Neo League 276 - #286: Adelheid vs Blue Mary

Description: Adel decides to test Mary's skills. She passes! (Winner: Blue Mary)

The Neo League... to some, it's a matter of fame, glory, money... to others, it's just an impressive tool. Adelheid falls firmly into category 'B'... such a great repetoire of talented and experienced fighters, with diverse styles and personalities. It makes for a great educational aid, and one which the Bernstein heir has great appreciation for. Particularly when he comes across certain names... Mary Ryan's among them.
He's not unfamiliar with the ex-Interpol agent, passingly with her career, and more directly thanks to the exhibition match where he and Tony faced off against each other, and the skilled warrioress. It was hard enough to hold his own with the interference of another fighter, and that makes Mary more or less perfect. As a test. After all, what does Adel have to lose? Points? Prize money? Pfft. The learning experience is more than enough balance for that, as is the chance to study the ex-Agent's style more thoroughly.
So the challenge was issued, and the battleground set - dockside, along the thriving Annapolis coastline, the Bay spreading out blue and vibrant towards the ocean. The deck of a massive freighter serves as the impromptu battleground, the imposing ship quite familiar, after a fashion, to the Bernstein heir... he does make his home on a modified Battleship, after all! The platinum blonde, dressed in black, military-issue boots, fatigue pants, and a silver, skintight tanktop, waits casually towards the stern of the vessel, its subtle sway only easing the relaxed stance he holds, pulling one glove, and then the other over his hands, the thin black leather stretching taut as he awaits his opponent.
Camera crews set up on cherrypicker sort of apparatus scan the deck for footage, while spectators line the docks, a select few stationed up on the observation deck off the ship's bridge.

For the ex-Interpol, it's rather the opposite than Adelheid. Unfortunately, the business of private detective doesn't offer enough funds for her to live on that alone, and the income from the Neo-league gives her just the little extra she requires to be able to live comfortably. The fame, the glory and the fighting experience is just a little extra bonus Mary gets out of it.
Considering this is America and most of the fights tend to happen in Japan for some reasons, so the fact that one of the American fighter actually happens to be fighting in America... A couple of fans came along to actually witness this fight! Not that it had been heard overtly, but some persons managed to get the rumors and have came to see this! Thankfully, the crew who's taking care of getting the action on tape.
As for the duel... How could Blue Mary refuses? It had been a while since she had a true good fight, a one on one. It'll please the fans and it'll please her wallet. The name of the challenger wasn't unknown, though it's only once she's on the field of battle that she actually recognizes who the name she saw was.
Blue Mary's gaze wanders about at the various ships around and she shivers. Her hands are in her wornout leather jacket.. As for the rest of her attire, it's the usual brown work boots and the dark blue jeans. "Nice place," She says, lips curling into a smile. "Guess the fact I'm part of the top tiers make me quite an alluring little challenge, no?" Mary asks with a soft chuckle.

Everyone has their own reasons for fighting... and their own goals in that regard. That Adelheid's are rather lofty is as much a testament to necessity as desire, though the willful Bernstein certainly pursues his enforced legacy with plenty of focused will. His reddish brown, dark eyes focus on Mary as she arrives, considering the ex-Agent quietly, alertly, intently considering each motion... each sign of current demeanor, current readiness. Things he may need to know to have a chance, here.
"It's your abilities that I'm interested in, not your status in Ken Masters' little game." The platinum blonde answers crisply, sincerely. His rich tenor rings in calm, steady tones, a cool and businesslike demeanor that his rather notorious father tends to lack... at least in more heated moments. It reamins to be seen if Adel can keep his icy composure, but for the moment, it's complete... just him and his opponent, the camera crews and spectators a distance memory. The massive, well-kept freighter... shipped in (no pun intended!) for just this occasion, shows its special nature as a pair of big-screen displays extend on port and starboard sides, displaying the combatants in televised glory for the many smaller seacraft around the bay, sailboats and yachts afforded a first-class picture of the ensuing fight.
"You have experience, and power... thus this should make an excellent trial!" Even if Mary's not exactly consciously choosing to teach Adelheid anything. That's never stopped him before. In the aftermath of the display of hardware and final announcements, the fight is started in the traditional way.... a shouted call of just that mandate. And in a flash, the Bernstein heir is in motion, seeking to test Mary's defenses. He closes in a flash, putting on the proverbial breaks at the very last moment to shift into a sudden twist, turning his left side forward to face Ryan as the accompanying fist launches outward in a sudden, snapping backhand aligned with her jaw.

