SNF 2005.09 - Cammy vs Chin and Kensou

Description: Two of the Psycho Soldiers take on the Zero Doll! (Winners: Kensou and Chin)

     Cammy always liked the forest. No matter the time of day, it always seemed so full of life. Usually, that life took the form of various animals, birds and things chirping their happy songs to each other. But earlier today, the activity of the cameramen setting up little cameras just a half hour earlier likely scared most of the wildlife away. Ah, well. Birds or no, the forest was still peaceful on this somewhat cool, but still sunny, afternoon.
     And in one small little clearing in the forest, the designated spot for the fighters, Cammy White stood leaning against a tree, her arms crossed beneath her chest. She was wearing a crimson windbreaker, worn over a deep blue coloured one piece backless swimsuit, a swimsuit that was a bit thicker than the usual of its kind. And one musn't forget the boots, and the red beret. While she waits for the match to begin... seeing as she arrived about a half-hour early, she begins to hum a peppy little tune to herself, her brilliantly blue eyes trying to pick out the various cameras interpersed throughout the trees.

Who fears the cold?!  Such concerns are for lesser minds, and certainly not people who have spent the last few hours warming up for the fight and are thereby entirely too busy to be concerned with the Autumn chill.  So, yeah, cameras and cameramen and probably even a few actual live spectators, but so far no sign of Cammy's opponents!  It's getting awfully close to 4:00, too.  Uh oh, looks like there might be trouble!  ...Of course, then it becomes abundantly clear, despite the general buzz of voices of those already in the little clearing, that /something/ is coming through the underbrush, and quite quickly besides!  What could it be?!  From the darkness of the alpine trees leaps a similarly dark - and rather unusual-looking, actually - figure, though it quickly becomes a lot less dark once it leaves the shadow of the forest, clearing the barricades around the fighting area, and then landing in the middle...  On its face, with an squawk of surprise, and skidding a few feet.  Wow, that looked like it hurt.   It's quickly apparent that the 'mysterious figure' is none other than Cammy's opponents.  Both of them.  Sie Kensou, the energetic-but-terminally-unlucky psychic fighter, is naturally the one on his face; and, previously situated on the youth's back in a very Empire Strikes Back sort of way, would be...  One really, really old looking dude.

      Hoppity hop! Hop! Hop! There is a bouncing kid along the trees. Like a ninja, the the fearsome figure is running along until he takes a giant leap onto the air. *WIIISISHH!!*
      Fearless! Evil!--- Well... maybe not either of the two.
      The somersaulting figure lands quite a lengths away from the battle field, he is enough to get a good look at Kensou and the arrival of the old man.
      Who's the kid in question?
      The Huggable Bao! And his mushroom hat too!
      Bao's eyes widen in delight as he watches the fighters getting ready for their showdown. He reaches to his sides, pulling out a pair of pompoms. He's so glad to see his family again! Eyes sparkling, Bao starts bouncing side to side while waving the pompoms.
      "GO GRANPAPA! GO BIG BROTHER KENSOU!" He pauses, looking over towards the opponent. Waving a left pompom, Bao's eyes widen with glee. That wave becomes more excited as he shouts, "HI MISS CAMMY WHITE! o/`"

    Surely such a sight as the figure launching from the forest might be cause for concern. A hideous beast, perhaps, or a lab experiment gone wild. But, despite any concerns that might've sprouted up due to the figure's dramatic entrance, it all comes crashing down, quite literally face first, onto the grass of the field. And then it becomes more apparent the figure is not really a hideous, misshapen beast, but rather just one old man and a young man - which, some might see as hideous, but keep that to yourself, please! Kensou lies flat on the ground, with the old man sitting on top of him like he might sit on a sofa or mat, legs folded, taking a long drink from a ceramic gourd.
    After he swallows the liquid down, the burning sensation that follows it down illicits a long sigh from the old codger, who then finally gets up from Kensou's back, stumbling a bit, then rights himself before he can fall - no small feat for a man over ninety, no less. "Kenshou!" He cries sharply, and with a bit of a slur. While the tone might seem harsh (though somehow not unkind), the whistling sound accompanying his 's'es as he slurs just makes him seem comical, "Thish ish on television, ish it not? Shtand up, boy, sh-shhand up." He then notices - it's the loudest thing in the forest, how could he not notice - the other Psycho Soldier, to which he raises a hand and waves with a merry chuckle, before turning around - again, almost stumbling, but then catching himself - to face Cammy.

Following after Bao at much more leisurely pace, Athena comes to a stop nearby. She's got a small green coat over her uniform, and her hands in her pockets. "Hey, guys.", she says with a wide, cheerful smile, and gives a pleasant nod to Cammy. One can practically see the sweatdrop resulting from Chin's drunken antics as she closes her eyes, but she doesn't say a thing about it, instead patiently waiting for the fight-to-be.

Megumi has some time before her fight, and so she's dropped by the forest too. She's a few minutes late, but that only means that most of the fighters are already here, including Cammy. She finds a safe spot to spectate from then calls out Cammy's name, waves to get her attention, and offers a thumbs-up before settling in to watch quietly.

