Neo League 526 - #533: Maxima vs Krizalid

Description: Krizalid and Maxima battle in a battle that can have no winner. WHO WILL WIN?! (Draw Match)

Does this seem like an unlikely place for the Masters Foundation to be having a fight in their ongoing presentation of quality, hard-hitting and sometimes remarkably one-sided fights? The Library within the hallowed halls of Taiyo High has been selected as a place of battle, with the promise of new books to be presented for any that are -- and likely will -- be destroyed during the proceedings that about to take place.

Yes, it's definitely an odd location. Thankfully, there's only one other person present other than the combatants. The librarian, an aged, stooped and rather wrinkly old woman who's no doubt spent more time between the pages of a book than the arms of a lover. But that hardly matters. However full of cobwebs the old bat may be, she's too busy behind her desk, bent over a thick volume of knowledge. And as everyone knows... knowledge is indeed power.

The rules for this Neo League fight have been kept remarkably simple. It's been billed as a 'silence is golden' brawl between old enemies, the information as to that unspecified but the artistic lean for fights involving the Junior Vice President of NESTS continued. His last, a fight of silhouettes against Rose. And this, a fight where speaking above a hushed whisper may result in an instant disqualification.

"i really don't like this idea," Krizalid whispers to the producer of the fight as he waits in the hallway beyond. The producer promptly reminds him that the fight has not yet started, and that he may speak with his regular volume.

Moments later, the Irishman enters the library, leaving the producer outside to nurse his broken nose.

Stretching his arms out to both sides, he hails the non-existent crowd, those beady eyes of his searching the library with its row upon row of books for his opponent. "that rascally canadian. i'll gut him good."

COMBATSYS: Krizalid has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Krizalid         0/-------/-------|

Unique attractions are what garner appeal these days. Just about anyone can hurl a hadouken with their pinky finger; that's old hat. The settings, the -requirements- and special set ups are what really bring the true fans. Seeing people punch each other with force enough to break holes in ships is all well and good, but sometimes -- sometimes the brain has to be stimulated as well.
Which is EXACTLY why this fight takes place at a library. Exactly. Texts on philosophy, science, art -- all strewn about aged wooden tables set about the library floor. Truly, this is a place to better the mind. Which is why it is the perfect setting for a brawl. Even as Krizalid waits, his opponent seems to be no where to be seen. Where is that rascally Canadian?? Wherever could he be?! Why...
... He's hunched over a table, reading a book that looks absolutely tiny in his massive hands. On the cover? 'STEPHEN COLBERT IS AMERICA (And So Can You!)'.
He's immersing himself in the cornerstone of American culture and nationalism.

"ha ha ha!"
Really, considering who he's fighting, Maxima shouldn't be so relaxed, or seem to be enjoying himself so much. Yet, of the pair of renegade NESTS agents, the Canadian has never been one to be too tightly wound-up or prone to bursts of explosive anger. He leaves that to K'. He prepares for his fight in a wholly different way; by flipping through the pages of that book rapidly with much too-large thumb and index fingers, grinning like a fool. It's only when Krizalid begins to approach that his eyes lift towards his nemesis, brows furrowing and squinting. Slowly, he stands. He keeps the book in hand.
"You should really read--"
"you should really read this book, it's very funny. this stephen colbert could teach you a thing or two about humor, eh?"
Yes. He's ready to fight.

COMBATSYS: Maxima has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Krizalid

It really isn't long before the almighty Krizalid locates his opponent. Just like Toucan Sam, he follows his nose.

Canadians smell pretty bad. Look it up in the encyclopedia. The Irishman plans on using it as a weapon later on.

For the moment though, it would seem that -- as a rather quiet set of directions are given from the door by the nose-busted producer -- that the fight is ready to commence. And commence it shall, as the Irishman ambles up around a row of books and sets his gaze on Maxima. Who much like the dried-up librarian, has his nose stuck to the pages.

Oh how it boils Krizalid's blood to see Maxima there, reading a book -- and disobeying the rules! Always a rule-breaker, that one! Rules are there to be obeyed, not to be broken! He channels all of this energy into his furrowed brow, sending all of it telepathically at his opponent. It's a good thing he's not telepathic.

"oh you think you're so good, reading a book, don't you!" he growls the words out instead, his Irish lilt coming to the fore as his fists clench. Anger suffuses his being, but he does not seek to draw first blood; he instead stares, letting hate pour out of his beady eyes as if he could cause Maxima to incinerate on the spot! If he's lucky, the Canadian may feel slightly warm, and wonder at the temperature on the thermostat.

