Neo League 526 - #534: Sergio vs Mignon

Description: WATER FRONT BATTLE! (Winner: Sergio)

It's a simply miserable day out in Southtown. As winter approaches the temperature drops rapidly. To aggravate this storm clouds hover overhead, strong winds coming from the north bringing rain down hard. All in all, it's not the sort of day you want to be outside in. Unfortunately for a select few there's no choice but to be outside. Among these is the Neo League camera crew set up down by the environmentally damaged Southtown River, and the fighters scheduled to fight there.
Despite the wind, rain, and chill, Sergio is still wearing a silk shirt, top buttons left open. It takes some real persistence to keep fashion above personal comfort in these kinds of conditions, but it looks like he has just that. ...or he could be mentally damaged, but lets ignore that possibility for now. And just because he chose to wear something completely inappropriate doesn't mean he can't mutter about the inclement weather, standing out by the river shore with water raining on him from above. "Why couldn't they find someplace in doors for this? Or even better, some place like Hawaii, or Africa." A heaved sigh, "Ah well, gotta do what you've gotta do to make a living, I guess."

Sergio? Mentally retarded? NO WAY. because someone who rivals such a thing is bouncing towards the cold river. And boy, it's cold, but then if she put something on, Mignon wouldn't be able to be all pretty and able to move around like she does! She hardly feels the cold due to her constant movement.

And skipping over, nearby the river, Mignon's all happy! It's a place to go around and ... ewww she forgot the smell of the river sometimes. But a breathe of fresh air takes that all away! Maybe she smelled something like a skunk!

Eventually, the pink haired terror witch arrives, looking at the tall man with a silk shirt and slacks. Muscle all over.

.. Maybe this is the same guy before, but without an oar? Uh ohhh....

Either way, Mignon bounces over, waving. "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~! Mignon's here but a little late so Mignon's sorry but Mignon's ready so she hopes you can forgive her because she's still going to give it her all and have some fun because that's the most important part, right? Right! And Mignon's happy to meet you!"

Taking a large breathe of air, she hops a bit in place, with a PIKU PIKU PIKU from her odd bangles.

Activity picks up as Mignon is sighted, the camera crew getting ready to shoot, doing a final check on the equipment since they have the time. The rain shouldn't be too much of a problem- these cameras have to be built pretty tough in order to film fighters. You never know when a stray energy blast is going to crash right into one.

The sounds of bangles jingling as she approaches catches Sergio's attention, and he turns around to face his opponent. A few slow blinks is his initial reaction, and that's before she even begins speaking. At that he seems simply dumbfounded. "...what?" He reaches his hand up and scratches his chin, and after a moment realizes that this pink haired girl is supposed to be his opponent. "Oh jeeze. Hi there. You must be from California or something, I take it." Looks like someone's fed her too much sugar, from his perspective.

He suddenly cracks a grin, "Bet that whole thing is just to catch me off guard, right? Bounce around and act innocent one minute and then blast me into a wall the next. Well I'm not fallin' for it!" He cracks his knuckles a bit, "I've seen what little girls like you can due to big guys like me before, so no such luck."

Cold rain rains down upon Mignon.. who maaaybe should have brought a raincoat. The rain, chill, and wind sure is starting to get to her, even if she though that it wouldn't be necessary! And as Sergio asks where she's from, Mignon shakes her head, the pink baubles on her boots and her wrists giving a PIKU.

"Nope nope, Mignon's from Salem Massachusetts .. because Mignon's a witch!" She bounces once, nodding, smiling wide and bouncing about happily. Well he looks like a nice guy and he isn't like, swearing at her. But he's not as nice as Mr. Maxima!

And that's about when Sergio grins, responding to her about acting innocent, blasting her into a wall, and telling him what they can do .. "Uuh ... What? Mignon's here to fight but Mignon doesn't know about blasting people into walls!" She gives her biggest smile, "And Mignon's not trying to catch anyone off guard! Mignon is just NOT that rude!" She nods twice.

And then flips backwards... and then slips, slamming her rear into the ground. "Ow ow oww... Mignon forgot it was all rainy and wet!" Rubbing her rear, she gets up, frowning at Sergio. "Mignon's not lying eiiitherrrr!" NYEAH.

