Neo League 476 - #489: Kurow vs Heavy D!

Description: The Harbor sees a violent throwdown as League Leaders Kurow and Heavy D! clash a match as spectacular as a car wreck...and about as short. (Winner: Kurow)

Lately, sanctioned fighting has been a large part of Kurow's ambitions -- a sort of strange experiment, something far out of the man's usual behavior yet curiously not too far out of his usual methodology. The youth has always had some interest in sanctioned fighting, as a hobby, but only now is he starting to key into its potential to manipulate the masses. As Rolento Schugerg has shown, a man can get away with a lot... if only he's a fan favorite in the world of fighting.

Rolento's example may be what leads Kirishima to have yet another Neo League match scheduled in Metro City -- or maybe it's simple desire to spite some of America's greatest right in the heart of America. Whatever the case may be, the youth has once again placed himself in front of the Neo League's cameras, once again fighting a famous American brawler. Yet again, the claws slip on, and the youth gives the same practiced smirk to the crowd as he waits.

The crowd gathered for tonight's event is positively monumental. Though the actual fight is to be carried out on a shipping dock, people have gone so far as to climb fire escapes and place themselves atop all sorts of buildings here on the port just to get a free vantage point, let alone the /paid/ seats. Kirishima is a guy the fans are starting to /love/ to hate, and his opponent... well, his opponent is a hometown hero.

Despite having the crowd behind him in his hometown of Metro City, D! is...cautious. He remembers facing Kurow before after all in Saturday Night Fights. Hopefully, here, he won't end up kicked down a story's worth of stairs post match. Still, D! hangs back at the edge of the cordoned off area of the dock, frowning toward the spiky white haired maniac that's before him again.

Gritting his teeth, flexing his fists, and giving Kurow a level gaze from across the fighting field, D! slips down into guard. No wasting time warming up right now...he's not sure if he can afford it right now, after all...

Indeed, there's no sense wasting time warming up -- the second the bell rings, Kurow is ready. That seems to almost always be the case, unless he's toying with his opponents somewhat; it's one of the youth's major advantages. Say what you will about Kurow Kirishima, the kid's always got one thing on his side: reaction time. It's hard to get the drop on him.

It's very easy, on the other hand, for /him/ to get the drop on /other people/, and when Kurow sees one of his first Saturday Night Fight opponents right in front of him, looking ready for a fight -- well, he's not about to waste time. He immediately darts forward the second the signal to 'go' is given, and leaps toward Heavy D!; in what is no doubt an /extremely/ vicious start to the Neo League bout, and one that gets the crowd roaring, Kurow tries to snag Heavy D! by the neck with his claws, whirl around the man's body twice trying to create deep, deep gashes in him, then hook an arm around his head and slam him into the ground as his own momentum starts to carry him downward. One thing's apparent: Kurow Kirishima gives no quarter.

COMBATSYS: Kurow has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kurow            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: HeavyD has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
HeavyD           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Kurow

COMBATSYS: HeavyD blocks Kurow's Circle Slash.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
HeavyD           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Kurow

The vicious slash razes out for D!, the boxer thankfully ready for the quick start after slipping into his boxer's stance not a moment too soon, as the quick grabs and gashes cut into D! rather nastily. Thankfully, he manages to avoid being hooked down into the ground with that vicious slam. Hissing at the cuts he's recieved though, D! snaps back, trying to pressure Kurow with quick, rapid punches toward his face.

COMBATSYS: Kurow parries HeavyD's Light Punch!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
HeavyD           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Kurow

As Heavy D! comes in with those quick jabs, the young man stays stock-still, making it seem as though he's just going to take them -- in the name of getting some perceived advantage, physical or psychological, perhaps. However, just as it looks like the first one is about to connect, the youth swings an arm up, locking D's in place and leaving his body largely open.

"You know," he says, a swell of purple energy suddenly collecting in his other hand, "this seems strangely familiar." With those words said, perhaps in hopes of throwing D! off his game a little, the youth tries to sink those glowing claws full-bore into the boxer's stomach, in a move that leaves very few 'clean' defensive options.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD endures Kurow's Roppu Zuki EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
HeavyD           0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Kurow

Sometimes, the best defense is no defense., that's not a typo. Because sometimes, the best way to stop attacks that hit this hard is to take one intentionally. Why? Because it allows you to make some kind of inroads so you can press the attack. D! does just that, feeling those claws sink into his stomach and draw blood. Despite the stabbing pain in his stomach, D! takes it...and uses the closeness to try and grab for Kurow's shoulder, using the other hand to snap repeated body blows toward his solar plexis before yanking down, aiming to send Kurow down face first onto his head and a hopefully battered stomach.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD successfully hits Kurow with Reverse Stomach Buster.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
HeavyD           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0            Kurow

D! does catch Kirishima with that grab, and each successive blow gives Kurow a little more nasty damage to his stomach to worry about; the final downward fling elicits a massive cheer from the crowd, as their hero starts to finally build up a little momentum and change the face of the match -- even if it means getting speared in the stomach.

Kirishima starts to work his way up to his feet, rolling his shoulder as he stabilizes himself; this is about how he remembers D! fighting before, so while the youth is a little shaken, his tactical plan hasn't changed too much. This time, he comes in for another full-force attack, seemingly trying to put D! down in a few hard blows; the 'hard blow' du jour is actually a series of them. A quick kick comes in toward the boxer's jaw, and as soon as that leg lands, the other is up with a toe kick to the man's stomach. The final strike, though, is the one that would most likely be expected of Kurow -- a hard roundhouse.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD dodges Kurow's Strong Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
HeavyD           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0            Kurow

This time, however, D! ducks under the kick send for his jaw. And for the follow ups? He weaves away from the toe kick, and then swings his upperbody right beneath the swinging roundhouse kick. As soon as the final kick clears, D! comes in sharp and fast, rapid jabs sent out for Kurow's stomach again to put on the pressure and set him up right for a big shot.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD successfully hits Kurow with Jab Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
HeavyD           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Kurow

The jab hits Kirishima right in the gut, but doesn't seem to waylay him too much; he's hard to shake too much, even if he doesn't quite have the toughness of a lot of fighters. The younger man decides that now would be a /very/ good time to gear up to put some real pressure on, since it seems clear to him that D! is getting ready for something big himself.

