Wheel of Madness - Summary

Description: [OOC] Summary of the news posts regarding the Wheel of Madness!

OOC stuffs on Wheel of Madness PPV -- Wed Jul 20 2005 -- Duck
Okay boys and girls, this is how things are going to go. I will try not to make it too painful.
Signing up: So not to mess with SNF signups I will be needing interested fighters to @mail me who they want to enter. Alts are allowed since this is just a series of non standard matches. The fights should be pretty fair, but I can't promise that all will be. Thems the breaks. Get in the @mails by August 1st because that is when I am posting the fight schedule.
Reason: Why Duck, this seems like your standard WNB or even an SNF style thing. Why do it? Glad you asked! I know a majority of us can make fights at least for SNF and well WNB is a very small event not many people are involved with. This PPV allows people that might not normally be able to sign up for stuff to enter and get in a match. There will be a 10 day period once the schedule is up to get all matches done so if you don't think you can be involved please don't sign up. Much as Geese has said Rescheduling can be a pain.
Matches: I can't say what matches will happen for sure, but right now I am compiling a list of matches that have been seen in WNB fights as well as new ones. I will not be using standard matches unless I just run out of ideas. If you have a match idea feel free to @mail it to me and I might use it. The more weird and zany the better.
So that is basically it. Get those @mails in folks and let's see what insanity we can create. :D

Wheel of Madness Card -- Sun Jul 31 2005 -- Duck
The wheel has been spun and now the card is up. Any special rules will be paged to the contestants of said fight. Be sure to log the fight and @mail me the results peoples. Get this done by August 12th. That should be plenty of time to get these few matches out.

Match 1: Ralf vs Xiangfei vs Cody (Vat of Pudding Match)

Match 2: Alma and Kanji vs Mickey and Nassir (Striker/Tag)

Match 3: Mr. Big vs Tiffany and Vanessa (Disco Ball Blast)

Match 4: Shingo and Shinobu vs Cammy (2vs1 Standard Rules)

Match 5: Acacia vs HeavyD! (Tennis Balls of Fury with Johnny running the Cannon)

Match 6: Haggar vs Ibuki and Katana (Ladder Match 'Match type requested by Cody')

Main Event: Terry vs Vega (Yeah, you try to give those two rules to abide by. Anything goes match)

If you do not see a @mail in the next day or two with a special match type then contact me and I will make sure you are up to date on what is going on.

PPV Wheel of Madness results -- Thu Aug 11 2005 -- Duck
I would like to thank everyone who signed up and made this a very awesome time. I will be trying to get all the matches moved into one area under the PPV header in the logs so you all can read them and enjoy them. I know I did. And without further or do, the match results. :O

Match #1: Xiangfei vs Cody vs Bill Cosby(Ralf) Winner:Xiangfei

Match #2: Alma and Kanji vs Nassir and Mickey Winner: TIE

Match #3: Mr. Big vs Tiffany and Vanessa Winner: Tiffany and Vanessa

Match #4: Shingo and Shinobu vs Cammy Winner: Shingo and Shinobu

Match #5: Bao vs HeavyD with Johnny behind the cannon Winner: TIE

Match #6: Haggar vs Ibuki and Katana Winner: TIE

Main Event: Vega vs Terry Winner: Vega

Earnings are based on sales of tickets and such as well as the amount of people that had paid to watch the PPV which was shown on a Sunday evening and reshown probably over the course of a week or so. Some fighters do not earn money which include the following

Vega - Earnings go to pay for the playground he wrecked as well as the stage he destroyed and also Vanessa's hospital bills.

Katana - Earnings went to pay for the repair of the warehouse wall his semi crashed through.

Ralf - Even if he was Bill Cosby for night he loses a small part of his earnings to pay for the light fixture he messed up.

Keep an eye out for future PPV stuff. Given the good responses I might try to run one every few months when staff aren't planning anything. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT! *POOF*


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