, and a dedicated cameraman, already Adon scored one win with his brilliant idea.

"Yes, JOE! Did you see how I PUNCHED his FACE!?" The Emperor of Muay Thai sat a swivel-chair, his feet stuck out for a small mother to rub. Adon came across the family before he ousted the former occupants of the single-story office complex. NESTS? Maybe Shadaloo? Or just a couple of thugs; Adon didn't really care. He only cared about one thing: A safe place to rest. And when he and his ten men approaches the gang, they promptly took care of them.

With Muay Thai.

However, a young mother and her two children found Adon and his men, and immediately begged for them to help them. Adon, still fresh after his victory, agreed... with conditions. The children would clean their clothing, while the mother... well, she would assist Adon with something very important. His feet were sore, and she would rub them. In exchange, she would have the protection of Muay Thai for the evening, and some of the food supplies. The office was converted into a small camp. The ten warriors of Muay Thai were huddled around the small fire of accounting reports, each eating from a can of beans upon their bead mats. The two children whimpered softly in the restroom, cleaning the extra boxers of the Muay Thai warriors. The judge for the NL, Alfred, was simply stone-drunk. And Adon? Just getting his feet rubbed as he basked in the glory of his victory.

Truly, nothing could ruin this buzz.

Urien had seen what Adon had seen in the catastrophe as well. War, like any other disaster, brought with it... opportunities. And like any good businessman, Urien knew to seize an opportunity when he saw it. Squeeze it by the throat, and choke the life out of it. That was what had brought him to Southtown. But, where Adon had come seeking victory in the Neo-League, Urien came seeking a much broader goal. The destruction of his enemies. And to do that, he needed to assist in the formation of an effective, cohesive resistance force. A group that would dissolve after the war had been won... one that could do as much damage to Shadaloo, NESTS, and even the Southtown Syndicate as possible. A group, in other words, that would do a large amount of Urien's dirty work for him.

But how to gather such a force? Well. Urien had his plans. And amongst them, was grabbing Adon, and forcing him into a more directed kind of violence than simply smashing heads for points in a game. So it was that he, after seeing Adon's announcement in the one neo-league fight he had had so far, had decided to track the man down.


And as quickly as that, chunks of stone and a cloud of dust are thrown up all around the place. When it clears, Urien is standing in the middle of it. Having literally ploughed his way through the ceiling above to drop in unannounced on Adon and his gang below. Not wearing a suit for once. Urien's form is suffused with power, his skin dark, and his modesty preserved by a dark grey thong. The air around him electrified as he looms, like some vengeful demon, amongst the falling rubble.

"Well. Well. Well. The Emperor of Muay Thai. I would never have thought you would be so ... /GENEROUS/ as to lend you aid to this stricken town." Urien growls, sarcasm thick on his voice, he cares nothing for the innocent people cowering with Adon. He cared only for one thing; to make the correct impression.

He believes that he has done that.

Urien's arrival does affect Adon personally. His warriors are too dumbstruck to respond immediately. Joe looks horrified. The children rush to peek out to see what just happened. And the mother? She screams, and promptly stops rubbing Adon's feet.

Urien's point has been made.

Adon just grins broadly, easing himself upright. He was playing it cool on purpose. In his heart. he was very terrified. Urien was trouble. Lots of trouble. His presence meant business... and Adon wasn't here for other people's business. Sitting upright in the chair, he kicks himself out of the cubicle and into the main room. Rolling along, he crosses one leg over the other, and looks down at the leader of G-Project from his makeshift throne.

"Muay Thai breeds CHARITY, Urien." The Emperor announces with a broad smile. His warriors finally ready themselves, advancing slowly towards Urien. Adon moves his hand up into a palm, ordering them to stop. Urien would kill them. And Adon did not, could not afford to lose them. Urien's presence and timing made Adon VERY open to negotiations.

"So, FRIEND, what BUSINESS do you have with ME. I am QUITE BUSY, you UNDERSTAND."

