World Warrior 2007 - [R1] Shenwoo vs Zaki

Description: Shenwoo and Zaki face off in Brazil! Successful defenses are in short supply, so it all comes down to which of these two psychos can take more hits... (Winner: Shenwoo)

Brazil. The Amazon Rainforest. Both places Zaki's never been. However, she happens to know quite a lot about her current fight venue by virtue of hearsay. Her stupid, selfish parents used to talk about this and many other places to absolutely no end, and, being both blessed and cursed with a mind like a sponge, she remembers every word even though in this case she'd much rather forget.
The climate beneath the dense canopy of foliage is exactly as they'd described it: warm and humid. The Amazon river cut right through the forest, and the area sectioned off for the match to happened to be right near the river, as well as a high waterfall, making for even wetter conditions. God she was going to hate this, but at least it wasn't the beach!
In any case, though, the redheaded gangster has been here for quite some time and has already taken her place atop a large mossy rock, standing with eyes crossed and her deep blue eyes closed in quiet ponderance of her situation. She hadn't really expected to get past the elimination rounds, but even more than that, she's quite sure she'll be going home after this one. She's heard about this Shenwoo guy, seen some of his fights. That doesn't mean she's not going to have some fun with it, of course. That's what the mystery dufflebag by her feet is there for.

COMBATSYS: Zaki has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zaki             0/-------/-------|

No, wouldn't the beach have been kind of awkward? Zaki in a mask and a swimsuit? Of course, some other fighters would fit right in, in such an environment. Still, the rainforest. It's full of natural beauty, a place that's used to violence - another important part of nature, after all - and sure, it's hot and humid. At least one of the participants in this match, though, seems generally unaffected.

Dressed, as he usually is when he fights, in black leather pants and a purple silk shirt, the latter article worn open, Shenwoo makes the scene around time for the fight to officially start, tugging his gloves tighter as he arrives, a wolfish grin on his broad slash of a mouth. The film crew might be more inobtrusive than usual, but he can tell they're there; what he's far more interested in, though, is his opponent.

"So where's this 'Zaki', huh?" wonders the self-styled 'God of Battle', dark eyes glancing around until he finally spots the Seijyun student. Rolling his shoulders, he sets his feet slightly apart and lifts his hands, putting himself in his casual boxing stance, leading with his right fist. "That'd be you, right? I'm not really a fan of wasting time, so why don't you show me what you got... Let's have some fun." Of course, his idea of fun... Doesn't really match up with most other people's.

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo has joined the fight here.

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Shenwoo          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Zaki

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo focuses on his next action.

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Shenwoo          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Zaki

Zaki gives a firm, almost curt nod of her head toward Shen, peeking one eye open to regard him now and keeping her head tilted down slightly while she listens to what he has to say. "Works for me. I'd rather not stick around and see what kind of weird bugs and snakes they got out here myself." she calls out across the distance still between them.
And then without wasting anymore time, she unhooks the chain dangling down in front of her neck wraps the end of it around one hand before leeeaaaning forward and sliding right down off that rock, using the slippery moss to help get her to the ground faster and then breaking into a run from there, stopping just short of the blonde brawler and turning hard to lash out with her chain, the end of it all lit up and shiny with almost tangible force as she tries to blast him in the chest with it.

COMBATSYS: Zaki successfully hits Shenwoo with Hakai no Tessa.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Shenwoo          0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0             Zaki

In fact, Shenwoo /does/ get hit with the chain, though he tries to slide out of the way at the last moment, with no success. The blow staggers him, and he looks DISTINCTLY surprised for a moment, before he grins ferally again. "Hahaha! GOOD!" he laughs, and then as quickly as he can recover, he starts running headlong right at Zaki, a wild, possibly mad glint in his dark eyes. Uh oh!

Once he gets about halfway to the girl, his run turns into a lunge, and Shen practically skids along the ground, his left fist pulled way back... Until he gets closer, and then he throws that fist forward, big metal ring and all, aiming to punch his opponent right in the face. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo successfully hits Zaki with Gekiken.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Shenwoo          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             Zaki

Zaki doesn't start to back off as most people probably would. She stays right there in close quarters with the man, probably just to prove she's not afraid. It's that rebellious steak that she has, telling her to go against the grain just for the hell of it. That doesn't mean she's going to throw *all* caution to the wind, of course. She knows the guy hits really hard, and that blocking is probably pointless, but again, that's why she does it anyway!
It is of course of absolutely no help, just as expected, but she's at least able to turn her head and take it on the cheek rather than right in the friggin' teeth, even as her guard is busted right through and her arms are thrown in opposing directions and she's blown back a ways. "NNGH." she grunts, muttering behind her mask and stomping a foot in all the wet leaves that pretty much mat the entire forest floor.
Still not wanting to leave close quarters, though, she rushes up and tries to grab the guy by the lapels of his expensive silk shirt. And if it happens, things are probably about to become a lot more violent!

