World Warrior 2007 - [Pre] Alma vs Robert

Description: In sunny San Francisco, Union Square is about to become Metro Square as two impeccably dressed young gentlemen battle it out, demonstrating that no crowd is too sophisticated to watch good-looking boys get sweaty. It's a true battle of wills in every sense of the word, but as formidible as Psycho Power can be, can anything overcome the iron resolve born of Kyokugen-ryu? (Winner: Robert)

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Mark Twain once famously said, 'The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco'. Many others have more notoriously described San Francisco as 'fabulous'. But, as heated as arguments can sometimes be in a city so vibrant and diverse where no one is afraid to speak their mind and, indeed, are often a bit too sure of their opinions, few have ever described San Francisco as a battleground.
Today, in Union Square, this will change.
~ It's more like Southtown than I anticipated. ~
Well, okay. For a day. But it is a day that will be kept alive in the memories of many, for more reasons than one. For one, it's a beautiful day. Whatever Mark Twain might have said about San Francisco, it's not summer yet, and it's not cold today. The Bay Area is having a lucky sunny day free of the chill of coastal breezes, and everyone is out and about, celebrating their end of the week freedom and, each in their own ways, reclaiming their Friday. Union Square, the unofficial center of San Francisco and close to both its renowned shopping centers and theater district, is naturally surging with people, a wide assortment of inevitably impeccably-dressed citizens lounging on the polished stone steps amidst the potted greenery or wandering the expanse surrounding its Civil War memorial pillar, sipping pretentious beverages. But they are not wandering too close to the pillar; for encircling a wide area next to it is a ring of cameras and business-like people, all with the same purpose in mind: capturing the graceful movements and handsome visages of the two World Warriors preparing to meet in joyous combat here today.
Well, okay, I can only vouch for the grace and handsomeness of one of the fighters -- that being the one /without/ the greasy ponytail -- but I assure you, he's preparing for joyous combat. As always.
~ It's so nice to be able to dress for the occasion. ~
Having arrived early as is his wont, the half-Japanese heartthrob Alma Towazu has spent his morning taking advantage of the shopping opportunities presented by this sterling city. The fighting model's tall, poised frame is draped in a light suede jacket atop a ribbed white cotton shirt, designer jeans leading down to polished black shoes, but his mild-mannered, simple smile belies his obviously cultivated appearance. One hand idly slipped into his back pocket, he shades his eyes from the bright sun with the other, and appreciates the view.
It's a beautiful day for a fight-- but so is every day, when you're Alma.

Ten minutes before the fight is scheduled to begin, the rumble of an engine can be heard, a blinding speck of light that approaches in the distance that reflects the sunny glare of a perfect day. The object finally resolves itself into a red sports convertable, which briefly comes to a pause at the roadblock. A flash of ID and the vehicle is allowed past, the engine lulling into a dull purr as the vehicle comes to a stop by the Square itself. Exiting the vehicle steps something straight out of the eighties, wearing white slacks and a blue leisure suit. American he is not however, and if the stylish sunglasses and exposed chest bearing bling are any indication, graceful he is not. Handsome, though? Oh yeah, you KNOW it.
Robert Garcia doesn't immediately scramble straight towards the arena, oh no. What's the point of flying places if you aren't goign to appreciate the scenery? He paces around the 'Square briefly, taking in the sights and talking to a few of the stray officials making this event possible, before one of them finally points out that it's time to begin. Marching over to the ring, at last the two fighters face each other for the first time.
It's a good thing these two didn't meet in Metro City, because it would have given an entirely new meaning to "Metro Square". Seeing two men in designer-wear squaring off like this, a few might wonder whether or not this really *is* going to be a fight to remember.
But, thumbing the sunglasses off his nose, the Italian pockets them with one hand while simultaneously extending one of those long arms towards Alma. "Alright, these folks came here to see something awesome. You're going to help me give them a real show today, alright?" Drawing both arms back in towards his chest, he bounces on his toes idly while assuming a casually measured fighting stance. "Bring it on!"

