SNF 2006.11 - November 2006 Summary!

Description: [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for November 2006.

SNF Matches: 11/02/06 - Thu Nov  2 2006 - Gonzales
    Well, almost every one of these is going to require considerable explanation, but don't expect @mails until late tonight. My roommate is taking me to a concert in Sacramento on Friday, so I'll have them written before tomorrow -- but I also won't be around to answer questions until Saturday, so I'll try to be as clear as possible. In the meantime, here they are: the flowers of my imagination, freshly bloomed.

MATCH 1 ~ Ryuji Yamazaki VERSUS Jiro Kasagi AND Mimiru Kasagi
PREMISE: Follow the Leader
SPECIAL: Ambusher's Advantage
LOCATION: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

MATCH 2 ~ Shen Woo AND Roberto Miura VERSUS Kain Heinlein
PREMISE: Best Fight in All Kazakhstan
LOCATION: Main Square of the New Capital, Astana, Kazakhstan (near Russia)

MATCH 3 ~ Ingrid Holmann VERSUS Nanako Yanagimura VERSUS Hinako Shijou
SPECIAL: Riding the Waves
LOCATION: On a Raft at a Residential Canal, Bangkok, Thailand

MATCH 4 ~ Frei Tsukitomi-Renard VERSUS Kim Dong Hwan VERSUS Sean Matsuda
PREMISE: Style Over Substance
SPECIAL: Victory by Vote
LOCATION: The Duck Pond

MAIN EVENT: Kyo Kusanagi VERSUS Sie Kensou AND Blue Mary Ryan WITH ?? as Chaos Agent
PREMISE: For Fun and Profit

    Whew... well, have fun trying to figure out what the heck all of that means until I get my @mails sent. XD And I'm off for now. Enjoy yourselves, folks! :D

SNF Results Week 18 - Thu Nov  9 2006 - Gonzales
    Whew. XD

MATCH 1 ~ Yamazaki vs Jiro and Mimiru in 'Follow the Leader'
WINNER: Ryuji Yamazaki
SNAPSHOT: On the left, Jiro Kasagi, eyes wide and indignant, jaw slightly slack with shock and outrage. On the right, Mimiru Kasagi, one finger primly held aloft, lips parted as she speaks with an air of certainly, and in her other hand, what appears to be a golden apple. Above them, Yamazaki with a wild and terrifying grin, frozen in time just feet above them as he hurtles down from far above.
COMMENTS: Well, everyone's sufficiently terrified of Yamazaki now. Maybe it's time to get the most out of that by giving him a /real/ challenge...

MATCH 2 ~ Shenwoo and Roberto vs Kain in Kazakhstan (is nice, yeees?)
WINNERS: Shen Woo and Roberto Miura
SNAPSHOT: Roberto, his usually calm visage shattered by a roar of passionate defiance, swirls his hands through the bluish blast that threatens to engulf him, an artful and mesmerizing dance of energy control caught in mid-motion. In the background, the wider effect of the Kain's final effort blows Shenwoo off his feet -- it's the goalie that remains standing.
COMMENTS: The novelty of a soccer player fighting in tournaments has worn off, to be replaced by a growing respect for the cool-mannered half-Brazilian and his unorthodox yet evidently effective style. One thing is clear: if Roberto doesn't get the opportunity to become the professional soccer player he's always dreamed of being, he'll still have a place in the fight circuit.

MATCH 3 ~ Hinako vs Nanako vs Ingrid on a Raft in Thailand
WINNER: Ingrid Holmann
SNAPSHOTS: First, an image of Hinako exploding through the raft from underneath, bursting through the logs and out of the water with the last of her effort as her other opponents go careening off along with the rest of the detached logs; second, a single image of Ingrid, standing carefully poised on a single floating log, looking contemplative upon all that remains of the raft.
COMMENTS: Hmmm... I should probably stop putting the female fighters near water all the time... I'm going to give people the wrong impression.

MATCH 4 ~ Frei vs DongHwan vs Sean in 'Style Over Substance'
WINNER BY DEFAULT: Frei Tsukitomi-Renard
    Frei won the preliminary prettiness contest, Dong Hwan's 'rugged good looks' or no -- and Sean was technically out of the running for 'cool' as soon as he walked in with glitter all over himself. Still, although Dong Hwan performed well in the early repartee and he had the moves (and baggy pants), Sean made something of a comeback with 'I've got moves from my head to my shoes'; too bad it was all talk, Shane 'Michael Jackson Without The Dancing' Mitsubishi. ...oh man, Michael Jackson without the dancing... what exactly does that leave, anyway?
    Well, Dong got major bonus points for literally taking time off to mack on the ladies, and sadly, Frei lost most of the glamour and cool he garnered just for being dead sexy when he discarded Old Navy in favor of Charlie's Angels. No, be yourself, Frei. Don't listen to what they say. Haters, am I right? As for Sean, he almost made up for the whole glitter thing with 'QUIT HOGGING THE CHICKS', but Dong Hwan was still pretty much in the lead just through his sheer belief in his own coolness -- until karmic retribution for said hogging took him out of the fight prematurely. Left between a Michael Jackson covered in glitter who can't sing or dance and a monk who has dismayed the populace, stunned and appalled, most audience members forgot to cast their votes at the end, and the comments of those that did... really weren't pretty.
    Thus finding that all of their fighters' 'coolness scores' were generally in the negatives, SNF officials had no choice but to award Frei the win... because it would be too embarrassing to explain why the match was a draw.

