Neo League 676 - #691: Kyo vs Rock

Description: It seems Rock Howard's having a bad weekend. After losing in the main event of the previous day's Saturday Night Fight, the Son of Geese decides to vent his frustrations on some random goons... Until a living legend, none other than Kyo Kusanagi, shows up. In the impromptu Neo League match that follows, can Rock overcome the fighting prodigy that everybody loves to hate?! (Winner: Kyo)

Rock Howard is PISSED! It's been 36 hours since he took a hard loss on national television to a bunch of less experienced fighters. It was embarassing. He didn't even put up a good fight for himself. He doesn't mind losing -- well, he does but that's beside the point -- but he at least wants to go down fighting. He wants to make it hard for people.

That anger brought him out in the early evening to the Southtown River, a haven for Southtown Syndicate goons to make low-level drug and arms deals. It's also Rock's favorite past time -- smacking some thugs around. He's just finished venting his frustration on a trio of three beleathered dudes, throwing one into a fence that sends him tumbling down and off the Highway Overpass above. The goon tumbles in a roll down the hill towards the River Bed, which is flanked by the road and a small bridge. Howard trails him down the slope, down into the muddy underpass.

His motorcycle idles up above the river bed, on the highway, waiting for him to make a quick getaway once he's broken something important in the goon's skull.

Meanwhile, it was not that long ago that Kyo Kusanagi did pretty awesomely for himself when facing off against Chizuru Kagura at West Edmonton Mall... Even with the 'Chaos Agent' antics of Chun-Li thrown into the mix. Yeah, somehow whenever he gets in Chaos Agent matches, Kyo seems to bear the brunt of the third party's assault. Go figure.

It's just one of life's little mysteries.

Another such mystery is just what he's doing here, of all places. Noticing the idling motorcycle and the two basically unconscious guys who might as well have 'GOON' written on their jackets, Kyo's curiousity gets the better of him, and soon he's skidding down the hill to the riverside, where some blond kid is beating up the remaining thug. Hmm. The kid... Looks /familiar/.

"Y'know, technically I think that's /assault/," Kyo says, drawing attention to himself as he speaks up. His own attention is mostly focused on Rock himself, immediately dismissing the individual he's venting his frustrations on. "Unless you two are down here on a date or something, in which case, hey, who am I to judge if you wanna roleplay 'grizzled thug and effete prettyboy'? Different strokes for different folks, right?"

Rock grips the goon by his leather coat's collar, pushing him against the cement wall of the overpass. His right hand cocks back, gloved fingers clenched tight, ready to lay the coup de grace to the poor shmoe's jaw when Kyo interrupts him. Holding his fist in the air, Howard swivels his eyes down the river bank towards the voice's source.

Rock Howard keeps up on the Professional Fighting Circuit. Kyo is a legend and needs no introduction.

"They can sue me," Rock says, looking back at the thug. The dude is shaking his head feverishly back and forth, not wanting to eat that knuckle sandwich. "But they'll just end up in a dumpster or at the bottom of the river. Ain't that right, Yamagi?" Rock demands. "Please, Rock! It's just business!" the goon whines back, shrinking into the folds of his coat as much as possible. Rock shoves him harder against the wall.

"You're right," Rock says, suddenly sending his fist crushing into the guy's forehead. It sends poor Yamagi's skull snapping back into the cement of the wall, denting it with a terrible cracking noise. "It's /just/ business," Rock says bitterly, letting go of the man's coat. Yamagi slinks down to the floor like a wet towel, completely unconscious.

"You looking at something, Kusanagi?" Rock asks, looking back up the river at Kyo, reflexively tightening his biker gloves.

"Heh," chuckles Kyo under his breath, as Rock deals easily with the thug. Well, it's not like Kyo really cares one way or the other what happens to 'Yamagi', but... "It's cute, here you are acting all big and tough, smacking around a bunch of nobodies. So what, were they robbing old ladies of their pension? Stealing candy from some adorable little kids? Or..." Trailing off, Kyo looks thoughtful, before an amused smirk crosses his face. "Were they just in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

After asking this question, Kyo starts to slowly walk towards Rock, reaching into the back pocket of his trousers to fetch his own gloves, elbow-length and fingerless, marked with the sun silhouette of the Kusanagi clan, before tugging those same gloves on tight. "Takes a brave guy to go punching a bunch of slack-ass losers who can't even touch him, but I guess when your last name is 'Howard', that's just the kinda fight you like, huh? Somebody who could fight back shows up... What, you'll just run off with your tail between your legs, right?" Kyo snorts, faint and mocking, with a rueful shake of his head.

