Neo League 501 - #521: Mignon vs Preston

Description: THE FIGHT BETWEEN SCHOOLGIRL AND GIANT MAN WITH AN OAR IS IN THIS LOG. I will tell you one thing, sports fans, LOVE CONQUERS ALL-but don't stand still when an oar hits you. You'll still lose. (Winner: Preston)

It's late. That's the thing, it's meant to be late. It's an after-school special in the dead of night, and it's been billed as a clash of the teen titans; more importantly, it's been billed as a chance for all of the devious Japanese to watch a schoolgirl get her ass absolutely kicked by a brute of a foreigner. A Briton Invader, there within the hallowed acreage of the Kyokugen Dojo, waits for his opposition.

Tall, muscled and remarkably topless, Preston Alistair Wellington the II has yet to actually make an appearance on the Neo League Circuit; that's been part of the billing for the fight. The Champion of the SNF 'Junior League,' a somewhat forgotten but nevertheless unimportant title belt, and a known mass of muscle the likes of which have rarely been seen on the circuit itself. And there he stasnds, tall and erect, the joke obvious as he glistens there in the spotlights provided by the lighting for the fight.

The crowds are there, locals drawn to the scene for what they expect will be a brutal encounter, a real (odd) beauty versus the (attractive) beast fight that's so often played out in the weekly schedules. Whether through sick amusement or simply school pride, the crowd is noisy, there's gambling going on, and there's even the waving of school banners and pennets. Beauty versus Beast. Seiyuu versus Pacific. Girl versus Boy. The comparisons go on.

"Fuckin' stupid comparisons," the Brit himself growls as he limbers up, that massive three-yard oar of his held in front of him as he swings from side to side. Wearing little but the slacks on his legs, he's even barefoot for the brawl -- and he's ready, standing there with the light of impending violence there within his clear gaze. Lifting it up, he brandishs it high overhead in a wide sweep before slamming the butt of it down onto the smooth concrete that makes up their fighting arena. It brings a series of cheers and boos from the crowd, the latter of which earn his most devastating weapon;

Preston squints.

Equally as uncaring for the comparisons as he is the forgotten belt he doesn't even wear to fights, the Brit awaits his opposition or the start of the brawl -- whatever comes first!

COMBATSYS: Preston has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Preston          0/-------/-------|

Oh that doesn't sound nice. For a schoolgirl from Salem to get her butt kicked by a brute! That doesn't sound good at ALL! Not one bit! But at the same time, Mignon doesn't know about this at all. But then .. Mignon doesn't have to know. Not at all. Not. At. All.

Having been there a bit late, Mignon still makes it with more than enough time left over. And compared to the muscled Preston, Mignon is a bit of an irregularity. She's pink like the dickens, and her clothes is a combination of odd showy outfits and what looks to be some sort of black show pants! Either way, she can't stand still, and jumping up and down, bouncing, and rocking a bit, Mignon's movements cause the rather large red lights on her large boots and on her gloves to blink, as well as emit the sound of PIKU.

So there's alot of that sound. But while Preston is an amazing fighter, Mignon is a DEFENDER OF TRUTH AND PEACE AND STUFF! You know it because she says it. She's more like twigs to Preston's muscle. Mignon was there because Drake totally said she should get involved in this stuff, and on her feet, Mignon is going to give it everything! Especially with her friends all over! "Haaaaaaaaaaaaai! Oh you guys came to watch Mignon?! That's soooo coool, Mignon is going to do her best, yep yep, you just watch Mignon cause she's going to Do. Her. BEST!!" Spinning around and turning to look back at Preston, she gasps. "Oh.. Mignon heard you say a naughty word .. Mignon doesn't like naughty words.. so what you need is some soap to clean that mouth out!" Wow.. he's a brute. And he talks like a brute. And he's got this giant weapon while Mignon is weaponless and frail.

... WELL. Mignon starts off alright.. and she starts off with a bang! Running towards Preston, Mignon leaps up once, bounces and then tries to flip over Preston.. or at least SORT of behind Preston. "HORSIE! You need to lie down, Mignon thinks you're still crabby!" Bounding over PReston, if allowed, Mignon tries to get behind the huge man, hook arms with him, and then .. somehow twist him over her back and then slam him head first into the ground. "Hah... Hah..Mignon .. THINKS... You need .. to go on a diet!" Maybe Mignon can slam him to the ground! ... It'll be by gravity. Really.

