Master Championship - [R1] Guy vs Chun-Li

Description: Fighters this quick are the reason instant replay was invented. (Winner: Chun-Li)

White Arena

   Though the inner arena is the smaller of the two, the White Arena is no
less impressive than its brother the Red Arena, meant more for smaller, more
traditional fights. Spectator seating ranges around the oval fighting arena,
stretching up to top box seats which are built into the ceiling, giving those
that want to pay extra a rare bird's-eye view of the fighting. The lower
seating doesn't suffer though, the architecture carefully designed so that no
seat is too far away. (If you've ever been in an IMAX theater, this is much
the same.)

   The fighting arena itself is completely bare of any obstacles or marking,
the floor sanded wood to resemble a dojo and to give fighters proper
traction. As Ken Masters is quite familiar with the power many fighters can
exhibit, the arena is separated from the seating with glass coated to reduce
glare, affording the spectators an excellent yet safe view. At the far ends
of the arena, doors which look like part of the wall when closed allow the
fighters to enter.

There may not have many surprises in the course of the tournament thus far, but
that doesn't mean the fights haven't been spectacular. And tonight is set to be
no exception. Both fighters have their reputations, in professional battle and
as fighters of crime. Something those hyping the fight have picked up on, and as
lengthy introductions are made there's plenty of reference to this, among the
more usual things directed towards the Bushin Master and the Strongest Woman in
the World. The crowds are going fairly wild, and what a crowd! Packed in to the
smaller of the two arenas, the atmosphere is hot, sticky and exhilarating with
all expecting an awesome display of martial arts mastery. And what of the two

Chun-Li for her part enters just as her name is announced, the loudspeakers
making her identity known almost as much as that trademark Chinese dress and
-those- legs. And her mood? She looks deadly serious, gaze hardened and posture
marked by professionally controlled tension. Moving in perfectly placed strides,
she makes her way right to the centre of the arena before coming to a halt. Once
there her feet come together, her hands spreading palm open and doing the same
at her chest. On drawing herself up in this manner the young woman executes a
swift bow, then turning smoothly and giving the same treatment to each side of
the room, getting an appreciative roar from the respectively aligned spectators.
When she finally straightens for the last time, her cold expression melts away
as she flashes a bright smile and offers a far less formal gesture; a wave, arm
swaying above her head to take in the audience with one sweeping gesture as she
turns and steps away from centre to take up her position and await her opponent

Of course, Chun-Li's opponent is already here.  Just...not in the ring.  From
inside one of the higher box seats, Guy comes kicking through the glass, sending
a shower of tiny glass bits falling to the arena.  Hey, it's a tournament,
right?  May as well give the crowd something to get excited over.  Coming to a
relatively soft landing, considering the height, Guy stands up and stares right
at Chun-Li.  He looks no less seriously, though after that entrance he doesn't
seem to be concerned with the crowd at all.  It's then that he bows slightly to
his opponent.  When he straightens, he says, "We may begin when you wish."  He
then drops into a ready position.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li has started a fight here.

COMBATSYS: Guy has joined the fight here.

Cue more wild cheering from the gathered crowd, a few whistles and whoops riding
over the rest of the noise as Guy smashes clean through one of those reinforced
panels. A great start to what hopefully should be a great fight.. it's what
everybody's here for. And his opponent is fairly impressed to boot.. a smile
twitching back onto her lips at the extravagant entrance - and here she thought
she'd been pandering to the audience. His bow is returned with one from Chun-Li,
hands coming together again for the formal greeting, but this time there's no
relaxation afterward. The opposite occurs, the young woman sliding back into her
serious mood, smile faded completely and gaze locked onto the vigilante ninja.
Her legs move apart, finding their accustomed place with one forward from the
other, and her hands lift to ready positions about her upper body.

