Christmas Bash - Match 6 - Volleyball Barrage

Description: It's a beach battle bonanza out in the Australian sun! Come watch the foreign kids in swimsuits face off, and Merry Christmas! Well, it's a fierce battle, but Alma cannot win on sexiness alone, and after some serious perserverence, Kelvin Anderson stands triumphant -- at least in the moment before he falls over and asleep. (Winner: Kelvin)

White sand gleams with the sun, radiant with the promise of fun times to be had, as the gentle sound of distant waves crashing upon the shore mingles with the laughter of children and a hundred conversations on this coastal beach. The vast ocean is a sparkling sky blue, and at times it seems one might be able to see to the very bottom, to the coral reefs hidden deep below. The beach towels and parasols that dot the landscape are bursts of color that match the pastel tones of the environment. It is a cloudless day, around eighty degrees: extremely comfortable beach weather, and a perfect time to relax, lean back, and bask in the sunlight.
Welcome to December in Australia.
A burst of spray, a flash of color, and a quiet cough herald the coming of a new Venus arising from the waves. In keeping with modern times, *this* epitome of beauty was carried to shore not by a giant clamshell but instead by a surfboard; a red and white surfboard that matches his red and white knee-length board shorts. Ah, yes, his. Didn't I tell you? This time, Venus is a dude. Walking with surprisingly steady grace for one with his feet half-plunged into wet sand, the tall, muscular, and highly photogenic youth slings the long board over his shoulder and shakes his head to get his damp bangs out of his eyes, flinging a fine mist of water away as he does so. This is not totally successful, so, still trudging through the sand, he reaches up with his unoccupied hand and pushes his hair to up and to the side, revealing half-Asian features, hazel eyes framed by long dew-speckled eyelashes, and a golden stud in his left ear that gleams in the Australian sun.
Eyes warm with satisfaction, he smiles serenely.
Alma Towazu, prettyboy psychic extraordinaire, has arrived.

It all seems almost like a setup, really. Of course, that's easily explained -- it IS. Camera crews and various support staff have already set up at various, unobtrusive parts of the beach, carefully positioned so as to focus on the action, and not on fellow filming stations. There's a small crowd, mostly locals, that have gathered to watch even farther back, as well, and they're also dressed appropriately. The question that lingers in the air, however, as a small contingent of girls squeal in excitement over the Adonis making his way onto the beach -- where is the opponent? Further along the beach, in the sands, a lone seabird settles on a perch.. ..a..curiously bright-blue perch. It's Kelvin's head, more precisely, sticking out of the sand from where some kids buried him up to his neck, but he seems quite comfortable where he is..if not completely conscious. Good thing the tide is low!

Natsu, on the other hand, didn't seem to get the memo. She wanders onto the beach in her beach practice outfit. The girl has more sports outfits.. Anyway, she's wearing a nice one-piece swimsuit. Predominately red, her school color, it has a white strip running along each seam, and up each side of her body. The swimsuit isn't the sexiest on the planet, cut very conservatively. Natsu hasn't every really cared to show off, it's just practical to wear. That's all. She drags a large bag of volleyballs behind her, as if it's just another day of practice.

Natsu blushes a bit as Alma surfs onto the beach. I mean, he is handsome after all. Of course, she hears stories... She shakes her head. She nods to Kelvin, as she finally notices the other combatant. Hasn't she seen him somewhere before? She thinks... maybe in a different life.

Plopping down the sack, she fishes a ball out, easily palming the textured sphere in her hand, and yanking it out of the sack. She hefts it a bit for weight, She nods, and starts to stretch her arms in front of her.

COMBATSYS: Natsu has started a fight here.

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Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alma has joined the fight here.

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Alma             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Natsu

COMBATSYS: Kelvin has joined the fight here.