COMBATSYS: Robert has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Robert           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alma has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Alma             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Robert

Metro Square indeed. But you see, though this is a World Warrior match and a battle for honor and glory, Alma and Robert are not just here to /be/ men. No, they are here to redefine what it /means/ to be men, for through the fiery intensity of their blazing spirits, it will be revealed that it is more than a mildly unpleasant smell and a lack of concern for color coordination that makes the man. It is will, heart, guts, that makes the man, and Alma Towazu, dear viewers, despite his gentle and sincere outward appearance, has all of those things in abundance.
And they will probably not be enough.
Alma's eyebrows lift as his opponent approaches, immediately able to pick Robert Garcia out of the crowd even before he enters the ring. As one might imagine, both men blend in well here, so there is nothing about Robert's manner of dress, ethnic background, or fancy car that is out of the ordinary; only Alma can tell right away that this is the man he will be facing. His eyes are trained to see that the way Robert moves is like that of an expert martial artist, yes, but many others move that way as well; it is a sight beyond sight that alerts the blonde youth to the coming battle. The mildly startled expression subsides as Robert approaches, the younger man smiling softly and grasping his opponent's hand firmly in response to the greeting. "I assure you, Mr. Garcia," he says, soft-spoken and with a gracious, modest confidence, "I will be holding nothing back." But as genuine as he seems, the feeling that caused his initial surprise remains, like a creeping black ivy encroaching on his heart...
~ This powerful aura. ~
~ I can only pray I do not embarrass myself! ~
Taking a step back, Alma relaxes his limbs and straightens his posture yet more, hands falling loosely into the vague semblence of a guard position. Little about his current stance is obviously reminiscent of the style he has adapted, the Hiten-Ryu Kung Fu of Fei Long, except to one looking for the resemblence; little things about his foot and hand positioning reveal the similaries. He is like a wire yet to coil, a tiger yet to ready itself for the pounce. There is no movement, but a vast potential for movement asserts itself.
"Please... do your best."
With a deep breath, any fear of humiliation, of failing to represent himself and his style, fades away like falling blossoms. What is truly meaningful is the moment of action, the clash of souls. He will give his utmost, not to avoid shame or attain glory, but because he can simply give nothing less. To do so would be false to his own nature. And we can't be having that.
Closing his eyes for a brief moment, Alma settles back on his haunches slightly, and it almost appears as though he's simply going to take a short nap on his feet-- until currents of air begin to ripple his clothing, his faith in his purpose manifesting as increasingly palpalbe energy.
He's ready.

COMBATSYS: Alma gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Alma             0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0           Robert

The opponent Alma faces is, to contrast, as genuinely carefree a spirit as he presents himself to be. It isn't that he senses Alma's dread, or hesitation. Other, more wisened fighters are a better hand at that than this Italian. That particular trait isn't what makes this man a great fighter. It has more to do with that flash of teeth that he offers his opponent. "More than that, I'll have fun. Too many life or death struggles lately." It comes down to the fact that, quite simply, Robert doesn't care. He's just here to look good and have fun. Worrying about things needlessly before the fight has even begun just isn't his style, and sizing up your opponent before blows are traded just lead to unexpected surprises.
On the other hand, when you just don't care, everything is a surprise and you play it by ear. Such as his other fighter giving him the initiative. Instead of a straight-on charge, Garcia advances at a leisurely pace - only to bound striaght up into the air and come cascading downward with a sharp kick aimed at Alma's collar. There's no particular sense of being rushed or giving it his all yet. That comes later.

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Robert's Hien Ryuujin Kyaku.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Alma             0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Robert

Eyes snap open and arm snaps out. Alma, apparently heedless of Robert's casual approach, parries Robert's descending kick in a sudden smooth movement and thrusts out his left palm, apparently intending to physically redirect and control his opponent's aerial motion.
"--have fun, but--"
Yet this is a feint, not a strike. The left palm thrust never actually makes impact, and instead is meant to draw Robert's attention away to a more overt display, that of the white halo of energy that has begun to cluster around Alma's right hand. That luminesence ignites all at once, soulfire blazing brightly, as the young fighter lashes out, a lance of psychic force aiming to pierce his opponent's defences and shake up his mental framework a little.
"--don't take me lightly!"
If the blast of illusory fire connects, it should knock Robert back and away, and though it fortunately will not actually singe his outfit, it may disorient him enough to mess up that easygoing confidence a little...

