SNF 2005.03 - Mature vs Sakura

Description: It's not uncommon for students to rebel against their teachers -- but in a tournament fight? (Winner: Mature)

[OOC note: Ignore everything you see about Mature being a teacher.  It's... cosplay.  Yeah.]

The Duck Pond

   From the outside, the Pond is simply a large building which seems
non-descript at first glance. It stands 2 stories tall and is pretty much
rectangular in shape, lacking any unique architecture on the outside except
for two batteries of lights mounted on the front corners of the roof. There
are large, smoked windows in the front, flanking both sides of a large set of
central doors, with a set of small circular recessed lamps in the overhang
formed by the doors. Above the doors is a large sign, proclaiming the name of
the establishment as The Duck Pond. At night, the sign comes alive in orange
and blue neon, along with the roof and foyer lights, and it usually sounds
like there's a party going on inside.

   The interior of The Duck Pond is a radical contrast to the exterior.
Dominating the high ceilined room is a large dancefloor which is split in
several places into 3 different levels, each about 3 and a half feet taller
than the one below it. On the far wall opposite the entrance is a large
stage, complete with theatrical red curtains and a huge steel-latticed light
tower. On either side of the stage are large stacks of speakers, each
standing a good fifteen feet tall. Directly between the dancefloor and the
stage are a group of circular tables with chairs. Lining the walls on the
left and right side of the club are booths, ranging from small two-seaters to
large ones capable of seating a group of six. Colored lights flash and spin,
and the thumping beat of the music is everywhere. Floating on both sides of
the club are large, twelve foot long inflated ducks, each white with a golden
beak, and wearing a white sash on which "Duck Pond, LTD." is written.

    Lights!  Cameras!  Action!  ... Well, actually, no action yet.  But there's a whole slew of people gathered about for the main event.  The Duck Pond can't complain too badly, though -- they're getting packed on an off night!  Besides, where else can you get sloshed and watch two chicks duke it out in a fight to the finish?

    The ring's set up upon one of the stages, ropes cast about to keep the combatants cordoned off from the onlookers.  The announcer, nestled in the control booth, is safe from retaliation as he announces, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  We have a special presentation of SUNDAY!  NIGHT!  FIIIIIIGHT!  Teacher versus student in a battle that the classrooms just can't contain!  In the red corner, weighing in at 92 pounds, it's the reigning Sweetheart of Southtown, Little Miss Hadouken herself-- SAKURA KASUGANOOO!"  

    And with that entrance, Sakura wanders out, decked out in her winter uniform.  It's really just coincidence that it's her typical fighting outfit.  And, true to form, she waves cheerfully as she walks into the ring, slipping under the top rope and into the ring.

    "And in the blue corner is Sakura's teacher, recently exchanged to Taiyo High, the beautiful blonde bombshell, everyone please welcome ERIKA BENNET!"

    Comming in her corner, Mature is VERY conservatively dressed in a grey skirt, black opaque stockings, a white blouse with long sleeves and a grey vest.  Her hair is pulled back and kept carefully tied.  By all assertions she has the look of a old maid.  Very teacher like.  Entering the ring she even has her big red book and ruler (TM).  

     There are not really any cheers for the teacher, rather no geniune fans.  Some people cheer for her, sort of out of pity, some because she looks good, but tonight?  She doesn't even look that good.  She looks her part.  Setting down a small soft leather suitcase, she opens it up, sets out some chalk, course assignment papers and a big red marker.  Then raising to Sakura she says,

     "You should be doing your homework and not comming to places like this, Miss Kasunago."

    Ha-ha... so that's pre-fight trash talk, right?  Ha.  Sakura laughs smugly, shaking her head at Miss Mature's apparent display.  "Shouldn't you be watching Sixty Minutes and grading my term papers, Miss Bennet?"  Maybe it was a =good= thing that she didn't dress up special or anything, because Mature... well, she just looks FUNAY.  But even still... Sakura knows she shouldn't let appearances deceive her.  She hasn't -really- fought Mature before, but she knows her and 'Miss Alvers' well enough to know she probably shouldn't get too close.

    "So all in all, don't be a brick in the wall tonight, fans!  Let's get the adrenaline pumping for Southtown's version of the Teacher-Student Battle!  Contestants, are you ready?  ... FIGHT!"