She's not that strong.

COMBATSYS: Mignon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Preston          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Mignon

COMBATSYS: Mignon successfully hits Preston with Filly Throw.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Preston          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Mignon

When the little tyke comes out, the Brit is still standing there stretching back and forth. The odd little sound that's coming out of her boots is almost swallowed up by the cheer of the crowd. From the corner of his eye he watches her as he twists his body. The words that are coming out of her mouth are barely heard; he's already seeing through a film of red, a veritable bull who's just sighted the matador. He watches the way her mouth moves as she enunciates every syllable. Those squinting hazel eyes of his see the way the muscles around her face twitch and flex and contract with every motion.

He's already thinking of smearing her face across the cement.

She springs into action quite literally, bounding over his tall frame. He twists, hearing the words and is left wondering aloud; "Are you fuckin' speakin' in the third?"

His arms are hooked as he questions this, the oar drawn tight across his body as she exerts some force and leverage. Teetering him up, there's a heavy grunt from the Brit as he... stands there for a moment, gravity teetering him there on her back, before finally slipping down her back.

Rolling over onto his back, Preston comes back up to his feet in a smooth motion. The oar comes up in front of him, and a smirk spreads across his face. "Let's see if I can't hit some fuckin' sense into you then, huh?" Judging her to be making none whatsoever, he steps forward on heavy feet to do just that; the oar precedes him in a sudden motion, whistling forward in a thrusting stab for her middle. It's a two-fold assault -- if he manages to skewer her, he'll exert that considerable bulk of his to lift her high into the air and then slam her down into the cement!

He is that strong.

COMBATSYS: Mignon dodges Preston's Bunting Tosser.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Preston          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Mignon

Oh but Mignon wants to ride the horsie still! As he teeters over and then rolls onto his back, Mignon bounces to her feet. "TADAAA! Teeeedelyy dee, Mignon's doing good! ... And Mignon's just talking like Mignon always talks, you don't need to be so rude about it, Mignon is only being friendly!" Mignon nods and stands still for a moment as he actually /curses again/ infront of Mignon. The oar slams forwards, whistling in a thrusting stab.

Mignon, however, doesn't make a move immediately. "Mignon has heard enough! Mignon wants you to stop with such a potty mouth or wash it out with soap. Mignon will not ask again nice-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" She lets out a high pitched squeal as the oar, huge and painful looking, attempts to slam into her middle.

However, she dives to the side, cartwheeling out of the way and then bouncing to her feet. "Heehee... Mignon's still got it! And Mignon's not going to play nice with a potty mouth! Nuh-uuuhhh. But Mignon will if you don't talk like that, 'okaaaaaay?" And then raising a hand, Mignon not only at once begins to be happy she's only standing on the concrete and not lying in it, but also readies .. HER MAGIC.

"Oh and by the way Mr potty mouth, Mignon's a witch! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay for Mignon! So Mignon'll just have to clean your mouth out by herself!" And extending both hands towards the Brit, the little schoolgirl... creates a fireball. "Fire!" The chi erupts from her hands attempting to slam into Preston and launch him backwards in an explosion.. however. "Ahh.. hot hot hot! Mignon made it too hot, owie owie ow!" She flails her hands at the same time. Owwwch.

That may have given her a booboo. ;.;

COMBATSYS: Preston dodges Mignon's Fire Ball.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Preston          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Mignon

For Preston, he's really just hearing a lot of white noise from her as she prattles on. He was seeing red to begin with, but he's very nearly seeing pink as she cartwheels out of the path of his thrusting oar. Good thing Mignon isn't wearing a miniskirt, unlike certain teammates of the Brit's. And if he was indeed seeing red to begin with, he must be seeing the tides of Communism by now, as that noise continues and he sees those legs spinning away--

"What the hell are you talkin' about!" he shouts at her as the diatribe continues. Doesn't she know anything about him? HE's the one who rants in the middle of a fight, not her! And he gears up to do just that, taking a big, deep breath that puffs out his massive barrel-like chest. It's at about that stage that she strikes a pose, and lets loose a very literally named strike against him.

It shoots at him -- and in a remarkable show of aggression, he leaps up and over the fireball, bearing down on Mignon with the oar held up high overhead

"I'll get to my rant in just a fuckin' second!"

