SNF 2005.09 - Eagle vs Bao

Description: When Duck is unable to show up for a SNF match, Bao goes from being a Chaos Agent to being Eagle's opponent. Together they put together a fairly painful new sport, in the form of Bao-ball. (Winner: Eagle)

Lights. Flair. Action!
Various strobes of light slide along the atmosphere, keeping the area itself obscured in total darkness. It's a good time to be clubbing today, because there is a fight going to happen. But soon, the lights come on, letting the camera get a good shot of what's going on. Now the fight can begin.
A man with golden blond hair and a black suit starts to come up, holding onto the microphone. "It's time for the Saturday Night Fight! Unfortunately, the host of the club could not show up for the fight due to some situations that are out of his hands! So.... Our Chaos Agent will be the opponent of Eagle! Give it up for Bao!"
...Bao doesn't exactly get much of an applause as a blank stare. Maybe it's because he's a twelve year old. Maybe it's the goofy looking hat that the little boy is wearing.
...That and because he's trying to dance, but he's looking really goofy at the process.
The five footer twelve year old is standing at the middle of the ring. He's tapping both feet to the ground, doing a back slide. "Look at me go!" While moving, the giant mushroomish hat is wobbling around. But nevertheless, Bao is doing his best he can to look hip, waving an arm forward, wiggling his upper body to the lower body like a worm. "Oh yeah! I'm doing great!"

From the sidelines, Eagle just... watches Bao for several moments. One eyebrow is raised as the bouncer watches the boy make a spirited attempt at dancing which nevertheless leaves something to be desired. Still, there's nothing wrong with the intent.
There's a fight to do today, though, and the audience probably doesn't want to just watch Bao dance. So Eagle strolls out onto the dance floor near Bao, sticks already grasped in his gloved hands. Looks like he's certainly ready for the fight.
"Not bad, but you should keep practicing. In the meantime, however, I think all these good people here are looking for a little action. We shouldn't keep them waiting, now should we?" Apparently Eagle's not too bothered by fighting somebody as young as Bao. It's not like he ever tries to severely injure his opponents, and hey, anybody who wants to fight is alright by him. He'll just have to assume that they have some idea what they're doing.

The young chinese fighter has been busy enjoying his own (lack of) rhythm for some time. But when he feels like he's being towered over by a tall man, the young boy shifts his head to face Eagle. He blinks a few times, cocking his head to the side.
"Oh! Right!" Bao is bouncing around a few times, then he takes a few steps back from the man, "Let's fight! I'll show you what I can do!" He somersaults backwards, then he lifts his fists out as he keeps bouncing around, awaiting to see what the man does.
"Game....ON!" He bounces in his stance.

COMBATSYS: Bao has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bao              0/-------/-------|

Eagle grins at Bao's antics, apparently amused by the boy's enthusiasm. "You're a keen lad; I like that. Let's try to give the audience a good show, shall we?" The bouncer twirls the stick in his right hand for a moment, before thrusting it out, pointing directly at Bao. "Shall we dance?"
Despite that challenge, Eagle doesn't start up on the offensive just yet. He's okay with fighting somebody as small and weak looking as Bao, under the assumption that he must be more than meets the eye, or he wouldn't be here. That doesn't, however, make it look all that much better if a grown man rushes out and starts beating on a 12 year old boy. So Eagle is going to give Bao a chance to get things started, and show that he's really up for a fight. And then the show can really get going.

COMBATSYS: Eagle has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Eagle            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Bao

COMBATSYS: Eagle focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Eagle            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Bao

"Yeah!" Bao lifts a hand into the air! "We dance tonight!" Bao continues bouncing around, then he is starting to make his way to rush towards the older and taller man. But, he doesn't exactly run.
Instead, Bao is just cross stepping in a dance style, then he leaps into the air, aiming to spin around while taking himself off of the ground.
He's aiming to whip out his right leg against Eagle's left cheek quite quickly.

COMBATSYS: Eagle counters Light Kick from Bao with Canterbury Blue.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Eagle            0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0              Bao

While he waits for Bao to make the first move, Eagle twirls the stick in his right hand around in a rapid circle, turning it into a blur of motion. He barely even seems to be paying attention to it, though. Right up until Bao actually launches himself at the bouncer. As the Psycho prodigy's foot lashes out, Eagle's weapon snaps up, neatly blocking the incoming kick. Sadly for Bao, though, he doesn't stop there; as soon as the immediate danger is past, Eagle swings his arm forward, swatting Bao back down out of the air with a nasty overhand blow.