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Kelvin           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Alma
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Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Alma stops once he gets beyond the tide line and plants his board in the sand, the mellow guy taking his time, his smile as mild as ever. Surfing is something spiritual to him. Perhaps it is simply his 80s surfer mindset, or what almost resembles an 80s surfer feathered haircut -- but when this fighting model talks about 'going with the flow', he really means it. Riding the waves is like moving with the rhythm of battle, like knowing when to say something at just the right moment, like learning to dance as though one is weightless. Through the way of the warrior, Alma seeks truth in the same way he seeks truth through his university education: to find what is right and good, and reach it by the path forged by his own persona. If nothing else, he has faith that they are connected -- and if there is any evidence of him being right, it would be that there do seem to be similarities between the way he surfs and the way he fights. And no one can deny that his mindset seems linked to everything he does, as though it were the source of his power. The power of paradox: strength through gentleness, poise through relaxation, and the greatest of fullness through the purest of emptiness--
"Shucks," murmurs the bishie would-be zen master, casting a quick glance from under his dewy eyelashes at the gaggle of giggling girls, before shaking his head slightly and taking his smiling self to the designated patch of sand. The surfing and a few deep breaths have really got him in the zone -- what a beautiful place for a fight -- and he's able to pick up two significant fighting spirits right away. One from that tall young lady over yonder (saaay, not bad), and another from...
...that seabird?

Alas, it's not anything as amazing as a polymorph, or just a really strong seabird. That much is revealed as the mostly-underground youth suddenly flexes a bit, breaking up the sand around him enough to allow him to climb out of the hole. All the while, the bird seems somehow undisturbed by this action, not unlike a pile of books on a finishing school student's head. Eventually, though, once Kelvin begins to stretch and dust himself free of sand, it takes a hint and flies back out to sea. This young man isn't particularly impressive-looking, especially compared to the far more statuesque Alma and Natsu, mostly owing to his smaller height and lighter build. The fact that he's currently clad in swimming trunks -- in the true spirit of the affair -- mirrors the fact, not seeming to show much muscle on him. Nonetheless, once he's satisfied, he begins to make his way over, giving an easy and friendly smile to both that he presumes will be involved. "I hope I haven't kept anyone waiting..I sort of nodded off for a bit," he mumbles, dreamily-like, with his eyes seemingly closed. As for Natsu's Deja Vu...perhaps in a world..somewhere else..

Natsu nods to the other approaching fighters. Of course, she studied over the bios for the fight before coming here, and knew what to expect. A good athlete always does her homework. She squats down, and continues warming up in her usually stretch routine, extending her long legs to one side, then the other, rocking the Amazonian body back and forth across her hips. Completes somewhat quickly, and reestablishes her death grip on the volleyball once more. She holds it aloft, bating the off white spheroid in her hands, getting the familiar feel. She almost doesn't see what's in front of her, and has a sort of zoned-out look on her face.

"G'day and welcome, ladies and gents, to the Chaotic Christmas Bash, live here in Australia!" A wide-smiling man tanned bronze by the Outback sun addresses the crowd that is soon to become an audience, some drawn by curiosity and some there entirely on purpose. "We've got quite a fight for you! Today's combatants are--"
"Don't worry," Alma is saying to Kelvin in the meantime, low tones calm but somehow reassuring. "We're just starting. You're on time." A relaxed smile eases onto his features, only truly showing in his eyes, which warm with quite honest-looking friendliness. "I'm Alma Towazu. And you must be... Mr. Anderson." He extends his hand to the shorter boy, smile growing into a bit of a grin, his eyes, almost as low-lidded as Kelvin's own, sparkling with inner mirth. Is he entertained by Kelvin? Kelvin's hair? The bird droppings in Kelvin's hair? Or is he just good-natured?
Well, good-natured he may be, but after shaking Kelvin's hand -- if the guy isn't too sleepy to take it -- Alma doesn't mind sparing a moment or two to check Natsu out (really, seriously, not bad, man). He doesn't seem like he's leering per se, but maybe he's just being inscrutible about it. Still, when she notices his eyes on her, he smiles. "I remember you. From the Saturday Night Fight," he says warmly, starting to grin again at that. Boy, was that an experience. "That brawl with Jiro. Thanks for not letting things get too out of hand." Well, it doesn't look like there are any hard feelings, at least...
"Fighters, get ready!"

