Neo League 676 - #682: Kyo vs Chun-Li

Description: A new season of Neo League matches means a new chance for Kyo Kusanagi to remind everyone how much more awesome he is than all of them. ...Of course, sometimes people disagree. People like Chun-Li, who disagrees with her feet. VIOLENTLY. (Draw Match)

Today, Red Arena is PACKED--and for very good reason.

Another League fight has been scheduled on Masters' 'home turf,' setting the stage for a fight between relatively famous fighters in the world. It has drawn out thousands upon thousands of fans throughout Southtown, the stadium seating completely filled; there isn't an empty seat in the house to be had, and the noise level is almost intolerable. But no one cares.

The noise dies down as a well-dressed announcer steps into the center of the odd landscaped arena, a single spotlight shining down on the man. Lifting a hand, he announces the scheduled fight to be had: a Neo League match between the self-proclaimed 'Strongest Woman in the World' Chun-Li, and, of course, the Kusanagi heir, Kyo Kusanagi himself. The news brings a roar of cheer.

...and it grows as one of the two fighters emerges from the distant entrance at the far end of the arena.

Striding forward with impeccable poise and elegance, Chun-Li emerges, clad in her usual cerulean blue trademark qipao and a bright, amiable smile. Lifting an arm, the woman offers a friendly wave to the cheering audience as she moves through the arena. The roar of enthusiasm from the audience grows as she's announced properly...and as result the woman breaks into a sprint across the remaining way, leaping forward into a handstand before she springs upwards into the air with a sharp cry. Twisting her body, she gracefully falls, landing in a low crouch with one leg outstretched and one crooked, both arms outstretched before her and behind her.


Her smile grows as she stands upright in one smooth motion shortly thereafter, chocolate brown eyes scanning over the thousands of faces watching her. For now she seems content to wait for the Kusanagi heir before a particularly captive audience.

The last time Kyo Kusanagi set foot in Masters Stadium, he was put on a path that led to his almost total domination of the last season of the Neo League... At least, until the mysterious and unknown Oswald showed up and took it all away. But Kyo is nothing if not resilient; while other fighters, especially those with the sort of rather impressive ego the Kusanagi heir demonstrates, would perhaps fall into tantrums or trying to place blame elsewhere, Kyo recovered whatever disappointment he might have felt remarkably quickly.

After all, there's always tomorrow, and there's always more Neo League; plenty of time for him to get the win he obviously deserved before. And who knows, this time he might get to bash that Oswald guy's head in. It's a thought to warm anyone's heart.

So, Kyo has returned here, where his path began last season. This time, he may not be facing the founder of the Neo League and the stadium's owner - an encounter where he handed Ken his first Neo League loss ever, a feat only duplicated by the previously mentioned Oswald - but 'The Strongest Woman in the World' is a good second choice, right? Right.

"Shoot," says a voice suddenly, in a tone of resigned chagrin... This then would be the World Warrior himself, striding out from the side opposite Chun-Li's entrance. "You've got way too much energy... I'm getting tired just /watching/ you." Kyo lifts his hands and shoulders in a resigned shrug, the leather of his jacket creaking quietly as he does so. The younger fighter's fingers snap, bringing forth a brief flare of orange-crimson Kusanagi flames, the bloodline power called forth with almost contemptuous ease compared to the hard-won chi powers of so many other fighters. "You sure you wanna do this? I'm not gonna hold back just 'cause you're a chick... But I don't want to put up with you crying or something."

And just when Chun-Li began to think the Kusanagi boy wasn't going to show up..!

Kyo's 'shoot' draws the woman's attention, lips pursed lightly as she turns her gaze onto the other fighter as he arrives opposite her. His mild chiding earns him a roguish grin from the Chinese fighter, brown eyes hooding discreetly as she watches him approach. Too much energy..?

"You're a bit younger than me, Kyo Kusanagi," she calls back to the World Warrior. "Shouldn't /I/ be the one saying that?" The woman follows it with a soft laugh, her head shaking gently before she stretches her arms overhead, followed by a few deep squats for warm-up. The crimson flames of the Kusanagi heir are impressive, and chocolate brown eyes cast an almost thoughtful glance toward the young man as he calls them with but a snap.

With a long, contented sigh the woman stretches her back as Kyo exercises his typical pre-fight 'trash' talk the Kusanagi heir is notorious for. But is the Tai Chi mistress offended?

Her laugh suggests she's anything but.

