Neo League 126 - #131: Vice vs Edge

Description: Vice vs Edge in a cage match... TO THE DEATH! Well, maybe not, but its pretty intense anyway! Tournament fighting at its best! (Winner: Vice)

What a beautiful part of town this is - who knew famous Metro City had something to it beside the squalor of the slums and the gigantic piles of shattered bodies left behind by Mayor Mike? The uptown district is quite clearly the very antithesis of this, a sparkling gem of wealthy decadence flooded with intellectual featherweights spending their daddy's hard-earned cash. Here and there can be heard the shrill tones of mobile phones, over the meaningless chatter of a thousand scheming businessmen as they sit supping upon expensive mugs of coffee. What a wonderful area. Just the most adorably perfect place...

...for some violence. Eiji 'Edge' Yamada strolls through the only partly crowded main street, the hugest grin smeared across his features as he swaggers along toward something rather surprising, given the location: a fight pit. Someone has rather obnoxiously stuck a large steel cage over a small park area, leaving everything else unchanged; including the prettyfountain in the centre, except for the addition of a few makeshift weapons. A short plank of wood, some brass knuckles, and even a small clump of barbed wire. Wonderful.

The Gedo punk, at least, seems to think so - his eyes lighting up with malicious delight as he sights the stage. A glance goes backward as he comes to a stop just outside, ignoring the open 'doorway' leading in to cast his grin toward a human target... a young girl, fairly cute if not for her Evil Olivia Newton-John sense of dress and the similar express she bears. Of note, she holds a clipboard by her side, swinging it idly back and forth as she tosses Edge a thumbs up from the other hand. Apparently this little minx has arranged the whole thing; right up to sending out Vice's invitation. 'Look for the most evil-hearted bitch in the world' she was told, so look she did. Find she did. Invite she did - by sending one ofher junior classmates to make the challenge personally, absolutely uncaring of what might happen to the poor ragamuffin.

Edge couldn't care less, either. After casting an excited stare around at the shocked-but-pretending-not-to-notice audience, he slips forward into the metal cage, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and beginning to whistle a jaunty heavy metal tune while he waits.

-similar expression

COMBATSYS: Edge has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Edge             0/-------/-------|

There are many things in this world that annoy Vice, many things. In fact, to list them all here would take far too long, but one of the most things that really, really gets to her is when somebody sends someone -else- to issue a challenge to her, it shows cowardice, and a complete lack of respect for her. It really gets to her.
Not that that means she went any easier on the poor little kid. It just means that she is going to arrive in such a fashion as to make her annoyance... known.
A black limo pulls up, looking right at home in its opulent surroundings, and from it Vice steps, holding a small... vainly struggling... bundle wrapped up in electrical tape. She snorts, noticing the girl with the clipboard, yes, she fitted the description she had forced from the little boy. She pauses to toss the bundle down at her feet. "Have your little friend back, Susy. And next time, come yourself, or better get this -coward- to come instead." She growls, and then begins to stalk towards the cage.
"Well, well, well Edge. I'm impressed, no matter how much I hurt that little brat he wouldn't tell me what to -really- call you." She slips into the cage, smiling at the array of weapons.
"Shame you didn't have the balls to come challenge me yourself, but lets do this anyway. I think I'm going to -enjoy- beating some respect into your thick skull."

COMBATSYS: Vice has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vice             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Edge


Little leather-clad Susy is beginning to mount protest at Vice's appearance when that oh-so-opulent entrance is made, a spark of annoyance showing clearly in the punkette's eyes as she takes a quick step forward. Though her composure does credit to the hardened way of Gedo, there's no hiding the slight widening in her eyes as she realises exactly what's gone on here. One bruised little Rikimaru, check. Soon enough though, she lets out a sigh... after all, at least he's alive. Dropping the clipboard with a clatter, miniature Olivia hunkers down onto her knees and reaches out to unbind the poor mite - suddenly blinking and looking back toward Vice as something occurs. "...he told you my /name/? Little idiot! I'll..."