COMBATSYS: Adelheid has started a fight here.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Adelheid         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         BlueMary

COMBATSYS: Adelheid successfully hits BlueMary with Quick Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Adelheid         0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         BlueMary

The young Bernstein's reply is enough to force a smile up on Mary's lips. She can't help but chuckle faintly and she gives him a nod of her head, "That's the spirit," She replies, before she takes off her leather coat and puts it aside, on one of the deck's pipe. Last thing she wants is to have her leather jacket damaged for some reasons. "You've got some good reasons to fight, this'll make a most interesting fight,"
With that said, Mary's arms go up and the woman gives one final stretch before she gets into her fighting stance, legs spread for balance and arms at her side, at her breasts level, ready for defense and offense. "... Excellent trial...? And what's this to you -- merely trials to prove your strength?" Mary asks, frowning slightly. Personal advancement is one thing, experience is another... But trials? It's the first time she's heard it referred in such a manner.
The sudden rush from Adelheid catches Blue Mary a little off-guard. She definately didn't expect such speed and agility from her opponent. Her eyes widen a little and she staggers back, at attempt to actually avoid the incoming blow. However, lack of reflexes or perhaps because she knows she's not going to make it in time, Mary quickly shifts her posture -- half to take the blow, the other half to prepare to retaliate.
The back of Adelheid's hand connect with Mary's jaw, though she hardly staggers. It was enough to make her scream a bit from pain, but she knew she couldn't have avoided it. Instead, she tries to actually use the proximity between herself and Adelheid to get a hold of him and counter. If she can get a hold of his clothes and bring him close enough to her, Mary'll try to hold on to him and give him a couple of nasty kneeshots right to his flanks and midsection.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary successfully hits Adelheid with Combo Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Adelheid         0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0         BlueMary

And since the onslaught of blows probably destabilize Adelheid enough, Mary has no dificulty to follow up by quickly turning on her heels to press her back to Adelheid's waist and use her grasp over Adelheid's arm to throw him off over her and hurl him off some distance. Even with the little shout to empower her throw, or just for the show... Still, hopefully he'll catch himself before he actually hits some tank or random steel pipe and make a swifter and less painful landing.

Well, Adelheid's charge may be enough to stagger Mary momentarily.... but she's not nearly as off-balance from the assault as he would have liked, and instead of being able to capitalize on the momentum, he's grabbed and yanked in... hard, eating the repeated knee-strikes, his recently-cracked ribs bruising painfully under the impacts. It's enough to wind him, leaving him momentarily disoriented as Ryan exercises her leverage, and sends the Bernstein air sailing over her shoulder.
His agility is nothing like his father's, however... and resilience, well, that's in the genes. It's a punishing first exchange, but not one which Adelheid seems willing to let himself be daunted by. His legs kick out in front of him, and while he is indeed on course for one of the pipes jutting out of the deck, it's his boots that hit it, landing in a horizontal crouch against the structure for a jarring instant before he pushes off, gravity assisting his roll back to the deck.
When Adel comes back up and around, he's drawn a blackened edge of razor sharp steel from his boot, and the knife is winged quickly and directly for Mary's leg, aligned with her upper thigh, just below the right hip. Might be enough to slow her down, which seems to be the intent, "I have nothing to prove." is the only answer forthcoming, just this moment.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary interrupts Thrown Object from Adelheid with Vertical Arrow.
- Power hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adelheid         1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0         BlueMary

