Neo League 276 - #278: Jiro vs Rolento

Description: Within the forest of Southtown, Rolento challenged Jiro Kasagi to a Neo League Fight. From guerrilla tactics to Jiro displaying his chi, Jiro and Rolento fought almost in the sense of Metal Gear Solid. (Winner: Rolento)

At the present, Rolento Schugerg and Jiro Kasagi are no longer 'rivals'; Yet that hardly means the commando does not wish to see if he has made any progress within the last year, even if the youth is not presently interested with his offer. Such is doubtful given the huge gap during Metro City, but unlike many cased individuals lately he might have the best potential seed.
The offer was made officially, through the Neo League channels. A section of forest has been arranged into a ring, easily thirty yards around and generously sprinkled with many cameras in the branches. It's a unique battleground with potential for unique cinema, which means it's likely going to be a success. There's no room for people wishing to observe, yet it's the first time Rolento has had chance to fight within an environment that is his speciality.
Situated in the middle, with a helicopter rumbling about overhead, the aspiring dictator stands at attention as a few cordless cameramen circle around. He's on the end of an offhanded interview, despite how intimidated the announcer seems to be. He's a very passionate man after all, seeming to turn every question into an admittedly charismatic oratory about his ambition, truth, and the bane of global economics and politics.
At least it would not seem to be any manner of ambush for once. The days of being crucified, hopefully, are behind!

It has been a very long time since that Jiro and Rolento have crossed fists and feet. They had their own rivalry in a sense, as Jiro has proven to be a pain to the man's side. But in the end, it is now that Jiro has declared neutrality, even if he has not gotten a chance to make contact with Daigo until recently. It will be a while.
However, to hear that he had been challenged by Rolento is accepted by Jiro, who is attending the fight by making his way through the forest. Combat boots crunch on the ground, moving up to the black pants. Then, the view reveals more of Jiro, as he's wearing a militistic vest with a sleeveless grey shirt underneath, revealing his arms that bear the leather strapped gloves. His expression is not quite a scowl, just neutrality. This time, he has a headband around his forehead, very much identical to the clothes that he wore in the vehicle chase.
That was a fun fight. And for this, why not go for a Metal Gear Solid motif?
The Stray Dog finally does make it to the middle of the forest, and the youth has a smirk drawn on his face, "Well, this is a nice place to choose for the fight." He rubs the shoulder, keeping watch of the man. To be honest, Jiro was hoping Rolento would challenge him, as he did make the offer the last meeting.

Seeming to be done with talking, or at the very least mildly irritated, Rolento waves off the announcer who seems to be more then willing to figuratively beat it to a far distance off, likely knowing that knives, chi and explosives are going to be littering the area in a very short period of time. Adjusting his beret, slowly the baton is unsheathed with a flourishing twirl, held in a loose grip and tapped repeatedly on his palm. The formal announcements are made for each fighter, as well as the Neo League itself. Blah blah blah! Rolento isn't paying attention.
"Jiro Kasagi. Your lack of tardiness is commendable." White eyes shift over the uniform, seeming to almost amuse the former mercenary. "Although you may look the part, I highly doubt your tactical mastery of such surroundings. At the very least, I know you are unable to perform the acrobatics necessary to take advantages of this environment. Regardless, this will be a relatively swift assessment. I will be highly surprised..." Slowly he takes his fighting stance, smirking just a bit. "...If you come close to surpassing me! Begin!"
Rolento makes no real motion to start the fight, apparently giving that honor to Jiro; He merely leaps a bit backwards, beckoning the other forward while holding the baton overhead and twirling it rapidly.

COMBATSYS: Rolento has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Rolento takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jiro has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jiro             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rolento

"You'd be surprised." Jiro responds with a shrug. While he can't completely utilize complete acrobatics, he will utilize his combat maneuvers anyway that he can. Besides, he's basically fought like this most of his fights now. Well, save for the combat vest and the headband. That is to keep the motif up. But in any case, the Stray Dog offers a grin, drawing his right leg out before lifting both hands up. "Heh." He looks quite amused, then the Stray Dog watches Rolento's movement as he offers Jiro to take the chance.
Jiro is -very- much glad to take the chance, as he's sprinting straight towards Rolento's direction, looking like he's ready to come forth with a clothesline. That right hand that winds back for the said clothesline instead thrusts forward for a palm strike, then his left leg comes out to plant against Rolento's stomach, aiming to push him back.