COMBATSYS: Zaki successfully hits Shenwoo with Medium Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Shenwoo          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0             Zaki

Whether Shenwoo allowed it to happen or not, even Zaki doesn't know, but then it doesn't really matter to her one way or the other. All she knows is she's got him where she wants him for the moment, lifted up off the ground by his shirt, gripped by just *one* of her hands, and she's able to start wailing on him, peppering both sides of his face with backhands. These are however meant more as an insult, and just to generally make herself look cool before she drags him in close and then /glares/ at him before dragging him close for a body to body suplex! There's where the injury part comes in. "Ahahahaha!"

Man, today just isn't going the way Shenwoo was planning. He looks quite pleased when Zaki gets helluva punched, straightening up. "Whoa, that looked dangerous," the berserker quips, and then he's rather suddenly got a girl in his face, grabbing him by the shirt. Well, okay then. Shen doesn't even try to get out of the way, instead getting lifted up with some impressive strength and getting slapped around... And then the suplexing, which hurt more than he expected.

"Now," says Shen, slowly sitting up from where he landed, and rubbing his neck. "If you wanna get up close and personal like that, you can just ask." Apparently he's feeling a little snarky today; he gets to his feet, dusting himself off a little as though to preserve his poor dignity, and then... He lunges right at Zaki once again, his right fist snapping out in a blurring jab, directly at the girl's throat. "ORA!!"

COMBATSYS: Zaki fails to interrupt Quick Punch from Shenwoo with Kuuha no Tessa.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Shenwoo          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Zaki

Zaki rolls back to her feet after completing the rather unladlylike maneuver, and, like a gunfighter reaching for their pistol, she twitches her hand and goes for the chain she had momentarily wrapped around her waist. She's beat to the punch here, however, quite literally, and is left coughing and clutching at her throat for a moment, stumbling back. Damn that guy is fast.

Of course, a gentlemanly fighter would give Zaki the time to catch her breath... Or, well, probably wouldn't have punched her in the neck in the first place, huh? Shenwoo, however, is not so gentlemanly. In fact, he's downright brutish in a lot of cases! So while Zaki is left coughing and clutching her throat, the Shanghai-born brawler takes just a moment to crack his knuckles before he attacks again.

"Hey, where you lookin'?!" the self-styled 'God of Battle' demands rhetorically, raising his hands overhead and clasping them together in an axe-handle position, before swinging them back down with a frightening amount of speed at the top of Zaki's red-haired head. "PAY ATTENTION!!" he adds, because he's kind of a jerk.

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo successfully hits Zaki with Fukuko-Geki.
Glancing Blow

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Shenwoo          1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1             Zaki

Zaki doesn't even know any gentlemanly guys to begin with, unless you count the teachers at her high school, but it ain't like she ever pays any attention to them! She expects guys to fight dirty, just like her. Tony was no different, and Shenwoo is proving himself to be every bit as mean, so yeah, she's pretty sure she saw this one coming from a mile away, whether Shen thinks she's entirely focused on him or not!
"Screw you, man! I don't have to!" she barks back, lurching heavily to one side and trying to basically *fall* out from under that heavy, two-fisted overhand punch. She's still just barely caught in the shoulder by it due to the sheer speed at which it comes at her, but she doesn't seem to much care. She's still in good enough shape to hop her way back to the rock she started on, and when she gets there, as if just to spite the God of Battle she stands there and crosses her arms. "Che!"

COMBATSYS: Zaki gains composure.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Shenwoo          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Zaki

See, now, most female fighters would probably take Shenwoo's behaviour all /personal/, but Zaki doesn't seem to be, and the brawler appreciates that. Respects it, even. When the girl puts some more space between the two of them and stands there just to spite him, well, that makes the tall, lean young man laugh, a harsh bark of mirth. "So what, is that all you got? Gonna go run home now?" Shen wonders, brushing his hands back through his dirty blond hair, pushing it out of his face.

Despite his words, the brawler isn't actually that careless or dismissive of the Seijyun student, and instead... He starts rushing forward at her again with that fearsome and surprising speed of his, getting right up in Zaki's masked face - literally, as he brings his face within a hairsbreadth of the girl's. It's not, however, quite time for a mighty headbutt yet, and is instead a feint; the real attack is when his knee comes up sharply, aimed right for Zaki's kidney. "C'MON, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!"

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo successfully hits Zaki with Light Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Shenwoo          1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1             Zaki

Zaki shakes her head at her opponent and uncrosses her arms, instead placing her hands on the back of her hips and giving an indignant glare with her cold blue eyes when he rushes in to try and invade her space again. It seems however that she falls for his feint, and just when she's expecting a headbutt, she's instead struck with a knee right in her side.
"Ugh... " the gangster grunts, falling to a kneeling position not just because of how much it hurt, but also to make damn sure she doesn't go sliding off her rock again. She doesn't stay down for long, though, she proved her point already, and she's anxious to throw Shenwoo from the lofty perch with her chain now that he's encroached upon her territory!
And so, with a bit of a long wind-up, she again strikes out with the hard steel links, like before, but from almost point blank and now aimed at his head.

