WNB 2005 - June 29 - Gedoan vs Arabian

Description: Jiro takes on Nassir in a straight one-on-one match, with Duck and Xiangfei providing commentary. (Winner: Nassir)

The Duck Pond
  From the outside, the Pond is simply a large building which seems
non-descript at first glance. It stands 2 stories tall and is pretty much
rectangular in shape, lacking any unique architecture on the outside except
for two batteries of lights mounted on the front corners of the roof. There
are large, smoked windows in the front, flanking both sides of a large set of
central doors, with a set of small circular recessed lamps in the overhang
formed by the doors. Above the doors is a large sign, proclaiming the name of
the establishment as The Duck Pond. At night, the sign comes alive in orange
and blue neon, along with the roof and foyer lights, and it usually sounds
like there's a party going on inside.

  The interior of The Duck Pond is a radical contrast to the exterior.
Dominating the high ceilined room is a large dancefloor which is split in
several places into 3 different levels, each about 3 and a half feet taller
than the one below it. On the far wall opposite the entrance is a large
stage, complete with theatrical red curtains and a huge steel-latticed light
tower. On either side of the stage are large stacks of speakers, each
standing a good fifteen feet tall. Directly between the dancefloor and the
stage are a group of circular tables with chairs. Lining the walls on the
left and right side of the club are booths, ranging from small two-seaters to
large ones capable of seating a group of six. Colored lights flash and spin,
and the thumping beat of the music is everywhere. Floating on both sides of
the club are large, twelve foot long inflated ducks, each white with a golden
beak, and wearing a white sash on which "Duck Pond, LTD." is written.

[Exits   : <OUT> Out to Downtown ]
[Players : Nassir, and Xiangfei ]

The Duck Pond just opened about half an hour ago, and there isn't a very big turn-out just yet.. But things always tend to be a little slow in the Club at this time of day. However with preliminaries going on... Or.. Whatever it is, there is a larger group of customers around who are also spectators for the Wednesday Annual Fight. The dance floor is cleared out, all the chairs and tables set to the side and surrounding the very wide area that's just in front of the stage that has two large speakers and of course a bangin' DJ set up where Li Xian- I mean, Li is sitting with a headset to her ears. There's the usual mumbling, people having no idea who'll be fighting first tonight, and the two fighters should be standing in the crowd.
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen!!" the waitress cries, dressed in an overly large sweater, hair sprayed a shocking pink color and a headset on her head, "The Radical Warrior Li-Li is here and she knows what you all want! And we have two fighters here who are ready to give it to you!" An approving roar from the audience is given, and with a flip of her wrist, 'It's Tricky' booms from the speakers, and she continues, "First up, is the man with the master plan, the Arabian Disaster, give it up for Nassir! And his opponent, from the mean streets of Gedo, with the Fists of God, give it up for Jiro!!" Again the spectators cheer, looking around for the fighters to make their entrances.

     Twitch. Twitch. Jiro -KNEW- better than to give out his real name. The again, Xiangfei probably learned his real name from Kula. Either way, the Gedo Student is -very- annoyed with the fact that his name was called by his first name, no less.
     Jiro Kasagi makes his way towards the center stage, digging his hands into the pocket. The Stray Dog is currently wearing his brown duster, the collar straighten up and set right. Jiro doesn't carry too much of a pleasant outlook, but he shrugs. Whatever. He is just going to get the damn match over with.
     Slowly approaching the ceter, Jiro looks over towards the incoming opponent, "Huh." He shrugs softly, then he reaches over to the side to pull out his duster. Quickly yanking the duster off, then he tosses it into the air.
     With the overcoat being tossed to the back, he lets the people grab it. "..." Sigh. He'll have to get a new duster. Thankfully he kept his damn belongings in his other pocket.

   Nassir sat in quiet contemplation, squirreling himself away to the most quiet place he could find in the sprawling club--as it turns out, a bathroom down the hall away from what he perceived as glitz and glamour, pomp and circumstance. Stall locked, Nassir's eyes were closed: Forcibly peaceful, at a glance one might assume he simply fell asleep in there or something, but too much effort was put into enforcing his own brand of inner peace for it to be restful.
   Once the boom of music and DJ Li-Li's introductions begin, Nassir stands wearily, unlocking the stall and heading for the dancefloor. Dressed in his Shanksquad uniform, his hands nervously ran over all of his weapons and equipment, checking each of the bandoliers and his belt for proper placement. He could hear the cheers of the audience, likely expecting some kind of grand entrance--but Nassir denies them that luxury, instead opting to keep himself limited to a steady cadence of footfalls until they deliver him to the dancefloor.