"It's a pleasure to fight you at last, Guy." She comments, allowing one last
hint of a smile. It's a sentiment that didn't really need stating, but one she
wanted known all the same.. they have a lot of similarities, and she a great
deal of respect for her opponent today. But this momentary respite is only that
- a moment, then her stance slips as her back leg lunges forward, her back
arching lithely as she enters a dash towards the man. "Let's begin!" A few quick
steps carry her halfway, at which point her hands move back to her right hip.
Chi flares around her fingertips, and as her arms swing around the white-blue
energy is already coalescing into a projectile. But it's not until she stops,
stretching forward over one extended knee and slamming her opened palms towards
her nearby opponent, that the attack is made known. "KOUKEN!" A gold pinpoint
flares and the chi blossoms into a loose orb, a pulsing golden sphere shrouded
with a wider arc of blue. And the battle is joined, Chun-Li's Kikouken whipping
in towards Guy, its path watched intently by the woman.

COMBATSYS: Guy dodges Chun-Li's Kikou Ken.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]

Chun-Li          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Guy

Xiangfei enters the scene. She really had no choice in the matter once she found
out that a certain chinese woman was in the tournament, and decided it was her
duty to cheer her on. And thus after a lot of scavenging, plotting, and begging,
she's finally gotten her way to the arena in the good ol U.S.A.! Dressed up in
baggy pants and a jersey of her favorite basketball team, the Hong Kong Dragons,
she carries a large stack of nachos, hot dogs,and sodas, tucked under her arms
are two home made signs as well. She swerves this way and that, giving a couple
of 'excuse me's and 'sorrys' to get to her seat where she finally sets things
down, and cracks her knuckles, "All right! It looks like I'm here just in time,
lucky!" she pipes to herself, and then unrolls one of the signs, lifting it in
the air. It reads 'The people behind me can't see!'.

As Chun-Li pays her respects, Guy just waits, restlessly, shifting his weight
from foot to foot.  He doesn't answer her, however, as he feels that he's
already done more than enough in that regard by bowing.  He doesn't have much to
say about this fight anyway, so.  Face stoic, he waits for Chun-Li's attack, and
as it comes he's more than ready for it.

Evading the fireball in a fashion most classic, Guy leaps over it.  This is no
ordinary leap, however.  It's a somersaulting leap, in a low, fast arc that just
barely brings him above the fireball.  It's not too low, however, as it does
exactly what he wanted, which is to say bring him within striking distance of
Chun-Li.  Abruptly coming out of the spin in midair, he stretches out
horizantally and brings a hard, quick elbow down.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li blocks Guy's Bushin Izuna Otoshi.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Guy

Chun-Li's head shifts faintly downward, a nod of approval as she watches her
projectile rush past Guy... she'd hoped for and expected that much from him, and
is glad to see her expectations met so perfectly. His speed is excellent, his
poise professional, and the young woman's pulse quickens just a touch in
anticipation of the fight. But there's not much time, as the Bushin Master comes
flying in with an attack in response. "Hah!" Using the sudden rush of blood to
her advantage, she tips her right leg inward and twists her body low, lifting
both extended hands to catch the elbow on cupped fingers. That was fast and she
had little hope of dodging it entirely.. she's impressed, even as the stinging
jolt runs down her arms.

"Good start.." she quickly comments, but it comes out breathlessly as she starts
to unfold out from under Guy's blow, lightly pushing off from his elbow and
ducking backward. Her arms drift gracefully back around as she takes two small
steps back, never looking away from her recovering opponent. She stops then and
her legs spread to either side of her body, one hand closes to a fist and comes
to rest just above her right hip and the other extends in front of her at chest
height, fingers lightly splayed. This quick shift in stance brings with it a
dramatic flurry of her dress' flaps and sets the white ties on her hair to
billowing. Her gaze finds Guy's own as he lands and she watches him carefully,
focused entirely on his movements and waiting for him to make another move.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li focuses on her next action.

