Neo League 676 - #692: Kentou vs Blanka

Description: Pulling a few strings and calling in favors, Hotaru managed to get her apprentice, Kentou, another chance to redeem himself in the public spotlight! The opponent of choice? None other than the mighty Blanka! Will the boy conquer his fear of the intimidating monster and stand his ground? And what twist ending does the green goliath have in store for the world-wide audience? Tune in and find out! ( Winner: Kentou? )

Every time Kentou has looked at a camera for the last six months all he could think about was failure.

Dark brown eyes stare into the glistening lens as sweat rolls down his brow. Hands whirling around each other as he tightens the brown bindings over his wrists and hands. The salty moisture rolling down his jawline is not from his warm-up routines or hour of light practice before this moment in the forest area around the old shrine. No, he wouldn't do anything to exhaust himself before a big fight, nothing that strenuous.
Apprehension is the largest component of his discomfort now. Bare feet resting upon cool, unkempt stone-work before the Shinto shrine. The sounds of birds singing in the trees. The shuffling and preparation of the professional Neo League camera crew. They've told him not to look at the cameras directly - It breaks the illusion for the audience, or something like that. But the boy can't help but take quick side-long glances in their direction. He can't fail again. Not this time. The first time he just about ruined his professional career. This time, its not just his honor on the line.
Hotaru-Sensei used her fame and contacts to get him another chance. Calling in favors to give the boy a chance to redeem himself and show the world how far the boy has come along. And, just as importantly in Kentou's mind, show the world just how fantastic a teacher Hotaru-Sensei is. His performance now means more to him than just restoring his family name. It also means the continuation of the Futaba school. He fights for the honor of her family dojo as well, and to prove to the world it's merits.
In seeking her help, the burden of demonstrating merit has doubled. This, more than anything else, makes him nervous. Judgement will come in the form of millions of viewers at home, looking through the eye of that camera currently undergoing a lighting and sound check.

Of course, for all his worries, the crew isn't even here for him really. Kentou is, for all intents and purposes, just a jobber for the real star attraction of this fight. Paying his dues like any fighter starting out his career. The boy has no illusions of achieving victory here. The Neo League houses the best of the best. Whomever he fights will undoubtedly be one of the strongest human beings on the planet Earth. The boy is neither arrogant nor ambitious enough to think himself that mighty.
No. His goal here, his singular criteria for success, is that he stands his ground. That he looks his opponent in the eye and he fights with everything he's got. Honoring his opponent with his own very best, no matter who he fights or what happens. The last time, he failed in this. Now? Never again!
The boy doesn't even know whom he's slated to fight. He didn't ask, he purposefully kept himself in the dark. No matter who it is that shows up here at the Shrine, Kentou will fight them. Under normal circumstances the boy would use time and knowledge to study his opponent. Research weaknesses and apply strategies to add in his battle. But in truth, for this fight most specifically, his greatest nemesis is himself.

People need second chances. Blanka's living proof of said conundrum. Fighting hard to prove himself, to show that he's not the monster that seems to be the common 'theme' whenever he fights. Admittedly, he slips up once in a while, lets his 'menacing' aspect out, but it's mostly for teasing fun. Mostly. There are the occasional times where he's truly serious and angry, but those anymore are few and far between.

When he'd been approached by Hotaru, and asked to do a favor for her, he accepted without thought. Only on further reflection, he'd realized she hadn't said that he'd be fighting her. When he approaches from above and fails to see her about, he's even more curious. A request from her to fight, after she'd said she wasn't ready to fight and after she'd ... started fighting again. But not her. Hmn.

He lands catlike behind Kentou, rising up to his full height and towering over him, where the cameras can see and capture it. His voice is gruff, grumbly. "Blanka remember you. Here to battle /you/ today?" He doesn't have anything in his tone that offers anger, instead a hint of humor. Knuckles crack, fingers aching to get in on some possible smushing. "Blanka give you all he can. promise good fight."

Of course she isn't going to miss Kentou's first Neo League match. Getting him a chance at something like this took a little bit a pull, but given her status as a fighter as of late, it wasn't really that hard. And of course she knew who she wanted Kentou to face. Who better than her good friend, Blanka?