   As Jiro looks at Nassir, so does the Arabian look over the Gedo ganger, eyes betraying some level of surprise. After all, he didn't know who he was fighting until the names were actually declared. "I look forward to this," Nassir explains, voice mostly lost under the music. "An opportunity to properly assess Gedo Gang talent."

Li seems pretty psyched, nodding her head to the beat, and not recognizing the names of either of the fighters, and with a squint of her eyes, she takes a look at the sheet and realizes Jiro's name is actually scratched out and written in red ink 'Stray Dog' beside it. She's about to say 'ooops' but then it clicks in.. And her eyes half lid. "......." Oh.
So she decides not to correct it, and she talks into the microphone again, "All right fighters! Put on a good show and let's get down! Ready..." she raises a hand in the air, and then chops of forward, "GO!!"

     Now with the trenchcoat gone, Jiro is now wearing a grey tanktop, which does expose his muscles. The leather straps along the arms can be seen, featuring the lovely metal plate against his hads. Jiro lifts his head up, staring towards Nassir. Only a smirk curls on his lips as he nods, "Alright." His expression is calm, but he soon shifts his head towards Xiangfei, giving her a cold glare.
     "Whatever.." His eyes shift towards Nassir, "Let's see what you got then."
     At the sigal of 'Go', Jiro immediately lunges forward towards Nassir, thrusting his hip over towards the left. He sends his right hand out with a quick jab.

COMBATSYS: Jiro successfully hits Nassir with Quick Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////.....]
Jiro             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Nassir

   The jab catches Nassir just above the eyebrow, metal plate colliding with flesh and bone and coming away with the first score of the night--the slightest trickle of blood forming around the edge of the blow. Nassir started to bring his guard up, but it was simply too little, too late. Stumbling backwards, the guard drops, a hand sliding down to one of his sheathes. A flick of his wrist and the guardstrap is free, allowing the youth to pull one of his combat knives free. Making a whipping motion with his arm, the formation of greyish blue energy around the knife might serve to telegraph the move, glint of silver flashing through the air, afterimages cast in grey and blue hanging in the air in it's wake as it seeks a home in Jiro's shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Jiro blocks Nassir's Horrors of War.

Li twists her lips, and.. She had to stay professional, definatly had to take it easy on the cheap shots on Jiro tonight, lest she give away her SEKRIT IDENTUHTY. .. Not.. That her disguise was all that convincing, but she was convinced the Stray Dog had no idea who she was, so she returns the cold glare with a slightly confused one, and decides he's upset because she messed up his name. Well good! "And here we go folks! Nassir is looking like he's ready to start a war! Take cover folks, this one's going to be explosive! And his opponent draws first blood!" she cries. Hey, this was fun! She'd have to thank Duck for letting her DJ this fight.

     After throwing the jab at Nassir's face, Jiro starts to take a few steps back towards the youth. He makes no smirk, keeping the level of his gaze serious and stotic. He is going to teach this man while he is called the Stray Dog and why Li referred to him as the Fist of God. However, he see that the chi-user has a blue energy forming along the knife. A hiss is given as he sends the energy with the knife towards his direction. With the energy coming at his direction, Jiro brings both of his hands up to block against the energy. The energy covered knife does home in on his arms, but he quickly removes the knife, pocketing it for later use.
     So instead, Jiro draws his right hand back, sprinting towards Nasir's direction. The Stray Dog weaves his head over to the other side, then he lunges forward, leaping into the air with the right fist coming up. As the fist seeks to make impact with the man's stomach, Jiro is ready to follow up with a descending fist on his way down.

COMBATSYS: Nassir dodges Jiro's Heaven's Diminisher.

   Curling low as Jiro goes airborne, Nassir watches the other youth as he forms his attack...trying to collect as much information about the style as he could. "You are a brawler," Nassir notes, preparing himself to deal with the attack. As much a benefit for Rolento's recruitment drive being blasted might be, Nassir wanted to win this fight--both for the prizemoney and his own personal pride.
   Rolling beneath the diving punch, Nassir stood up some ten feet away, just...looking at Jiro. There didn't seem to be any attack forthcoming from the mercenary, but the particularly perceptive might notice that his bandolier is missing one of those small orbs that rest upon it. An orb that happens to be where Nassir last was, waiting to deliver its payload in punishment.