COMBATSYS: Jiro successfully hits Rolento with Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Jiro             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          Rolento

"Doubtful." Rolento muses. Nothing is surprising about Jiro. This is the child that almost got brutally beaten to death while 5 other people gangbanged him in Metro City. He seems to be expecting nothing impressive, and a clothesline is a perfectly direct and predictable thing to do. At the last moment the baton flits down, attempting to catch it. Of course, this does little against a punch, but Rolento attempts to slip backwards; He's still hit, which knocks him off balance. That's bad enough, before Jiro is allowed to put every ounce of force he has into the kick, which is by no means a small margin. Eyes boggle as he's sent slamming into the tree behind, coughing to get some air back in his lungs. "...Hrrmph." Well, that's what you get for underestimating the power of emo teacuppery!
It still did not hurt /that/ bad, and Rolento is on the move almost immediately. Again he twirls his baton in a manic fashion, swooping forward and unleashing a vicious strike towards Jiro's chest. Two further blows are done, one a sweep towards the legs and the second a twirling uppercut trying to send the Kasagi airborne! He's still a bit too winded to do anything more fancy, after all...

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Jiro with Patriot Circle.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jiro             0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0          Rolento

After unleashing the surprising tactic, the Stray Dog homes in on Rolento to press on with the attack. Even as the man draws his stick and brings it out to strike it against the chest, the Stray Dog is lunging himself into it, as to get close enough to give off a dish of his own strike. Unfortunately, Jiro did not calculate his breathing to synch in with the strike well, as the chest blows cause him to wince and lose balance, then the stick sweeps across his legs and the uppercut sends Jiro slipping from the ground and he lands on his back.
Groaning a little bit, the Stray Dog starts to roll away from the ground and away from Rolento to gain some distance. In fact, the Stray Dog is aiming to gain some distance at the tree for cover.
Given that he's close to the tree, the Stray Dog decides that it is best time to introduce Rolento to something that he gained while he was gone. Two white spheres of flames suddenly erupt along his hands. Not made of the purple tint that he saw long ago, but the white flames dance and lick in the air before he shouts, "RIOT CROSS!"
He crosses his arms together in position, launching the flames out towards Rolento's direction. The flames are spiralling along each other, crossing along and outward. And once they are closing in on the man..
They converge together to form a huge white cross that expands towards Rolento's direction. At the process, Jiro's twisting his body towards a tree, as if to gain some cover.
From Stray Dog to Silent Hound.

COMBATSYS: Rolento overcomes Riot Cross from Jiro with Grenadier.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jiro             0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0          Rolento

Regaining his composure, a moment is actually taken to adjust his vest before hopping backwards and rolling a few meters away. Jiro's at a disadvantage when within ranged combat, after all. As such... Wait, flames? "...Did Kain manage to teach you tangible techniques?" is mulled, yanking off one of the green orbs dangling from his harness. Eyes shift towards where Jiro ducks for cover, returning to the manifested cross. Before suddenly hurling it like a baseball pitcher; The chi dissipates in a woosh, flickering into motes. And then the grenade literally /sinks/ into the tree as the wood shatters, before detonating with tremendous force. Shrapnel and wood fly in all directions, as the tree creaks and collapses to it's side in a flurry of shattering branches.
Rolento as well, however, takes some time to backflip into the upper level of an adjacent limb, crouching while peering through a veil of leaves to see how Jiro failed. Simplicity can trump impressive techniques... He's never needed chi, even if he's likely more then capable of learning!