Urien's glare falls on the advancing thugs. Slowly. Daring them to make the first blow. Adon was quite correct. If Urien had to kill them to get his point across, he would not hesitate to do so. But. Luckily for them, they stop, and they are, in turn, spared Urien's wrath. He cracks his shoulder, the noise akin to metal grating against metal, before his gaze falls back on Adon. His lips curl unpleasantly.

With Adon was seated on his very impromptu 'throne', Urien's entire presence seems to ooze control. As though he were the one whose home had been intruded on. He walks easily towards the red-haired Emperor, no longer allowing each motion to suggest sudden violence. Until he stands before him properly. Tall as he is, the large man, though no longer actively looking like he is going to start killing people, can't help but look down, quite literally, on his erstwhile ally. The difference in physical size, and the complete lack of anything resembling a favorable home environment for Adon... it all plays into Urien's hands. Such that even though he was alone, and naked, everything seemed to imply a purely one-sided situation. Such an incredibly marked contrast to their last meeting, that it could scarcely go unnoticed.

"Well. I couldn't help but think my dear -friend- could use some assistance." He states, with a voice smooth as silk sliding over steel. "You are a foreigner here, and though I'm /sure/ you have the best interests of Southtown at heart, I thought it would be best to give you some help in organizing your efforts." His hand flexes slowly. "Because it would be a TERRIBLE shame if your actions here made things worse. Wouldn't it? I'd /HATE/ to find myself accidentally working against you."

Joe crept up behind the mother, staring at this... man before the Emperor of Muay Thai. Joe had mixed feelings about Adon. On one hand, he was the leader of Muay Thai, but on the other, he was kind of a dick. However, this stranger was... unknown to Joe. And it seemed that Adon knew him. He weighed out whether or not he should get out his camera.

He shuffles back into the cubicle to acquire it.

Adon remains his chair, tilting his head far back. He brings his fingertips together in front of him, still actively looking down at the well-dressed man before him. He was reading Urien. The man was here on business. The only business he actively took part with the Muay Thai leader was involving man power. "Organizing, FRIEND? It is just me and ten of my warriors. These two... they are part of my OWN business here. I have no NEED for help in organizing."

Adon rocks back and forth in his chair, eyes looked dead on Urien's own. "Of course, Muay Thai knows of how useful YOU are to our efforts. And we would hate to get in the way of your..." Adon loudly stifles a chuckle. "... Humanitarian efforts." The jaguar narrows his eyes, leveling his gaze with the leader of the G-Project. "Perhaps we should talk. Does a man of your level still eat... CORN FLAKES?" To that, Adon cackles a short spurt of laughter as he wrapped his arms behind his head. Leaning back, he uncrossed his legs. "Tell me, what DREAMS are you making come TRUE here in this WONDERFUL city?"

Urien snorts, folding his arms across his chest. "I do not." He replies, simply. He'd never eaten anything that came out of a plastic bag before. He had no intention of breaking this most serious and solemn of habits just to appease Adon's bizarre sense of humor. Instead, he narrows his eyes. "Perhaps I did not make myself clear." He says, charitably.

"You are going to assist me. To do this, you are going to try and contact whatever is left of the YFCC group. You are going to lend them your help. You, Adon, are going to become one of the next heroes of this city. And you are going to do it by helping to beat Shadaloo and NESTS back out of this city. You are going to show the world that Muay Thai is better than any tank or gun produced by man."

He smiles easily, then, gesturing expansively behind him. "Of course. You can choose /not/ to help. Frankly, I care nothing for your thugs. They are useless. You will need to work with others approaching your level, rather than your glorified goons. But. If you do choose not to help this city in its time of need ... I will be most displeased."

Adon's temper was boiling up, as was his men's. These were not thugs. These were students of Muay Thai, willing to risk their lives to go into Southtown. They were put forward from the schools of Thailand. They were not the goons Urien was accustomed to. As Joe leveled the camera behind him, Adon suddenly springs to his feet, finger pointed directly out at Urien.