COMBATSYS: Nassir successfully hits Jiro with Scorch the Earth.

[      ..\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////''''     ]
Jiro             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0           Nassir

     This is perhaps a bad situation for the young man. While he does miss the double strike, Jiro grumbles under his breath whe he makes a landing. "Damnit..." He snarls out, then he looks over towards one of the orbs near his foot. "What the.."
     Unfortunately, Jiro doesn't get the chance to avoid the attack in time. So instead, he gets the lovely opportunity to be sent flyig by the grenade. "Argghh!" He rolls along the ground, now covered with a bit of soot and other bad stuff. His clothing is a little ripped,  but he shrugs. "...Whatever..." He snarls at Nassir. Taking a deep breath, the young man keeps his eyes on the Arabic kid, drawing forth his energy.  He begins concentrating on his chi, helping him draw it for his next move.

COMBATSYS: Jiro focuses on his next action.

Li raises a hand to her face, leaning back when the grenade goes off- Though at first she was totally about to flip! "Woah woah! You think I was kidding when I said 'Arabian Distaster'?" she cries into the mike, "Protip though, you break you buy! Don't spend your winnings before you get it, fighters!" Though with her luck, it'd probably come out of her -own- paycheck, "Five -hundred- dollars is on the line! Who's hungrier? Who wants it more?? And whoever wins, I gotta know? Can I have some?"

   Rather than move in close to engage Jiro, Nassir keeps his distance, watching the chi-buildup in the other young man, taking mental notes and filing the information away for later use. Jiro was...building to something, it seemed like. Something that was very likely going to hurt quite a bit, if his fighting experience gave him any indication. In the arenas, it was usually the difference between a win and a loss. On the battlefield, the severity ramped up from winning and losing to living and dying.
   Therefore, obviously, his best bet would be to disrupt the focus. Drawing a smaller blade from his bandolier, Nassir whips it casually at Jiro, again aiming for shoulder. A successful hit ought help ward against further punches, as the pain in the shoulders helps nullify that brand of offense.
   "Fivehundred?" Nassir cries. "Your management claimed one-thousand dollars! Which of you lie?"

COMBATSYS: Nassir successfully hits Jiro with Large Thrown Object.

[      .......\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////'''     ]
Jiro             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Nassir

     Alright, so this guy doesn't like to attack close. He is trying to do what he can to strike Jiro from afar. The Stray Dog isn't too happy, given that he can't get the tactics of close combat. No matter, he figures that he can try to get to a good distance in order to have this man crumbling in pain. While thesmaller blade does fly towards Jiro, he is attempting to sway his head to the side, but he instead gets the blades stuck to his shoulder. "Grrrr.." Growling angrily, he pockets that blade as well. Jiro grunts, then he sprints over towards Nasir.
     While sprinting, Jiro leans his head down, shifting his right leg into the air. While extending the leg into the air, Jiro is attempting to bring the axe kick down like a guillotine. The attack has the potential to crack the ground upon contact. Where is the foot aiming? At the top of Nassir's head.

COMBATSYS: Jiro successfully hits Nassir with Guillotine Kick.

[            .\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////....        ]
Jiro             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Nassir

One thousand? Xiang looks perplexed for a moment and then shakes her head, she was more than sure of what Duck told her.. Maybe there was some confusion, she didn't know, so she had to play it off, "What, you mean I'm not going to get a tip?" she asks with a laugh, that should pass off as an appropriate answer! She flips a switch and then the white lights dim, switching to red, blue and yellow spotlights the twirl and race along the dancefloor, and 'It's Tricky' scratches and flips to 'Ice Ice Baby'. "Oh ouch! Did anyone on table 12 ask for an order of pain?"

   Indeed, the distance game seemed to be working for Nassir thus far--pepper him with whatever manner of utilities happened to be on hand at the time, wait for an opening, and strike clean with a finishing assault. It was amazingly simplistic, and thus far simplicity won out over unneeded complications.
   Unneeded complications such as being fleeced out of winnings at the absolute last moment. It wasn't unheard of for people to be conned and swindled...and the overly lax Duck King hardly seemed like the most trustworthy of individuals. Obviously, he'd have a bone to pick with the manager, but fi--
   Nassir's head met with Jiromeats, with Jiromeats being the winner hands down. The mercenary crumples down to all fours, blow briefly knocking the sight and sense out of him. He looked ahead, beyond the fight, and paid for it in spades.
   <Faith Preserve Me!>
   Instead of getting back up, Nassir merely lifts his upper body up, remaining in the kneeling position with both hands going skywards. The briefest sparks of energy in between his two hands telegraph the oncoming assault--Chi rapidly swirling and exploding overhead in a veritable storm before dying out almost as quickly as it came.

