LLK Act I.War - War : Arms Race

Description: With K' on permanent vacation courtesy of Howard Enterprises, Maxima tries to round up volunteers to help him defend the YFCC. Marco is more than willing, but is Kyo Kusanagi going to go along with the cyber-canuck's plan to make him K Dash's replacement? The fate of the YFCC rests in Maxima's ability to help Kyo win a Kyo doll! Or not.

Kyokugen Dojo
The Kyokugen Dojo occupies a large amount of space on the northern outskirts of Southtown. Visible from the main highway, it would be hard to miss the impressive structure dedicated to the teaching and learning of the Kyokugen style of karate. It is nestled on the edge of a forest, surrounded on the other three sides by fields of grass.

The main building itself is built with traditional Japanese architecture; a squat, single floored building taking up the back half of the property. The entire structure is elevated off the ground a couple of feet - built on a foundation of carefully placed wooden beams. All around the edge of the building is an equally elevated walkway that serves as a porch, a place to sit, or a lecture platform.

In front of the dojo itself are two acres of flat, smooth cement. The perfect place for training, exercise, fighting, and sparring. Far enough away from the bustle of the city, even the roar of the highway is almost impossible to hear. Out here, one quickly realizes that only one thing matters: KYOKUGEN MIGHT!

The funny thing is, despite how many bizarre and powerful characters Maxima and K' have ran into during their travels, they don't really have too many people they can call upon for assistance when things hit the fan. Maxima and K' are generally solitary individuals, constantly moving from place to place, never really putting down roots or getting to know anyone. Less chance of people getting hurt because of them that way. Never let it be said that Maxima isn't a crafty canuck, however: He's not above going and begging for help from guys who were quite recently trying to pound him into the ground.

That's what brings him to the Kyokugen Dojo today, hopefully for a more peaceful encounter than the last time he was here. Speaking of which, it seems some construction workers are just now managing to replace the ricepaper walls that were broken in his fight with Marco. Sure took them long enough.

"'Scuse me," Maxima murmurs, stepping over one of the repairmen and entering into the dojo through, ironically, the huge hole in the wall he made when he was jumped by NESTS operatives here, weeks ago. One of the resident sensei at the dojo didn't take kindly to the interruption, and in the process showed the cyborg some impressive techniques. He hopes to harness that power for the good of the YFCC.

"Are you guys ready to secure the beam yet?" booms a deep bass voice within the Dojo. Standing on a ladder and hefting a huge wooden ceiling joist above his head, Marco Rodriguez, the Kyokugen instructor, is wearing a dark brown karate gi, a leather tool belt, and a bright orange construction helmet as he lends a hand to the construction workers as they go about their jobs. Gritting his teeth in concentration as he supports the immense beam by himself, the Kyokugen Bear's eyes widen in recognition as the crazy cyborg that helped do all of the damage just up and steps through the hole in the wall.

"What the... so you were kidding about coming to help with the repairs, were you?" Marco asks in surprise, though his eyebrows start to knit together as he starts to suspect other motives. "...or did you come back for a rematch? You could have at least waited until these repairs were done first you know?" he adds, the sweat beads running down his forehead as he holds the joist up above his head causing him to make odd facial expressions as he tries to keep them out of his eyes.

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"Eh? Oh right, the repairs. Ahh... I'm not actually much of a handyman," Maxima explains while scratching the back of his head. He listens to Marco question him with a mixture of caution and bemusement. It's tough to take anyone seriously when they're dressed as a Karate Konstruction Man... could it be that Marco's fashion sense even worse than Maxima's? Only their tailors know the truth. "...and I don't really feel like fighting right now, but you're right, I had another reason for coming here..." He raises an eyebrow at the Kyokugen teacher making a spectacle of holding that huge wooden beam up above his head, "...that looks heavy," he adds, matter-of-factly.

"Yeah... hrnnn... it's kind of heavy," Marco replies, shifting his grip as the construction workers scurry around him nailing metal beam supports into place so the large Brazilian can let go of the joist and they can finish repairing the hole in the ceiling. "but it helps the job get done faster... Plus it's a pretty good work out, ya know?" Marco's deep voice rumbles as one of the workers yells to him, informing the instructor that he can let go of the beam now. Easing away from the support gingerly to be sure that it won't fall on everyone's head once he lets go, Marco finally seems satisfied that the workers have done their job and he leaps down off of the ladder.