There's only one little detail that Adelheid might have not taken in consideration. The fact that once Blue Mary has thrown him over her shoulder, the woman has already started charging right back at him. In fact, he might notice that she's barely a foot or two away from him just as he draws his knife from his boot, which hardly leaves him the time to actually throw said blade.
The proximity makes it hard for both of them -- for Adelheid to hurl the knife properly to actually hurt the ex-Interpol Agent and for Mary, to actually avoid the object. In the end, Mary's speed doesn't allow her to fully avoid the object. The knife grazes her flank, cutting and drawing off some blood but merely causing a flesh wound. In fact, it almost seems as if the knife passed by and didn't hit its mark, but it did cut Blue Mary.
However, managing such a feat meant only one thing for Adelheid. And something rather painful. "Vertical Arrow!" The woman shouts, her right leg rising high up in the air as Mary jumps -- her hard boot smashes him right under his chin, knocking him off his feet and a few feet up in the air. Unfortunately, Mary doesn't stop the pain here. In midair, Mary actually traps Adelheid's head between her thighs, squeezing it tightly and she drives him back toward the deck to slam him down to the ground.
The results? Well there's a couple of metallic pipes that are on the way down and the force with which Adelheid is brought down by Mary's body actually causes a few of them to bend and break under the pressure. A really rough start for Adelheid, a most brutal one, but certainly one that Mary's fans will delight to see.

There's not really time to realize he's heading for a /trainwreck/ until it's already upon him, and fleshwound or no, it's little gratification as Adelheid is kicked skyward, and then grappled, his head still spinning as he's flung around and comes crashing down with the inverting Mary. Clang, clatter, crash! The pipes bend, the bolts snap off and skitter across the deck, a piece of venting cover clatters to the deck and skips away from the sheer force of it all, the young Bernstein faceplanted into the ship with alarming force.
Blood runs freely from several places on his features, now, thanks to that not-so-pleasant introduction to the bulkhead, but despite his not exactly beneficial position just now... he seeks to capitalize. Mary is still in close, Mary is still above him, and he has to get back to his feet /somehow/ if he's going to make any play to recover this battle.
So he makes just that play, planting one gloved hand firmly to the deck and using the surprising power in that lithe arm to /launch/ himself back upwards, both feet leading. There's a subtle twist, and it brings an inverted Adelheid up like a rocket, both booted feet seeking to plant soundly into the ex-Agent's chest or jaw, and send /her/ hurtling back from whence she came, with no shortage of force, a gutteral, focusing cry sounding from the platinum blonde's lips. He's definitely getting the kind of workout he wanted, but he's not going to get the lesson he's looking for if he's KO'ed just yet... time to up the ante on his end. He's all-in.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary dodges Adelheid's Futtobashi EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Adelheid         1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0         BlueMary

Blue Mary wouldn't expect Adelheid to actually stay there lying underneath her without some kind of retaliation soon enough. In fact, when she feels his body squirming underneath in more than spasm of pain but muscles flexing to move, perhaps because she may be a little paranoid or simply in a reflexive way, Blue Mary quickly shifts to her defensive ways, using her arms to actually throw herself backward just about the same time than Adelheid rises up and emerges from the depths into which Mary smashed him.
Almost. Barely but not enough, his feet graze her without touching her. A bit of luck and a mixture of incredible reflexes allow Mary to actually jump out just in time to avoid those rising kicks. And down she lands a couple of feet away. The incredible evasive manoeuver actually causes the crowd to go 'ooooh'. That was quite something after all.
Mary pants softly and she straightens herself up. Looks like she's leading by far right now. Though it can change very quickly. She narrows her eyes and says, "If not to prove your strength, then why do you call this a trial?" Mary asks. Though she doesn't elaborate the conversation -- she merely charges toward Adelheid and attempts to deck him. A powerful yet precise punch right for his midsection, slightly under his sternum.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary successfully hits Adelheid with Quick Punch.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adelheid         1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0         BlueMary

If he were trying to prove his strength... well, he'd be doing a piss poor job. What was intended to be a pitched battle to see if he could match Mary despite her skills and experience is quickly becoming, well.... a total embarassment for the Bernstein heir. Let's hope Rugal isn't watching /this/ one, or he could be in for it. Launched into the air, it's all that Adel can do to twist as he descends, with no impact forthcoming... taking that punch squarely in his already hurting ribcage. The turn helps to dissipate some of the force, but it certainly still stings, "Because you're more than enough to show me what I've learned..." he grits out tersely, suddenly twisting back in towards Mary, his right leg snapping upwards.
He may have taken a beating, but he's not down yet... something Adel seeks to make abundantly clear as a tumult of silvery chi crashes along the ground in the wake of his swinging boot, the dark energy crashing together and lancing outwards, a waist-high edge of cleaving wind-chi threatening to envelope Ryan at nearly point-blank range, and blast her away from the platinum blonde, who's gripping defiantly to his bearings despite her dominance thus far... all he needs is an opening... one opening... something to seize, capitalize on. And he's not done looking for it, "And what I haven't!"