Hotaru steps out of the shrine where she had been walking with some of the regulars on the crew before the match. By now everyone on site knows that it's her student that's up to fight today, and while she knows that Kentou must feel a ridiculous amount of pressure for this, she can't help but feel proud of him all the same.

There are criteria by which his performance would be judged, but from her it would be different than how he does as a competator, but rather how he does as a martial artist. A shot to honor his training and her instruction, if he holds true to himself, it would be almost impossible to let down the anxious instructor who slips over near the wall by some of the camera crew. As Blanka is noticed, she grins quietly and offers the beastman a quick wave from the sidelines, but otherwise strives to stay out of this. This is between those two for now.

The Camera crew give each other the thumbs up. The heightened tension in the air tells him the fight is about to start. The chief start of this battle should be arriving at any moment.
Kentou takes several deep breaths, willing himself to calm as he sinches the bindings at his wrists tightly, pounding his fist into his palm. "Yosh!" Okay, he can do this. He can do this! The boy shuffles in place a few steps, shadow boxing with a few fast jabs, limbering himself back up.
Alright. No matter what happens. No matter who he fights. He won't run this time. He will not-
Hey, where'd this shadow come from?
The boy blinks at the long, looming shadow stretching out and dwarfing his tiny symmetry. Spinning about on the balls of his feet, the boy comes face to chest with a gigantic emerald gorilla. Mousy eyes widen like saucers as he slooowly tilts his head up, up up, until finally reaching the monster's brutish face.

All his energized movements come to a halt as the boy's cowlick on his brow seemingly droops. Jaw dangling from his skull as he stares up at the nightmarish monster of a warrior. The boy remembers well this roaring behemoth. He remembers that miserable, rain-soaked weather and this beast making mulch of a man that Kentou couldn't even dent himself. It isn't just that Blanka is way out of his league.. This viridian beast is one of the most intimidating things Kentou has ever seen in his whole life.

For a brief moment, it looks like Kentou may be repeating history. His foot sliding back.. his hands lowering. Even the Camera crews begin to sigh in the manner of 'here we go again', all this set up time for nothing as the little kid runs for it.

The boy can all but feel a particular set of eyes upon him right here and now. Rekindling a warmth that this monstrous visage all but extinguished. In a smooth, surprising movement, the boy's back-foot continues to slide - And then twirl him about in a complicated motion, leaving him standing straight and tall. His hands willed into motion, clapping his fist to his palm and bowing at the waist, "H..Hai! B..Blanka-s.San.." The youth stammers. Forcing himself to hold his ground with all the courage he can muster. Sliding forth and lifting his closed fists, rocking on the balls of his feet in a stance most familiar to anyone who's ever seen Hotaru in action, "T..Thank you! I.. I'll do m.. My best!" He raises his voice into a challenge. Terror never quite leaving his eyes but he makes himself stay, makes himself embrace courage and hold his ground.

COMBATSYS: Kentou has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                 |-------\-------\0           Kentou

See, that's something to be /proud/ of. Standing up straight, when all Blanka remembers is the backside of the fighter, bouncing off in surprise and fright in the pouring rain. He's more than willing ot readjust his ideas of Kentou, especially when the fighter turns and bows, forcing himself to stay when Blanka is his most imposing. His green chest swells as he sucks in air, his toothy maw curving into a smile. Gold eyes flicker with that hidden lightning he can call, and then he barks out a laugh, over and over. "Good! Do best, everyone happy. Looking forwards to fight." With that, he waves to the camera crew and Hotaru, flashing the girl a wink. He's perfectly willing to be an object lesson for the boy, a test for him - he'd do it even without her asking, though her suggesting he be at this fight is a good idea.

"When you ready - Blanka want to see what you have. Strong not everything - and Blanka know you have courage, now. Good to learn - you already better 'fighter' than lots Blanka battle." He says this, sotto voce, a little pick me up for Kentou as he starts to crouch down, green skin rippling as muscles shift from the sudden tension in Blanka's body. He's going to prepare to lash out with that jungle quickness he has - but only after he forces the youth to make the first motion in the dance.