"And I especially won't hold back against you, Kyo," the woman lightly retorts, still sporting a surprisingly friendly smile, his words aside. "As for crying, I'm afraid I can't do that. Big girls don't cry, as they say. I just hope you can keep up, and you wind up not having any regrets." A pause follows as the Chinese woman slides into a neutral stance, one leg crooked and both arms raised before her.


And ready or not, here she comes. Sprinting forward, the Tai Chi mistress zeroes in on Kyo, attempting to draw in close and, when she's close enough, seeks to lift a long leg and drive her knee straight into his sternum, one arm lifted and crossed over her forehead, the other dropped straight across her midsection.


COMBATSYS: Chun-Li has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Chun-Li          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kyo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyo              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Chun-Li

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Chun-Li's Medium Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyo              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Chun-Li

No way... Kyo is lazy. It's one of his trademarks! Chun-Li though, she seems to be rather bursting with energy and vigor, which can be kind of grating when you're a lazy jerk like Kyo is. He lets out a faint 'hmph' at the Chinese woman's response to his taunts, a sound caught somewhere between amusement and annoyance.

It's really hard to tell which one he was going for.

The sudden charge from the Strongest Woman in the World does actually manage to mostly catch Kyo offguard, as he was expecting there'd be more verbal jousting before the match... He hadn't been counting on Chun-Li being so direct and to the point. This almost results in him being wide open for that knee, but lucky for him he's got good reflexes; instead, Chun-Li's knee impacts with the palm of Kyo's hand rather than his sternum, sending a twinge of numbness up along his arm.

"Pff... That was pretty slow. Getting over the hill there?" Kyo wonders, with his usual cocky smirk, pushing back on Chun-Li's knee before swinging his other hand out, flames trailing behind the motion of his arm... And then tearing across the ground over the short distance between the two fighters. "Eat this, granny!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Chun-Li with Yami Barai.
- Power hit! -

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Chun-Li

Despite his grumpy grunt, the woman remains cheerful, grinning still even as she presses her attack against the younger Kusanagi. Quick reflexes spare him from the real bulk of her strike, her leg striking his open palm with an audible 'slap' of flesh and solid knee.

"Slow? Ever the gracious young man, I see, Kusanagi," the Tai Chi mistress retorts as she's pushed back. With a graceful spin Chun-Li pivots on her booted heel and plants a foot, facing the Kusanagi heir once more before she assumes stance. "I think you're getting a little big for your britches!"

With one motion of his harm flames roar to life, crawling swiftly across the ground for the woman. Narrowing her eyes, she attempts to simply fight off the fire with a twist of her body and a tense of her leg, long arms crooking tightly to shield her face as it comes. But...clearly she underestimates the flames possessed by Kyo.

Struck--and hard--the woman is forced back, her form buffeted by the crimson flames before she's ultimately swept off her feet. Hitting the ground with a thud, Chun-Li blinks thrice, lips pulling into a thin, thoughtful line across her face...before she chuckles.

"Granny? Well," Rolling backwards onto her upper back, Chun-Li curls her arms and plants her palms, pressing hard before she shoves, her body springing off the arena floor and bringing her back onto her feet. "I guess I'll need to teach you some manners!"

Springing into the air several feet from Kyo, the woman sails with a graceful arc, her lower body twisting as she flies in. Drawing a leg up, she sweeps it from low to high, attempting to strike the youthful Kusanagi swiftly across the face with a sharp cry.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Kyo with Light Kick.
Glancing Blow

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyo              0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1          Chun-Li

"'Big for my britches'?" Kyo repeats, disbelievingly, as Chun-Li is blasted back by the sudden wave of his fiery power. "Seriously, how can you give me a straight line like that and /not/ expect a dirty joke?" It's too easy, even for him. But it seems like the Chinese woman is still full of vinegar, springing back up onto her feet. As the Tai Chi mistress flies through the air, Kyo lets out a faint sound of irritation, moving to try avoiding the blow he knows is coming... But he can't quite manage it, that powerful leg grazing the side of his head instead of hitting him full in the face.

It's a lot better this way, in his opinion.

Dust kicks up as Kyo skids, stopping his momentum to change direction and go back at Chun-Li, reaching out in an attempt to simply grab her by the qipao... And then twist and huck her directly at the shallow water. "Go cool off already!"