For the time being, it seems that he's got a witch to see about burning at the proverbial stake -- and the first step to that will be ensuring that the 'stake' is ready. Thus, he swings that oversized oar of his down from above, aiming to use Mignon in a rather sickening game of Whack-A-Mole!

He'll give her a concussion on top of the booboo.

COMBATSYS: Mignon endures Preston's Medium Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Preston          0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0           Mignon

As Preston LEAPS OVER THE FIREBALL, Mignon's not expecting it, and is facing away. "You know very well what Mignon is talking about, mhmm, and you're just being mean to Mignon, well Mignon won't just give up, nope, Mignon's gonna give you what you deserve!" She's smiling and everything.

Then Mignon hears the CURSE WORD AGAIN. Mignon twirls around, looking at Preston very carefully. SHhe stomps the ground also. "Mignon is tired of hearing such nautghy languaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" THUD. The oar would burn her had she not been simply too tough! .. Tough like a twig. Twigs bend. So does Mignon. As the oversized oar slams onto her, she stands, arms at her sides, head very not-nicely slammed into her shoulders, and body twitching a bit. "O..Ow.." She responds with, holding her position.. but she DID get a booboo... concussion. Can't think good .. nope.. Mignon think goodly!

"Mignon .. ow ... doesn't like to hear that .. ow .. bad language.....YOU MEANIE!" Bursting into action, that which wasn't beaten the hell out of her, Mignon thrusts forth a hand. "Divine wind spirit!" And JUST LIKE THAT, Preston would find his huge body under assault by WINDS. They rush at Preston, a heavy billowing chi born storm attempting to grab Preston and then whip him around like he was on the seas!

Unless, you know, that oar is just like a mace stand in.

"Mignon won't stand for you being such a meanie! Nope!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon successfully hits Preston with Windstorm.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Preston          0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Mignon

Driving the oar down onto the head of the pink-haired child, Preston finds himself grinning rather broadly as he interrupts her spiel against him. When's she gonna learn, he privately wonders. Maybe once he's done trying to split her body in half with that thunderous oar of his.

Standing over Mignon with that oar still held against her forehead, he reacts as that hand of hers is aimed at him. An attempt to throw himself to the side goes awry as the winds spring up about him, encapsulating him within their equally thunderous roar. The torrent swallows him, spinning him about and finally spitting him out. Twisting in the air, the Brit slides sideways into a three-point stance, a sour grunting leaving his body as he rights himself. His body shows the signs of damage, smoke rising from his massive frame, flesh grazed and otherwise dirty, blood mingling from his injuries.

"Bein' such a meanie? What in the fuck are you on about, you blightin' little ponce? Throwin' ya little fireballs and ya gusts of wind about, and you're callin' me the mean one here? Son," wait did he just say that? "-- you're askin' for a world of hurt here, and I'm aimin' to provide it."

It's only the beginnings of a rant, but he holds the rest back. Perhaps he's smartened up a bit, instead opting to launch his assault; the oar comes swinging through as he narrows the gap in a single bound, but it's aimed to whistle over Mignon's head. It's a feint for the real strike, aimed to make her duck. And he delivers the true strike after landing;

That massive, dirty foot of his, aimed right for her impressionable young face.

COMBATSYS: Mignon fails to interrupt Light Kick from Preston with Light Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Preston          0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1           Mignon

As the brit lands, damaged, Mignon smiles. "Mignon's telling you you're a meanie ... Mignon's a WITCH! Double u .. eye... tea... seaa.... eightch!" She nods, bouncing up. "And Mignon's not mean at all 'cause that's how Mignon fights! Mignon's not calling you names or being mean, nope, but you are! And Mignon doesn't like it very much!.. And Mignon's a girl Mr. Pottymouth!" She nods to finish it.

And then instead of launching his assault, the oar swinging through, Mignon LEAPS OVER IT. And in a flip, extends a foot. She didn't duck, no.

But instead, she leaps into his massive foot, and is treated with that pretty face slamming into the cement first, her body laying prone for a good bit or two. Forcing herself up, she twitches a bit, the lights flashing less, the pikuing which was just being spammed as she rolled now silent as she shakes herself off. Just two strikes .. not even STRONG strikes.. have cause Mignon to be almost laid flat out.

This guys strong!

Pushing herself to her knees, Mignon wobbles onto her feet afterwards, and then stands. "Mignon .. Mignon's going to hang in there .. because Mignon's not .. Mignon's not going to give up!" Pulling herself up, she wobbles, and her stick like body, full of peppermint and love, is at least .. up.