If he wants to think so though, be his guest. "Mignon might be able to blast you into a wall, but Mignon doesn't know how she would!"

"Shouldn't you be melting, then?" About the only thing Sergio knows of Witches comes from the Wizard of Oz. "You sure don't look like a witch to me, but whatever floats your boat." He stretches a bit, "We should get this show on the road, whether you're tryin' to trick me or not. No reason to stay out in this slop any longer than we have to." He frowns in concentration when Mignon slips and falls. She's either clumsy, or laying it on -real- thick for him. He's not sure what to think, just yet.

In the end he simply shakes his head a little, "Why don't you go first, then. I'm not sure why they put me up against a kid, but I'm pretty sure I have the advantage here." And aside from that it'll tell him really fast just how strong she is, so if she is bluffing he'll know. "So lets find out if you can blast me into a wall or not!"

COMBATSYS: Sergio has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergio           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mignon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Sergio

Smiling again, because she can never frown for long, Mignon shakes her head, leaping to her feat. "Nu-uh .. Mignon's a special witch like that! Grammy told me we don't melt.. I was scared of that too!" She's happy to explain such things for some reason. And as Sergio says, well, they should get to fighting .. well, Mignon's not going to take any of his important time away!

"Ooooh.. You make Mignon almost a teeensy weensy bit angry! You think that Mignon is joking and kidding but Mignon is NOT okay? Because Mignon told you!" She bobs her head and stomps, almost slipping again, before she grabs onto a nearby bench.

"Oooookay .. Mignon will go first! And Mignon .. IS NOT A LITTLE KID!" She suddenly is very, very angry, and grabs the nearest thing she can think of! "MIGNON IS A YOUNG LADY!" She stomps, forcing herself back up to her feet.. and whipping rocks towards Sergio!

While spinning.

Really, rocks are rocks, and even slightly angry, they still are being thrown by A LITTLE GIRL.

COMBATSYS: Sergio dodges Mignon's Thrown Object.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Sergio

"That so? I guess I don't know much about witches, then." He shakes his head just a little and then shrugs. "I have to, because the league says that this should be at least a little bit fair, and from the way you're acting you pretty much -have- to be hiding something for that to be true." The sudden anger catches Sergio a bit off guard, though the retaliation from it doesn't. As the rock is thrown at him he leans his head to the side and the rock goes shooting past into the water.

Sergio pauses. "Okay, now I believe you." He stretches a bit more, "Guess I'd better fight back now though. Oh, and one more thing? When you're as old as I am you'll think someone your age is a kid too." A grin, "And I didn't call you little either, but I think you're right on that!" With that last little insult Sergio moves in towards Mignon in a slow and deliberate fashion. Just because she threw a rock at him and slipped in the mud doesn't mean she can't have some revenge in store. After a few moments of this he suddenly accelerates, stepping forward and swinging his arm in a hard hook, a trail of water streaming out behind his hand as he attempts to simply clobber her in the side of the head. "Hng!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon dodges Sergio's Fierce Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio finally believes Mignon .. well, he should have totally from the beginning, Mignon shakes her head. "No you don't. Not yet, but Mignon could tell you all SORTS of witchy stuff! And Mignon isn't hiding anything .. Mignon's a witch!" Plain and simple!

And then Sergio zings her. "Oh ... Oh ...." She opens her eyes wide .. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" A look of displeasure is on Mignon's face as she announces loudly. "Mignon thinks... Mignon's just been DISSED!" And then as the fist accelerates, steeping forwards, slamming his fist in a hard hook, water streaming as he goes to CLOBBER HER.. well, Mignon kicks off the bench she used to keep herself up on, landing, ackwardly, on the other side. "W-woah .. Mignon .. almost didn't make it!" But what to do!? Will Mignon throw the first stone!? .. Oh she already did... WELL. Mignon gets right up and at them .. and lands behind Sergio!?

"HORSIEEEE!" She cries out, attempting to lock arms and just PITCH him forwards onto the ground, and roll him over her back, face first onto the ground!

It's times like these that you don't really ask!

