Neo League 251 - #273: Aislinn vs Candy

Description: An early morning match at Gedo High's rooftop means that, even if Ai wins, she'll be spending most of the day in the infirmary...

A League Fight can happen anywhere at anytime, but some might say that the early morning is usually the least amount of matches happen. Most likely because it's inconvenient to most viewers- But when Candy had recieved notice of battle, those were her terms..
Perhaps she's just not a fan of large crowds, no one knows for certain, not even her opponent! About 4 in the morning and the sun hasn't risen yet, Candy Diamond arrives at the roof of Gedo adorn in her usual black attire. No fancy or flashy entrance, just the door to the rooftop opening and a march to the center of the roof, the camera's and such set up at the side.
Hopefully things will go smoothly today, as the punk-girl does have some work to do. But on the other hand, she is looking forward to seeing Aislinn today, "Of course if I defeat her, she still must go to class," she murmurs, mainly to herself as she reaches into her shoulderbag and draws out two dumbell-like objects. Now then, is her opponent already here?

COMBATSYS: Aislinn has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Aislinn          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Candy has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Candy            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Aislinn

The answer to -that- question is yes. Hmm, it would be interesting--and most dangerous--to have a nightbattle, as the two of them wear dark clothing. Fortunately, the league people need recorded proof, and so stark, harsh lighting has been set up at the corners of the rooftop, illuminating it with cold, white light. Still, Aislinn doesn't show up immediately... but then the door to the rooftop opens and there she is. She eyes Candy quietly, and with no sign of recognition. Despite the early time, there are a -few- observers, but only a very few--the rooftop doesn't have a lot of room for them.

"Aislinn Doyle, reporting and ready," she says, as she pauses at the end of the marked off area opposite Candy. She looks to her opponent, her mouth set in a firm line--not of anger, but of determination. It'll be interesting to see how this goes. She's taking her time, really, but once the signal is given--no raucous shout this time, due to the early-morning nature of the fight, Aislinn is off and running, so to speak, closing with Candy and snapping out a swift jab for the robot's chin. As usual, no quarter will be given, but also, Aislinn will not let on, publically, as to the connection between Candy and herself.

COMBATSYS: Candy endures Aislinn's Jab Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Candy            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Aislinn

Candy's 'dumbells' extend to long, gleaming, silver tonfa, she glancing over her shoulder to Aislinn, "Candice Diamond," she replies as she clicks her heels togeather, the wheels within her boots lowering and allowing her to glide back a bit without taking a step. It would seem she knew Aislinn was going to take the initiative and as such is already in a defensive/offensive position. Candy falls into a slight crouch, form steeled up and her head turns a bit to the side upon the impact of Aislinns blow. However, she twists with teh momentum, legs drawing outward as she spins not once, but twice, dropping into a wide-legged split for a rather unorthodox sweeping kick.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn endures Candy's Light Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Candy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Aislinn

Naturally, Aislinn -knows- who Candy is... but formalities must be observed if the ruse of not knowing each other is to be pulled off.

"Aislinn Doyle," replies the girl, just before the sweeping kick comes. Aislinn makes no attempt to avoid; rather, she drops down, positioning her arms to be able to grab for that leg after the kick; should she be successful, she'll simply use the grip to upend Candy and dump her to the rooftop.

COMBATSYS: Candy endures Aislinn's Quick Throw!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Candy            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Aislinn

Candy of course is on the same wavelength as Aislinn, but it doesn't make the situation any less unusual to Candy. In fact it would seem this will end up being an alarmingly quiet match talk-wise at the rate things are going; she just simply doesn't have anything to ask Aislinn. Ai manages to get a hold of Candy's leg, and she's just as easily swung. But an abrupt shift of her body-wsight doesn't give as much distance as Ai may have hoped for, Candy twirls and slams hard onto the tip-toe of her ungrasped boot almost immedietly after she's released and drops into a crouch, "Very well,"
Is said to no one in particular, Candy darts forward and slips behind Ai, attempting to hook the longer end of her tonfa under the other girls arms in the process. Should she get that hook, she leaps up into the air, and corkscrew dives toward the cement of the old rooftop. Empty handed or no, she releases her hold to plant her hands onto the ground and backflip onto her feet once again.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn blocks Candy's Candy Drop.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Candy            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Aislinn

