Neo League 351 - #359: Arika vs Jesen

Description: It's a Neo League fight. Punk Princess vs The Angel of Mercy. Arika was staged to battle Jesen at the Rainbow Falls of Hawaii. Unfortunately, the winged one got his wings clipped. (Winner: Arika)

The tropical rainforest surrounding Hilo on the east cost of the Big Island is one of the wettest regions in Hawaii. Steep tropical mountains form the backdrop and numerous waterfalls cascade loudly over gulches and streams. With the early morning sun, the day has yet to get hot and humid which means there are very few tourists milling about the Rainbow Falls as of yet. The sun also sits directly behind the spray in front of the cave as the water hits the pool of water below, becoming a natural prism that creates shimmering rainbows that quickly disappear.
Surrounding the area are huge, dominating mango trees that are loaded with ripening fruit. Many branches hang down over the water, so heavy with fruit that if there is a strong wind they bow and dip into the pool. Many other rare plants and foliage can be found here, including an extremely rare pink banana and just above the viewing area is an enormous Banyan tree that has cameras hidden in it so that the fight can be caught from above.
A large floating platform in the center of the pool is where the action seems to be; fighters brought out there in little boats. Upon seeing the platform, the cameras and the scenery, Arika's jaw drops. This is... better than she would've hoped! In fact, it's the same platform that the photo shoot will be taking place on later in the week. Not exactly a ring, certainly not a beach or anything else that she's used to, but maybe it'll throw off the guy that's apparently been reeled in by the lines she was casting out to various fighters to see if anyone would bite for this Neo League match in Hawaii.
Having a little help off of the boat, the punk rock princess twirls around on the platform. Basking in the morning sun before she slides off her sarong and stands there barefooted in her bikini. The last things he does while she waits for her opponent is wrap a small golden cord around her right hand before shooting out a few 'play' jabs to loosen herself up and shake off the nervousness she's feeling at being televised.

It isn't too long for a small, simple looking boat to pass its way towards the falls itself. From afar, the sight that the boy got was a thing of beauty that is unmarred, and now? It's beauty is explained.
The sight of the fresh green trees and the unpolluted water catches the sights of a figure with blue hair and yellow eyes. The glasses are quite apparent. Not only that, but the figure is wearing a simple white robe, sitting on the boat while he journeys towards the shore.
And upon approach of the shore, the boy finally stands at his full height, smiling brightly before he slowly makes his way towards the falls. Setting foot on the large floating platform, leaving the boat where it is to safely travel through the field. The further the boy leaves the boat to approach the punk princess, the more the boy is feeling that this is the place where the match is supposed to be. Those camera crew would give another indication.
The boy echos out with a gentle, soft-spoken voice. "...Ah... you are the one that I am fighting?" He asks with the most curious look on his face, then he rests his hand towards his heart. "May He guide us to the path of light."
~ Lord Vega, my savior, I will not fail you. Information shall be collected on this individual as well. ~
The boy lifts his head up, looking directly at Arika with an innocent look on his face. But soon, the wind carries off the robe, whisking it away into the sky. And as the robe is removed, it reveals for the boy to be wearing a blue jacket with a blue scarf. The pristine white pants seem unmarred with the dirt and dust that would collect.
And what's more, the aura erupts from the boy, spreading all across his back like a pair of angelic wings. There are two colors in existance: The darkness in the shade of black and the purity in the tint of white. Each side has a different color.
The Angel of Mercy smiles, extending his right hand forward, "I wish for us to fight well."

Well, this is unprecedented. Drake provided a list of suggested fighters for Arika to challenge on her debut, and Jesen was -not- on that list. This is a good thing and a bad thing, and both for very opposite reasons.
First! It's good because the girl has some incentive. Some initiative. She's not lazy.
Second! It's bad because she doesn't take advice well.
Drake will just have to see how this turns out. On the edge of the shore, dressed as if ready to dive right in. This isn't the case, however. He's waiting with what small crowd has conglomerated here, hands set to his hips, watching the two fighters on the platform.