COMBATSYS: Blanka has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blanka           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kentou

COMBATSYS: Blanka takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blanka           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kentou

For an unthinking brute of a monster, this 'Blanka' sure is talky!
Kentou continues standing his ground, desperately trying to summon up his focus and get his head into this battle. Try to ponder some kind of strategy or thought for how best to carry out this battle. But what can he do against a giant mountain of muscle? Nothing he can do will even begin to hurt this great beast!
Odd then, that perhaps the best advice.. Comes from the beast himself.
At first, the boy thinks the creature was bellowing some manner of battle cry. A hooting sound in the manner of an unthinkable horror. ...Until he realizes that he's actually laughing. And then.. The creature smiles? A big, goofy, sincere looking smile. Waving to the camera. Complementing him?
Once again the youth finds himself dumbstruck as his eyebrows lift. Fists sagging in part as he listens to the creature's sage advice and warm congratulations. Only then does the boy realize the real depth of his mistake. It wasn't just that he dishonored himself. He dishonored Blanka before. As great and terrible the green beast looks, he's a far more kindly fighter than most Kentou has come across. The edge of his lips dare to quirk upwards, "H..Hai.. Blanka-san!" The boy can't help but offer a small giggle of astonishment himself. He had this monster.. No, this man.. All wrong.
But now, it's game time. Blanka crouches down at the ready, and there's no more time for talk. The boy will offer his apology in action! He'll treat this fighter with the respect he is due!
And the boy is off light a like a bolt of lightning. -Darting- across the distance between them with astonishing speed. Vaulting high into the air, swinging his legs up and over himself in a high-arcing scissor kick, "HUT-TA!" An ambitious openning, but the boy figures.. If he wants to have a prayer, he needs to come at this mammoth with everything he's got!

COMBATSYS: Blanka endures Kentou's Strong Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blanka           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Kentou

Guts and speed both - Blanka's a pleased man indeed, with something so fierce for a challenge. He digs his hands and feet into the ground as Kentou springs into action, watching the youth blur forwards and then launch himself skyward. Concepts and defensive strategies flicker through his head, decisions on what to do. His body briefly flickers with a blur and white aura, as he prepares to let Kentou land upon a brilliant body of electricity - though it fades almost too fast for the cameras to catch. Instead, he flattens out more, body going limp underneath the swinging feet of Kentou, letting them land on his broad back, knocking loudly against his shoulders. The impact's enough to press him against the dirt, rubbing his face in it.

From there, a muted howl, muffled by the grass, and the beast leaps into action. He attempts to lash out from having the youth half-atop him, to grab him and heft him up by the legs. If the beast can get his giant mitts on Kentou, he'll pull him into something akin to a very strong atomic drop, intent on putting him a few inches into the ground. With the match started, he howls bestially, offering the 'show' that the league always seems to want from him. "AWH-ROOOOOO!"

COMBATSYS: Blanka successfully hits Kentou with Medium Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Blanka           0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0           Kentou

For a brief moment in time, the boy feels like a kind of conqueror. Taking to the air and landing his attacks squarely upon the back of his greatest, physical fear. The youth's slight body all but landing in a crouch on Blanka's shoulders. The kinetic motion of the assault actually managing to force the brute to be jarred. If only a fraction.
Kentou's face half beams with pride, precariously balancing in that dangerous place in a moment between heartbeats. However, reality is quick to reassert itself as the muted howl heralds the creature's retort!
As Blanka vaults up, the youth tumbles awkwardly from his perch. Flipped over helplessly as his arms flail in the air, offering a squawk of panic as those meaty claws grip him and -SLAM- him bodily into the stone floor with an audible crash!

It takes three seconds for the stars to stop glittering in his eyes. It takes two seconds after that for the youth to realize he isn't already unconscious. One second later.. He realizes he needs air back into his lungs.

