LLK Act I.War - War : Recruitment?

Description: Ash Crimson? Another tool to use for Shadaloo, at a time when they greatly need new bodies for which to help with the Southtown invasion? Vega goes out looking, Ash doesn't seem to mind being found.

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'Half a city block explodes in a ball of green flame. /Green Flame/!'

Vega's heard the rumors before, yes - he's never taken the time to involve himself in the destiny of the man who weilded them - though there was something undeniable about his power. Vega's needed power, as of late - with Sagat's slow reindoctrination to the joy of Shadaloo, and Balrog's abrupt disappearrance, he'd been left with Michael Bison and his cadre of Doll Project underlings as support. If what he had planned was going to come to pass, he'd need to move outside the forces he'd found before, and 'recruit' others to do work for him. To do.. those things with which he needed to not be associated with - at least, at this stage.

This brings him to Southtown, perched high upon one of the buildings, in Geese Towers' shadow. A small microphone is on his cheek, receiving from the blue-clad shadows of Southtown, his Dolls in full force, from here and there, scouring the city. It risks attention from Howard, but today is not a good day for subtlety. Today, his is a day of needs, and those needs will be fufilled. Quietly, over his speaker, he instructs his Dolls in their search - or reminds them, to be more accurate. They know who they're looking for. White hair, green flames.. Power.

"Find me.. Ash Crimson."

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At least it's a good day to perch on top of buildings, huh? While it may be only early February, the sky is a clear, periwinkle blue, and the sun's showering the city - Southtown - with warmth. Unfortunately, a slight wind has picked up in the beginning hours of the afternoon, flitting through the baren trees and streets, but it isn't much to be concerned with. For this reason, so the French flamewielder would like to think, he has ventured out of the apartment which he shares with the Shanghai-born brawler, wandering as far as the very outskirts because he simply felt like it. This isn't due to fate at all, no. Not the prospects of a chance meeting that only comes but once in a lifetime, as of yet unknown to him... Ash doesn't believe in such things.

Emerging from the path that leads to the abandoned shrine, dressed in a long, leather trench and a red scarf - it's tied around his slender neck like a cravat - he brushes aside a tangle of brittle branches with a hint of irritation in order to reach the street. "And now it's windy." Glancing up and down along the sidewalk, there's no one even around to hear his complaint, but no matter. Gently, the lean man tucks away a long strand of white hair back behind his ear and wrinkles his freckled nose; if the weather will potentially be getting worse, then he has no desire to stick around. He should consider heading home... In fact, forget 'consider'. The Frenchman won't be risking that at all.

So, Ash starts walking with a clear purpose, thinking now that he'll call a cab in order to speed up the process, right up until the point where he... stops dead in his tracks? A strange feeling washes over him, for any man with a love for power can sense it. What that power is however, he has no idea. It is definitely nothing like the sweet scent that accompanies those 'blessed' by Orochi, but it's still enough to catch his attention. Staring around him for the source reveals nothing, so the flamewielder's gaze takes to the skies, scanning the tops of buildings. For a moment, he's fairly certain that there's the silhouette of SOMEONE, but the sun's in his eyes, and there's shadows to be accounted for. "Huh, how strange."

And so, just as Vega had willed it, Ash Crimson has found him...

Such a twist of fate. When ordering his dolls to find the man, he'd instead been found himself. Power calls to power, after all - it's not surprising that his own Psycho aura would be 'visible'. This is why he is not too close to Geese's Tower - the idea that Howard would find him in his city, now of all times.. It would be unwise.

"Dolls - disperse. Return to base, your work is done."

Elsewhere in the city, those blue-clad minions fade here and there, wraithlike blending into crowds and making their way back towards Shadaloo headquarters. He's left himself unguarded, but certainly not unprepared. After all, he knows what he wishes to do - and that is all he needs, today.

At that moment when Crimson shades his eyes, the sillouete wavers, hazy and indistinct. It vanishes soon after, a darker blur against the sunny sky. Perhaps an afterimage in a whimsical eye staring too long near the sun? Whichever it is, it's gone..