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Jiro with Grenadier.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jiro             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          Rolento

While taking cover from the attempt to blast Rolento, the Stray Dog is utilizing the moment to take a few breaths. He narrows his eyes to keep watch of his surroundings, until he notices that Rolento throws a grenade in his direction. This definately catches his attention, as his eyes narrow in surprise over the incoming shrapnel and the falling tree.
"Shit..." He mutters, then he attempts to roll away. Unfortunately, the shrapnel pierces his arms and the tree that breaks apart strikes against his form, explosion sending him against another tree in impact.
A growl escapes the youth, then he snorts. "Alright..." Jiro shuts his eyes, catching his breath for a few more moments as he runs over to the next tree, watching around to spot Rolento from his spot.
He grins.

COMBATSYS: Jiro gains composure.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jiro             0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          Rolento

Leap! Leap! Rolento navigates the treetops with a grace worthy of any ninja, quickly breaching the distance between the pair in mild swooshes and blurs of movement. Balancing precariously on one outstretched branch near the broken remains of the fallen tree, Rolento then hurtles into the air in a spiraling sideflip, letting out another spin of his baton before descending rapidly to launch a vicious overhead strike, aiming to hit Jiro in the shoulder with no small amount of force. "Hnnnnnnnnngh!"
Of course the moment this is done a standing backflip is attempted, to put some distance between himself and Jiro. "I am beginning to think... You merely got lucky, Jiro Kasagi!" Admittedly he's considerably more durable then before, but that doesn't particularly mean much. The illustrious Kasagi cockroach!

Aislinn has arrived.

COMBATSYS: Jiro interrupts Medium Strike from Rolento with Heaven's Diminisher.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jiro             1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

Deep breaths are needed. Breathing in and then breathing out helps the tenseness go away and for the Stray Dog to see a little more cleary. After that clarity has been restored, the young man is starting to enter his more feral side. In essence, being put in the forest is perhaps the best thing. He feels a litte more free in the combat field, especially in the fight against a man who is using his surroundings to get himself an advantage.
...It's just the matter of turning the tables.
With Rolento finally coming out from the tree, Jiro lifts his head up and focuses at the man for that split second, as he doesn't have much time to act. Licking and igniting itself into existance, the flames are surging along the feet as the Stray Dog launche shimself from the ground. Through his own passion that he refers to as his -fury-, the wrath burns through the air with a bright glow. The flames immediately swirl along his feet as the Stray Dog launches himself towards the blow. But at the same time, he's planting the instep of the foot towards Rolento's stomach.
Gritting his teeth at the impact on the soulder, Jiro grins a moment later with, "...Lucky, eh...?" He spins his body around, drawing the left foot back for a flaming spinning hook kick, then the right leg snaps out with another flaming kick to send Rolento towards the ground at a good distance from him.

Although the baton thwaps against Jiro, Rolento realizes that he was attempting to trade a hit for a hit; It's a risky maneuver when one is already at a disadvantage, which means the gamble pays off! What good are calculations when odds are ignored? Kicking seems to be his weak point, doubled over the foot before the second onslaught strikes him in the side, sending him shooting towards the ground. Landing upon a shoulder, instantly he pushes off and lands within a crouch. Leaping straight up thereafter, his free hand snakes behind his back and yanks free a massive knife. At the apex of his jump, obscured by leaves and shadows, the heavy metal flashes through the air and attempts to sink down to the hilt in Jiro's right leg. To make matters worse, this time he does not come down; He backflips into the nearby tree, trying to vanish amongst the foliage. "Your fighting tactics have changed little... But you are much more effective at it!" is admitted by Rolento, who sounds like he might be finally getting a combat worth focusing his attention. He's already done much better then Sean...

COMBATSYS: Jiro blocks Rolento's Stinger.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jiro             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0          Rolento

"Sometimes, I just have to work with what's natural for me." That could be one reason why he broke away from Kain. He just wants to have his own way. But at the same time... the power. That is something that Jiro hated to give up. So, when the incoming knife comes out of nowhere to strike him in the leg, Jiro gives off a hissing snarl, then he grips onto the instrument of destruction. What does he do?
If Rolento knows Jiro long enough, he'd know that Jiro would take it. So, the young man yanks it out of the right leg with a snarl, cursing to himself before he's finally getting back up to his feet. He's working on his limping, trying to get back into play so that he can channel his chi.
He's hiding behind one of the trees, just -waiting- for Rolento to show himself.
He's got a surprise for the man.