COMBATSYS: BlueMary blocks Adelheid's Reppukyaku.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Adelheid         1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0         BlueMary

Mary leans backward and she turns slightly to the side to take the impact of the incoming chi wave. One foot planted firmly, her arm rised up, elbow almost on her hip as she protects her side and abosrbs the blast of energy like this. The position is enough to protect her vital parts, and the force causes her to slide backward a little after the dark energy crashes into her. The sudden shift in her position along the fact that she had to defend herself in such a way makes it rather hard for Mary to actually retaliate, which may give a little edge for Adelheid to prepare himself for her next attack.
"You'll never be through learning," Mary says with a slight grunt of pain, "You can't certainly believe that you'll eventually be above everyone, there's always someone better than you out there," Mary adds with a snort before she dashes toward Adelheid, a rather violent charge at that as she attempts to actually tackle him and hopefully manage to haul him all the way toward one of those tank to slam his body against it.

COMBATSYS: Adelheid dodges BlueMary's Random Weapon.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Adelheid         1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0         BlueMary

There's just a hint of frustration to Adelheid's features at the words... not because Mary's defenses are so solid, but like so many others recently... she just doesn't seem to /get/ it. Yep, your typical teenage boy stuff. No one understands. No one sees. And so forth... save that Adel is hardly your typical teenager, "Who said I would be?" the platinum blonde postulates, almost too casually considering the hammering he's taking, as he lithely darts aside, letting Mary rush right past him.
She won't get too much distance, however, as a twist brings Adel's palm out and around, an open hand darting in for the grappler's shoulderblades. It's not the hand that's the threat, however, but the sudden outpouring of raw chi, a swirling disc of ripping greys and silvers that forges in an instant just before that reaching hand... its forceful charge seeking release /within/ the talented miss Ryan's torso, the shield large enough to pour energy out her sides on its ravaging course, should he find its mark, "As I said, this is only a measure. I have nothing to prove to you, but your abilities are a help to guage... and improve." Educational. Yes, it's a lifelong thing, this is just one more step. Albeit a painful one... but he's not done, not yet.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary endures Adelheid's Dark Barrier.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Adelheid         1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0         BlueMary

It all happens so fast that there's not much Blue Mary can actually do against this. She can feel his head planted against her shoulderblades and considering her position, she's in no way to actually defend herself. Her best option? Try to actually use this to her advantage, she knows she's going to get hurt, she simply has to take the most out of it.
The blast of raw chi that comes from the forming shield actually causes Mary to scream in pain -- the discharge of energy knocks her foward, straight toward the tank Mary actually intented to actually slam Adelheid against.
However, instead of slamming herself against it due to the force of the blast, Mary actually leaps backward and lets her foot touch the tank, enough so she can give herself a push just hurl herself right above Adelheid and descend down straight at him.
It seems like the ex-Interpol agent's about to try and give him a rather painful drop kick to his shoulder but there's more to it -- it's more of a way for her to latch at his arm than anything else and curl up around it. "I see! So you're learning on yourself or you've got some teacher out there watching?" Mary asks in the middle of the action.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary successfully hits Adelheid with Mary Spider.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Adelheid         1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1         BlueMary

And once Mary actually lands on Adelheid's shoulder, her legs quickly wrap up around his arm and she uses her full weight to actually force him down to the ground, making a whole spin on himself. It's not the landing that's painful but more the way Mary has actually his arm squeezed and trapped between her thighs and legs and the way she bends it with her whole body, just the force applied in there would be enough to probably break a normal person's arm but thankfully, Adelheid's training allow him just to be hurt decently without any kind of such damage.

