G-KING #1: Ryuuzaki vs Feng - The former prodigy Ryuuzaki the 'Echoing Swordsman' faces off against the rising prodigy, Feng the 'God Fist'. Both men are pushed to the limits in a battle of technical power and technical mastery... although who truly wins in the end? (Winner: Ryuuzaki) - created on 17:54:32 07/24/2012 by Ryuuzaki and last modified on 03:04:03 07/25/2012. Cast: Ryuuzaki and Feng.

G-KING #2: Mahuizoh vs MayLee - An explosive battle between Justice and Evil! The peculiar Aztech high priest who was brought in proves to be every bit as mysterious as the rumors claimed. But May Lee's intensity was far from not making an impact on him, even if in the end, he prevailed... for NOW. - created on 14:09:04 07/29/2012 by Mahuizoh and last modified on 18:03:11 07/29/2012. Cast: MayLee and Mahuizoh.

G-KING #4: Mahuizoh vs Rio - Rio is challenged by G-KING to send a message about making enemies of the more independent leagues. However, Mahuizoh doesn't seem to put up much of a fight at first... but she cannot capitalize on the advantage quite enough to seal her victory! (Winner: Mahuizoh) - created on 12:54:42 08/01/2012 by Mahuizoh and last modified on 17:36:57 08/01/2012. Cast: Mahuizoh and Rio.

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