"If I work with others, FRIEND, I will work with those who can HOLD an army, and not those who need to GROVEL at the FEET of an EMPEROR to procure one." The Jaguar of Muay Thai spits, letting the venom run through the room. Adon frankly was tired of some powerful warrior tell him what to do. He had not even seen a single trooper. For all Adon knew, Urien consisted only of himself. While Urien could probably take them all down, the Emperor did not care. The only thing he cared was that not only was Muay Thai being insulted...

But he was.

Urien raises an eyebrow at that. It wasn't entirely unexpected, of course, but, no matter. For a moment, he considers killing one of Adon's men. But, no. That wouldn't drive his point home. That would just lessen what use Adon might actually be. Instead, he simply shifts his footing. "I think." He states, calmly, "That you have misread the situation. I am not groveling here. I am /taking/ your strength. Because your choice, /friend/." And the word is said with all the warmth usually associated with the word 'vermin'. "Has already been made for you!"

Suddenly, Urien is bursting forwards. The motion was so smooth, so unexpected, that it may seem to have come out of nowhere, as he throws himself at Adon. Knees leading the way, and intending to crash with the Emperor, through his thrown, and down into the ground with terrifying force.

If it was going to come down to a test of strength, Urien was going to do everything in his power to impress upon Adon the folly of attempting to resist. He may have to kill every person in this room excepting the Emperor to do it. But as far as Urien was concerned, Adon /is/ going to give him what he wants. The time for diplomacy was over. Now. He needed force, and he needed it to know who was in charge.

COMBATSYS: Urien has started a fight here.

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Urien            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Urien            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Adon

COMBATSYS: Urien successfully hits Adon with Violence Knee Drop.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Urien            0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0             Adon

Adon wasn't expecting a fight. He wasn't hoping for a fight. He hoped that his call at Urien would stop him cold, to bring to light how hollow his claims of power were. A pot calling a kettle black, so to speak.

Instead, Adon was kneed.

The Emperor of Muay Thai did not understand what was happening until the man was upon him. Even then, he could only bring his arms up to try and block the flying God. Instead, he found himself shot through the chair and into Joe's cubicle. The cameraman just keeps filming as he dives under a desk. The mother huddles there with him, fearful at what seems like her security thrown out the window. Adon himself grips his chest, spitting as he pulled himself off the collapsed wall. "So BE it. It seems you need to learn your PLACE, FRIEND."

Walking back towards the man, he continues. "This will be your PRIVATE LESSON, FRIEND. WATCH CLOSELY as the FLYING KNEE of MUAY THAI LEARNS you the STRENGTH of the JAGUAR!" The Emperor flies forward with only slightly less grace, slightly less power towards the bigger, stronger man. The Emperor howls as he pounces, leading with a single knee aimed squarely for the face of the leader of the G-Project.

Adon's men just hold back, unsure what to do.

COMBATSYS: Urien interrupts Medium Kick from Adon with Spartan Drop.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Urien            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0             Adon

Urien's response may not be precisely what Adon had been hoping for. The knee thuds against his side, and Urien's arm comes around, twisting, and grabbing it. Before lifting Adon up over his head. His other hand grasping Adon's shoulder firmly. "Please. Did you think my claims hollow and boastful? Emperor of Muay Thai. God of Muay Thai. I am above both. I. Am. A. God."

And with that, he brings Adon down /hard/ upon his knee, smashing it up into his back, before tossing him away. Straightening up, his eyes focus on Adon, and he cracks his knuckles. Letting a little electricity play down his arms. There is a crushing, brutal force here. And Adon has awoken it.

"You do not need to do this, Adon." He growls, settling into a low, crouched stance. Ready to come at him again, if he had to. "I am telling you that the world needs your assistance. If you won't give it willingly, however, then I have no qualms about humbling you further."


