Neo League 151 - #161: Kim vs Dhalsim

Description: The ultra-flexible yogi clashes with the ultra-jumpy Korean on a warehouse roof! An epic clash! Will Kim become a shishkabob of doom or will Dhalsim feel the holy might of Kim's Justice Kicks?! And just HOW DOES DHALSIM STRETCH SO FAR?! One of these things and no more than that revealed /right here/! (Winner: Kim)

The city is a suffocatingly busy place, isn't it? People can't seem to sit still, filling the roads with loud automobiles and the constant tapping of people's shoes against the sidewalks. Granted, the chorus is much less loud at night, but still.
The rooftops above are a sharp contrast, thankfully. One doesn't have to go far to find buildings of varying heights; small, squat things nestle comfortably between its multi-story bretheren, with other blocks sporting their offspring of a wide variety of materials and designs. Today, the afternoon's attraction is on top of one of the more modest businesses. The building is, perhaps, a mere three stories tall, but long and wide in a square. Perhaps it's some sort of warehouse. The skies above are overcast, its blanket of cool grey and white wisps travelling across the plane at a decent clip, riding on winds mostly blocked by the city's terrain. Skyscrapers rest on three sides of the scene, and rest assured, office workers have taken to pressing their noses to the windows at the commotion caused by cameras being set on their walls, safely out of harm's way.
Still, whatever breeze that manages to sift through the land is welcomed. One of today's combatants, a newcomer to the league, seems content to sit on the very edge of the roof. His legs are tucked under him in a manner that simply CAN'T be comfortable, both of his arms resting on the edges of his thighs while his hands are turned upward. His eyes stay closed, never swaying. In fact, he seems quite statuesque up there, if ornately-colored. Aside from the unusual browning of his skin, much of his body is wrapped in an old, nappy-looking bit of orange cloth, likely for modesty's sake than anything else. With his thin arms and legs, it's hard to imagine such paltry wrappings doing anything to protect him from the cold.

The size of this city was a surprise to him, at first. Used to the simple villages of South Korea as he was, the stifling amount of people that inhabited Southtown was simply overwhelming. Eventually, though, you get used to it. After all, people are just people, and the more people here simply meant...
The more people to protect from the crimes of injustice, dun dun dunnn!
He's established himself almost permanantly here, for now. The Kim Dojo has found a second home here in Southtown, nestled away in the forests. Kim Kaphwan has found friends here, and great evil he must fight against, for the good of all. And so, he has adapted. This will have been one of the few times, however, that he participates in a League Battle in the good city of Southtown. Another new experience for him, on top of fighting an opponent he has never heard of before. This is why he fights in the League; for this kind of excitement.
Which is why, as the winter winds brush over the city of Southtown, Kim is quick to come to the rather... bland locale he's to fight at today. Bland to most, at least. But this, for Kaphwan? Is something to be /excited/ about. He doesn't arrive in his usually flamboyant and dramatic fashion. Kim instead comes with no flair, standing at the opposite side of the roof from his opponent. Is he nervous? Not at all.
He can't wait to begin!
Easily, the man slides his feet out to shoulder-width length, dropping into a more combat-ready stance. Brown eyes take in the unusual sight of his opponent. He doesn't appear to be much of a fighter, but... Kim is not one to underestimate his opponents. Who knows what secrets this 'Dhalsim' is hiding? "Hi there, I'm Kim Kaphwan! Whenever you're ready, feel free to attack! Let's give this our all, alright?" There's something strange about this man, though; his presence is oddly calming. Something that Kim will worry about later. For now... it's time for a fight!! HYAA!

Excitement, honestly, is one of the furthest reasons for the Indian man's entry in this horrible show of violence and worldliness. The thing is, that reason is very much a worldly desire. No, for the people he's ruining himself to save, it's a necessity. Since the beginning of the off-season for the Saturday Night events, Dhalsim has been a bit aimless. He needs a quick source of income that doesn't involve the destruction of innocents. That's why, when he finally caught word of the Masters-sponsored tournament, he immediately signed up.
The words carry across to the seated man, weak by the time the air has nipped and torn at the sounds, but even if he couldn't hear it, he could feel the man's intentions. His thin chest swells a little, the breath released in a harmless sigh as he stands. It's actually a bit of a spectacle, watching such small legs lift his body as if he weighed no more than a slip of paper. Turning now, his morbid necklace is easily seen, something that rattles with hollow clunks as he unravels his finery from his body, dropping it in a heap at the nearest corner. So much time passes without a word that, perhaps, he may very well have not have heard the invitation. Measures steps set him a fair distance away, easily out of immediate reach, and his hands spread into a wide gesture when he stops: one is forward, palm up, with the other held behind him, with his body slightly turned to the side. His eyes remain closed, and indeed, the feeling of tranquility eminating from the fighter is no less palpable when his soft-toned words are finally loosed:
"I am in no hurry," he starts, turning his right foot slightly outward, bending at bony knees as if to steady his stance against winds that threaten to lift him clean away. "Nor should you be, warrior. I wish you luck and a painless outcome."
Simple enough, isn't it? With his last words, his lips seal closed. The air aout him tingles with a faint tinge of mystical energies, the only visible display of which could be seen in very faint ripplings of dust around his feet.

