Neo League 751 - #768: Amy vs Naerose

Description: Naeo League. Amy invites Naerose to a remote location for an old fashioned fight atop a train that is going up a mountain. The risk of falling frightens Naerose and Amy displays her unusual forms of attack. The match goes on to damage the train, but who will come out on top? (winner: Naerose)

The Brocken.

The myths and legends surrounding this lofty mountain in northern Germany are almost too numerous to count. Covered in snow at this time of the year, the peak is not only impressively high but quite the eerie sight; a wide, curving hump towering above a thick pine forest. Various periods in recent history have seen the area surrounding Blocksberg restricted, but in these modern times it is not difficult to reach for a ghost-hunting thrillseeker or a tourist with the right adventurous mindset. In fact, a regular train service runs to the summit.

In keeping with the inspiring environment, it is a rather quaint steam engine that ferries passengers up the thousand-metre slope. The journey is quite gorgeous at sunset in particular, when the old oil lamps on the train are used to light the inside, creating an 'olde worlde' atmosphere that is quite compelling. So the Neo League officials thought when Amy Johnson came to issue her challenge to the red witch, Naerose Delphine. She did hand them creative control, caring only that she could seek out the wannabe chi-expert and see firsthand what skills she possesses.

So it is that Amy stands now upon the /roof/ of the stationary vehicle, wandering back and forth to test the structural integrity and grippability of the unusual surface. She was initially perturbed at the very idea, but this.. this could work. Once done examining, she takes a moment to adjust the heavy jacket she has left on for this bout - concession to the temperature that will only lower as they rise toward the summit - before looking upward. A chill runs up her spine, prickling the hairs at the nape of her neck. It is a truly majestic sight.

Not long ago Naerose was issued a mysterious challenge, sort of like this one, only it was on the roof of a bar. The ensuing chaos and bout resulted in the Red Witch discovering her opponent was attempting to knock her off the roof to her doom (like one or two stories below). Sure the plan had flaws, but it must of had an impact on Naerose. Another Neo League invitation and for some reason, she accepts, finds her way out here (don't ask what means of travel) but is still late. The way of the witch was to be late often enough. The first thing she does is to mark this fight. It's not a Neoleague. It's a Naeo League, but this one was more rural than most of these matches. Probably because it lacked any degree of big names. There was Amy, who didn't seem to be long on the scene of professional fighters and Naerose who was infamous at best and a perfect nobody. Still she finds plenty of places to put her signature of Naeo League. Then... she learns where they're fighting.

"Why am I here?" She asks, after climbing on top of the vehicle and realizing that she has to stand on this thing,
"Someone is going to fall and hurt themselves.." She states, meaning possibly her, but adds, "And you don't have a broom stick like I do!" She adjusts her shades and looks at Amy,
"Oh Hi Amy.. nice jacket."

Naerose is not dressed for the weather in contrast. She's not completely under dressed thankfully. She has the most covering of her usual clothes, including even a neat red jacket deal and some rose tights, but still wearing a red dress and it isn't particularly thick. She'll have to move around a lot if she doesn't want to freeze.

Rural indeed, the location is unusual amidst the many bright and vibrant others used for Ken Masters' League in that no great expense has been spared on advertising. Perhaps the organisers figure that not only is Amy an unknown quantity, she also has a particularly dark and mysterious schtick that benefits from less urban surroundings. Or they've simply come to realise that her style is difficult to capture on camera - if they're going to consistently manage excellent footage, they need practice. Significant outlay should be withheld until such time as it worthwhile.

'Why am I here?' That's the first thing Amy hears from her opponent, and it garners a soft chuckle as she turns to face the top of the ladder leading up to the black metal roof. She has to agree with the second sentiment, that this /is/ a dangerous position to be in, though the grin she flashes in greeting carries a hint of how she feels about this. Currently on her agenda is a brand new goal; to learn how to enjoy the rhythm of battle more honestly, and more expressively. Professional fighting does not necessarily appeal to her sensibilities, but there seems to be a great deal she can through her involvement. So be it.