Xiangfei, holds up the sign a minute or so, and after snickering to her own
little prank, sets the sign back down and starts to stuff her mouth with nachos,
her eyes finally locking in on the battle- she can't say that Guy looks very
familiar, but that's probably thanks to her own ignorance, and she says to a
rather large guy sitting next to him, "That guy right there? He's pretty fast,
so it's probably an even match. But Chun-Li I think has the edge when it comes
to speed. Man, she's -so- cool, she makes every battle like poetry, no move is
wasted, and it's all in one smooth fluid motion, it makes me want to cry after
every battle.. I'm getting a little teary eyed right now, actually.." she gives
a light sniffle, but then when the other chinese woman blocks Guys attack, she
raises a fist in the air, "WOOOH!! Kick his butt, Chun-Li-san! China-style!"

Guy could have expected as much from his opponent, as well, displeased with
Chun-Li's block.  Still, he could have expected as much...and it's not as if it
was that powerful of an attack to begin with.  Twisting around to land on his
feet after the attack, albeit crouched over with one hand assisting the 'keep
Guy on his feet' effort, the only change in his demeanor is a slightly deepening
of his frown.

Of course, he's not going to just let Chun-Li back off and keep an eye on him,
no.  From his position on the ground, Guy takes two quick steps forward to
pursue.  The kicker?  The second one is an attack, as instead of coming down on
the ground, it goes in toward Chun-Li's stomach.  Of course, miss or hit, he's
going to use that foot to flip around backward.  Even if it's not touching
anything but air.  Weird.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li dodges Guy's Kamaitachi.

And that's what moments like these are for... even if her fellow Chinese woman
is correct, and Chun-Li indeed has the slight edge, that's no reason to get
complacent and allow too many blows to be landed out of carelessness. No wasted
movement, no wasted effort.. no foolish mistakes, hopefully. She watches Guy's
approach as if in slow motion, carefully analysing the every nuance of his
positioning with a critical eye. And then.. the kick comes. The woman moves,
smoothly twisting her body and taking one deft step to the left, around the
sneaker-wearing ninja. As he flips over from the curious kick - one she feels
familiar with, since she utilises a similar blow from time to time - she is
dropping down to a tense crouch, one hand bracing to the floor. Eyes narrow,

"TENSHOU KYAKU!" Chun-Li's fingers press down, and her muscular legs swing up,
one booted foot lancing to the side and out to catch Guy with a single quick
kick. Then she pivots her body fully, aiming to come around through one hundred
and eighty degrees to catch the man with a second identical blow from the other
leg. With the second she now hangs in the air some way from the floor, and a
third comes with the same uncanny grace, to carry her and her opponent a little
higher before the attack finishes.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Guy with Tenshou Kyaku.
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0              Guy

The fellow sitting beside Xiangfei just gives her an odd look for a moment, then
just shrugs and continues to watch the match.. Though every now and then he
can't help but peek and wonder why there are -bells- in that girls head. Or
hair, rather. Xiang of course is blisfully unaware, continueing to munch away
and goes sparkly eyed at the smooth dodge. How elegant! However she does pause,
at Guys unusual attack- did he leap off of the air? ".... G'vow.." she mumbles,
crumbs of the bread bun falling from her mouth, "'Fafs guh bew 'un." *chomp*

Ow.  So much for trying to take it.  Guy is sent upward and backward, sailing
limply through the air like a limp doll, before landing harshly a short distance
away.  Thump, thump.  Mind, he's still fresh, so he's not down for long, but OW.
That stings a bit.  As he quickly comes back up to his feet, he keeps his
distance.  Straightening up, standing fully erect, he brings two of his fingers
up in front of his face, and holds them there...before throwing them off to the
side like a fencer's salute, turning his side to Chun-Li.  Chi flares faintly
about him as he waits for her next attack.  Time to kick things up a notch.

COMBATSYS: Guy gathers his will.

And a roar from the crowd, now that things are really picking up! First hit
properly landed, first exchange over and the battle truly swinging underway.