Though it doesn't seem like the pressures of the fighting world are going to allow much time for social pleasantries for the moment, that doesn't stop Kelvin from extending his own hand, taking Alma's and shaking it. He might seem sleepy and, some might even say, lazy, but he doesn't let that stand in the way of showing proper respect to others. "That's a relief, then.. ..Alma," he continues, not seeming to pick up on anything that might be unsightly about his appearance, if he even cares. Once his hand is once again entirely his own, he gives his own glance to Natsu doing her warmups.. Though his own admiration has a bit of a different tinge, considering that she reminds him superficially of his sister. No..not much time to reflect on that at all, as the announcement to prepare soon comes through, and he takes a few paces backwards. Closing his eyes completely for the moment, his lungs fill with a deep intake of air..and then his body seems to go lax. ..okay, even more lax than it already was. "I suppose we should get started."

Natsu finishes her routine, sending an errant volleyball careening off in a random direction (duck!). She blinks, and opens her eyes. Remembering her manners, "Towazu-san. Anderson-san." She gives each a short bow, before she scoops up her back of soft deadly objects (Just ask Sakura!) and saunters over to her designated place in the ring. She cracks a smile directed in the direction of the center of the ring. She stretches her now-taped hands in front of her, the medical tape tenderly wrapped around each digit with the precision of a surgeon. She nods her ready at the two contestants.

Alma shifts his weight slightly and seems to rise off the ground, tilting his head back a bit, letting his body relax as well-- but unlike Kelvin, he maintains a straight posture, and his arms rise into a guard position, seemingly of their own accord. His breathing is even, his gaze steady. There is no tenseness to be found in his form. Like a spring, loose now, but ready to coil and snap out in a split-second--
Alma lunges. The sudden surge of momentum causing an explosion of psychic energy within him, his soul crying out joyously in preparation for a meeting of fighting spirits, he draws his right hand back as it crackles and sparks, becoming suffused with a purple-pink glow. In a single smooth motion during the final arc of this one lunge, he stabs out, and a blast of pure battle aura is unleashed, aiming a stunning strike at Kelvin's body -- or so it would seem to a non-psychic.
~ What is it about his aura? At first I figured it had something to do with him being a bird... but then he turned out not to be one. There's still something funny about this guy, though... interesting! ~

COMBATSYS: Alma successfully hits Kelvin with Self Expression.

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[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Perhaps he just really isn't ready for this, after all! Or he still has some sand stuck in his ears, and couldn't hear the call to arms. Whatever the reason, Kelvin is seemingly easy bait for Alma's opening lunge, the full force of it appearing to collide with the youth's body. "This is, hmmm," comes to mind, even above what his body and perhaps even more base neural functions might be sensing at the moment, "..familiar?" Of course, you'd think he'd know a bit better, having studied under Chin. Nonetheless, despite the fact that he seems to have taken the full force -- he also isn't reeling back, here. Instead, he takes this proximity to respond with an almost automatic attack of his own..suddenly lowering his shoulder as he draws his fist back, and then aims to catch Alma in the stomach with all the power his weight, legs, and maybe even something 'else' can throw into it. ..Natsu isn't exactly forgotten, either, as he's well-aware of the consequences of this match, but you'll have to forgive him for focusing his attention on more pressing matters.

Natsu watches as Kelvin takes the first, particularly nasty attack. She winces as Kelvin takes the full brunt of the attack into his midsection. He seems at least OK. But man, I wouldn't have liked to be him right then. She looks at the volleyball in her hand. As she pulls her arm back, and watches as Kelvin throws his weight into Alma, and she hurls her volleyball straight at the self-proclaimed bishie's head. Of course, this isn't any normal throw, the volleyball seeming to distort and oblong in the air as it whistles to it's destination.

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Natsu's Thrown Object.

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Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alma interrupts Andersons' Crushing Swing from Kelvin with Divine Intervention EX.

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[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

~ Oh ho. That's why his aura felt different. Well, I guess I can't ask him where he got his hair dye, then... ~
In an unusual turn of events, these interfering conscious thoughts don't muck up Alma's flow. Rather, quite the opposite; Alma starts to feel inspired like nobody's business. It's not every day he faces an opponent with this aspect as well. Still, matching fighting spirits with this guy seems to be an... interesting proposition. It's as though Kelvin has sort of a... an anti-fighting spirit...
"Interesting," Alma murmurs, as the two attacks come at once.
And shifting his feet smoothly, as though coming to a crescendo and a sudden halt in a dance, Alma turns his body and snaps one forearm up and one forearm down, managing to deflect both the volleyball -- which goes careening away and just barely misses a cameraman -- and Kelvin's attack. Then his momentum, like a rising tide, slowly begins to gather, and with it comes his Psycho Power; he finally finishes going full circle, twists on his feet and brings the volleyball-deflecting arm down, igniting his hand and unleashing a fierce blast of white-pink flame directly at Kelvin's face, burning brain more than body but still knocking the grappler back and away from him.
Pretty slick.