Alarm bells are immediately going off in Aislinn's head as she lifts and dumps. Something didn't feel right. That feeling is borne out as Candy is hooked and brought up and around for a corkscrewing drop. By some miracle, Aislinn is able to roll with the landing, for minor injury... but that was a new thing and Aislinn files it away. Most certainly that can be attributed to Candy's latest upgrades... Aislinn mentally nods in approval. For now, however...

It -will- be a quiet match; Aislinn drives forward, through the intervening space, then takes a short hop that turns out to be a flying kick aimed for Candy's head. The trick? There's the sharp crackle of red-white electric chi snapping around that foot.

COMBATSYS: Candy blocks Aislinn's Medium Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Candy            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0          Aislinn

"Impressive," at least Candy could say that much about Aislinn's defense. It was a rather acrobatic maneuver after all. Her arms drop slack as she glides back a bit, putting herself again in the perfect defensive position; only one arm raises, Aislinns kick slamming into her tonfa, and that slight electric jolt becomes a bit of a rude awakening for the NESTS creation.
Candy cringes slightly, but her movement doesn't faulter otherwise, she still finds herself in a fine situation to counter-attack, first her left left weapon swings to belt Aislinn in the gut, her right sweeping up afterward; a swift, powerful uppercut along the jawline.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn blocks Candy's Medium Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Candy            0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Aislinn

Aislinn lands swiftly, pulling her legs down, thrusting her forearms down, to intercept the left strike, then whipping them up to absorb the uppercut; she lifts off slightly at the impact, letting the momentum push her backwards, aiding it, landing somewhat near the edge of the roof. Aislinn narrows her eyes, but doesn't go back on the offensive, instead buckling down somewhat, concentrating, arms brought up in a defensive stance, invisible energy flowing through her body, to add power...

Aislinn lands swiftly, pulling her legs down, thrusting her forearms down, to intercept the left strike, then whipping them up to absorb the uppercut; she lifts off slightly at the impact, letting the momentum push her backwards, aiding it, landing somewhat near the edge of the roof. Aislinn narrows her eyes, but doesn't go back on the offensive, instead buckling down somewhat, concentrating, arms brought up in a defensive stance, watching Candy carefully, warily.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Candy            0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Aislinn

Candy looks a bit hesitant when Aislinn backs off from her, only because through previous experience, nice things tend to -not- happen to her following those concentrated pauses. She's left with a few decisions to make here, and it actually doesn't take long for her to act. Candy gradually skates backward, making circles around Aislinn as she twirls her tonfa like little helecopter blades; her eyes narrow, making a quick scan of her opponent, her arms dropped in a way that it almost looks like she's dropped her guard completely.

COMBATSYS: Candy focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Candy            0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Aislinn

Hmm. Interesting... she expected Candy to charge forward, to try and disrupt her concentration. Instead, her opponent is doing the opposite. Is she trying to draw her in? It is probably successful... well, no, it -is- successful, at least, in getting Aislinn to attack. She twists and crouches, snapping a hand out for a baseball bat left behind, carelessly, by some young punk, then bursts out of a crouch to lunge forward, apparently intent on braining Candy right upside the head with the implement.

COMBATSYS: Candy fails to interrupt Random Weapon from Aislinn with Diamond Cutter.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Candy            0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          Aislinn

Candy would most certainly charge forward; but to do such at her own pace. And the Aislinn attacks, Candy waiting again for a moment before darting forward herself, and the grip on her tonfa losen for just a brief moment, reaching forward as Aislinn swins and then beans her right in the head with the bat. Her legs fly foward, and then the rest of her body, she crashing onto the ground and slides forward just a little more.
OBviously that wasn't what she was planning at all, she faultering in her gradual rise during her confusion.

