SNF 2005.10 - Kasumi vs Bao

Description: Kasumi and Bao meet in the bad part of Metro City for their SNF match, and the littlest Psycho Soldier's power proves to be too much for the older schoolgirl. (Winner: Bao)

4 PM.

It's approaching the end of the afternoon. While the sun is shining n the air, despite of poor side of the Metro city appearing as the slums, the poor folk.
The people, rich and poor, mostly the more middle-class have made their way to show to watch the match. Cameras are rolling and lights are shining at the middle of the street. The homeless are watching and the men, women, and children are ready to watch.
In the middle of the area is none other than the young boy in Chinese clothing. Some of the kids are laughing at the boy with the funny hat. They seem to be quite amused with the dancing kid.
DDR action Bao. He's spinning around and trying to perform the Moonwalk. Sure, the match is for a fight, but it doesn't hurt to entertain the people by dancing before the match.
He waves to the crowd, "Hi guys! This match will be dedicated to all of you!" He calls out with a cheerful smile.

While Kasumi wasn't exactly thrilled with the fight venue, she wasn't so prissy that she'd refuse to fight here in the slums of Metro. It could've been worse, afterall. At least they're not fighting in the city dump, or the sewer. God that would be horrible.
In any case, Kasumi was able to show up on time, and she didn't have to push her way through the crowd to get in there with Bao where the fight was to begin. People made way for her on their own. "Thank you." she offers with a little bow of her head before stepping in through said path, the gap being closed behind her almost immediately. Finally, she clears her throat and calls out, "Bao-san. Let's go." and waves a hand to the fight official.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bao has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bao              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kasumi

Dance, dance, dance. Bao is busy showing off his moves in front of the crowd. He has a bright smile on his face, turning to face the children. Even if he's being made fun of, he's still willing to show his smile.
When Kasumi calls out for the youth, Bao turns his head to look at Kasumi. "Oh! Okay!" He blinks, looking over to the form of the opponent a bit more. Ooh, a pretty girl.
Bao leans forward, "Hi pretty lady! Teach me!" A heart would show up as Bao's stating that.
But nevertheless, Bao is getting ready for the fight. Through the cheering of the homeless and the people, Bao is busy moving around, ready for action.
He starts to bounce around, then he immediately sprints towards Kasumi, "Here I come! Watch me!" He giggles. And when he sprints forward, Bao lunges forward with a sweeping right foot towards Kasumi's leg, then he sweeps that leg over in a pivot while leaping into the air. And while leaping, Bao lashes out the left leg right at the cheek of Kasumi, "HA!"
He saw this on TV.

COMBATSYS: Bao successfully hits Kasumi with Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Bao              0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kasumi

Kasumi stands there and takes the time to tighten her kendo headband before just sort of, staring at Bao. And when that little heart appeared near Bao, a sweatdrop formed on the side of Kasumi's head. She had no qualms about fighting the younger boy, you see, because well, she's quite short herself, but no one told her part of his game was flattery. Could it be part of some strange headgame? Don't fall for it Kasumi!
...too late. See, the Todoh girl *was* watching him, but for some reason she wasn't ready. Attempting to hop backward away from Bao's kick, Kasumi doesn't quite lean back enough before hand and she still gets hit in the cheek before she quite gains any distance. "Ow... "
Looking confused for a short moment, the kendo girl rubs at her cheek gingerly, but then brings her hands out in front of her and limbers up her fingers before trying to lunge in and grab Bao by the shoulders to shove him down.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi successfully hits Bao with Medium Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Bao              0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0           Kasumi

Although she manages to avoid the foot sweep, Bao manages to leap into the air and dish out a kick at Kasumi's face. That's at least good enough for Bao.
Part of fighting is leaning about the way of fighting. And to do that, he has to try over what's in his element. Of course, Kasumi grabs Bao by the shoulder and he's shoved against the ground. "Ooof!" Bao is rolling his head backwards, looking quite dazed. Smiling wider, Bao leans back up and giggles. "Alright! That was great! My turn!" He leaps into the air, extending his head outward to lock onto Kasumi.
With his head tucking low, Bao presses his entire weight down to crash right towards Kasumi like a giant boulder. For some reason, his head would hurt -really- hard.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi counters Heavy Kick from Bao with Messhin Mutou.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Bao              0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Kasumi

Immediately after shoving Bao to the visibly filthy slum street, Kasumi begins to start cautiously backing away, both being fair in giving him enough time to get back up and trying to get ready for his next move. Because of the fact she takes her time this way, her hands are already out in front of her, and they just happen to already be raised in a high guard too. The boy's earlier bouncing seemed to lead her to believe he would jump around quite a bit, so attacking from up high led her to the right conclusion... He'd probably want to attack from up high.
It was a simple and fluid motion she used after catching the boy by his shoulders once more. His head stopped just a few inches from slamming into the top of hers, and then she thusly turns and tossed him away from herself. Faaaaar away from herself. Very nearly to the edge of the crowd.