"So come on Mr. Potty mouth .. Mignon WILL WIN STILL!" She yells this last one and leaps into the air, extending both hands. "Mignon doesn't doubt herself at all!"

The foot that comes at him is simply not large enough, it would seem. Overcoming her attempt with an ease that only being a huge, huge, HUGE man of muscle can account for, Preston is left smirking as his opponent's knocked to the floor. There he stands over her, although somewhat apart, directing that expression of his down at her.

"Look, luv; havin' doubts is a healthy fact of life," he explains to her, utilizing that dry, British wit -- or simply sarcasm -- that he's somewhat known for. "And my name is fuckin' Preston, not fuckin' Mistah Potty mouth," he adds, although he briefly considers that he shouldn't have added the f-bomb in front of his name. A segment of the crowd takes up the chant; 'Fuckin' Preston! Fuckin' Preston!'

Shaking his head, the burly Brit closes the distance again. His meaty hand plummets for her neck, seeking to engulf her in sheer flesh. But again, it's a two-prong assault; if Preston manages the grip, he'll heft the girl up into the air, letting the choke settle in for a moment as his hand constricts.

"Maybe you'll learn ta speak in the fuckin' first person," he'll growl at her, as he unleashes the second portion of his attack.

With a flick of his finger, white water-laced chi will be summoned, to strike at her with a whoosh as he releases the hand.

Then again, that's all assuming his meaty hand encloses on her throat to begin with!

COMBATSYS: Mignon reflects Cape Horn Fever from Preston with Water Shield.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Preston          0/-------/-======|=======\==-----\1           Mignon

A HUGE MUSCULAR FOOT is the bane of all schoolgirls! At least, when they are kicking them. And as she has the expression directed to her, Mignon rubs her head. "Mignon doesn't ever doubt because it's bad to think you can't do something when you can, and Mignon can do anything she puts her mind to! Mignon's parents taught her that, yep! Mignon learned from Grammy and poppa and momma! And Mignon isn't going to listen to Preston, who has a potty mouth. So nyah!" She sticks out her tongue and pats at him with her hand like a kitty-cat.

Aww... "Now you got the crowd all speaking bad .. Mignon's not sure what she's going to do now." She hangs her head, breathing heavily. She's worn out. Already. But it's not over, not by a long shot, and as Preston grasps her, she holds her breathe. It hurts her lungs, but Mignon's a tough cookie!

And as the water laced chi begins, Mignon sees her chance. And releasing the breathe, "Water up!" She calls, in a half choked, half airless voice.. but the water follows, and as both water collides, it won't be good for Preston. The water is not controlled by him anymore the moment it hits the shield, and his grip around her will be lost.

Collapsing to the ground after the sudden eruption of water chi, Mignon gasps for air, breathing heavily.. she's clearly being beaten into submission by this man, and to keep up, is running herself into the ground.

"Hahh.. Mignon's name .. is Mignon .. and she'll .. fight you .. Mhmm... she has .. no doubts, see? Mignon .. is super .. smart .. too!" She sags a bit as fatigue sets in, her knees dropping low while angled inwards as she stands.. normally she does ANYWAYS.. but she looks downright tired.

After seizing the girl by the neck, Preston thinks he's finally getting the hang of this little girl -- literally, as he lifts her up. And by rote, he brings out his water-laced chi to strike at her -- only for her to squeak out a phrase and, as if by magic, bring out her own defense.

His own strike is turned on him after it hits that shield, and she slides out his grasp as he's knocked back a step or two.

"Oh, that's cute," he grouses as he considers his options. She isn't the only one who's finding themselves running low on gas. And that's an expensive commodity, what with the recent activity in Thailand. With a heavy growl, the Brit engages on the offensive once more. His initial ploy isn't going to work, so he simply brings out another. In this case though, it's a very simple, linear strike.

His muscles tense as he brings the massive oar of his up over his shoulder. Holding it one-handedly for the moment, he lifts the other to grip the shaft of his favored weapon... and then he unleashes in one thorough, smooth, and very heavy swing of the weapon. It cuts through the air, the whistle barely heard over the roar of the crowd as he seeks to drive Mignon into their joint admirers in a very physical, very harsh manner; by just hitting her right out of the park as the oar seeks her out horizontally.