Rock doesn't take kindly to being called a pussy. He takes even less kindly to being compared to his wretched father. It could be the most ridiculous comparison ever. Something like, oh, I see you like spicy tuna rolls, how very much like Geese that is. It doesn't matter. You cross that line and you're going to get a piece of his fist.

Rock visibly reddens in the dim light beneath the overpass. The street lamps up above give a calm reflection off the horribly polluted water, but the overpass creates a lot of shadows. Slowly, Rock moves out of the darkness and closer to Kyo. He notes that other guy pulling on his gloves, the SNK universal greeting for incoming fight. He also knows that Kyo pretty much tumbles with anything with two feet.

And that's fine with him. Dude insulted him. "How about," Rock says, not being intimidated by Kyo because he's so on tilt and angry. "I just kick your ass like Geese would? Yeah," Rock nods, mostly self-affirming. "That sounds like a good idea. Second place in the League last season. You've got a lot to live up to. I just didn't know part of that was being such a humongous dick."

Pushing people's buttons is one of the ancient Kusanagi arts, you know.

Leather creaks as Kyo's gloves get as tight as they're going to go, and he resettles the sleeves of his black leather jacket over them, watching Rock throughout with a slightly arched brow and a faint, amused smirk. "Like Geese would? You mean you're gonna send a bunch of incompetent two-bit 'enforcers' after me and then bitch about your old man hip instead of fighting me? Hey, if that's your bag, rookie..." Trailing off, Kyo gestures vaguely. Of course, he knows Rock's not going to back down.

Kyo would be disappointed if he did.

"You're forgetting the part where I won King of Fighters," Kyo reminds Rock. "And where I'm the reigning World Warrior champion... But hey, if you've got such a problem with how I'm talking to, come on over here and shut me up." Kyo's smirk only widens, before he continues:

"If you can, anyway."

"Yeah," Rock says, his jaw grinding like a steel buzzsaw against a log of wood. He knows that Kyo is arguably the most successful fighter walking the planet today. There are probably people who could beat him, but in the professional fighting circuit he's gotten more accolades than any other human being over the last year.

Howard adopts his Hakyokusaken fighting stance. It pretty much looks like a normal fighting stance any street punk would naturally develop. Which is natural, since he learned it from Terry Bogard. Breathing out to settle his rising anger, Rock squints down the river bed at Kyo for a second.

"Alright," he says, his fingers flexing and unflexing. "Beside, everyone knows you got lucky in the World Warrior. I've beaten Big a hundred times. He's a loser. All talk and no --" Rock doesn't finish his sentence. He just straight up acts.

Black boots tear across the mud, having to dig extra deep to get velocity behind his run with the sloopy footing. Approaching Kyo, he plants a toe deep into the ground and then leaps off it. Kyo might recognize the technique, it is very similar to an oft-opponent of his. Cresting through the air, Rock's right hand pulses bright with bluish white chi, which he thrusts straight down towards Kyo's forehead -- the corona around his knuckles exploding outward like a weaker Bogard Dunk.

COMBATSYS: Rock has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kyo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rock             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Kyo

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Rock's Rage Run Dunk.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Rock             0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0              Kyo

As Rock charges right at him, Kyo settles into a lazy Kusanagi-ryuu stance, simply bringing his fists up, close to his body, keeping his weight moving... And he watches Rock as the younger fighter takes to the air, both brows raising slightly. "Hey... Not bad speed," he allows, quite graciously indeed... Before bringing up both arms to intercept Rock's 'dunk', fist and chi striking the Kusanagi heir's guard and skidding him back a few inches, the brunt of the damage mitigated but enough residual momentum left to push him back...