Coming down...
Coming down..
To the ground...

The shoulders are caught by Kasumi, who keeps herself safe from his head. Then, he is tossed straight into the air. "Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" He is rolling while he's being pushed away, feeling just a little dizzy.
Then, he crashes onto the ground, and this sends Bao crashing on the ground hard. "Ooof!" Groaning, the young mushroom-hat wearing boy giggles. "That was fun!" He gives a V-sign, then he brings his hands together.
Spreading his legs apart, Bao is channeling the energy around him. Shutting his eyes, Bao is extending both of his hands out. With the hands glowing, the blue sphere sparks to life.
"Hope you're good at Dodgeball! It's fun!" He giggles, "PSYCHO BALL!"
The young boy bats both hands downward, sending the ball flying straight towards Kasumi's direction. ... Then it hits the ground and bounces off of the ground, and it bounces straight towrds Kasumi.

COMBATSYS: Bao successfully hits Kasumi with Dan Kougeki - Front.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bao              1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0           Kasumi

Kasumi again tries to go with that same strategy of backing up and trying to get ready for Bao to come at her, but, this time she can see well before the time comes that it's not going to word. She's going to have to dodge instead because that bouncing energy ball. It's big! And she doesn't know what it's made of! It's a little too big, in fact, for her to sucessfully maneuver around. She gets smacked instead, and blown back by the powerful psycho energy contained within it.
"Ooh that burns... " Shaking her head out as she gets back to her feet, the Todoh girl reaches down and touches at the goodluck charm hanging from her beltline, and then takes a moment to reassess the situation. What was that stuff? Without dwelling on it *too* long, Kasumi decides to stop hanging back and giving Bao any room for more ranged attacks and once more dashes in toward him, her wooden sandals scraping along the dirty pavement as she goes for a grab and attempts to kick Bao out of her own grip with a vicious sidekick.

COMBATSYS: Bao dodges Kasumi's Combo Throw.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bao              1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0           Kasumi

After unleashing the powerful psycho ball to Kasumi, Bao merely frowns, "Ouu... looks like you're not too good at playing dodgeball." He scratches his head, then he sees the incoming woman charging right at Bao. He urks when she is coming out to charge at the youth to give him what could be a vicious beating if he sticks around.

What is a boy to do?

Easy. He runs towards Kasumi, leaping right over her head. His hands press against the head as he kicks both of his legs up. Over her head! Her grip hits nothing but air.
While shooting himself over her head, Bao immediately shifts his body over to face her when he comes to the other side. "HIYA!" Bao draws a hand back, then he shoots the hand outward towards the back of the woman.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi counters Strong Punch from Bao with Sasshou Inshuu.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Bao              1/--=====/=======|=====--\-------\0           Kasumi

Kasumi skids to a halt noisily as soon as she realizes Bao is already going way over her head. Just like she thought, that kid can jump. The kick goes undelivered, and her hands go right to dusting at the front of her hakama, the girl trying to make sure her palms are as dry as possible for any later grabs. She bets Bao can be tricky to hold onto even when he does stay still long enough for it!
"Hum... " When Bao comes around to her side like that, before she can even quite turn around, one of her now dryer hands comes out and grabs his wrist, stopping his punch as well as using his momentum to pull his body in toward her foot as it comes up to deliver that same kick that it wasn't able to earlier.

See Bao.
See Bao crash.
Crash, Bao, crash.

Bao is grabbed at the wrist and he is sent flying straight towards the ground. But not without giving a heavy dosage of pain, for Kasumi plants her foot right onto the stomach of the child. Bao screams in pain, and he crashes on the ground. "Eghn...."

Bao sees London.
Bao sees France.
Bao can see Kasumi's under--
-Or not.

Bao rolls away from the woman as he tries to put himself back into respective distance. The young boy offers a tired pant. He shuts his eyes softly, tightening his grip against the air.

o/` They call me Sonic, because I'm faster than sound, I keep on jumping around! o/`

Both hands extend out to face right at the youth. He is channeling the Psycho Ball. But it doesn't stop there. The ground is glimmering from the youth's aura as raw essence of the Psycho Power flows through the child. Shutting his eyes, Bao grits his teeth, trying to keep hold of the awesome, yet hard to control power he has.

o/` Blue hedgehog Sonic, with incredible speed, I'm moving my feet. o/`

Bao channels the energy to come forth. The Psycho Power draws from the youth, as he's drawing his essence to aim right towards Kasumi. While charging, Bao is singing his personal favorite mantra.