"I fuckin' 'ate cute!"

He's a hungry lad, it seems.

COMBATSYS: Mignon dodges Preston's Fierce Strike.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Preston          0/-------/-======|=======\==-----\1           Mignon

Landing on the ground, Mignon turns to face Preston. And as she does, she hears it's cute. "Awwww.. Mignon didn't know you thought she was cute, but then .. Mignon's unresistable charm is something that many people can't resist~!" She spins once and then turns around, responding with a :P at him, sticking out her tongue. "NYAAAH. Just kidding! Heehee. Mignon isn't that cute, she's still too young!" She bobs, the PIKUPIKU really being heard now before she turns to focus on him. The strike that's launched at her causes Mignon to look at it alright.

And blink. "Mignon isn't sure that that looks too good.. Mignon better move!" She cries out, and then backflips as the heavy swing of the weapon rubs against her hair once she lands, the pikupiku still being heard.

And landing, she bounces like a gymnast. "TADAHHHH! Mignon has done another amazing aerial feet, what wonderful magic, and feats of amazginess will Mignon do next!? ... WATCH!" She giggles as she twirls once.

Really. Preston will not like what happens NEXT.

Sparklies begin to appear under her, spinning around Mignon as they twist and turn around her body, rising upwards as they raise up her form. "MagicallllllL~!" She twirls and faces Preston, and smiles. "HEAAALIIIING~!"

The sparklies go to work. This'll take care of her feeling tired!

Despite the potential whomp that is umph had, Preston just can't wang the girl as she proves too lithe on her feet. The backflip takes her JUST out of his range, and it's probably lucky for her that she doesn't end up bald as the oar follows through. A heavy, sour grunt escapes the Brit as he settles down thereafter.

But will he really dislike what happens next? Hearingn her beckon out that so-called 'magic,' he simply leans his head to one side to an audible pop as he cracks his neck. A second sound issues as he turns his head the other way. Even as he does so, he channels his adrenaline a little more carefully...

Two can play the healing game.

"Magical my fuckin' arse," Preston growls, that heavy accent of his coming through as he considers his options. The oar is lifted in front of him and twirled, an almost lazy action, yet it so smoothly and fluidly moves from one hand to another. He's definitely a staff-fighter, but will he let that flow further to the fore? He decides to, and with a slow grin, he advances.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh; the sound of his oar through the air, the heavy shaft spinning as he draws closer. It's his intent to drive her back, to make her take cautious steps away from the leading edge of his advance. "You're a witch are ya? With that hair color, I'd almost think so, but it seems more fuckin' likely that it's just the whimsy of these crazy horny Japs that's led to that. There's somethin' for ya to think about, while ya accusin' me of bein' a fuckin' potty mouth." Just where does he expect that to lead? He does not elaborate. There's a rating after all. He suffices for a wink.

But the oar suddenly dips to one side, and he lashes out with that hand again. This time, it's a lot more simple. Grab her hair, and then make her eat cement.

COMBATSYS: Mignon blocks Preston's Quick Throw.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Preston          0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Mignon

COMBATSYS: Mignon successfully hits Mignon with Magical Healing.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Preston          0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Mignon

The sparklies glow, and they glow and.. they .. don't do much. "Mignon was sure she casted that right.. Mignon doesn't feel good at all.. Mignon's still tired and everything." Frowning, Mignon nods. But that's okay .. Mignon's sorry for messing up the speelll Grammyyyyyy~! Mignon'll make it up to you, 'kay?" And then Mignon looks towards Preston. Who's spinning the oar. "Oh hiiii~! Yeah Mignon's sorry she ignored you.. won't happen again, mhmm, sorry!" And as she doesn't feel any better than before, Mignon wonders just WHAT to do. Well. She'll try it anyways! As the oar dips, and he lashes out, Mignon's HAIR IS GRABBED. "Ow ow ow owwwww! Put down Mignon and let go of her hair!" As he slams her face to the ground, she puts her hands in the way, and what happens is simply that Mignon launches off the ground, out of her grip, as she lands. "Mignon did a 5.0 landing! And the crowd goooooes wiiiiiild! Raaahhhhhh~! Mignon's the crowd's favorite!" And turning around, tired, Mignon nods. "Mhmm. Mignon's a witch!" Attention -> Back to Preston. "Wha .. Mignon's not from Japan! She's from the witch country in America! Mignon's happy their with her family and Grammy, who's also a witch!" She bobs her head as she does this. And that's about when Mignon kicks off the ground, bounding towards Preston, a bit tired, before ducking under him, grabbing for his leg, before kicking off the ground with it if she gets it!