It may almost be enough to make one wonder... just what the hell he's doing, as Krizalid stands there, quivering in rage as his fists shake. Oh the humanity!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Krizalid

"wow, it's getting kind of hot in here, isn't it?
"feels nice!"
Rolling either of his shoulders in preparation, Maxima seems to be the epitome of good nature in contrast to Krizalid's scarcely controlled WAAAGE. He offers an infuriatingly calm grin to the NESTS third-in-command, head dipping in a slight acknowledgment.
"well, you know what they say. knowledge is power. you'd probably like this one though, even if you're not big on books..." Maxima turns the book around, staring at the back of the cover and Stephen Colbert's grinning face. "even stephen colbert highly recommends it." Flipping the book in his hand, he takes another glance towards Krizalid, and blinks. He looks so angry!
"hey, you alright?" he questions, almost sounding concerned. Almost.
And without much further ado, Maxima reels backwards. His arm tightens, power pouring forth through his systems into that wound-back limb.
"... why don't you take a look for yourself!"
With that offer made, Maxima -hurls- the book forward like some sort of literary missile of might. It flings far and it flings fast, apparently intent on smacking Krizalid right in the head with it. This book will strike with far more force than any normal book could ever muster, too. After all. Stephen Colbert IS America.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid reflects Thrown Object from Maxima with Typhon's Rage - Reflect.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Krizalid

"you know i'm not big on books!!"

Krizalid definitely isn't big on books. Maxima definitely hit the nail right on the head with that descriptive of Krizalid's character. On the other hand, he's somewhat offended by the offering of the book -- so much so that he generates his own chi-laced winds in a sudden, and very brutal, gust. The book is caught out of mid-air, and sent hurtling back at the thrower -- Colbert's eyes would no doubt widen all the more in terror at such a violent journey, if only it weren't for the fact that the book's cover is but a picture of greatness!

Breathing heavily -- but softly -- the Irishman's hands come up from both sides, and he promptly ignites his other chi; the stolen kind, the Kusanagi DNA within him causing a sudden burst of ... ignition! Flame envelopes his tall, lean frame, burning away the coat he wears to reveal the tight-fitting battle suit beneath.

Already, his cod-piece gleans with stolen data.

"No smoking in the library!"

Krizalid shoots the librarian an annoyed glance.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Maxima with Reflected Thrown Object.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0         Krizalid

Oh, those. Maxima remembers those.
He hates those.
The winds are noted with an unpleasant stare. Reject his gift, will Krizalid! The nerve of some people these days. His body lowers, tensing in preparation to receive that great volume of knowledge as it swirls about and then whips right back at him in a sudden ricochet. He tenses, and begins to move...
... but then that book smacks him right betwixt the eyes. With a grunt, Maxima staggers backwards, taking a single step before those heavy boots solidify their footing. He reaches out, snapping the book from the air before it can strike the ground. Slowly, he sets it on the table next to him. "... well," he begins.
"i think mr. colbert had a rule against misusing his book like that."
Without missing a beat, Maxima rushes forward -- only slightly lagged thanks to the strike of that amazingly patriotic book. Breaking across the space between him and Krizalid, he pulls back his right fist, before coming to a -skidding- halt just before the tall Irish man. Swooping low, his massive arm jerks out, ramming forward elbow first like a battering ram aimed at stuffing itself into Krizalid's torso, just below the sternum -- aiming for that oh-so sensitive solar plexus.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Krizalid with Quick Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0         Krizalid

Surrounded by the ashes of his coat, Krizalid spends a moment to rub at his glowing codpiece. Yes, the sensitive equipment within is indeed swelling with data, and its well-hung pipes are feeding the information right back into his central nervous system.

With his cheeks lightly suffused with color, a blushing Irishman fails to get out of the way fast enough, what with that elbow suddenly hitting him right in the middle. His mouth opens, and a 'puh!' of spittle flies out of his mouth, no doubt to offend the offensive Canadian. But no, no, that does not make it a thrown object!

Stumbling backwards, both arms are waved as he rights himself from falling over, although a moment later he's hunching to clutch at his stomach. "oooh that got me right in the plexus," he states the obvious, words soft due to more than simply the rules which govern their encounter. Resting one hand on his knees, he holds the other up, palm flat in a 'stop' motion for his opponent. Sucking in sweet breath, he takes several moments in recovering, countering on Maxima's good nature to allow him that time.