o/` They call me Sonic. o/`

The ball is bigger than Bao.

o/`Blue hedgehog Sonic. o/`

And with that.... the ball comes forward from Bao's form. It is shooting outward towards Kasumi like a huge comet, aiming to engulf her in the energy.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi blocks Bao's MAX Psycho Ball.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Bao              0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1           Kasumi

Kasumi is not wearing some little pleated skirt like Sakura Kasugano! That's right, she's got on those big pleated hakama. Like Geese. There's no seeing up the legs of those unless she just holds her foot out totally level for a good couple of minutes. Which, she's not going to do. What she is going to do is back up when Bao starts to put his hands out in front of him again. The last time he did that a huge psycho ball came out. And this time things start to look much worse, anyway. The whole area round the small boy begins to glow, and Todoh's daughter starts to look quite a bit of worried.
"Uh oh.. " Her arms come up and cross in front of her, and she very carefully tries to peek out through them at the gigantic ball of glowing power now barelling her way. If she wasn't able to dodge the that first one, then with this one being like three times bigger? No way she's even trying. She's just gonna start here and hope her wrist guards and absorb most of the incoming pain. And actually? They do that quite well. It still *hurts*, and it still sends her sliding back quite a bit, but she isn't knock onto her rear and left dazed like she was expecting. But, even still, she's not going to take a moment to shake out her hands and stare back at the younger boy. Where did that kind of power come from?

COMBATSYS: Kasumi focuses on her next action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Bao              0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1           Kasumi

Have to stay aggressive.
Bao has to stay very aggressive.
So in order for that to be done, Bao is starting to cover himself with his Psycho Power. Then, he leaps straight towards Kasumi's direction. And while the youth is rushing himself at Kasumi...
He is coming closer to crash straight onto the concentrated girl.
...Until he stops nearly a feet from the girl. "Psyke!" Instead, he extends both of his hands out, releasing a thick wave of Psycho Power to swirl along his hands like a windmill. The windmill Psycho Power sparkles nicely in its violet hue as it attempts to press itself against Kasumi.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi fails to interrupt Psycho Ball Reflect from Bao with Chou Kasane Ate.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Bao              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Kasumi can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Bao              0/-------/----===|

Kasumi is definitely fooled by Bao's little trick here. She lets herself get psyched out and puts her hands up, thinking the boy is going to come bouncing at her with himself covered with that same strong energy he'd only been throwing at her up till now. But then he doesn't. He stops, and the kendo girl is left confused. But, at the last moment? Her hands go up over her head and she tries to slam them down into that sparkling swirl of energy Bao has tried to push onto her at such close range. The result is an explosion the likes of which probably would not have been possible if she hadn't tried to throw her own energy into something that is probably made specifically to oppose such, and Kasumi is block back into and caught by one of the members of the crowd. She slumps a bit, and then tries to shove off of them and get back to her feet, but, it just doesn't seem like she can do it. Instead she drops to her knees and pauses for a moment, holding her head, and then promptly flagging the fight official with one hand to let them know she doesn't think she can go on. "Ugh... wow that hurts.. Like.. like a hangover almost. I think my ears are ringing." she mutters to herself, cupping her hands over them and starting to look around from side to side.

When Kasumi shows that she can no longer continue, the young boy blinks a several times.
The referee of the fight announces the winner.
The boy's eyes widen, filled with glee as he's hopping n the air repeatedly. He giggles some more, bouncing as the people cheer at him. All of the men, women, and children are cheering the youth on, clapping their hands.
Bao smiles, raching for the microphone. "Thank you all for coming into the match! Eighty-percent of the earnings will go to help with repairs of the slums and to make sure that this place is in better conditions!" He lifts a hand up and gestures towards Kasumi, "My opponent showed an awesome fight! Give a big hand for her!"
The people start cheering.
Then, Bao looks over towards Kasumi, kneeling down next to her level. "Would you like to take a trip for some ice cream while you heal up?"

COMBATSYS: Bao has ended the fight here.

For Kasumi, the cheers of the crowd were really sort of hazardous right now. It wasn't making her feel bad that she lost, since the kid obviously had some insane hidden power that he could call on. If it were a case of Bao's fighting style just plain being better than hers, *then* she might get a little upset, but that wasn't the case. What beat her here was pure energy, and she was willing to accept that without a fuss. Getting hit with psycho power of that magnitude really did hurt her head though, and all the noise the fans were making was making her headache even bigger, to the point that she was almost starting to feel sick. "Th- thank you, no. I'm feeling a bit off and I think I should go lie down. Maybe another time, Bao-san."
Right now, she'd really rather go get her head checked out by the medics who were waiting on the sidelines as always at SNF matches. And that's what she does, after getting shakily to her feet and staggering over that way.

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