COMBATSYS: Sergio endures Mignon's Filly Throw.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sergio

If there's one thing Sergio should really expect, it's for the small girl to be fast. Fast enough to avoid his punch, in any case. She manages to hop off of it and get away, and then hops again, landing right behind him. The shout gets nothing but a confused look from him, and then she manages to snatch him and slam him on his face into the ground. It probably looks completely successful for a moment, but almost the second he's landed his body is spinning, the back of his heel swinging around to try and catch her in the side with more water trailing it- hopefully while she thinks he's in pain from getting smashed.

"Hah! Well what do you expect me to think? No offense, but it's a little girl against a large man, and the girl has nothin' special goin' for her other than the fact that she's a witch. Who'd you put money on." If his kick manages to do anything that isn't getting him pain, he'll pull himself off the ground, not even bothering to wipe the mud off of himself.

COMBATSYS: Mignon blocks Sergio's Strong Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Mignon           0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio slams straight into the ground, face smashing there, Mignon bounces away! And that's about when the water around his body begins to spin, and Mignon looks on, a heel slamming towards her! EVEN as Mignon is slammed hard by the heel, she brings her hands up to prevent the kick from slamming into her, and her arms bend under the strength. "YOWWWWWW!" She cries out, sliding on the ground due to the water, and nearby falling over.

"Mignon doesn't know .. but Mignon wouldn't put money on either .. and Mignon DOES TO have something special going for her! Mhmm. She's a witch! That's good enough!" And flipping backwards, stumbling a bit, Mignon regains her footing ..

And then extends a hand straight towards Sergio. "Anyways Mignon is cold..." Shivering a bit, Mignon thinks of something .. hey! She remembers what gives her warmth! "FIRE!"

A chi born blast of flame erupts out of her hands like some kind of weapon shell, streaking through the water and air straight towards Sergio!

COMBATSYS: Sergio overcomes Fire Ball EX from Mignon with Whitewater.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mignon           0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Sergio

From the -sound- of it Sergio would think his kick hit, but when he picks himself up and is able to see Mignon he realizes something else must have happened. At least he managed to hurt her, though. "Really? Guess it might just be me, then." He gives a light shrug, and puts his hands back up in a brawling stance. When she gets her footing back and proclaims that being a witch is good enough, he narrows his eyes, half expecting her to start poking a voodoo doll and have random pain appear.

What she does instead is a bit of a letdown. He realizes what's going to happen the moment the word fire passes her lips. "Ah, that's it?" He changes stances suddenly, dropping into an imitation of a low, powerful karate stance. "Water trumps fire any day!" He then pulls his hand back, and tapping into a small reserve of inner power, thrusts it forward with a powerful, "HAAH!"

The ground rumbles for a moment, and the ball of fire gets dangerously close to him. A moment before it hits a massive surge of water tears up from the ground, large hunks of dirt and buried debris blasting forward and snuffing the fireball out. What's worse for the witch is that the careening water is now heading directly for her!

COMBATSYS: Mignon slows Whitewater from Sergio with Large Thrown Object.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mignon           0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio gets back his footing, Mignon's hands are warm! This is, altogether, an important thing. Her hands, being warm, are quite cozy for the few seconds. And that's about when the man asks if that's it. "What? Mignon thinks it's pretty good!" And suddenly, the ground rumbles for a bit as Mignon watches the fire ball get hit with a massive surge of water, large hunks of dirt and debris rushing towards at her.

So Mignon kicks the bench, off the hinges, towards it. It just increases the debris.

AND THEN .. Mignon ends up riding the bench with the water, smashing against the ground a few times before stopping. Owww....

"Mignon's okay .. she'll get up in a little bit ... really.." It .. kinda stings.

Sergio puts his hands on his hips as he watches the result of his attack. "Hmm, not bad. You've definitely got some skill, but I don't think it's enough to beat me." Of course he'd think that, though. "Hmm..." He's definitely the type to always come out and do his damnedest to beat the hell out of his opponent, but he's not feeling so great about that when fighting Mignon. Normally he won't hold back- but his opponent is a 14 year old girl.