Her annoyance gives way to a series of irrelevant mutterings as she busies herself with the task at hand, likely cursing enough times to give any PTA a headache. But by this point, the two combatants are meeting. Edge's reaction to this whole thing? He's amused. Very, very amused. Looking across to the arriving woman with a smirk, he shows every sign of not having paid any attention whatsoever to the last few moments, almost lazily slipping back into his own idea of a combat stance. "Heh. Vice, right? Likewise. Even my little femme fatale couldn't getcha full name..."

Shrugging his shoulders a little, Yamada cracks his neck from side to side, smirk widening back to that oh-so-annoying expression he bore moments before. Cheshire style. "But I didn't bring y'here to talk crap! Suze reckons yer about the nastiest, most violent /bitch/ she's heard of, so I wanna see what you can do. Ehehehehe... /come get me/." Punctuating the last with a flick of his head, the youth doesn't seem inclined to do anything else for the moment. Here comes the pain.

COMBATSYS: Edge focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vice             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Edge

Vice chuckles slightly, shaking her head, "Oh Susy, he told me so -much- more than that... lets just say that I'll be taking care of -you- later, and your little dog too." She then looks back to Edge, and suddenly she is all business. She looks at Edge, and frowns.
"I'm flattered." She states. "But yeah, too much talk, what say we make this interesting though, oh sure, there is that little tournament thing..." and indeed, there are a couple of cameras around... but they are smart enough to stay -outside- the cage. "But that doesn't interest me, if I beat you, you tell me your name. If I beat you, I'll tell you mine."
And then, quite suddenly, she is on the move, not waiting for an answer, she rockets forwards, one hand seeking out for Edge's throat, if she can grab hold of that, she'll literally haul him off his feet, and -hurl- him at the bars of the cage, its a simple, brutal, well practiced move, and one that she is not really expecting to hit full on... she is testing this guy, she wants to know if this is going to be an interesting fight... or if she should just paste him as quickly as she can.

COMBATSYS: Edge blocks Vice's Mithan's Robe.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Vice             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0             Edge

In response to Vice's first speech, she gets something rather satisfying from the would-be badass. A gasp followed shortly after by a high-pitched exclamation of, "Mister Floofy!" ...the camera might get a rather adorable shot of a bright red girl in a leather jacket, looking away and covering her face with her hands. D'aww. Though they probably assume the crazy Orochi-blood is just messing with the girl's head, right? More fool them.

Edge is rather quicker on the uptake, less the fool and more the fighter as his attention snaps onto the hand reaching out to clasp his throat. Gauging the speed with which this presumed attack is coming, he knows the chance of actually escaping are slim to insane, so he goes for the next best thing. Tensing his throat muscles to hopefully avoid any long-term windpipe compression, the unhinged Gedoite prepares himself for the worst, lifting his eyes at the last instant to stare deep into Vice's own. One screwjob to another... little does he know. Then he's away, hurtling through the air toward the cage wall and barely getting a shoulder in at the last possible chance - impacting with a cringeworthy crunch of flesh-to-metal, lost over the clattering and clanging that follows as the structure shakes. "...shit."

Slithering to the floor rather than falling heavily, the youth is quick to hop to his feet, though not before he grabs a fistful of something. The telltale glint of brass can be glimpsed as the knucks are deposited in Edge's pocket, but not for long does he pause - breaking into motion with a wordless yell just as soon as he's got his breath back. Cutting in on Vice at a dead sprint, he drops low a few feet away and skids in on his back to barely avoid the aforementioned heap of barbed wire. It catches slightly on his jacket but leaves nothing but a nick... his first blow hopefully doing a good deal more to the woman before him.

"SEIYAAAAAA!" Tongue lashing out as he screams, Edge brutally kiai's his wondrous technique. It's name? Kicking the mad person in the crotch as hard as possible. Unf!

COMBATSYS: Vice endures Edge's Low Blow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Vice             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0             Edge

Vice looks right into those eyes... yes, YES! This was going to be a -good- fight! Ha-ha! Who cared about some pathetic tournament, this guy was a -real- fighter, not some little moaning kid, not some lucky amateur, this guy was a real killer. Finally!
She steels herself as Edge comes charging in, well, time for him to find out just how insane -she- can be. The kick causes one of her eyes to twitch for a moment... but she doesn't even make a small noise of pain, instead... she is already grabbing at Edge.
If she can grab his shoulders whilst he is still close, she'll wrench him up into the air and flip him around, before driving him skull-first into the ground with bone-crunching force, more than enough to kill the average person... but Edge was no average person...
Of course, Vice was curious... she already knew that Edge would provide a great fight, but would he prove the perfect opponent...
Would he scream for her?
Would he -bleed- for her?