    Kasugano, for her part, doesn't seem to be all that anxious to press the fight.  Not at the moment, anyway.  Nope.  For when she slips into a defensive stance, left forearm leading, right fist ready to strike... she just flashes that smug smile, bobbing lightly upon her feet as if she's watching for her teacher to make the first move.

COMBATSYS: Sakura has started a fight here.
COMBATSYS: Sakura focuses on her next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <|
Sakura           0/-------/-------|

    Meanwhile 'Erika' seems to have no problem pressing the fight.  Arranging her chalk between her knuckles and walks over to Sakura and starts to swipe her hands at her!  It's odd that someone would choose that for a weapon, untill you might notice the strange whistling sound this 'chalk' makes.  On closer inspection it might reveal that it's not really chalk at all, but long thin shards of glass with a bit of chalk covering it.  Rather looking like this might mark up your clothes AND cut you pretty bad.  Though for the audience it probably just looks like 'miss Bennet' intends to write on the girl.  

     "It's time for your first lesson in EDIQUETTE.  Respect your elders, don't talk back in class and most important of all. When you refer to yourself use the feminine form of 'A-T-A-SHI'.  It wouldn't be a stretch of anyone's imagination most likely that Sakura doesn't talk too feminine most times.  Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't, 'Erika' assess that she does not.  All the while trying to tag her with the chalk.

COMBATSYS: Mature has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sakura           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Mature

COMBATSYS: Sakura interrupts Sacrilege from Mature with Sakura Strangle.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sakura           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0           Mature

    Respect?  Etiquette?  Screw that noise.  Sakura doesn't seem to know that it's really not chalk she's being threatened with, simply based on the fact that she's still smiling up a storm.  Check that -- smiling up a storm, and running towards Miss Erika.  Indeed, she's about to find out the hard way, as she actually -lets- the chalk graze her bare thigh -- loosing a stream of blood in its wake and a yelp of pain.  Undeterred, though, Sakura continues the move she had planned -- snaking her arm around her teacher's neck, and tugging her sharply backwards into a chokehold.  As she's behind her instructor, locking her arm in place and tightening her headlock, Sakura... smiles.  "A-ta-shi wa not losing to you, Bennet-sensei!" she quips, pulling her tight again -- before releasing with a knee to the back, and a quick arm strike to the shoulder.  Skirt flapping as she hops back to a respectable distance, her hand descends to her thigh, rubbing the cuts sorely.  "Man, I feel sorry for the chalkboards now..."

    The teacher raises a hand and rubs her throat.  "My.. I didn't know our students were into that kind of contact.  I've learned more than I ever wanted to know already," 'Erika' says with a hoarse voice.  It doesn't last though.  Her voice seems to get better gradually from not being used right this minute.  

     At this point she's willing to keep her distance though, watch and observe.  However that doesn't stop the taunting, probably nothing would.. The chalk by the way is still in her hands.  

     "Having the 'hots' for teacher isn't unusual in high school you know and I can hardly blame you, knowing how good I look, but usually it's the men that the young ladies go for, Miss Kasonago."

COMBATSYS: Mature focuses on her next action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sakura           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0           Mature

    "Well, seriously, it wasn't all that.  I mean, dressed like that, I figure you couldn't exactly score dates or nothin', even if you -are- in the middle of the most thumpin'est night club in town.  Just figured I'd give you a break, y'know?"  Sakura's done stemming the bloodflow on her thigh, by now, and slips into the same stance she was in before.  She does take note of the fact that 'Erika' is keeping her distance -- and that's something Sakura doesn't intend to let ride for long.  Cupping her hands by her sides, she summons forth a vortex of blue energy, swirling it about into an orb roughly the size of her head.  She then shoves her hands forward at Mature with a wink -- but the resultant attack is anything but a love tap. "HADOOOOOUKEN!"

COMBATSYS: Mature negates Small Hadouken from Sakura with Ebony Tears.
[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sakura           0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Mature

    The wink really is like the cherry on top.  The whole cuteness of it is too much for 'Erika' to deny.  "Well I suppose you do look like a boy, so it's not so bad, I mean I guess you could be cute if you cut your hair.. Wore pants.. - Bu.. erg, Hey ! I'm a teacher, damnit, student and teacher relations are strickly against the rules and against decency."  Mature grumbles a fair bit and oh yeah, the Hadouken is STILL COMMING.  Not cool.  Mature whips her arms around in the air, forming a crescent wave of chi and sending it whistling toward the ball of chi.  It slices in half and both attacks explode into sparks.  