With a hacking gasp for air, the boy flops out of the impact crater. Dust and rubble shaking from his shoulders as he crawls onto all fours. Coughing oxygen back into his chest. That.. didn't work out as well as he thought it would. He needs distance, he needs to move fast!
Knowing full well that Blanka is half a second away behind him, the boy whirls on his knees. Thrusting his hands forth as if holding an invisible sphere within his cradled fingertips. His own eyes? Closed.
A potent, bright light erupts from his hands. A short-ranged sphere of Chi exploding in his hands with the power of a half-dozen flash bulbs. Not meant to hurt so much as to blind and distract his opponent for a moment. Slow them down and give him a chance to reassess..

COMBATSYS: Kentou successfully hits Blanka with Hizashi.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Blanka           0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0           Kentou

Getting out of Blanka's immedeate reach is never a bad idea. The giant beastman is a behemoth of close-quarters combat, and certainly able to dish out the punches and kicks. He returns to standing as Kentou recovers, rolling his arms to work out the kinks - it's been a while sincec he atually fought! The young man's attack is anticipated, Blanka throwing his hands up in an attempt to block his face..

Accidenally though, he manages to catch some of those spheres, pulling them upwards and getting them right next to his eyes. Even through closed eyes, the light is blindingly bright, and the green beast staggars backwards, mouth slack, howling in surprise.

He's relatively quick to recover, no matter how dark it seems in this battle - his hands swing out, and his ears perk and twist. He lurches forwards, grasping and groping and trying to catch the youth within his mighty grip. Again, he's trying to get in close - and if he can, he'll wrap the boy up and start gumming him something fierce. The teeth are held back, this time - after all, mauling Hotaru's friend is probably a no-no.

COMBATSYS: Kentou fails to interrupt Wild Fang from Blanka with Tekkoudan.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Blanka           0/-------/--=====|=======\=====--\1           Kentou

Which is a good thing for Kentou!
After the brilliant emerald flash of energy, the boy takes a moment to recover. Crawling away and stumbling to his feet, getting a little extra distance between himself and his opponent. The boy's alert eyes see the great beast in motion, reaching forth in a lunch and the boy springs his trap. Hoping his dazzled opponent was rendered blinded just enough to not see where he was leaping and fall into his technique..
..But the boy underestimates his opponent. Those animal ears grant senses above and beyond what the boy thought would be possible. That leaping attack is nowhere near the wild lunge he was expecting, and it's the boy who jumps into the trap!
"TEKK-AUGH!" His lunging fists flail helplessly in the air as he's caught in mid-air and immediately mauled! Unquestionably if Blanka was using teeth, this fight would most certainly be over. Possibly the boy's future in fighting, considering the damage involved! As is, between the crushing grip and painful jawing, the boy just helplessly squirms in that mighty grip. Only one arm free to flail about helplessly as he alternates cries of surprise and grunts of determination. Refusing to let the pain render him unconscious, refusing to let the fight end like this! Not over yet!

For what must seem to be a slobbery eternity, Blanka gums and awms on Kentou, making quite sure that his hair is all slobbery after he's done. He bounds back a bit afterwards, taking in a deep breath and rubbing at his chin. Narrowed gold eyes watch Kentou's recovery, assesing and preparing. How best to advance - straegy is definitely not Blanka's strong point.

Instead, Blanka drops back down to his crouch, and begins to circle Kentou, digging up clods of earth and snarling menacingly. The hair on his head bristles a bit with a slight application of electricity, allowing him the look of a very angry or upset porcupine. He starts to shuffle forwards, mincing steps that will take him into Kentou's range /very/ quickly indeed!

COMBATSYS: Blanka focuses on his next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Blanka           0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1           Kentou

Once Kentou is thoroughly slimed, the boy flops to the ground on release. For a few moments, its all the boy can do to just lie on his back. Feeling pretty thoroughly crushed with much of the fight taken out of him.
Only when he agonizingly opens his eyes, does he catch a glimpse of that impassive black camera lens - Staring at him. Millions of people elsewhere in the world right now. Laughing at him, telling him to just give it up, wondering what Hotaru was even thinking for bothering to train this clown, just have that ugly gorilla finish the brat off already.