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dhalsim          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kim has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kim              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Dhalsim

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kim              0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0          Dhalsim

There... it's odd. Kim can't sense much of a desire to fight in this man. It's something that causes him to pause, even as he stretches out his legs. Brown eyes look upwards towards the man as he stands, linger across those small, hollow skulls around his neck. For a man like Kim, such a lack of that desire is somewhat surprising. Why enter the League, then? The entire purpose for him was to simply have fun and enjoy himself fighting other people. The points never mattered. As long as the matches were thrilling, and the opponents were good-hearted and skilled, he found enjoyment in it. This man, though... fights for another purpose, doesn't he?
"Very well then. Fight with all your heart, Mr. Dhalsim."
That's when it begins, though it may not seem like it; everything is calm, even as Kim once more settles into a fighting stance, even as he prepares for an attack... that never comes. Instead, he sees Dhalsim focusing, gathering energies about him. Those determined eyes of Kim narrow briefly, and he nods. "I will start this off for us, then." He gives Dhalsim a moment, though; gives him time to prepare. Because even now, there is no sense in being dishonorable in a fight such as this. Dhalsim surely must be fighting for good intentions, and so... for the man's sake, Kim waits. Until -- there.
One foot pushes off the ground sending the Korean Hero in a mighty leap. His legs curl up as he flips acrobatically through the air. His intentions, are to strike Dhalsim repeatedly with a series of rapid-fire bicycle kicks across the man's upperbody, his legs infused with the strength of JUSTICE. "HUUAH!!!"

COMBATSYS: Kim successfully hits Dhalsim with Hishou Kyaku.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kim              0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0          Dhalsim

Perhaps, just this time at least, Dhalsim should have opened his eyes.
The time given for the man to prepare is, surely, appreciated. However, it seems that it was not put to good use. Having been idle for such a long stretch of time doesn't do wonders for reflexes, and even so, his movements are slow, but fluid. Both of his arms pull together and rise up, but..he takes too long. The clashing of his bracelets jingle once as his torso is pushed back, feeling horribly light beneath Kim's feet. Arms drift in his body's wake, not moving to try and break the fall from being pounded so thoroughly and slammed backwards into the ground, and his skin rubs raw against the gritty rooftop for the scant couple of inches that he slides. For the moment, he's down, and all of his limbs splayed about.
Now, however, is the time that things get weird. His legs pull together at the knees, both lifting so one foot presses on the ground, then the other, further ahead. His body lifts as if hinged at the knees, curving with dangling arms loose behind him. In a way, it's akin to a Slinkie righting itself. His head finally flips upright, then forward, his torso bending down itself in the process. His arms, now finally lifting up, suddenly pull forward, as if strings had taken to tugging harshly on his elbows. His forearms snap forward, both hands balled into fists that rocket forward.
The surprise is that, here, he's well out of arm's reach. Normal arms, anyway. The yogi's limbs stretch as if rubber, but rest assured that his fists, if they connected, are still rock-hard.

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim successfully hits Kim with Fierce Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kim              0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0          Dhalsim

Dhalsim will certainly go down as one of the most /interesting/ fighters Kim has ever seen.
With a single push, the Tae Kwon Do master launches himself off Dhalsim's body even as the man crumples to the ground, flipping gracefully before landing in a crouch some distance away. He did give the man time to prepare; he tried, at least. It seems that Kim was just a touch too faster for Dhalsim, however. And the same might be said for Dhalsim, as well. Or at least, his method of attack is so /unique/ that Kim is just... /surprised/ by it. The unusual way he gets out, and then he launches both those fists forward. But Kim is far out of arms reach. He knows that much, so what is Dhalsim trying to do --
... Huh.
Kim's too surprised by the sudden launch of those arms. The strike his chest solidly, and with a *THUMP* Kim goes staggering back, gripping lightly at his chest. Ouch. That... hurt more than somewhat. But it doesn't keep him down for long. In fact, he's already charging towards Dhalsim once more, offering the man an enthusiastic smile before he attempts to lance a kick at the yogi's side. Shortly afterwards, he'll flip in an attempt to snag Dhalsim's chin on his ascent, "OOORYAAA!!"

