PPV Chaos - Athena vs Kyo

Description: Athena and Kyo battle on the Taiyo rooftop, with the possibility of a date riding in the balance. (Winner: Kyo)


   Accessible from a single stairway, the rooftop of Taiyo High is often
fairly quiet. Flat and wide, it provides a large venue for students who wish
to try out their fighting skills. Not that Taiyo teachers officially
encourage such activities on such a dangerous platform, of course...


It's the famous Athena Asamiya!

Instantly recognizable due to her purple hair and eyes, this attractive young
Japanese teenager is well-known throughout the world as both a fighting and
music star.  Her hair is straight and long, falling to the edge of her back
neatly... with a star-adorned hairband keeping it neatly in place.  Her
demeanor is often full of youthful energy, and her eyes are wide and
expressive, her passion showing through them.  Though relatively short of
stature and slight of build, she exudes an aura of strength and confidence well
beyond her size.  Often cheerful and upbeat, she's beautiful like a shining
star... though her personality may come across as a bit too 'bubbly' for

Her fighting outfit consists of a tight shirt, with the shoulders and sleeves
being blue while the lower half is red, as lines of yellow form a cross
underneath a purple jewel at the center. Two white lines run down the side, and
the sleeves strop short. Blue, fingerless gloves line her hands, with wide,
bell-like cuffs that reveal a black lining underneath. She has a loose red
skirt - with a white edge - over blue athletic shorts, and a pair of black
sneakers and blue socks.  Definitely a new outfit, and a divergence from the
martial-arts inspired uniform seen during her previous tournament.


Kyo Kusanagi, the infamous King of Fighters himself.

While his reputation, especially in his home country of Japan, makes him
recognizable to many, his face carries none of the signs of maturity and
experience that often denote other fighters of his caliber; it betrays the
fact that he is barely out of his teens. Kyo is blessed with handsome,
finely formed features, but the mischievous smirk on his face lends a bit of
an edge to his otherwise boyish good looks. His brown hair is worn long in
front, and even with a thick white headband keeping his bangs out of the way
of his brown eyes, he occasionally has to brush away a few rogue locks. His
movements are effortlessly, unintentionally graceful, and most of the time
he seems so self-absorbed that he can't even pay attention to the world
around him.

The outfit has become almost as much of a legend as the guy who wears it, a
roguishly modified Japanese school uniform. Kyo wears his black school
jacket (complete with a large yellow Kusanagi clan sun crest emblazoned on
the back) unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up, with a simple white
t-shirt tucked into black slacks with a yellow belt, and finally ending with
pearly white single-buckle shoes. Of course, the most famous element of
Kyo's attire are his fingerless black gloves, trimmed in yellow and also
decorated with his family's crest. The gloves serve to help Kyo control the
legendary crimson flames of the Kusanagi, and it's a good thing too, because
nary a moment goes by when he isn't rolling a little ball of fire in his
palm or making a spark dance across his fingertips.

It's actually pretty quiet on the rooftop of Taiyo High, despite the fact
that one of the biggest matches of the "Chaos" PPV exhibition fights is due
to commence at this very location in just a few scant minutes. The press and
cameramen are all situated on lifts, similar to the pieces of equipment
linemen use to service power poles. The huge crowd of spectators either mill
around by the giant plasma screens Howard Industries has furnished on the
grassy fields around the school, or watch the fight from adjacent hills with

In any case, the only person currently on the rooftop of the school is the
infamous Kyo Kusanagi himself, lazilly sprawled out near the edge of the
roof, legs hanging over the ledge. He appears to be asleep, despite all the
commotion going on around him, the flash of bulbs and the whirr of cameras,
not to mention the dull roar of the ground. Talk about a rigorous pre-fight
warm up; it's debatable whether Kyo even knows there's fight that's going to
take place here!