COMBATSYS: Jiro focuses on his next action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jiro             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0          Rolento

But Rolento is in no hurry at the moment either. He's been hammered by a couple stout blows, after all; It might be better to play a psychological game, given he can easily see Jiro through parted leaves. A few more leaps, much more subtle, take Rolento to a heavy bush. Descending into it, a few moments are taken to assess his wounds, breathing slowly and regaining his own strength. This gave Jiro some seconds to move around unseen, but it shouldn't take more then a moment to pinpoint him again, creeping along across the ground as quiet as a cat. His baton is at the ready, instincts focused and white eyes narrowed. Jiro, after all, is in /Rolento's/ element now. In a way, he misses the Mekong Delta -- and only hates that the war and his engagement were forced to come to an end...

COMBATSYS: Rolento gains composure.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Jiro             1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0          Rolento

There is something that Rolento keeps forgetting. When one is around the animals long enough, let alone the strays, one tend to pick up some of their traits. So, Jiro's feral nature is taking over as he looks around the area, taking the few moments to finally relax himself. With his nature more aware of his surroundings, Jiro's moving a little more slower, until he can see the heavy bush. The Stray Dog's eyes narrow right -at- the course, then he extends his right hand into the air.
Perhaps it's time to clear the way now. The Stray Dog gathers his chi from the tip of his hand, allowing the raw power to escape him. "....Hrmph." Chi starts to escape his body. Spirals of white sparkles emit as the chi erupts around him. Should Rolento look on the ground, he should see that there is a white light emitting from underneath him. Pieces of the chi are fragmented, spiraling along his body as he draws it all into his hand. Tightening the hand into a fist, the chi glimmer like a shining star.
This is rage in the purest form: Fury. "Power... in the purest form." The uncontrollable chi, drawn by the emotions of his wrath is converged together into a glow of the hand. His eyes narrow as he hisses out, "REBEL..." The voice husks, then he extends his left hand to the ground before he slams the glowing right fist towards the ground, "_SPIKE_!"
The moment his fist strikes the ground, there is a torrent of chi erupting along from the ground. At the three foot radius, various circles circling around Jiro start blasting out, the flames lashing across everywhere around Jiro in the form of geysers finally erupting. The white fury scorch through the air, rising several times before dying away into nothing.

COMBATSYS: Rolento overcomes Rebel Spike from Jiro with Grenadier.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jiro             0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0          Rolento

Rolento was not lying when he said this was his environment. Jiro is indeed a beast, but knowing how to survive in a forest is nothing when you know a thousand ways to slit a man's throat before he realizes anyone is even around. His own mind has descended, to the point that there is almost no conscious thought. Rolento's heart beats a steady drum in his chest, breath so slow and drawn out that it's inaudible to even his masterful perception. Finding the boy with ease, a moment later the light beneath is noticed. "...!" Instantly the commando hurls himself into the air, once more snapping up both hands to his harness. A pair of grenades are yanked free, the first flung towards the ground.
The detonation is indeed the strength of chi versus the strength of specialized weaponry, and in this case the victor is not apparent. Enough time was given by the initial grenade for Rolento to clear, yet the second orb is flung overhead almost quicker then can be perceived. It detonates in a flash, sending heavy shrapnel bombarding towards Jiro, blanketing the area and shredding nearby vegetation.
Landing off-center, Rolento proceeds to roll rapidly away from the scorched surroundings, sliding to a stop with one half-gloved hand bracing him on the ground. ...Impressive! It took every ounce of reflexes, instinct and planning to deal with that. If Jiro wished to show how much he improved, he's certainly managed /that/ aspect...