"We meet again, Miss Delphine," comes her suitably-upbeat reply to the witch, "I hope you don't object to my challenge. Have to admit you made me curious, and since I happened to be passing through this way it seemed as a good a place as any for two 'witches' to meet." Her eyes glint at the last, with mirth that is not exactly mocking - it's too self-deprecating, and more than a little tongue in cheek. Regardless, she steps back into a swift bow from the waist as a puff of steam emits from the engine several carriages down. The organisers have wasted no time in getting things underway. "Time to show me what all that research amounts to!"

"And, uh, nice tights."

COMBATSYS: Amy has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Amy              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Naerose has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Amy

"Is this thing going to be MOVING while we do this?" Asks Naerose incredulously, well aware of the bizarre situations that people are often put in for this kind of thing. She vaguely recalls some tournement that happened once on some boat in some ocean with a half way decient meal service. Something about a truck too. That was all that Naerose could remember.

"Yeah that wouldn't surprise me at all.." She murmurs and then looks at Amy.

"Research? You want me to throw the book at you? it isn't even written yet."

Naerose doesn't bow. It isn't a lack of respect, she just wasn't raised on that kind of thing. She mostly learned how to stick fight through taking a lot of hard knocks and watching tai bo videos.. or whatever they're called. She might of even watched a video or two of Billy Kane. Or was that Cane? Either way, to her she didn't get those shows of respect and simply holds out her broom as though she were going to hit Amy with it.. Which is exactly what she is probably going to do.

"So .. do we wait for this thing to start moving dangerously or do we start and then it starts?

It's only on the rare occasion that the Templar shows such respect, herself. Sometimes it feels right, at other times it feels like a faintly ridiculous tradition. This time around it's almost an apology for the way she treated Naerose at their last meeting - understandable as her reasons may have been, it doesn't hurt to make amends. However small. Having made her bow, however, she now watches Naerose carefully, preparing to read the witch's intent and movements as best she can.

Composed and focused within seconds, the only outward display of emotion Amy tosses out for the moment is a wrinkle of her nose at that appalling joke. Throwing the book? Really? "I suppose anything goes," she murmurs in response, tone distant as she rolls her shoulders, flicks her wrists and falls into a generic stance flavoured with a hint of aikido. Her feet are spread apart on the metal surface, left slightly forward with toe directed toward Naerose, but her arms are not fully raised. Relaxed, her hands hover just above the midriff.

This does make it easier for the young woman to bend, lowering her posture as the train starts up with a very noticeable shudder. In tandem, dark figures leap onto the neighbouring carriages, bearing sleek cameras upon ergonomic shoulder pads. It's the return of the ninja film crew.

"I think we start whenever we're ready!" Amy's voice cries out over the abrupt 'too-toot!' of the steam engine. It would all be very cute if not for the epic surroundings, and the bizarre cloud of fog that has begun to prickle into existence around the train's roof, billowing to continually keep up as the vehicle accelerates. The Templar shows no alarm at this, stoic as she beckons Naerose on with a slight motion of her head, "Why don't you show me what you can do?"

COMBATSYS: Amy focuses on her next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Amy

The start of the engine was really more answer than the witch wanted, or needed. It takes a moment for Naerose to steady herself then because, lets face it, falling would be awful and then there is the wind factor and the slip factor and then Naerose claiming,
"I'm afraid of heights!" which by the way isn't at all true, but she probably is uneasy on top of a moving vehicle going up a mountain, who wouldn't be? It's a scary thing. So there are two 'witches' or more accurately one self proclaimed witch and one templar, but what is the word witch if not a title and if that is all it is then can't Naerose be one? She doesn't dwell on the philosophy long. To be fair, her next action was in the interest of footing more than the interest of actually hitting Amy.