As Guy falls away from the third and final kick, Chun-Li hangs in place for a
little longer.. dress rippling gentle as she holds an aerial stance, her leg
still out in front of her and her arms set around her body. Slowly she blinks
and then falls, going into a graceful drop straight down to the arena floor. A
graceful landing comes with a brief squat, and a smooth rise back up to her
feet. Once composed and falling into her stance she takes time to note the aura
flaring around her opponent, one side of her mouth shifting up in a wry smile...
seems like she might be on the receiving end soon enough, and mentally she
prepares herself to take one of the best the man can offer. But she doesn't
tarry long.

Chun-Li is ready to launch her assault after a slow breath of the heated air,
and she drops forward into another dash, her white boots clattering lightly upon
the polished floor. Taking things up a notch really does seem in order, and as
her gaze studies Guy she prepares to carry on doing exactly that, her first
attack proper only a precursor of the things to come. On nearing the Bushin
Master she slows her pace for a split-second, long enough to draw her legs back
and take a hopping step to the right, her body now side-on to him... but only
for another such fleeting moment, and she twists at the waist, virtually sliding
in towards him on her left foot - the other raising bent at the knee during the
final charge, promptly unfolding as she comes into range and firing off in a
vicious kick at stomach height, the blow's strength coming with a violent twist
of the young woman's body.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Guy with Strong Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1              Guy

The pimply teen had taken the job purely because he enjoyed the fighting scene
but would never be that cool OR strong. Was he daunted by this? Of course not.
He left the fighting to the fighters and the... concessioning.. to the.. uh...
-- lame highschool kids with no date on an otherwise viable thursday evening.
Anyway! Turning from his refreshment passing duties to the battle, Kelly
McPatterson yells, "GO GUY, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!" -- Only to be shouted at shortly
after by the floor foreman. Cringing, Kelly goes right back at it, passing out
bottles of soda in exchange for sweaty wads of money and the occasional tip. It
may have only been $5.50 an hour, but damnit it was worth it. Sort of.

Xiangfei nods her head sagely, bells jingling a bit with the movement, and
pausing only to take a gulp from her soda, "Such is fate.." she says with a
sigh, "Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one that can beat her.." and she
nudges the guy sitting next to her with her elbow, "Hey, hey, I'm going to be
the one she passes the torch onto you know that? Li Xiangfei, you remember that
name!" There's a long moment of silence, and the fellow just coughs into his
fist, and returns to spectating the fight, "... I'm serious!" she then pipes,
and then freezes in place when she hears Kellys cry. So that's the other guys
name, huh? The irony. Somehow tracking down the face of the voice, Xiangfeis
eyes go wide and she gives the highschool girl the fingerpoint of DOOM.
"BLASPHEMY!!" though she then quickly ducks to avoid the foreman. She didn't
realize there was one so close by.

The hit was at stomach height, and it makes Guy pay for his little move.  Holy
monkeys does he pay.  The kick is strong enough to send him sliding across the
smooth hardwood floor on his back a goodly distance.  Shakily getting to his
feet, it doesn't look like he's eager to repeat that again.  Wiping a little bit
of coughed up blood away from the edge of his mouth, he just stands there, and
watches.  Just watching.  Maybe he'll actually be able to do something against
Chun's painful, painful, painful kicks.

COMBATSYS: Guy focuses on his next action.

As much as he'd like to have a more manly name, Kelly McPatterson was, in fact,
a guy with a unisex label. Get over it, it happens. Turning to give Xiangfei a
strange look, Kelly putters on down the row of stairs, frightened not so much by
the prospect of being pointed at, but by the prospect of the fact that he was in
an Arena with bloodthirsty fans of this sometimes vicious sport. Riots broke out
in the past, just as they had at other sporting venues, angry spectators caused
problems. People and fandom was an ever present danger in this business, thus
Kelly makes it his business to go 'refill his drink cart' before Xiangfei feels
the need to bust a bag of popcorn over his head or unload some insults. "Nn! RUN
AWAY! GO GUY, YOU'RE MY HE--" it fades into the lobby.