MAIN EVENT ~ BlueMary and Kensou vs Kyo with Geese as Chaos Agent
WINNER: Geese Howard
.WAIT, I MEAN: 'Blue' Mary Ryan and Sie Kensou
SNAPSHOT: In the background, Mary finally taking out Kyo with a vertical arrow, not the worst way to be knocked out; but in the foreground the most dramatic moment of all, as Geese, surging with power, negates Kyo's ultimate attack with his own, Orochinagi against Raging Storm.
COMMENTS: Who am I kidding? The house always wins.

    Alright got this week's fights planned out, so they'll be up shortly.

SNF Matches: 11/09/06 - Thu Nov  9 2006 - Gonzales
    Again, whew. XD Thanks to everybody who participated last week; there were a lot of matches, and they were all really entertaining. I was so caught up in writing fat descriptions in the last post I forgot to thank you guys. >:D This week we have a bit of a lighter load, but I think I was able to make it work fairly entertainingly. Here you are, your moments of zen:

MATCH 1 ~ Adelheid Bernstein AND Alma Towazu VS Sakura Kasugano AND Sie Kensou
PREMISE: Difficult Terrain, Difficult Teamwork
SPECIAL: Party Up Tactics
LOCATION: Botanical Gardens, University of Coimbra, Portugal, Europe

MATCH 2 ~ Cammy White VERSUS Ryuji Yamazaki WITH Mimiru Kasagi AS Chaos Agent
PREMISE: Revenge of the Teenagers
SPECIAL: Mimiru's Redemption
LOCATION: Taiyo Dome

MATCH 3 ~ Jiro Kasagi VERSUS Frei Tsukitomi-Renard
PREMISE: Ultimate Cosplay Battle
LOCATION: Harajuku Bridge, Tokyo, Japan

MAIN EVENT ~ Ash Crimson VERSUS Duo Lon WITH Shen Woo AS Chaos Agent AND Sean Matsuda AS Announcer
SPECIAL: Eventual Royal Rumble

    I'll send the @mails out shortly. Good luck, and enjoy!

Results Addendum - (For the record only) - Kobun
MATCH 1 ~ Adelheid Bernstein AND Alma Towazu VS Sakura Kasugano AND Sie Kensou
WINNERS: Sakura Kasugano and Sie Kensou

MATCH 2 ~ Cammy White VERSUS Ryuji Yamazaki WITH Mimiru Kasagi AS Chaos Agent
WINNER: Ryuji Yamazaki

MATCH 3 ~ Jiro Kasagi VERSUS Frei Tsukitomi-Renard
WINNER: Frei Tsukitomi-Renard

MAIN EVENT ~ Ash Crimson VERSUS Duo Lon WITH Shen Woo AS Chaos Agent AND Sean Matsuda AS Announcer
WINNER: Ash Crimson

SNF Re-Bout: 11/18/06 - Sat Nov 18 2006 - Kobun
Breaking news!  This is just a quick post for the folks who weren't on channel just now.  Since we didn't have the SNF matches posted on according to the prophe^H^H^H^H^H^H regularly scheduled times, we have done this the old-fashioned, 'talk it out on +public' fashion and came to the conclusion:

SPECIAL: Anything goes!


Results Addendum - (For the record only) - Kobun

SNF 25/11/06 - Fri Nov 24 2006 - Valkyrie
Okay. G has disappeared somewhere down the line! He's probably in some damned karaoke bar singing his little ditty over and over and over... y'know the drill. So this leaves me doing SNF, and I fully /intended/ to get something out last night. However, since I did an extra couple hours in my day yesterday I was pooped and ended up drifting off to sleep too early to get on and compose something. Therefore! Much as last week, we'll still be doing something but it'll be organised Saturday night by a Valkyrie with a hangover as said variable fighter is luckily not gonna be going out this Saturday but rather today, Friday! Hurrah. Those of you signed up already? Pitch up tomorrow and I'll have some matches for ya, whether cooked up on the spot or planned in earlier hours. If we're lacking or some of you can't actually fight on the Saturday, then I'll shout out on Public for a few more. Heck, maybe I'll even RP myself..... haha, yeah. I know, right? Whatever, Valk! Anyway. Promise I'll be around tomorra, and we'll see what can be done.

SNF Matches: 25/11/06 - Sat Nov 25 2006 - Valkyrie
Okay people, just two matches tonight... but both have stonking potential and they're both very heavy on participants. So, yes, I am praying we don't have any time issues! Anybody who wants to drop out and anybody who wants to join in as the Undecided Mystery Opponent, page me or speak up on Public. First come, first served, and any ratio can apply.

MATCH 1  : Frei Tsukitomi-Renard vs. Chin Gentsai vs. Sie Kensou vs. Sean Matsuda vs. Heavy D! vs. To Be Decided
SPECIAL  : Elimination Chamber Match
LOCATION : Howard Arena

MAIN EVT : Vega & Nanako Yanagimura vs. Ryuji Yamazaki & Shen Woo
PREMISE  : The Dictator, the Hat and the Schoolgirl, a.k.a. Yamazakidance
LOCATION : Before the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet



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