A flash of pink light, and Athena appears in her typical dramatic fashion.
Raising her hand, she smiles brightly, waving to those fans of hers that
have actually been able to get a spot to watch this... right down to those
in the Southtown skyscrapers, using binoculars and cameras to observe her.
Dedicated or creepy: you decide! After posing, she then reaches to her
school uniform, yanking it off with a twirl and amongst shimmering sparkles.
Much to the dissapointment of some more red-blooded males, it's exchanged
for her costume. "I'll do my best, everyone!", she calls out before then
slowly realizing Kyo... is... not seeming to take this quite so seriously.
Leaning forward, she says, "Ah, Kyo-kun... Kyoooo-kuuuun..."

Kyo rolls over on his side, mumbling something to Athena, "No mom, I'm gonna
cut class today..." he says, still asleep it looks like.

Athena sighs a little, getting that exasperated look only Kusanagi can
really inspire from her. With a snap ofher fingers, and a small spark of
psycho energy bounces up from between her fingers. And, with a flick of her
wrist, it's sent flying towards Kyo's head. A micro-psycho ball, in a sense.

The marble-size psycho ball bops Kusanagi right in back of the head, which
is finally enough to rouse him from his slumber. "Owwwww..." he gets to his
knees, rubbing his head and looking up to Athena with heavy-lidded eyes. It
takes him a second to realize what is going on. "Oh, right... I knew there
was a reason I trudged all the way up here..." he mutters, getting to his
feet and stretching his arms over his head, yawning widely. "Well... at
least you wore one of your cuter outfits for me," he remarks flippantly
while digging in his pockets to pull out his trademark fingerless gloves.
"So Athena-chan, how about after I beat you in this fight I take you out to
eat somewhere?"

Megumi snickers as Kyo's beaned upside the noggin. It is decidedly funny,
though beyond this she doesn't comment much. No point distracting the two as
they're about to fight, and towards that end she retires part-way into the
stairwell, a good place to watch from without being totally obvious.

Athena flushes, and puts a finger to her chin. "Sure... but... I'm not...
it's..." She actually seems embarassed for a change, and then regains her
composure, slipping into her stance and pressing her hand out towards Kyo.
"Let's see how the fight goes first, okay?", she says, with her warm smile.
"Let's give it our best!"

Kyo finishes tightening up his gloves, then reaches in his other pocket for
his white bandanna and begins to tie it around his forehead (which prompts
the legions of Kyo fanboys and girls, almost equalling the amount of
Athena's fans, to don their replica bandannas). "I'll go easy on you so that
you still look pretty for our date, ok?" he smirks, bringing up his fists
and beginning to bounce back and forth on his toes, "Ikuze!" (Let's go!)

COMBATSYS: Kyo has started a fight here.
COMBATSYS: Athena has joined the fight here.

Athena sways, saying, "I'm a little more worried about your face...", with a
smile. "Let me know if I go too far, okay?" And with that, she then dashes
forward, crossing the length of the rooftop in under a second... and then
suddenly crouches, moving almost to a fallen position. Using her hands to
support herself, she kicks low, apparently trying to take Kusanagi

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Light Kick.

Kyo isn't totally suckered by it, he hops backwards, Athena's foot only
glancing his shin, making minimal contact. "Whoa, despite your cute face,
you really aim for the weak spots!" he jokes. He takes a step forwards,
covering the distance he retreated with his hop, and aims a quick punch
towards his friend's side.

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Athena with Jab Punch.

Athena rises just in time to get hit, and winces as she spins slightly with
the punch. However, her momentum suddenly reverses as she knees forward,
aiming at Kyo's stomach. "Sorry!", she calls out, smiling ashamedly at the
admonishment. Definitely words that are slightly different than your typical
- Attacking Kyo with Medium Kick, spending 0 reserve.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Medium Kick.
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kyo              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Athena

Kyo is there again, the brunt of Athena's spinning knee strike absorbed by
the scion of the flames' forearms. He winks at her right before trying to
grab that same knee with his hands and use it spin her to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Kyo successfully hits Athena with Quick Throw.
- Power hit! -
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0           Athena

And spin she does, hitting the roof pretty hard. Then comes the familiar cry
- "Teleporrrrt!", and suddenly Athena's gone. But where did she go?
Apparently, right above Kyo.
Flipping over, she swings her heel down, apparently trying to actually bean
Kyo in the head. Or is that the shoulder? With the speed things are going
at, it's a bit hard to tell.