COMBATSYS: Zaki successfully hits Shenwoo with Hakai no Tessa.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Shenwoo          1/---====/=======|=======\======-\1             Zaki

Man, Shenwoo's just plain off his game today, it seems like. The brawler stays on the rock at first, at least untilhe gets hit with the chain again - in the head no less! - which does indeed knock him clean off of Zaki's 'perch', as he hits the ground below rather painfully. That hurt just a little bit. "Hahahahahaha!!" laughs Shen, starting out as a faint chuckle and growing as his shoulders shake and he starts to push himself off the ground. "Hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he throws his head back, one gloved hand on his face, and he just laughs and laughs. The brawler, it would seem, has gone totally bughouse.

"Hey," he says up to Zaki, looking at her from between his fingers. "Wanna see something cool?" A moment later, he roars at the top of his lungs, and is surrounded by an explosive aura of violent red chi, before he throws one fist forward at Zaki's stone perch... Which is suddenly obliterated, bits of stone flying everywhere, clipping the berserk God of Battle, but he hardly notices. His focus is, instead, on grabbing Zaki by whatever he can get - leg, chain, whatever - and pulling her /down/ in the aftermath of the stone's explosion and, well, beating the holy hell out of her with his fists, forehead, basically anything he can manage to hit her with. It's not pretty, and it's not very stylish, but it's probably gonna hurt like hell.

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo successfully hits Zaki with Bakuma Assault.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Shenwoo          0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Zaki

Zaki gives another firm nod of her head after seeing her chain connect and do the job just as planned. "Che. Take that." she remarks, crossing her arms and looking fairly proud of herself, even while Shenwoo is sitting there laughing his ass off about it while getting up and shrugging it off like it was nothing. OH WELL.
Toward his offer though, she raises a thin, sharp and scarlet eyebrow. "Oh? Hmm, yeah what the hell, go for it." Whether the question was rhetorical or not, she actually goes as far as to just stand there and in essence say 'YES SIR MR. GOD OF BATTLE, HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!'
And then he does, starting by first demolishing her poor pet rock, and then yanking her down into an unholy beating the likes of which she hasn't seen since that one time she felt generous and gave all the girls in her gang the chance to pay her back for the harsh way in which she intiated them the first day they joined. And no, it's not pretty. But you know what is? Her face! Her mask is knocked loose somewhere in the middle of all the punching and kicking and stomping, and for a moment there she just looks beautiful. And when that part is left too bloody to really admire any longer without wincing, she goes and gets the thick chain holding back her ponytail broken too, and then all of her long crimson tresses come loose and make her look even prettier.
Somehow though, Shenwoo is the only one to see it. She doesn't bother trying to dodge a single punch, she doesn't try to curl up into a ball to try and guard herself, and it's all because she's more concerned with dodging closeups! The cameras never get even a glimpse of what the lower half of her face looks like, and when it's all over, her long bangs are doing the job that her mask was previously.
"H- hahah... you're right. That was pretty cool." she huffs out, groping about through the leaves strewn across the ground and finding her mask so she can refasten it around her head. She's staying conscious just to make sure she can manage at least that, and with it accomplished she puts all of her remaining strength into pushing herself up onto her hands, no longer caring that going the extra mile and in trying to attack her obviously stronger opponent will ensure she's going to be passed out for a whole lot longer and even more sore when she wakes up.
And when she's able to shakily get up to her feet, she just goes all out and flares up with this aura of bright light and sparks before lauching herself into a series of impressively high kicks intended to throw Shen woo into the air, whereupon she'll leap up higher and try to come down on him with several more, eventually ending with a low-angled bullet kick. When she hits the ground though, successful or not, she's just dead to the world and facedown in a pile of wet leaves.

COMBATSYS: Zaki can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Shenwoo          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Zaki successfully hits Shenwoo with Hissatsu Inazuma Gankou Geri.
- Power hit! -

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Shenwoo          0/-------/---====|

Really, Shenwoo could hardly appreciate Zaki's face at the time either, he was a bit busy punching and/or headbutting it. Priorities, priorities! Once he's finally done unleashing all that fury on the girl, though, he rolls off and away from her, getting to his feet and, coincidentally, giving Zaki the chance to retrieve her mask and get to hers. His shoulders heave as he calms down from the 'high' of that powerful attack, but he feels ready for whatever she's got left.

This time, however, he seems to be wrong about that.

Shen doesn't even try to avoid the kicks, perhaps foolishly, and he gets knocked into the air and then beaten pretty thoroughly by the rest of Zaki's attack, hitting the ground hard at the same time she does. The difference? The self-styled 'God of Battle' gets back up. "Heh... Hah..." Shen breathes, straightening up and dusting off his hands once it's clear his opponent is down for the count. "That was fun," he declares, though Zaki doesn't seem too aware of what's going on right now. "We should fight again!" ...What? He likes fighting!

COMBATSYS: Shenwoo has ended the fight here.

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