Aislinn brings herself to a halt, skidding, releasing the now dented bat, which skitters with a metallic clanging sound, to the raised edge of the rooftop. Her first, internal, instinct, is concern; her second... to pursue, and strike. However... she waits instead, crossing her arms over her chest, hunkering down slightly, invisible energy flowing up around her, through her...

COMBATSYS: Aislinn gathers her will.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Candy            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Aislinn

Candy still feels a bit scrambled, but she can't just sit around waiting to get back to one-hundred percent performance. The damage is obvious, reddish liquid trickling down the side of her face; the actual bruise hidden by her red-stained hair. To her suprise, though, it seems that Aislinn is open for attack; and she takes advantage best she can. She skates toward Aislinn, then leaps upward into another powerful uppercut, hopefully sending Aislinn upward. And should that happen, she leaps up after to catch Ai by the collar of her top with teh short end of her tonfa, and whips her back to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn endures Candy's Fierce Strike.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Candy            1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1          Aislinn

Aislinn is less open than one might think. However, she doesn't block, and again, she doesn't evade... it seems she has a penchant for pain this early morning.

*CRACK* Aislinn is thrust up into the air with the uppercut, then leaped after and slung straight back down to the ground.

*WHAM* Aislinn rolls with the impact, though she still takes all of it--and then she's leaping high, a dustcloud billowing up from her feet as she tries to catch Candy before she can land, her arms held out as she spins upward in a variant on a rising, spinning lariat.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn successfully hits Candy with Whirlwind Lariat.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Candy            1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1          Aislinn

Lariet? Candy isn't in the best position to defend herself and it shows. There is a slight reaction in terms of her trying to escape from the grasp once it's locked on; though it doesn't quite work that way. Again she collides to the ground, the concrete spider-webbing a bit. There's a pause as she lay there, and then she sits up with a deep huff of air, getting to her feet quickly enough. Yet she doesn't press the attack afterward, she pausing to wipe the side of her face with the backhand of her glove and her eyes narrow; once more seeming to be collecting data and making calculations.. The margin of fatigue she doesn't think is too far apart- But how can she close that gap in the most efficient manner?

COMBATSYS: Candy focuses on her next action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Candy            1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1          Aislinn

Aislinn drops lightly from the lariat, landing about five yards from the robot. Aislinn's feet slide apart, her hands coming up, taking up a Tae Kwon Do stance, and she advances, her feet working through some intricate patterns as she advances. As she nears, she twirls her body to the left, spinning her left foot through a low kick-high kick combination--the low kick is just a feint, a way to build up power for the reverse heel kick that is the real attack.

COMBATSYS: Candy interrupts Strong Kick from Aislinn with Fatal Exception Error.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Candy            0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1          Aislinn

It's a good combination of attacks, too, and Candy is more than willing to take the damage in order to deliver what she suspects would be even more. She doesn't seem to fall for the feint, in fact it's at the moment a cloud of steam erupts from the fingertips of her gloves and completely surrounds both fighters, her dark eyes giving a gentle blue glow amidst the cloud. Twin slugs of laser energy are fired at the other girl, which upon impact explode with enough force to knock both fighters out of the cloud; one much faster than the other of course, Candy skating backward in a casual stroll.

There's only one word for this--UNGH. Aislinn is blown backwards, rolling and thumping along the rooftop, fetching up against the edge. She pushes herself up, faltering, coughing up a splatter of blood. The remnants are dripping down from the corner of her mouth, and she seems shaky, as she rises to her feet. That... that was a good hit. Aislinn wipes her mouth, her eyes narrowed, and she seems to need to take a moment to regather herself... but she beckons to Candy.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn focuses on her next action.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Candy            0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1          Aislinn

Candy's lips curl very slightly into a smile.. She couldn't say exactly why, of course, though it does happen when she notices that Aislinn is bleeding. It's a fascinating thing really. But soon that smile goes away and she continues to press the attack onto Aislinn. It's hard to tell what the other woman may be up to, but she has to make the best of the situation. Once close enough, she thrusts one of her wheeled feet out toward Aislinns gut, drops into a crouch and this time uses just one foot to sweep Ai off balance. Finally, with her back to her supposedly fallen opponenent, she leaps into the air, twirls and backflips, finishing off the combination with a double-foot stomp.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn interrupts Deep Kick from Candy with Breaking Point.