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim endures Kim's Light Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kim              0/-------/--=====|=======\=------\1          Dhalsim

Dhalsim's arms wriggle immediately upon impact, making wavy lines through the air just before they pull back to their previous length. Why, all he would need is a 'snap' sound effect to perfectly mimic a certain Pirate King-to-be. His bracelets jingle once more as they come close enough together to touch, tinny enough to drown out the faintest of musings from his shifting necklace.
Even with the successful attack, Dhalsim's expression remains absolutely deadpan. There's no whoop of joy given; nothing of the sort, in fact. He's either taking this fight far more seriously than he should, or, perhaps, not quite enough. Either could certainly be the case as, when Kim comes in for the admittedly breathtakingly quick counterattack, the Indian simple doesn't move. The kick lands cleanly, and again, his body reacts in the most unusual way. His hips and shoulders remain still, but his midsection pushes away from the rest as if the foot has connected with putty. Proper bone structure seems a suggestion, more than a rule. It hurts, to be sure, and Dhalsim's mouth opens as his breath is shoved from his lungs, an expression that is soon reversed by the followup snap to his chin.
As light as he is, even the weak kick should lift him from the ground. No, this time, physics seems to hold true, as the thin fighter's feet seem glued to the ground. His neck extends instead, the weight of his head stretching it upwards and back. It doesn't travel far, soon pulling backwards as his neck retracts, only to serve as momentum for a vicious, impromptu headbutt. Be mindful of the bindi, please.

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim successfully hits Kim with Medium Punch.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kim              1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1          Dhalsim

This man is quite unnatural. Kim can tell that, even as he simply /kicks/ the yogi. Feeling more like kicking clay rather than an actual human body is something that slightly unnerves Kaphwan, but not by much. Instead, he offers a wide grin, even as he flips through the air. "Your body is pretty different, isn't it?" It's obviously helpful to the Indian in a fight, which is more than proven as he doesn't even launch off the ground from Kim's assault. It's surprising, but --
What's more surprising is that head flying down towards him.
It seems Kim doesn't manage to raise a block to Dhalsim's sudden and swift headbutt. The dark-skinned man's forehead impacts solidly, perhaps moreso than the man might have anticipated, even as Kim goes staggering back in surprise. Well... he won't let the man's unusual physique get to him /anymore/. Just let him shake his head a few times to get the dizziness out of his system. Hoo boy! That stung a little! Once he's done, though, he'll turn to face Dhalsim again, and offer the man... a THUMBS UP.
"Great technique!!"
And he's off again. He leads with his fight foot in a charge towards the Yogi once more. His fist draws back after a moment... before he /slams/ it forward in an open palm thrust meant to hit Dhalsim's chest and send him off balance. After that, Kim leaps into the air, twisting with intent to slam a single foot into the yogi's right shoulder. "KYAAAA!!"

COMBATSYS: Kim successfully hits Dhalsim with Strong Punch.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kim              1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1          Dhalsim

For all of Dhalsim's insane mechanations, there seems to be a limit as to how much he can contort his frame. As soon as his head connects, it immediately pulls back, tilting slightly to the side as it's thankfully returned to its natural state. His eyes pull open with a blink, and his pale, completely white eyes taking in the situation through them for the first time. Already, he's having to put effort into repressing the pain from even the few hits that have already connected; he's by no means a durable man, insofar as his physical form goes.
And, here in the middle of battle...a compliment? It's strange to hear it, and the yogi can feel nothing but honesty from the speaker. Truly, he must mean it. For once, the flatteree's lips pull into a slight smile. "Thank y--" is all he manages to get out, however. As usual, Kim proves to be as quick with the punishment as he is with the praise, and this time, his cruel, cruel attempt at a distraction works. The palm meets to no resistance, its victim simply unable to put up a guard in time. His chest feels solid, if fragile, and the bones give a little as they crack under the pressure. It's almsot comical in the way that his torso is shoved back a few inches before the rest of his body follows, tumbling end over and toward and-- Oh. Oh, over the edge of the building.
Now, matches like this don't exactly have ring-outs, but falling for three stories is still something that no fighter would really want to endure. Spectators from neighboring building can't see that well from their distance; Dhalsim may very well have gone fully over. That's true, in a sense. Against the deep red of the bricks, four elongated brown fingers are curled over the edge, from the outside. By the skin of his teeth, the man seems to have saved himself the plummet. To join the fingers, a stretchy leg comes up, the foot slapping down on the brickwork. By a conjoined effort of leg and hand, the rest of his body is pulled into sight, then up in a makeshift sort of leap, arcing high above Kim's head. His chest, in the process, swells like a balloon, and his head points down toward the poor Korean.
Kim, meet the gift of the gracious and powerful Agni. Expelled breath becomes mystical fire, spreading wide from his lips to cover a great swath of rooftop, illuminating the area in a brilliant reddish-orange glow.
You never know just what to expect, now do you?