     Who fears the cold? Cammy doesn't, but by the way she's dressed, she supposes she ought to be... but Cammy's little hummed song comes to a abrupt halt as that... beast charges into the area. Ever-ready for danger, Cammy leaps up from her lean, and settles into a more defensive stance, fists held in front of herself...
     Only to pause, blinking as the beast turns out to be... a... well... young guy, and a... drunk old guy. Huh. Relaxing back from the defensive stance into a more natural one, Cammy lifts a hand up to offer a small wave to those cheering for her. Although she does spare a glance over her shoulder to look upon Bao, Megumi, and Athena. But before too long, her attention returns, and is kept by the sight of the old man stumbling this way and that. If that was a trick to get her to underestimate him...? Well, it was working.
     "You guys are... umm... Chin and Kensou?" she asks in a highly hesitant tone of voice, lifting up a bare hand to unzip her crimson windbreaker. Shrugging her shoulders to relieve them of the windbreaker, she lets gravity draw the garment down her arms, to flutter towards the ground. Evidently, they were her opponents, as one of the staff ringing the area shouts, "FIGHT!" at that very moment, much to the cheers of some of the usual spectators. Cammy, for her part, doesn't quite make any sort of offensive move... not yet. Instead, she sets her feet just a little bit apart, and raises her fists in front of herself, eyes flicking from Kensou to Chin and back again. Watching. Waiting.

COMBATSYS: Cammy has started a fight here.

Oh, oh, oh that really /hurt/!  Of course, then Kensou gets berated by a drunk, and Bao is shouting, and then there's the heavenly voice of Athena, the hearing of which causes Kensou to almost instantly hop back to his feet.  Ha ha ha, see, nothing wrong here!  Pay no attention to the marks on his face from the sliding.  "That's us," the younger of the two participating Psycho Soldiers says to Cammy, confidently.  He's...  Actually behaving like he didn't fall.  "I'm Kensou, an' this here is Chin-sifu."  Who appears to be very drunk.  "...AH!!  Were you drinkin' the whole time I was CARRYIN' YOU ON MY BACK?!" Kensou exclaims at Chin, sounding a little upset.  Then, of course, there's that shout of 'fight', which at the moment goes mostly unnoticed by the strangely-accented Chinese youth.

COMBATSYS: Kensou has joined the fight here.

    The main goal of drunken boxing was to illicit just such a response, that of making your opponent underestimate you. Given Chin was also above ninety years of age, the effect was usually doubled, if not tripled. Of course, drunken boxing was also made to simply emulate the motions of a drunk. Chin was just plain drunk. Curiously, as the old man notices Cammy, he seems just as doubtful of her, not yet taking a fighting stance. Instead, he slips the gourd back into his sash-belt, tucks his arms behind his back - and it should be noted even as he stands still, he wobbles a little - and gives a frown, looking up to Kensou. Whatever he was going to say, however, gets lost due to two things. First the shouting of 'FIGHT!', where he suddenly seems very confused, as if he had forgetten the entire reason for his being here, not just the part where he was to fight Cammy alongside Kensou, but perhaps even waking up this morning. But then Kensou begins to berate /him/, and it seems to all come back to him. "You alwaysh-" whistle "complain about the weight, ss-sho-" two whistles "I thought I'd be a kind teacher and lighten it for you! I wasn't about to let it go to washte, y-you know." Curiously, he seems to be paying no mind to Cammy any more, despite the fact the fight's already been started. Perhaps not everything came back...?

COMBATSYS: Chin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kensou           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Cammy
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-------|

     You'll have to pardon Cammy if she didn't quite... well... believe that these were her opponents. A already drunk and tottering, really old guy, and a scrawny (by her standards, at least) young man. "Ummm..." the student says, her defensive posture relaxing somewhat. "They... uh..." Cammy casts a quick glance out towards the watchers, perhaps looking for the -real- Chin and Kensou.
     Finding nothing, she gives a nod to Megumi and Athena nonetheless, before turning her attention towards her two opponents, the girl taking a slow side-step, her feet scuffing against the grassy ground. "...alright. You guys both ready? You can start whenever you like." Cammy says. And despite the hesitance in her tone, the girl tightens and raises her fists again, hunching her torso somewhat, and narrowing her eyes upon Chin. That -had- to be a trick. Didn't it?

COMBATSYS: Cammy focuses on her next action.

Man, this has got to be embarassing for their teammates, huh?  Kensou and Chin really aren't showing their best behaviour this afternoon.  "You--!" and for a moment, it /seems/ like the younger Chinese fighter might turn on his father-figure/teacher, when Cammy speaks up.  Hey!  When did she get here?!  The youth's eyes turn towards her, realisation dawning.  Oh right, the fight!  "Just try not to pass out," he stage-whispers to Chin, before he turns to Cammy again.  "ALL RIGHT!  You shoulda taken the opening when you had it!" he declares, as he briefly raises his hands in front of him, and then sweeps them outwards.  This is where the proof of his being Kensou materialises - literally - as a blue-white sphere of energy springs into being and hurtles towards Cammy.  "CHOUKYUUDAN!"