Ah, well, turning the venting pipe into Mary's collision instead of his own is certainly gratifying... even if it's a shortlived victory, considering the speed with which the agile grappler recovers and retorts. Adel is unable to keep from being pinned, though he tries to move with the maneuver, in the end there's little he can do as he's forced groundward... and his arm is bent in ways it really wasn't meant to bend. It's more agonizing than out and out incapacitating, but in his current state... well, it's certainly enough that he's noticing the added injury as tendons tear and he eats deck once again.
He's not going to just lay there and submit, however, a sharp twist of his searing arm culminating in a roll, as the young Bernstein retreats momentarily, coming up in a crouch a short span away from Mary, his attention orienting itself to the ex-Agent quickly, "Impressive." He murmurs, as much to himself as anything, "No, this isn't for some tutor's benefit... just mine." He explains, calmly still, though his words are coming harder. All the more reason to draw a deep breath, bide time a moment... which may be all he has remaining, otherwise, "Up close is the best way to learn about a style, or a fighter." He doesn't immediately clarify which this is about, but he's already more or less made that clear... "Victory or loss is irrelevant next to that evolution."

COMBATSYS: Adelheid gains composure.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Adelheid         1/---====/=======|=======\-------\1         BlueMary

After the damage's done, Blue Mary lets go of Adelheid. She doesn't intend to maintain the hold, not at this point. She could have finished the match smoothly and let him a chance to actually submit without taking further damage, but she'll see what he has to say and if he still has some in him to actually fight.
Not only that, but Blue Mary can actually use this little opportunity to catch her breath back as well. She pants and frowns a bit at his words, "Next to evolution?" She asks with a snort, "I bet you can improve like this, but to compare this to evolution..." Though she's not about to debate about this right here. She doesn't want to lose her momemtum either, and so, from her crouched position, Blue Mary quickly rises and dashes toward Adelheid.
With incredible speed, Blue Mary attempts to smash Adelehid with a rising kneeshot right under his chin and knock him back -- and with a bit of luck, she'll manage to get him just where she wants.

COMBATSYS: Adelheid interrupts Dynamite Swing from BlueMary with Reppukyaku.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Adelheid         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0         BlueMary

"And what would you compare it to?" Adelheid inquires, holding back the smirk behind a calm facade... this is it, do or die, hit or miss. He has no more chances, not with Mary coming on strong, just as he assumed she might.... "Mind, spirit, body!" He intones crisply, passionately, as he leans with the incredibly fast blow, her knee clipping off his chin even as he leaps up and away, gracefully arcing back through the air despite the spray of blood loosed from his mouth with the intense hit, and wherever it is that Blue Mary wants him.... it's nowhere she's going to get, right now, as his leg shoots out, a shearing crescent of ragged energy coursing along the path of his booted foot, the cleaving edge slashing with powerful intensity right across the charging Mary's upper body, washing around and enveloping her in gale-force wind chi.
The blast washes over and blasts into the deck, its silvery mass dissipating outwards in a brilliant shockwave as the sheer backlash of its force carries Adelheid further still, the young Bernstein landing in a three-point crouch, his breaths coming in haggard, deep gasps. On his last legs, perhaps, but that doesn't seem to inspire his surrender...
"Know thyself, know the world. This is how we improve ourselves, this is how I learn. See it how you will... but anything less is petty. A waste of time, and potential."

That's definately incredible. The blow did land, but the surprising thing about all of this is how Adelheid, despite the strength of the blow, manages to control his direction and uses this to actually counter Blue Mary's finishing touch. Her eyes widen and she's left open for him to strike her. For the simple reason that she definately didn't expect such a combe back.

The blast of wind chi knocks Blue Mary back and she's sent flying far away across the deck. The blast causes her to scream, but the landing definately isn't helping either. Right on the deck through various little pipes and other things. It's a loud metallic thud that actually shows how and when she crashed down into the deck.

Despite all of this, Mary rises back to her feet. She groans and winces, her right hand reaching for her elbow. The woman glares at Adelheid and her lips curl into a smile, "Ah... Can't say you're totally wrong there..." Blue Mary staggers a little and she tries to recover from the hit, but since she still has the advantage, she prefers not to play it defensively.

One last charge at Adelheid and Blue Mary attempts to get a hold of Adelheid's clothes. Another grapple it would seem! Nothing less to expect from a grappler, no? She'll force him back up to his feet if she has to, but if she manages to get him back to his feet, she'll try to get him into a strangle-hold.