It hurts. Oh yes, it definitely does. The only bright spot for Kelvin is just how it hurts, though -- were his conscious mind more in control at the moment, he might have a harder time recovering from the burst of energy that ignites point-blank before him. Aw, c'mon, not the face!! Though he isn't quite strong enough to fight the flight response, his body manages to make it only a few steps back before he wills it to stand its ground. ...despite the fact that he's empty of mind, and that's what's keeping him this controlled under the circumstances, there's the realization, "..this isn't going well." This completely overwhelming his defenses with his own take on 'the stuff!' To his credit, he stays the course, however, his resolve enduring despite the still burning attacks on his nervous system. There's also the real chance he might have something else to worry about, soon..but for now, he once again 'falls' forward, letting gravity take him forward as much as his own muscles. It almost seems like he's looking to walk *past* Alma, but the sudden grab for the handsome man's arm would seem to be to the contrary. Instead, he's looking to transfer all that forward energy into Alma's frame, and take him down to the sand in the same motion. Meanwhile, Kelvin remains standing in that stalled posture, regardless of his relative success, almost frozen in time.

Natsu watches the fight unfold as she slowly reaches into her back and produces yet another Wilson. Actually, these are Dijon Co. volleyballs, but calling a volleyball 'Dijon' just doesn't have the same ring to it. Unless perhaps you were trying to eat it. "Good block!" She calls out, as Alma lets into Kelvin. She looks back and forth between the combatants. . o O ( Be Fair. What does that mean, exactly.) She looks over Kelvin's now somewhat obviously beat-up form. And over Alma. She pulls good old Diji back in her hand, and thrusts another ball of death in Alma's direction. Hopefully she won't incur too much wrath this way. Best to keep the fight even, however.

COMBATSYS: Alma dodges Kelvin's Negative Momentum.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kelvin           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0             Alma
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Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Natsu's Thrown Object.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kelvin           1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Alma instincts and reflexes, brought in tune with the magic of Psycho Power, are all that save him from certain beatdown. As Kelvin leans forward, so Alma leans back; it's actually quite funny from the audience's standpoint, as the two appear to be fighting, and then both suddenly just topple over, by all appearances. Yet then it is revealed that only by this act has Alma evaded Kelvin's reaching grasp, and furthermore, the youthful fighting model isn't just going to let himself collapse in the sand. He arches his back and plants his hands as firmly as conceivably possible in the dry sand, and then hoists himself up into a graceful handstand, making it look easy (it really, really isn't; not on this ground). Unthinkingly reacting to the next unseen attack, Alma twists on his arms and kicks out with his legs, almost doing the splits as he performs a fierce twin kick, one foot deflecting the volleyball again, and the other lashing out at Kelvin's midsection before Alma plans to tuck and roll to safety.

COMBATSYS: Kelvin counters Light Kick from Alma with Negative Momentum.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kelvin           1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Though he feels his attack hit only air, Kelvin doesn't hesitate to continue the motions, ending somewhat awkward-looking with his hand having caught..nothing. Some would probably box his ears at this point, and tell him that it might be a good idea to move, but he'll have none of that. It's quite comfortable where he is, actually. There's a rare blink of his eyes, as he more 'feels' Alma's motion than perceives it through his senses, and for one breathtaking moment, it might seem the kick has landed home. However..perhaps while Alma was involved in his acrobatics, Kelvin has shifted his position, and the foot actually impacts Kelvin's braced arm. Once the youth feels the solid contact, he's already looking to make good on his earlier attempt, and seeks to give Alma a not-so-subtle nudge to the ground for his troubles. Perhaps not the kind of tuck and roll he had in mind. A bit premature for back-pattings, but Kelvin breathes a mental sigh of relief, in some repressed corner of his head.