     Blinking with her pretty blue eyes Mature comments, "Hey, that was kind of beautiful looking.. Much nicer than most fire work displays."  She nods her head in agreement with herself, almost looking like she's playing more than fighting.

    Cut her hair?  What, to a crew cut?  Chemotherapy patient length?  "Yeah, it was pretty, won't it?"  Sakura doesn't feel she needs to acknowledge the other remarks, being that they'd inevitably lead to more gossip at school.  As if beating up the English teacher wasn't reason enough.

    Stepping off to the side, Sakura swings a wide arc around her teacher, shrugging her shoulders lightly.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again with a bigger gun.  And that's exactly what Sakura does -- cupping her hands to her side, calling forth even more energy into the space between her palms.  When she looses the fireball this time -- it's easily twice the size of the prior one, if not more.  Not to mention, she shouts louder.  "HADOOOOOOUKEN!"  

COMBATSYS: Mature dodges Sakura's Medium Hadouken.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sakura           0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Mature

    As the attack comes, Mature simply jumps over it, it almost looks as though she disapears.. Well not really.  She just leaps the damned thing quick like.  Though she does make it look effortless, even if it does set her a bit appart from Sakura, she's willing to close the distance pretty quick this time.  

     "Way to slow," 'Erika' says, "Besides, I don't think I could of broken that one.  Lets playa little better with the other children hmm..?  Are you listening to me?"  'Erika' inquires.

     Maybe Sakura wasn't watching, maybe she was, but it turns out Mature has a ruler in her hand and she whips it around to whap Sakura on the forehead with it and if it hits, it will make a loud crack sound.  "Now pay attention.."

COMBATSYS: Sakura blocks Mature's Quick Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sakura           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0           Mature

    Way too slow?  Well, it should be obvious to the audience that 'Miss Bennet' is no average teacher, from how effortlessly she vaults over the decently-sized projectile.  And it should also be quite obvious to the audience that Sakura's no slouch herself -- for even as 'Erika' slaps down with a ruler, Sakura's arm rises to catch it.  Instead of a slap to the forehead, the ruler flexes with a padded 'thump' as it impacts her handguard.

    And... whether -Mature's- looking or not, the audience would sure hate to miss the fanservice of Sakura's counterattack.  For while 'Erika' is focused upon landing with the ruler, Kasugano's foot is flying out in a different direction, aiming to wheel around and nail her in the neck -- her skirt about half a second behind the rapid movement.  The color of the day is... blue!  Just like her handguards.  Let's hope it's not the blue of Mature's corner, at least.

COMBATSYS: Mature blocks Sakura's Flower Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Mature

    As ths kick wheels around, 'Erika' is watching the foot and not the under garments.  The audeince makes it clear though and Mature while catching the foot off the side of her forearm makes a tsking sound and shakes her head.

     "You know that's not just imporper, it's.. Well nevermind, I know what the Kasonago action figures will have.. Tottally posable legs, with multi colored panties.  Really I'm disgusted."  Mature says shaking her head a bit as she lowers her arms away from where the attack landed.  

     She smiles then and says, "Here-!  How a proper lady does it!"  And extends her foot, making a slicing swipe with her heels.  Alwayas equiped with heals.  Natrually her cutting kicks aren't anything like her counter parts, but they're still rather unpleasant looking to get nailed with!

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Mature's Crematory Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0           Mature

    So 'Erika's' skirt is a little more conservative than Sakura's, okay?  Besides, it's the perverted Japanese educational system's fault the skirts are like that -- Sakura was just smart enough to keep something else on underneath.  "Gym shorts!  They're -gym- -shorts,- okay?  Go bother Miss Alvers if y'wanna talk about how short they are!"  Tongue firmly in cheek, Kasugano hops sideways, sharply evading the rapidly cutting kicks by simply not being in their path. "-Proper- ladies shouldn't be getting in fights in the first place, Miss Bennet."  Which is a fact Sakura intends to impress by running past her, attempting to snag the woman's arm.  The goal would be to tug her down by the arm, slinging her down to the mat.  "Ain't you missin' Wheel of Fortune or somethin'?"

COMBATSYS: Sakura successfully hits Mature with Quick Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0           Mature

    This takes 'Erika' off guard and she's flung around a bit and NONE TOO HAPPY.  When she settles she lifts herself up on her elbows and says in a lower voice, "I'm not that old and I'm very attractive..  Girls like you should dream of having my looks."  

