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World Warrior Begins - Tue Feb 20 2007 - Daedalus
The call went out and was answered far and wide. An event to end events, with faces from every circuit of televised fighting, and powerful fighters from circles both mysterious and respected. Worldwide, the fighters show up to demonstrate their worth, and so the clash begins. 24 fights in several nations are scheduled to announce the start of the tournament, 48 fighters on the card... only 24 will advance into the second WORLD WARRIOR tournament, to be flown to exotic lands to meet and beat exciting fighters. Round 1 will be the ELIMINATION tournament, fight matchups will follow, standard fight rules apply. Because of the massive number of matches, we'll be giving these until March 1st to complete. However, since these are 1v1 fights, it shouldn't be too hard to schedule! Matches will follow promptly, and the post will be spammy. It's worth noting that this tournament we'll be trying something new for flavour : sub-arcs to the story. Similar to SF mainstay plot devices, basically characters or groups of characters can request to have a sub-plot conceived and run involving them. Obviously this may take time, and happen before or after these matches, as there are so many of you. We're looking to run these scenes by a variety of means throughout the tournament, and have other little surprises planned, so take advantage.

World Warrior Round 1 Matches - Tue Feb 20 2007 - Daedalus
The following fights can occur in China, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, or the UK. I suggest Wikipedia to find interesting spots. Be creative! All fights are drawn via random number.... good luck to all!
Seishirou vs. Sagat
Shinobu vs. Yamazaki
Eiji vs. Heavy D!
Luise vs. Iori
William H. Dansions vs. Yuri
Maki vs. Mai
Rolento vs. Jiro
Nanako vs. Mr. Big
Dudley vs. Sean
Haggar vs. Urien
Kyo vs. Hinako
Tony vs. Zaki
Duck vs. Talia
Terry vs. Adelheid
Nagase vs. Rylee
Megumi vs. Ralf
Kain vs. Billy
Dong Hwan vs. E.Honda
Roberto vs. Niesje
Hyo vs. Ashley
Ken vs. Mimiru
Robert vs. Alma
Lykaio vs. Ingrid
Sakura vs. Shenwoo

World Warrior Update - Thu Mar 1 2007 - Daedalus
Due to difficulty scheduling a few matches, the deadline will be extended two days, to Saturday at 8pm. Matches should be started by then, or other measures will need to be taken to determine advancing fighters. The results to this point:
SAGAT over Seishirou.
SHINOBU over Yamazaki.
EIJI over Heavy D!.
IORI over Luise.
DAN over Yuri.
MR.BIG over Nanako.
DUDLEY over Sean.
KYO over Hinako.
ZAKI over Tony.
TALIA over Duck.
MEGUMI over Ralf.
KAIN over Billy.
ROBERTO over Niesje. (Flawless victory!)
HYO over Ashley.
SHENWOO over Sakura.
Several DKOs also, the progression for these will be announced with the next round:
Urien and Haggar!
Lykaio and Ingrid!
Rolento and Jiro!
I haven't gotten @mails from everyone, so if any of this info is inaccurate, get at me asap

World Warrior Next Round Fight! - Tue Mar 6 2007 - Daedalus
As you may have guessed, the following are the fight matchups for the official, second-ever World Warrior International Tournament. Fighters are again encouraged to use the web to find interesting locales to fight in in their stage countries. As to the DKO's, the next post will cover that....

Deadline for these matches to start will be Saturday, March 17th at 8pm, but please get them scheduled asap. Log/submit to Kobun, and @mail me the result. Game on.

Sagat vs. Iori in THAILAND

Hyo vs. Shinobu in JAPAN

Adelheid vs. Megumi in GERMANY

Ken vs. Robert in ITALY

Eiji vs. Talia in USSR

Dan vs. Kain in MEXICO

Nagase vs. E. Honda in CHINA

Mr. Big vs. Maki in EGYPT

Roberto vs. Kyo in PORTUGAL

Ryu vs. Dudley in ENGLAND

Shenwoo vs. Zaki in BRAZIL

World Warrior Wildcard! - Tue Mar 6 2007 - Daedalus
A special match in addition to the first round bracket:

Rolento vs. Jiro vs. Haggar vs. Urien vs. Lykaio vs. Ingrid in INDIA
Last Standing Event : Final two fighters conscious will receive a buy-in to World Warrior Round 2!

World Warrior Round 1 - Sun Mar 18 2007 - Daedalus
. shall be EXTENDED until Tuesday at 8pm. I'm not sure exactly which matches have happened and I haven't been mailed about, but going from my @mails and the logs, these are the results so far:

KYO over Roberto.
KAIN over Dan.
SHENWOO over Zaki.
RYU over Dudley.
EIJI over Talia.
HYO over Shinobu
MR. BIG over Maki.
IGNIZ over Lykaio
ROLENTO over Jiro.
E.HONDA over Nagase
KEN over Robert.

This leaves Megumi vs Adelheid, Urien vs. Ingrid and Haggar vs. Dong Hwan, if memory serves. Any mistakes here, please get at me asap. I'm not sure in general what's keeping the other matches, but I'd rather see them finish than be cut off. Still, Tuesday folks.

World Warrior Round 2 Matchups! - Tue Mar 20 2007 - Daedalus
All but one of the matches for Round 1 concluded (mostly!) as scheduled. Haggar and Dong Hwan ran away to wed and were never heard from again. Again, these countries are just a framework, please look up interesting locales, and make some fun stages for the continuation of World Warrior! 16 fighters remain! (Thanks in part to the continuing sub-boss guest shots!) Interest in subplots has been /extreme/, but we're working overtime to come up with stuff. So hang tight, and keep your ears open for events you might be able to get in on. Also: BONUS STAGE?!?!