Ok, so he's decided not to just plow her, but that doesn't mean he's going to stand by while she recovers. So instead of hitting her as hard as he can, he'll just be a jerk. "Alright, here we go!" He rushes towards Mignon and slides to a stop beside her. He reaches down to try and pick her up by her shoulders and then fling her away from him, firing water out of his hands to blast her away even further. And the being a jerk part? He's trying to throw her right into the river. "Upsie daisy!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Sergio with Lightning Bolt.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mignon           0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio rushes towards Mignon, sliding to a stop beside her and then reaching to pick her up by her shoulders and fling her away from him, Mignon gives it her all, and as he goes near, Mignon LACES her hands with electricity. "LIGHTNING BO-!" And that's about when her hands flail helplessly, glubbing in the water as Sergio raises her and launches her like some kind of pink fish onto the land nearby.

Mignon's, obviously, not doing so good.

But forcing herself back to her feet, Mignon shakes off herself. "Mignon's okay! Really! So Mignon's not going to give up yet! And Mignon is NOT A CHILD so stop treating her like that! Mignon doesn't want to hear upsie daisy from a stranger, buster! .. Unless .."


A grin is the first thing out of Sergio, "Hah! Using lightning on me doesn't work so well- I'm way too used to it!" It figures that someone who uses water would end up taking a crapload of electricity attacks, but so far he's only been bested by it once. He considers how to attack next, and shakes his head, "Can't take a-" Pause, "Oh please, like I haven't heard that before. Why is it the first thing anyone says is always 'pervert'?" He hooks a thumb towards his chest, "If I was going to be a pervert, I'd start hitting you with palm strikes to the chest, or go for some less than legitimate holds."

"But, if you want me to treat you more like an adult, fine!" He rushes towards her, and then jumps into the air, trying to aim a kick to hit her just blow her neck, and if it hits he'll land and throw three hard punches across her body- keeping them in the stomach area due to the recent accusation, and follows it up with a palm strike to the face, which stops just short of contact, a blast of water firing out from his hand. "Hah!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon dodges Sergio's Breaker.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mignon           0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio contests the pervert call, Mignon sniffs. "Well fine .. I guess the last time I called someone it they were visiting a friend. But Mignon has to watch out for herself and protect herself! She has to do this because of what evil awaits in the world while she aims for peace!" And as Sergio treats her more like an adult, it seems Mignon is far more used to it than that, because Mignon is looking at Sergio aiming to kick her in the neck, follow with three hard punches, towards the stomach, and then a palm strike!

But Mignon isn't there, having collapsed to the ground, and rolled out of the way.

You see .. she tripped again. "Oww... Mignon's not getting the hang of this cold and windy place ..." And shaking her head, and rubbing her legs.. she launches herself towards Sergio! "HERE COMES MIGNON! A YOUNG ADULT!" And Mignon launches towards Sergio's legs.

AND IN AN ACT OF HYPOCRACY.. grab his legs and aim to rip them out from under him. "Ooopsie daisy!" And leap up! .. His face .. may meet ground.

COMBATSYS: Sergio fails to interrupt Quick Throw from Mignon with Old Faithful.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Mignon           0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Sergio

"I'm glad that's over with, then," The last thing Sergio needs is more people calling him a pervert. He's been accused and exonerated enough times that it's becoming a broken record! Meanwhile, Mignon seems to take very well to being treated like an adult, avoiding his attack and then moving in to land one of her own. When she tries it he quickly thrusts one hand up in the air, and a blast of water shoots straight up from the ground in front of him. Only it's too late- by the time it comes up, Mignon already has him crashing to the ground. "Yeagh!"

His face hits the ground again- something he's also becoming fairly used to. He rubs his head a bit, "Ugh, I think I might have been better off treating you like a kid." Assuming Mignon let go of his legs after he crashed down, he rolls onto his back and then hops back up to his feet. "Alright, Mignon the young adult, let's see what you've got."

See. Mignon's weakness is BEING TREATED LIKE A KID. It's rather .. unexpected, one might think. But maybe it IS expected, but not. All in all, Mignon seriously isn't one you'd expect to act like she does. And this time, as Sergio slams head into the ground, and dashes past the blast of water!