Those dark, terrible thoughts force a frown on the boy's lips. Pain giving way to setting his jaw in determination. No! Before this is done, people will see what he's capable of! What kind of teacher Hotaru is! Most of all, he'll never show the world that he ever gives up! Not ever!

With a cry, the boy's legs lift into the air and the youth whirls about in a spinning kip-up. His kiai dispelling his fatigue and injury, bringing his thoughts into alignment for a singular purpose. Though Blanka stalks him, growling and snarling with all the spirit-crushing intimidation he can bring to bare, the boy stands within the eye of a hurricane. He won't embarrase this fellow warrior any longer, he'll give him his best!

The boy judges the distance between them, as the green goliath stampedes forwards, the youth -leaps- away from him. Flourishing his body into a tight spin, like some manner of evasive manuiver. Except.. The reality is.. Its an elaborate wind-up. "Tenchiiiiiiiiiiiii!....."
Kentou lands in a crouch a short distance away, all of the kinetic energy of that spin stored in a single moment.. And then -unleashed-. Exploding forth like a bullet, Blanka finds the boy's fist mere inches from his head. A ring of force spreads from the youth's launching point, carrying debris and dust outwards in a growing circle as the boy's knuckles travel faster than the eye can follow, "....SHUUEN!"

COMBATSYS: Blanka endures Kentou's Tenchi Shuuen.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Blanka           0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Kentou

Blanka can see the glance to the camera, and there's a quick shake of his head. He can't /tell/ what Kentou is thikning, but the frown afterwards gives at least some idea, some forethought of what the youth has going through his brain. Blanka's fought that demon briefly, that conundrum of trying to fight for something not his own, for something that lens demands. His mind then clicks, allowing himself to determine what his next course of action is. The fact that Kentou stands tall through everything Blanka throws his way - the respect he needs, he's got. But how to /tell/ Kentou this?

In the end, it's easy. Blanka waits until Kentou launches himself forwards, and Blanka goes stock still - allowing the hit to come in. It looks as if he moves to block to the camera - but to the trained fighters around, it's easy to see he lets the attack through, to feel Kentou's strength and gauge it. The explosion of debris and dust swirls around the green giant, battering and kocking him almost off his feet, but he digs in and manages to stay up. In the aftermath, the sudden silence as things wear down, he whispers for the boy, gold eyes narrowed in the pain of Kentou's attack. "... Fight for you. Not camera - what you do today, noone take away from you. Blanka know strong. and courage. Kentou have both."

It's quickly said, gruff voice perhaps unheard to most, but hopefully the boy who fights Blanka will hear it - because those are the last words of understand Blanka will give this fight. As he staggers back, his gold eyes go white, and the electricity hidden inside his body rages out, violent and brilliant both. He rolls towards Kentou, intent on using his blazing body as a brilliant bullet, basicaly bounding to bean the brawler in the brain. "AHW-ROOOOO!!"

COMBATSYS: Kentou fails to interrupt Direct Lightning from Blanka with Bakuretsu Tekkouken.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blanka           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Kentou can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blanka           0/-------/-----==|

And so the Ondori master technique strikes true! For a brief instant the tiny David striking the mighty Goliath hard right between the eyes. Threatening to topple even this great beast.. If only for a moment. As Blanka manages to dig his heels and remain standing, the force of the boy's blow rebounds in part. Literally bouncing away from Blanka after the impact and sending the boy staggering backwards several awkward steps. His balance completely off now as he put everything into that mighty attack. All of the lessons of focus and inner strength he had learned from Hotaru, modifying the technique of his family into something truly formidable.
Even the camera men look impressed, the hat blown clean off one of them.
But for that moment, the boy's striking arm hangs limp at his side. Huffing for air as he looks up at the mighty Blanka, fully recovered from the attack. Then and there, Kentou knows this is checkmate. He put everything he had behind that attack, and it just wasn't enough. For all that, the boy feels no shame. No.. Because he impressed Blanka. The boy feels like he truly has earned that mighty creature's respect now.. And the boy's exhausted expression slowly contorts into a grin, "..A..arigatou... Blanka-san!" In turn, the green one has earned himself a new friend. The boy was wrong to judge him on his appearance and manner. He really is a truly great warrior, in wisdom and in power!