     Then lifting herself up a bit more, 'Erika' makes a quick sweep at Sakura's knees, trying to get them to buckle.  Her foot trying to hook at Sakura's, but while the move is fast, it doesn't have the power to maybe do more than trip her up just a little bit.  She also uses the turning momentum of the 'sweep' to get herself to her feet.  "I don't want to talk about what your gym teacher, she got blood all over the damned apartment.. .  And just incase you were wondering.. I hate monkies."

COMBATSYS: Mature successfully hits Sakura with Light Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Mature

    Sakura seems somewhat pleased with herself after having dragged Mature to the mat.  She's not terribly strong, so she'd been leaning heavily on leverage to do the work for her.  "Yeah, but what's the point?  I already got a great boyfriend!"  She hops back, but while 'Erika's' kick may not be all that -strong-, it more than makes up for it in speed -- catching Sakura in the midst of her hop and bringing her to the mat as well.  It's also not a pretty landing, from the way she's leaning on her hip and howling, "Oww!"

    But if that was all the girl was good for, she really wouldn't be much of a fighter.  Indeed, as vaults back to her feet, taking quick steps backwards to put more distance between herself and 'Erika', she shakes her head quietly.  Gone is the smugness -- here's the real battle, now.  "That's some pretty strong words to be tossing out to a student.  Does the principal know you talk like that?"  She wasn't wondering about monkeys, but she also seems like she's falling back upon her earlier, ranged strategy.  Once more, hands cup at her side, and once more, the blue orb of lukewarm, concussive force is announced just as it's thrust 'Erika's' way: "HADOOOOOOUKEN!"

COMBATSYS: Mature dodges Sakura's Medium Hadouken.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Mature

    As the ball of energy approaches her, Mature has no way to deny one fact about it.  That is to say, she waits till the very last moment, the chi maknig her outfit shift just a little and then just before it reaches her she sidesteps and then returns to the place she was in just a moment ago.  Her head shakes.  

     "Waaay to slow,"  'Erika' comments and then clenches a fist, not tight, just to one side and presses her lips together.  Yep, she's in the classic 'power up' pose.  And then.. and then-!  Nothing happens.  With a small almost childish grin on her rather conservative painted lips.  "Nah, I got nothing."

COMBATSYS: Mature focuses on her next action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Mature

    Of course nothing happens, for Mature lacks the true heart of justice.  Sakura really didn't expect much anyway, since she was too busy wondering why her fireballs haven't landed true yet.  But... she can't get discouraged by it.  Nope.  Because she's got a job to do!

    "Yeah, I kinda figured. You teachers are always so boring, really."  Kasugano starts to close the distance... but she steps a little tenderly.  And ... in the middle of the fight, she just stoops over and starts to untie her shoe.  "Darn laces..."

    When she stands again, Sakura throws a wickedly fast roundhouse at Mature!  ... Though she's nowhere close to hitting it.  Nope.  The blue canvas shoe flying at Mature is the real attack!  And it should be obvious from the way she kicks her other shoe off, afterwards, that she clearly intended to be walking barefoot.  Or... sockfoot, rather.

COMBATSYS: Mature fails to slow Thrown Object from Sakura with Ebony Tears.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Mature

    As Mature observes the incomming shoe, she seems to think this has GOT to be some sort of joke.  She's even smirking and with the most casual of motions waves her arms in the air and starts to conjure a wave of slicing chi, but then the shoe bonks her on the head and she stops, blinks a couple times then rubs her forehead with her hand.

     "What the hell?  Ow!  That kinda hurt,"  'Erika' exclaims irrtably.  For the moment she looks shocked in sheer disbelief.  Did she just get hit by a shoe.  

     Blue eyes look down.  It's a shoe.  Hand rubs head, it's a bump.  OMFG, she WAS just hit with a shoe.  

    OMFG indeed.  But Sakura's the one who should be using that kind of acronym, and what's she doin?  Running to close the gap to Mature, lookin' all smug, with that shoe's mate kicked off to the side.  "You think that hurts, you better be glad I wasn't wearin' my hiking boots!"  And even worse -- Sakura's leaping into the air, aiming to crash into Mature with the full momentum of a jumpkick, left arm extended, right arm bent, just like her sensei showed her. "HYAAAAAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura successfully hits Mature with Medium Kick.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Sakura           1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1           Mature

    "Look, if you were wearing your-"  Then the blow lands and Mature is knocked back a bit, her feet digging into the ground to give herself some leverage.  Well that hurt.  She must be starting to lose a bit of focus, then that's not going to stop her from giving it serious effort.  That is to say she's not giving up yet.  