[                             \  < >  /////////                     ]
Candy            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Aislinn

Aislinn is breathing heavily, part of her body's reaction to the pain and injury she's received so far. It's been a very close battle, and Aislinn knows it isn't over yet. As Candy comes in with that wheeled foot, Aislinn turns away, her arms folding up and the girl appearing to hunch; then as the boot comes in, Aislinn is turning, taking the impact on her shoulder. But that combination doesn't get to complete, because Aislinn -continues- turning, and all too soon she's throwing a clenched right fist into Candy's midsection, striking with precision, and power. The returned kinetic energy is enough to bring Aislinn to a stop where she stands, rather than continue forward.

And that is a very, very powerful blow. The impact wasn't what Candy was expecting at all, and her expression actually twists up a bit after the solid impact. She nearly drops her tonfa as she doubles over, and goes reeling back; mostly due to taking that momentum while on the skates that creates a bit of distance between the two fighters.
".. Hmn," she ponders aloud, favoring the struck spot for a moment, leaned a bit to the side. But her opposite arm slips behind her back, the short end of her weapon pointed at Aislinn.
With a hum and a crack, there's a dull glow and then a slender beam of white energy fired at Aislinn, before she collapses to one knee.

COMBATSYS: Candy has reached second wind!

[                          \\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Candy            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Aislinn

COMBATSYS: Aislinn overcomes Diamond Shot from Candy with Shining Edge.

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Candy            1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Aislinn

Though the audience can't know it, this exact situation has happened before, between the two. Aislinn narrows her eyes, gesturing one hand upwards, and for only the second time in this fight, her red-white electric chi comes out, in the form of a long, tall, narrow 'blade' of chi, that spears up out of the floor just in front of Candy, cutting through the beam of light and continuing on for Candy. An excellent example of precision and aim.

COMBATSYS: Candy slows Shining Edge from Aislinn with Diamond Shot.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Aislinn          0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Candy can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Aislinn          0/-------/=======|

Excellent precision indeed.. At this point, Candy's skin is glistening, sheening in 'sweat', the bleeding having slowed down as she amazingly manages to get to her feet again. Her eyes focus on the oncoming blade, and this time her opposite tonfa is twirled and held out in front of her. The glow is more obvious this time, energy ripping toward the opposing energy and manages to slow it down just a little bit.
As it still manages to cut into her form with less velocity, it's enough to make her collapse a second time.. But this time she won't be getting back up. ".. Interesting," she murmurs to herself, falling onto her side.

It was a hard-fought battle. And Candy's more than proven herself; as Aislinn walks, she walks with a limp, and she coughs up a little more blood, spitting it onto the roof. The rooftop is already stained with other such spots, one more won't matter. The cameras capture this: Aislinn walking over to Candy, offering the robot a hand up. And Aislinn saying to the robot, "That was an excellent fight." It is notable because... well... Aislinn usually just walks the hell away.

COMBATSYS: Aislinn has ended the fight here.

Indeed it was, a back and forth match. Candy is also aware that Aislinn usually does just make her exit after a match. So when the hand is offered to her, she does seem a bit suprised as she glances upward, "Thank you," she replies.
The hand is taken, Candy brought back to her feet, wheels retratcting as well as her twin tonfa, "I did enjoy this match, perhaps we can fight again." The hand is given a light squeeze, then is taken back to put away her weapons, "I must go to work, thanks again."

Aislinn's response is a nod. "I'm sure we will." Though probably, the next time will be at NESTS... or against Jiro. Come to think of it... Ais makes a note to talk to Candy privately about arranging some sort of revenge for Jiro, under the guise of the Neo League... for now, she's going to go to the nurse's, turning away from Candy and heading, limping, for the door.

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