While Bao is coming in with the kick, the youth strikes against the padded ground, then he is drawn back to a halt. Especially when he swings the arms out to swat him against the head. "Ow!" Bao cries out as he starts to crash straight towards the ground.
When he crashes, he's rolling along the ground quite hard, groaning in pain. Bao frowns, then he draws both of his hands backward. "Alright! Let's see how you like this!" Bao brings both of his hands into the air.
"I hope you're good at dodgeball!" He calls out, looking away for a moment when he calls forth a blue orb of Psycho Power. The powerful Psycho Energy forms itself to where Bao can launch it.
And he spikes it. "Psycho Ball!" It bounces from the ground, then it launches itself towards Eagle.

COMBATSYS: Eagle fails to reflect Dan Kougeki - Front from Bao with St. Andrew Green.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Eagle            0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0              Bao

Most people don't expect a large, muscular man who does most of his fighting through sheer strength and painful physicals blows to have much to do with Chi or Psycho energy. And it's true: Eagle's no good at throwing fireballs around. That doesn't mean that he hasn't had to deal with them, though. And if you can't do it yourself, why let your opponents have the advantage? Most people don't realize, but if you time it right, and put in enough effort, even blasts of chi or psi energy do have ties to the physical world, and they can be manipulated.
Only if you do it properly, though. It seems that the bouncing of the Psycho Ball is enough to throw off Eagle's timing, and, although he swings out in an attempt to bat it back at Bao, the bouncer whiffs the shot. The ball crashes into his chest, lifts him off his feet, and he then slams back down on his back on the dancefloor.
Eagle isn't down for long, though, quickly getting back to his feet despite a few fading trails of smoke rising from his chest. "Clever lad. Just be careful with those. Wouldn't want anybody in the audience getting hurt, now would we?"

After the Psycho Ball erupts from around Bao, the young child is giggling to hmself gleefully, nodding a few times while he gives Eagle a thumbs up. "Okie-dokie! I'll be very careful!" He smiles, "I don't want to hurt anyone!" He keeps bouncing around some more.
"Heard of Monkey Ball?" He cocks his head to the side, looking at the man for a few seconds. But not waiting too long for an answer, the boy starts leaping forward and he is bouncing up and down. What keeps him bouncing is the blue sphere engulfing his entire small body.
Bao is now a human cannon ball, bouncing around the ring until he starts to come down towards Eagle.
"We play Monkey Ball!" He rolls onward, aiming to crash straight towards Eagle.

COMBATSYS: Eagle counters Hontai Kougeki - Bound from Bao with Canterbury Blue.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Eagle            0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1              Bao

"...'Monkey Ball'?"
Eagle's not really much of a video game player, so Bao's reference flies right over his head. There are more concrete things flying about right now, though, and Eagle is better off worrying about those. Like Bao, wrapped in energy, zooming in toward him at high speed.
Given how much that last ball of energy hurt, this would likely be extremely unpleasant to be struck by. However, there is one disadvantage for Bao. The boy himself is the center of this attack, and he's small enough not to weigh very much. And, luckily for Eagle, if Bao himself is stopped, so is the entire attack. Swatting away the other ball didn't work, but this time there's a nice target for Eagle to aim for. So he draws back his arms again, and this time when he swings his sticks slam into Bao, sending the boy and his Psycho aura flying off across the dance floor.

And that last strike strikes against Bao once more, which sends him sprawling across the floor. "Aaaahhhhh!" His eyes widen as the sharpness of pain writhes all over his body, an unpleasant sound echos from the boy when he's bouncing into the air from the ground, then he lands back quite hard.
"Eghnn...." He frowns...
His eyes darken. He takes several deep breaths.
There is... there is a raw surge of power coming from within the depths of the child. It's like a burning Phoenix, waiting to erupt from its ashes and engulf the entire youth with its raw power.


Bao, temporarily breathless, his mushroom hat turning the other way. Bao is... in fact, channeling his raw power. With his eyes flickering from the hazel look to a more black voidal gaze, the youth's body is engulfed with a mist of light. Between light and blue, the energy is becoming a little more brighter as his eyes lift up to get a good look at Eagle. With h is eyes lighting up, Bao is erupting himself with a powerful burst of energy.