And back, much closer. "It's only strange if you don't believe in change, Ash Crimson. If you don't believe this wind heralds change for the town it winds through." His voice is gravel, crushed through the throat, gritty with the way only true evil an have. He's not trying to impress, the indomitable aura of his will certainly a palpable thing, so close to Vega. His grin is manic, the way that only true insanity can be. What else would a man who thinks himself the strongest in the world be? He folds his arms across his chest, the blank white of his eyes focused on the other wawrrior, and he repeats again. "Change.. is coming. I believe... that there may be a part in it for you, as well."

Hand to his eyes, if he was just an ordinary man, the suddenly indistinct shape that vanishes soon after would've simply been disregarded by logical reasoning. Something like 'My vision is playing tricks on me', or maybe 'I just imagined it'... There's so many to choose from, but Ash is anything but your Average Joe. What he sensed was unmistakenable, and the flamewielder trusts his instincts over his eyes. 'There is always more... than what you see', after all.

As such, he's not exactly surprised when the Shadaloo dictator does reappear, but it IS rather shocking when Ash himself was clearly the one being sought after. That and with the sudden surge of this man's aura, so close so soon, it's almost suffocating. Ash takes a moment to 'resurface', as it were. While he can't exactly measure strength this way - and so he cannot validate Vega's claim (Would Vega really need that, though?) - one thing the Frenchman can say is that he also has no basis of comparison. He's never met anybody with the ability to control Psycho Power before.

"Change, monsieur?" Ash wonders, thoughtfully pursing his lips together. Though the city might be held in the iron grip of Geese Howard, Southtown hasn't been unkind to him. However, turning leisurely to face the grinning maniac, the words still interest the flamewielder because of all the things Vega DOESN'T say. What kind of change is he proposing? And what of the opportunities that will be presented because of it? Who cares if this guy's evil if it benefits Ash! The whites of the man's eyes are rather creepy though, even to Frenchman, and he knows more about true insanity than most, but the lean fighter still looks straight into Vega's face, soon smiling pleasantly. It's as if they were discussing what Aunt Marge had just bought his favourite nephew! "What part are you suggesting that I play, then?" He's polite, despite the rude potential of the question.

One might think that Vega could 'damp down' that aura. He's done so in fights before - to lull others into a sense of complacency before crushing them. He's no real reason to do so here - instead, no - he keeps that roiling boil of barely constrained power flowing freely. It's an almost physical thing, a darkness he carries with him, even within a beautifully bright February day. As Ash asks him the simple question, Vega's eyes narrow a bit, that rictus grin growing all the wider. Better the faux innocence and questions that a simple 'no', after all.

"The part of spoiler. The part of a winner - and possibly, the part of a man who finds what he seeks."

Yes, it's vague - said with the skill of Rose, prophesysing a future that she does not wish to - vague, with the hope of picking up some sort of leverage through sensing the other fighter's needs and desires. After all, from his research, Ash had never seemed to seek power, per se. But what could drive a man when that level of power was already under his control? Thus, Vega is left with just offering hints and ideas, and hoping Crimson's mind will fill in the blanks he needs to make a 'proper' offer.

"I want... another ally in a wonderful game that is to be played - a piece that should redraw this map - and possibly, topple a king." The fact that his hand waves over Southtown as he asks this - that's just coincidence, isn't it?

Dampen down the aura lulls people into a state of false security? Then those individuals are of the utmost stupidity. And speaking of powers, isn't it funny, how while his may be known, there is nothing else to the flamewielder? No hint to his motivations, no indication of his goals... To those who don't really pay attention, he's nothing more than a simpleton, beholden to no one, doing things just because he 'feels like it'. Anyone who actually bothers to investigate the man... might find such an unexplainable gap suspicious; perhaps there's something there, and Ash could very well be the type who plays with the cards very close to his chest. Is it power? Riches? Glory? Whether a mere idiot or a man of more, he offers nothing that will provide the answer regardless, merely listening to the vague words and deciphering their meaning on his own without further question.

So in a way, his mind DOES fill in the blanks as intended, but moreso than that, to 'topple the king' means that some opportunity has been revealed... If it in any way relates to Southtown. Ash watches the gesture towards the city from the corners of his eyes, then rolls his shoulders in a good-natured way. This is not to project any sort of message to Vega, but more that he's thinking outloud through actions, rather than words. "Sounds interesting." The Frenchman finally states, still smiling, "Perhaps I will join this game then, and see where it takes me... Provided that it's worth my time." While a man of possible simple motives, he's not a fool who will do anything for 'free'.