COMBATSYS: Arika has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Arika            0/-------/-------|

With the approach of the small boat, Arika stops her little warm-up and watches it from where she stands on the platform. Blonde tresses are whisked back over her shoulders and she wishes she had a pair of sunglasses so that she could keep her eyes upon her opponent without the reflection of the sun on the water blinding her.
A hand comes up to shade her eyes and the blue hair is noticed first. Definitely odd for someone 'normal' but its not as though she's never seen hair like that before. Next the clothing. Then the demeanor. The innocent attitude doesn't sit very well with her and she immediately becomes wary of her opponent. More so when he begins to spout religious babble.
"See anyone else out here on this rig, mate?" Arika grins wryly and offers her unwrapped hand toward him. Before it reaches him though, she takes a step back and peers.
"Right, then." Deep blue eyes glance around, taking in the surroundings once more. Spying her teammate, a smile forms upon her face. Good. He came. Win or lose, it doesn't matter now. Win would be preferable of course, but she's got back up and hopefully it means his fight in this locale is still on. A small finger wave is sent over her shoulder in Drake's direction just as a voice crackles on the hidden PA system.
"Ladies and gentlemen! We're reaching you here from Rainbow Falls in tropical Hawaii! Our two fighters today are Arika Fade; a little punk rocker from London, England making her debut.... and Jesen..." There is a slight pause and the sound of rustling papers can be heard, something akin to them being blown away. Then a curse. "Well there goes our information folks! Decided to take a swim in the Pacific if you know what I mean."

COMBATSYS: Jesen has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jesen            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Arika

While in truth, Jesen /is/ a zealot, he has to keep the facade of who he is a zealot of. Their god is pretty much apparent, and it would do no good to spread Vega's name in his current form, as he needs that for daily life.
Those yellow eyes pierces itself towards Drake, who earns a smile. Ah, so this is an affiliate of Drake. Arika Fade. He'll keep her in mind as he looks her up in the files later. But, his smile grows wider as if seeing a familiar face, a hand reaching out to wave at Drake, "Hello, Drake." The boy smiles, then his eyes focus towards Arika once more.
It's just as well as the papers would fly out. The information of Jesen's home, last name, and other sorts were left blank. Jesen's life is and shall remain a mystery.
The boy offers Arika a glance before he sprints forward. Not wasting too much time, the boy is quick on his feet to swing his right hand out with an overhead back-knuckle strike to her stomach, then he rolls himself forward into an aerial cartwheel for both legs to start striking at Arika's head.

COMBATSYS: Arika counters Medium Kick from Jesen with Diva Allegro.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jesen            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0            Arika

Without further adieu the voice says, "Fight!"
And that's just what Arika intends to do... but before the announcer calls it, there are two... not -one- but -two- feet aiming for her face! While she's not as leery about having her face hit as her teammate, the punk rock princess really doesn't want to be marred before the photo shoot for the new album cover.
So how does she react to all of this? As the first foot comes toward her she tilts her upper body to the left side and then swings a jab toward his face with her wrapped right hand as he lands. Distracting him with the jab, a bright violet energy begins to glow and pulse around her left hand before she angles it toward the center of Jesen's chest with a medium-hard palmstrike.
"'ey! Watch the face, mate!"

While in the flip, Jesen is landing straight into the punch in the face by Arika as she distracts him straight into the next move, the bright violet angles out into his chest, which causes the boy to hunch over slightly. As he's warned to watch the face, the boy smiles politely, then he offers the woman a nod. "Understood."
He allows a bit of the psycho power to escape his hand in the form of a tiny ball behind her back, then he immediately steps up to his feet, the glowing right leg sweeping out against her ankle as to take her off of her feet and land on the ball.
Unfortunately for her, should she -LAND- on the said ball, there will be a violent explosion to send her into the air.

COMBATSYS: Arika dodges Jesen's Lay to Rest.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jesen            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0            Arika

Smiling politely after that attack? Arika was wise to be wary of him. Unaware of what he's got planned though, she smirks. "Good. Glad we can see eye to eye on this." A hand is offered to help him up but he seems to manage just fine on his own. While her eyes are upon his face, searching to see what's hidden behind that seeming innocence, his foot sweeps her off balance. Instead of falling backward though, the punk rock princess twists her body and tumbles to the side.
That's when she realizes that the wooden platform isn't exactly the softest thing to be fighting on. Thankfully she didn't land too roughly, and it's not going to leave any bruises but she's going to have to be careful.
Placing her hands above her head, she springs off of them and back up to her feet. Once standing, she bounces back and forth on her feet, keeping her eyes on his face again. Suddenly, she spins her body around in a perfect circle drawing her left leg up almost vertically. Rotating it slightly she snaps the flat of her upper foot in the direction of his ribcage.