COMBATSYS: Kyo counters Strong Kick from Athena with Nue Tsumi.
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Athena

"Great, I hate this mo-" Kyo doesn't get to finish his complaint when that
sixth sense that all great fighters possess tells him to look... UP!
Kusanagi's palms whip upwards, neatly catching Athena's foot by it's ankle
and heel. He then slams her back to the unyielding surface of the roof, and
to make things worse, once she's down he releases her foot and drops down to
deliver a nasty elbow to her midsection designed to knock the wind out of

Athena is getting it in a pretty one-sided fashion, and actually cries out
as the elbow impacts. She then kicks off the ground, catching her breath and
putting a bit of distance between her and Kyo... then, she just closes her
eyes, focusing on her injuries. A pink aura - along with sparkling motes of
psycho energy - flows through her, and she seems to regain her bright and
cheery demeanor. "You're still pretty good!"

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Athena with Healing Aura.
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0           Athena

Kyo smirks, both at Athena's healing trick and her assessment of his skills,
"-Pretty- good?!" he says incredulously, "I haven't even had to burn you yet
and you're already having to do that move!" As if trying to one-up this
pretty young opponent, Kyo casually holds out his hand, a small flame
errupting from his palm. The orange and red glow of the flame seems to
spread over his whole body, and soon his clothes and hair start to rustle
and flap from some sort of imaginary force. "So are we getting serious now?"

COMBATSYS: Kyo gathers his will.
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0           Athena

Athena pouts, and says, "Fine, see if I go easy on you!" She then hops
back... and then she crosses her arms, leaning a bit forward as psycho
energy flows through her, sending a crackling ball of pinkness at Kyo. Dust
and dirt in the wake of the ball fly to either side, leaving an impressive
trail along its path for the instant it manifests. "Psycho Ballll!"

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Kyo with Psycho Ball.
- Power hit! -
[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0           Athena

Kyo gets blasted across the rooftop of Taiyo by the psycho ball technique,
skidding to a halt near the ledge "Geez, she wasn't kidding..." he says,
rubbing his head. It takes a few more seconds than usual for the king of
fighters to get up from that attack, but he does get up, and perhaps being
spurred on by Athena's declaration of engaging him with everything she has,
he breaks into a sprint towards her. "You're pretty quick with that
stuff..." his right hand bursts into flame, leaving a beautiful trail of
crimson behind him, "...but it's nothing compared to my flames!" His sprint
only quickens as he gets closer to the pyscho soldier, aiming a charging
elbow towards her sternum.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's Koto Moon Positive.
[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0           Athena

Athena says, "You've gotta hit me!" She anticipates Kyo's attack, leaping up
and flipping over him as he strikes. Curling into a ball, suddenly her
momentum reverses... and a glow surrounds her as she rolls towards Kyo from
the air. "Phoenix..." As she lands, she braces herself on the ground with
one hand, kicking out at Kyo's solar plexus. "... Arrow!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo dodges Athena's Phoenix Arrow.
[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0           Athena

Kyo skids on his heels as Athena jumps right over him, his head whipping
around to see Athena coming down right on his weak side, "Dammit!" In
desperation he does a forward flip, the Psycho Soldier's low kick sliding
just under him. When he lands he throws all his momentum into a jumping
roundhouse, followed by another spinning kick he hopes will juggle his
opponnent in mid-air.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's Nana Juu Go Shiki Kai.