"Besides, I'm sure it's nothing you wouldn't be able to handle yourself, uh... what was your name again? I'm not sure if we introduced ourselves last time," the Brazilian admits as he dusts his hands off on his thighs. "Anyway, my name is Marco Rodriguez, I'm the head instructor here at the Kyokugen Dojo," he says with a smirk, turning a slow circle around the center of the dojo's main training room which is currently cluttered with tools and building supplies. "So. What is it you needed from me? I'm guessing it's not lessons, so what else could it be... are you in some sort of trouble... those men that were chasing you last time?" Marco asks with interest and a touch of genuine concern, which might seem odd considering they were trading blows the only other time the two had met.

Maxima is about to lend a hand; his onboard computers do a rough analysis of the beam and calculate that he should be able to support it with one arm... but ah, Marco's got it. "I'm surprised you noticed those guys, what with all the attention you were giving to caving my face in," he says with a lopsided grin.

The big Canadian folds those tree-trunk arms of his and peers evenly at Marco, "I don't have all the details, but yeah, it involves the guys who were after me the other day. Stuff like that usually happens all the time to me," he shrugs, "Occupational hazard, but it hasn't happened since then. In fact, I haven't heard a peep out of their organization for weeks." He unfolds his arms, and holds out a finger, "That either means that one, they've been wiped out," a second finger, "-or two, they've gone into radio silence because they're planning something huge and don't want anyone to know before it's too late." He drops the arm and says with a smirk, "I can tell you for a fact the first thing hasn't happened, because I wouldn't miss that party."

The cyborg turns his back to Rodriguez, and reaches into his jacket pocket to pull out the communicator he gave to his exiled partner right before he came here. "I'm not the type to ask people to go out of their way, but these people aren't just after me, I've got a hunch they're gonna go after the whole city, and I'm a little short-handed on backup right now..." he thumbs the communicator then places it back in his jacket, turning to Marco, "That's where you come in."

Stroking his fu-manchu absently as Maxima lays out the situation, Rodriguez walks out of the way of the oblivious construction workers and settles himself in one of the uncluttered corners of the dojo floor, sinking to his knees and sitting back on his heels like so many of his students position themselves every day as the instructor teaches class. "I see... this sounds serious," Marco replies once Maxima has finished. Resting his hands on his knees as he contemplates the situation, Rodriguez frowns dourly and tilts his head up to consider the larger man. "This dojo is far enough removed from the city that it feels like its own little island at times. But..." Marco pauses. Marco is nothing if not an honorable man. He'd help even his most hated enemy if they showed up at his doorstep with an honest plea for help... Well, maybe not Geese.

"But, the Kyokugen Dojo is a part of Southtown. It is where our students live, where our friends make their way, and even in these dark times I feel that there is still good in the city. You were right in thinking to come and ask for our support. I just..." Marco pauses once more, casting his eyes aside curiously.

"I just wish I could offer more help. The Sakazakis are away and Robert, well, Robert keeps his own council. I'm afraid the only help I have to offer is that of myself. I have promising students, but they are still young and not yet fully trained. They'd best serve by being here and protecting the dojo if things got as bad as you say." Marco's large hand strays up to the sideburn on the left side of his face, which he scratches absently for a moment before unfolding his legs smoothly and standing. "Well, what did you have in mind?"

Maxima says, "Like I said, that's where you come in." Maxima smiles, "...although you might have to cancel your classes for a few days." He starts pacing a little, obviously feeling a bit antsy about the whole situation; the complete lack of information about what they're up against is utterly frustrating, especially since he basically amounts to a living computer. "You're familiar with the Young Fighters Community Center, downtown, right?" Of course he is, he's teaching kids after all. There's got to be some overlap. "For some godforsaken reason, that place is like the epicenter of every scumbag's plans whenever they blow into town."

Maxima holds up his hand, pre-emptively. "Don't ask. I have no idea why. That's just the way it is."

The cyborg exhales, or at least appears to, "We could use you over there, just in case they decide to make a move. We've got some capable fighters over there, but this kind of situation is in a different league alltogether."

He extends his hand towards Marco, "The name's Maxima. So what do you say?""