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim successfully hits Kim with Yoga Inferno.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kim              1/--=====/=======|==-----\-------\0          Dhalsim

He almost feels... bad, dishing out such abuse to a man who clearly is not capable of taking physical punishment for long periods of time. He feels bad, but still, he has to continue. This is a league fight, after all; Dhalsim knows what he's doing and what he's gotten into, and the Korean is sure that the man has more than a few tricks up his sleeve as well. It's only a matter of time before he shows them in a dazzling and dramatic display to the Tae Kwon Do master. Either that, or you know.
Maybe he'll just go and fall off of the three-story building.
Kim's brown eyes snap /wide/ as the frail man falls off the edge of the roof. "MR. DHALSIM!!" He is quick to move forward, reaching out a hand -- except that the yogi seems to be quite fine. More than fine, in fact... on the /attack/! Eyes are wide now for a different sort of reason, and though Kim is comeplled to let out a sigh of relief, the Indian pacifist is pulling a maneuver that is not pacifistic in the /slightest/. He blinks, eyes darting upwards as the man's cheeks begin to balloon outwards, as the man's chest expands. What is he planning -- oh. Oh. Just expelling a raging inferno from his mouth. Okay. Kim can deal with that--
Oh dear god that HURTS LIKE BURNING.
Kim is not fast enough to react in time, the flames consuming him as they fly free from the yogi's mouth. The engulf him, envelop him and leave him completely unseen to the naked eye. His eyes burn, even as he covers them, flames licking along his clothes with incredible force. But, will Kim let a little mystic fire get in his way?
No way!!
There's only a moment of silence before, out of the raging inferno, leaps Kim. A single foot is outstretched in a jump kick aimed for the very center of Dhalsim's chest, eyes burning with the determination of KOREA.

COMBATSYS: Kim successfully hits Dhalsim with Hou'ou Kyaku.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Kim              0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0          Dhalsim

As soon as that attack strikes Dhalsim, Kim begins his most well-known, and most deadly of attacks. What happens is almost too fast to keep up with -- a flurry of blows in swift, rapid-fire motion that continuously assault Dhalsim, striking chest, face, arms, legs in a torrent of titanic kicks. They come so fast, that they last only a few seconds at best... but reach upwards into the two-digits in total. And, once the final kick is launched, Kim simply flip-kicks into the air, knocking Dhalsim away from him -- but not off the rooftop, this time!

The display of Kim's furious combo against Dhalsim's stretchy body is certainly one not to forget. Limbs and ribs shift about under the assault, everything happening so fast as to resemble a brown-colored smear of taffy being kneaded into oblivion by the incredible power of Korean Justice. The yogi's malleable body is, perhaps, the only thing keeping all of his bones from breaking, aside from those previously-cracked ribs, whose fractures cut deeper, nearly to the marrow. Now, actual cries of pain come from his lips: weak, pitiful little sounds of an older man as his focus slips, lasting until he gains the peace of mind to repress sensations of agony once more. By the time this happens, however, he's flying back through the air, almost graceful in the way his limp limbs turn about, one arm landing under his body with the opposite leg turned at the knee, with his foot cramped under his backside. His joints, already large-looking, puff out a bit with the separation of bone from their sockets. He lays still again, the first movement being that of his shoulder as it rolls. His torso bends upward a little, letting his arm pull from under him. A wet sort of grinding sound is heard as his arm is forced back into its shoulder socket, soon followed by his leg and hip. Only after all that is done does Dhalsim rise, slowly if he's given the chance. By the time he's back on his feet, that left leg looks shaky, and his face is dull, emotionless once again. That.. That hurt. A lot. Believe that it's no small feat to not simply fall and whimper right now.
Eyes lock on Kim again, specifically his feet. At this point, he's going to have to keep his distance, lest he be put down for the count. Again, his chest rises, ribs showing cleanly under his skin (even the broken and shifted ones); thankfully, nothing is there to puncture a lung. Cheeks puff once more, and Agni's flame roars to life a second time. Now, it's more focused and direct, spreading in a tight but long cone at about chest-height, the flames constantly licking the air with a dull roar.