"Oh snap, this is really dangerous," she contends, starting to wonder if it is worth it. This time she came out of respect for Amy and not for bribes of food, which many have thought to use to entice Naerose out to place. It usually worked.

For footing Naerose decides to remove the x-factor, that being the vehicle, infact she decides to remove ground entirely, holds her broom horizontal to the ground, at waist level and hops on. It holds her weight but it isn't like she's levetating, almost as soon as she jumps on it shoots off toward Amy like a rocket. The concentration this would need would be nothing short of exact. She needed to prevent herself from ending this short flight with a long crash - off the side of th evehicle. Ideally she'll do a standard inline skate style stop, ending the charge with a spin that allows her to exhaust her remaining momentum in a circle, rather than straight off and down the mountain.. This also seems to be designed to manage that spin into Amy, who is welcomed to any of Naerose' extra momentum too.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Amy with Delphine Charge.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Naerose          0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0              Amy

The Templar watches as Naerose appears to fool around, though she is not immediately conned into believing the other woman has no skill. Having fought the bizarre and unpredictable Skullomania, she acknowledges she is not even close to understanding all forms of movement and attack. But still; of all she expected from the witch, actually making that broomstick achieve something akin to flying was not it. She attempts to evade, spinning smoothly to the side as Naerose approaches... but balance is precarious, and the attack is fast. She misjudges.

The momentum Amy receives is far from welcome - in fact, it ensures she is now equally wary of the sharp drop to either side. Smashed hard in the flank, she is sent skidding back to the very edge of the roof, barely catching herself with an outflung palm long enough to extend her legs toward the centre. Breathing hard, and stinging, she whips her head around to sight her opponent. Now would be the perfect time for a wisecrack, were all possible focus not required.

Surging to her feet with a burst of effort, brain spinning from the acceleration of the train and only too aware that the altitude will soon come into play, Amy approaches Naerose in a long, striding run, keeping her torso as low to the roof as possible without overly compromising speed. A hand flies out behind her, shaking as it gathers tension. She leaps the final few feet to Naerose just as that odd, misty chi enters an eerily controlled spin toward her dragging limb. Gritting her teeth, the Templar plants her feet and reverses her momentum, seeking to /slam/ her palm forward, aiming for the gut.


COMBATSYS: Amy successfully hits Naerose with Trembling Palm.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Naerose          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Amy

The cry is vigorous, and the impact moreso. It comes with a violent twist, hardened flesh delivering a payload of energy direct into the organs. Those spiralling energies are sucked inward as though by a vacuum, grey-white tendrils fading into the point of contact before they harden and explode inside Naerose's very being, wrenching the body and attacking the very spirit before, with a sharp grunt, Amy shoves her arm forward.

It sends her to one knee, gasping, right arm quivering as it recovers from the strike. Meanwhile, the red witch is thrust away toward the next carriage; care was taken to ensure she would not be pitched over the side, but the rest is down to her.

Being flung through the air was no laughing matter, not for the witch or anyone, all Naerose can hope to do is land where she means to, but that will require paying attention to her landing, rather than her opponent. She doesn't have time to have Amy give chase and cause her trouble so Naerose decides to do the only reasonable solution and throws up her arms to send another volley of pain.. Well the first volley. With a whip of her sleeves, Naerose sends several icy darts toward Amy, the effect caused it would seem by the absence of warmth, sucked out of an area to allow the air itself to freeze and indeed, the icy darts would simply evaporate into nothing before too long, but those sharp little things will first pepper the area around the templar.

"Sagitta Minor!" cries Naerose, being one who particularly loves to call out many of her attack names and sends her sleeve with a flourish.

Time is bought to use her footing for a landing, but there is one downside. She doesn't want to rely on her broom, for one it is at best, unreliable. When you crash often with it, probably not a great idea to use to avoid falling with a narrow landing strip, also it was very draining to use at all. She needed to conserve herself and probably heeled boots wasn't the best idea for footware. Oh well.