Natsu watches as Alma starts to break dance in the sand. Living her own life basically on the sad as she has she knows just how difficult that sort of thing can be. She shakes her head. Well, she can't be bothered to hit Alma if he's going to do cool moves like that. She peers over at Kelvin, and winces. Then, her face grins as he lands his first solid blow on Alma! She almost feels like cheering. Besides, after all those mean things Alma did to Jiro? But, to be fair, the mustard ball must fly both ways. Of course, this causes Kelvin's sigh of relief to be short lived, but.. All's fair in fights and volleyball.

Waurgh!, is what Alma might say if his mouth wasn't now full of sand. Coughing as he rolls to his feet, shaking out his hair out of habit, he speculates on why his opponent's technique has left him feeling so dazed and disoriented.
~ It's like... I hit myself... with myself. And the ground. ~
Not that he's going to let it get him down! Goodness gracious no! He just has to get back in gear. When he sees Natsu's volleyball fly Kelvin's way, the would-be bishonen centers himself, taking a deep breath, and using the moment he has to steady himself on the sand and raise his arms slightly, warm eyes clear and face relaxed and expressionless.
The surging flow of battle sweeps him away... and those eyes of his get brighter as a halo of white-pink light begins to shine around his body, rosy gold-tinged aura manifesting as quiet little flames begin to travel up and down his arms and legs.

COMBATSYS: Alma gathers his will.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kelvin           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kelvin blocks Natsu's Thrown Object.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kelvin           1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Definitely, this isn't a time for celebration.. ..not that Kelvin takes particular delight in the fact that he just gave Alma a face full of dirt. The only reason he's relieved is that he feared he'd lost control of this before it even truly begun, and to get something actually going his way is a relief. That same 'sense' that let him know that foot was coming, though, also works for the volleyball now whizzing towards him, as he brings an arm up to deflect it. For a moment, he breaks his game face, in the process, making sure that Natsu knows that there's no hard feelings in it..before he's once again on the move, and in his business mode. Whatever Alma is preparing for, the scenario feels all too familiar, and Kelvin doesn't intend to let him finish. With a sudden lean forward, the blue-haired youth is once again rushing towards the opponent, this time leaving his feet at the last moment to try and catch the target's shoulder with his own, and then tackle him to the ground forcefully with his grip around his arm, letting gravity do most of the work. 'Anti-fighting...' In a sense, a very apt way to describe it.

Natsu watches the boys come together, as Kelvin charges at Alma. She gasps a bit. This fight certainly is exciting. SHe grins at the two combatants. She stretches out her hands for a second, and concentrates, her eyes affixed on the two as her lips begin to move, inaudably.

COMBATSYS: Natsu focuses on her next action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kelvin           1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alma blocks Kelvin's Positive Momentum.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kelvin           1/----===/=======|=======\===----\1             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Alma has been doing some combat meditation. Eyes closed, he's brought his hands together in front of his face, palms facing each other only an inch apart, fingers relaxed and held slightly uneven, one hand lower so that its fingers are level with the knuckles of the other. Eyes closed, he takes one last deep breath, and lets himself sink onto his haunches a bit more.
Eyes closed, he snaps out with his palms and intercepts the throw attempt, managing to keep Kelvin from closing in completely, and possibly even unbalancing his opponent with the maneuver. Eyes closed, he clasps his left hand on his opponent's shoulder, and draws his right hand back.
Eyes open, revealing pure fields of white-pink Psycho Power.
He strikes once.

COMBATSYS: Kelvin dodges Alma's Absolution.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kelvin           0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Could this young boy with the sluggish a bit more slippery than he first appears? Maybe he's onto something..wearing no shirt might just be key! However, it's much more likely that he's just gotten used to this sort of thing by now, and his habit of getting blown up by Kensou's psycho power has attuned him a bit better. Whatever the reasoning, he's able to draw back from the grip on his shoulder, ducking low to once again try and catch Alma in the gut with a bit of a wild punch, as well as avoid whatever nasty things the other psion might have been planning to do with that potent energy of his. With his relying on physics so much, rather than his own power, he can just keep tossing this stuff out without ever seeming to get tired, and even despite his injuries. Surrender? Though not verbal, this must be a very resounding 'no' in at least some language!