COMBATSYS: Kim dodges Dhalsim's Yoga Flame.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Kim              0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0          Dhalsim

It's when Kim lands, that he lands in a crouch, breathing heavily as he watches Dhalsim go flying. His skin is burnt in multiple locations, but after a small time, he lifts, and waits. He can continue to fight. And he is not an exceptionally merciless man. He knows exactly how much that had to hurt Dhalsim, considering his frail body, considering how he whimpered. He will stand, then, and wait, hoping for the other man's sake that he does not stand again... except he does. Kim's eyes close, and he heaves a sigh, even as his legs spread out once more. He waits. Waits until Dhalsim is ready, waits until the man is sure he can fight again. And whe Dhalsim's ribs expand again, Kim nods. It's time.
This time, however, Kim knows what is going to happen. And while it's not nearly as large as before, Kim is prepared; as soon as that cone of fire bursts forth from the yogi's mouth, Kim's legs tense. It is close -- the flames trail a burning path towards Kim, but when they are nearly at him, the man LEAPS into the air, well over the deadly, mystical flames. He won't be struck by the same technique twice. This time... he'll try to end things as swiftly and gently as possible.
Acrobatically, Kim twists and flips in mid-air, flying towards the yogi. A single leg lifts high above him as he falls, seemingly in preparation for something. And that something is fully revealed when Kim Kaphwan lands. "HUUUUUUAH!!" That one foot SLAMS into the ground with such force, that vicious shockwaves rock the ground around the pair, an earthquake of sorts with Kim as the very epicentre. The roof rumbles, intent on taking Dhalsim off his feet to strike the ground hard -- and hopefully, knock him out.

COMBATSYS: Kim successfully hits Dhalsim with Haki Kyaku.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Kim              0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1          Dhalsim

It's a good thing that this particular roof is sturdy. Damn good thing. The ground does rumble and shudder, just not enough to actually break apart. The dust and pebbles in the vicinity clear away, and with them, Dhalsim. His leg, already shaky, simply gives out. Like a poor-set stack of cards, the man falls outright, slightly to the side and forward. Even as he tries to soften the blow by putting his arms forward, he's simply too weak at the moment to do much but land in a head with a rather painful slam against the roof itself.
This time, the yogi seems to behave himself! Making no move to retaliate, he looks perfectly willing to stay down for a bit. A long while, really. Long enough that, to most, he just seems completely out cold. Perhaps he was, too. Eventually, he does shift, but just enough to roll onto his back, mouth open and panting while the blue smearing of bruises make themselves known. "I.." he pants out, pausing long enough to take in a couple of more breaths of air, "accept defeat." His eyes open once, lighting upon Kim himself. "The match is yours.
And..that's it. Dhalsim remains down, occasionally flexing a muscle here and there, but not doing much to agitate any joints or bones for the moment. It would just be silly to harm himself further, now wouldn't it?

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim takes no action.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kim              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Dhalsim can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kim              0/-------/----===|

So... that's it, then. It's over. Kim is almost instantly on his feet after creating that shockwave, just in time to see Dhalsim crash to the ground... and then remain motionless. He is prepared, though, arms and legs at the ready should his opponent get up again. But no. The match is over now. Slowly, the muscles of Kim's arms and legs relax. Slowly, he stands up straight, before giving Dhalsim a deep bow of respect at his words. The match is over, but Dhalsim fought well. This is to honor that, and the determination the man showed.
"Thank you, sir. You did extremely well."
With that, Kim straightens. He takes a moment to touch the burns on his face with a slight wince. They'll be better, soon enough. And then, offering a final nod to Dhalsim, he flashes a wide grin. "I hope we can meet again, Mr. Dhalsim!" He means it, too! And after that, Kim... breaks into a run.
And leaps off the roof of the building. He'll be fine.
Hopefully, though, he doesn't land on any cars on the way down.

COMBATSYS: Kim takes no action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kim              0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Kim has ended the fight here.

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