Athena hops up to a standing position, and twirls as she hops back away from
Kyo's strike, avoiding both feet. As she comes to a halt, she just then
lashes out with an open-hand strike at Kyo's chest. It's only there for a
split-moment... and then, she's already shifting back onto defense again.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Jab Punch.
[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0           Athena

Kyo looks increasingly annoyed with his inability to strike Athena, just
like she said, he's going to have to hit her if he wants to win this fight.
So Kyo changes his tactics; Athena's punch is easy enough to defend, he
simply swats it aside with little trouble and then stands there in his
Kusanagi-ryuu Kobojutsu stance, his fiery brown eyes watching his opponent
intently for any kind of opening.

COMBATSYS: Kyo focuses on his next action.

Athena reaches out as if to grap, but she comes short, letting her psycho
power do the rest of the work for her. A bright spot of psycho energy
concentrates, her hand. She then tries to 'yank' admist a flurry of pink
shiny bits, and throw Kyo out of his stance and into a little telekinetic

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Psi-Throw.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0           Athena

Kyo sees Athena go for some kind of throw attack and immediately twists his
body around until his back is turned towards her, a ring of fire encircling
his feet and blowing his clothes and hair around. He charges up the attack
even as Athena tries to yank him out of his stance with her psycho power,
which causes him to take a stumbling step forward, but nothing more. After
Kyo regains his footing he unwinds himself, taking a huge step forward to
lash out with wide arcing punch that splits the air in front of Athena.
"Kore de... KIMERU DE!!" The apex of this hellish attack, known only to the
Kusanagi heir as Kusanagi-ryuu Kobojutsu Style Number 182, is punctuated by
a blast of bloodline flame easily the size of Athena herself.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's 182 Shiki.

Nope, trying to defend against that conventionally isn't going to work.
"Teleporrrrrt!" Athena vanishes, and Kyo's blow only manages to strike her
afterimage as she puts distance between her and him. Apparently, she
/really/ doesn't want to get hit by those flames. Using the breathing room
as best as she can, Athena closes her eyes and concentrates on her power,
causing her hair and skirt to blow up as if a gust had flowed from below.

COMBATSYS: Athena takes a breather.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kyo              0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0           Athena

Kyo blows right through a nice pink Athena afterimage, postively
annihilating the illusion with the explosion of flames generated from his
182 Shiki technique, "Terrific..." he mutters under his breath. He pivots on
his heel, dashing at Athena again, he's not going to stop just because she's
gotten a few lucky dodges! "...Psycho Solider or not, I'm not going to lose
to a girl!" He closes the distance quickly, this time the flames of his
lineage roar up from reverse hand as he attempts another haymaker punch
towards Athena's jaw. Despite the fact he said earlier that he'd go easy on
her, Kyo really isn't holding anything back now.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's Dokugami.

Athena ducks down, avoiding the attack yet again... and then suddenly
springs back up, Kyo's fist hitting a few strands of hair, and raises her
palm, a glowing oval... a 'sword'... of shimmering energy springing forth
from her palm. "Psycho..." ... and the motion carries her up into the air as
she tries to knock Kyo upwards. "... Swoooord!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo dodges Athena's Psycho Sword.
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0           Athena

Kyo throws all his body weight backwards, the oval of psyscho energy coming
dangerously closing to his face as he pretty much just falls back to avoid
the attack. Before his back hits the ground like and idiot however, he
catches himself by putting his palms on the rooftop, proceeding to
handspring away from Athena while she comes back to earth. "I guess I forgot
the fact that you've got some quickness to go along with those good looks!"
He smiles, that crimson glow surrounding his body again, now that he's
gained some breathing room.

COMBATSYS: Kyo gathers his will.

Athena lands, and giggles, giving her 'soldier of justice' pose - hand on on
hip, the other in a 'v' across her eye. "I've gotten better now, haven't
I?", she says, before then leaping in the air... and then she spins
slightly, aiming a twirling kick at Kyo just before she touches down on the
rooftop once more.