     "Oh for crying out loud.. Just die already."  Mature snarls and flays her fingers apart, her dangerously sharp nails bared and ready to slice.. And she does, three successful swipes with her hands, aiming at Sakura's gut.

COMBATSYS: Sakura blocks Mature's Metal Massacre.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sakura           1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1           Mature

    Well, 'Erika's' swipes are successful in the sense that she landed a hit -- but she didn't land a -clean- one, for Sakura's able to interpose her forearms into the way each time.  Backing up to lessen the force of the attack, she soon has a criss-crossed pattern of red slashes along her forearms -- but she's still able to smile abot it, at least!  "Mm... can I take a rain check on that?"

    Sakura drops low before the last attack, taking it on her left arm -- but maybe now it'll be a bit more obvious -why-.  Simple!  So that she can launch herself into a rapid uppercut afterwards, leaping upwards and unloading a riotously fast punch into Mature's midsection with a cry of "SHOOOOOOORYUUUUUKEN!"  'Cause shouting 'Shou'ou ken' makes baby Ryu cry.

COMBATSYS: Mature blocks Sakura's Shou'ou Ken EX.
[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Sakura           1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1           Mature

    Drawing up her arms, Mature seems to take a great deal of impact in a fairly indifferent manner.  With a bit of bitterness lingering on her lips, she shakes her head while the blow sends her skidding back and probably making quite a bruise on her forearms while it's at it.  

     "Unpleasant.. " Mature says but as the attack finally finishes, she lashes out with her arm, attempting to slash at Sakura before drawing back and seemingly shattering into two.  For a moment Mature closes her eyes, their blue shielded behind lids while her body splits in two.  The chi used to do this taking careful control.. One is Real, the other isn't, but the illusion looks pretty damned real.. And would feel it too, if Sakura lets herself get hit.  

     Both Matures start at Sakura with an equally sadistic and ravinous look.  "Doesn't this.. Feel good?"  She says and starts to swipe at the girl.

COMBATSYS: Sakura blocks Mature's Eternal Illusion.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Sakura           0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Mature

    Unpleasant?  Yeah, Sakura can tell that would apply to whatever comes next.  Not really sure which direction it will come from though, she just braces for the best.  For those aware of it, her aura is still glistening with the faint sheen from unloading that Shoryuken into Mature when her socks touch down upon the mat -- and that faint glow filters across to her arms now, in her indecision.  'Must remain as calm as the eye of a raging storm...' resound Ryu's teachings in her head -- and so she is.   Does it feel good?  "Yeah, it feels alright," she says, holding up her forearms as the onslaught begins, taking slashes from both directions at once.  She's... surprisingly good at deflecting the attacks, matching most of the hits with a corresponding forearm -- but a few are bound to get through, of course.  Specifically, a wild shot gets through to slash at the girl's face, loosing a couple drops of blood -- but nothing serious, right?  At least not to one who's practicing at being the eye of the storm.

    But by this time... well. Mature's just a wee too close for comfort, so rather than try anything risky, she whips out and try to grab one of Mature's limbs at they retract, and then fall backwards in an attempt to sling her across the ring, using her foot as a fulcrum for the blow. Just like her master's Tomoe Nage!

COMBATSYS: Mature dodges Sakura's Strong Throw.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Sakura           0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Mature

    Taking this oppertunity, Mature decides to also agree that the space between the two of them was just a little too close and thus she decides to jump back.  The slow motion is slow and getting out of the way isn't going to be too difficult.  Still she wants to leave Sakura something to remeber her by.  And so with a shout she exclaims, "There!"  and slashes with her fingers, the nails trailing Chi.

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Mature's Death Row.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Sakura           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Mature

    Well, luckily for Sakura, falling back was already on the teen's priority agenda.  Which means that she's in prime position to spring backwards, neatly evading 'Erika's' attack. Skirt fluttering about as she flies back, landing neatly by her other shoe, she can't help but be amused at the current situation.  Ribcage heaving with each breath, once more pulling her hands out to defend, she smugly notes, "Funny how things work out, ain'it?   You keep tellin' me to grow up, but it doesn't seem like it's doin' you a whole lotta good."