And then he breaks out of the hunch, sliding forward with both boots to return the favor -- to drive his own sizable fist square into Maxima's stomach, and perhaps bring up the plucky Canadian's lunch! "aha! i bet you didn't see that coming!"

COMBATSYS: Maxima Toughs Out Krizalid's Strong Punch!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Maxima           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0         Krizalid

Didn't see it coming?! Perhaps. Too bad for Krizalid, though...
... Maxima now has the power of Stephen Colbert on his side.
Debatably. But the facts are, even as Krizalid goes stammering backwards, Maxima rubs that bit of saliva spat out by Krizalid from his cheek with a bit of a frown, shaking his head most solemnly. "watch where you're aiming," he chastizes, rubbing his gloved hand against the side of his leg. That Krizalid. Always so rude.
He's preparing to move forward again, his right leg tensing up in preparation for a lancing kick to the side. But, before he can, Krizalid is performing a most sacred of acts -- the 'timeout' motion. Hunched over and gasping for breath, the Irishman seems to have been hit a bit harder than originally thought. Maxima peers at him in silent wonderment for but a moment before deciding to humor him, leaning back and even going so far as to cross his hands behind the back of his head. "i don't remember you ever being such a wu--"
SNEAK ATTACK?! Oh the scandal!! Krizalid springs forward with a single fist, seeking to drive it into Maxima's stomach. At the same time, Maxima... just takes a single step back with almost unbelievable reaction time, his right fist cocking back and clenching with the creak of leather. That punch connects, digs in... but Maxima takes it all without even -budging-. Like a man. Plus, it helps that he doesn't have a stomach anymore to bring up lunch.
"yeah," he remarks as he brings that fist flying down.
"i kinda did."
The moment that Krizalid's fist finishes driving in, Maxima's own comes flinging out. But before it can connect, the wrist suddenly -sprouts- into a series of arm cannons with the -ka-CHUNK- of metal. Inches from Krizalid's face, they simply RELEASE a massive gout of highly-pressurized air, seeking to crash harshly into Krizalid's chest and send him flying back into a nearby table with his own company's technology.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid endures Maxima's Vapour Cannon.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Maxima           0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0         Krizalid

It's all happening very fast -- so fast that Krizalid doesn't really have time to speak! Or does he?!

After sliding forward, it seems very apparent that Maxima is intent on returning the favor. Even as his fist streaks through the air, from the corner of his peripheral -- since for some reason he's looking right into Maxima's void of a middle -- he sees that the Canadian is as wily and as rascally as ever; he sees that fist coming, and he knows precisely what lies within the arm. After all, he helped design it! Ok, maybe he didn't, but he probably watched the installation while going 'ewwww' and 'ooooh that's gross' and asking Whip to hold his hand.

And so, knowing full well what's about to come for him, the Irishman does not step aside -- no, no! He will show Maxima just how manly he is! What do you mean that was meta-pose?! Naturally his codpiece must have informed him of what Maxima was thi--anyway! That Irish mouth of his opens, and he spews insanity in a whisper;

"you wanna get nuts?! let's get nuts!"

The Librarian lifts her gaze, but she's moving so dreadfully slow in comparison to Krizalid at that moment. Even with his fist still in the middle of the Canadian, the Irishman seeks to bury his foot right alongside it. That series of massive cannons unloads their heavy payload right into the side of his face, smooshing his cheek to the point where, well... he looks a lot like this!!

But even as the force explodes, rocketing him back, the foot seeks to dig in further -- along with that hand! Will he bring Maxima along for the ride?! Let's find out!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Maxima with Lethal Impact.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Maxima           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1         Krizalid

And with a very, very firm grip on Maxima's lack of innards, the two are blown backwards across the library, bound for that table -- but as they fly, a devious, one would almost say diabolical, grin crosses the face of the NESTS Agent.

"i thought i'd improvise. it's not done a lot these days, you know -- people just keep throwing the same old thing at each other, not bothering to mix it up! it's the spice of life, you know that? if i was expected to simply kick you in the stomach, lift you, and then slam you down again every time i used this attack, why, it would certainly be predictable, wouldn't you say?!"