COMBATSYS: Robert interrupts Self Expression from Alma with Ryuu Zanshou.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Alma             1/----===/=======|===----\-------\0           Robert

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Oh, that inner fire of Alma's connects alright. The only complication with that is in the other man touching down on the ground a little quicker than expected, sinking into a crouch and transferring the weight out of the outstretched palm. Foot held thus, the Kyokugen fighter has nowhere to run from the oncoming flame. Were that his intention.
Curling his torso to the side, the flames tingling in rather strange and unpleasant ways as they brush against Robert's chest. He doesn't like that tingle, so it encourages him to make his intended action all the more decisive. One quick twist of the hips and that trapped foot snaps free, cracking against the side of Alma's jaw as he abruptly springs off of the foot his was balanced on into an improvised aerial roundhouse. Touching down again, he takes two steps back and raises his hand up into a guard again. "I can see why it would have been a bad idea if I had."

Azrael heads to the Pacific Ocean.

Alma's timing is fair, but his speed is not up to the task set to him by his experienced opponent. Though he feels his energies connect with the satisfaction that comes from every successful venting of his inner fire, he simultaneously intuits that it has not fazed Robert-- but another startled expression is the only defense that he has time for before the kick strikes the side of his head and sends the boy staggering. He slips for an instant, but turns the stagger into a twist, trying to use his own momentum to his advantage despite the onset of wooziness from the powerful blow. For the most part, he succeeds, impressively. As his head snaps to the side, Alma's body twists to compensate, his left leg lifting seemingly automatically as it swings out in an immediate follow-up kick. But although it's cool as a reflex, it's not a formidible technique, as he has no weight behind it-- yet.
Gritting his teeth, Alma does not bother with a response but instead puts all his will towards summoning up his power and leaving a wake of flame behind his wildly swinging leg. The 'kick' itself doesn't come close to Robert, but that flame may shroud Alma's true movements just for long enough to give himself the room to rebalance, and plunge forward once more into the fray. Both legs now emanating that white flame, tinged with pinks and purples that begin to glimmer in the youth's eyes as well, Alma leaps into the air and begins a series of twisting roundhouse kicks, spiritual fire leaving bladelike impressions in the air as he scythes out at Robert's torso and head.
It's a quick recovery, but is it quick enough?

COMBATSYS: Robert just-defends Alma's Rising Fury!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Alma             1/----===/=======|===----\-------\0           Robert

That' impressive light show. Just a little too impressive unfortunately, because that's what saves Robert Garcia an impromptu scalping by Alma. (who wants that greasy ol' thing, anyway?)
Robert took to the sky just a moment before Alma, and faced with an onslaught like that, all thoughts of offense immediately switch to that of self-preservation. That series of kicks that he had meant to offer his flashy opponent are instead used in a desperate series of deflections to counter the other kicks, the Italian quickly drops back to the ground and catches his brief. *Whew*. What an adrenaline rush!
As it so happens, this leaves Robert on the ground with Alma's back to him - and still in the air. You know that that means, folks. The kid did say to do his best to win after all! Hopping forward, he puts his forward motion behind his right arm and lunges upward, seeking to connect a solid blow to Alma before he has an opportunity to touch down again and switch to the defensive. "Take THAT!"