Eyebrows furrowing from deep thought as Maxima speaks, Marco just shakes his head slowly as in disbelief of what he is hearing. "Yeah, some of my students have friends who go there," the karate instructor says when asked about the YFCC. His own students receiving lessons there would be GREATLY frowned upon, of course, so stories about the YFCC always start with 'One time, my friend' at the Kyokugen Dojo; or when Marco is around at the very least. They probably do lots of other constructive things at the YFCC besides teach that Marco hasn't really made himself aware of, of course, but to say that dojo instructors are territorial would be an understatement.

"It actually makes more sense than you'd think really," Marco adds, "What better way to control the young fighters with promise in the city than by taking over the one place that most of them hang out at," Marco formulates. The Kyokugen Bear has a reputation of being somewhat thickheaded, but most of that can be chalked up to single-mindedness. "If these... whoever they are... actually attacked the YFCC it could be disastrous. Not only does it give them access to the kids that train there, but it puts the kids themselves in grave danger. Nothing is more perilous for skilled youth than overconfidence."

Striding over to the large cyborg, Rodriguez extends his own meaty bearpaw and grips the Canadian's hand firmly. "I'd be honored to help you defend the YFCC, Maxima," Marco rumbles. "Maybe with the guiding wisdom of Kyokugen Karate we'll even be able to keep these young fighters safe from themselves," he adds with a grin as he shakes the larger man's hand. "If you'll give me a few moments to get some things together and makes some calls to my senior students I'll accompany you there. If those bastards come looking for trouble, Kyokugen will be waiting for them."

The cyborg gives the karate teacher's hand a few good pumps, "Heh, well, I dunno about all the sage wisdom of Kyokugen Karate but as long as it helps you put the hurt on some of the bad guys then I'm all for it. We're counting on you." He turns starts to make his way through the hole in the wall before the construction workers finally repair it and force him to do something awful like have to search around for a normal exit or something.

"I'll have to meet you there though, got things to do. When the odds are stacked this high against us it's not going to hurt for us to have as many aces up our sleeves as we can." Unfortunately for Maxima, the next man he approaches to help anchor the defense of the YFCC is likely to be much, much more uncooperative than Marco has been.

The Canadian waves over his shoulder, "I'll be in touch, Marco Rodriguez" and he's gone.


Without a shadow of a doubt the heart and soul of Southtown, the downtown area occupies the largest single chunk of the peninsula. A completely urban area where most of the city's population not only makes their home, but also makes their living. Dotted with mid-height buildings, Downtown lacks the elegance of the money-quenched business district...generally middle-class, crime also happens to thrive here, making even the best parts of the area a place where many would watch their backs in the thick of night. However, thanks to the work of the vigilante students of nearby Gedo High School, the area has become a far more comfortable place to live.

Maxima leaves the more difficult task for last. He had a feeling the Kyokugen teacher would be more than willing to help him out with defending the YFCC, but as for his other idea... well, he's had better ones. In theory the plan is sound, since his usual antisocial, difficult living flame-thrower is currently unavailable, why not get the next best thing? Now all the big Canadian cyborg has to do is find the legendarily uncooperative Kyo Kusanagi and convince him to put his life on the line for a bunch of people he likely doesn't even know. Easy, right?

K' would kill him if he found out about this, but Maxima doesn't see many other options. Much as he trusts the capabilities of his "co-workers" at the YFCC, the types of people he anticipates, should there be a strike on the facility, are on another level. That's why he comes here, to a large park in the center of Southtown's downtown core area, to seek the help of the strongest fighter he knows.

Fortunately that's not exactly a difficult task, not when your target is arguably the most well-known fighter in all of Japan. All you have to do is look for crowds, people taking pictures, and friends whispering amongst themselves "Did you see it? That was him!"

Truth be told, Kyo's already gotten some kind of vague warning courtesy of his sometime contact among the Ikari Warriors... Not that the reigning World Warrior champion seems to be letting on to that particular fact. If Kyo IS keeping an eye out for rumblings about horrible things brewing in the shadows of Southtown, he gives no sign, instead going on with his usual routine: Cutting class, taking naps, being a paragon of awesomeness vastly beyond the ability of mere mortals to comprehend, let alone hope to equal. You know the drill.

Crowds of fans are a problem sometimes, though in Southtown at least most of the locals are inured to the concept of world-famous fighters walking down the street. But there's always the tourists and the occasional really overboard fight fan. Kyo blocks that sort of thing out, by and large; it's like white noise.