    More comically than their entrance, and their subsequent behavior, perhaps, is how they seem almost perfectly in tune. Indeed, as Kensou begins to charge up to, seemingly, fight against his teacher, so too does Chin. There's that brief tension fighters get before they actually start fighting... and then it's destroyed by Cammy speaking up. Chin, too, seems to have lost his will to begin bickering with Kensou - perhaps even the reason for the fighting in the first place - and turns to Cammy, his eyebrows raising a moment, giving a brief view of his eyes as they stare at the girl, trying to realize why she was there. And then, Kensou begins to channel his psychic energy, and it all comes back once again. Yes, the fight! Already moving as Kensou fires off the Choukyuudan, Chin carefully, carefully, tries not to fall over himself as he makes his way to Cammy. His carefulness, however, is not careful enough, which is likely a good thing. For all his careful movement, he swerves and bobs, completely unable to walk a straight line, and had actually just moved into the path of the Choukyuudan. More than that, before it actually hits, he takes a dive, tucks into a forward roll, the Chokyuudan flying over him. A moment after it arrives, Chin is there, as well, rising expertly to his feet, aiming a strong and swift uppercut at Cammy. Was his drunkenness merely a ploy...?

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Cammy with Choukyuu Dan.
COMBATSYS: Cammy fails to counter Kaiten-teki Kuutotsu Ken from Chin with Cannon Revenge.

[``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////......   ]
Kensou           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Cammy
[```\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/------=|

     Well, Cammy had a rather... rude awakening. Underestimating your opponents, no matter how goofy they initally looked is... fairly bad, mmm? Cammy saw the projectile forming and flying at her. She did. But you see? She wanted to get fancy. Just a bit flashy. These fighters were laughable, mmm? So when Chin rolls at her, Cammy falls down to one knee, intending to lash out her other foot in a kick at the rolling figure, and fall flat to the ground, allowing the ball of energy to pass harmlessly above her. It didn't quite go as planned.
     Dropping to one knee, Cammy lashes out a foot... and misses Chin completely. Ducking as she was, his rising uppercut easily slams into the underside of her chin, knocking her up into the air... and directly into the Chokyuudan that was flying over her head at the moment. Ow. Knocked backwards and away from the two, Cammy's back slams into a trunk of one of the trees, causing a few leaves to work their way loose, and begin to flutter towards the ground. Cammy, for her part, does manage to land on her feet... although the slight stagger in her step showed she wasn't -quite- ready for a counterattack, just yet.

Getting underestimated is, honestly, one of the things the Psycho Soldiers (except maybe Athena) do best.  They don't seem to take things too seriously, they have extraordinarily quirky personalities...  It's quite understandable that someone would take /them/ with as little seriousness as they seem to do, well, everything.  Especially these two.  But, who among the Psycho Soldiers understand each other and how they each fight better than Kensou and Chin, the latter having raised and taught the former everything he knows?  Anyway, the 'laughable' Sie Kensou continues his attack on Cammy, and now /he's/ the one closing in on the blonde, running headlong at her...  And then plots to use the tree to keep her trapped, as he suddenly launches forward with a quick shout, in a low, horizontal jump, his left knee and elbow extended, his left arm braced by his right hand.  Should this first hit land, he twists and shouts a second time as he brings his right knee to bear, and then he continues twisting, his left leg straightening in a big ol' roundhouse, to bring hs left heel at Cammy's side, below her ribs, with a:  "Yaaaa-!"  And all of this without touching the ground in-between.

    It was understandable that the girl should underestimate them, surely. As he had thought at first, he, too, was underestimating the girl, but so far, she'd shown little to prove him otherwise. But hopefully the 'rude awakening' Chin and Kensou had now given to the girl would open her eyes a little. Keep her wary. Otherwise, it might get boring!
    Despite his proficiency shown executing the move, as Chin attempts to fully regain his feet from the roll, he manages another trip, this time not entirely his own fault - there was a rock, honest! But, his fault or not, had the old man not been as experienced as he was, he might've missed his opportunity for a follow up attack. In a move entirely without grace, he reaches for a wine bottle, nearly tumbling over once more as he swivels his body and, quite literally, launches the gourd, attached to a string, at the female fighter.

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Kensou's Ryuu Renga.
COMBATSYS: Chin successfully hits Cammy with Gourd Sling.

[``````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////..........   ]
Kensou           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Cammy
[``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-----==|

     Underestimated no longer. With her back against the tree, one may think Cammy was in a bad spot, but if there was one thing she was, it was fast. Seemingly in a instant, the once-Doll was crouching down, and to one side, somersaulting beneath Kensou in a single forward roll as her attention goes towards Chin... only to see him fall. Hmm. Kensou was the one she should pay attention t... out of the corner of her eye, she sees the incoming gourd, and whips around, just in time to catch that attack in the gut, causing her to stagger back a step, along with a grunt of pain. What did he keep in that thing? Lead?
     Keeping her eyes on Chin for now, Cammy crouches low again... before springing up into the air in a backflip. Not a flip that would take her forward, but back, to where Kensou was hopefully still recovering from his move. Should everything go well... Cammy would seek to land on the Chinese boy's shoulders, her hands on his head, and a thigh upon each of his shoulders. That would come before she clamps her thighs around his neck, releases his head to cross her arms over her chest, and fling herself backwards, hoping to backflip along with Kensou, to smash the top of the boy's head into the earth beneath them both.