COMBATSYS: Robert successfully hits Alma with Dragon Fang.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Alma             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0           Robert

Oh, baby.
'Solid'? More like 'brutal'. Alma is already wide-eyed from Robert's amazing defensive prowess, the crowd already applauding the ponytailed fighter's ability, and with his body airborne and his speed no where close to his opponent's, he is only able to sense the coming attack and turn-- just enough so that the blow strikes him right in the face. Again.
This time, there's no way reflex is kicking in. Down the young fighter spirals, managing to break his fall but still hitting the ground hard, slumped with his forehead brushing the stones beneath their feet. His head hangs as he sways onto his knees, giving his opponent time to come back to earth while the fighting model apparently continues to study the ground with great interest. That or he's already unconscious, and just waiting to fall down.
The audience is silent, stunned. That was a clearly savage blow. Is this World Warrior match finished already? Well--
--not quite.
Patiently, Alma rises, from one knee and then the other, red-tinged blonde locks still shrouding his downward-gazing face. Still facing away from his opponent, unconcerned or just unaware, he lifts his right hand almost hesitantly, fingers trembling slightly as his face tilts slightly to the side... and he, finally, turns his head.
His eyes; they /glow/.
In a sudden, savage moment, Alma twists and slams his fist into the ground, unleashing a tilted geyser of raw Psycho Power that explodes forth from the unscathed stone and arises as a swirling voracious mass to engulf Robert, the hissing, sparkling flame a deadly embrace of destructive spiritual force.
He's not angry. He's just intense.

COMBATSYS: Robert slows Full Confession from Alma with Ryuugeki Ken.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Alma             1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Robert

T-There's just no outclassing that, man. Alma just went HARDKORE.
The *first* time, Robert thought that whole thing with the eyes was his imagination playing tricks on him. Now though, there's no mistaking it. "Woah, woah! Isn't this supposed to be a famous monument or something?!", quips the Italian as he staggers back a step. He draws his hands back, a flicker of orange sparking to life between them and his chest. The encroaching wave of energy approaches quickly, far too quickly to be met with a Haoh Shou Kouken. He realizes this too late unfortunately, but rather than abandon the expended energy, he thrusts his hands forward into the maw of the storm and shouts a defiant, "Ryuugekiiii KEN!!" to the delight of the audience!
When the blaze washes past Gacia and dies away, it's clear as he staggers backwards a few steps that he took at least some of that. But judging from the hollowed out appearance of Alma's attack right before it died out, clearly he still managed to shield himself from some of that damage.
That said, he squints in a stereotypically Italian way, and immediately begins peering about. That last attack left his vision somewhat fuzzy, since apparently no one told him that staring down one of those massive assaults dead on is somewhat similar to staring into the friggin' SUN. Where is that guy?!

Don't worry. Alma hasn't gone anywhere.
And he actually looks okay, despite everything. His face, that precious commodity, doesn't seem to have suffered any visible damage, and though there are lines of fatigue around his eyes and his shoulders rise and fall with silent heavy breathing, his eyes are clear and focused again. The furious glow is gone, replaced by his usual calm, intent gaze.
Then he sighs.
"You really are something, Mr. Garcia," the young man says clearly, smiling a startlingly warm smile as he reaches up to idly brush his bangs away from his eyes. "This tournament has some stiff competition. I'm flattered I've gotten the chance to fight you."
~ Though... victory is also rewarding... ~
His hand falls, as he relaxes back into his usual stance.
"Fortunately," he continues, still smiling, "I'm just getting started."

COMBATSYS: Alma gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Alma             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Robert

Blink. Blink blink. Is this the guy that Robert was just facing a moment ago?
"Heh heh. Not so bad yourself. The eye thing was pretty scary!", he offers as he casually saunters forward, measuring himself. Despite the flow of the battle, Robert knows better than to stick out his neck by outpacing things too quickly. Especially with his opponent taking moments here and there to collect himself. "Easy on the light show though, it can telegraph a bit."
Very conversational, that Robert. With those words he hops forward onto one foot and twists his hips again, snapping out an equallly conversant kick to his opponent's knee. Gotta keep the guy on his toes, after all!