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoopsie-daisy!" If she trips him off, Mignon will cause him to crash forwards by YANKING.. THAT.. LEG... and leaping up with it, so it's face first into cement .. or shaking her off of his leg!

Or kicking her in the face!

COMBATSYS: Preston interrupts Quick Throw from Mignon with Queen's Regulations.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Preston          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Mignon

After grabbing her by the hair, and throwing her down, it seems that Mignon again is just too lithe and agile; she flips away, leaving Preston to let loose another sour grunt of displeasure. Thus far, he just doesn't feel like he's hurt her enough; he hasn't brought the pain, y'know?

But it seems that he's confused about her nationality. "So wait... you're not fuckin' a Jap at all, you're a bloody American?"

Oh, now he really wants to hit her.

With her charging at him though, it seems that Preston's intent on doing just that. She comes in low, and it's just horrible from there; she's intercepted by that oar of his, as it swings in for a vicious series of strikes. There's one for her middle, just to stop her forward momentum right in its tracks. And swiftly he follows it up with a strike for her head, and then a final one to cleave her legs right out from under her. The weapon slides so easily between his hands, so graceful and almost elegant, the ease with which he dispenses pain to her.

Shouldering the oar thereafter, the Brit lifts his chin and puts his nose into the air. "How distasteful. I retract that statement about ya bein' 'cute,' however sarcastic I was bein' at the time. Maybe that explains your damage, bein' from there and all. Surprised you're not round as a fuckin' blimp though, the way they shovel in food." Ah yes, he has a charming opinion of those from North America, doesn't he?

Don't worry fans, Mignon's charging in! And she'll show this potty mouth.. ... how she GETS HIT WITH AN OAR REALLY WELL. Not on the defensive this time, as Mignon charges in, she's more than not at his whim and fancy, because the oar slams into her, slamming against her middle, stopping her momentum and a strike for the head sends her staggering, her body and arms flailing about. "AIEEEE!" And then afterwards she's slammed into the ground, her legs spinning out from under her as she flips and flails in the midst of the air before her body crashes down hard, her eyes opening, pained.

"O-Ow... Mignon ... didn't think that would happen." She coughs, looking up to the Brit, pushing herself back up to her feet, dusting herself off and then looking up to him. She's tired. She's beaten. She's basically out of the game. But Mignon .. oh mighty Mignon, she'll be a stain to Preston to the very day he slams her head into the cement for the final time.

"Mignon .. Mignon IS SO CUTE!" She stamps the ground, and then she doesn't understand the damage part.. perhaps Preston can laugh at that later. But for now, mignon latches to how she's not HUGE LIKE BLINK. "W-WHat!? MIGNON IS NOT FAT EITHER!... Oh you said Mignon's not fat .. okay! Mignon isn't fat, because she doesn't like to eat very much. Mignon thinks it's better when you're happy and then and can dance! Mignon doesn't like to eat and sit around, nope!" Maybe candy. She likes candy. Do you like Candy Preston?

But staggering on her feet, Mignon takes her time to see straight. "Mignon .. Mignon will get through this .. Mignon will just need a little time to get herself together.. okay Mr. Preston? Mignon's going to be ready in a little bitty!~" And she hangs back, slapping her cheeks a slight bit to wake herself up. "Come on Mignon, snap out of it! Mignon can't just give up!"

COMBATSYS: Mignon gains composure.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Preston          0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Mignon

Listening for a change, Preston re-considers that; he shouldn't listen to a single word that comes out of Mignon's mouth, not when she's definitely incapable of putting together an intelligent sentence. He can't even take her seriously, not with those boots and that hair and those words. So when she decides to take a time-out and pull herself back together, there's a heavy growl ripped out of the Brit's burly frame.

"This isn't a boxing match luv, you don't get a chance to take a time-out between rounds," he shouts at her, as he rather simply strides over to her with that oar held high for the beating that he seems so very intent on giving her. Again he keeps it simple; he simply drops that oar at her with a hefty swing behind it, sending it down flat with an easy intent to destroy her and splatter her brains across the pavement.

But it isn't that simple; it's another feint.