COMBATSYS: Sakura focuses on her next action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Sakura           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Mature

    To this, Mature shrugs and says, "You're most grown up when you're fighting sometimes.. And.. HERE!"  Mature waves her arms around and sends a wave of chi slicing and whislting toward Sakura.  She wastes no time behind it, though it looks like it is taking a lot out of her now

COMBATSYS: Sakura fails to slow Ebony Tears from Mature with Small Hadouken.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Mature

    Well, that brought a smile to Sakura's lips.  She was afraid this match with Mature might have gotten creepy, but now... well, now it's a good, clean fight!  To counter it, she cups her hands by her side, weaving a tightly-packed orb of chi for her defense -- and then whipping her palms forward with a cry of "HADOOOOOUKEN!"

    Wouldn't it be cool if that worked?  Instead, Mature's wave of chi rends the Hadouken into neat slices, continuing onwards to slam into Sakura's extended palms, knocking her back a foot.  Gritting her teeth from the blow, she falls to one knee, shaking off the pain... and soon rising again afterwards.  "Ain't half bad!"

    Like said, Mature wastes no time, she's already charging at Sakura, before the bursts of chi have even completely disapated.  Her face now is one of the psychotic woman everyone says she is, loving pain, drinking the torment of others and enjoying every last sip.  When she reaches Sakura, baring down on her, her nails - like claws, all out stretched, her teeth bared, tongue lightly over one lip.

     " I can't stop!  Here-! There.. .. !  Have THIS.. "  And as she cries the words of pleasure, as though she were with an intimate lover, her hands work in anything but a loving manner.  They whip around, slicing, lurching, reaching, groping.  Okay that might sound bad!  But in actuality she's trying to mince Sakura up in a terrible manner, sickening.  There is something really wrong with Mature, the other devil woman showing clearly through her disguises.

COMBATSYS: Mature successfully hits Sakura with Nocturnal Lights.
- Power hit! -

[                                < >  ///////                       ]
Sakura           1/--=====/=======|=------\-------\0           Mature

    Oh great!  Sakura kinda liked the non-psychotic version better.  And as shaky as she's standing, as ragged as her breathing may be -- well, let's just say the freak blocking chain she'd pulled off earlier isn't making a return appearance.  She tries to step out of the way, but alas, she's just not quick enough, caught by the first blow and set up for the rest.  Slashed, smashed, knocked around, busted... well.  She at least takes it in stride, not howling -too- loudly with pain as her frame is contorted about by forces she really should have been ready to defend against.  And when it's all over, she says 'oh what a lovely tea party.'

    Okay, not really. After all that, she's spinning -- so she instead remains calm -- as calm as possible considering the circumstances -- and continues the revolution into a whirlwind of flying feet!  In fact, it seems like about the -only- way the girl can remain upright, much like a gyroscope.   "SHUNPUUUU KYAKU!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura can no longer fight.

                                  >  ///////                       ]
                                 |=------\-------\0           Mature

COMBATSYS: Mature dodges Sakura's Shunpuu Kyaku.

                                  >  ///////                       ]
                                 |=------\-------\0           Mature

     Taking great care, Mature leaps back out of the way, though she doesn't do it gracefully or anything, she infact just barely manages it at all.  The woman looks tired, dead tired.  Breathing heavily she says to Sakura, through words laiden with fatigue, "You.. smell like an animal.. Kasugano..  But, that was most enjoyable.. Thankyou."  She smiles sweetly, well sort of, it's ugly looking really.  See this is something to keep in mind.  Mature wears makeup and in her current state of sweat covered and beatened up, it runs and looks reallly ugly.  The momentary insanity that had gripped Mature seemed to of passed with her last strand of energy.  Turning around she starts to drag herself from the roped area, struggling with the ropes, finding a chair and then slumping down into it.  %R

     "Oy.. Get me a drink.. And get one for Sakura there too. I'm not on the clock teaching right now.. so.. there."

    Some people need makeup, and some don't -- Sakura's glad to be in the latter category.  She's turned all sorts of interesting colors from the onslaught of attacks, though... to the point that even if she -wanted- to get up, it probably wouldn't be a good idea.  So instead, the schoolgirl, barely clinging to consciousness as it is, stays down... nodding back in reply.  "Yeah, teach.  Seeya in class t'morra."  Leaning forward, she places her hands on the mat, and pretty much stands there as the people close in.


    ...  Who no one has ever heard of before, aside from a TV announcement.

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