And now it is Blanka's turn to give the boy everything he's got! As the powerful creature virtually explodes into a ball of living lightning, hurling himself forward with an earth-rumbling cry.. The boy can see his doom reflected in his eyes. The youth is in absolute -awe-. Even Frei and his mastery of Chi, even Sakura and her great martial power, could never make an attack both as potent and as beautiful as this crackling energy.
Perhaps to his credit, the boy doesn't flee from this attack and knows he doesn't have the slightest prayer of ever defending himself from it. Instead, he clenches his fist and -launches- himself into it! His own shout drowned out before Blanka's roar as he digs deep within himself to thrust his fist forth. Charging the incoming annihilation out of purely brave defiance.

And by the time the lens flare dies down in the wake of that energetic explosion, Kentou is a good distance away. Sprawled out upon the stone-work of the shrine. Smoke rising from his very thoroughly electrocuted and unconscious form.

Such /determination/!! As Blanka lands, watching Kentou land himself, he's impressed. It's obvious to see, the giant green monster bounding forwards towards where Kentou lay. He pushes things out of the way, and hefts the youth up himself, checking closely to make sure the fight wasn't more painful than the electricity that Blanka commands can give. No permanent damage, he hopes - he'd been careful, but when he promises his all, he does give it.

"you fight very well.." he whispers to the boy he's holding, then raises one of Kentou's unconcious arms, towards the crowd. Raising his voice for the cameras, he offers them a few words, ones he'd been mulling over in his head for most of the fight. "Fight... over. Strongest man wins. And that.. not Blanka. This man, right here..!" He holds Kentou up, even if he's not aware or awake, then re-raises Kentou's arm. "Stronger than Blanka, bigger heart and more courage. He win - tell the League. /This/ man the strongest today..!" He hurls the last out, a challenge to the camera with all his manufactured anger and rage, the perfect picture of a violent monster.

It's a plan, of course. Hotaru wanted to have Kentou test his abilities against Blanka, the beast has figure this out. By giving Kentou the win, demanding he be given the points that Blanka should have received... he sets Kentou up for more fights from the status-hungry, more challenges sure to come for the young man. /This/ is the true test that Kentou will be given - and while Hotaru may not have expected this - who is Blanka to say for sure? Perhaps she's even wiser.

COMBATSYS: Blanka takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blanka           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Blanka has ended the fight here.

And so all along, Hotaru has stood watching the match. Attentive to every detail. What words she could hear when they spoke, the looks on their faces. Kentou was having a rough fight, but that's to be expected. This is the world he wanted into though, the world she's tried to prepare him for. She knows dreams can carry one so far, but after that, it's all hard work, practice, courage, and trying again and again, no matter how hard or scary it might be.

Blanka isn't holding back. He's giving Kentou a real fight. And the boy is stepping up to the impossible dream with everything he's got. For the young teacher off to the side, it's a reassuring event to watch it all play out. And in the end, the final attacks are exchanged, Kentou down as was to be expected and Blanka is... the winner? Hotaru isn't surprised as the jungle raised fighter approaches the fallen boy to check him out. Of course he would want to make sure he didn't go too far.

But what she didn't expect was what came next. Blanka hefting the boy and raising one of his arms, then declaring that contrary to what everyone watching no doubt expected, in his mind, Kentou was the victor here. If the purpose of the match was to determine strength in every sense of the word, then, Blanka declared, Kentou won. Blinking with some surprise at the outcome, Hotaru is speechless. There's some confused mumbling amongst the staff, but who's going to tell Blanka 'no'?

She wants to go out and speak with Blanka on the spot, and to check on Kentou, but for a moment Hotaru looks to the side, her arm coming up to rub across her eyes, finding herself overcome with emotion at the outcome of Kentou's first Neo League battle. Well, she'll let the medics check on him for right now, once she's had time to compose herself. It looks like asking Blanka to the the one to face the boy for his first bout was the best choice after all. Kentou will have challenges to deal with ahead, for certain.

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