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Cammy's Frankensteiner.

[  ````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////......       ]
Kensou           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0            Cammy
[``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-----==|

Whoa, where'd she go?!  Kensou is pretty surprised when Cammy gets completely out of the way, and he ends up hitting the tree, which results in him ending the attack then and there.  The rest of what happens mostly goes unnoticed, right until he feels Cammy's thighs grabbing his head!  "Whoa, what're you--?!"  His comment gets cut off by him getting flipped, and then there's the clearing floor heading towards his head, but...  He manages, somehow, to get his arms in the way, taking the hit on his forearms instead of his much more fragile cranium and/or neck, rolling away from the blonde before getting up.  Is that a smear of blood from his nose?  Weird!  His nose must've been hurt in the fall.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Anyway, back on the assault, as Kensou aims a overhand punch at Cammy, which he follows with a few more of the same, throwing his full (and not terribly impressive) weight behind each.  The end of the little combo is a double axe-handle, aimed at the underside of Cammy's chin.  All of this, of course, presuming the first hit lands.  "C'mon, c'mon...!"

Being old, and being drunk, both of them have a way of playing on the memory. As the gourd impacts as he had intended, and then with a sharp tug it ends up back in his hand, Chin wobbles a little, stumbles a bit more, and then finally settles himself after that daring roll-uppercut. The memory part comes when he appears, again, unsure of his surroundings, as if his rolling and stumbling had rather disoriented him and made him dizzy. Perhaps, even, to make him forget the fight briefly. So what does he do in this situation? Well, he's got a bottle in his hand, it's a perfectly nice autumn day... why not take a sip? So he does, uncorking the bottle and taking a long pull from it, completely oblivious to the fight going on just out of his field of vision. Though, if he had truly forgetten the fight, why was there suddenly a feeling coming from the older man? Nothing outwardly happens other than him taking his drink, but a feeling of energy being collected within him is present. And as he finishes his drink, it begins to fade, or rather the feeling of him collecting himself does, as he glances over to the right, now aware of Kensou catching himself from being thrown and then beginning a counter attack. He seems unconcerned about Kensou taking a hit, or even the blood, instead simply... taking a moment.

COMBATSYS: Chin gathers his will.
COMBATSYS: Cammy blocks Kensou's Ryuu Renda.

[  ````````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////........       ]
Kensou           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0            Cammy
[```\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-======|

     That sense of gathering energy was lingering at the back of Cammy's mind, and Cammy knew that Chin was doing... something. At the moment, she had something else to take care of. Kensou's first attack strikes... Cammy's crossed forearms, the thick muscles in her arms tensing as she takes that blow. The rest of the assault, however? Ducking one way, catching the next hit glancing upon her shoulder, completely dodging the rest, Cammy evades the last double axe-handle with a deep crouch, Cammy's pigtails belatedly trailing after each of her fast motions.
     If the Chinese lad didn't quite back away from her in time, he would have something... interesting to deal with. From that deep crouch, Cammy explodes upwards in a angle towards Kensou, inverting herself in the split second she has before making impact with him. In that same moment, she leads with her right foot, pulling her left out of the way... as her right foot flares with a sudden sparking, light blue sort of energy. Her intent was to strike Kensou in the face with that same foot.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Kensou with Cannon Spike.

[           ```\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////.....          ]
Kensou           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Cammy
[```\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-======|

"Tch..!"  Mild irritation crosses Kensou's face as the speedy blonde blocks and dodges his combination, and while he /does/ recover quickly enough, he makes a pretty hefty miscalculation in the following seconds.  The leap and flip Cammy makes towards him is surprising, and while a sensible person would probably try to avoid or deflect her attack, there are very few people in the world who might run the risk of confusing Kensou with anyone /sensible/.  In fact, he takes it on the chin, literally.  His intention was to try and get in an attack while Cammy's guard was (hopefully) down in the aftermath of her attack, but /ow/.  That /really hurt/.  He doesn't just stagger, he /falls/ back, though he manages to roll backwards and toss himself back onto his feet, wobbling a step, his position putting Cammy between himself and Chin, apparently by accident.  "O-ow...  Okay, that wasn't too bad," the Chinese youth says.  "But I can do that, too!"  Which is how he ends up running and leaping towards Cammy, twisting himself in midair to aim a nice, old-fashioned jump kick right at the blonde's face.  Except, his foot?  Is glowing with blue-white Psycho Power, a trail of it following his flight towards her.  "HYAAAA-!"

His 'moment' over, Chin begins again his weaving, bobbing walk over towards the other combatant, hand still clutching his gourd, his nose now taking on a distinct shade of red from the alcohol's burn. He makes a hiccuping noise at the exact same instant Kensou 'takes it on the chin', again seemingly unconcerned that his student - his son - was getting beaten on. And hard, from the looks of it. As Kensou gets back up, Chin has managed to actually get near to Cammy, and has begun to approach even faster, his vision obviously a bit better at close range and not so disturbed by double images. As Kensou goes up, Chin approaches from the other side, raising his gourd, looking as if he'll be using it again. Instead, however... he trips, yet again, and then ends up going into a slide. Whether through luck, some twist of fate, or maybe it wasn't so much an accident, Chin's foot seems to be directly aimed for a rather painful collision with Cammy's ankle.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Cammy with Ryuu Sougeki.
- Power hit! -
COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Chin's Gyaku Ashi Nage.