COMBATSYS: Edge endures Vice's Black End!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Vice             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1             Edge

Killer? No. Edge is no killer at heart, but the person to spot that without any doubt would be a most skiller reader of men. Through the image he conveys and the actions he takes with each passing day, the youth would seem to prove himself among the nastiest and most brutal of all human beings. Perhaps he is, or perhaps he simply has a unique way of approaching subjects such as fighting... passion can manifest in so many ways, after all. Vice herself knows that well enough, and it's this passion the Gedo lieutenant now faces as he remains overextended on his back, one side of his mouth lashing upward in triumph at the forceful kick landed. "Eat that, bitch..."

Eyelids half closing, he watches with a curious nonchalance as the woman weathers the blow, his expression freezing a little as he suppresses any sign of being impressed. Which he is, naturally - not many people could lick up that one and come straight in for the kill. "Heh!" Finally a sign escapes, but it's just in time for the hauling upward of scrawny Yamada. Blinking rapidly, he tries to track Vice as he's flipped head over heels, finally consigning himself to oblivion with a loud scream... "YAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

-*CRUNCH*. The boy's head impacts the floor with unbelievable force, sending a shiver of agony up through his body and causing Edge to show anything but pleasure for the first time today.. mouth pulled down in a grimace, a trail of blood seeping upward into his nose from the forced impact of teeth to lower lip. Silence hangs in the air a moment, and then, "WHAT THE HELL!?" Hitting the floor at full length with a dull whump, he's already protesting the pain in inimitable style, pushing himself back up on both arms as he directs a harsh glare at his opponent. There's excitement within, but for now? He looks nothing but pissed off. "I invite you here! I-waitaminute..."

Edge snorts violently, emitting a streak of bloody snot that impacts the concrete hard. He continues speaking then in a lower tone, a little menacing as he begins to circle Vice, still shivering noticeably as his body fights to resume motion. "I put you in a destructive paradise, and this? THIS is how you treat me? Yer a stupid, dirty, ugly little womb-tomb... EAT THIS!!" Suddenly he veers away, leaping up onto the fountain at the 'arena''s central point and using the marble to propel him directly at the Orochi-blooded female. On final approach, there's suddenly a gleaming blade in his hand, a hefty combat knife aimed to impact in a wide slash with her side...

COMBATSYS: Vice endures Edge's Slash Out.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Vice             0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0             Edge

Blood. Sweet blood. Screaming, bleeding? He's done his. Now she can do hers.

Edge lands on his feet after the initial slash, stumbling only slightly but turning it to his favour as he lunges inward, drawing the crimson-spattered blade back to slice Vice's side into thin strips of sushi. Slashes, stabs and backhand slices form the basis for a thoroughly brutal combination that carries the combatants on a short tour to the cage wall. All the while, laughter begins to build on the lips of the Gedo punk... "Ehehehehehehehehe... hahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!"

Insane, or simply a different perspective on the world? No contest.

Vice makes no attempt to get out of the way as Edge leaps at her with the knife, and in fact, she actually laughs as the blade slices into her, and continues to laugh, a truly chilling noise as the blade slashes into her again and again and again... oh sure, it hurts... but she has faced down Yamazaki, and compared to what -he- did to her with a knife, this kid just seems pathetic.
When it is over, and her side is indeed pretty mauled, she looks down at her side and nods slowly, "Aw... I'm sorry little boy, I thought you wanted to play rough..."
And then she is rushing forwards again, one arm lashing out at Edge's face, if she grabs it, she'll swing him around in a wide circle, before -HURLING- him at that fountain, the force more than enough to at least crack the marble.
There are two things scary about this, first is the fact that she doesn't seem slowed down by the damage to her side, not at all. The second is that she is smiling, widely, a very disturbing sight, she actually seems -happy- now, but she wasn't done with this -boy- not yet, not by a long shot...
Because her blood was pounding, and her heart was racing... and her body was already starting to patch up those stab wounds, she would -not- let herself be slowed down by this kid! She would -DESTROY- him!

