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Shadaloo's base isn't really in Thailand any longer. However, the base that now exists in the Russian wastes is very similar to the last 'base'. After all, most large organizations have backups, redundancies and contingency plans for when a group of fighters come in and blow up one. All current Shadaloo operatives were updated on the locale, the where and how that would allow them t safely find their way when Lord Vega called on them.

In this case, a personal invitation was sent to Bison, a 'offer' to come and speak. Vega hasn't sent for people often as of late, the intensity of getting his body back in order taking most of his time. He'd lashed out blindly, fighting and drawing attention, and perhaps now it's time t return to what he was supposed to be. so there he waits, for Bison to appear. No matter how long it takes, he simply sits in his throne, chin resting on folded hands and watching the monitors he has set up, cameras that follow most of the major fighters of the world when they are out in public.

To say the black man is... intimidated might be a bit much. But he's wary. He hasn't really heard from Vega in... in a long time. He's smart enough not to have divorced himself from the organization known as Shadaloo, but he's been keeping busy and he -did- hire out to NESTS the other day. It was just for fun, but maybe that's about to come back and bite him in the ass...

But there's nothing to do about it--Bison won't slink in like some toady. The doors swing open and then the boxer walks in. No gloves today, that's just silly, but he lets his eyes adjust to the scene before he walks forward. "Boss," he says, "... you called for me?"

"It's been quite some time. I just wished to see you again to .. understand where your loyalties lie." Vega doesn't move, doesn't speak - no, those words are put directly in Bison's mind, one of the benefits of being the world's foremost psychics. Eventually though, Vega gets to his feet, easy and effortless. Two steps take him from his throne, half-turning his back on Bison and continuing to examine the screens that flicker from fight to fight, to fighters out and about in general.

"Sagat has walked away from our organization. He's not our concern now. You, however - ..." Pale white eyes turn, narrowed and curious - not angry, just examining the boxer with the intrinsic curiosity a scientist might have before disssecting a frog. "Tell me what you've been doing."

Bison swallows, but does not -gulp-. Quite. It -has- been a long time. "... of course, my loyalties are to you." Even the normal rrogance and anger that tinge his speech are gone--Bison is a big bad scary guy but there are bigger, badder, and scarier out there and this man is one of them. it proves that he can, in fact, moderate his behavior when he needs to. Vega asks a question...

And Bison answers, after a moment. "N... not much. Been keepin' the skills up... fightin' for money. I helped out that Igniz guy, he wanted the YFCC broken up and I was available. That's... that's it." He doesn't mention the belt--it's trivial, and a source of only personal satisfaction.

"You've acquitted yourself well, in Howard's games. I've been watching." With a flick of his fingers, the monitors flip from a variety of fighters to recordings of each of Bison's last several battles, the defenses of his title, to a shaky recording f some of the chaos at the YFCC. Yes, being the head of an evil organization has its benefits. "You've given a face to the world that they seem to accept - and those with their old grudges have started to let them scab over."

But then, his eyes narrow further, a cruel smile sliding along his features. He swipes his hand in a cutting motion, and the monitors turn off. He rounds about, hands sliding behind his back and his cape whipping from the motion. Slowly he advances, walking past Bison and speaking more for himself than for others. "They assume we are not the threats we were, Bison. That we are /weak/. It's time to remind them that we aren't - and time to give them something to feast on and bite at, while we prepare their comeuppance from another direction. You will be very important for me, in this."

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"... thank you, sir." Unnerving, to get praise from Vega. He's seen the kind of dangerous ranting that the big man is capable of, usually backed up with that ferocious, powerful psychic energy. He is a little surprised (though he shouldn't be) to see his exploits on the screens--it gives him a little pause. He didn't know Vega was having him watched.

"... yes, sir. You know I'll do whatever you ask of me." And that is completely true--Bison -knows- Vega's power and he never wants to feel that. Chi is understandable, even if painful, but that Psycho Power... from some, it's an annoyance, but from Vega, it's deadly.

Of course he will. Vega knows this quite well, the Shadaloo Dictator almost chuckling at the quick response. It's with a shake of his head that he dismisses the amusement, instead focusing on what must be done next. He reaches to the monitors, fingers flickering with a blue and purple aura, activating the screens again. Fighters flick into existence, two for now. Charlie, and Chun-Li.

"These two in particular have seemed to walk away from their positions, having decided we are not enough of a threat to warrant their attention. This /offends/ me." Yes, yes, crazy man for a boss, sucks to be Bison. Vega's voice is almost a growl, fingers gripping the metal console, digging inwards to the interior structure, squealing in protest. "One is yours, the other is mine. Make it simple, brutal - and win. You've fought enough that your skills are strong - as a reward, choose your target." A reward, how nice... Or is it a test?!

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"..." He knows those faces. Bison's eyes narrow, and some of his usual demeanor returns, as he clenches his fists. Interpol. The Vigilantes. Yeah, he knows 'em. "... I'll take the bitch," he says. And he says it confidently--forgetting that he's faced defeat at her hands--well--feet--before. But that's the past. This is a new Bison, better and more efficent, tuned up and with new pipes, worked on by the ... okay, so he's basically the same old Bison. No big deal.

"When do you want me to hit? Do you want me to make a statement or should I just bash her up and be done with it?"

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Fair enough. When Bison selects the woman who kicked Vega through his own VTOL, he chuckles. He's fought then both, before - and to see Bison pick her - well.. the man's got guts. Perhaps not brains, but he's never depended on Bison's brilliance to get him places. Instead, he depends on the man's cruel ferocity - and luckily, that's something Bison has in spades.

"Good. Do it soon, but leave it outside the arenas. I don't feel the urge for Howard to try and hobble you in any way when you do this. Coordinate with the Dolls for reconissance.. or.." He laughs at the idea, then offers it up, amusement in his white eyes. ".. Offer her a meeting, to discuss defecting. With the lack of contact you've had, she might be stupid enough to believe it. Report back when you're planning on making contact, and I'll strike at Charlie at that time." He rubs his chin as he flicks the monitors from view to view, pondering the best 'message' to pass on. "Tell her that she's not honoring the memory of her father. I thought she was better than that." He chuckles, the idea of inflicting emotional pain far too amusing for the dictator. "That's all for now, Bison. You may go."

He doesn't snap to attention and salute--he's not a Doll. He's more than that. But less than Vega. The boxer nods. "Right. Chun-Li... I owe that bitch somethin'. Somethin' big and meaty that she doesn't even know she wants." He starts laughing, and it's an ugly sound--ugly just in every way. It isn't the kind of thing that really qualifies as laughter.

"I'll do it. I'll do it for sure. We'll crush 'em." He turns and nods to Vega, sharing a grin. "I'll go set it up. Gotta make it subtle." Subtle. Who knew that Bison even -knew- that word?

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