[           ````````\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////...........          ]
Kensou           1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1            Cammy
[``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-======|

      Bao has been cheering for some time. But now he watches the battle unfold while he continues to leap around, "You can do it granpapa! You can do it big brother! Rah-rahrah! Rah rah rah!"
      Hop, hop, hoppity, hop. Bao's waving the pompoms around.

     Now that Cammy had gotten into the 'groove' of the fight, so to speak... well, the attacks just seemed painfully slow. Fighting down another wave of a arrogant feeling, Cammy casts a grin in Kensou's direction, making it seem like she had no idea of Chin's approach... but when he slides in, Cammy hops back a bit so that his sliding foot strikes nothing, the once-Doll lowering her torso so that she can easily duck beneath Kensou's rising... WHACK!
     Well, that didn't go as planned. It -really- didn't go as planned, considering with the way she was bent over like that, meant she took the kick in the face. Involuntarily backflipping with the force of that kick, Cammy spins backwards through the air once, twice... three times before she lands painfully on her front. Ow. Already, this fight was having a drastic effect on her... it was going by too fast! Still, would Cammy give up, or even stop giving it her all? Not a chance. Hopping up from the ground, Cammy lands lightly on her feet, and turns her attention towards... Chin. Giving him a little grin, Cammy lowers her torso closer to the ground, and dashes towards him, leaping up into the air, and curling herself into a tight little ball, somersault towards Chin. If everything went well, the CammyBall would land in front of the old master.
     Although before she hits... she would explode out of that ball, whipping a foot to the side of Chin's knee. The intent was to stagger the man long enough for Cammy to rise up to his side, thrust one of her legs behind his, take a hold of the front of his clothing with her left hand... and -push- him over that leg, tripping him to the ground, and hopefully, in his state... keeping him there. Well, she can dream, right?

From the kick, Kensou sort of bounces back, flipping to land on his feet, and...  Damn, where did Cammy go AGAIN?  ...Oh, hey, he kicked her all the way over there.  "Wow," he says quietly, looking pretty surprised!  Well, so much for getting to look cool, right?  And there's the blonde, going after his /teacher/!  What nerve!  Still, fine, time to give it everything he's got and save that crazy old drunk from breaking his hip or something!  Kensou's solution is actually pretty simple; he tries to get right up behind Cammy while she's tripping Chin (or after, depending on how things work out), and press his right palm, ever so delicately, against her back, right between her shoulderblades.  His arm is fully extended, his left hand against his right upper arm, and for /just a second/, there's a glow of blue in the Psycho Soldier's brown eyes.  "Hey, didn't anybody ever tell ya, it ain't nice t' pick on the elderly?" he inquires, right before unleashing an enormous, hellacious explosion of Psycho Power, whether Cammy's still there in the midst of it or /not/.  The blue-tinged white sphere envelops the space where Cammy at least /was/, casting a fierce light all over the afternoon-lit clearing, throwing everything into a sharp relief as the /interior/ of the sphere, hopefully with the blonde inside, is rocked with smaller explosions.  The whole thing lasts for a few seconds, before Kensou finally loses control of the Senki Hakkei, a last surge of power pushing him and anyone in the vicinity of the attack /back/, and anyone who was caught in the middle probably goes helluva flying.

COMBATSYS: Chin dodges Cammy's Hooligan Combination.

[           `````````\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////.......              ]
Kensou           0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1            Cammy
[``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-======|

Crazy old drunk, indeed. Breaking his hip? Hardly! His body was quite unlike most men his age, he knew. Which is why, as he stands, he can notice the sudden appearance of Cammy, her foot aimed right for his knee. The speed of the attack is great, and perhaps the only thing saving Chin from /actually/ breaking his hip is his experience and his body's masked ability. Still, he makes it look almost effortless. Comical, even, as the foot reaches the area where his knee used to be. Where is it now? As a matter of fact, he's adopted an odd stance, balanced on one foot, the other (the one Cammy was aiming for) raised up into the air, his hands, as well, raised, as if somehow raising his hands very fast would help him raise his leg all that much faster. His crooked mouth with a few missing teeth twists into a grin, and he, quite suddenly, is in action himself. And a flurry of action it is: kicks, punches, gourd strikes and slings, just about everything you could imagine is being dished out by the old man all of a sudden, though the motions between them appear very sloppy, all in an attempt to strike Cammy.

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Kensou's Senki Hakkei.
COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Chin's Ryuurin Hourai.