Back arching, Bao is now consumed by a dome of light, flashing before everyone's eyes as he's a beacon of pure power.
Lifting his head up to face Eagle.
The eyes become pure light.


Deafening screams echo from Bao as the raw filled energy is consuming the youth's form, aiming to capture Eagle into the light.

To see what Bao sees.
To see.
The light.

COMBATSYS: Bao successfully hits Eagle with SP Psycho Ball.

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Eagle            1/=======/=======|==-----\-------\0              Bao

And, yes, there's a lot of light. In fact, it makes things rather hard for the audience. People in the club are forced to shade their eyes, and the cameras are overwhelmed by the aura coming off of Bao, giving the people watching at home nothing but a staticy glow for several long moments.
And then the light fades away, revealing Eagle sprawled out on the dance floor again. And for a while it looks like he's not going to get up. It's several seconds before the bouncer even moves, but finally he shoves himself up to a sitting position, then clambers back to his feet, shaking his head dazedly. Eventually his eyes refocus, and he stares at Bao for a long moment. "That... was really something."
And hopefully he won't have to go through something like that again. It's time to put the little Psycho user down... but in an artistic way, of course. Just giving him a good swift knock upside the head doesn't have enough flair to it. And so Eagle makes the attempt to impress, as he lunges at Bao and explodes into a rapid series of strikes with his sticks, slamming them into the boy from a variety of angles at high speed. He then draws back slightly before making a series of thrusts so rapid that his arms blur, driving the ends of the sticks into Bao's body, quite likely with enough force to send somebody as light as Bao flying.

COMBATSYS: Eagle successfully hits Bao with Union Jack Platinum.
- Power hit! -

[                          \\\\  < >                                ]
Eagle            0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1              Bao

The light fades...
....Showing a restless body, crumpling in exhaustion after displaying his beacon of chaotic Psycho Power. It is hard to control.
But after wards, the young boy is murmuring to himself, "I.... I will win a fight..." He smiles, staggering up onto his feet. At least, until he sees the incoming baton heading towards the head.
By the time he catches it, he is smacked right across the head, which sends him sprawling over. "Ahhh!" Then he is given a rapid strike with the stick. His body is contorting into different positions as he's given several smacks.
"Eee!" "Aaay!" "OOF!" "Ow!" Iieee!"
And then, the last stick sends Bao soaring sky high. He's almost at the roof of the building. He murmurs... in his own pain... His eyes are sprawling as he starts to crash...
But.... at least... not yet.
For some reason. A song plays. Perhaps this song was per request by Bao before the match up. Either way, it plays. The lyrics play... and Bao is heard singing along to it.

o/` They call me Sonic. Because I am faster than sound, I keep on jumping around... o/`

His eyes slowly shut, and the young boy is curling himself into a ball.

o/` Blue hedgehog Sonic. With incredible speed. I'm moving my feet. o/`

And as he curls himself into the ball, Bao is rolling himself forward, the Psycho Power engulfing the young boy as he is zooming down towards Eagle in an incredible speed.

o/` They call me Sonic. o/`

Eyes shut. The youth is engulfed with the blue psycho energy. Here's to hope that Bao crashes to the destination.

o/` Blue hedgehog Sonic. o/`

COMBATSYS: Bao can no longer fight.

[                          \\\\  <
Eagle            0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Eagle stops Hontai Kougeki - Bound from Bao with EX St. Andrew Green.

[                            \\  <
Eagle            0/-------/-----==|

And there's another painful looking ball of boy and Psycho energy rushing down toward Eagle. He's already pretty worn out as it is, and he doesn't have too much time to react. Getting hit would be bad; there's no way he can take another blow like that. If he were to try getting out of the way, he might still get tagged.
And so, Eagle decides to meet the attack head-on. Bao comes zooming down, but Eagle's sticks are coming up to meet him. The angle of the blow means that the impact doesn't really hurt Bao that much, but it does serve to send the boy sailing off over Eagle's head. The bouncer wasn't thinking too far beyond not getting destroyed, though. Hopefully there's nothing too important directly behind him...

COMBATSYS: Eagle has ended the fight here.

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