"Still, I'm faster." Kyo is quite certain of this fact, giving Rock /barely/ enough time to land before he lunges forward, swinging his right fist in a hooking punch, the orange-crimson flames of his bloodline called up with contemptuous ease, wreathing his fist and trailing behind the arc of his punch! If that first strike connects, then Kyo steps in and swings his left fist in a second fiery punch, before completing a twist to whirl his leg in a roundhouse heel kick aimed directly for the side of Rock's face. "Graaah!!"

COMBATSYS: Rock blocks Kyo's Aragami.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0              Kyo

Rock's time both /fighting/ and /training/ with Kain Heinlein has proven to be invaluable for him. He can cite it as the reason for his multiple victories over Ash Crimson and he can cite it as the reason he isn't obliterated by Kyo's sudden reprisal after the variation of the Power Dunk. No sooner have Howard's heels touched the ground is he forced to bring up his defense.

Kyo's flame-powered fist strikes against Rock's forearm as he brings it down to block, his own chi swallowing the bulk of the fiery heat. Even so, it drives him back into the mud, his heels grinding a good two feet through the slop from the speed and force behind the strike. Rock is astonished by how fast it came, but he can't let that show. He knows he has to keep moving if he's going to do anything close to beat Kyo.

Immediately, Rock shifts his weight between his feet with a small hop, links both of his hand's fingertips together, and tries to axe-handle uppercut Kyo in the jaw with pure two-handed strength.

COMBATSYS: Kyo fails to counter Medium Punch from Rock with Nue Tsumi.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0              Kyo

The fact that Rock is able to defend against that attack doesn't seem to bother Kyo too much; in fact, his initial reaction is quiet amusement. After all, he doesn't want to be /bored/ fighting the son of Geese Howard, so the fact that he can offer up some solid defense is heartening. Not that Kyo has time for much more than that, as Rock's own attack is forthcoming, forcing the reigning World Warrior to have to put up his own defense...

Maybe he's still off-balance from throwing all his weight behind that last attack; maybe Rock's own natural talent is simply enough to get past Kyo's defense this time, but when Kyo tries to catch Rock's rising fists he can't quite keep ahold of the blond, getting clocked right in the chin and driven back, precious effort wasted. Kyo stumbles a little, rubbing his chin with the back of one gloved fist, before he lets out a faint laugh. "Hey, looks like you've got a little bite to go with the bark, huh? That's good, I was starting to worry you were just for show."

Rock's always been a well rounded fighter. He inherited some of the best genetics in the history of the world. Heinlein and Howard. And he's relied on that raw talent for many years, having been fighting professionally since his early teenage years. But over the last year, he's finally started to refine just a /little/ bit of that talent into something more sophisticated. Maybe, just maybe -- ?

Rock pulls his hands back, liking that satisfaction of them hitting Kyo's smart mouth cleanly. He unlinks his fingers and shakes one of them out, like it hurt to hit Kusanagi in the jaw. "Man," he says, buoying with sudden, and likely foolish, confidence. "You talk a lot of shit. But I guess if there was anyone whose earned it," Rock shrugs one shoulder, his red jacket swaying with the movement. He'd probably do the same thing if he was Kyo, the king of all fighters and pretty much Michael Jordan of their sport. Instead, he's like the LeBron James -- all talent and nothing to show for it. One SNF Title and one trip to the top of the Neo League, sure, but he lost it all just as fast.

Howard knows he needs to keep up the intensity, but he also knows that Kyo is renowned for being able to strike with ruthless efficiency from almost any position. You can think you've got the edge and then suddenly you're on your back and he's smirking, looking down at you. Brief burst of bravado fading, Rock starts pacing a half-circle along the river bed, eyeballing Kyo.

COMBATSYS: Rock focuses on his next action.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0              Kyo

That's Kyo Kusanagi for you; he lives talking trash. He talks trash in his sleep, he talks trash when he eats dinner. Ironically enough, it's a big part of what makes him so damn /popular/... They say that people can't stand a wiseass, but the truth of it is that people love a wiseass, as long as they're not the ones on the receiving end. Human psychology is a funny thing, that way.

With Rock stalking him, pacing around him in that half circle and watching closely, Kyo straightens up and decides to give the kid something to watch. "Just hanging back like that isn't gonna let you beat me, y'know," Kyo says, raising up his right hand and setting it alight, Kusanagi flames raging in the palm of his glove. "You've got potential, I guess, maybe a few tricks up your sleeve, but... I'm the real deal, the total package." As he speaks, a /pressure/ builds around him, as energy gathers. It's palpable, the might of a thousand years of Kusanagis building behind him. "And that's why you're gonna lose."