COMBATSYS: Edge dodges Vice's Decide.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Vice             0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0             Edge

Edge isn't an easily scared gentleman. Of all the opponents he's faced, young or old, experienced or otherwise, he has always kept up the same brash confidence and been able to toss out a healthy manic grin for good measure. This fight is no different. However, there /is/ a certain something about Vice that's playing at the back of his mind and gradually persuading the other brain cells to turn around and realise just what the hell their body is up against here. This... this is Wannabe vs. Real Deal. Despite all his pluck and vigorous behaviour, deep down Yamada is only too aware he's a 'good guy' and not really all he appears to be. But closer to the surface, he just forgets to give a damn.

Luckily this latter side of Edge holds up on this occasion, and as the insanely happy Orochi-woman launches herself forward with intent to launch /him/ forward... he drops down to a crouch and spins away from the trailing arm, coming up beside it with a wide smirk sent to Vice, along with a catching of her eye. "Too slow, scary lady. Time for a little time out... GEDO STYLE!!" Screaming the last with a little too much glee, he suddenly blurs to the eye, bending down and then shooting forward with a heavy tackle to Vice's midsection. If that hits? He'll be serving her what she sought to serve him.

"Go cool off!" Hauling her across his shoulders with a surge of energy, the skinny punk dashes forward a short way before spinning off his feet, the force of the leap giving him all the makeshift strength he needs to send his opponent barrelling toward the fountain.

COMBATSYS: Vice interrupts Strong Throw from Edge with Gore Fest.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Vice             1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0             Edge

Vice is actually enjoying herself, sure, she is hurting... but she has pushed that to the back of her mind, she is lost in the fight... its kill or be killed, and she is feeling pretty confident thus far...she growls as Edge dodges around behind her, but as he comes charging in, she allows him to slam into her. She even skids back a few paces, but... she grabs Edge by the waist. "Am I, boy?" She growls, literally tearing him off of her, she slams him back into the ground, and then backs off, breathing heavily.
She absently rubs over her bleeding side, raising the fingers to her mouth to lick the blood off them, she grins down at Edge with a truly insane glint in her eye, "Come on! COME ON!" She screams, "Get up, boy, come on! I thought you were going to be a -challenge-"


Edge impacts the floor precisely as desired, a nasty crunch sounding as several bones find themselves pushed dangerously close to breaking point. Perhaps one or two are in fact shattered, but it's doubtful the punk is paying them too much heed, both pain and the fight to come forcing other issues aside. But what pain! He gasps for a few ragged breaths before finally spitting out a gobbet of blood, pushing himself up and letting the last vestiges of saliva dribble from his lips before turning his burning gaze onto Vice. Who now licks blood from her fingertips... she's really got him beat. "Nice."

The only comment offered before he begins struggling back to his feet, shrugging his shoulders uncomfortably, mouth cutting into a dissatisfied slash. This has been as brutal as hoped, but he's being worn down too quickly. This won't do. What's needed? Suppressive fire! Suddenly a grin forms, and Edge scuffs backward a few paces, keeping his attention locked on that crazed gaze. "Yer really a piece of work, just like Suze promised. As to our little wager? If you manage to kick my ass..." he hesitates noticeably, turning away as though to think, hands rummaging briefly in his pockets, "Screw it. Let's do this! Names and all, huh?!" Wheeling around, he jerks one leg upward - white boot's tip catching a slat of wood which is violently propelled toward Vice.

...but only vaguely toward. This is designed to miss, or perhaps scuff her ankles at worst, as in a swift one-two motion Edge whips his hands from their hiding places. The first sends a shiny switchblade snickering through the air for impact with the woman's left shoulder... the second is a rather larger missile, a vicious Bowie knife, aimed to embed itself in her stomach. "Eat! THIS!"