     Glancing up as her kick scythes through nothing but air, Cammy's eyes widen for a moment, not particularly because of the comical stance... although that struck Cammy as rather bizzare, but the incoming flurry of motions. If there was one thing that could be said about Cammy, though, it was that she was quick on her feet.
     Kicking her leg the other way for momentum, Cammy uses that momentum to roll away from the old drunk, her eyes flickering up towards Kensou when she can glance that way. When safely out of range... Cammy soon realizes she was in range of Kensou.
     "Not nice to pick on the elderly?"
     Cammy calls out towards Kensou. As for the explosion, Cammy had already flung herself away from Kensou, the very fringe of that blue-tinged explosion nipping at the tips of her pigtails. That didn't look pleasant to be in. Landing in a kneeling crouch, with pigtails flopping before herself. Rising to her feet again, Cammy casts a grin at Kensou. "He seems like he can take care of himself..." her grin fades a bit. "...erm... sorta."
     Far be it from Cammy to appear to old people. From her kneel, she twists towards Chin, and then rolls forward in a brief somersault, Cammy springing up from that somersault into a fluid sprint towards Chin. The old guy liked to be tricky, eh? At the last moment, Cammy attempts to skirt around Chin to his back, the grin throwing her arms around his middle. Should she grab a hold of him there, with a "HUP!" and a burst of Psycho Power lending strength to her limbs, she would yank him up off of the ground, and suplex him into the ground behind herself.

As he's pushed away by the force of the ending Senki Hakkei, Kensou's shoes leave marks on the clearing's already well-abused ground.  His right hand, the hand through which all that power was forced, smokes a little, and the Chinese fighter grits his teeth.  He can't believe she /dodged/ that.  "Tch, jus' like that Balrog freak," he mutters to himself, obviously not appreciative of people who dodge his favourite attack.  Or, you know, torture him.  "All right," Kensou says a bit louder, dropping back into his usual stance and then crouching a bit lower, hands balling into fists, as what first look like sort of bluish fireflies spring into existence, little trails of energy that get bigger and bigger as they swirl closer to Kensou's body.  "I ain't just gonna let somethin' like that slide..."

COMBATSYS: Kensou gathers his will.

[           ``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////...                  ]
Kensou           0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1            Cammy
[`````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Chin with Hooligan Suplex.

    The comedy never stops with this guy. While the action had indeed been a surprise to many - that attack, in particular, was made for such - it was also supposed to /hit/. Which, it regretably, did not. Still, lost in a haze of battle, the old man charges a good distance away, feet, fists, and wine bottles going every whichaway. Finally, he ends his attack, coming out of it in the most graceful manner possible - by stumbling, and quite nearly falling once again. There's no need to skirt around to his back, for he still hasn't turned around, though the presence of the girl is still felt creeping up on him. A vague inclination is made to dodge - it actually more looks like he was simply pitching forward sharply - but still, he's caught around the middle, hoisted into the air, and with a cry - not just from Cammy, but from him, as well - he slams into the ground, following it up with an 'oof!'. Dust kicks up all around him, and for a moment it appears as if the old codger had it with just that one attack, the man simply... lying there. Then, from the dust, emerges two objects. Ceramic gourds, both attached to strings, aimed straight for the girl's torso.

COMBATSYS: Chin successfully hits Cammy with Double Gourd Sling.

[           ``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //..........                  ]
Kensou           0/-------/---====|=======\======-\1            Cammy
[      ``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             1/------=/=======|

    There was.. something about the way Chin was fighting. He was far too unpredictible, far too... everything for the poor Cammy. It was hard for her to anticipate such things, and as such... the first gourd strikes the center of her chest solidly, drawing a "ACK!" from the girl... a ack that is silenced by the second gourd, this one hitting her directly in the face. Cammy's knees bend beneath her as she then crumples to the ground, her expression blank. Ouch.
     It may seem for a moment, that the Psycho Soldiers were victorious, but before more than a few seconds could pass, Cammy was gathering herself up to her feet again, her eyes drifting over towards... Kensou. However foolish it might be, she ignores Chin for the space of two critical seconds, her eyes narrowing upon the Chinese lad. She was sidestepping away from Chin, however, which may buy her enough time to...
     "LOCK ON!" she cries suddenly, bending her knees before leaping up into the air in a jump that will easily take her over five meters into the air. She wasn't flying at Kensou, directly, indeed, she would simply fly over his head, and smack into a tree, but... instead of smacking into the tree, she kicks off of it, suddenly lashing down towards Kensou with a downwards-angled kick. And while she was flying towards him, well... her legs would ignite with light bluish, sparking fires of energy.
     And if the first energy-laced kick would strike, Kensou would have several more in store for him. Face, torso, right thigh, chest, left thigh, face, left shin... each spot would be struck in rapid succession, Cammy leaping up into the air in preparation for the final strike... and whirling around to deliver a final, incredibly strong flying roundhouse kick to him.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Kensou with Killer Bee Assault.