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li blocks Kyo's Quick Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kyo              0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1          Chun-Li

"Take it as you will," the Chinese woman calls back at Kyo, an impish grin edging over her lips. "But I think, right about now, you should concern yourself with something /other/ than dirty jokes, Kyo Kusanagi!" She punctuates this with a sudden sprint, leaping at the youthful Kusanagi with a leg swinging. It's not as clean a hit as she would have liked, but...

Landing in a light crouch thereafter as Kyo skids about, the woman flashes a playful smirk to the young man, brown eyes hooding with amusement as she regards the young man. A moment later he charges, snaring her by the qipao before he hurls her toward the adjacent shallow water pond adorning the odd arena. She sails that short distance..!

And lands in a handstand, a faint grunt escaping her lips as she holds herself above the water as her arms echo with a twinge of pain. She wagers it's better than getting doused in water at the moment.

"I'm fine, thanks," she calls back, chocolate eyes peering at the young Kusanagi from her odd, upside-down position. "But what about you?"

Handspringing from her position, the woman springs herself at Kyo once again, her form twisting. At the apex, however, a leg shoots out, and with a sharp yell she brings it down hard, attempting to slam the heel of her custom combat boot hard atop his head.

COMBATSYS: Kyo fails to counter Sen'en Shuu from Chun-Li with Nue Tsumi.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyo              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1          Chun-Li

Should he? Should he REALLY?

Kyo snorts a bit as Chun-Li manages to keep herself from landing in the water with her characteristic acrobatic skill, and he's just about to make some smart remark about the whole situation, when the Chinese woman demonstrates more unlikely strength by throwing herself into the air from that inverted position...

Kyo's hand shoots up, trying to catch Chun-Li's kicking leg as it comes down on his head... But the woman's leg strength and the assistance of her dastardly ally GRAVITY proves to be a bit too much for him to compensate for. Rather than whatever he was planning to do, Kyo gets kicked right in the head, a grunt and a whuff of air escaping him as the heel of Chun-Li's boot impacts with his head, the force of the blow driving him down to one knee on the sand.

"Heh," laughs Kyo, despite the fact that he just got hit pretty solidly. "Shouldn't you be wearing pants if you're gonna go swinging your legs 'round like that?"

A disappointment for Kyo, a delight for the fans!

It's short lived as the woman springs into action once again, however, her body twisting as she attempts to lash a leg out and downwards. Despite Kyo's attempts to snare her leg, the Tai Chi mistress' strength overpowers his endeavor. Heel meets cranium, driving the Kusanagi boy to his knees. The Chinese woman, meanwhile, lands low before she tumbles back, handspringing to her feet with a grin.

"Are you complaining? Seriously..?" Chun-Li inquires, her head tipping lightly to one side as she sports a light smirk, easing out of a stance and into something a bit more casual as she speaks. "Besides, wearing this makes it much easier for me to move around, obviously. Plus I think it's nice. I've worn it for years, and I see no need to change what I choose to wear to fights."

A finger lifts, briefly singling Kyo out.

"Isn't that jacket a bit warm for summer?"

Still grinning, the woman just keeps her attentions focused on Kyo, the corners of her lips curling ever so slightly as she observes the young man. She'll let him make the next move; for now, she watches and waits, to exploit any error she may spy--arrogance aside!

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li focuses on her next action.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyo              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1          Chun-Li

Flexing the fingers of the hand he tried to stop Chun-Li's kick with, Kyo straightens back up to his feet, shifting his stance a little to shake off some of the sand. "Trying to get my clothes off already?" he wonders, not missing a beat in his response to the Chinese woman's question. A brief roll of his neck limbers himself back up after getting kicked in the top of the head, and then he settles into watching her watch him, smirk creeping back onto his face as his eyes fix on hers.

"I mean, I'm flattered, really... You're a world-famous sex symbol, and you're kinda workin' that MILF thing," Kyo continues, deliberately painting Chun-Li as older than she actually is because... Well, mostly because he's a jackass. "But I gotta tell you, I'm spoken for, and sad truth I don't think my girlfriend would be up for a threesome. But that's life, right? Missed chances an' all." The continued talking actually does serve a purpose: He's trying to distract his opponent, to piss her off.

And what better way to piss off the Strongest Woman in the World than by being a complete pig?

COMBATSYS: Kyo focuses on his next action.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyo              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1          Chun-Li

She's trying to...what?

Brown eyes peer at the Kusanagi heir quizzically as he speaks, accusing the Tai Chi mistress of trying to get him to shed clothes. Almost--ALMOST--does Chun-Li seem offended, thin brown brows edging closer across her smooth face, knitting lightly as she stares with muted disbelief. He certainly has a mouth on him.