COMBATSYS: Vice blocks Edge's Double Blade Strike EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Vice             1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0             Edge

Vice doesn't even try to do anything about the wood as it hurtles towards her, and does indeed graze her leg. Then the bowie knife hurtles in at her, and she snaps her arm up. The blade stabs deeply into her arm. But even then she doesn't give him the satisfaction of a cry of pain. Instead she grins, eyes lighting up with anger.
She wrenches the blade from her arm, and slowly, ever so slowly, licks her tongue along its sharp length, shivering as she does so.
Her voice is barely above a husky whisper, "Oh yes, yes Edge, lets -do- this! Come on, come on. Hit me, hit me -now-, I swear, I haven't had this much -fun- in days! Come at me! I came at you last time, so its only fair!"
She grins, letting the knife clatter to the floor. "Come on Edge, I'm not going to wait around forever."

COMBATSYS: Vice takes a breather.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Vice             1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0             Edge

And with that, Edge has to simply stare for a moment.


What's wrong? Is he so astonished that someone can be so brutal? Is he in love? Tune in next week to find out!

Actually, he yields more proper reaction a moment or two later, an eyebrow jerking upward - truth be told, Vice is hardly void of feminine charms behind all the psychosis and other unfortunate elements lumped into what she calls a personality. And boys will be boys... even the mad ones. So after his adolescent daydreaming subsides and he's back in reality, realising he's about to deal with some more INCREDIBLE PAIN, Yamada is indeed back.

"Heh! I hear ya, ya screw-up. This /is/ pretty damn fun, huh? Worth missing school for..." Tailing off with a reinstatement of his smirk, Edge starts to saunter forward toward the verbally beckoning woman, scuffing his feet a little as he walks, and taking his eyes off Vice for a moment to mark the positioning of various things around him. Whatever target he was searching for is apparently found, as on looking back to his opponent he begins to quicken his stride. "But here's a lesson for you, for me and every other S.O.B. who thinks they're a fighter. SYAAA!" Leaping the last few feet, his hands lash out to grip firmly to Vice's shoulders, twisting up a handful of cloth and lifting her from her feet.

It's the work of a half-second to subsequently /slam/ his head forward in a massive headbutt, tower of hair swishing with the motion as he aims to draw blood through one of the body's most delicate extremities. "DON'T HANG AROUND WHEN THERE'S SHIT TO BE DONE!!" Screaming into Vice's face with spittle flecking his lips, he gives a heave upon her before attempting to hurl her right towards that bale of barbed wire, grinning madly on release. Just as violent as he'd hoped for...

COMBATSYS: Vice interrupts Strong Throw from Edge with Withering Surface.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Vice             0/-------/------=|=======\===----\1             Edge

Vice grins as Edge grabs her by the shoulders and slams his head into hers, although the perceptive would notice that she twists around to actually lick the boy as he slams his head into her... and then... she whispers into his ear.
With that she erupts into motion, she grabs the boy by the arm and slams her around over her head into the ground, and then hurls him into the air with all her might, and then she leaps up after him, and as his body impacts the ground, one very, very pointy high-heeled boot punctures into his stomach.
She pulls her boot out of him, and then punts him at the fountain.
"Ah... I think thats enough, stay down now and I'll leave you the use of your legs."
She cackles loudly, a chilling noise... but it sure doesn't sound like she is joking.

There's really no way to describe the barrage of pain now inflicted on Edge. He makes a variety of interesting sounds, none of them healthy and all enough to turn all but the hardiest of stomachs - indeed, were Vice to look around a little outside the cage, happy bubbly suburbinates have mostly turned a sickly shade of green. Susy is dry-heaving on all fours. The delinquent himself? Even as that heel makes harsh impact with his body, throwing up a sloshing spurt of crimson fluid, he can't get his mind off whatever the hell Vice did before unleashing this agony upon him. Did she... lick him?

"...ugh..." Hurled to rest uncomfortably in the fountain, he stirs relatively quickly, though his features are pale and hands shaking quite visibly. Bloodshot eyes lift to focus hard upon his cackling opponent. If ever little Yamada got scared, it would be now.. and he's damn close, quivering from a mixture of pain, cold and a little doubtful flicker of fright. Wait, did she get him this wet just by /licking/ him? "What.. what the hell's going on...?" Barely rising above a dry-throated mutter, Edge's words do a lot to describe just how he's feeling as he clambers out of the water, dropping onto the concrete below before pushing himself up to a crouch, shaky hands seeking out sodden pockets hungrily. "...okay."