COMBATSYS: Kyo gathers his will.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rock             0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0              Kyo

Rock can sense when someone is gathering their chi. Or whatever the hell it is that Kyo can control. He learned that talent from his father and further from Grant. That Dark Karate has its uses and is just another of the myriad of different techniques Rock has picked up in his scattershot lifetime of various mentors.

"Maybe you're right," Rock replies, his pacing stopped as he zeroes in on Kyo. He focuses deeper onto the center of Kyo, using his own sense of the man's chi to guide him as he prepares himself for some violence. Terry was always telling him to draw upon the harmony of his surroundings. Geese was always telling him to draw upon the precision and mastery of his personal self. Rock's always preferred to just let his emotion do it all.

"--Or maybe you're not. But I don't give a damn. You said I was like /him/ and for that?!" Rock roars with sudden power, giving in to that evil blood. He motions with both of his arms, chi swirling off them as he cuts them up through the air. "I'll KILL YOU! DOUBLE!" The chi collides at the extension of Rock's hand, his father's ancient technique summoned with a simplicity that belies Rock's youth. "REPPUKEN!" And the twin Reppukens tear off of his arms, each glowing sheath of chi cutting across the muddy river bank to barrel in on Kyo from a different angle. The intensity of their color briefly ignites the River Bed in light, like a bolt of lightning overhead.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Rock's Double Reppuken.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rock             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0              Kyo

Oh, Kyo sees that swath of violet energy coming his way, even with all the time Rock's invested in choosing the right moment to act... But at this point, his options are severely limited. He can't move too much without breaking his concentration, and losing most of the energy he's been building up, so... He doesn't. The Double Reppuken careens towards him with impressive speed and force behind it, and the Kusanagi heir starts to drop into a crouch, sweeping his right hand in front of him, creating a brief 'shield' of flames, orange-crimson fire and that windlike violet raging against each other, Kyo's carefully raised guard depleting the worst of the force arrayed against him.

"Kill me?" Kyo says, as the smoke clears. "Believe me, there's a lot of people who've said that to me, and most of 'em are a lot more dangerous than /you/ are. So why don't you save those words for somebody who cares?" Springing out of his crouch, Kyo rushes directly at Rock, thrusting one hand forward in a motion to try and grab the younger fighter by the front of his shirt. And if he manages that, what follows is quite simple, as Kyo's grasping hand unleashes a hellish blast of Kusanagi flames, a sudden explosion of fire and force, in concert with Kyo's own bellow of: "/BURN/!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Rock with Koto Moon Positive.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rock             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1              Kyo

Rock has been doing pretty well at holding his own in this fight. So far. That ends quickly. Kyo is just a stronger fighter than Rock. He's got two years in age and a thousand years in ancient linneage on him. Rock knows, now that he's tasted a little bit of Kyo's speed and power, that -- with the right training -- he /could/ match up with the greatest fighter in the world.

But for now, he's going to go down fighting. He's going to show this punkass guy who walked into Championship Success that he's someone to be reckoned with. That the next time they fight, Rock will be /that/ much better. /That/ much closer to Kyo. And the only way to get that much better is to push himself to the very limit. But first --

"AUGH!" Rock yells in pain as the preternatural fire washes over his body. It knocks him back from Kyo, landing about five yards from the Kusanagi on his back. Rock skids through the muddy embankment of the river, the leather of his coat protecting him from being too severely burnt. The red fabric smokes as Howard rolls forward onto a knee, wiping a hand through his muddy blond hair.

"Yeah, I'll bet," Rock says back to Kyo. "I've met K." And beaten him up, Rock thinks. "I know about those flames. Geese talked about them a lot. I know that they date back centuries. Ancient techniques from your ancestors. Well," Rock stands back up fully, rolling a shoulder. "I've got some ancient, century-old, tricks of my own!"