Adon finds himself snatched in midflight, and finds himself staring down at the beast of a man. And with the same, simple motion; he is smashed upon the knee of Urien. Adon feels the power that the man keeps behind his professional stance. He read him correctly. As a single man, he was a contender with the dictators of the world. And yet, Adon still fumed that as an entry level meglomaniac, he had to drop in to draw him into the enterprise. Seething, Adon draws himself upright, body feeling the pain of the larger man. And with the camera still rolling, he spits it out.

"Fine, FRIEND."

Treating the word with the same respect as Urien, Adon literally spits the word out. His entire jaw was warped in a pained grimace; you could almost see him choking on the nature of the arrangement. "You are VERY FORTUNATE I am still RECOVERING from my last fight. Very FORTUNATE I need to retain my strength." Adon is almost trembling in rage. Fear wasn't on his face. Only a fury restrained by a survivalist's instinct. "I will run your little errand, FRIEND. It just so happens to WORK with my own PLANS. And I will be doing it out of the simple WARMNESS of my..."


COMBATSYS: Adon takes no action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Urien            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0             Adon

Urien's sneer is anything but warm. "Very good." He states, standing up straight, though he isn't fool enough to drop his guard completely. His body remaining the dark metallic color that denotes his readiness. "I'm so glad that we reached this understanding. It pains me to think that we could have misunderstood one another so terribly."

But. Of course. Urien isn't about to let video footage of his capabilities get out into the public domain. It was far, far too early for the world to begin to realize that he was walking amongst them. So, he reaches out with one hand, and clenches it into a fist. Crushing the metal held by poor Joe into a neat little ball. Which he calls to him. Snatching it out of the air. That, at least, took care of any potential blackmail material that may have come. It wouldn't do for NESTS or Shadaloo to know so easily who it was prodding these particular pieces into play against them, after all.

"I'll have my people bring by better equipment tomorrow morning." He says to Joe, voice just a touch softer than it had been when addressing Adon. And then his focus is back on the Emperor of Muay Thai.

"I think you'll find I'm a much more pleasant ally than enemy, my friend. When my men bring the equipment, they'll drop off my contact details. If, for /any/ reason, you would like to contact me. Feel free. I'm sure that when your name is being cheered widely across the world, this little incident will seem like a minor mistake. Try not to take it personally."

COMBATSYS: Urien takes no action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Urien            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0             Adon

Adon was seething. He hated the lifestyle choice that Sagat made. Being forced into servitude was an embarrassment for not just Muay Thai, but Thailand in general. He doesn't say anything else. He just tilts his head into a half-hearted nod. But when Urien reaches out, Adon swiftly narrows his eyes.


The cameraman is taken aback by the sudden, swift crushing of his prized equipment. He was very fortunate that his film of the Vyle fight wasn't in there. That wasn't just because he would have lost the footage, either. The Emperor of Muay Thai was shooting daggers at him. Joe, still in a moment of shock, just nods, not looking away from Adon. "Th-thank you, uh sir. I'll be happy for your, I mean." Reading Adon's look, he falls silent. The Muay Thai warriors pull away, impotent to the face of power before them. Why didn't Adon fight to the last breath? They just sigh.

It was just like the fight with Sagat.

Urien smiles. Though there is no warmth in it, and gives a short nod to Joe. "I'm sure you will."

And with that, he turns, and jumps back up through the hole in the ceiling he had made in his entrance. He did despise having to solve these problems with violence. It was so ... inelegant, and it always felt like he was tipping his hand. But. The fact was, if he is to capitalize on this particular situation, he needed to move swiftly. Perhaps he had irreparably damaged relations with Adon. It seemed likely. But. This was an opportunity like few others. Best to take the gamble, and simply prepare to give up on Adon, and Thailand, if he still proved resentful by the end of the situation.

For now, Urien has very little time to consider such things. Back and away to his makeshift headquarters, to plan the next move... so far, things were, at least, going roughly how he had imagined that they would.

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