The echo of Vice's words brings back the whole fight in a mad rush of memory, Edge's lips curling upward in a weary smile - downgraded from full status as a grin or smirk due to horrible fiery agonising painfulness. But he's got a little something left. "Oi... /bitch/." Spitting the word, he shoots to his feet and takes a single step forward, hands rummaging briefly with soft squelching noises before suddenly thrusting forth into the air - palms open. The boy's eyes almost seem to glint, vibrant blue lights targeting Vice and locking on. And then? All hell is unleashed. A storm of cutlery - sharp knives of all descriptions, all sizes and shapes - breaks loose seemingly from nowhere, a torrent of slicing madness spiralling out in a frightening tunnel toward the Orochi-blood. "HEHEHEHE! HAHAHAHAHAHA! DIIIIIIIIEEEEE!"

His name won't go out without one hell of a fight. What're a couple of legs anyway, huh?

COMBATSYS: Vice endures Edge's Strike Out.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Vice             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0             Edge

Vice grins as Edge gets up again, she hadn't really expected any less... for all her threats and mind games... she was starting to really feel the burn, if anybody who could do this much to her was to just give up now... well... she'd be horribly disappointed. No, he wasn't any more likely to give up before the bitter end than she is.
And so she as he gets up, she is already charging forwards, the knives slash into her, sending more crimson Orochi blood flying on the air, but she doesn't make any attempt to get out the way, instead she intends to finish this fight just as she started it.
With a roar she grabs out for his throat, if she can just grab him there, she'll -hurl- him right at the bars that poor little Susy is closest to... enough force to shake those bars packed into the attack...
If she can't, its her turn to slump to her knees. But lets hope she can!

COMBATSYS: Vice successfully hits Edge with Mithan's Robe.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Vice             0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Edge

Consider the bars shaken. The formerly street-savvy Susy is sent off at a run, instinct propelling her away with a wild scream so all that remains is the sound of her Doc Marten's clattering off down the expensive paving stones. For his part, Edge makes rather less noise, his laughter abruptly cut off by Vice's rude interruption and his slim form impacting too hard with the cage for any sound to be made beside a slight gurgle... which is precisely the sound he makes, rebounding off after sticking there for a second and landing on all fours. "Ngggh..."

"Y'know... I..." Desperately trying to form words through all the brutality, swaying back and forth with the effort of remaining anything but unconscious, Edge trails off before looking up with one last spark of life in his eye. "Sod it. BRING IT ON! RRAAGH!" Launching himself forward toward Vice, his steps virtually crush the concrete, they fall so heavily. But he makes the distance, ducking down at the last few feet to ram himself onto the Orochi woman, looking to grab her around the middle and haul her into a suplex. And what a suplex it shall be... should he make contact, he holds her in the 'ready' position for long enough to find the bundle of pain from earlier; then leaps off the ground with a searing scream of effort. Ignoring his body's cries of protest for this one last act, he aims to bring the woman's head down onto concrete.

But it'll have to plow through some barbed wire first!

COMBATSYS: Edge can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Vice             0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Vice interrupts Brainbuster from Edge with Gore Fest.

[                          \\\\  <
Vice             0/-------/--=====|

Vice grins as Edge charges her, she is breathing hard, but as he wraps his arms around her waist, she shakes her head. "ENOUGH!" She roars, all pretence of control, all pretence of vague pleasantness is thrown to the wind in that animalistic cry. Vice grabs the boy, snatches him around the waist, and hauls him up, before smashing him against the center of the fountain with a wet crunch.
Vice pants, looking down on Edge with a sick grin, she looks to the camera's, and then spits on Edge.
"Remember this!" She growls, "Remember, any pathetic little runt fighter that thinks they can take me on, they just look at -this-" She kicks Edge whilst he is down, "I am Vice, and I -dare- any of you to take me on. But don't expect me to go as easy on you as I did on -this- guy." Another kick. "There. I warned you."
She then stalks back to her limo and gets in, leaving Edge to get soaked in that fountain.

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