Shadaloo - Shadaloo: Plans in Motion

Description: Vega's alive. He has a plan, and shares it with a trusted Doll. What hijinx will ensue from this?!

It's as if he hasn't moved.

Days have passed since his 'return', and all he's done is stayed within the confines of his Throne Chamber, staring at the walls and their displays. Around him, things crumble into disrepair, but as long as the monitors that keep him abreast of what has happened and is happening now still stand, he's seemingly content. He's hunched forwards, elbows on the arms of his chair and his (smaller now, hmn) chin resting on his folded hands. White eyes study the monitor one final time, and then he leans back, reaching out for one of the consoles. There's a crackle of static, and then he announces to the disembodied voice on the other side.

'Get me Aprile.'

With that done, the medic Doll is summoned discreetly, either by phone or communicator, and told that Lord Vega is waiting and where. In the half-hollowed almost-abandoned shell of Shadloo's former glory, where he will just sit and think, prepare - and then move deciseively when the time is right.

It didn't take long for Aprile to be contacted. But when she did, it was surprising. She had not heard of this. That Lord Vega had been found.. had been taken back from 'death' as it were, and returned to his glory.. even if it was slightly less chinful.

But she was more than happy, she was overjoyed, at her return to such a place.

Dressed like many a doll, in blue on blue, she carries with her a pack on her back, and in her hands, a metal object with Shadaloo's triumphant mark on the front.

She walks in quickly, standing before the throne, smiling, before she salutes.

"Yes Master?" She asks, holding the arm rigidly in place. "It is more than good to see you again." Her body is just like any of the rest, but the Italian's hair is spiked towards her face.. not above it. "I have been getting revenge.. and making myself more of a use through honing my skills while you were gone.. and searching for you."

"Good, Aprile." Vega is never dissapponted by his Dolls. No, no, no matter what he needs to have them do, he always seems to be able to have them complete their duties efficently and well. That is, of course, except for Cammy - but we won't mention her as of yet. He leans back in his chair, muscles and joints creaking as he adjusts how he was placed. His hands run through his slicked back black hair, and then he rises to his feet. Slowly, he begins to pace through the rubble, to think and talk at the same time. It's an old habit, but one that he's growing quickly accustomed to again.

"Tell me about this 'revenge' you've sought. What have you seen, what has been said of Shadaloo? Does the outside world know about my passing, or about my return?" This is important - knowing how to strike is as important as knowing where. The choices he has now are dependant on what others believe. He turns to focus completely on the Doll as he asks this, blank white eyes glowing with a hint of that terrible power he has - of course, to her, it's probably not at all terrible, is it?

As Vega leans back, the creaking bothering the doll.. she doesn't say it out loud. She stands perfectly straight, hand up against her head and forehead. Standing. Standing. Waiting on his everymove. And then finally he stands.. pacing the rubble to think.

Aprile's eyes follow him, looking over his body, as he paces. "I am merely assaulting those who have harmed you or placed priority on your downfall. I had not know you were alive.. though I was sure... but they do not know more than of my doings."

She finishes that for the moment. "However, one of the male dolls is sure he is passing soon.. he has asked me to help him. He's planning to detonate a mall of those who would oppose you.. and then he will pass on. I have felt his energy. He is dying inside." She exclaims, lowering the hand to place against her other. And the Psycho Power is lovely... although Chizuru happened to not enjoy it. Oh, why was that?

"At ease, Aprile. Consider this 'informal questioning', now."

Vega moves towards the Doll, circling her slowly as he speaks, simply putting his own thoughts in order. He'd always liked to speak, to hear his voice blather on about things - but now, they've changed. He's learned to adapt, to grow in what he needs to learn and do - to think about how he will react in situations, going forwards. "I see. Tell me about those you've fought - I've been planning something that will require your skill - but I need to know that your infiltration status will not be compromised by your actions." Yes, this depends a lot on what she's been doing, and how discreet she's been doing it.

He'll draw quiet at the report about Jesen - after all, who else was within his organization that matched the request? He dismisses it casually, without much ado. "If you and Senoh agree on his status, let him do as he likes. A 'gift' to him, to depart in the manner of his choosing, I suppose." It could be considered magnanimous, but really - he's just discarding a broken toy. Ineffective, dying - he does not need the hassle of it's destruction to weigh on his mind. Instead, he'll focus on what /he/ plans, and what he should do. And, in that case, what Aprile will be doing for him.