COMBATSYS: Arika successfully hits Jesen with Rhythmic Roundhouse.
- Power hit! -

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jesen            0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0            Arika

"You're quite good." The boy admits, considering her for a few moments, then he actually looks over at her to explain as she jumps away from the explosive sphere, which bursts a few moments despite of no physical contact. "You have an eye for what's going on. That's a good thing."
He actually looks amused for a few moments, especially when she starts to perform a dance. His eyes become quite focused at her intentions, unfortunately, the boy is immediately caught to the ribs, which draws a frown as he's knocked to the side with a spin.
He shuts his eyes, drawing forth a ball of light to manifest. Controlling his breathing, the boy smiles once more while looking up at the girl. After a few moments, he starts to hum a melody.
o/` Tei rei fei soh nei roh kei. o/`
A hymn echos from the body before his wings expand off once more, glimmering as a ball of energy forms in his place as he distances himself from the girl.
The sphere is actually breathing in and out, in and out.
Energy? Breathe?
Well, it's pulsating until the point of releasing a huge explosion of energy. It's a sudden vaccum that aims to draw the girl into the attack.

COMBATSYS: Arika dodges Jesen's Guilty Shine.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jesen            0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0            Arika

"Thanks, mate. You're not so bad yerself," Arika says, slipping back into the Cockney accent a little deeper. His amusement causes her to grin, and her follow through with the kick is another simple spin before she sets herself back in a defensive stance.
Deep blue eyes monitor her opponent closely and she begins to slowly circle him, one foot crossing over the other as she does so. Each movement inches her closer to Jesen, but when he begins to hum, she stops. What musician wouldn't stop in such an instance to determine the song?
Realizing that it's likely something religious, and noting the glimmering ball she pirouettes away from it and situates herself so that she's behind him. "It'd be right lovely if you quit tryin' to blow me up, mate," she seethes through her teeth. She's going to -kill- her manager for arranging this fight. Next time she's going with that list, even if it means postponing things for another day.
From her stance behind Jesen, she shifts to the side a little and attempts to wrap an arm about his midsection while the other arm reaches for one of his legs. If she's successful, she's got every intention of executing a slightly modified Atomic Throw, lifting him up over her head and tossing him to the other side of the platform so that he'll hit the hard wood with his back.

COMBATSYS: Jesen interrupts Strong Throw from Arika with Longinus.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jesen            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Arika

Unfortunately for Jesen, the psycho power does not get to make any form of explosions as much as he would like against Arika, who manages to situate herself behind him. As the energy expands and erupts into a burst, Jesen allows the light show to shoot out sparkles into the air.
But as the sparkling light fades, the boy is turning to face Arika as she finally faces his direction. In response, Jesen decides to greet her by extending both of his hands forward as she grips to his mid-section.
Unfortunately, she doesn't get the chance to execute the atomic throw. Why? Well, the boy is halting the process as he immediately is taken off of the ground by pressing his feet firmly back into the ground, the resonation still hurting as he plants -both- hands towards her chest, trying to push her away forcefully.
But it's not that simple. The push itself is actually physical, something that hurts the body. What Arika has to worry about...
Her mind and soul.
The energy resonates from the pair of wings as a burst of energy is exploding forth, piercing the air as it immediately shapes itself into a giant lance to penetrate through her heart. Not damaging it, but the soul. And it also sends a sharp pain into the cerebral system, offering a nice brain jolt at the process.

Energy. Wings. A lance. Arika's mind is already reeling from how powerful this boy's chi seems to be. When her throw is stopped by the forceful push, she staggers back a few steps and shoots a very irritated glare in her opponents direction. Normally she'd quip that he watch where he put his hands, but as she opens her mouth the giant energy lance strikes her chest and surprisingly it doesn't hurt.
At first.
The sharp jolt of pain shooting into her cerebral cortex is enough to her knees. A hand immediately shoots up to her temple and she tries to rub the pain away. Just like a migraine, only the pain is lingering longer than she'd like.
"Wot the bloody 'ell was -that-?"
Staggering to her feet the punk rock princess begins to unwrap the knotted cord that's around her hand and then cartwheels toward Jesen. As she lands she swiftly twists so that she's behind him and attempts to get the cord around his neck and yank him back toward her.

COMBATSYS: Arika successfully hits Jesen with Random Weapon.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jesen            1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0            Arika

That little gift was supposed to be Drake during their fight, by the way.
"The other power, something far different from the type you wield." The boy smiles as he questions with his head tilted over, "Chi. Right?" He offers a smile, "Many call it the other power, some.... name it... Psycho Power."
As she unwraps the cord and has it wrap around his neck, his eyes widen once, then he grimaces enough to be pushed back towards her direction. Offering her the same sort of feeling, the boy is drawing his Psycho Power at her enough to slam his fist right towards her leg, then he brings the elbow back to snap it across the cheek.
Should the first two strike, he'll tuck his head back out to get free and turn around with a step of the right foot to release a right palm strike at her stomach. A wave of psycho power follows suit of the boy as he propels it at her.