[                 ......\\\\\\\  < >  //..........                  ]
Kensou           1/-----==/=======|==-----\-------\0            Cammy
[      ``````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             1/------=/=======|

Uh oh.  Kensou sees Cammy coming towards him, and makes another attempt at his earlier tactic of weathering the incoming attack to strike back in the moments afterwards.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like his plan worked out /quite/ how he was expecting it to.  Instead, Kensou gets smacked around with Cammy's energy, the last roundhouse kick ruining his plan by knocking him /away/, and to the ground.  Guh.  "Heh," the youth chuckles, as he winces while pushing himself up.  "Ow."  No, that assault, impressive and painful as it was, didn't finish the Psycho Soldier off, that's pretty clear as he gets to his feet.  Decision time, hotshot:  Do you play it safe, or do you go for broke?  Well, if your name is Sie Kensou, then you...  Go for broke.  He gives a brief look past Cammy towards Chin, before aiming a grin at the blonde fighter.  "Hey, whatever happens next, this has been pretty fun," he tells her, before breaking into a run towards her, and then...  Leaping into the air.  What's he planning, this time?  Actually, it's something Cammy's seen before, and this time he hopes it'll actually /hit/, as Kensou drops down towards Cammy and unleashes a second huge blast of Psycho Power at her!  "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!"  Now, hopefully he gets some support from the old man.

    The old man had been left to his own devices, probably because the hits from his gourds had stung. Quite a bit. He had felt that, and as the gourds return to his hands, Chin simply lies there for a moment as he watches Cammy charge past him to Kensou. Again, showing no concern for the boy, despite a rather intense beat down, Chin slowly rises to his feet and turns, almost casually, to watch Cammy as she unleashes her assault, noting with interest that the girl possessed that peculiar kind of energy that set his Psycho Soldiers apart from most other fighters. Interesting indeed! As he watches, wobbling gently back and forth, almost a sway, he uncorks one of the gourds - the other having fallen back to his sash-belt - and takes a long, long drink of it. Oddly, he doesn't appear to be swallowing any of it. As Kensou gets back up, Chin meets the boy's gaze, and gives a light nod. Support? You got it.
    While the boy shows a much more open display of psycho power, Chin's own is something less obvious, though not all that less impressive. Taking a single step forward - where he manages not to stumble or trip - he suddenly breathes outward, apparently just going to spit the wine at Cammy's back. Instead? What comes out of Chin's mouth is not wine, but rather an unimagineably HUGE gout of flame that immediately lights up the entire clearing, and drives back the autumn cold with gusto. The ball of flame launches for Cammy's back, just at the same moment that Kensou launches his Senkei Hakkei from the front.

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Kensou's Senki Hakkei.
COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Chin's Roaring Flame Inferno.

    Cammy was getting tired, very very tired. And she was hurting so much at the moment. Still, she was fast. She -knew- she was fast. And she bloody had to be fast for the flurry of assaults that came against her next. As Kensou descends, Cammy backs away, throwing herself in a sideways flip that just barely dodges the huge ball of Psycho Power. But there were two attacks to worry about. As that sideways flip finishes, Cammy hits the ground upon her side rather hard, the girl rolling towards Chin as the inferno blazes over her. And when it ends? Cammy is rising to her feet, her back towards Chin. But not for long. More of that sparking energy surrounds Cammy's right forearm as she spins on her heel, and swings that forearm in a backhanded movement to the side of the old guy's head, hoping to clock him one there.

After the blast fizzles out, Kensou ends up flat on his ass on the ground, again.  "Dammit..." the youth mutters.  Okay, so...  Cammy is /fast/, and there's not a whole hell of a lot he can do to keep up with that.  And, he knows he doesn't have a whole lot of fight left in him, especially after taking some pretty powerful hits from Cammy, so...  Time to do what he can to close this down, before things get completely out of control.  With Cammy's back to him, and her attention focused on trying to hit Chin in the head, Kensou's hands come up in front of his face a second time.  "CHOUKYUUDAN!" he cries again, as he sweeps out his hands and sends another sphere of Psycho Power hurtling towards Cammy's hopeful blind spot!

[                       `\\\\\\  < >  //......                      ]
Kensou           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Cammy
[      ````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Chin blocks Cammy's Axle Spin Knuckle.

    Surprise is evident on the old master's face as the girl dodges both Kensou and his own attack. No small feat, that, and he was fairly certain most people he knew could not emulate such an action. Still, the surprise washes away as the girl rises, and then moves to strike at him again. He sees it coming, and, largely because this fight had had a sobering effect on him, instead of simply dodging - or trying, anyway - he raises his arm in a solid, firm block of the hit, still grunting a little from the effort needed to hold Cammy's punch back. Fast, and not all that weak, either. His counter? Why, there's that gourd again. And, attempting to get her into a grapple by throwing his arm around hers and attempting a arm lock, he raises the bottle... and no, instead of striking her with it, he pops the cork, and tries to feed her some, with an off-hand, casual remark of, "You need to relax more! You're too serious!" ...Okay, maybe he was still drunk.

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Kensou's Choukyuu Dan.
COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Chin's Gou Inshu. alcohol for Cammy, thanks. Chin's arm hooks Cammy's, but the throw doesn't quite go to fruition. Slipping out of his grasp fluidly, Cammy takes a step away, and senses more than sees the sphere of Psycho Power flying towards her back. Throwing herself backwards so that the sphere passes harmlessly over her, she lays there for a few moments, breathing heavily. Okay. Alright. Pulling her legs up, the student somersaults backwards unto her feet, rising to her full height as she begins to sidestep towards Kensou. Twisting towards him after a few steps, Cammy launches herself towards him, flipping forward as she tucks herself into a tight, tight ball... and moments before the curled up Cammy hits the ground before Kensou, she uncurls from it, lashing out both feet towards the side of his knee. If that strikes, Cammy would remain on the ground in front of him, and reach out her hands to grab him by both shins, yanking towards herself. Hopefully, the fall would be painful. Hopefully.