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Kyo with Medium Kick.
- Power hit! -
[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1           Athena

Kyo's head snaps to the side as the twirling attack catches him squarely in
the jaw, a bit of blood flying off into the air from his lip getting busted
open. He takes a few steps backwards, wincing while bringing up a gloved
hand to wipe out his mouth, "Yeah, maybe!" he grumbles.

COMBATSYS: Kyo focuses on his next action.

Athena blinks in surprise, bringing her hands up to cover her mouth in
shock. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you in the face!", she says, seeming
rather stunned as if she didn't quite expect to connect. There's a pause in
her offense, and an obvious opening.

COMBATSYS: Athena takes no action.

Kyo stands upright, hand falling to his side, "Heh, don't worry about it
gorgeous. I just got caught up looking up your skirt on that last attack..."
he smirks, trying to fluster Athena as he did earlier. He begins to circle
his opponent, looking for an opening again. His attitude is flippant, but he
knows he needs to come up with something big here to turn the tide in this
battle... or risk looking like a fool on national television. Too bad things
like "planning" and "tactics" aren't really Kyo's forte. He tries to catch
Athena off-guard, suddenly pitching two fireballs at her, one overhand, the
other underhand, "KURAE!"

COMBATSYS: Athena fails to reflect Yami Barai from Kyo with Shield Psycho

She's certainly caught off guard, and unfortunately, cringing isn't that
much of a defense. Athena's blown back by the fireballs, flames and smoke
flickering off her uniform as flies, coming to a skidding halt on her feet.
Wincing, she mumbles, "Ow..." Cue meaningful flashback to KoF 'O1, complete
with sepia tones, as Athena blushes about Kyo, and hesitates, unwilling to
go all-out against the boy she has a crush on, her falling down, her
apologizing to her team... and now back to the present.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kyo              1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1           Athena

Kyo stands his ground, not dashing after Athena this time, he's smarter than
that. Well, actually he isn't, but after getting pounded time after time for
charging at her, he's learned his lesson. Instead he focuses himself,
concintrating on what his next move is going to be. A small flame that
dances along the fingers of his left hand mirrors the cogs and gears working
in his mind. "You okay?" He asks, in the meantime.

COMBATSYS: Kyo focuses on his next action.

A pink glow, and Athena takes a deep breath as she turns her power inward
once more, letting herself recover. She opens her eyes, and smiles, saying,
"I'll be fine, Kyo-kun. You don't have to worry about about me.", as she
puts her arm out, fixing the imperfections in her stance.

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Athena with Healing Aura.

Kyo narrows his eyes, that technique again. He may not be quick enough to
stop in completely, be he's certainly not going to stand there and launch
and attack after healing herself up! The Kusanagi heir crouches, then
launches himself into the air in a wide, arcing jump, making like he's
painting a rainbow with his foot as he rotates it around in mid-air to
hopefully land on Athena's head or shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's RED Kick.

Rather than slip away, Athena actually rushes forward - and under - the
attack before it connects. Her quick dash is low, and she quickly does a
half-spin to turn about. As he hits the groun, she then her stance towards
Kyo, committing her self to a straight power punch. Apparently, she's
inclined to try to get in some physical strikes - maybe her power is waning?

COMBATSYS: Kyo fails to counter Fierce Punch from Athena with Nue Tsumi.
[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              1/--=====/=======|=======\====---\1           Athena

Kyo tries to set-up some sort of counter to Athena's hard blow, but he's
just not as quick as the nubile young psycho soldier, his hands don't get
there in time. Instead of the devastating counter attack he was hoping for,
he gets hit hard in the ribs, the punch staggering him again. He just has no
answers for Athena's combination of speed and the ability she has to heal
all her injurys, "Guhh.." one of his hands drifts to his tender ribs.