Chun-Li feels the shock from her own kick run up her leg... but it's a familiar
sensation, and to a fighter who's trained it's little bother. But none the less
it is always there - the feeling of another being blasted by your own body. She
remains in place after delivering the kick, breathing a soft sigh and then
lowering her leg to the floor, turning to face Guy as he stands. "You're capable
of more than that..." she offers, tilting her head to one side and regarding him
coolly as she reaffirms the stance she previously assumed. She says it because
it's true.. her form is good, but no better than it always is and she knows the
Bushin Master is capable of giving her a much firmer fight. Her gaze dances
briefly from left to right, always keeping her opponent in the corner of her eye
but all the same checking out the audience. Many now sit silently, the roars
dissipating somewhat as the battle reaches a slight lull. It's a dramatic lull,
though.. and a welcome one, allowing the previous blur of activity to sink in.

"Now.. show me your real power!" The young woman calls this out as she breaks
the defensive stance and slips forward, arms raising crossways across her body
and legs crossing over similarly as she paces towards Guy in even movements..
focused, watching him once more for any sign of movement. One thing for certain
- she won't hold back, however he behaves she'll be giving it her all and trying
her very best. To do otherwise would in itself be dishonourable in a match such
as this... and that's the thought in her mind as she dances forward, twisting
side-on once more but this time bending towards Guy, every muscle in her body
tense as her arms go out to either side. At her left, fingers remain perfectly
splayed in the air, her balance adjustment precise in the extreme. To the right,
a quick chop is sent towards the man's stomach, not a particularly powerful blow
but one intended to test his guard.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Guy with Jab Punch.
COMBATSYS: Guy endures Chun-Li's Jab Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1              Guy

Xiangfei sits up straight again, looking over her shoulder again to look where
Kelly was last sitting and... He's gone?? "... He'll be back." she murmurs to
herself, finishing off her first soda and works on the second.. She leans a
moment to reach for her second sign, but then decides against it, biding her
time. Patience is virtue.

She want's Guy's real power?  Fine.  As Chun-Li rushes at him, he doesn't move.
At all.  He just stares, silent and unflinching.  Even the punch to the gut only
gets a small wince from the sneaker ninja, who gives a mild effort at minimizing
the damage from the hit by exhaling softly.  Even then he keeps his eyes on the
target: Chun-Li.  Reaching forward with one hand toward Chun-Li's shoulder,
taking advantage of how close she's coming in her attack, Guy keeps
exhaling...he seems very calm, all of a sudden.  This might be because this is
the part where the ninja flips out.  Gathering in all of his frustration at the
match so far, life's little kicks to the groin, and anything else bothering him,
Guy just lets it out.  Bam.  After the original hit, maybe time slows down, or
Guy speeds up.  Either way, his motions are a blur, only coming into focus when
his fists and feet crashing down upon Chun-Li, accompanied by bright flashes of
light.  Warning: Those prone to seizures should probably look away.

COMBATSYS: Guy successfully hits Chun-Li with Bushin Musou Renge.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Chun-Li          0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0              Guy

There's not much of a pause after Chun-Li's attack lands. The moment her tensed
hand hits flesh, she's watching his hands and ready to make a spin away from any
countering movements - to dart around to the side and send off another
magnificent kick. But instead she's forced to a sudden pause as his hand reaches
out at deceptive speed to catch her off guard... then what else can she do?
She's caught in the flurry of blows, gasps rising from the audience and turning
into wild cries and cheers as the strongest woman in the world is beaten by the
ninja's attack, spinning this way and that with the blows. After the first
couple of hits her eyes have closed, and she weathers it out soundlessly, not
allowing any articulation of pain to escape or letting herself take in the
lightshow burning all around her. She asked for this... and she got what she
wanted, but she won't let the advantage become too pronounced.