At the moment, then, Kyo is in one of Southtown's many arcades, near the exit, playing one of those crane games. He's trying to get a UFO catcher doll, it seems.... Of himself? It's not entirely normal Kyo Kusanagi behaviour, really, given that he's /arrogant/, sure, but generally leaves the narcissim for Benimaru.

Of course, this is Kyo, so he might have some nefarious plan for the doll.

The Canuck follows the trail of awed fangirl drool and manages to find his way to the very same arcade Kyo in which currently trying to win his prize. First he has to fight his way through the semi-circle of groupies that surround the scion of the flames like a human barricade. "Scuse me... pardon me..." he mutters as he easily brushes aside the legion of fans, bulling his way to the front. There he watches Kyo's exceedingly-average UFO catcher skill for a few minutes, raising an eyebrow once he notices that the item that keeps falling out of the crane claw of the machine is a doll of Kyo himself. Good thing he knows this guy can fight better than he can win stuffed prizes.

Maxima takes a few steps forward until he's at Kyo's side, and reaches inside his jacket. This elicits a few worried gasps from the fangirls beside him, but the cyborg merely produces a ballpoint pen and a small polaroid. The picture depicts Maxima and K' in front of a smoldering, destroyed beachfront NESTS facility. Maxima is grinning broadly, seemingly reveling in the crime against humanity that is the hideous hawaiian-print shirt he is clad in. K''s expression is a mixture of mortification and anger. The words "Wish you were here" are scrawled underneath the photo.

Maxima hands the photo to Kusanagi, possibly breaking his intense concentration on the arcade game, "Could you sign this? I'm a big fan."

Almost... Got it. Almost there...

Such is Kyo's intent focus on what he's doing, brow furrowed and tongue stuck between his teeth, that the Kusanagi heir doesn't seem to even notice Maxima's presence... Until the big Canadian speaks up, fouling this latest attempt on the part of the former SNF Champion to obtain a tiny cartoonish plush replica of himself. It's even holding up its right hand, index finger out, with a little felt flame on the tip.

As Kyo's concentration breaks, though, it slips from the crane's grasp, falling back amongst its fellows. Kyo, frowning, turns to look towards Maxima. "Really? I thought the big burly guys preferred Nikaido," the flamewielder remarks irritably, slowly turning his attention to the photograph. "Or maybe it was the other way around..."

Then, Kyo /sees/ the picture. That's an ugly shirt, he thinks to himself. And, aha, K'. That's interesting.

"So you're a buddy of Xerox, huh?" Kyo wonders, taking the photograph... Which, likely to no-one's surprise, begins to burn, held between Kyo's first two fingers. "Is this one of those 'I'm going to stick up for my friend and beat you up because he can't do it himself' things? 'cause I gotta tell you, my schedule is pretty full with all the not caring I was planning to do today."

Maxima doesn't seem phased, and doesn't miss a beat. After all, he's the partner of the one guy who is possibly even more abrasive than Kyo himself. Maybe it just runs in the DNA. "Me?" He says, feigning a shocked expression while looking around as if checking to see if Kusanagi was actually addressing him. "Nah... I abhor violence, personally... hey, do you mind?" He asks, and, not waiting for a reply, he scoots over and takes the control stick for the crane machine.

"I actually came here to ask you something," he says, seeming a bit absent-minded as he squints down at the the prizes incased in their hellish glass prison. After a few moments a green hologram is projected over the machine and begins plotting the variety of different courses and trajectories the claw could take in order to achieve plushy victory.

"I'm sure a guy like you gets this all the time, but my friends and I could use your help."

You know, K' would probably take exception to being called more abrasive than Kyo. Which is too bad, because at least he'd surprass the 'original' at something then. Except maybe having a fabulous tan.

A long-suffering sigh escapes Kyo, who has to deal with far more than his fair share - in his opinion, anyway - of weirdos and freaks taking liberties around him from day to day. Maybe he should try to go the whole 'frothing rage' route like Yagami; people don't seem to mess with him as much. The curled, crumpled ashen remains of the polaroid drift to the ground as Kyo gets out of the way, having precious little choice in the face of some big dude shouldering his way in front of hte crane game, and instead just leans against the glass, as casual as you please.

As if it'd been his idea in the first place, really.