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Jiro with Grenadier.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jiro             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0          Rolento

Rage is something that clears away into nothing once it has made its point. Unfortunately, Jiro's wrath did not fare off too well for the initial grenade, as both have been contacted against each other and clear away. However, the second grenade makes its way through.
This is unexpected, as Jiro suddenly sees the shrapnel coming his way. He is attempting to rush into it, aiming to tense his body and perhaps dull his senses to keep the pain from penetrating his form. Unfortunately, his dulling the senses does not work. As the shrapnel pierces his arms, the Sray Dog grunts and he immediately coughs up some blood. "...Heh.." He starts to leap up towards a tree.
Given that Jiro's not ninja-like, he is taking a slow time getting over towards the next bush. But, after the leap, Jiro makes a dive towards the tree and then he grips onto a branch.
Lowering himself slightly, he gasps onto a lower branch and he swings his body around. Positioning himself to come at Rolento, the young man swings forward, releasing the branch to give the man a drop kick.
At least, until he grabs another branch while dishing the kick out as he does not want to land on his back in case he misses.

COMBATSYS: Rolento fails to interrupt Heavy Kick from Jiro with Random Weapon.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jiro             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0          Rolento

In the time it took Jiro to amble his slow ass over to Rolento, the commando managed to rig a rather sweet little trap. Sticking a branch in the ground and then placing a miniscule charge with a knife wedged inside it, all triggered by a stretched wire. And he finishes before the Stray Dog gets over. "Ha!" is commented as Jiro then swings towards him, but the entire scheme fails since he didn't trip the wire. You can't monkey on branches! How cheap is that? Smacked heavily in the face with a booted foot, Rolento hits the ground on his back and slides away, left to ponder why he spent an excessive amount of time on the complicated scheme instead of smacking Jiro in the head with his baton while he was more open then his promiscuous sister. Well, old habits die hard, one can suppose. Picking himself up and rubbing his lips, Rolento shrugs his shoulders with something of a smirk. He's still more then in fighting form, and seems no longer apt to take such risks. "Well, Jiro Kasagi. I believe I have finished your assessment. I shall end our engagement with my next assault. Suffice to say, you have managed to impress me..." Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

After the feet strike Rolento, the Stray Dog immediately lands on the ground, kneeling on one knee with a smile on his face. The young man chuckles a little more, drawing his right fist back "Alright. Cool." Pause. The Stray Dog looks at the wire, immediately drawing the stinger that Rolento 'gave' him. He immediately flicks the knife against the wire, activating the trap, but he sweeps his body away.
"Nice try." That is all that the Stray Dog says, then he removes the vest, tossing it back on the ground before he starts sprinting towards Rolento. Narrowing his eyes, his bleeding form is moving once more. Despite of the wounds of the battle, Jiro is quite pleased with the outcome for himself. He can already feel the improvement. Channeling the white chi to burn in his grasp, the Stray Dog looks up at Rolento. With the fists glowing, the young man soon launches from the ground.
He's striding towards Rolento, soon drawing his right fist out to strike against his stomach. And should the fist strike true against Rolento, the impact will result in a devastating explosion.
With his own fury, Jiro is putting every energy that he can muster into his technique.

COMBATSYS: Jiro successfully hits Rolento with Exploder Knuckle.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jiro             0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1          Rolento

"There is a maneuver I have that I have been neglecting that should be sufficient for the end of this engagement..." Rolento muses to himself, holding up a finger at the disrobing Jiro as if this might actually cause him to pause and wait. Of course it does not, but regardless a literal handful of massive knives are yanked out. Carefully they are all balanced upon the very end of his baton; Mayhaps a dozen of them, the balance precarious and concentration obviously intent on Rolento's face. It's rather impolite to interrupt the engagement however, and just a millisecond before the fist hits Rolento in the chest, the baton flicks into the air.
SHINK! Branches rain down as the razor sharp blades flash into the sky, vanishing from sight.
The explosion sends Rolento hurtling backwards, bouncing a single time before rolling to a stop. He had intended to insure the assault would land, but it was harder to arrange the maneuver then he had calculated. However, there should be nothing that Jiro can do to avoid the ensuing doom. Rather unsteadily, the commando gets to his feet, snapping up a salute.
"Mission complete!"
And then, no matter where Jiro moved to, a ten-foot wide blanket of knifey death sinks down, a few of them piercing stone. One might wonder how he could predict Jiro's movements to such a degree, but it's something of a moot point. Planning and precision is Rolento Schugerg, and with this move it's almost omnipresence...