With a screetch of her heels into the metal, scraping along, Naerose manages to skid to a stop on the next car and whirl around to see what Amy is doing, still brandishing her broom - her primary weapon readily.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Amy with Sagitta Minor.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Naerose          0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0              Amy

There's no immediate danger of Amy giving chase - were it not for the precarious position she found herself in a moment ago, she probably would not have done in the first place. Not before securing some kind of advantage. She remains on one knee as she watches Naerose round up for the next attack and considering the content of their first meeting, and first conversation, it comes as no surprise that she chooses to utilise chi. The telling nudge of a fighter's 'spider sense' tells her before the needles apparate, by which time she is ready to roll to one side.

But the witch's attack is cunning, catching the Templar even as she moves. The damage may well be heightened due to Amy's ill-advised attempt, the first icy needle entering her shoulder and compromising any chance at rising smoothly off it's pressure. This leaves her open for the rest of the torrent, the combined weight of which hurts far more than the first - which, alone, felt more like a faint annoyance.

As quickly as it begins it is over, and Amy is left breathing hard, eyes glazed as she fights back.. brain freeze?! It seems like she'd have done better, mentally, to guzzle a freezerful of ice than get hit by Naerose's attack. It forces her to remain in a crouch, eyelids flickering as she waits for the (brain)storm to clear. Hopefully, her condition will give pause also to Naerose, so that she will notice the whiplike motion of the Templar's left arm.

In response to it, a peal of grey smoke breaks off - most confoundingly - from the puffy stream of the stuff given off by the steam engine. Approaching from some way above the combatants as a result, the ghostlike apparition that forms has ample time to accelerate, reaching a fair speed before it comes in for an intended crash landing upon the red witch.

COMBATSYS: Naerose parries Amy's Night Errant!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Naerose          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0              Amy

There is enough space here that Naerose doesn't have to worry too much about getting herself around, she can more or less see well in advance what is coming her way before it gets there. Naerose rises and starts to run, she runs toward Amy and then as she nears the divide between the cars she jumps, sending herself into the air as the ghostly attack makes it way toward her, she quickly flings her broom under herself and balances on the top, it's more like a double jump then anything even near flight, because instead of using her own power - Naerose uses the power of Amy's attack to fuel her brief defiance of gravity and only uses her own control in air to keep hrself steady. The end result is taking out the factor extreme fatigue to using her broom, all she needs to do now is keep herself on track, but if you thought Naerose was intending to crash into Amy again, you might be wrong.

Zipping by the templar to one side, it seems as though Naerose is going to sail right by Amy, and then off the edge of the car if she isn't careful, but instead at the last moment she pulls a thread from her broom, practically invisible except for the silvery sheen it has. Naerose tries to lasso the templar with it, she doesn't care whewre, because it's with this thin line that Naerose appears to intend to break her momentum from certain doom.

For someone so aprenhensive about the height, Naerose sure was taking a lot of chances.. But that wasn't all. As she sends the line she also sends a jolt of chi that seems to have a basic electrical like energy, sort of similar to a solar storm. There was a theme here to her chi, but it was all to do with a star.. solar ..sort of feel.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Amy with Threads of Fate EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Naerose          1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1              Amy

Absorbed in her own recovery, Amy does not fully take note of exactly what Naerose manages to pull off. It's hard to make out through the obscuring nature of her own attack, but the link she holds with her chi tells her more than she needs to see; there was none of the desired contact. It's satisfying that she can discern that much, confounded as her headspace was from Naerose's last attack. As she rises to her feet, her arms windmill around into accustomed positions. Time to use her renewed focus.

Naerose's rapid approach does not seem to alarm her opponent, who espies that thread and sways forward, fingers of one hand bracing to the cold metal as a point of balance, which she then intends to spin upon - dropping beneath the thread and coming about to face the witch for an easy counter attack. Once more it does not go as intended, though here it can be put down only to relative skill and experience.