Once it's over, Chun-Li hits the floor, rolling twice and ending up on her side.
Her eyes open and she breathes a gasp of held-back agony, feeling various points
of her body numb from the punishing blows. "Much better.." she manages as she
leans into her right shoulder and curls up into a crouch facing Guy, her fingers
brushing the floor to either side. The sounds of the crowd echo in her ears more
loudly as they stop throbbing, and she stands to observe her opponent across the
floor. Two breaths see her chest rise and fall, and then she takes a single step
forward, her right foot tensing and pushing off, the left tucking up into her
chest. She enters a clean arc of a flip, almost lazily turning in the air high
above the ground to subsequently come down towards the Bushin Master.. her knee
aimed to take him with a nasty blow to the crook of the neck.

COMBATSYS: Guy dodges Chun-Li's Medium Kick.

Xiangfei is just relaxing, drinking to her hearts content, though her eyebrows
raise as suddenly Guy goes into omgfux mode. Then she abruptly keels over and
spits out her soda when the attack connects and sends his opponent flying back
as a result. Woah! Xiangfei suddenly gets to her feet and she cries, "Holy cow!
Foul! Fooooooul!!" as she shakes her finger at Guy, "You were moving too fast!

After the last blow connects, Guy turns partially away from Chun-Li again,
keeping an eye on her out of the corner of his eye.  His breathing is heavier
than it was, and clearly that was a massive exertion for him.  Still...he shifts
his gaze in Xiangfei's direction, and dashes toward her section, cooincidentally
moving out of range of Chun-Li's most assuredly punishing knee.  But wait.
There's a protective barrier in the way.  No worries.  Guy spins around quickly,
leaving the ground, and drives a punishing kick into one of the protective
glass' support stick...things.  Regardless, some glass shatters, and the support
stick suddenly becomes...what's this?  Why, it's a viable weapon.  Picking it
up, it's clear Guy's going for broke, as it is big, sturdy, and awful slow to
swing.  It ought to make a nice dent though, as Guy goes running back for
Chun-Li without giving Xiangfei's section of the crowd another glance, putting
all of his considerable momentum into swinging it like baseball bat.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li blocks Guy's Random Weapon.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Chun-Li          1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0              Guy

Chun-Li has seen Guy's movement by the time her blow would have landed, and
though there's nothing she can do to save lost time she can at least prepare
herself for a soft landing. So she does so, coming down on one foot and then
lowering the other as she spins quickly to face the man. Who is in the act of
demolishing the arena. An eyebrow shoots up as she drifts back into that
defensive stance once more, tensing up and awaiting the incoming weapon... a
curious manner to behave, but it works well enough. To move or not to move? That
is the question.. and one she answers quickly enough. She doesn't have much
choice but to! And her hands come together in front of her, those thick spiked
bracelets interlocking as her arms cross and catch the hefty blow. Hefty indeed,
she can feel the shockwave vibrate down through her body and into the floor.

"Nngh.. impressive. Strange, but impressive." She offers this with a quick smile
to Guy, then rapidly shifts around the attack and drops to a crouch right in
front of him, one hand going to the floor and the young woman lifting her body
on this one point of balance. Both legs fire out in a deceptively fast kick, and
a strong one, going for his legs with no small amount of force. An attack she
learned from her tutor.. the legendary assassin kick.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li successfully hits Guy with Strong Kick.
- Power hit! -

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Chun-Li          1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0              Guy

Xiangfei takes a napkin and wipes off her mouth, cutting her venting short as
she sits back down again. Well, it looks like Chun-li's all right, so Xiang will
let the attack slide this time around. Yeah, that's the ticket. Though her eyes
widen again as Guy comes racing in her general direction and holds her hands out
in front of her defensivly, "Ack!" as if he would suddenly leap out at her in
3-D or something! But when she opens her eyes, he's already long gone, leaving
the girl rather dumbfounded. ".. He did that on purpose." she mumbles, puffing
her cheeks as she frowns.