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Jiro with Steel Rain.

[                                < >  /////////////                 ]
Jiro             1/---====/=======|=------\-------\0          Rolento

Unfortunately, the youth has no chance of getting free, as the blades pierce along the boy's shoulders, legs, and the sides. Even some strike along the arms, severely wounding the young man, who is writhing in pain. It is to where Jiro collapses on the ground, with blood flowing through the ground.
...It looks like that Jiro's out.
Or at least... until a finger twitches.
Slowly, Jiro is emerging from the ground. Perhaps it is his will to keep fighting or his stubbonness of staying down. While getting up, a trail of blood is left as he leaves the ground. Doing his best to dull the senses of the knives lodged in his body, the young man is making mental note to add them into his collection. Jiro starts to laugh a little.
"...Nice." Blood drips from the arms. "Perhaps... I'll give you a parting gift as well." He grins a little manically; it doesn't help that his teeth has feral-like fangs protruding out to help accent his feral rage. Drawing his fist back, the fanged grin fades into a snarl as the flames burn profusely in his hand. The flames grow on on the right hand to the point of becoming a dragon's tail that sways along as it hangs loose.
Then, while Jiro remains winding back, he spins about as he preps the fist. He's striding towards Rolento's direction, aiming to slam the fist right into the man's chest. Should that come into contact, there will be a gush of energy following as the white chi finally erupts. The tail soon follows as the chi of fury awakens and grows once more, becoming like a tidal-wave akin to a massive shockwave. Lashing outward, the chi seeks to sear against Rolento.
Either way, Jiro will be hitting the ground soon.

COMBATSYS: Jiro can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Rolento dodges Jiro's Vandal Breaker.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Rolento has ended the fight here.

Well, Rolento was aware of Jiro's limitations. That's hardly a fault of his own. Before, he could barely injure Rolento in an entire fight; Although this time there was only a single half-assed attempt at 'playing around', and he was far from minorly injured as a result. Beginning to turn away, once the Stray Dog manages to regain his feet, eyebrows lift as the baton is sheathed. Regardless of this final flutter of willpower, it's not going to be necessary. This is the last vestigial spark of a defeated man.
Although there's plenty of power there to defeat Rolento, it's got the significant handicap of needing to actually strike him. As he comes forward, the commando merely rolls into a ball and bounces backwards, swiftly avoiding both fist and tail. When the detonation thereafter ensues, with a quick flex and leap straight upwards it's cleared by enough margin to show that there was little danger despite the passionate display.
Landing nimbly a few meters away, Rolento rises back to his feet and brushes himself off. "Definitive increase in fighting capability. Judgment! Grade C! Present path and training regiments suitable for the rate of growth!" So he's an average fighter, but that's better then those lousy D's like Sean and Nanako. "I still say you could accomplish great things under my employ, Jiro Kasagi. You have the talent and strength. It is discipline and focus you lack. Mere rage alone is an unguided vessel..."
From the branches above, a thin black line descends. "Consider our neutrality official, unless you and your sister again interfere in U.S.P.L. business." And attaching the line, up Rolento goes, towards the awaiting helicopter above!

"...Can't stop my sister..." Jiro considers, "...Meh..." He has the feeling that Mimiru will cause some trouble. There is some consideration of letting her go through the trials that he had to the hard way. At the same time? Jiro doesn't want to put her through it.
It looks like the cameras are about to stop rolling since Jiro is down, but Jiro is getting back up once more, staggering back to his feet and he starts trudging through the forest. Despite of his wounds and everything, he won't remain down. Not until he's under care of those he trust. And frankly, given that there aren't too many wild animals, Jiro can't trust the people he may come by.
So... it's just trying to walk, or rather, limp through with so many knives planted in him. "Eghn..." He laughs a little bit, "...Neutrality. ...Sounds good." He muses.

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