Natsu seems really caught up in the action. Not so much that she looses her grip on the ball. This one is Pink. Looks like someone's been letting Mimiru buy the school equipment again. She stares at Alma as he shifts his weight around, his eyes becoming the monotonous color of Sakura blossoms. She pulls her pick ball of doom back, and unfurls the projectile at Alma. Seemed like the best thing to do at the time. She takes this chance, as the pink screaming death flies in Alma's direction, to survey the crowd, see if the fangirls are behaving.

COMBATSYS: Kelvin successfully hits Alma with Andersons' Crushing Swing.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kelvin           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Natsu successfully hits Alma with Thrown Object.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kelvin           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

That's funny. His attack doesn't seem to have connected.
But surely that's impossible!
And that's about all Alma gets time for as two attacks hit him simultaneously, his head snapping to the side with the volleyball's impact -- et tu, pink!? -- even as Kelvin's crushing blow sends the tall youth to his knees, coughing again as the wind's knocked out of him. Yet incredibly, Alma fails to be fazed. He rises as quickly and as smoothly as he collasped, politely covering his mouth with his fist for a moment as he continues to cough; even so, though fatigue is hinted at in the way he carries himself, Alma's expression is calm and mild as ever, as though no blows have even been thrown yet.
Still, this supposed mellowness doesn't stop him from lashing out with his right hand and casting a gout of white-pink Psycho Power flame at Kelvin's legs, aiming to knock the boy to the ground and give Alma some time to recover. Stay back, stay back!

[OOC] Kelvin prepares..for the end..!

COMBATSYS: Kelvin dodges Alma's Sacred Wave.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Kelvin           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

[OOC] Alma says, "Okay, next time, Kelvin, say "I'll dodge this for sure"."

[OOC] Alma says, "That should do the trick."

[OOC] Kelvin XD

That tingling again, alerting Kelvin's subconscious mind to the fact that Alma isn't nearly as prone as he might seem at first. A fellow zen warrior understands well -- what the body is showing is never what the mind is feeling, exactly. For that reason, despite the fact that he should have been worn down long ago, Kelvin continues to move with matching grace..and perhaps even less impulse. He almost seems to be standing still when the flame is almost to him..but a moment before it might have knocked him off his guard, he suddenly slides to the right, avoiding the -- perchance, desperate? -- attempt on Alma's part, and also setting him up for another of those sprints that lead into his attack motions. This time, it's a little something he had introduced to Alma earlier, and as he seeks to draw up alongside his fellow combatant, his motion suddenly freezes solid..and his hand is once again held outward, trying to make contact with Alma, give a short grapple, and send him reeling with the gathered burst of force. ...and yet, this time, Kelvin's mask of perfect control also cracks somewhat, as he has to grit his teeth to keep his body doing what he wants it to.

Natsu nots to old pinky. Well, not _really_ old pinky, but I suppose we'll have to call 'er that now. Her first really solid hit of the match. She watches Kelvin dodge yet another of Alma's porjectiles. Oh well, there's nothign for it. She picks one up. And this time, instead of tossing it at an combatant, she tosses the item high into the air, she presses her long, powerful legs off the ground, pressing herself up into the air. Her eyes dart as she's in the air, watching Kelvin execute his sprinting attack, the strikes the volleyball with her palm, sending it hurdling at Kelvin's back.

COMBATSYS: Kelvin successfully hits Alma with Negative Momentum.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Kelvin           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Alma's current problems are probably explainable by the way in which his Psycho Power functions. With every surge of fighting spirit, every cresting wave, there comes a peaceful moment after the surf has crashed, a moment where the tide must recede. That time is now. Alma's reflexes, no longer enhanced by his preternatural abilities after such expenditures of energy, are not up to the task.
Especially not right now.
See, Alma wasn't desperate. He, like Kelvin, has a sort of empty mind; desperate would have rendered him probably incapable of even using the technique. But he was going to use the attack as an excuse to fall back and recompose himself; indeed, he was fading away even as he launched it, as he usually does. But that outstretched hand is neatly caught by his opponent, and Alma finds himself hurled from the ground -- but he realizes it later than he would normally, and his body fails to react appropriately. He hits the ground *hard*. It's sand, but you can still hear the slam. Not only that, but he looks like he landed wrong, only half-prepared to roll, and when he tries to get up, he actually stumbles and falls to one knee. For a moment, that eminently calm face becomes slightly twisted by a pained half-grimace.
Still, there is patience in those eyes: and then there is nothing but brightness. The wounded young warrior shouts his defiance to the heavens -- "UUURRYAHHH!" -- and, summoning all of his remaining power, just hurls it in a mammoth fireball at his opponent, unleashing everything he's got, the fullness of his very self, in an attempt to basically bludgeon Kelvin's mind into unconsciousness!