So after what proves to be a very, very long flight for the two across the library, the Irishman exerts his own brawn, flipping the two around so that, rather than he being the one who strikes the table, it's Maxima instead! And then Krizalid stands on top of him, places his hands on both hips, and laughs like a madman! Honestly, this talk of using attacks! He's mad!

Will he?!
Why yes, he certainly will!
Maxima, quite understandably, doesn't stand much of a chance. With him still in mid-swing, even if he might see the foot lancing out to pierce into him, he can't just halt his forward momentum. So, he attempts to just go with it, to attempt to dampen the blow mid-way through. But this, sadly, does not go as planned.
Brought along with the help Krizalid's freakishly genetically enhanced thigh and calf muscles, the whole 483 pounds of metal that is Maxima is lifted through the air by foot alone -- though likely not without making the experience a -bit- uncomfortable for Krizalid. He can't really respond to the Irishman's words, though, going flying through the air at tip top speeds as he is. Fortunately, it's brought to a stop soon enough...
... by smashing him directly into a table. The desk splinters from the raw force that Krizalid provides, crashing the hefty cyborg straight into the ground with a rough-n-tumble impact. Rolling does the massive man go, shards of wood stuck into his arms and chest, piercing through that suit as he comes to an ultimate stop in a crouch, panting slowly. "... oof," he grunts out. That hurt.
Rather than go rushing off into action once again, though, Maxima stands his ground -- coming to a slow rise, he rolls his head to either side, and then stares straight for the Irishman... beginning to analyze with that superhuman, unnatural mind of his.
"your improvisation could use a little work," he remarks. "i think mine was better." Books always win. Always.

COMBATSYS: Maxima focuses on his next action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Maxima           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1         Krizalid

After the rough and tumble landing, the Irishman is still busy laughing like a madman! Softly, that is.

"mwahahaha!... hahaha!... ha!"

He trails off, his head turning sideways... almost as if he were staring through the very monitors within which people were watching this fight of his! His brow furrows. Those dirty, dirty voyeurs! What do they think they're doing, watching him fight a rival of Maxima's caliber?! Have they no shame?! Go and cook dinner, don't sit here watching a fight on a fictio--

Oh wait, he's looking at the librarian. Briefly, he considers using her as a weapon against his opponent, but there's just something outright disgusting about touching someone that old and ... old!

"yours was better? you were always second best, maxima! you're like the mexican version of superman! el superman!"

And with that, he summons forth his chi-laced winds once more. Taking a half-step forward towards his opponent, he lifts his leg up high, his combat boot lifting above his own head like some kind of perverse male ballerina, and then with a whoosh he drops the heavy leg down. In its wake, winds rise high -- and they sickle forth, shooting across the short distance between the two combatants with one goal in mind; cut!

And cut they do! They cut through book after book of precious 'I Am America (And So Can You!)'! Oh the humanity! Why did the library buy so many copies in a Japanese school?!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Maxima with Typhon's Rage - Strike.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Maxima           1/=======/=======|=======\===----\1         Krizalid

Krizalid, he-- he--
What a monster!!
All those books, torn through with careless, diabolical ease! All of Stephen Colbert's proud works! Of course, Maxima is concerned with his -own- well-being, rather than the safety of those texts. But still, later, when he has a time to recollect... he will mourn deeply for their loss.
"second best? c'mon, krizalid. don't you remember? they never really cared about you." He sounds a touch serious here, eyes narrowing as he stares directly towards his enemy. Krizalid conjurs up those winds of chi, and his body lowers -- preparing.
"you're just the prototype."
And then the winds come, and Maxima... starts running. Unsuccessfully, at that; the scythes of chi bite into him with painful results, cutting through the battle suit, damaging his internal processors. It's no good, no good at all! The effects stagger his run almost to a stand still, but Maxima -keeps going-. He's determined. A man on a mission. The winds constantly assault and abuse him, making bloodless cuts through his body, but he ignores it. He only has one goal. One purpose. To reach out...
... and grasp Krizalid by the shoulders.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Krizalid with Maxima Revenger.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Maxima           0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Krizalid