COMBATSYS: Alma interrupts Medium Kick from Robert with Divine Intervention EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Alma             1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1           Robert

This time, Alma's fast enough.
But it is not a physical speed that is the younger fighter's advantage. It's hard to detect it right now, but when the footage is played back, an observant viewer may see to their surprise that Alma's leg begins moving /before/ Robert's does, as though they had choreographed the exchange in advantage. Gazing deep into the ley lines of energy that reveal themselves to him as tracing their way around his opponent, forming what he has chosen to all an 'aura', Alma detects the specifics of his opponent's violent intent and reacts before Robert has even begun to move.
He traps the kick, wincing as pain shoots through his own leg; through physically strong in his own right, it is all he can do to contain the force behind Robert's strike. But it is enough, and Alma does not hesitate, but lashes out immediately, emitting a blast of soulfire as before against his temporary immobilized foe. Rather than manifesting as a lance of flame, however, his spiritual energy becomes a beam of light that makes a ripple through the aether, like a pebble dropping into a lake of sky, as it emerges from his fingertips-- and pierces straight through Robert's chest.
Some audience members gasp, expecting to see a hole burned right through the Kyokugen fighter's body, but there is no mark. Not even his clothes are burned, though the beam clearly has force behind it, as it blasts Robert out of Alma's trap and back aways, potentially even hard enough to knock the European off his feet. But the true effects are not to be detected by natural sight. For though no hole is apparent, Robert may find it hard to believe the evidence of his eyes; for a few brief moments, a powerful sensation of emptiness will feel him, as though there is truly a gaping wound through his middle, and it will be as a vacuum, seeming to spread and widen, threatening to engulf him entirely till there is nothing left of his self, nothing left to physically separate him from the rest of the world. It is as though he teeters on the brink of a hitherto totally unseen cliff, its sudden and indescribable vastness a harkening to awe or despair...
...and then, in a second, the feeling is gone.
Only Alma's steady, ready gaze remains.

That's...pretty deep, man. For a moment, Robert just stands there. His jaw slacks open for a moment. Is he drooling? For a moment it seems as if he's going to sag forward like a zombie, and that's that. The jury seems divided. Half of the people in the audience wonder if that's it. The other...well. They're mouthing one word. That word is "hax". Meanwhile, Robert is currently engulfed in an intense internal monologue filled with disgustingly depressing thoughts. At last though, he suddenly realizes something. "...This isn't me. No WAY."
The world suddenly snaps back into existance around Robert, hastened by the force of his own willpower. "What the hell was that? That's just dirty pool!" What little distance there was been him and Alma? Gone in one stride, a dramatic contrast to his lifeless state of a moment past. The bets are off. A single roundhouse is delivered to the side of Alma's head, intended to stun as much as to distract. So committed to the act is he that whether or not it even connects, he simply spirals up into the air in a practiced motion, a second kick aimed at delivering a powerful upward kick to what would hopefully be the chest of an opponent staggering forward from the force of the last blow.
Does Alma get launched upward?
Well, DOES HE?!

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Robert's Muei Shippuu Juudan Kyaku.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Alma             1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0           Robert

...No, not really. But that won't stop Robert from flailing away though. "No one..." Twisting in midair again, Garcia pummels against Alma's guard relentlessly with his other leg, an intense barrage of kicks filled with PURPOSE. It doesn't matter if he's blocking. "...makes me..." At last, the fire gone from that leg, he twists one final time to deliver a powerful foward punt. "...MAKES ME FRIGGIN' EMO WITHOUT ASKING."

No, Alma doesn't get launched upward; and he resists Robert's kicks /and/ purpose. Barely, and with hand movements equal parts wild and flowing, but the younger fighter still manages to beat aside the blurringly rapid series of strikes. His brow furrows and his eyes gleam with the intensity of his effort, but when he speaks, his calm voice belies the fact.
"Didn't you ask?"
Finally breaking away from the furious combination of kicks, forced to literally tuck and roll backwards to make sure he fully escapes, Alma rises immediately to his feet again and, though his arms hang limply at his sides for the nonce, continues to gaze directly into Robert's eyes. Voice soft, eyes calm, he elaborates on his bizarre statement.
"When you agreed to a match, you assented to a clash of wills, Mr. Garcia. I may not be able to compete with you in a test of strength or skill; but I do have the capacity to strike directly at your will. Even if I could not, however, both our wills would still be tested, would they not?" His gentle, reasonable voice may be the only thing sensible-sounding about his statements, but he continues nonetheless. "And if your will cannot withstand this contest, and you feel yourself despair, well--"
He raises his hand, and the sunlight gleams in his eyes.
"--maybe you should just--"
Wait. That's not the sunlight. That's... oh, not again!
In a blur, he lunges, exploding out from where he stands and trailing white flame in his wake, and though he moves at great speed his arm seems to lift with a strange slowness, as though the air were water. He reaches out gently, a serene expression on his face despite the force behind his final word -- 'Surrender' still echoing throughout the square -- and simply tries to tag Robert on the chest.