"Oh, one of /those/ talks," Kyo says, rolling his eyes. "Well, Skipper, your little buddy's sister already came to me with a spiel about how rotten things are in the state of Southtown, so I'm pretty busy with that." At an arcade. There could be valuable intelligence here. Or something. "And no offense, but I'm more inclined to help her out than you. She's got a better rack, for one thing."

"Is that so? Huh, well I guess I should keep this short then," Maxima mutters. The assembled crowd watch the pair of fighters with gaped mouths, many of them reaching for coins in their pockets; they HAVE to play this game, not only did Kyo Kusanagi himself touch it, but it had unrevealed 3D graphics this whole time!

The projected hologram finally zeroes in on the course with the highest probability of success, and Maxima grips the control stick as carefully as one can when you have a hand the size of a basketball. "Something big is going down, real soon, and guys like you and I are going to be busy. I think you might even have had a few go-arounds with the people who are behind it." Oddly enough, when Maxima's arm tilts the joystick forward to emits a mechanical sound not to unlike the mechanisms driving the crane arm of the arcade game itself.

"You've heard of the Young Fighters Community Center, right? I've got a hunch that's where they're going to send their top guys." He crane arm shoots downwards, and sure enough, solidly grabs hold of the Kyo toy. Maxima grins, obviously satisfied with the results "-Be a good chance for you to do your hero thing." He reaches down and takes the plushy, examining it.

A faint grunt is, initially, the only response Kyo makes. It's apparent to him that Maxima isn't someone who easily rises to the sort of goading and barbs that the Kusanagi heir dishes out in casual conversation to people, whether he's known them for fifteen years or fifteen seconds... But that doesn't mean he's going to /stop/, or anything. "Uh huh," he says, watching Maxima do his Maxima thing rather dubiously. "Yeah, I got the whole 'important things are happening' spiel," Kyo adds, rather dismissively. He doesn't note, of course, how Whip astutely pointed out that whatever he might claim otherwise, it IS sort of his problem.

Stupid NESTS.

"Why the hell would anyone attack a community center?" Especially since they did it once before, he doesn't add. "Somebody watches too many crappy '80s movies." The fact that Maxima managed to /get/ the stupid doll with his stupid robot arms and holograms and crap just elicits a bit of a stinkeye from the World Warrior champion. "But fine, whatever. If Vega shows up with an army or something, you feel free to call me."

Hey, maybe Kyo is prescient.

Somebody would probably attack a community center for the same reasons they would make hundreds of clones of a guy like Kyo, but Maxima doesn't want to possibly ruin his chances here by mentioning that, so he merely shrugs hopelessly in response to Kusanagi's question, muttering under his breath, "I've been getting that a lot lately..." At this point, he's ready to leave; he said his piece and the younger fighter can either take it or leave it. Maybe he shouldn't have held out too much hope that the Scion of the flames would care enough to come to the YFCC's defense.

Then again...

"Really?" Maxima says, looking up from the doll with genuinely-surprised expression. Perhaps this Kusanagi guy isn't as bad as talking with K' would leave you to believe. Of course, the Beast of Prey would lead you to believe that Kyo likes to devour babies. Maxima cracks one of his big 'ol Canadian grins and nods affirmatively at the World Warrior champion. "I'm real glad to hear that" he says, pausing for a moment before adding, "-If you could help it, it'd be nice if you could make your dramatic entrance and save the day /before/ we're not all dead on the ground, though." The smile turns into a smirk, he couldn't help it. Had to get a little jab in there for his partner's sake.

Maxima turns, and this time the fangirl horde make a path for him. "I'll be in touch, Kyo Kusanagi." He lightly tosses the plush toy over his shoulder, to Kyo.

Sadly, Kyo had already been resigned to helping out should things go pear-shaped, mostly due to Whip's efficient nagging process. The fact that Maxima is pointing him in a more specific direction here just worsens the situation, at least from Kusanagi's perspective. Now he can't even just spend his time hanging out somewhere and pretending he just slept through whatever bad stuff happened, or got caught in traffic, or something. Ugh. The nerve of some people.

"No promises," Kyo replies as Maxima turns around, as far as the timing of his heroic arrival on the scene goes. Man, they should be happy if he shows up /at all/.

Still, Kyo catches the little Kyo-doll that's tossed his way, giving it a dubious look, and then another, similar glance is directed at the crane game. "Hmph," the perpetual highschooler mutters, tossing the doll up once and then catching it in the same hand. Man, the next person who expects him to come save the day is going to be in for such an ignoring.

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