Devil's Tournament

DT R1: Kain vs Mukai - In the first round of the Devil's Tournament, Kain R. Heinlein does battle with the 'Obsidian Knight' near the edge of a cliff in rural Japan. Between fireballs and large chunks of rock, it was probably a good idea to be well away from anything people might get upset about being destroyed. (Winner: Kain) - created on 18:17:14 04/24/2012 by Kain and last modified on 09:47:25 04/30/2012. Cast: Kain and Mukai.

DT R1: ElFuerte vs Damned - Notorious Drug Lord Damnd gets his rematch against El Fuerte. (Winner:El Fuerte) - created on 19:20:11 04/24/2012 by ElFuerte and last modified on 09:44:21 04/30/2012. Cast: ElFuerte and Damnd.

DT R1: Sagat vs Zaki - The first round of the Devil's Tournament has kicked off and quite an odd matchup in Zaki and Sagat has been slated to happen. The God of Muay Thai clashes with the gang boss as each look to move on and prove their might. (Winner: Sagat) - created on 19:52:42 04/27/2012 by Sagat and last modified on 10:00:53 04/30/2012. Cast: Sagat and Zaki.

DT R1: Athena vs Kaiwei - In the heart of Howard Arena, lucid Ma Kaiwei faces off against pop idol, Athena Asamiya for the first round of the Devil's Tournament. At least, that's how it begins. It comes to a rather awkward conclusion of devils, delusions, and doubts. - created on 14:23:44 04/28/2012 by Athena and last modified on 10:09:35 04/30/2012. Cast: Kaiwei and Athena.

DT R1: Zach vs Guile - In this fight of the first round of the Devil's Tournament, we have a rematch between William Guile and Zach Glen. Both fighters put up an outstanding fight, but it ends in upset! (Winner: Zach) - created on 15:44:09 04/29/2012 by Zach and last modified on 10:13:41 04/30/2012. Cast: Guile and Zach.

DT R1: Ryu vs Maki - Ryu versus Maki in the first round of the Devil's Tournament! Who is the winner? It is a mystery. (Hint: Ryu) - created on 15:49:02 04/29/2012 by Ryu and last modified on 10:16:19 04/30/2012. Cast: Ryu and Maki.

DT R2: Zach vs Damnd - Zach and Damnd slug it out in the second round of the Devil's Tournament! (Draw Match) - created on 17:28:25 05/03/2012 by Zach and last modified on 09:31:54 05/07/2012. Cast: Zach and Damnd.

DT R2: Ryu vs Adon - In the second round of the Devil's Tournament, the wandering Ryu faces off against the former student of his rival Sagat. If Adon can pull out a win, it will mean a great personal triumph against both Sagat and Ansatsuken (and thus Ken), but it looks like Ryu has his own reasons to push for victory... (Winner: Ryu) - created on 19:44:14 05/04/2012 by Ryu and last modified on 09:32:52 05/07/2012. Cast: Ryu and Adon.

DT R2: Athena vs ElFuerte - A cruise liner plays host to a grueling match between idol fighter Athena Asamiya and a seemingly happy-go-lucky luchador, El Fuerte. Pressured early on, El Fuerte demonstrates uncrushable resolve but Athena's determination to draw out the devil behind the tournament proves just enough to see her through. (Winner: Athena) - created on 22:38:22 05/04/2012 by Athena and last modified on 09:34:13 05/07/2012. Cast: Athena and ElFuerte.

DT R2: Kain vs Sagat - Kain versus Sagat. Fire Gentleman versus Gentle Cyclops. BATTLE. (Tie?!) - created on 13:04:57 05/06/2012 by Kain and last modified on 13:06:59 05/07/2012. Cast: Kain and Sagat.

DT R2: Mukai vs Zaki - Atop the summit of an erupting volcano, Aoi Himezaki faces the second of two overwhelmingly strong opponents; this time, the mysterious and powerful Obsidian Knight awaits her. Both are unbowed by their previous defeats, and neither seems willing to relent. Bodies bend to the task of battle as two tempered wills burn with a greater heat even than the dancing lava. But only one warrior can prevail, as a lesson is learned. (Winner: Mukai) - created on 17:22:31 05/06/2012 by Zaki and last modified on 09:34:57 05/07/2012. Cast: Zaki and Mukai.

DT R3: Sagat vs Adon - The world is ending for Adon. Or at least it feels that way. To be defeated badly by the hands of Ryu, but to now face his former teacher Sagat. He must somehow beat the cyclops or he is eliminated. It seems Adon is destined to continue his fall into obscurity and shame. (Winner: Sagat) - created on 20:05:06 05/08/2012 by Sagat and last modified on 10:26:00 05/14/2012. Cast: Sagat, Zaki, and Adon.

DT R3: Mukai vs Zach - Round Three of the Devil's Tournament pits The Unstoppable Force Zach Glen versus the Immovable Mountain Mukai. (Winner: Mukai) - created on 15:13:14 05/12/2012 by Zach and last modified on 10:44:34 05/14/2012. Cast: Zach and Mukai.

DT R3: Kain vs ElFuerte - Kain and El Fuerte head to Brazil to battle it out on the stage of the Theatro Municipal for the third round of the Devil's Tournament. El Fuerte faces an uphill battle, but doesn't go down easily despite the assault of Kain's fire. (Winner: Kain) - created on 13:57:24 05/13/2012 by Kain and last modified on 10:44:48 05/14/2012. Cast: Kain and ElFuerte.

DT R3: Ryu vs Athena - Ryu versus Athena in the third round of the Devil's Tournament. Ryu beats up a little girl. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 15:04:58 05/13/2012 by Athena and last modified on 10:50:03 05/14/2012. Cast: Athena and Ryu.

DT R4: Kain vs Sagat? - Sagat really wants to fight Ryu in the Devil's Tournament. Kain doesn't care that much about actually winning it. So when Sagat proposes a mutually beneficial agreement between the two Kain accepts the offer. - created on 15:40:29 05/19/2012 by Kain and last modified on 09:35:31 05/21/2012. Cast: Kain and Sagat.

DT R4: Mukai vs Athena - It was supposed to be the second-chance bracket Semi-Finals for the world famous Psycho Soldier, Athena Asamiya, and the mysterious dark horse entry, the Obsidian Knight, Mukai. That's what it was /supposed/ to be. But a conspiring mastermind and sore loser seem to have teamed together to make sure that this match is anything but official. - created on 20:04:36 05/19/2012 by Athena and last modified on 16:10:03 05/20/2012. Cast: Athena, Adon, Johann, and Mukai.

DT Final: Ryu vs Sagat - It looks like the organizers are getting bang for their buck now. The finals have arrived and it pits two of the biggest names that had entered against one another. A rematch that lead to Sagat's fall from grace and gave him the large scar on his chest. A battle he has long desired more than anything else. A battle to have on his own terms. Ryu himself is on a mission to see things though to the end and perhaps finally meet with Akuma to do battle. Who has the greater desire to win in this clash? (Winner: Ryu) - created on 19:08:05 05/22/2012 by Sagat and last modified on 10:47:22 05/23/2012. Cast: Ryu and Sagat.

DT True Final: Ryu vs Akuma? - Finally, the Devil's Tournament finale! Ryu faces off against Akuma, only to find that...not everything is as it seems?! Also, Duke receives an incredible windfall. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 15:08:12 05/28/2012 by Hyena and last modified on 20:51:26 05/28/2012. Cast: Duke, Hyena, and Ryu.

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