Well.  There's another CRUSHING kick, which tragically Guy is unable to evade.
Just not his night...Guy's shins are pulverized, sending him swinging violently
forward onto his face.  Already beaten down by this fight, Guy just can't keep
himself from faceplanting violently against the floor.  There's only a little
bit of spatter, as various leaking bit of blood and spittle come splashing
against the floor.  Slowly coming to his feet again, using his stick as a
crutch, Guy abruptly swings it out att Chun-Li once more with alarming speed.
This is followed by him collapsing on his face again with a groan, having
deprived himself of his support.

COMBATSYS: Guy can no longer fight.

COMBATSYS: Guy has left the fight here.

And there it is... not a blow too often identified with her, and not one made
famous with a flashy name or a dramatic lead-in. But one Chun-Li uses a great
deal, a homage to her teacher and a very effective attack in its own right.
Particularly this time, it seems, and as she hops back to her feet, legs folding
down from under her to return each white boot to the earth, Guy falls right past
her to the floor. By now the crowd is surging forward as various people try to
get a better view. Is it over? Is the Bushin Master defeated? The young woman
herself takes a slow step backward, watching Guy rise with an eye both wary and
in part uncertain - she can hardly believe it herself. After hearing so much
about him, to have prevailed in battle with such uncommon ease she knows only
that she must have progressed further than she believed... since the crucial
battle with Vega, she has grown into herself.

His attack, which to a professional eye is almost ponderously slow, is met with
a deft backstep, the woman's hands finding her hips as her instincts tell her -
the battle is done, it has been won. The crowd go silent for a moment, as the
ninja falls onto his face again and.. a pause.. it hangs in the air, for all of
three seconds before suddenly the roar is almost deafening. Chun-Li can't help
but flash a broad smile, holding up her arms and turning slowly through three
hundred and sixty degrees. She's proud of her performance.. she should be, and
she is. The announcer calls out the victor's name, just as she bows to the
downed man. What will she do then, turn and leave? No.. she drops to a crouch,
offering him aid in standing and subsequently leading him out of the arena,
should he still need the help.

COMBATSYS: Chun-Li has ended the fight here.

Xiangfei sets her second soda aside, as well as her half-finished stack of food,
and shakes her fists excitedly as the battle continues- Well, but then comes to
an end. She sits there, stunned for a moment, and then awwwws, as she slumps her
shoulders a bit. Her 'I came to see the Spinning Bird Kick' sign will have to
wait for another match- But she gets over it, jumping to her feet and waving her
hands excitedly, bells jangling violently as she cries, "Yeaaaaaah!! Wow, that
was amazing, such strength, such speed, such class! " and she cups her hands to
her mouth, yelling as loud as she can- Which isn't much of a challenge for her,

To say he's a little bit woozy after that beating he took would be an
understatement, as Guy is barely holding onto conciousness right now.  Mind, he
doesn't even notice Chun-Li's very sporting offer of help.  It's mainly because
he's busy staring the floor down, trying to ignore the hurting all over his

Gradually the roar peters away until only a few of the spectators are still
cheering, others beginning to file out talking excitedly about the battle - many
likely off to purchase facsimiles of Chun's spiked bracelets and Guy's sneakers
after such a great fight. Quick or not, it was worth watching, a real
hot-blooded encounter with moves on both sides that were simply textbook! This
is a good tournament, and the audience knows it.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li remains beside Guy for a short while.. long enough for two of
the arena's attendants to bring a stretcher and set it down on the other side of
the man. "Thank you.. I'll leave you to look after him now." She inclines her
head to the two youths and stands up, pausing now only to look around the
emptying stands before she turns and heads for the exit, reaching up as she
walks to undo the ties in her hair. She's had a good fight today, and only hopes
the rest of the tourney progresses in such an exhilarating fashion - win or

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