Kicking off and sliiiiding past, Mignon turns around to look at Serfio, nodding. "Mhmm.. Mignon the young adult! Mignon really likes that, much better!" Well .. see, Sergio. She was FLUSTERED. And usually, when a little girl is flustered they tend to lash out and do silly things.

"Aww.. but Mignon wants to be a young adult more.. don't treat her like a kid!" Perhaps .. in an effort to prove she hasn't learned ANYTHING, Mignon spins around, launching an assault towards Sergio! "DIVINE WIND SPIRIT!"

Adding to the windstorm ALREADY, another blast of rind rushes forth .. TOWARDS SERGIO. FWOOSH!

COMBATSYS: Mignon successfully hits Sergio with Windstorm.
- Power hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Mignon           1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0           Sergio

With the windstorm incoming at him, Sergio holes up, simply standing there and crossing his arms in front of himself, expecting to weather the windy assault like a stone. When it comes in and strikes him, this doesn't seem to be the proper defense, as the wind hits him and bowls him over, tumbling him a bit and landing him back in the ground. "Woah! That was... strange." He picks himself back up again. "Guess that witchery is pretty good after all." And he can't just go flinging massive onrushes of water at -everything- she sends his way.

Maybe a normal fighter would take a breather here, or perhaps ready themselves for what's to come. Not Sergio. No, instead he just keeps on fighting normally, moving back towards Mignon and trying to grab hold of her, this time around the neck, before trying to leap up into the air and then slam her down into the ground, right onto a large bubble of water in some kind of flying clothesline.

COMBATSYS: Mignon fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Sergio with Thunderbolt.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Mignon           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Sergio

As Sergio grabs Mignon, Mignon AGAIN tries the assault, extending her hands as she aims to slam into him with the charged hands she's readied. "THUNDER BOL-Not again......." She calls out, almost whining, before the bubble of water slams her hands away and well, FACE.

Head, hitting hard against the ground, Mignon lays there for a bit without moving.. and then pushes herself off the ground a bit.

"Mignon's .. not feeling so good .. but she's still okay .." Really!

Sergio makes a bit of a sheepish look after she's smashed into the ground, "Well, I did warn you about the lightning, right?" With what that wind did, the lightning could have been rather nasty had she succeeded, but that doesn't really enter his mind. Instead he's trying to think of how to proceed. In general it's unsportsmanlike to attack someone while they're on the ground. And it'll probably make it even worse, considering she's a kid. What can he do, though? He'll actually wait until she manages to get herself all the way off the ground, and then quickly reaches into his shirt and produces a length of rope. This he flings towards Mignon, and it begins spinning, a vortex of water forming around it and spinning it faster as it heads towards Mignon. It's almost like the tornado of wind she sent at him, except with water and a rope at neck height to try and strangle her. Convoluted? You bet.

COMBATSYS: Sergio successfully hits Mignon with Whirlpool.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Mignon           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0           Sergio

As Mignon is STRANGLED. It hurts! Alot. And as she's reached out for by Sergio, Mignon is strangled, gasping for air, she's spinning around in the water, her neck also getting strangled with the whirlpool! Gasping for air, Mignon can't do much .. so what does she do?

What she's been trying.


Rushing towards Sergio, tired, Mignon extends both hands one last time towards Sergio, sparks flying out of her hands as she tries to imbed them into his body .. and launch him away! "AGGGHH!" She can't breathe, Sergio. And this is mostly her trying to talk!

How could you strangle a cute button like her!?

And then those sparked hands try to slam into Sergio and LAUNCH HIM. Into a wall. Spinning.

Like he said before!

COMBATSYS: Sergio fails to interrupt Thunderbolt from Mignon with Alpha Release.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1           Sergio

Now, perhaps the best thing here would be for Sergio to ready himself and just stop the attack from connecting properly. However, she's trying to hit him with lightning. Lightning! When she tries to reach for him, he lets out a 'Hmph!" and sends forward a palm thrust that stops short, followed up by a blast of water- right into her hand and all that water, preparing himself for the shock to come. This time, finally, the electricity ends out on top, as Mignon lands her hit before the water can be released, stopping it entirely. He's zapped, lifted, and then thrown- right into a wall. "Oomph!"