COMBATSYS: BlueMary successfully hits Adelheid with Fast Throw.
Glancing Blow

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Adelheid         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0         BlueMary

Adelheid eyes the charge... his dark gaze narrowing. He has options, but they're fleeting. And she's coming in just too fast for his ideal decision... which leaves him with getting /out/ of the way. That doesn't work quite as intended, however, as he's grabbed and drug back into the fray, Mary's arm clenching about his neck. It doesn't restrict his airway for long, as he drops limp and arches his neck back, dropping right out of the incomplete chokehold before it can lull him into unconsciousness... but his movements are sluggish, forced.
... but still madly powerful, and Ryan /is/ in nice and close. The ex-Agent will have to beat a hasty retreat, or risk being cleaved in twain as Adelheid suddenly /launches/ out of his forced crouch, his right leg sweeping around in a rising roundhouse of epic proprtions, the axeing kick snapping him up and around, and drawing a wildly luminescent crescent of raw chi in its wake... pushed to his limits, and beyond, Adel fights on still, determined to draw every moment out of this conflict... to seize every chance. To do less would be un-Bernsteinlike, and while he's certainly not Rugal... Adelheid certainly has the stubborn will.
But beyond that final, magnificent, crowd-silencing blade of chi that accompanies the all-out slicing kick... he's spent, and his landing post-attack would not be any more graceful than the one he just accomplished... crashing to hands and knees, though this time he doesn't seem able to muster the strength to even attempt to recover his footing, at least not yet.

COMBATSYS: Adelheid can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
BlueMary         0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: BlueMary blocks Adelheid's Omega Genocide.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
BlueMary         0/-------/--=====|

The second burst of life that comes out from Adelheid is actually enough to force Mary to let go of him. She has to opt for a switf defense to avoid actually taking most of the hit. The woman growls and she quickly turns around to take the blunt of the crescent shaped blast of chi coming from his leg.
While she did take the hit, she did manage to absorb the damage enough not to be hurt too much from it, still. The blast was enough to push her back and the epic proportion the wave of chi took was enough to leave the crowd breathless for a moment, as if to see who'll be standing at the end of this...
And alas, it seems that it's Mary who's still standing, seeing how Adelheid crumbles down after his last blast. Mary pants and she growls, glaring down at the young teen for a moment. "You're good... Definately. Hope you've learned for that..." She says, groaning a bit as she stretches and tries to work out those sore joints of hers.

Alas, despite the fury of the final assault, Mary's defenses look to be able to weather it... even if it appears to be just barely, from where Adelheid is slouched. He's not unconscious, just... unable to right himself before the fight is counted over, the aches and bruises too much for the moment. He remains crouched as Mary is declared the winner, a slow nod given to the ex-Agent, "You fought admirably, as well. The honour was mine."
The respectful statement is declared evenly, any agitation with his initial helplessness pushed aside in favour of a calm analysis of the actual battle in its finality... a much closer affair than it first appeared. Not to mention a good bit more drawn out than it looked like it might be! After those moments, the Bernstein heir does right himself, slowly but surely regaining his footing, a gloved hand brushing down the front of his shirt, a sheen of sweat covering his lithe musculature and matting a few platinum locks to his forehead... a bit of drying blood helps there, as well, "I learned what I wished to learn. Perhaps we will match our skills again, sometime." A lazy... or perhaps pained wave is offered, as Adel makes his way off, towards the gangplank, and the motorbike parked below.

Straightening herself up once the winner has been determined, Mary heaves a soft sigh. Her eyes turn up to the many fans and supporters she has and her lips curl into a wide grin as she waves her hand about to every fans that came to see her, and what a show they both gave! Adelheid's supporters probably have to agree to that, it was quite a tight match, even if Mary started real strong at first.
"You fought to the very end, that's very condemnable," Mary says, lips curling into a smile. She catches her breath back and she folds her arms in front of her chest, arching a brow, as if to see if he'll be alright on his own. He did take a little beating after all, more than she did. "I'm glad you have -- I'm sure we'll have the chance to have a rematch," She says with a nod.
Her eyes wander off where Adelheid goes and she frowns a bit, "Eh, nice bike," Mary says as she assesses the engine and model. Very nice, the kid's got some taste.. And enough money to actually treat himself to nice stuff like that.

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