"There are things to be had through this, far more than mere pay. If that makes it 'worth your time' until then, Ash Crimson, pay it can be."

However, those sorts of things are not to be spoken of as yet! Vega is much too canny to do more than suss out the possible interest now. Instead, possibly he'll simply redirect towards another target, one which will allow him to suss out Howard's strengths through the judicious use of force, force by the power of green flame.

"The first point of the game would be a warning shot - one to test the boundaries of Geese' empire. I require a... trinket, that lies in the posession of one of his minions. Ryuji Yamazaki. It's nothing more than a hat, a few scraps of cloth - but it's important to me." Actually - well, okay it really isn't, other than a simple test. He's seen Ash fight, but he can deliberately quantify Ryuji's strength. A way to test if Ash is the right tool - is to define his usefulness, through battle. "Return that to me - and any game you wish to play, I'll help you play it out. That much, I can promise."


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Yes, that suits him best. Let the dictator assume that what he wants is entirely monetary. This will provide Ash with freedom of movement, the less interested he is in other matters... Not that pay wouldn't be too bad as well on top of what he's after, especially with the prospect of--WOAH, WHAT? Vega is suggesting that he retrieve something from YAMAZAKI? An interesting fact, which the grinning maniac himself isn't aware, is that Ash has already had the glorious opportunity of encountering Ryuji Yamazaki before. He's also been forced to bandage up Shenwoo after a fight with the man. The psycho's use of knives in his matches leave the Frenchman rather cold, and while he's certain that this is probably a test of strength... There's no way this is going down without it resorting in pain for SOMEONE.

Bold as he is, it's in Ash's mind to just outright advise Vega to challenge him directly and experience his strength firsthand, but fine. The Frenchman can also play along. He may just use the aforementioned brawler in order to get the job done. His best friend has uses, after all. It's a good thing Shen never really asks questions either, being as fight-driven as he is. As long as his opponent's a challenge, the 'God of Battle' doesn't really care. "That sounds fair." Ash says, pressing a slender finger to his thin lips, 'hmm'ing softly. One would suppose that this 'king' has also been defined directly. "And where would you like me to bring this hat?"

"Hehn. I'll be in Southtown, more or less. Look to the rooftops - you seem to be able to tell when I'm about, after all." No, no reason to leave Southtown for this - after all, Vega plans on spending /quite/ a bit of time here, going forwards. There's no reason to leave this game board alone, not when there are so many interesting little pieces to play with.

With that, Vega turns his back on Ash, and begins to walk away. This interview is done, as far as the Dictator of Shadaloo is concerned - he's given his instructions, and bartered a fair enough deal, though the agreement on money seems to have come far too easily. It's something that will niggle at the back of his mind for a time, then be discarded.

.. after all, there's so much to be done.

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"That's true." The Frenchman agrees with the fact that he can easily tell when Vega's out and about, and then the dictator takes his leave. This suits Ash just fine, because he's been dismissed as well thusly, and as if on cue, the wind picks up more than before. It's nothing like a light breeze, but maybe something along the lines of the 'herald of change' that the other man was speaking of. "Ahaha, how silly." Casting a look that travels the length of Geese Tower to the very top, the lean fighter casually slips his hands into either pocket of the long trench, "Why anyone would want to be in such a position of power and authority is beyond me. It must be such a bother. I don't envy you, Monsieur Howard." Nor does he envy Vega, which Ash now asks himself a question... What was that guy's name?

Ha ha, Ash Crimson has no idea who Vega is, woooow. Of course, he obviously gathered what the man does, and the flamewielder's FAIRLY certain he's seen a picture before... Maybe even HEARD of Shadaloo, but who knows. It isn't until he's already walking, searching for a payphone in order to call a cab, that he stops at a newspaper stand and takes a moment to browse the contents of a few magazines. One in particular actually has a brief article, and there, grinning up at him, is the same psychotic-looking face with those white eyes, "Oh!" A pause, "Mon dieu, where did Shenwoo get 'Lego' out of that name?" Placing the magazine back on its stand, the Frenchman strolls off, humming to himself. Whatever the song is, it's terribly off-key.

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