The bite of the wire stings, though it's the subsequent blossom of electric chi that really threatens to drop the Templar. Her lithe form is crushed, compacted by the blast, before she drops in a pile to the roof. Scrabbling somewhat gracelessly, she makes it to a crouch and then tucks into a roll, continuing to maintain proximity to the 'ground' for balance purposes. Coming up in front of Naerose, she responds to her tricks very directly, as it seemed to work so well last time; thrusting forward both palms in a thunderous strike to the midriff. "Haaah!"

COMBATSYS: Naerose endures Amy's Fierce Punch.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Naerose          1/----===/=======|=======\===----\1              Amy

There wasn't any reason to beat around the bushes now, although this was probably going to be awful for Amy, seriously less so for Naerose who, frankly isn't too worried about falling off the vehicle now. Seems today is a day to laen on the broom heavily. Naerose could of done something different, but instead she just charges into and through the punch, taking it full on, well not a punch but a palm strike, there is a difference, for one these hurt differently. Knock the wind out. Trying to get close to Amy while being pushed away, the two results in her being sent back, but she just drops onto her broomstick again and winks, with a biiiiig grin.

"Yay!" exclaims Naerose, and shoots off at Amy and tries to grab her on the way past. The cold air bites into her as the wind chill is knocked up some marks with her pulling up into the air and trying to drag Amy with her, sort of like a heaven's gate by mature, only with flight, no chi and then dropping her opponent at the end. Still though she doesn't want to drop Amy off the car into the mountain range and you know, risk killing someone. Instead she will try to bring Amy back into the car and ensure she lands someplace that won't kill her. Actually more like tosses her into the car.. More like tosses her into the car and lands on her. Yeah, that's what she does. But only then if she can manage to grab her in the first place.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Amy with Aquila Charge.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Naerose          0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1              Amy

A wink and a grin? That can never bode well. Nor does the fact that Naerose seemed to fly back just a little /too/ comfortably, considering the weight of the strike. Amy's eyes narrow, a frown forming on her brow as she concentrates, sliding to her feet and hopping backward, arms rising to guard against her very rapidly incoming opponent. It resembles the attack from the start of this match, and it is the broomstick the Templar focuses upon, at the last second lashing a tensed wrist down to intercept it; to deflect it.

Instead, she finds her other arm hauled upon, thoroughly dismantling her guard with the full weight of a speeding witch. Knowing she needs to gain some small advantage before they rise too far from the roof below, Amy writhes in the grip, twisting her wrist and even attempting to lift a leg up to the broomstick. It's all in vain, the air rushing from her lungs and all efforts failing her completely once their momentum is reversed. She is flung flawlessly toward the moving vehicle, entering a headfirst spin that.. actually seems to have a semblance of control about it. Certainly she is falling too quickly to make a decent landing, but she does manage to whip her arms overhead, fingers clawing against the chill.

The mists rise to obey, and as rapidly as Naerose is descending toward her, they are rising to meet her. Energy howls into the skies, rushing past both falling Templar and falling witch to gather as a vaporous stormcloud above. Amy is knocked giddy by her initial impact, and further damaged when her canny foe lands atop her, crushing any chance at /physical/ retort. However, a moment later that gathered chi descends, fluidly forming into a vaguely draconian shape set to erupt from all semblance of shape as it strikes the quaint carriage with a crushing blast.

COMBATSYS: Amy can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Naerose          0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Amy successfully hits Naerose with The Dragon's Breath.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Naerose          0/-------/=======|

This reminds Naerose of how she met Amy, the mist that solidified and hit her in the head. She's reminded that Amy has very weird power. Very weird indeed and Naerose doesn't even begin to know how to guard against it. She decides instead the best guard is to just duck and whine. So she does sort of curl into t aball and it has it's way with her. N.. It doesn't hit her though, it hits the train instead and Naerose, who finds herself in the midst of the shapes assault is flung and ends up rolling toward the edge of the train.

