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Chaotic Christmas Bash -- Wed Nov 23 2005 -- Duck
IC Post Pending in a few moments after this one goes up.
Yes people, another PPV hosted by Duck so that means the same ways of signup as last time. Just a simple @mail telling me you are interested in joining in on the festivities. Signups are going to run from now till 8pm on December 1st. From there I will post a schedule of fights and you all will have a week to get them done. I am going to try to keep ratio stuff even, but also I am taking into account player timezones as well. And if you are looking for reasons to have a specific fighter to join? This is a large PPV event that would be aired in a few different countries and based on popularity and draw that it recieves is how much prize money a fighter will get. High profile fighters that draw crowds=more money in the fighters pocket. Have at it kids. You have till next Thursday to sign up.

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Chaotic Christmas Bash -- Wed Nov 23 2005 -- Duck
Fliers and such have gone up again throughout places such as Southtown, Metro and larger cities of other countries as well. Yes the one and only Duck King is holding another Pay Per View event due to the success of the last one. He has yet to let out details on what match types will be involved this time around, but there are various places set up for the fighters to enter their names. This one will be on an international level so the fights will be taking place across the globe this time around as well.

Along with the fliers there are a few commercials being shown that involves Duck and some of his staff, Radical Warrior Li and Cody, doing promos and such for people to get signed up and get involved. (Note: See board 14 for signup details and such.)

== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Chaotic Christmas Bash Fight Card -- Mon Nov 28 2005 -- Duck
Given the amount of people actually listening to my badgering about signing up for the PPV I have decided to halt with a decent amount of participants. Of course we all know sometimes matches just can't get scheduled therefore I might call on non involved fighters to step up if they wish to do so. So as from the time of this post you have till midnight est time December 11th to finish you matches.

Side Note: LOG YOUR FIGHTS. These are official matches and if I am around just page me and I will even log the match for you. If I am not around and all the people involved are leary of logging find someone that will help. I am sure there is someone that doesn't mind recording it.

Now on with the card.

Match 1 - Tables, Ladders, Chairs - Warehouse in Metro
Jiro vs Tran vs Vyle vs Nassir

Match 2 - Department Store Bash - Hollywood
Robert vs Mr. Big

Match 3 - Mayan Ruin Battle Royal - South America
Ralf vs Shenwoo vs Haggar

Match 4 - Fishing Boat, Maine
Mimiru vs Naerose

Match 5 - Men vs Women - Duck Pond, Japan
Duck and Dan vs Hinako and Kyoko

Match 6 - Volleyball Barrage - Beaches of Austrailia
Alma vs Kelvin with Natsu as Barrager

Match 7 - Knife Fight - Alleyways in Hong Kong
Tony vs Edge

Match 8 - Tough Man Fight - MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Clark vs Heavy D!

Match 9 - 2vs2 Tornado style - Victoria's Secret Store
Kensou and Leona vs Sakura and Xiangfei

Match 10 - Main Event - Colosseum, Rome
Rugal and Eiji vs Chun-Li and Dhalsim

== Sanctioned Combat Events ==========================
Chaotic Christmas Bash PPV Results -- Mon Dec 12 2005 -- Duck
First off thanks everyone for entering and second of all the card may look slightly different in the end. Some matches needed slight modifications to the card, but overall only one match was cancelled. Look for another one of these popping up in a few months down the road.
And the winners are:
Match 1 - TLC Match
- Vyle vs Tran | Winner: Vyle
Match 2 - Department Store Bash
- Robert vs Benimaru | Winner: Robert
Match 3 - Mayan Ruin Battle AKA Battle McLargeHuge
- Ralf vs Shenwoo vs Haggar | Draw match
Match 4 - Fishing Boat Battle
- Mimiru vs Naerose | Winner: Mimiru
Match 5 - Men vs Women
-Duck and Dan vs Kyoko and Hinako | Winner: Duck and Dan
Match 6 - Volleyball Barrage
- Kelvin vs Alma (Natsu as barrager) | Winner: Kelvin
Match 8 - Tough Man Fight
- Clark vs Heavy D | Winner: Heavy D
Match 9 - Victoria's Secret Store Fight
- Kensou and Leona vs Sakura and Xiangfei | Winner: Kensou and Leona
Match 10 - Main Event
- Rugal and Eiji vs Dhalsim and Chun-Li | Winner: Rugal and Eiji
Well there you have it folks. Fighters can expect a decent sized check based on the event they were involved in and how well PPV sales were. A few people did have some prize money lowered due to pay for damages. That includes the people that destroyed the department store in Hollywood and the Victoria's Secret. Also Hinako has to pay for the crack she put on Duck's dancefloor. :(

== Recent Headlines ==========================
Tony Cuts a Written Promo? -- Wed Nov 30 2005 -- Tony
The following is a statement run in the Tuesday Edition of the Southtown Times/News/Herald/Generic Named_Paper_of_Choice in the editorial section.

[Edited For Content] You, Duck King.
[Edited For Content] You, 'Edge'.
[Edited For Content] You, Japan.
Now, I'm sure there's no small number of you [Edited For Content] 'Fight Experts' and Sports Columnists who would disagree with me, but I've come a long way since I stepped onto the scene a year ago. I've evolved as a fighter, I've evolved as a man. I've become better than I once was, both physically and spiritually. I've had my highs and my lows, and they've all been on public display.
For it all, I've been demonized. You [Edited For Content] would spit on me, if you didn't fear my retribution. For that, I can tell the entire lot of you to [Edited For Content] off and not lose any sleep over it. Wheather you like me or not, you'll still pay to watch me shed blood. You'll still smile when I take years off of my life for your amusement, and pretend to be shocked when I take somebody's head off. Remember Ibuki? Good.
Anyways, that brings me to my point. I'm a prestigious kickboxer, with good pedigree. A KICKBOXER. I have worked very hard to shake the image so many of you like to see me in, and be a kickboxer outwardly as well as inward. I have fought and beaten prestigious Kickboxers, I have fought and beaten prestigious fighters of other disciplines, using good and honorable techniques belonging to my discipline.
No matter what, though, I am not given the acknowledgement I deserve. Rather than be booked in a rightful match, I'm in a [Edited For Content] knifefight. I'm not in an arena, I'm in a back alleyway. I'm not fighting another fighter, I'm
fighting some unknown dork with a stupid nickname.
[Edited For Content] you.
You want blood? I'll give you blood by the buckets. I'll slaughter your newest sacrificial lamb, the mewling babe you taped a razorblade to. When I'm done, you'll gasp and pretend to be astonished, just like you always do. When I do
it, though, I'm going to do it my way. I'm going to do it using the Muay Thai discipline, and only that. I'm going to make you backwards [Edited For Content] people respect me, even if I have to go and personally beat it into each and
every one of you.
This is my absolution for past slips, and my test to myself. I will be successful in this, and I will earn what is rightfully mine. This is the most important fight in my entire career, and the most important fight in my life. This isn't Tony Styles versus Edge Yamada, this is Me against You. If I lose, I have no right calling myself a kickboxer, a fighter. If I lose, I will retire. You will all have the final enjoyment of witnessing my flame flicker and die.
Think about that for a minute, Edge.
You get to look forward to facing me at my most dangerous. Focused and fighting for my life.

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