COMBATSYS: Jiro interrupts Clarity of Purpose from Nassir with Backlash.

[                 ..\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////....            ]
Jiro             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1           Nassir

     After slamming the foot towards Nassir's head, Jiro immediately pulls away from the opponent, not having the urge to strangle him. Instead, the youthful boy is attempting to cause some lovely physical harm towards the man. And as he's kneeling down with chi engulfing him, Jiro is getting closer towards the man, gripping against his body. "Arrgghhhhh!!!" He gives off a coughing scream while he's gripping at Nassir. His hands are gripping to the uniform while the chi engulfs him. The light seems to be consuming the youth as he feels the writhing pain streaming along his body.
     Clutching onto the man, Jiro growls. "...**** this..." Despite of the pain, Jiro immediately shifts his body over as he lunges himself the other way, using the momentum to flip the glowig Nassir over his shoulder. Still feeling the lingering effects of the pain by the chi, Jiro grunts and he quickly starts to swing Nassir around.
     Around aroud, the young man finds himself spinning. Where will Jiro stop? No one knows... At least until Jiro manages to drag his strength enough to have Nassir slammed towards the ground with his might, back first.
     "Ugh!" Jiro collapses to the ground, but he immediately rolls himself to a distance, then he begins to close back in.

   Hands over head, knelt down and in the midst of controlling the storm, it was an easy task to simply uproot the dimunitive soldier...insolong as you were willing to remain in the blast radius of his attack, something Jiro seemed okay with. Without the ability to defend himself, Nassir goes up and over without comment, landing hard on the floor.
   "Excellent!" comes the immeadiate response--probably not likely to be what the crowd was expecting of him. Again, there is no attack coming from the youth, instead watching Jiro close back in. The last time he did something like this, there was an explosion. This time...well, no more an explosion than Vanilla Ice's awesome vocals.

COMBATSYS: Nassir focuses on his next action.

     After slamming the man towards the groud, Jiro gives off a grunt, lookinga t Nassir as he shouts out excellent. His eyes lift up, the he narrows his eyes at the youth his age. Jiro doesn't trust Nassir at all, because he figures that the man has something planned. No matter, Jiro will just have to make sure he isn't completely successful in executing the technique. But while doing so, Jiro is taking a deep breath, channeling his chi together to focus his attention towards Nassir.
     After drawing forth the energy, Jiro starts to circle around the man, openig the palm and then tightening the fists. The Stray Dog stares at. "...Alright... Let's see what you got."

COMBATSYS: Jiro focuses on his next action.

Li is totally digging it, but then again, she looks it, doesn't she? Hand to her headset, she continues to bop her head, spinning around in her DJ chair a couple of times. Huh? Oh right, the fight! "It looks like things are about to pick up!" she blurts, "Both fighters look like they're prepareing for a serious beat-down! But who's going to deal the most damage as a result? Why am I asking questions no one knows the answers too?? Woooooh!"

Well, he may be a little early in stepping in for his match...but hey, early just means D! can get some extra warm up time before the Breakdown officially begins.  As the towering American slips in, he notices some sort of...well, it seems like a warm up match, at least.  He recognizes Nassir from the big tussle with Shingo last night, but the other is new to him.  In any case, he makes his way around the floor, taking a seat to watch the show, rather than interrupt anything for his sake.

   And so, the staredown began.
   Nassir certainly did have /something/ planned, as most fighters do--something to win the bout, collect his money, and do whatever it was that fighters did. Celebrate, for some, report back to the commanding officer for others. At least when his time came, he wanted to be able to say he /won/ the fight and gained some information. Even if things ended here and now, he had enough to honestly state that Gedo High had fighters worth looking into.
   But that was a thought for later. The last time he did that, he got punished. This time, he would be more alert. Take things a strike at a time. Left hand sliding over to another knive sheath by his waist, his right hand goes low to prepare another by his ankle. Gleaming in the light, Nassir tucked his arms in and broke into a run towards his antagonist, jumping a few feet away into a low somersault arc. Body flickering with that same blue energy from before, the Mercenary's outline made a pretty half-arc before both blades came slashing downward, hoping to score hits on Jiro's head and shoulders.