Athena then pauses, slipping back, saying, "Ah, if you want, we can stop. I
don't want to hurt you too badly...", with an apologetic look on her face.
Apparently, she cares for Kyo a little too much, and even though she's
fighting a fair deal more seriously than the last time they fought, it's
still an achilles heel for her.

COMBATSYS: Athena takes no action.

Kyo takes offense to that, Athena's words harm him more than all her
previous attacks. "Don't give me that! The Kusanagis have never surrendered
for 1800 years, so come at me with everything you have, or I will!!" he
yells, pulling his arms in close to his sides, fists clenching tightly as he
once again calls upon the reserves of power hidden somewhere deep inside
him. He pulls what is left of his strength to the surface, a fiery aura
starting to surround him.

COMBATSYS: Kyo gathers his will.
[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1           Athena

Athena looks a little taken aback. "Kyo...", she says quietly. She then
narrows her eyes in determination, and says, "Okay, here I go!" Then, she
lashes out with a quick combo, doing a quick high kick before following it
up with a pair of fast punches... apparently really trying to give it her

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Medium Punch.
[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1           Athena

Kyo manages to weakly block Athena's attacks mostly with his left arm, which
buckles a little even at Athena's less than impressive physical strength.
However, the whole time she has been executing her sequence of attacks, a
flames has been growing in the palm of Kyo's right hand, until it eventually
has engulfed the majority of his arm. As Kyo defends Athena's last punch,
barely, he murmurs to her, "I only reserve this special technique for the
toughest opponents, so... I hope you don't get burnt too bad." With that
said, he leaps backwards, skidding to a halt and holding up his
flame-engulfed arm, the fires of his bloodline now spreading across his
entire body, flying off of him like solar flares, "Kurrrraaaaaeeee!" He
steps forwards, sweeping his arm in front of him like a blade,
"YAGAAAARRREEEE!" He cries, the fiery aura around him blasts forwards in a
massive wave of crimson fire. The flames roar and swirl, eventually taking
the form of what looks to be some kind of blazing ancient serpent, who opens
his maw to engulf Athena.

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges Kyo's Orochinage.

Athena weaves to the right, running out of the path as flames cross just
past her face... and as the serpent turns, there's the perhaps-infuritating
call of "Teleporrrrrt!", as Athena vanishes from where she's at, her pink,
ethereal form passing through the attack and into Kyo's close range. And
then, she does an open-hand attack, aimed at Kyo's face. It might be called
a slap, but there's real force behind it.

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Athena's Jab Punch.
[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyo              0/-------/-------|=======\====---\1           Athena

Kyo just... blinks, as the fiery serpent wave that takes up most of the roof
is somehow dodged. He again blocks Athena's attack, holding up and arm to
cut off her slap before it can reach his cheek, "You're really infuriating,
you know that?" he says to her quietly. With that he drops his arm to his
side and turns away from her, "I can't beat you. No matter what I said
earlier, there's no point in going on when I'm so completely outmatched." He
rubs the back of his neck akwardly and starts to walk towards the stairwell
in shame.

Speaking of blows that hit harder than strikes, Athena looks pretty
stricken, and says, "Kyo... I'm sorry...", looking rather ashamed of
herself. "I didn't... I..." She looks around self-consciously at the
cameras, suddenly feeling them as prying eyes rather than her usual fan

Kyo stops at the stairwell and turns towards Athena, "Hey, I was joking
about it earlier, but you really have gotten better!" He does his trademark
finger-pistol gesture towards her, but it has a sort of bittersweet feeling
considering the circumstances. Everyone knows Kyo isn't exactly what you
could call a good loser.

COMBATSYS: Kyo has left the fight here.

Athena nods slowly, saying softly, "Thank you.", as if suddenly a fair deal
more fragile. She looks into Kyo's eyes, and then turns, forcing a smile for
the cameras. "Thank you, those of you watching...", she says, bowing as she
throws her arms out.

COMBATSYS: Athena has ended the fight here.

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