It happens very suddenly. Rock's got the legacy of the fight in his blood -- and it gives him command over his own chi like very few other men in the world. He's able to will it to its peak with simple thought, shooting past his current levels in the wink of an eye. Exploding with sudden energy, Rock blurrs as he shoots straight across the distance between him and Kyo. He comes at the older fighter like some sort of hellspawn. But there is a rhythm, a beat, a harmony to his movements. His hands whistle forward, trying to strike at Kyo's upper body. The punches transition perfectly into a sequence of kicks, the chi around Rock's body magnifying in intensity until he's visibly glowing. The kicks melt, finally, into Rock's fists as he brings both of his hands together in a movement similar to many Hadou attacks.

And with a roar, Rock releases all that energy, thrusting his palms forward. A tremendous beam of glowing blue energy barrels right off Howard, burning across the riverline. It's the Howard Family's most protected technique.

COMBATSYS: Kyo endures Rock's Deadly Rave Neo.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rock             0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1              Kyo

Still standing even though Rock is laid flat by the explosion, Kyo keeps his right hand alight and upraised, the raging Kusanagi flames casting curious shadows in the night air, half-illuminating Kyo's face as he watches Rock pick himself up, muddy and singed. As Rock speaks, Kyo simply watches him with a faint smirk on his face, and after the final declaration, as Rock explodes into motion, the Kusanagi heir says two simple words:

"Show me."

The supercharged younger fighter collides with Kyo like an oncoming train, battering the onetime King of Fighters with a series of punches and kicks, and finally blasts him away with that impressive final sure of chi, sending Kyo flying, but right before he hits the ground... He catches himself, rolling lightly.

"Not bad," Kyo says, graciously indeed for him, kicking off as his roll bleeds off the last of the momentum from the chi surge, fighting past the pain to capitalise on what should be a moment of weakness in Rock Howard, after putting so much effort into one attack. The flames spring to life in Kyo's hand once again, raging brighter than ever before, and as he closes with Rock he raises his right hand behind him, the hand carrying the brunt of the Kusanagi flames, finally twisting to toss that concentrated fire in a side-arm throw, expanding into a massive swath of legendary flames, orange-crimson lighting up the night like a tiny sun as it seeks to consume Rock with overwhelming power. "...BUT TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Rock with Orochinagi'.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rock             0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0              Kyo

Moment of weakness?! Rock Howard?! That never ... happens. Rock exhales, his breathing deep and long after the expenditure of energy to perform the Deadly Rave Neo. Very few people in the world can claim to have witnessed it -- even less to have gotten back up to tell the tale. But Kyo Kusanagi is not a normal person. The very fact that he is able to survive it and /take/ it like a man is astonishing. Even Geese would be uncertain of what to do next. And considering Rock can barely lift his head, the 'friendly' return attack spells his doom.

The flames' expansion glows in Rock's red eyes. They come barreling towards him and he is pretty sure he can see the face of his mother in the swirling swarm; sensing his own death. There is nothing he can do to get out of their way. There is nothing he knows, nothing he's ever learned that can prepare him for this. With an explosion of light, the Orochinagi swallows him in its glowing, burning grip. Rock is eaten alive by the mix of power and heat. He's launched back through the air to land on his back a good dozen yards from where he stood. Smoke rises off his burnt body as he lays there several long sentences. Maybe he's dead. He'd like that.

But God is too cruel to let Rock Howard die so easily. He still has too much pain to put him through. Ripping the memory of his mother out of the front of his mind, Rock's eyes snap back open. He stares up at the night sky, seeing the drip of moisture as it falls off the overpass above. He can hear the buzzing sound of his motorcycle still idling up above. The flow of the river. And the crackle of flames all around him, like he just crashed a helicopter. They burn against the dirt of the riverbed, fueled by nothing more than Kyo's will.

Rock digs his fingers into the dirt, weakly getting back up. His red coat is gone, incinerated clean off. Scraps of his black t-shirt stick to him, swaying as he stumbles forward on all fours, trying with all his will to /keep/ on. He gets his right foot down first, using it to push himself up to both feet. He exhales and stares straight forward at Kyo, letting the other fighter see that nobody can beat Rock Howard down. He doesn't allow it of himself. His mind can't bend. Is it stubborn or stupid? It doesn't matter. His body has to fail. He'll never lay down. Never again.