He grits his teeth a bit, and pushes himself out of it, revealing an Italian shaped hole in the wall. "Damnit! I really wanted to stuff that lightning too."

As Mignon GASPS for air, she shudders a bit, shaking herself off, before looking over at Sergio.. who, oddly enough, is thrown RIGHT into a wall.

Mignon's coughing, gasping, and finally, the pink haired wonder .. is alive? The water crashes to the ground as Mignon launches Sergio, which helps remove that rope as she pulls it off. "Hah.. Mignon really though .. she was done for ... but Mignon's .. not done ... yet.." The wear on the girl is immense.

She /shouldn't be standing/. But she is.

And at this point, Sergio, she sways looking over to him, standing up still. Waiting .. she doesn't have anything left to give.

COMBATSYS: Mignon focuses on her next action.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1           Sergio

If she's not going to take the initiative, Sergio certainly will! He's not about to let himself get worn down by her. Many successive blows could certainly do that too him, so he's slightly weary. When Mignon just hangs back, he sees his chance. The water and rope didn't seem to bode well for her, either, so he things he might have just the thing to finish this fight off. "Okay, Sergio," he says quietly to himself, "here we go!"

He reaches into his shirt, grabs, and whips out a simply enormous rope, putting his whole body into a massive throw that sends it towards Mignon. More than just that, though, is the power he dredges up from inside himself, a massive swirling maelstrom of water forming around the rope. It moves towards Mignon rapidly, and if it hits it'll have an effect much like the first rope- except that the water is a lot more powerful, and rather than simply strangling her it'd completely wrap and tie her up.

COMBATSYS: Mignon stops Charybdis from Sergio with Water Shield.

[                           \\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mignon           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sergio

It seems that Mignon just won't fall over. Yet.

Because as Sergio whips out a simply enormous rope, Mignon's eyes go into 'FEAR' mode. Oh no. OH NO. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO!? Mignon breathes steadily as he tosses the whip, putting everything into it. Mignon looks on .. and that rope is getting a much worse swarm of water around it.. before it's tossed towards her.

And that's about when ... it comes down around her. In three seconds, she'd be a mummy.

"W-w-WATER UP!" She cries out, almost too late, as a wave of water erupts from the ground around her, gushing up and outwards, the massive funnel meeting the opposition of her own.. and the opposing water fields crash, the rope, too, crashing onto the ground.

Mignon teeters.

"Hah ... Maybe ... Maybe Mignon .. should just give in .. no Mignon can't .. Mignon .. still has a chance!"

A pause from Sergio. "..." Then an eyebrow raises. "Now that I can appreciate." Heck, he has a move that's almost exactly like it, though it failed to stop Mignon earlier. All this flinging water around is starting to tire him out though. "Hmph. You're not doing to bad. A bit better luck and I might be in trouble." Of course he still doesn't think he's in trouble, but that's probably because his opponent is waffling on whether or not to give up.

"Well, I guess I'd better not give you a chance to go for a turn around!" He grins a bit, and then moves in towards Mignon. Since his big swirling waterized rope of doom didn't work, he'll try a more direct approach. Meaning forming an orb of water around his fist, and placing it not-so-lovingly into Mignon's solar plexus. "Hmh!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon fails to reflect Medium Kick from Sergio with Water Shield.
- Power fail! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergio           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Mignon can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergio           0/-------/-----==|

You're darn tootin Sergio!

And it looks like he didn't either, because as he moves in, an orb of water around his fist smashing towards her solar plexus. Mignon is hit HARD, even as the shield goes up. "W-WATER U-OOP!" The water doesn't even RISE before he strikes her, and she goes rolling.

And rolling.


She finally hits a tree, out like a light .. except shivering.
5r It's cold.

COMBATSYS: Sergio has ended the fight here.

Victory! And despite the fact it was against a young American witch, Sergio still feels he has reason to celebrate. "Yeah!" He pumps his fist into the air once, and then poses for the camera. He crosses his arms, and grins at it, "Gonna take more than a witch to stop me. Who's gonna be next?" So far he isn't doing too bad in the Neo League this season. As for Mignon... well, the medics can take care of her. He's not the type to get too worried about what happens to his opponents- at least, not when he's fairly sure they won't die or anything.

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