COMBATSYS: Kensou fails to interrupt Hooligan Combination from Cammy with Senkyuutai.
- Power hit! -
COMBATSYS: Kensou can no longer fight.

Well, okay.  Kensou makes a really, really good effort at trying to at least counterattack Cammy while he's on the way /down/, but unfortunately luck really isn't with the young psion at the moment.  Instead, his attempt is solidly derailed by means of his head hitting a rock when he falls, which...  Knocks him right out, visions of meatbuns and Athena dancing in his head.

[        `````````\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //..                          ]
Chin             0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Cammy

    Instead of feeling disraught or angry that Cammy didn't accept his invitation, he instead merely looks bewildered. Sake was best in battle; hence, why he always used it! ...That's the ticket. Still, he's in the process of corking and settling the gourd into his sash-belt as Cammy goes to attack Kensou once again... and while he can see Kensou really did try at the end, it just wasn't good enough, and he ends up taking a dirt nap. One he won't be getting up from for awhile, by the looks of it, it seems. So, Kensou was down, which left just him and the girl. Unforseen, this was. Not only had he underestimated her in the beginning, before he even saw her, the match had seemed one sided. Now he knew better. While her back is still turned to him, he begins to charge once again, weaving only lightly now. As he approaches her, he suddenly leaps into the air, and then descends, his fist seeking to strike against the girl's neck as he descends.

COMBATSYS: Cammy blocks Chin's Kaiten-teki Kuutotsu Ken.

[        ````````````\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ....                          ]
Chin             0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0            Cammy

     If Cammy could read Chin's mind, and take a moment to ponder it... it would likely be strange that they both had been underestimating each other. Getting up... quite a bit slowly from where she had taken Kensou down, Cammy only had a flash of a feeling that Chin was attacking her. Whirling around at the last moment, Cammy lifts both of her forearms and crosses them, catching Chin's blow where they crossed. It still hurt yes, and the hurt was just about overwhelming in her condition, but still. As Chin lands, Cammy ascends. Bending her knees first, Cammy flips forward, keeping her head pointed towards the ground as she sails over Chin's position... reaching out her hands, she tries to grab the man by the shoulders of his garment, and using the momentum of her jump, pull him backwards to land in a hopefully painful landing on the ground, the once-Doll landing lightly on her feet on the other side of him.
     ...that was the plan, at least.

COMBATSYS: Chin endures Cammy's Quick Throw.

    Chin feels the blow connect, but unfortunately not in the way he had intended, the girl being fast enough to actually raise her arms in order to lessen the damage. Still, he was sure she was on her last legs... but not much time to ponder that at the moment, as she's already up and over. Feeling her hands on his shoulders, he realizes immediately what's going to happen, and he lifts his own hands to grasp at her wrists as his rather light frame is hoisted up and over... though instead of being thrown, he simply lands in front of her, though the impact doesn't do well by his old bones. With an audible grunt of pain, he looks up to her... and rather than try and break away to do something fancy, he tries to do something fast, instead. Taking in a great breath, he holds it a moment, before blowing it out, another gout of flame emerging from his mouth, aimed directly at her face. Though this one not so large as the other, but just right for the job. So he hopes.

COMBATSYS: Chin successfully hits Cammy with Demon Drink.

[            ````````````\\\\\\  < >  .....                         ]
Chin             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0            Cammy

     The... unusual fighting style displayed by Chin was catching Cammy off guard far too much today, far too much. Blinking at Chin after her move, Cammy doesn't quite back away or much of anything, instead looking almost curious at the indrawn breath... well, before he exhales it. Raising up her hands in front of her face to ineffectively ward off the flame, the Pacific High student falls to the ground, slapping at her now-burned face in spite of the fact... well, that was only making it hurt worse. Drawing upon the very last of her reserves, Cammy draws herself up to a kneel, teeth gritting together in effort... and whirls around once, her right forearm sparking again with the energy she wields as she spins on one heel, and tries to slam it into the side of Chin's face, the girl staggering away, and falling back down to the ground, hit or miss... unless Chin decides to influence what she does there.

COMBATSYS: Cammy can no longer fight.
COMBATSYS: Chin dodges Cammy's Axle Spin Knuckle.

[            ````````````\\\\\\  <|
Chin             0/-------/--=====|

    His decisions had paid off. Not bad, for an old codger who was also at least mildly inebriated. Stepping away from Cammy as she fans at her face, he half expects the girl to lash out at him, if only because getting a face full of burning flame wasn't too pleasant, he would imagine. And of course, she does, but her fatigue has caught up with her, and with a dancing backstep, the fist meets only air. As Cammy falls, he stops for a moment, pausing, as if to make sure she really was down, and then tucks his arms behind his back, giving a cheerful smile to the crowd as they begin to applaud the fighters, not just the winner, for giving such an excellent battle. With that, Chin simply sees to it that both get proper medical attention. After all, Kensou had to carry him home.

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