"...Heh," Rock says, spitting blood out onto the ground. He grabs his arm by the shoulder and cranks it, realigning the joint brutally. He rolls the broken shoulder. That probably just made it worse, but he needs his arm to bend to do what he plans next. "I'm glad," he says, his chi suddenly blossoming out of literally no where again. "--I'm glad you came!" he continues, that very same resonance of energy pouring out of him again. "I LIVE FOR THIS!" He needed this.

Rock burns bright again. Kyo withstood it once. That alone was special. But can he withstand it /twice/? The same combo of strikes comes thrumming and humming back at Kusanagi, ending with the same column of power shot right off Howard's fists. He's never tried to tap his chi so deeply. Never tried to will it so suddenly, right after unloading it once. Right after taking one of the single most painful hits he's ever felt in his life. He's literally burning through his life but he doesn't give a damn.

People up above on the interstate have stopped their cars in the middle of the road, drawn by all the flashes of light below. Twenty cars pile up from the sudden screeching of tires, the entire highway stalling as people get out of their cars to watch.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Rock's Deadly Rave Neo.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rock             0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0              Kyo

"At least you're tough enough to get back up," Kyo says, gesturing with one hand vaguely. It's not quite a shrug, but something similar. It might even be kind of a compliment, which is a lot coming from the likes of a Kusanagi... Especially this one. As Rock comes at him /again/ with an overwhelmingly powerful attack, Kyo's brows lift in interest, a faint musing noise escaping him, but this time he doesn't just ride it out with the same recklessness he demonstrated before; instead, this time he has Rock's number, following the rhythm of strikes from the Howard heir almost exactly, meeting each punch and kick with a blocking forearm or leg. He manages it by bare inches, through his own immense genius for fighting and plenty of practical experience against various megalomaniacal, homicidal, and just just general looney tunes.

"Come on," Kyo says, taking the final blast of energy on both arms, skidding back with the force. "You don't think the same thing is gonna work on me /twice/, do you?" Kyo is, after all, far more canny than most people give him credit for. Seeing that Rock might just be at the end of his rope, then, Kyo throws himself into another hooking punch, this one with a much longer reach than the one before, enormous power behind the initial blow, along with those easily-called Kusanagi flames. If the first punch lands, then Kyo swings his other fist up in a fiery backfist aimed at the underside of Rock's jaw, twisting with that momentum and rising up off the ground, using his shoulder and still more flames to take Rock up /with/ him, before letting him fall to the ground. "SHOW ME SOMETHING /NEW/, ROOKIE!!"

COMBATSYS: Rock fails to counter Dokugami from Kyo with Gedan Crack Counter.

[                           \\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rock             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Kyo

COMBATSYS: Rock can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kyo              0/-------/---====|

That's an impressive follow-up to seeing the Deadly Rave Neo twice. That's all Rock Howard can think before Kyo's flame-powered fist slams him right in the jaw. There isn't even a need for the follow-up shoulder tackle and toss because Rock's already destroyed after the initial contact. His eyes roll back into his skull, that aforetomentioned body failing on him situation occurring. He pushed himself harder than he probably ever had -- at least in recent memory -- and there was just nothing left to give.

Hitting the ground like a sack of potatos, Rock smokes and smolders on the riverbank in the wake of the Dokugami. He starts dreaming that familiar half-coma dream of unconsciousness. He'll probably wake up in ten minutes and not even remember this fight with how holy hard the hell was kicked out of him.

"Hah... Hah..." Kyo breathes out raggedly, having expended more effort than he would strictly have liked to, at the end there; still, he felt that Rock deserved a proper finish, after all of that. Straightening up, the somewhat weary World Warrior brushes his dark hair out of his face, and half turns his back on the fallen Rock, showing the sun silhouette emblem on the back of his jacket. This also, purely by coincidence, half turns him towards the spectators for this impromptu match, towards whom he raises his fist in triumph.

Starting to walk away, Kyo glances over his shoulder at Rock briefly, quite convinced that the kid can handle himself once he comes to. "Tch... I guess that was a pretty good workout," he says aloud, though it's doubtful Rock can really hear him, as he starts back up the slope. Whew, beating up rookies makes him hungry!

COMBATSYS: Kyo has ended the fight here.

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