COMBATSYS: Arika dodges Jesen's Fierce Punch.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jesen            1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0            Arika

Psycho Power. Psi energy. That explains it!
And Arika does not look too pleased about that revelation. The poor manager is going to get an earful when she gets back to the hotel, no matter the cost of the call to England. An earful -and- the hotel bill for both herself and her teammate at this rate.
Mulling over the fact that she's fighting against energies that she's never faced before, she nearly misses the fist slamming toward her leg. Just before it connects, she releases the cord from his throat and steps back. That's when the palm strike is aimed at her stomach and she deftly hops to the side.
"Knew there was somethin' wrong with you. No one looks -that- innocent, mate." As she says this, the Brit circles behind him and swiftly swings her arm in front of his body before trying to pull it up tightly against his neck. Should she manage to get her arm secured there, she'll begin to crush his throat tightly while twisting behind him slightly and drawing his body back toward hers as she jabs her knee up into his lower back and continually applies pressure.

COMBATSYS: Jesen fails to interrupt Diva Attaca from Arika with Blissful Oblivion.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Jesen            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0            Arika

Smiling, the boy says, "Should you be suspicious of those who always carry such a demeanor?" He muses thoughtfully, "Perhaps you mistaken me out of paranoia. I just always see things in a more pleasant outlook." He shuts his eyes, "Because things are always bleaker in other places. I've seen it." He smiles, "So why not have a positive outlook on things that don't seem as bad?"
As the cord is wrapped around his throat, the boy shuts his eyes, leaning his head up with a beaming smile. "I think..." His body is starting to resonate with a black aura. The wings fade off and his body is consumed with a black aura, until he's caught and twisted by the throat, interrupted from his attempt to blast out of the choke hold, and he's given a knee. Eghnk.

This is precisely what Arika wanted to hear. His words being cut off by her strangle-hold. Giving another squeeze for good measure, she loosens the arm around his neck but doesn't quite let him go yet. Attempting to slide her right leg around his body and between his legs she slides her arm back into position and tries to lock both of her arms around his neck while pulling his body back and upwards in an extremely harsh abdominal stretch.
"It's not suspicion, mate. I don't trust anyone until they prove themselves to be worthy'a bein' trusted." The punk rock princess grins and shifts her eyes to the small crowd over by her teammate. "Others have."

COMBATSYS: Jesen fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Arika with Manna from Heaven.
- Power fail! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Arika            1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jesen can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Arika            1/------=/=======|

"I see..." The young boy keeps that smile on his face. It's hard to remove it, especially as she is approaching him to be at the level of actually grabbing him once more. Unfortunately, Jesen is actually caught off-guard by the leg wrapping along his body and between his legs, he's locked into a harsh abdominal stretch.
"Eghn...!" He struggles to break free. Unfortunately, the boy offers a faint smile to draw a sphere up, but his concentration breaks and he becomes exhausted. He utters out with a soft tone.
"I give."

Submission! Sure, it's not a knock-out, but it's a win!
Arika releases her hold on the boy, the smile upon her face completely unmistakable. It screams 'rookie's first win', but she doesn't even care. Arms raise in the air and she dances around, allowing Jesen to fall or slink off if he wants to. She's extremely ecstatic, and waiting for the announcer to call the fight is pretty much the only thing that's keeping her from either hopping in a boat and getting across to the spectators, or swimming the distance to her teammate.
As Arika begins her little dance, the PA crackles to life again, a laugh in the announcers voice. "What a debut, ladies and gentlemen! Arika Fade wins by submission! What an amazing show!" He continues on in such a manner, trying to rile up both the crowd -and- any fans Jesen might have.
With the announcer continuing, the punk rock princess glances over at her opponent. "Great fight, mate. We'll 'ave to face off again!" Before he can respond, she shoots her fists up into the air again playing it up for whatever crowd has gathered (not to mention to those watching on television) and then grabs her discarded sarong and hops into a boat that's waiting to take her across to area for spectators. Her fight is done, and she couldn't be any happier than she is at this moment.

COMBATSYS: Arika has ended the fight here.

The Angel of Mercy slowly falls on his knees, thinking about what he's done as far as the lost goes. He observes both Arika and Drake for a few moments, then he offers a faint smile, slowly staggering up to his feet and he is slowly starting to walk off. He tucks his hands into his pockets with a smile.
"In the future, yes." The boy actually thinks back to the mission.

Name: Arika Fade
Affiliate: Drake "Domino" Vyril.
Threat to Shadaloo: Undetermined, possible D with Drake.
Status of Report: Incomplete.

The boy shuts his eyes.
~ I shall go retrieve my next orders. ~
The boy wanders off towards the boat, kicking against it and he sets sail off, even if he is a bit hurt. He's actually recovering his pain quite well with a smile.

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