COMBATSYS: Robert blocks Alma's Absolution.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Alma             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Robert

He fails, one way or another.
But a field of white light blazes against his opponent's guard, and though its force fails before it can overcome Robert completely, it burns in just the same way as his last strike. Of course, his opponent is probably used to it by now, and was able to resist it this time; but Alma's intent has now become fully clear. He means to break the Kyokugen's will entirely.
And though no fear or despair, or even weariness, is evident on the young model's face, it's clear he'll have a much tougher time doing so now.

"Break my will, eh?"
The leisure suit wearing Karate man cracks an odd grin at that, throwing up his arms to ward off what physical component there is and blocking it efficiently, the tendrils of the mental component seeking soil to plant itself in...only to discover that the hints of permafrost that lie beneath have encroached to a state much more difficult to capitalize on. "Alright, if that's the game you want to play..."
Planting one foot forward, Robert launches himself forward and into an aerial lunge again, attempting to put that earlier display of his to offensive use once more. "THIS is the will that will open the eyes of the world to Kyokugen!!" An assault of alternating kicks follow, four in total. Someone needs to ask this guy who he rents his air time from.

COMBATSYS: Robert successfully hits Alma with Flying Whirlwind Kick.

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Alma             0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0           Robert

Ingrid enters Metro City.

Ingrid enters Masters Stadium in Seattle.

This is it.
Though Alma's reflexes are psychically enhanced, it is only through a preturnatural awareness of his own body's capabilities and condition, not by a simple sheer increase of ability. So it is that awareness that now tells him, mournfully but honestly, that he simply no longer has the energy to get out of the way of his vigorous assault. If he tries to defend his guard will be crushed, and if he throws himself in any one particular direction he'll simply collapse. Thus, he concludes, if he's going to collapse in any case--
--he might as well collapse on Robert.
He meets his opponent in midair, and takes the first kick heavily, spinning the poor young model around. The next kicks will impact as well; but not right away. Right now, with the last of his resolve and the momentum that Robert's own attack has presented him with, Alma will make one last attack. His leg swings around even as Robert's second whirlwind kick makes its apparence, and just as the second strike impacts on Alma's sternum, the tall youth's own leg snakes around and explodes in a final burst of unrelenting soulfire.
The hooking kick, if it manages to connect, should impact against the side of Robert's face and do him a turn for the worse. But, either way, the Kyokugen fighter's kicks have done their job well. Alma will spiral to earth, and this time, he will not rise.

COMBATSYS: Alma can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Robert           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Robert dodges Alma's Shooting Star.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Robert           0/-------/-----==|

Alas, Alma once again discovers that his opponent is far, far too wily in the department of aerial bombardments. Once again, that telltale flicker of light warns Garcia to get the hell out of harm's way. He will have his four kicks however. The final two are simply delivered into Alma's chest in succession, the Kyokugen fighter using the poor man's battered body as a springboard to escape to freedom. Backflipping away, the Italian man rises from his crouch with stance at the ready once more. He is met with no further challenge, however.
There's a moment of pause before an official finally declares him as the victor, but even that being done, Robert does something which is rather uncommon for him. Despite the smug grin that graces his lips, he stands tall and spreads his arms evenly out to either side, brows inclined slightly downward as a form of respect. The kid's got talent, that's for sure. Just needs to make that flashy stuff a little more subtle and he'll do fine.
As for that head game stuff?, Robert's just going to stay here and take in the sights for awhile longer. Somehow he gets the feeling that driving right now would land him in a ditch somewhere. Ugh.

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