But 'mild offense' swiftly becomes amusement as he elaborates, the woman's hand pressing gently against her forehead as he 'flatters' the elder woman. "'World-famous sex symbol?' 'MILF?' My, Kyo Kusanagi...I can see why there are so many fighters out there who would like nothing more than see you get smeared. Fortunately, I'm not one of those sorts."

Sliding a leg forward, Chun-Li lifts her arms, hands curling into tight fists as she assumes stance once more, grinning all the while. "Truthfully, it's kind of cute. I'm glad you've made this fight interesting, at least!" Pissed off? Far from it; Chun-Li isn't so easy upset by someone as purposely arrogant and crass as the Kusanagi boy.

"But we're not really here for 'pleasant' conversation," she needlessly reminds, still smiling. "So..."

Again Chun-Li dashes forward, sprinting swiftly to close in the distance between. But midway she tumbles forward, rolling her body in an odd fashion across the ground. Her hands plant mid-tumble, arms tensing as she suddenly and forcefully shoves her body upwards from the ground--

"SPINNING!" Twisting upwards into the air, Chun-Li defies gravity itself, her legs--once pressed together at the ankles, splitting perfectly midair as her body sharply twists...and twists continually. "BIRD!"

Right at Kyo, a whirlwind of leg and muscle and pain as she spins over and over toward him, with every intention of catching the flame-wielding scion in a flurry of lethal--albeit upside-down--signature strikes.


COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kyo              1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1          Chun-Li

See, normally this kind of stuff works! Kyo runs his mouth, the other person gets pissed off enough to make a stupid mistake, and then he exploits the hell out of it... But it seems that Chun-Li is simply too /nice/ to fall for that particular trap. At the Strongest Woman in the World's smiling and apparently quite genuine reaction to his words, Kyo's expression falls. What it falls into could best be described by the single thought it communicates with startling clarity.

The look on Kusanagi's face says: Bitch, are you for real?

But Kyo has no time to be appalled by Chun-Li's pureheartedness, because she's trying to kick him a lot... And given the strength of her legs, the World Warrior is of the considered opinion - because, he's an experienced professional fighter with a good sense for these things - that it would be a bad idea to let that happen. Instead, he crouches a little and throws up his arms, taking the repeated whirling strikes of the Tai Chi mistress' legs against his forearms, each strike driving him further back... Leaving his arms stinging, but it could've been a lot worse.

"You've got a big ass," Kyo says, showing himself to be a master of taking the higher ground, before hauling off and trying to slug Chun-Li right in the face.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li blocks Kyo's Quick Punch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyo              1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1          Chun-Li

Over and over her legs whip, thick booted heels only adding insult to injury as she defies all physics and spins upside-down into the Kusanagi heir. But quick thinking again spares him from the real damage of her repeated blows, his forearms shielding and absorbing the bulk of her odd strike. Her momentum dampened as well, the woman concludes the series of strikes with one last rotation; hooking her leg through midair, she whips her body into proper positioning, landing in a deep and wide stance, long arms outstretched to maintain balance as she touches down.

When she stands upright once more, however, she's greeted by an odd phrasing, and a punch aimed right for the center of her face. Almost thoughtlessly the woman's hand snaps up like a snake, intercepting the blow with the palm of her hand.

"A big ass, huh? You're not the first, or last, to try that one. I'll give you an E for effort though."

Another annoyingly friendly smile. "Do your best, Kusanagi!" Is Chun-Li patronizing the Kusanagi heir? Most likely.

With a harsh shove, the woman attempts to unbalance the sassy Kyo Kusanagi thereafter before she hops back...before she lunges forward with frightening speed, her body twisting as a leg lifts. Her intention? To drive a piercing kick aimed high, right for the center of Kyo's face...

Over and over her legs whip, thick booted heels only adding insult to injury as she defies all physics and spins upside-down into the Kusanagi heir. But quick thinking again spares him from the real damage of her repeated blows, his forearms shielding and absorbing the bulk of her odd strike. Her momentum dampened as well, the woman concludes the series of strikes with one last rotation; hooking her leg through midair, she whips her body into proper positioning, landing in a deep and wide stance, long arms outstretched to maintain balance as she touches down.

When she stands upright once more, however, she's greeted by an odd phrasing, and a punch aimed right for the center of her face. Almost thoughtlessly the woman's hand snaps up like a snake, intercepting the blow with the palm of her hand.