Kyo vs. Ken in USA.
Mr. Big vs. Sagat in PORTUGAL.
Ryu vs. E. Honda in TIBET.
Alex vs. Kain in FRANCE.
Hyo vs. Rolento in BRAZIL.
Eiji vs. Iori in JAPAN.
Urien vs. Igniz in GREECE.
Shenwoo vs. Adelheid in INDIA.

We're going to try the one-week thing here, and aim for Wednesday, March 28th to finish these bouts. @mail me the outcome, and be sure to log and log/submit the resultant fights.

World Warrior Results - Thu Apr 5 2007 - Daedalus
At the conclusion of Round 2 (a bit delayed by several bouts), only a few fighters remain to compete for the glory and title of World Warrior:

KYO defeats Ken.
RYU defeats E. Honda.
ALEX defeats Kain.
ROLENTO defeats Hyo.
EIJI defeats Iori and Takuma(?!?)
ADELHEID defeats Shenwoo.
IGNIZ advances past Urien (disappeared!).

World Warrior Round 3 Fight! - Thu Apr 5 2007 - Daedalus
As the field narrows and the challenge intensifies, mysteries abound. Rumours of mysterious fighters stalking World Warrior contenders raise questions about the motivations of those behind the tournament... or perhaps those outside of it. Still, the matches go on! (But as we wind down to the finals even those not in the tournament may find some impromptu battle arcs and plot events to involve themselves in!)

Here are the next round matches:

Kyo vs. Igniz in ZIMBABWE
Ryu vs. Alex in CHINA
Adelheid vs. Rolento in SICILY
Eiji vs. Mr. Big in CANADA
Grant vs. Sagat in THAILAND

Message: 14/13 Posted Author
World Warrior Round 3 results - Tue May 1 2007 - Daedalus
Well, now that I'm resettled (mostly), World Warrior will be commencing, and kicking it up a notch into the Semifinals. Due to the withdrawal of Grant after his unexpected confrontation with Sagat, only four warriors remain. With no hint as yet as to the purpose or prize behind this iteration of the tournament, particularly with Sagat's elimination, speculation abounds... (and we have a bevy of NPCs prepared for this series of showdowns. Eliminated fighters and those not signed up for the tournament may be approached, or request to participate.. you'll see what's going on in the next couple days, no need to @mail anyone... yet.) The match results:

KYO advances as Igniz vanishes(?!? KYOOOOOOO!!!)
RYU advances over Alex, after a valiant, but brutal struggle. But what about in SF3?!?!
ROLENTO advances over Adelheid in an equally brutal, neck-in-neck struggle. Experience over youth. Gogo team oldman?
MR.BIG advances over Eiji as the ninja once again departs into the ether. But will he shank someone in the next round?
GRANT defeats Sagat, and vanishes himself. A clash of titans, perhaps a turning point for the Thai giant.. (This is what happens when you run out of quarters on the midboss, also.)

Most of the logs are up, or will be up. Next matches to follow.

World Warrior Semifinals - Tue May 1 2007 - Daedalus
Four fighters remain in a worldwide showdown. Will the upsets continue? It's still anyone's game, though the safe money is still being laid on the current World Warrior! ... or are Kusanagi, Big, or Schugerg enough to take the title away?

WW still going? GAWD! - Fri Jun 1 2007 - Lazenca
All right, it's time to stop being fake and start GETTING REAL! The World Warrior is preparing for an awesome and dramatic end (.. I.. I'm serious, it is! No joke, you guys. D:) and some of you may have noticed some 'Seven Days' weirdos running around. Well that's going to pick up now; there is little news ICly about these guys yet. But seeing as they're all from Shadaloo, it's pretty safe to say that if anything, they're just trouble. The group of seven are as follows (I apologize for bad formatting in advance):
Khamis: Very sadistic and violent leader of the group that's.. Indisposed at the moment. Lucky you.
Miercoles: The youngest one. And most confident. Claims what little psycho power he emits compensates for something.
Frida: Sexy. There's always the sexy one. Specializes in ranged attacks.
Vendredi: Wild, unpredictable. Totally out there. Warning: By fighting V you waive all rights of anything sane happening.
Douyoubi: A creepy chick who's only satisfied with hurting others if she gets hurt as well.
Nedelja: Deceased (?).
Selasa: Deceased (?).
Their job is to beat you up. But what purpose does this serve? World Warrior participants and non-participants are welcome to drop me an @mail if you would like to be targeted by these hostile agents over the next .. SEVEN DAYS starting Saturday. And if you're R1, um.. Bring a friend. :D;;
. What? I can run stuff sometimes. :|
- Lazenca

AMER.. THAILAND NEEDS YOUR HELP! - Sat Jun 2 2007 - Vega
Hi, folks.

If you want to have fun happy 'beat up on Shadaloo' times, or have 'Help crush the people trying to save the country' times, we aim to please here at Shadaloo. Aiming, of course, with a slew of crazy fighters and possibly some awesome psychopowered armaments that you haven't ever seen before!

So, uh - feel free to drop on in - Like Lazenca said, there are people new and old around to go beat on. If I can help aid in the beatings, please feel free to let me know!

Er, by the way.

It's 'Kneel before Zod.'
-Lord Vega

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