COMBATSYS: Kelvin blocks Alma's Full Confession.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Kelvin           1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kelvin dodges Natsu's Thrown Object.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Kelvin           1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Once again, Kelvin feels something coming up behind him..and realizes quite well what it is. Even though he's standing motionless, almost like a statue, he has the presence of mind to will his shoulders to duck low. He doesn't so much as avoid the incoming volleyball, as his back acts like a ramp for it to scoot off with; woah, that ball is grabbing some serious sky! He made it look easier than it was, seriously. There's no time to be worried about that now, though..with the sleeping giant awakened, as a result of the resounding slam Kelvin just put him through. Even now, though..he doesn't seem to be moving to get out of the way, so much as setting himself and bracing for the impact. This man's attacks..are so different than the usual. It almost feels like there's painful lullabies tugging at Kelvin's mind..and it's all that he can do to muster up the control to keep them from reaching and shutting down his body. But..he weathers the storm, and emerges the other side..taking a deep breath to calm any adrenaline that might skew his judgement, and choking back the weariness. This time, it's nothing quite as fancy as before; and perhaps he's running low on the willpower necessary. He simply darts up to Alma, take hold of his arm with his own, and then fling him wildly over his shoulder. ...and now, for actual breathing from the effort.

Natsu blinks. He dodged. The bastard! She shakes her head and collects herself. Well, we'll just have to try again.. She fishes a volleyball out of her bag, and whips the sucker at Kelvin as Kelvin grabs alma's arm, hoping to co-ordinate the attacks.

COMBATSYS: Kelvin successfully hits Alma with Medium Throw.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Kelvin           1/-----==/=======|===----\-------\0             Alma
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Natsu            0/-------/-------|

Alma's low on willpower himself. He staggers forward, gaze finally clouding from exhaustion, searching through the misty cloud of energy that his own attack caused for whether or not Kelvin survived, unable to sense the youth's aura any longer. The tall youth blinks once, trying to steady himself, barely conscious as is -- and is too slow to evade, let alone notice, the boy that emerges from the haze and throws Alma to the ground.
Sharp pains stab through Alma's twisted ankle, but somehow, he keeps himself from crying out. Instead, even as he feels the comforting darkness claim him for now, willing to go but not without giving his all, he lashes out with one hand and tries to just get a grip on Kelvin's ankle -- and unleash the last of his Psycho Power into his opponent's mind.
Then, exhausted, he rests.

COMBATSYS: Alma can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kelvin           1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0            Natsu

COMBATSYS: Kelvin blocks Alma's Self Expression.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kelvin           0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0            Natsu

COMBATSYS: Kelvin catches Thrown Object from Natsu with Empty Hand.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kelvin           0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0            Natsu

Kelvin is admittedly in a bit of a daze, himself, at this point. But.. ..perhaps unlike Alma, he's used to having his head more in the clouds than in the clear. As his fellow psion makes his last, much more desperate grasp..the sleepy youth has not the will to make his ankle shift out of the way. Instead, he braces for it..and perhaps having gotten used to the power that Alma wields through the course of things -- plus the model figure's fatigue -- he's able to absorb the damage for now..choking it back. Another volleyball..this one, Kelvin actually half-turns and takes hold of in his hand. Another spark of Deja Vu, perhaps!? Were he not so tired, he might feel just a bit of blistering as a result. "Nice serve," he mumbles towards Natsu, his face finally breaking into a smile, "..and as for you.. amazing battle." The latter, obviously said to Alma..whom he now takes a seat next to, uninvited, and then uses the volleyball as a pillow as he reclines. Wow..break time..should he remain uninterrupted, at least.

Natsu stares as Kelvin goes and bangs his head next to Alma. With a raised eyebrow, she shrugs, and begins to gather the school's property back up. THe ball wash will be getting another workout tonight. She waves to the two, "Good showing you guys." She pumps her arm into the air, and goes aobut her task.

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