One grip. That's all it takes; Maxima's iron vise on Krizalid's shoulders to start an absolute whirlwind of pain. Gripped and lifted, Maxima proceeds to SLAM Krizalid into the ground with a rupturing -explosion- of force, bringing the entire library grounds to shudder and indent into the force of impact, spider-web lines forming throughout the length. Yet, the grip is still maintained.
"maxima..." he whispers. Just because it feels necessary when accompanied by the tell-tale flinging of Krizalid into the air like naught but a ragdoll.
"... revenger!!!"
As completely anticlimatic as the whisper sounds, it is proceeded by something absolutely brutal. Krizalid goes flying high through the air, and as he descends, Maxima hunkers down. Before Krizalid can strike the floor, the Canadian springs back -up- to his full height, headbutting Krizalid with a titanic CRACK of impact that echoes throughout the quiet halls of the library. Up Krizalid goes again, and down, and Maxima springloads like a piston into yet another headbutt, bringing with it that resounding crack as he drives his thick skull into the NESTS exec's spine. One final time its done, Maxima's body lowering... before CRASHING into the Irishman head-first, with a single, cacophonous BOOM that'll send the man straight into a shelf of books.
"... hmph."

Let the dialogue explain for Krizalid.

"oh you're friendl--"
"ow my spine!"
"ow my head!"
"ow my spine!"

Landing in a heap, Krizalid certainly looks worse for wear after all of that. And he feels vaguely molested, too! Staggering back to his feet, he brushes off pages from books, planks of wood from shelving units from IKEA, and a few tittyrags besides that make him question the intent of this library in educating the youth of Japan. "oh i see you pack as thick a head as ever, maxima," he compliments across the room, partially hunched as he rubs at his back. That hurt. Yes indeed, that hurt.

But harnessing the stolen DNA that courses his very, well, DNA, and bursts into flames. Looking worse for wear, the blood that trickled from his mouth -- no doubt from all of that internal damage that was done to him -- is burnt away as he stares at a world reminiscent of the depths of hell. And it's a segment of that hell he seeks to impart unto Maxima.

A veritable Satan, he heaves a long breath of flamey goodness as he lifts both arms over each shoulder. Tensing, he unleashes, arms criss-crossing through the air to leave a fiery trail. And surprisingly, or perhaps not so, it turns out to be an 'X' that marks the spot.

And it's an 'X' that flies through the air, spiralling, intent on setting more than just Maxima's night on fiiiiiiiire.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Maxima with End of Heaven.

[                           \\\  < >  //////                        ]
Maxima           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1         Krizalid

The Kusanagi flames. Maxima knows well enough about them, having worked in NESTS where you're given a lecture about how amazing it would be to spawn one million clones of Kyo on a weekly basis -- and having his partner be one of the first of many subjects to be infused with that DNA. Still, though. It doesn't quite compare to the prototype's.
Because Kusanagi DNA is just that super-amazing.
Gouts of crimson fire spill out from Krizalid's body in a massive X of churning mystical power. Power that helped seal away a giant eight-headed serpent, or something. Maxima was pretty bad at listening to the lectures.
All he knows is that it's really, really hot.
The fire impacts with a massive explosion of flame and heat and pain as Maxima goes skidding across the ground, crashing through desks and knocking over another shelf of books -without stopping-. He ultimately comes to a skidding halt about ten feet from Krizalid. Just in time to slowly, ever-so slowly, get up... and grunt.
"... stupid fires."
His body smoking and wobbling from the abuse throughout the fight, Maxima has a single purpose: -rush- across the space between himself and his former superior, take a good grip at him, and then just -suplex- the man mightily into the ground with the unnatural arch of Maxima's massive frame. It'll be followed by an unnatural flip through the air as the Canadian lands over the Irishman, keeping his grip as he attempts one, final suplex before ultimately collapsing. Ouch.

COMBATSYS: Maxima can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Krizalid         1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Krizalid with Dangerous Arch.

[                            \\  <
Krizalid         1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Krizalid takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid can no longer fight.

Again, let's let the wonder of sound effects be our guide;

"bad touch!"
"ow my neck!"
"ow my neck!"
"the fighting mongooses!"

Slumping to one side after the final suplex, it's a little whiles before Krizalid is able to get back to his feet. It's clear that neither can continue the fight though, and television sets across the world declare the brawl to have ended in a DKO! A riveting double knockout! But as the credits role, stating that Krizalid was played by Gary Coleman for some odd reason, there's a brief bit heard of the argument that ensues between the two former associates. And Krizalid has some choice words for the traitor;

"Get a job, you hippie!"

The rebuttal comes swift, loudly, and brutally:
"Yeah, well... I am going to EAT YOUR NOSE."
In the background of the credits, there is a shot of Maxima eating a sandwich that looks disturbingly like Krizalid's nose.

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