He wants her to move out of the way of such a deliberately slow strike, so that he can kick her skull right off of her shoulders in a thunderous thrust of his boot. How do his toes taste? Mignon might just find out~! "Eat this! You're not fat enough!" He loves sweets, but they're bad for his muscles.

COMBATSYS: Mignon fails to interrupt Strong Kick from Preston with Lightning Bolt.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Preston          1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Mignon

As Preston strides over to Mignon, and then drops the oar with a hefty swing, sending it on an easy path. And then he runs towards Mignon, sending a leg towards Mignon. Mignon grabs for it, and intends to charge it up! "LIGHTNI-IEEEEEE!" It.. doesn't work so well.

Flailing, Mignon collapses backwards as the heavy boot slams straight into her face and then launches her backwards, causing the pink haired terror to not just crash into the wall behind her, but indent in it, her form moving forwards and falling against the cement, breathing heavily as she just lays there.

"Mignon... not .. done yet ..." She argues out to no-one, yet tries to fight her urge to just sleep.

Perhaps .. she should have moved out more .. because it seems that not dodging .. is a bad idea.

It definitely doesn't go as planned. Instead of dispensing a bolt of lightning deep into his shoes, or the lack thereof, she catches his foot right in the face. There's a look of amusement on his face as she's sent tumbling away from him.

"Not done yet?" he echoes her argument, lazily allowing that oar of his to slant across his broad shoulders. He can see the signs; he judges her to be just about done, which means it's his turn to be an asshole -- and perhaps even drop out a rant. Then again, he's kind of lacking on topics with which to expel a great diatribe with sufficient gusto. "I'll let you off the hook this time, but we may as well end this little farce," he laments, stepping forward to where she's fallen.

"Lights out, luv."

He keeps it simple; the KISS method is tried and true, after all. The oar comes off his shoulder, and he sends the butt of it thundering down for the girl's skull.

And no, not the band.

COMBATSYS: Preston successfully hits Mignon with Weapon Jab.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Preston          1/------=/=======|=======\=====--\1           Mignon

As Mignon lays on the ground, she forces herself to keep on going. Mignon clawing her way onwards. The girl never seems to give up. Why give up though? She still has .. a chance.. a small chance.

And then she looks up. Mignon sees the oar rise up, and then she tries to roll out of the way. It fails.

Mignon's skull is impacted rather heavily by the oar, and she falls flat, unable to respond.. she has but a whisper. "M ... M.. Mignon's not .. done .. n-not yet..." And the next words she has is but a whisper. That is, until she begins to glow, or at least, parts of her do, the little blinking lights flashing heavily as they turn white instead of pink.

The white trail leads to Mignon's chest, the very center, where the lines all connect, before she forces with the last of her strength.. a final present to Preston. It's something that many get to see, really.. but not many really feel.

The collection of chi that she had been building up inside her erupts outwards.

In something of a small explosion, it detonates around her, and then sprinkles about, sprinkles falling from the sky after the white explosion.

Preston will probably be long gone before it.

COMBATSYS: Mignon can no longer fight.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Preston          1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Mignon successfully hits Preston with Heartful Present.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Preston          1/-======/=======|

And thus, it culminates. The oar wangs her right in the skull, and she's presenting him with quite the final present. He watches it build, seeing the glitter of energy as her collection builds.

He squints.

And then the explosion happens as he attempts to leap to one side. But with a little too much slow-mo action hampering him, the burly Brit is sent flying across the fighting arena and into his adoring fans. They're all promptly knocked unconscious.

"Fuckin' hell," Preston grouses as he brushes off his sweaty body, letting the drops of it fall onto those who have fallen around him. Like drops of mana, the fans lap it up. "I think I'm in the dog eatin' section," he says after witnessing that, and awkwardly sidesteps back into the arena proper. "That was quite potentially the single most gay attack I've ever seen," he says, still seeing some of the sparkles.

That attack threatened his manhood. No wonder it hurt so much.

"But I guess since yer a fuckin' girl you can get away with such a poof's strike."

All the same though, it seems that he's the winner, and with a head full of steam left besides. Looking down at his opposition, he ignores the cheers of the crowd for both fighters after what turned into quite the explosive little fight there within the latter stages. Those clear eyes of his stare down at her, and he imparts some final words of wisdom as he steps away;

"Maybe now you'll fuckin' speak normally."

He's a card.

COMBATSYS: Preston has ended the fight here.

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