At ease? At ease. Aprile immediately lets herself stand less than straight up, but still keeps herself wary. She cannot completely drop herself at Master Vega's presence.

As he moves towards, circling her, Aprile stays faced forwards.. it's for the best, as she knows. And then as he speaks.. she listens.. responding when he finishes, a moment after. "I have fought one Roberto.. And another, Kiyoko. I have dealt with others through the fighting circuits as well, including one man who fought with cards.. far beyond a skill I have ever seen, and a beast man. M.Bison, as well as a woman whom created after images.. however she was on my own side. I had healed her a bit with psycho energy... but I believe one, Roberto, knows I am about. But beyond my 'target' of Gedo High... there isn't any other lead I don't believe."

As he speaks, the girl nods. "Of course. He wishes to.. it is his. I will tell him of your survival master.. maybe it will make his last moments more at ease. But I will only help him in this." She responds, smiling. "Because it will mostly be sure to do as planned."

"Hnn. So you still are useful for infiltrations. Good. Here's my plan." Of course he'll talk it over with the Doll, but he's already made his decision. He knows exactly what he's planned, and he brooks no real opposition. Shadaloo, after all, is an extension of himself, his minions only tools towards his ultimate goal - that of supremacy. This time, however, he'll take his time, instead of rashly lashing out like a rabid beast - wisdom of death seemingly important to him now.

"I need to re-assess this new body, Aprile. To do so, I'm planning on having you infiltrate Geese Howard's medic team for the Saturday Night Fights. Senoh will help you with disguise, I assume." But as to the why, well - that brings a gleeful smile to Vega's face, the concept of moving in on Geese's turf, if only briefly - well, that is a happy thing indeed. "We'll give you a small team to work with - and I want you to kidnap a few fighters, here and there, so I can have my strength tested against them in a new location." New location? Oh, right. "This base is not worthwhile - it's been invaded, it is old - and it is worthless, in the long run. We've built a new one, and when the time is appropriate, all functions will shift to that new location. The people you capture are to be held incommunicado until I've tested myself against them - and then they are to be released. Understand?"

Oh! To still be useful. How it fills her heart with glee!

Listening to Lord Vega, she clutches the medkit tightly, smiling, cheerful yet at the same time focused entirely on what horrible things she might ask for. But she doesn't mind. She loves it. And even if she is a 'tool', she was created for his use and relishes in the role of helping him in his attempts. No matter what they ask.

Need to re-assess a new body.. so he had died. It is a sad feeling, to the doll, but to see him alive with her own eyes.. and to be alive.. is all that is necessary! "Yes Master Vega!" She responds enthusiastically, before he goes on. A small team to work with! And .. to kidnap a few fighters, her and there. "Understood, Master!" She responds again, nodding quickly, still smiling.

"But Master Vega. Would you prefer those that would only be a challenge in a group? Or would you prefer those who would give you a challenge by themselves... if you wish, I could try for those skilled and unskilled alike, to gradually test yourself against." She asks.

She understands. Kidnap. Move... hold them hostage, and take care of all their needs.. and then released after combat.

"Both, I believe. And yes - you understand /perfectly/, Aprile. I think that I want to do this right - I trust Senoh's skill, but the Alpha Process has been faulty, flawed before." Yes, that would be 'Cammy', but we still aren't talking about her. No, siree. That part of his life is over, yup. He puts one hand on the Doll's shoulder, and gives it a squeeze. He sounds almost magnanimous as he speaks, eyes looking towards the monitor.

"Be discreet, be skilled - I know you are both, Aprile. I will send others to assist you as neccessary." He then lets her go, and starts towards the chair again. This time, as he settles down, he motions towards the door, an amused look on his face. "Your part is played. Hunt well, hunt smart - and return to me when you have those that I may show Vega's might."

The doll is quite happy to do as expected. Smiling brightly, the Italian doll is anything but pleased with the events that have gone on! And to make matters better.. he wishes her to help him! It's a great feeling to be called for among all others.

"Yes Master!" She agrees, once again. "I understand. I will not let you down." Is the most basic response... but it's not all. As he settles down, motioning towards the door, the Aprile doll beams. "I will do just as you will, Master Vega... and I will return to you with only the most ferocious of the pack! And maybe an appetizer or two to make it all the sweeter." She finishes, twirling around towards the exit.

"I won't fail.. You can count on that." And off she goes, almost skipping, to go sign up .. but not as a fighter for SNF. The medical detail is always being sought.. and to remove one and replace herself as a stand in .. it won't be difficult!

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