COMBATSYS: Jiro fails to counter Indoctrination from Nassir with Public Execution.

[                   ...........  < >  /////////////'                ]
Jiro             0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1           Nassir

     The youth was ready for Nassir's action. Or at least, Jiro believed that he was ready to go after the man for he had something planned to do. Breaking himself into a stance, Jiro brings both of his legs to a tight stace, then he takes off towards Nassir. Drawing his right fist back, Jiro is clenchig his fist while he's ready to strike over towards the mercenary. "...Alright... Time to..." Whe he's ready to snap the right leg out towards Nassir's form, Jiro's eyes widen as he feels the blade striking against the head and the shoulders.
     Blood comes out from his shoulders as well as his forehead as he is starting to crash against the ground. Jiro makes a very horrible sounding crash as he plummets towards the ground quite hard. "Ugh!" His back bounces off, then he turns away, groaning in pain. "...Damnit..." He coughs, not able to move too much now.

Li winces, turning her head from the result of the two fighters clashing. And that was messy, she wasnt cleaning that one up! "Man oh man!" she cries with a wince, "But I know.. And -you- know," as she points to the crowd, "This fight cannot be over yet, right?"
The response of course is a cheer from the crowd, though a good number of them are already chanting Nassirs name, believeing he has the upper hand.

   The arc completes itself, Afterimages showing off in painstaking detail the flight of the Mercenary and the exact motion of his arms as he stabbed downwards. A Shanksquad trademark ever since their days as mercenaries under Mad Gear's retainer, Nassir concludes the move by landing in a low crouch. Jiro was on the way out from the looks of things, but that didn't mean that the Shanksquad member was going to wait around and see if Jiro was done. Things needed guarantees, and couldn't be left up to simple chance. Whirling one of the blades around in his hand, Nassir lashed out for the crumpled body, potentially an exclamation point on his victory, or the turning point of the match if not. As was the case before, the afterimages of the knife form in the air.

COMBATSYS: Nassir successfully hits Jiro with Horrors of War.

[                   ...........  < >  ///////'''''''                ]
Jiro             1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1           Nassir

     Unfortuately, Jiro barely has enough energy in him. But he knows that he has to do something soon. The youthful boy is starting to stagger around once he gets up. Spitting out his blood, Jiro growls towards Nassir. Already, his vision is about filled with red whe he's tryig to do what he can to  get to the man. And whe Nassir sends off the after images of the knives towards the youth, Jiro is just about ready to stagger.
     Gathering the mometum, Jiro is going to put a statement on the young boy. Sprinting towards Nassir, Jiro brings his right hand back, ready to draw the fist out towards the man's solar plex.
     "Grrr..." The Stray Dog bares his fangs as he's heading towards Nassir's stomach.

COMBATSYS: Jiro can no longer fight.

COMBATSYS: Nassir reflects Rebel Spike from Jiro with Depravity.

   In comparison and stark contrast, Nassir seemed almost disconnected from the bloody, brutal vivisection that was going on atop the dancefloor stage. Rolento made sure to beat that into him--discipline, an analytical mind, and patience--to help counteract and move with his natural fire. Military precision would win the day, and so far his 'professional fighting career' seemed to prove that time and time again.
   As Jiro sped in, Nassir dropped his other knife, the implement of war clattering loudly on the ground beside him. For the first time in the fight, Nassir would use a hand to hand technique...concluding his plan almost to the letter. Pulling his left hand behind him, His right does not curl into a fist--instead presenting index and middle fingers together. Waiting for Jiro to come in, when the fist is within threatening range, Nassir merely jabs those fingers into the fist. As was the case with the vast majority of his moves displayed today, Greyish blue afterimages chart the movement of his hand, and the spark that occurs once contact is made. There is no recoil from Nassir to suggest the transfer of movement or even heed of the laws of physics...instead transferring that momentum right back into Jiro.
   Sorta like dash-punching a moving car and wondering why you bounced back.

     While Jiro does make his attempt to have the punch draw towards Nassir's  face for the final blow, his attempt is coming to a halt as the figure draws two of his fingers against the fist. "What the hell...?" His vision is clearing up and replaced with blackness. "Ugh..."His eyes widen as the transfer of energy sends him bouncig back from where he stood. He is sent flying towards the other side of the ring, collapsing in a giant heap. "Ugh..."
     And Jiro Kasagi is knocked out. The Stray Dog has been put to sleep. And he really wanted that money for a motorcycle.