"A big ass, huh? You're not the first, or last, to try that one. I'll give you an A for effort though."

Another annoyingly friendly smile. "Do your best, Kusanagi!" Is Chun-Li patronizing the Kusanagi heir? Most likely.

With a harsh shove, the woman attempts to unbalance the sassy Kyo Kusanagi thereafter before she hops back...before she lunges forward with frightening speed, her body twisting as a leg lifts. Her intention? To drive a piercing kick aimed high, right for the center of Kyo's face...

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Chun-Li's Houyoku Sen.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0          Chun-Li

Clearly, she must be a Cylon.

The blocking of his punch isn't entirely unexpected, nor is the shove that comes afterwords - or, sadly, the friendly smile, by this point. Instead, Kyo manages to compensate for it, barely, managing to throw up both of his arms to intercept the incoming kick, which still impacts his forearms with thunderous force. The strike is enough to drive Kyo back, nearly off of his feet, but...

"Too slow!!" Kyo laughs, catching himself with one foot and then throwing himself forward at Chun-Li, swinging his right fist in a hooking, fiery punch, right for the Chinese woman's face. "You've gotta--" he shouts as he strikes, lunging forward after the first punch with a second, this with his left. "--do better--" And then, he finishes following through, stepping in and swinging his right fist straight up in an explosive uppercut, an eruption of orange-crimson Kusanagi flames at the point of impact - if any. "--THAN THAT!!"

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li dodges Kyo's Aragami.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyo              1/-----==/=======|=------\-------\0          Chun-Li

Her assault--stopped?

The impressive kick meets arm, and the look on Chun-Li's face is one of mild confusion. That wasn't anticipated, a fluke she hadn't counted on. Still, the woman recovers quickly, a leg re-chambering at her hip before she sets it down. Planting both feet firmly, the woman secures her stance with a stern look on her soft features.

A smile blossoms as Kyo's fist ignites, however.

The moment he throws himself into the strike the woman's lips part, a chuckle escaping her as she crouches low, avoiding the hook. As he draws back a fist for the second, Chun-Li blurs, leaping high and letting her body elegantly rotate, before she lands several feet from the Kusanagi, safely out of harm's way.

"I think you should heed your own advice, Kyo," she offers teasingly. "Slipping up a little?"

Dashing into the fray once more, the woman wastes no time closing the distance between them. A foot from the arrogant fighter, she plants her back foot and slides in, letting her arms draw back before she thrusts both hands a the young man with the intention of slamming her palm's heels into her sternum with a loud, "HAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Kyo with Medium Punch.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyo              1/---====/=======|==-----\-------\0          Chun-Li

Arrogant though he may be, Kyo isn't actually 'wildly out of touch with reality'. He can acknowledge, inside the safe space of his own thoughts, that Chun-Li avoiding his attack doesn't bode well for him, overall. Effort expended to no real accomplishment... And if there's anything Kyo hates more than effort, it's effort that /does nothing/. "Well, at least you're good at running away... So I guess your hitting like a down-filled pillow isn't /completely/ crippling," Kyo chides.

And then his right hand bursts into flames.

"This is about the part where I stop messing around and really kick your ass," the World Warrior explains, holding up his fiery hand. "Don't feel too bad though, okay? I mean hey... 'Strongest Woman in the World', that's probably good for like... I dunno, tenth strongest /man/ in the world, so you're only about ten spots below me." The flames reach a fever pitch as Kyo gets ready to deliver his next - and hopefully final - strike, suddenly lunging forward and swinging his right hand in a wide arc, letting loose a swath of raging Kusanagi fire that seeks to consume Chun-Li entirely. "EAT THIS!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Chun-Li with Orochinagi'.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Kyo              0/-------/-------|=======\-------\0          Chun-Li

"Hitting like a down-filled pillow, you say?" Tilting her head a fraction to the right, the woman's lips edge into a smile, as she assumes proper stance once more. "That is a first, I'll give you that much, Kusanagi," she light chides. "Though, honestly,"

Exhaling lightly, the woman shakes her head, her lips curling at the corners of her mouth. "You really shouldn't belittle others. You don't have room to talk yourself, you know." Breaking stance, the woman goes so far as to stretch again, hands resting on her lower back as she straightens her spine, a light but contented sigh of relief given.

"All this makes me want to nap! ...ah?"