AWWW! She cries out a scream and grips for something to hold onto.. finding nothing she slips farter and SCRAPES her way as her red painted nails try to find purchase in metal and instead just make an irritating sound. She slips farther and ends up grabbing onto a window and hanging just on the edge of the train, dangling and thinking outloud,

"I knew this was a really bad idea!!!!!"

It was, in hindsight, a foolhardy attempt to level the playing field. Amy herself is virtually immobile, enough that she is struck by her own attack before she can regain enough control to disapparate the soaring mass of tendrils. It damages the train too, roof buckling beneath the force and raising screams from the passengers within the carriages. Wheels scream against their tracks, jolting momentarily loose before the brakes are applied with a still greater screech, sparks flying on both sides.

It may be fortunate for Naerose that she chose to pin the Templar. Pushed inescapably together, they also tumble as one before separating - Naerose to slip over the edge and Amy to fall against a risen dent of metal. It might save them both, high as they now are on the mountaintop. To one side lies a far longer drop than would be even moderately unhealthy, but though injured Amy has enough presence of mind to note Naerose's cry and roll herself closer, one hand gripping the roof as the other extends down toward the witch.

"Won't be able to hold you for long!" She manages through gritted teeth, visibly flinching from the effort once her hand is taken. Assuming it is, she strains to haul Naerose upward, showing a certain strength well beyond her size; even as relatively light as the other woman is. By this point the train is close to reaching a stop. Once it does, there is another jarring shake. Whether or not she is able to aid the witch, at this point Amy rolls onto her back, gasping and rubbing at her side.

Saved! Everyone is saved, except the train which is damaged. One might stop to ponder the importance of what just happened. Was it worth more or less wrecking a train in order to film a Naeo League fight? Were these two fighters going to bring in much revenue, would it be televised completely and then run with high paying commercial ads on any major networks? Didn't Ken Masters once speak to NL in a red Gi, but sitting in an easy chair like masterpiece theatre about property damage? As the Red Witch gasps for breath next to Amy, none of this occurs to her at all.

"you saved me! I was sure I was a goner!" It's purely Amy's might because it seems almost as if Naerose has gone from capable back to her home in incomeptence again. She doesn't show any sign of having been a help, or being a help.. at all.

"I'm c..c.c.c cold." Naerose complains a little and manages to shakily pick herself up.

"Think I'm gonna look for a dining car."

For the course of this battle, the train has been ascending a mountain famed for spooky happenings and wild rumours of witchcraft. The local tourist board can easily convince people there were no martial artists present, and that the whole thing just proves how dangerously haunted the famed Brocken really is. Ken can get his money back from them when the revenue starts pouring in from New Age backpackers drinking coffee and hypothesising about the recent weirdness.

Amy doesn't care either way - like Naerose, she's just relieved to have escaped with only her injuries from the battle. Her body is on fire from that last effort, though, chest rapidly rising and falling as she struggles to refill burning lungs. She does manage a shake of her head to the red witch, glancing sidelong with a very winded attempt at a smile. She'd speak, but she needs to BREATHE.

When Naerose is back on her feet, the Templar finally manages to muster words, though her tone is signficantly cracked and wobbly. "It.. was nothing... you showed me what you can do... least I can do... in return." She starts to rise to her feet then, but fails, dropping to her knees with a groan. A shaking hand lifts, shooing Naerose off - though not rudely, by any means. "Go. Eat. I'll be down."

And with that, she attempts another smile, then closes her eyes, rocking back onto her heels. The cries from the carriages below start to dissipate, the crew within gaining control over the panicking travellers. It might take an hour or so to get back underway, but it's a beautiful evening- the sun is dripping red in the sky, colouring the mountainside in hot pastels, and the onboard restaurant /is/ mostly intact.

When Naerose gets fed, everybody wins.

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