Many would try to prevent a big strike, keeping the pressure on. Kirishima, on the other hand, feels he knows better. He hangs back, studying the boxer; some in the crowd -- a small number, but some -- start to make a quiet noise, one which slowly builds...

COMBATSYS: Kurow focuses on his next action.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
HeavyD           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Kurow

D! sees Kurow hanging back, trying to study him and prime him up...however, he knows better than to let Kurow do that. He's got to keep up this pressure and not let Kurow have that breathing room. If he does, he knows he's got little chance in this match. As such, D! keeps pursuing, keeping his aim toward Kurow's body with quick, sharp rights, hoping the damage will slow him down a little.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD successfully hits Kurow with Light Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
HeavyD           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Kurow

Each jab lands true, knocking Kurow back, back, back -- and for a minute, it looks like the man's starting to really falter. Maybe he just didn't twitch soon enough, too intent on studying D!; the crowd, even Kirishima's own little segment, starts to roar in approval. That little segment, though, sees a little shift in Kirishima's demeanor, one that they're starting to become familiar with...

... and then Kirishima's hand comes back, and those members of the crowd who /have/ latched onto the ninja in recent days start to shout wildly. The youth takes a last deep breath, energy swirling all around him -- and then just what they're looking for comes, a massive surge of golden energy emitting from the youth's hand as he swings it forward toward D's gut again, much the same as before...

COMBATSYS: Kurow successfully hits HeavyD with Kinki Chikarasui.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
HeavyD           1/--=====/=======|-------\-------\0            Kurow

... and then picks him up, hefting him into the air. The man's body no doubt begins to grow cold, as the energy is drawn cleanly out of it, sucking the man dry; Kirishima smiles, and the crowd? Why, they eat it up, of course. "Usually I wouldn't bother trying such a thing on someone like /you/," he says, with a smirk, "but today, I'll make an exception."

In an instant, the sudden draining feeling stops, and D! finds himself subject to the other part of the Chikarasui -- the forceful toss away, leading to D! thumping along the dock.

Alas, what D! does to Kurow, Kurow does worse to D!, as his wounds are aggrivated by te clutch against his body. He feels his body weaken, almost sapped as the clawed youth holds him up...before being flung forcefully along the dock. "NGhhh...." Grunting in pain as he feels the crashing against stone and wood, D! finally comes to a stop, breathing heavily as he tries to pull himself up. This time, it's his turn to take a breather and get some air back into his lungs.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD gains composure.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
HeavyD           1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0            Kurow

Trying to put himself back together? That's not something Kurow Kirishima tends to let happen; now that he's gotten D! back on the defensive some, he intends to /keep/ the man on the ropes, and he immediately speeds forward to try to curtail the results of that quick breather. Noticing how the man reacts to each step of the Chikarasui, Kurow attempts a quick, simple technique... and one that D! might recognize. Grabbing at one of D!'s arms with one claw, Kirishima snaps off a pair of quick strikes to the stomach to put him off balance, then forces him downward to the dock's hard surface yet again, nearly mirroring one of D!'s own techniques.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Kurow with Rolling Soul Driver.
- Power fail! -

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
HeavyD           1/=======/=======|=------\-------\0            Kurow

D! sees Kurow coming after him...and tries to intercept the rushing Kurow, reared back...then lunging forward with a chi-charged punch meant to clip him good. However, he's grabbed just before full extension, struck and sent skipping down the dock yet again, the repeated slams onto the dock really taking their toll on the poor boxer.

And 'down' is right where Kirishima wants an opponent. After all -- it's where he does some of his best work. The youth turns to the crowd, pointing his arms down and away from his body, flashing the twice-removed grin of Geese Howard. Two signs immediately come up, one reading "YOU SCREWED ROCK" and the other reading "RIGHT THROUGH THE RING" in response.

Kirishima's next trick is a simple, straightforward one, designed to end the match fast and firm; the youth rears a foot back, getting right to the side of D!'s neck... and then just swings it forward, in a quick, merciless kick to the throat.

COMBATSYS: HeavyD fails to interrupt Light Kick from Kurow with D. Magnum.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kurow            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: HeavyD can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kurow            0/-------/------=|

Alas, D! tries to fight back, even with all his energy built up and primed into one fist as he tries his best to get up, staggered, beaten up, and all around looking like he just got hit by a Mac Truck. Unfortunately, as he comes forward, trying to drive a massive chi-charged punch into Kurow...Kurow kicks him in the throat, right when he's left open, stopping him cold as he gasps for breath...and eventually just drops, beaten soundly.

To those who believe the Neo League's personal aspects to be stories set around real fights (certainly not an insane idea, considering the life-and-death matters that seem to come up), Kirishima's complete lack of sympathy as he looks at D! falling is simply an act -- more attempts to put forth the idea that he really is that heartless. To those in the know, though, one thing's for sure: either Kurow has a vested interest in looking heartless... or he really is just that cruel.

The medical personnel tend to D! immediately; Kirishima, on the other hand, gets the joy of retreating at a nice, even pace through the crowd, his reception a curious mix of cheer and thrown beer.

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