Blinking slowly, Kyo's foreboding words earn him a mildly bemused look from Chun-Li, brows lifting slightly. And like many times before a smile edges over her lips, chocolate-brown eyes amused as she studies the Kusanagi carefully. "You really do have a mouth on you. Can you back that up?"

The flames reach critical mass and, slinging them, they ferociously lash out at the woman. Instinctively her arms lift, attempting to shield off the blow like before--but with empty results. Overwhelmed, the torrent of fierce flames cascade into her, sending her stumbling back clumsily before she simply loses her footing, tumbling head over heels before she stops, flat on her back.

"I-Impressive!" the woman offers, struggling to pull herself up off the ground. Her qipao singed and frayed, the woman looks disheveled as she comes to stand on two once more. And yes.

She's STILL smiling.

"And here I was worried you were all talk, Kyo. I'm glad to see you weren't just blowing smoke."

Despite the burns and her body's aches, Chun-Li, as determined as ever, races forward, right for Kyo. A leg swiftly lifts when she draws near, chambered tensely at her hip before she unleashes it, a series of blows--high, medium and low--delivered, over and over and over again, seemingly hundreds as she lets out a sharp, guttural kiai.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Chun-Li's Hyakuretsu Kyaku.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Kyo              0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0          Chun-Li

The backwash of the explosion of flames stirs Kyo's hair and clothes, but he's left standing there looking quite confident and full of himself as Chun-Li pulls herself to her feet. "So... I don't have much room to talk, huh?" the Kusanagi heir wonders, arching a brow slightly. Really, what a silly thing to tell him. Of course he has room to talk... Look at who he is!

As Chun-Li comes in with what is sure to be another powerful set of kicks, Kyo is once again forced to get his arms in the way, crouching a little to add one leg to his guard as he stands fast against the series of kicks... The sting much less than he was worrying, by this point. "Did you forget who I am?!" he demands, continuing his line of thought. As Chun-Li's attacks stop, Kyo straightens up and swings one foot up high. "I'm THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!" Kyo bellows, as he brings his foot back /down/.

Preferably right where Chun-Li's shoulder meets her neck!

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Chun-Li with Heavy Kick.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|=======\==-----\1          Chun-Li

Again, Kyo withstands her kicks. It's almost frustrating to the woman.


Drawing her leg back, the woman recoils from her assault to a defensive stance, arms raised as she levels her gaze on the Kusanagi heir. His question earns him a sincerely puzzled look. Forget who he is? Of course not; how could anyone forget an ass like Kyo? A smile begins to edge over her lips, as he lifts a leg up high. She begins to tuck and weave aside...

But that heel catches her, causing the Tai Chi mistress to buckle downwards with a loud gasp.

He's the best in the world?

"No...not done yet," the woman offers with a playful smirk, words barely audible. With her body forced to kneel, it gives her advantage there...or so she hopes. Thus, with a loud cry the woman suddenly springs upwards at an angle, her body sharply twisting as she kicks upwards, attempting to snare Kyo with a sharp kick and send him airborne...

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Kyo with Hazan Tenshou Kyaku.

[                            \\  <
Kyo              0/-------/--=====|

Digging her boot's heel into the Kusanagi boy's side, she sends him into the air.

It's a prelude, however brief the strike is. For just as he's launched upwards she follows; rising at an angle, Chun-Li repeatedly delivers turning kicks into Kyo, juggling him about with kick after kick after kick. Ten harsh rotations are executed, each taking the both of them higher and higher...before she drops a heel and knocks the heir down to earth.

Falling as well, the woman exhales loudly and drops to her knees, hands planted flat on the arena floor. The fight took a lot out of the woman, and she sure as hell can't go on anymore...but that last-ditch endeavor was /worth/ it.

"W-who...are you again?" she playfully asks, sporting an impish smile as the announcer steps forward.

It's one of those moments where everything comes down to a split-second. Kyo sees the last strike coming, and he kicks off the ground in an attempt to evade it... But he can't quite, instead getting barely caught by Chun-Li's foot, driven into the air... And then he gets kicked a lot. Again.

Finally though, he gets kicked back to the ground, smashing into the sand and kicking up a cloud of gritty dust... From which he's barely able to sit up, looking over at Chun-Li.

"The guy you couldn't beat," Kyo says, in response to the Strongest Woman in the World's playful question. Of course, he couldn't beat her either - not today, anyway - but he's going to ignore that part for the sake of making a dramatic remark.

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