Asahi - Getting Your Hands Dirty - A humble janitor with a burgeoning spark of energy; a haughty girl with a relentless will to power; a mysterious Templar on a spiritual quest. In the oily and dusty interior of a well-used workshop, their reactions to their environment as the charitable challenge -- funding an expansion to the popular workshop itself -- commences will likely be thoroughly different. They are united in their charge: to utilize the useless and broken scattered tools and objects in the workshop that have been left behind for this purpose. All three fighters have their own reasons for refining their styles; can their techniques accommodate for such heavy-handed improvisation? (Draw Match) - created on 16:27:25 01/05/2011 by Zach and last modified on 18:32:10 01/14/2011. Cast: Zach, Karin, and Amy.

Asahi - Heaven and Hell - Dr. Tran, ever willing to beat Alma's ass after the latest stupid stunt he's pulled, wanders into Sunshine City. Sonia, searching for insight into Alma's plans and woefully uninformed, attempts to extract information from the doctor in the sexiest way possible. It doesn't end well, but does it ever? - created on 12:28:50 01/06/2011 by Tran and last modified on 18:33:19 01/14/2011. Cast: Tran and Sonia.

Asahi - A New Dawn - The sun rises over Sunshine City. Here to see it rise once again is the Risen Phoenix, who from his perch may gaze down with satisfaction, more or less, as his good works begin to take effect, more or less, and the restorations of Outer Sunshine commence. And there would be none better to share this moment with than with young fellow psychics, who have started out on a path that Alma himself once tread. His scars will show them the danger of a life lived to its fullest, and beyond -- but perhaps his example will show that some risks are worth taking. His road has come to its end, and he seeks a new path. Their stories are just beginning. - created on 13:30:27 01/06/2011 by Annie and last modified on 18:33:56 01/14/2011. Cast: Alma, Miu, and Annie.

Asahi - Who's the Boss? - Now that Ash has deigned to re-enter the world of street fights and organized sport, it has been Alma's misfortune to fall into his notice. There was once a time when the Radiant Angel was far from approaching Ash's caliber, but shifts in the playing field have occurred during Crimson's absence. For his own enigmatic and likely nefarious reasons, he has sought out the organizer of this tournament with no interest in its purpose, and casually demanded to fight 'the leader of the YFCC.' Whether the misinterpretation was accidental or intentional, none can say. But, of course, Alma is only the functional head of that organization. Officially, the true power is-- well, there you have it. - created on 18:49:40 01/07/2011 by Ash and last modified on 19:20:32 01/14/2011. Cast: Ash and Rose.

Asahi - The Lesser Evil - The YFCC's Sunshine City tournament pits wanderer Antoine against a foe he'd had a very disturbing confrontation with not long ago. Their rematch doesn't seem as if it's going any better, and the sudden inclusion of a third party intent on sowing chaos doesn't improve the situation at all... - created on 19:45:57 01/07/2011 by Farah and last modified on 15:15:50 02/13/2011. Cast: Eclipse, Antoine, and Farah.

Asahi - The Odd Couple - Setsuna Sonozaki meets up with Yuri Sakazaki. They're considered to be an Odd Couple, but who will turn out to be the better of the two? (Winner: Sonozaki) - created on 20:26:35 01/07/2011 by Yuri and last modified on 18:34:40 01/14/2011. Cast: Sonozaki and Yuri.

Asahi - More Than Skin-Deep - As part of the restoration of Sunshine City the opening of Elias' new homeless shelter is met with a match to draw supporters to watch the popular Blanka take on the owner of the shelter himself. A close battle that ends with the priest managing to stay standing....barely. (Winner: Elias) - created on 13:47:09 01/08/2011 by Elias and last modified on 18:35:12 01/14/2011. Cast: Blanka and Elias.

Asahi - Gluttons for Punishment - El Fuerte is a man on a mission: a mission to find out who on earth destroyed his beautiful restaurant. His only clues are a photograph of a terrible red long-nosed mask and a nervous Chinese detective insisting that whoever was wearing it is absolutely responsible for everything. Unfortunately, his foray into Asahishoubu to seek out this strange character will not yet meet with success. But perhaps he will find some satisfaction in encountering, and working with, likely the only entity in the known universe which would gladly consume his cooking until the end of days. Before they eat, however, Fuerte and Varvara must face a legend of the Sunshine City wrestling circuit. Will their complementary desires foster the teamwork they require? (WINNERS: El Fuerte and Varvara) - created on 14:34:44 01/08/2011 by Varvara and last modified on 18:36:59 01/14/2011. Cast: ElFuerte, Varvara, and Abobo.

Asahi - Burning Lecture - A duel of swords and wills between the Burning Teacher Hayato and the More-or-Less Delinquent Tenma. No doubt sheer corporal punishment will not be enough to offer the young man the discipline he surely secretly craves (?). YFCC officials have encouraged the champion of the YFC4 to exercise positive reinforcement instead, in an effort to show the children around the world viewing this match that teachers care. This may be a somewhat unconventional approach for the hard-drinking, hot-blooded Hayato, but by golly he's an educator first -- isn't he? (Winner: Tenma) - created on 14:44:59 01/08/2011 by Tenma and last modified on 18:38:18 01/14/2011. Cast: Tenma and Hayato.

Asahi - Worst Date Ever - For Pepe, it's a ruined date and a miserable night thanks to the YFCC fight promoter's trickery. For Ibuki, it's a missed chance at a real date for the same reasons. For Naerose, it's...a happy ending? The witch enjoys a well-deserved sleep after helping bring a young man and a young woman to better terms through combined ass-kicking. Also: TNA on the silver screen! (Winner: Pepe + whoever got to second base at the drive-in theater) - created on 23:16:40 01/08/2011 by Pepe and last modified on 18:38:50 01/14/2011. Cast: Naerose, Ibuki, and Pepe.

Asahi - A Foreboding Darkness - Sunshine City. A modern metropolis full of its own urban wonders. Yet amdist all of that is a temple, an anachronism emblematic of how out of time it is by being in massive disrepair, yet also in part being strangely well-kept. It's here that the Asahishoubu pits master assassin Gen against the Dancing Spider, Aranha, and his partner, the center's own Frei. However, what all three fighters notice -- in their own ways -- is that there is something not quite right about this temple, an uneasiness that reflects itself in the tense battle between them that brings each fighter to the brink... (Winners: Aranha and Frei) - created on 20:07:40 01/09/2011 by Frei and last modified on 18:39:15 01/14/2011. Cast: Frei, Gen, and Aranha.

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