Li leans forward a bit, her eyes wide and.. It looks like things are drawing to a close, "But Jiro's not going down alone! And he suddenly breaks out with one more pu- HUH??" and the crowd similarly lets out an 'ooooh' at the results of Nassirs unorthodox looking counter. Completely unexpected, and the music comes to an abrupt halt.
".. Uhhhh, ok, I don't know what just happened there, BUT it looks like the Dog's been put down," Li says, standing from her seat and peering over at Jiro who's decided to take a little rest between a couple of knocked over tables. 'Check yourself' then starts to play, and the announcer continues, "Which means that tonights winner is the 'Arabian Disaster', Naaaassiiiiir!!" she then covers the mike, whispers to herself, "'Arabian Disaster'? What was I -thinking-?"
And then uncovers, He gets the money, but Jiro does get the free drinks, the old-fashioned pain reliever, hey better luck next time! Someone come over there and clean him up a bit, huh? We're going to take a brief pause here and get things set up for the main event, so don't leave just yet folks!"
As if on que, the clean up crew as well as a couple of medical stuff rush in and make sure, you know, Jiro isn't dead or something.

   Nassir wasn't expecting the approval of the crowd after the use of his fight-ending maneuver: Normally a nerve strike used to numb an opponent's body, a last minute adjustment turned it into something else entirely. His father would be proud to see the alterations and advancements the youth could pull out, even if he wouldn't be pleased with the medium...or, uh, could see at all since he was dead. Details, Details.
   His mind on business, Nassir doesn't waste any time playing to the crowd--collecting the knives from the floor before the floor crew ended up scoring some souveniers, his thoughts were on Jiro and his pay. Someone might have to be shanked if they pull a bait and switch, and how...but, evidently the look of anger on a man's face who just so happens to have a number of explosives strapped to him seems to keep things good and fair and tidy. Counting his money, Nassir's look of displeasure slowly melts away. He wasn't cheated. "Good."

     When the medical crew do arrive to retrieve the young boy, Jiro is starting to come into his senses. His vision is a bit blurry, but he does notice that there is a large crowd of men surrouding him. "...Ughh..." His eyes narrow softly towards the medics. The fact that so many people are surrounding Jiro so close is putting him under a panic shock. This is too close for comfort for a panic attack. "**** off!" He barks off at them, snarling as a stray dog would. "..I'm fine..."  He coughs a bit, then he staggers to his feet.
     Shuddering softly, Jiro growls, already looking over towards his bleeding arms, shoulders, and forehead. He'll treat himself. He lost, whatever... He'll just try harder next time. Disappointed in himself, the youth is starting to make his exit. It's a stagger, but the fact that one of the people toss away his jacket back his way does give Jiro the chance to cover himself back up. He'll get himself treated at the house... He grits his teeth, staggering off without saying a word to Nassir or the crowd.

Well.. That was a rather disappointing ending, she even seems a little cross that Nassir doesn't play to the crowd, that's not cool! But she decided not to trash talk, without Duck to back her up.
The medics of course back off from Jiro, one of them even yelps and makes a full out sprint to race back to the employee lounge, diving behind a couch to hide.
Well, while things were getting set up, it was time for Xiang to leave the music booming, summon her relief, and get herself some nachos, her job here was done for the night, she thinks!

   Jiro was up and about. The profanity alerted him to that much, drawing his attention away from monentary concerns and back to the fighter he'd just defeated. Multiple lacerations, stabwounds, burn marks, and other badges Jiro could show to prove he'd been to war...the fact that he was even walking was surprising and remarkable. He hadn't /shot/ Jiro, but then Nassir was trying to avoid the gunplay anyways. Rushing through the crowd, Nassir takes a jump onto the barstand, landing in a crouch and quickly standing up.
   "Jiro! You have performed admirably, even in defeat. I cannot properly assess you, but I can see that you do have talent. Inform your leader that I wish to speak with him!"

     There is the fact that Jiro is having the ability to -stay- up. Provided that the beating that he received is still taking his toll on him, The Stray Dog takes a few deep breaths. "Eghn..." Shutting his eyes, Jiro shifts his head around, slowly looking towards the approaching fighter.
     "Eh. I'll assess the fight for you: I sucked." He shrugs, "I'll get better. I'll be sure to let him know then.... Good fight..." He admits, then he makes his way towards the exit, taking a few deep breaths to k eep himself from totally collapsing.

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